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This blog post contains a paid for advertorial from Clinique but all opinions are my own, as always.

If you measured my hydration level, I’m pretty sure most of the time I’d be on the raisin scale and that applies to both my skin and the amount of water I drink. From an early age we’re told to try and drink up to 8 glasses (or 2 litres) of water a day and for as long as I can remember I’ve always struggled with this. It’s not that I find drinking water boring, it’s just that I don’t ever really get that major thirsty feeling and I’m always so busy I forget to sip (and sipping is key people). I have a number of different methods I like to use to try and encourage me to drink more water throughout the day, including apps and special bottles with time targets. Personally, I love drinking water, but you’d be amazed by the amount of people who just can’t stand the taste or say it’s boring and have to add a dash of squash or cordial to make it more bearable. Thanks to Pinterest, fruit infused water has become a summer staple and I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite fruity concoctions. Not only do they add flavour to your water, but they also all have their own benefits for your health by boosting your water with natural antioxidants. Throw in some ice and a couple of pretty straws and you’re good to go! Water has never looked or tasted so pretty and it takes no time at all. 

Strawberry and Basil – This is my favourite surprisingly. You wouldn’t necessarily think basil will taste nice in water, but it actually does. It’s light, refreshing and has a lovely sweet taste from the strawberries.

Lemon, Blackberry & Rosemary – A little more on the bitter side but still delicious and the rosemary gives it that slightly more fragranced taste. 

Raspberry and Mint – Another favourite of mine! Anything with mint in it will always be a winner as it’s just so fresh and summery.

Orange, Lemon & Lime – This is probably the most popular among fruit water lovers as it’s packed with citrus slices and is very refreshing.

Lime and Blueberry – The lime and blueberries together form a lovely zingy taste!

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It’s also very important that you don’t leave your skin out when it comes to quenching a thirst and that’s where finding the perfect moisturiser comes in. Around two years ago, before a flight to Orlando Florida I was looking for a really hydrating moisturiser that I could use on the flight, as we all know that being in an air conditioned metal tube in the sky for hours on end isn’t the best time for your skin, so I wanted to give it some extra TLC. I picked up Clinique Moisture Surge and instantly fell in love. It has a gel-like, silky texture and glides on effortlessly leaving your skin feeling as though you’ve just had a facial. I’ve gone through so many of these and spoken about it in videos on my channel, as well as encouraged friends to try it when their skin needs a helping hand in the hydration department. I often have combination skin, where at times it’s dry and in other places it’s oily so the fact that it’s an oil-free formula really helps that situation as it’s tailored to all skin types. I use this most days as a moisturiser before makeup, but it can also be used a 5 minute mask (which is actually what I do on long haul flights) or can be used over makeup in a thin layer throughout the day if needs be. I’ve also recently bought the Moisture Surge face spray to use after cleansing or for a re-fresh throughout the day (FYI, if you keep this in the fridge it’s an absolute lifesaver on a hot day). I have yet to try the other products in the range, but I am exited to do so as it has thoroughly impressed me so far and my skin is very thankful for it!  Pop into your nearest Clinique counter to experience Moisture Surge for yourself: or learn more here

  • Nice post Zoe! I might do these drinks in the future. Loving the strawberry and basil one!

    I hope you are having a lovely day.

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  • Katie

    I need to try some of these, I am forever guilty of not drinking enough!

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    Im excited to try this in water. Im the same i struggle drinking the required amount of water, this might just help me thank you zoe ( twitter [email protected])

  • romee

    do u recommend using a bottle with a fruit infuser or just a regular jar like in your post? :)

  • These look so lovely, I also need to drink way more water and I think these are the perfect way of doing so!

    Abbi |

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    So cute! I can’t wait to try things like this hoping to drink more water during the summer :)
    Have a great day!


  • So nice and yammy (:

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    Amazing! I’ve always been awful at drinking water because I don’t really like it, but I might invest in a bottle with a fruit infuser and try these out. Thanks Zoe!

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    Raspberry and Mint sounds totally lush! Anything with mint catches my eye.

