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It feels almost yesterday that I decided to hit upload on my very first video, unsure of who would be watching me, what people would think and whether or not they would continue to watch. Almost six years later, I’m sat at my kitchen table, writing this blog post with 10,000,000 people that have hit the little “subscribe” button my youtube channel and I have to pinch myself to be reminded this is real life.

When I started this, I had absolutely no idea that many people could even subscribe to a channel, let alone mine. I never had an end goal and I still don’t which I think some people find quite hard to believe. There was never a certain number that I wanted to reach, or certain number of overall views, I just wanted to make videos I enjoyed that could entertain, distract or add something of value to someone’s day whether that was a smile, some reassurance or a recommendation for a new lipstick. The feedback was instant and it was like nothing I had ever experienced on social media before. Suddenly I felt like I could interact in a new and very exciting way. It was only me and a camera, but after a while it didn’t feel like that anymore. Suddenly I had more and more people interested in what I was filming and here we are now, still talking about lipstick but to an eight digit audience. Almost daily I am reminded by your emails, letters and constant messages of support how much my videos mean to you, and what they mean to you and every time I hit upload it’s you that I have in mind. 

Having an audience that ranges from as low as 5 years old to women in their late 40’s (although mostly 18-25), it can seem quite daunting and a little scary, the responsibility is enormous. How on earth can you please both a 5 year old, and a 40 year old? The answer is simple, you simply don’t think about it and you carry on as you are. Every time I hit a milestone, i’m reminded that if you want something and you work hard at it, but more importantly if you love it with every bone in your body, it will all work out in the end and I’m so glad I kept going when I wasn’t sure what I was doing or where this was going. I’m so lucky that I get to do the things I love and have the support of such a varied audience. Meeting women in the street when out shopping who tell me they loved my beauty recommendations or discuss the joys of puppies, having the cutest little girl ask me to sign her book and have her tell me that it was the first book she ever read, when a guy stops me in the street and says he watches my vlogs with his girlfriend and when parents tell me how I’ve helped their teenage daughter through a hard time through tears whilst holding my hand are all moments I will hold with me forever. These moments are also the catalyst for my videos. You are all why I do this and you are the reason I smile. I never have to feel alone, I never have to feel down, I will always have someone there for me and I never have to sit and deliberate which outfit will look best on me because I can just ask (with the power of twitter). 

10 mil 5

So, what i’m trying to say is, in short, THANK YOU. Thank you if you’ve subscribed and if you’ve been here with me on this journey whether that was from day one, or yesterday. Thank you for accepting me and for always being there and making my life that little bit more special. Now let’s all group hug and shake off the #feels. 

  • Congrats on 10 million subscribers on YouTube Zoë!

    I uploaded a new post on my blog. Would you mind checking it out?


    I hope you had a lovely day!

    Jeff. x

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    Congratulations Zoe. You deserve every single bit of your success. Love you x

  • Well done Zoe! This is such an incredible achievement and so lovely to hear how much it means to you. Doing things because you believe in them and because they’re ‘you’ are exactly the reasons to do anything in life. You truly are an inspiration.


  • mathilde

    Congratulations Zoë! You deserve every bit of your sucess. You are a great role model to all of us. Love. xx

  • I love you so so so much Zoe! Congrats on 10 million, you deserve it!
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • shelby

    Congrats my lil angel. Being able to watch you hit 1M subscribers was mental to me and the fact ive watched you hit all your major milestones makes me feel so happy and fuzzy inside. I genuinely cant think of a more deserving person to hit 10M if im honest, you are so real and genuine and thats not the only good characteristic you have.
    I’m going to stop rambling on now but i just want you to know how incredibly proud i am of you and how much i love you Xx

  • Amazing! Congrats Zoe!


  • Taneika

    Congrats, Zoe! I absolutely adore your videos and am so happy that you’ve hit 10 million (that’s insane)
    You deserve it <3 Have a happy and wonderful day :)


  • Malaika Kamran

    So proud of you Zoe! I’ve been here since 2010 and your blogs and youtube videos have been both inspiring and entertaining! Love you!


