pawpost 1pawpost 9 Being a huge lover of subscription boxes, it was only a matter of time before I was scouring the internet for a doggy version for Nala. I came across two that I am really happy with, Pawpost & Woofbox. If you follow my vlogs over on MoreZoella you may have seen me opening these for Nala when the postman comes knocking. I wanted to do a post on both boxes as when I was looking online for one, there really wasn’t many reviews to go by and the first box I want to chat to you about is the PawPost box. The first question you may ask is, why subscribe to a doggy box? The answer for me was simply being able to find new brands, treats and toys for Nala without scouring the internet or the pet shop. Being a pug, we have to watch her weight. She is a greedy little madam and will simply eat anything that is small enough to fit in her mouth (guinea pig poop included). For this reason, we try and give her organic, natural and wheat free treats as much as possible. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t get slightly more fatty and dog-appealing treats every now and then, we just have to make sure it’s all in moderation. There are some great pet shops here in brighton, Pet Shed is one we love to visit and they have some healthier dog treats and dog food available but there is something quite exciting for both Nala and myself to receive a box full of things neither of us have seen before. Many of which we have continued to purchase after they’ve all gone. As Nala is still a young dog (currently 20 months old) she still needs a fair amount of attention and can become quite bored of toys quite quickly, so it’s always fun for her to have new things to play with each month. Some make the special pile of toys, some aren’t as loved, but it’s fun to discover which things makes her more excited than others. I wouldn’t have ever bought her a flat, crunchy toy (I tend to go for small cute, squeaky, cuddly ones…) but after she received one in a subscription box and became obsessed with it, we discovered she was a dog that was far more into crunchy sounds than squeaky ones. pawpost 2 pawpost 4 pawpost 5 pawpost 7

I discovered Pawpost whilst searching online for dog subscription services and it seemed like a good option to try. They also do a box specifically just for treats if you don’t need any other toys or doggy gadgets and cat boxes too, so if you’re more of a feline lover then you aren’t missing out. You can chose whether you would like a 1 month (rolling – so be sure to remember to cancel if you only want one box), 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription. Six months seems to be a popular choice among most pet lovers at £18.95 per box, but 3 months would also make such a lovely gift for a fellow doggy loving friend. This particular subscription service asks for your dogs size so you’ll never end up getting collars, harnesses’ or toys that are too small or too big. Although you can’t tailor this service to your pet as much as others i’ve seen or subscribed to, I am always really happy with everything that arrives in the boxes each month and I have yet to be disappointed. There is always a great selection of new and interesting brands and nothing has been repeated as of yet! It’s also worth noting here, that they deliver worldwide too which I know will delight so many of you.

Included in this months box:

Green & Wild’s Peggy The Pig – This ethical piggy is made with pink suede by – product to prevent waste and she is made of four layers of sustainable, 100% biodegradable jute and recycled cotton. She has a removable recycled bottle for an added crunch. Nala loves a crunchy toy, and although this is a little too big for her to get her jaw around, I can imagine her carrying Peggy the pig by the snout around the house. It’s definitely one of the cutest looking dog toys i’ve ever seen. Especially if you’re into the rustic vibe. 

Fetch & Follow Neckerchief – This adorable spotty neckerchief is handmade in East London by the Fetch & Follow duo, Genesta & Taneale, who have just launched the smallest dog shop in London. I have quite a few little neckerchiefs for Nala that I’ve collected since having her, most of which are quite girly and floral, so it’s nice to have one that is a little more simple. It just slides over her collar and sits really comfortably. I know neckerchiefs aren’t a choice for everyone on their pooch, but personally I love them and more importantly Nala doesn’t seem to mind either. Having been on their website, I already want to place an order on their adorable boxes of handmade treats. (scrap that, i’ve already placed one…).

Mutt & Hounds Dog Biscuits – This adorable hessian drawstring bag is filled with all natural, wholegrain healthy dog biscuits. they are packed with oats, Parsley to aid digestion and peppermint to keep your dogs breath smelling fresh and no nasty additives. For all the reasons I mentioned above, this sound PERFECT for Nala and i’d never heard of this brand before. After checking out their website I instantly fell in love with their style of beds and accessories.

PawBakes Biscuit Kit – An award winning, bake your own pet treat kit. Compromised of wholesome, no-nonsense, human grade ingredients. I absolutely LOVE the idea of these. I’ve bakes pupcakes for Nala before and she loved them, so the idea of baking your own dog treats really excites the baker in me. I’ve never seen anything like this in a dog subscription box, so was impressed with that as it’s something a little different. 

Veni-dog Marrow Bones – 100% Natural, air dried bones made from Scottish Red Deer and produced in the UK. They are gluten-free, hypoallergenic and suitable for dogs with food intolerances. Nala doesn’t often have bones like this, mainly just because they are too big for her to put in her mouth, this one could have the same issue, but she LOVES the ones she can get her teeth around. The only problem I have is that she tries desperately to finish them like there’s a dog about to snatch it from her and they are supposed to be long-lasting. This could possibly be because she is a pug, and everything “MUST BE CONSUMED”, or it could just be the fact she’s so territorial so I have to make sure, with treats like these, that I take them off her after a short while otherwise it would be gone somehow. Little piggy puggy.

pawpost 12 pawpost 15 pawpost 20

I personally love subscription boxes as a way to discover new brands and products whether that’s healthy snacks, makeup and beauty or dog treats. I also think it’s a great way of discovering smaller businesses and showing support by purchasing well loved products again. This subscription box is not for selfish reasons however, as Nala now gets so excited at small cardboard boxes thinking that absolutely every box is full of exciting treats and toys and when WoofBox and Pawpost arrive each month, you almost see a little smile creep across her wrinkled sad looking face. I appreciate that subscribing to two boxes seems a little crazy but I originally wanted to see which one was better, and it turned out they were both good in their own ways, so I stuck to them. Obviously Nala doesn’t get through all these treats and toys on her own so some go to her brother Buzz (who was visiting today as you can see) and some that might not be as suitable for pugs or their diet go to rescue centres and animal charity shops too. Nothing ever goes to waste! It’s something that you don’t really think about spending money on each month, especially when it’s not for you or your dog isn’t particularly fussy with just having his standard treats. I can also appreciate that some people wouldn’t want their dog to feel spoilt with the amount of choice, but if you have the means to treat your dog to something fun every month, I think it’s such a lovely idea. And if it’s not the sort of thing you’d get for your dog, they make such great gifts. So what do you think of animal subscription boxes? Are you subscribed to one?