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    I need to try these! I don’t drink water as much as I need to but I’m sure this post might help me :)

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    love this! I love fruit infused waters too! may have to do my own post soon! please check out my blog <3

  • Louisa

    I’ve just been searching for moisturising face creams. The last few days my skin as become so dry it actually looks like it is peeling. I will definitely try the Clinique range and hope it works for me. Thank you

  • Lapetiteperleblanche

    The struggle of drinking enough water is real. I just always forget about it. I really need to try these!

  • Yashashvi Kanodia

    I have a bottle of my own ( it is a 1 Litre water bottle) which I carry around in house, that way its in front of me and I keep slipping! Try it out :)

  • I have a babz water bottle that you can infuse water with anything-that-will-fit-in-the-tube. My personal favourite is still cucumber water! I love it. So refreshing.

  • Emma

    Will have to try the Moisture Surge! Also love their Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel :)

  • Ah you always make the most beautiful posts! X

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    OMG! i was working on post similar to this! great post btw :))

  • Have been looking for ideas on this for a while now as I’ve never tried it and didn’t have a clue where to start. Great post, really informative!

  • I love fruit infused water! :)

  • NIce and healthy proposal with those infused waters!

    Today on the blog I show my new independent designer Sunglasses…last trend of the year! ;)
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  • looks sooo good Zoe! Definitely giving them a go. Such a great idea for the summer time <3

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  • Strawberry and Basil actually sounds amazing! Definitely going to have to try that. I love adding kiwi fruit to water!


  • They look amazing Zoe!

  • fatimah

    How yummy do these drinks look? I swear recently, my brother and I have been a little obsessed with detox drinks and healthy smoothies. This is a wonderful start to our new healthy outlook! ;) Thanks, Zoe, gonna try these out for suuuuure!

  • Trying these out ASAP because your skin is always so glowing, always wondered what your secrets were lol <3

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    This is absolutely gorgeous!! Zoe, your photos are really goals and I aspire to achieve this standard one day (-: love u all the way from Singapore!

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    These drinks look so pretty! They would be perfect during the summer!

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    these look so pretty and refreshing! I must try these:3

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  • Aurelija

    Drinking (or not drinking) water is only a habit, I’m trying to force myself to get it (as 80% of skin’s health depends on water). The most important thing is consistency and not stopping until that becomes a habit. Have you ever tried to drink a bit warmed up (but not hot) water? I find it way easier to drink. And where did you get those straws? I really need them!

  • Hahaha oh man I love the images of the fruit infused waters and think they look lovely <3 I was just surprised by the jump to a product at the end of the post XD I personally love using Clinique's Moisture Surge during summer because I need something that's a little lighter on my skin and won't make it look oily. The formula is perfect for that!

  • Gah it sucks that when you do wintery posts in summer in Australia and when you do summery posts its winter ;_; But this is so cute

  • Very great post Zoe ! Love it, I need to try these very soon <3

    Suzanne xx
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    These all look like great ways to make drinking water a bit more fun, I love adding things to make water less boring.

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    you’re just the best at blogging :* I’m loving’ it so much!

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    Love this post, the water looks so pretty, perfect for summer :)

  • Those look so delicious! I too am never really thirsty so I think the fact that the water will look pretty will make me want to drink more aha! I’ve been looking for a new moisturiser for summer as well and Clinique is sounding really promising at the moment x

  • Kyla

    These drinks look so good! Definitely going to be trying them out over the summer :)

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    Definitely going to make all of those fruit infused waters they look amazing! Absolutely stunning photographs :)
    Amy xx

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    The second I saw these I got thirsty and that means A LOT because I’m a raisin too probably the biggest raisin in the world.
    You can even make water look interesting and cool. Chapeau!
    Lovely greetings and sunshine from Germany :-)


  • Emma

    All of them look really delicious and you look very pretty in that photo xx

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    I love these! I really need to try and drink more water!
    I love the straws, btw! :)

  • Zara Collings

    I am the same in that I always forget that I am thirsty and often turn to tea or fizzy juice when I am out and about instead of a simple bottle of water. Love the sound of the raspberry and mint, definitely going to try that on a hot day! Xo

  • Ashley Kronberger

    I am the worst about drinking water as well. I need a water bottle that has an alarm on it reminding me to drink. I will definitely have to try these out because it will at least make drinking water more exciting than usual haha

  • Lies

    They looks so pretty and refreshing. Awesome post the pictures look perfect as usual. 😊
    S xx 💖💗💘

  • This is a fun alternative to just plain water and I love how you brought the clinique range in to, very creative!