  • Huge Congrats on 10 million subbies Zoe! You’re so dedicated and hard working and it really shows, won’t be long until your next 10 million! Big internet hugs :) <3 xx

    • Love_who_you_are

      More big internet hugs from me xx



  • Kati

    Congratulations Zoeeee! You deserve it!
    You are such an inspiration to everyone!
    Love you! <3


  • Nienke


  • Leah M

    Congratulations Zoe! Such an amazing achievement! :) xx


  • Megan Scripps[SJ]

    Congrats zoe I have only been watch you since December 2014 and its been amazing see you grow
    Btw where your dress from loving it xxxxxxxx

  • Aisha

    This is simply amazing. Love you so much Zoe! You deserve all the love. Congrats ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  • Rosanne Goossens

    Congrats Zo! I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and you deserve all of this. I want to thank you for making me smile every single day. I’m so proud of you! Love youu <3<3<3

  • jerk

    I’m here with you since autumn 2015 and I don’t regret any minute that has been spent on watching your videos. There were times when I had difficulties with understanding your videos (language barrier – i’m from Poland), there were times when I was in tears and you were making me laugh, also there were times when I thought ‘okay, this is a little bit boring, but I’ll watch it ’til the end, because I love that girl so much’. I should be the one to thank you for making me happier, comforting me, giving me recommendations on the products I wanted to test, showing me the way your makeup is done, making me inspired and basically entartaining me, so – even though I haven’t been here with you for a long time – a massive massive THANK YOU, Zoe. Don’t stop doing your job and spread the love even further than before. I love you loads, girl!

  • Kerris

    OMG!!!! I am so proud of you Zoe, I have looked up to you ever since I started watching you in 2010 and I new you could get this far!! You are so entertaining and so inspiring to a lot of young people and I just want to say how amazing you have been all the way,
    Thank you for being so great xx

  • Nazlıcan g.

    Loves from İstanbul firstly . Thank you for help me like the other 9,999,999 people :) I remember the first time I’ve watched your video (2/3 years ago) which is the most depression times of my life and saw the anxiety is your problem too,i was always alone with my every problem and even one was the commen made me feel i never felt before:) You like very good friend who living abroad.. I have a lot of things to say like everyone so shortly thanks. IT’S LIKE A MAGIC RIGHT?! I never met with you , we’re living different places etc but i feel you very close to me(i mean like a friend) . I think it proves Love is the only thing that can go beyond time and space.. (running man emoji)

  • Emily

    This post made me so emotional! Its so incredible as a viewer to see how much you have grown over the years! You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways and have changed my life for the better :) I could go on for hours about how much you mean to me but for now I just want to say and huge THANK YOU! I love you Zoë <3 xxx

  • Congratulations on 10 million subscribers Zoe!!!!

  • Cutiepatootieme Love

    I remember when you hit 5 million, it’s all a journey isn’t it? Me, you and the youtube world! Congrats x

  • Rebekah

    Congratulations zoë! Thank YOU for all the amazing videos and blog posts, I enjoy reading and watching them so much! You have helped me through so much. Love you 💙💙💙

  • Ella

    Congrats zoe you deserve it!! xxx http://nutellablogger.blogspot.co.uk

  • Congratulations Zoe on 10 million! Here’s to 10 million more – can you imagine?!

  • Emma Sockett

    Ily Zoella u are the best sorry for bugging you about this but plz check out my instagram it would mean the world to me http://instagram.com/zoezeebo2904 or @zoezeebo2904

  • Hebe
  • MiniZoella

    Congrats, Zoe! I’m so proud in how far you’ve come ♡

  • ThAt girl Ella

    I’ve never felt so alike with someone I don’t know in person! Xx
    I wish you all the best and I hope you hit every milestone there is💪🏼
    I’ve been though tough tImes… Your the one that helped me! Not a specialist in anxiety or a docker.. YOU💖
    Thank you!’

  • Amy Norton

    I remember when you hit 1 million and how proud I was of you, and now your at 10. It’s weird to think that we feel like we know you, it’s so lovely and comforting. Thankyou for changing my life and making me laugh and smile so much. Love you Zoe ❤️😊 Amy xx

  • congrats zoe, it’s amazing how far you’ve come and how far you’ve helped other people to come!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x

  • Laura Scanlon

    Congratulations on 10million Zoe!! I can’t believe that around 5 months ago you just hit 9 million! <3

  • Bavdi

    I am so happy for you Zoe. I just want to say you are a big inspiration for me and i just love watching your videos and you changed my life and thank you for that. I hope i will meet you someday and have a little chat with you. A big cup of love from Slovenia.❤️


  • Mari Ebralidze

    You totally deserve everything you’ve achieved! Remmember that everyday you put a smile on someones face 💗

  • Faye Edwards

    Zoe you deserve this so much. I have been here for nearly a year. I know its not as long as other people but that doesnt matter. Ever since i saw you i knew you were my idol. When ever im down the first thing i do is go to youtube and type in your channel, it always brings a smile to my face. You’re my hero and i love you with all my heart. You have inspired me to do so many things and say yes to things. You have helped me get through really tough situations, when i needed someone you were there.i dont mind if you never notice me or that ive never met you because it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen in the future. I love you Zoe and don’t ever stop doin what you love. From Faye xx

