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Lamp – Heal’s
Bulb – Oliver Bonas
Succulent Print – Etsy
Copper Tray – Oliver Bonas
Layla Headphones – Frends
Start Over Eye Cream – Sunday Riley
Good Genes Serum – Sunday Riley
Baume de Rose – By Terry
Moisture Surge – Clinique
Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – Kiehls

I always find someone else’s bedside table very interesting. The things they chose to keep there, I always think, are those go-to items that you know they really love. Whether that’s a bag of sweets for emergency cosy-nights-in-and-feeling-sorry-for-yourself, a great book or lot’s of beauty bits. I tend to keep a mixture of things on my bedside table. Sometimes it’s biscuit wrappers, sometimes it’s three empty glasses and a pile of notebooks and sometimes, it’s the skincare i’m currently using. I find keeping my skincare next to my bed a good way of subtly reminding me NOT to fall asleep with my make up on and to really try my hardest to keep on top of my skincare regime. I actually really enjoy doing my skincare in the evenings, I see it as a nice little wind down from the day. I’m currently using a lot of Sunday Riley products, namely Good Genes which I have sworn by for almost a year now. It’s a serum that can also be used as a mask but i apply it every morning and every evening just before my moisturiser. This serum has many amazing benefits and it includes lactic acid, liquorice and lemon grass and these things combined seem to form some sort of magical concoction that my skin is very thankful for. I normally notice that my skin feels and looks a lot brighter and spots are a little more at bay. Due to hefty price tag of this serum, you would want it to work miracles on your skin, and I really feel like it does, hence the repurchase of many bottles. You will also notice I have two eye creams living on my little copper tray. One of which is the Sunday Riley Start Over which I tend to use in the day time. The other is the kiehls creamy eye treatment with avocado which I really like to use at night as it has a gorgeous thick and creamy consistency which leaves my eyes feeling very refreshed and hydrated when I wake up. By Terry Baume De Rose is one of those older cult classics which I do enjoy using at I love the consistency and the way it makes my lips feel, however I’m not the biggest fan of anything “rose” scented, especially when it has to be on my face. I like applying this at night though for luscious lips in the morning. When the weather starts getting a little more on the cold side, my lips are the one thing that scream out for extra moisture, so i’m always on the hunt for something that works well around this time of the year, and i’m open to any suggestions. Lastly I have the Clinique Moisture Surge which I picked up once before a long haul flight in duty free because I was scared the flight would dry out my skin and it sounded like the sort of product that would make sure that never happened. Since then i’ve absolutely loved this, it really does do a great job of keeping my skin feeling hydrated and the main thing I like about it is that it’s not the sort of consistency you would expect from a super hydrating cream. You’d almost expect it to be thick and creamy, whereas this is quite a thin gel-like consistency which then feels quite watery when applied. I like using this at night after my serum!

This isn’t all of my skincare routine as I keep other things tucked away or in the bathroom, but this was a little selection that I had out! I also have my trusty headphones for editing, or watching youtube videos late at night when Alfie is sleeping next to me, although who am I kidding, i’m mostly asleep hours before him. Let me know what you keep on your bedside table! Maybe even tag me on instagram so I can see using #BedsideTableBeauty. I want to know that i’m not the only person that does’t always have a tidy bedside table…