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    I’ve just made a blog, please check it out! My first post is about skincare, feel free to leave feedback 💛…

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  • Jen

    Love fruit-infused water! These will be perfect for the long weekend coming up!

    Jen | affecionada

  • Such gorgeous drinks Zoe! Love the Clinique Moisture Surge range as well :)
    – Ambar x

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    nice! hi zoe if you see this all i would like is a reply ive been watching you since 2013 and love you,alfie,joe,and alan. i mean nala lol

  • Chantal

    Those drinks sound amazing and perfect for summer x

  • Victoria Reilly

    I absolutely love making infused water, especially in the summer time! I’m one of those people that hates water most of the time so even putting something simple in like lemon really gets me into it.

    Vickie |

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    I love the look of these drinks so much! I think I need to try the Strawberry and Basil because I’ve seen others have it and I was always a little sceptical!

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  • Ruby’s Cadence

    Wow Zoe! These looks so good, and I really want to try the Clinique moisturiser too, I have actually put it on my birthday list! Fruit infused water is really lovely in the summer, but its coming into winter here in Australia, so maybe not so much now :)
    My blog: xxxx

  • I’ve been looking for a good moisturiser because my skin is so combination, literally dry on the outer perimeter and cheeks but oily on my t zone and around the sides of my nose. I think I’ll try this, I’m always too scared to trust brands with moisturisers for combination skin but I feel like Clinique know what they’re doing and I think I’d trust them a little bit more to get the balance right!

    – Maria

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    Ooooo strawberry and basil! Yum! Definitely will try. Your photos are always so gorgeous xx

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    Dear Zoella,
    Your an absolute inspiration to me you make me laugh and I can relate to you so much.
    As I too have anxiety I find your videos amazing to watch and that they have a lot of tips about how to deal with life.
    Thank-you for all you do,

  • They look such a good idea! Perfect for the summer. Think I’d have to stick to Orange, Lemon & Lime as I’m so fussy. Not a lover of the mint flavour in drinks. Jess xxx

  • Yum! Looks so refreshing

  • I’m moving house soon and these would make an amazing drink for my house warming party! Love it! xx

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    These look gorgeous :) I definitely want to try some!
    Lucy xoxo

  • I bought a fruit infusing water bottle, and have had no inspiration for ages, but I’m defo going to give a few of these a try!

  • I’ve never had problem with drinking water, I make sure to drink at least 2 liters and especially in I make sure to have some cold summer fruit infused waters, my favourite is strawberry one.

    Ela BellaWorld

  • My favourite is raspberry and mint! How cut is the clinique packaging though! Would love to try a few products out of their range but the price range is a little steep for me :(

    Claire ♥ | My Little Memoir

  • I personally love basil and strawberry diffused water with lemon. It is so refreshing and makes it so much easier to drink the recommended amount of water everyday. Great post and blog!

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  • Zoel Hernández

    I always go very simple with water flavours. I like plain water and water with some lemon slices and juice. However, I think I am going to start adding some orange and limeas I am sure I will love it! Also, I am going to give a try to the rest, because I am curious about them haha love you so much x

    Zoel Hernández |

  • Hannah Hawes

    Love making my own flavoured water, they are so tasty and you’re right, great for someone who isn’t too keen on drinking plain water. The photos of your drinks are just too cute, really well captured. Clinique’s moisture surge is definitely a great hydrating cream.

    Love Hannah xx

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    I know this is her opinion but i just dont trust her like I used to I miss the days of boot sale hauls and writing for yourself not for your audience :( I miss it :(

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    I was inspired by this, and decided to make some today for a quick afternoon tea for my parents anniversary. I added some passion fruit and used lemonade instead 😋 Along with other snacks too hehe. It looks so nice on the plate

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  • uhmm i do struggle as well to drink at least 2l of water everyday, but I am doing it now and my skin look so different (i have an acne-prone VERY dry skin) and this is so helpful! i’ll add some fruit with it to make it even better(:

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope

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    Thank You soooo much for saving me!

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    This was really helpful, thanks Zoe!