  • vintage_ivy

    congrats zoe

  • A…

    Congrats!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉💜💜💗💗

  • Congrats Zoe!! xx Ten million that’s completely insane :) You were the first YouTuber that I really fell in love with and I still love your videos just as much today as I did then. You could say that you got me hooked on YouTube :D


  • Morgan Miller

    Congrats Zoe this is amazing!! Here’s to the the next 10 million right haha?!
    -Morgan x

  • Farzana Karim

    ZÖE first of all, congratulations! 🎉 And also thank you for making me laugh whenever I’m feeling down, thank you for being you, thank you for being do kind and generous to people and thank you to the 9,999,999 other people who helped Zöe reach this ridiculous amount of subscribers and she definitely deserves it after all she has done. I’m only twelve (13 in 14 days) and you still give the best advise to all ages 💗💗💗

    Farzana xx

    I also have a blog called GirlWhoBlogs and would mean the world to me if you could check it out just type in bloggermissblogger in Google. LY LOADS 💗🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💗

  • Twané Wagenaar

    Congrats…!!!!….You deserve it….!!! Thank you for inspiring me…!!!

  • Dominique Fleming

    Congratulations! Long time subscriber!! Xxx

  • Congrats on 10mil Zoe! I’m really happy for you x

  • Erica

    Congrats on 10 million subscribers! You’re amazing and really deserves this. So happy for you and I am proud to be one of your followers and subscribers. Love you so much Zoe♡ All the best!

  • Leigh-Anne Marie

    Congratulations Zoe!! It’s been truly amazing to watch your YouTube snowball into what it is today. You’re one of the first vloggers that I started watching on YouTube and your videos helped me a lot when I was going through a tough time. As one of your 10 million supporters, let me add my voice to the millions already saying that we love you and you deserve this! :)

    Leigh-Anne Marie http://www.leighannemarie.com

  • Ivjami

    I really appreciate you as a person and love your videos and especially vlogs soooo much…bdw I’m in 30+ viewers club 😊

  • Courtney

    Zoe this is such a lovely blogpost. I have been watching your videos since I was 11 and now I’m 15 which is insane but I absolutely love them and the effort you put into your subscribers too, and your videos and how kind and genuinely lovely you are too. I couldn’t think of anyone who deserves it more! Love you Zoe xx

  • AutumnGirl

    OMG CONGRATS ON HITTING 10 MILLION!!!! I love reading your blogs as I am new now!!! The other day I said that you are really close to 10,000,000! AND HERE YOU ARE! If you get the chance, please give me a shout out in your next video!!! Lots of love
    AutumnGirl XxX

    • Bumping this post and wishing you get that shout out! :)
      Congrats on 10 million Zoe! I can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog and watching your channel for 3 years now.


      • CrookedWeave

        Would you follow for follow? crookedweave.blogspot.com.au

      • Ate Anne, subscriber ka din ng mga British Youtubers ?haha same pala tayo ate :)
        Go Zoe!

        God Bless

        • Yes around three or four years na. I’ve subscribe to most of them before they hit 200k subs. ^_^

          • Wow. Ako kasi nakapagsubscribe na sa kanila nung mern na silang million subscribers :)

    • Aaliyah F

      Smart name xx I get it!

  • Farzana Karim

    First of all, congratulations! 🎉 And also thank you for giving out the BEST advise, thank you for making amazing videos, thank you for making me feel better when I feel like it’s the end of the world and most of all, thank you for being you. Your such a big inspiration to the other 9,999,999 people who subcribed to you and you completely deserve it. You have gotten me through tough times via blogs and videos. I started watching you like 3/4 years ago and it’s been the best! I’m 12 ( 13 in 2 weeks!!) And you give the best blogposts and THE best videos!! Can’t wait till you hit your next milestone! LY LOADS 💗💗🎉🎉🎉🎉💗

    Farzana xxxxxx

    P.S I’ve got a blog too! It would mean the world to me if you checked it out! 😊 it’s called GirlWhoBlogs, you can just type bloggermissblogger in Google 💗💗🎉🎉🎉🎉💗

  • Saakshi Jain

    Hey I ve been watching your channel since 3years now and yeah and I just love love watching your vlogs. They r so addictive. And also you should vlog more often.

  • Juli

    Oh dear… I’m crying. Congratulations Zoe and thank YOU. Thanks for changing my life and help me find another part of me that I didn’t know I had. You made me realize about so many things and I’ve changed a lot this last year. I like myself more now and a big part of that is thanks to you, so thank you for being you and by doing what you do you help me with my life. I love you and I am proud of being one of those 10.000.000 <3

  • Congratulations!! You deserve every ounce of your success. You have such a positive and uplifting vibe and its so very refreshing so thank YOU for that!