  • Amazing pictures, they are all so cute and perfect !! All the drinks look so delicious! thanks for sharing! :)

  • Strawberry and Basil is my favourite water mix too Zoella! I can’t believe how weird and wonderful that combination actually is?! The right combination of sweet fruit mixed with an off-setting herb can make water even more tasty to sip!
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    I was waiting for this post for the longest time. All your drinks are perfect for summer and they look absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to try them!

  • I totally agree that it’s so hard to keep up water levels, my skin is often de-hyrdrated, I totally recommend a coconut oil overnight “mask” for your skin <3

  • I am the biggest fan of the Clinique Moisture Surge. I have the best experiences, its an amazing product for dry and sensitive skin. I never tried one of the others, but they all look amazing. It would be amazing if you could do a little follow up post on the other products ^^ I´d love to know which on you recommend most ;) so I won´t spend a lot of money on a product which is not worth it…even if I doubt that when talking about Clinique ;)
    Again a super lovely post, Zoe :) I love the pictures, the are so cute and I am a huge fan of infused water ^^ its so much fun ;) even if I love water its self a lot ^^ but a little change never hurts does it ;) haha
    I hope you have an amazing and successful new week
    xx Verena

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    we are on the same page,Zoe. Drinking 2l of water is not going to be that easy as it seems.

    It would be great if you could check out my post to see how I deal with chemical-free week
    This might be useful for those who have combination and oily skin like me.

    The Jane Iskandar

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    Zoe I’m so glad you posted these! I saw your mock-tales in your vlogs and I hoped that you were share some ideas with us. These are going to be perfect for summer parties, I can’t wait to try them!

  • I drink them all the time because I have exams and they help me get energy!!

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    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew the name of that face mask Zoe used ages ago in a video. The pitch black one that was powder form? I wanted to buy it but I can’t remember what it was called!

  • Theses infused water recipes and photos made me thirsty!! So pretty and such a fun idea to mix things up a bit for the hotter days ! And I love the Clinique products, form skincare to make-up, so I couldn’t agree more with your opinion on this Moisture Surge range :) Plus the pink packaging is adorable (and I’m a sucker for cute packaging – let’s face it, it’s half of the job done when you like the looks of the product) :D
    Lots of love, Anais

  • Those drinks look super lovely and I’d love to try out some of the Clinique Moisture Surge line.. I’ve heard amazing things! Thanks for sharing xx

    Ciara Rose |

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    Hi Zoe, I love reading your blog posts and seeing your youtube vids! I too am really interested in beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and at the same time suffer from anxiety. I’ve just plucked up the courage to start my own blog, it follows my journey as I am taking steps to recover from Borderline Personality Disorder, but in a positive way, focussing on the other things that make me who I am too, not just the mental illness. It’s called Diary of a Borderline Personality. I’d really appreciate you checking it out at: Thank you for all the inspiration! Sam xxx

  • Conny Nutshell

    Zoe I am literally so inspired by your personality!!
    Clinique products are so worth it. They are true miracles – I wrote a review on my experience with clinique on my blog – hope you like it and I´d love to recieve feedback from you guys – pleaaaaase let me know what you would love to read and see.

  • Megan Forbes Hickland

    These photo’s are so so pretty!! Also, definitely gonna try the basil & strawberry infused water, sounds delish!xxx

  • These sound great! I really love the sound of the raspberry and mint one x

  • The Clinique products are a LIFE saver – I’d say it’s my favourite brand as all the products work with sensitive skin – also they’re not that expensive! Does anyone have an recommendations of those water bottles where you can put fruit in the middle so you can do the above but on the go!?

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  • Ahhhh they all look so refreshing! Definitely trying these out this summer!

  • These look amazing which have to try and make some of these with my friends!

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  • Pegasus Girl

    You probably won’t read this, but here goes.

    I’m 11. One of my friendships just died and (although I still have an amazing friend) I sometimes feel really lonely. My mum is a teacher and spends ALL her time at work, my dads hardly ever around because he’s on some kind of business trip and my brothers are too busy to care about what happens to me. I had nothing going for me, until I found your blog. Thank you, so much for reminding me that there is hope, and reminding me to be who I am. I can’t thank you more for that. – Pegasus Girl xxx

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    You look so beautiful is this picture! (as always) Also so inspiring x

  • Whoa Zoey, major photography goals!
    Also, these drinks have actually got me craving water.. Waaaah! That never happens to me. Thanks for that!

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