    Stay golden xx

  • DariaGaiz

    Why I’m crying ;( It’s so pathetically,so wonderful !!! <З With big love from Russia ххх

  • Congratulations you are such an inspiration and the you are the reason I started my blog xx


  • Emma Sockett

    Love you 😍 😁 pleaseeeeeee like my ig posts? You don’t have to and I’m really sorry if this is annoying you but it would mean the absolute world to me lysm Zoe @zoezeebo2904 is my ig

  • congrats you deserve this so much i love watching each and every video you uploade and the same with your blog. keep on the great work


  • Congratulations on 10 million Zoe! You deserve every single one! I know you will reach so many more milestones like this one! xxx


  • Nicole Marie

    Congrats Zoë!

    Nicole | A Little Yellow Bug

  • Safiyyah Zainab

    Congratulations! x

  • WOW! Amazing figures!

    Don’t miss today my urban-chic working outfit!
    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  • Congratulations Zoe!!
    I have a blog if you want to check it out: http://theofarrer.blogspot.co.uk

  • Congratulations! Xx

  • Daryna

    Congrats Zoe! I love you with all my heart, thank you for being as kind-hearted and honest as an older sister would be (which I don’t have). You truly deserved it.

  • Zoel

    I nearly cried reading this! I love you so much and you mean a lot to me, you have completely changed my life! You are a really big inspiration to me. In fact, three months ago I started my own blog and I always have you and Poppy in mind, because I only want to post about what I love, and it is going well by now! I just want to say that I’m here since you had about 5M subscribers and I am so happy for having subscribed to your channel and follow your blog and all social media (yes, I am stalking you all day haha). Also, thank YOU for making as happy and I only ask you to keep being yourself, we love you so much! xx

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

  • These photos are lovely <3 You look so happy! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment!

    I finished reading both your books in January and I featured them in my monthly favorites that I drew out on my blog! I'm unsure if Penny has red hair or auburn hair since both were used to describe her in the books! They were also lovely <3


  • Katie

    Congrats Zoe! Very proud to be a part of that 10 mil ❤️


  • Oksana

    This is such a big achievement! Congrats Zoe! You deserved it so much!

  • I remember the day you posted on your blog about toying with the idea of making a video on youtube.. crazy how far you have came, it has been amazing to watch <3 x


  • Aimee Budge

    Congratulations on 10 million! I am a very proud viewer and I am in awe of how far you’ve come!

    I hope you have a great time celebrating! :D


  • Angie D

    Congrats on 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! That is an amazing achievement, and when you hit that number it is a moment you will never forget. I only just started a YouTube channel, but I don’t have enough money for a good camera or gear, so I am using the webcam on my computer 😂 I also have a blog that I have a passion to write on. You inspire me so much, with what makeup to wear or how to write a post. I love you so much, and I am so happy you hit 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!
    xx Angie

  • Beth

    Congrats Zoe! You are a real inspiration, showing that if you really love something and work hard for it you can reach it. Thank you xx

  • Sharmi Shah

    Omg Zoe! Congrats! I know how you feel and hopefully one day I too get to write a blog post such as this! Will always be grateful for you as you’re the reason I started my channel! Always will love you! xx

    YouTube: Sharmi Shah

  • I read this with a tear in my eye. Congrats, Zoe! You deserve every single subscriber.

    My Little Online Space

  • Lucila Araceli Hernandez

    I have tears in my eyes, i just love the way you are! I motivates me to be myself even when i behave “weird”. Big congrats Zoe! You deserve the best! Thank you for make me smile and laugh every time i see you, for make my day better 💕💕💕 I love you and you inspire me!

    • Lucila Araceli Hernandez

      I’m fron Argentina! South America

  • ghada elmahdy

    congrats Zoe . I’m in Egypt and I wanted to tell you that you have subscribers in here too , and I saw your book in a prestigious bookstore right next to The Hobbit :D I guess I’m trying to say that the quality and the effort put in what you do and say is compelling and demands respect . please keep it going and thanks

  • Way to go Zoe! So so so proud of you!(:

  • Orla :)

    Congratulations Zoe! You are my role model and I love reading your blog and watching your YouTube videos. X

  • Maria Boo

    CONGRATULATIONS ON HITTING 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS ZOË!All of us love you and are really proud of you❤🙊 #ZoellaTo10Million

  • Maddy

    I’ve been following since the beginning – you in your little (but pretty) room in your parent’s house – but I’ve never commented on anything! That’s terrible! I feel a bit like we have grown up together, alongside my other bestie Tanya, even though we have never met. That’s why you have those 10 million followers, and that’s your gift that not many people have. Love from NZ, for the first time xx

  • Hsiao Weng

    I’m SO happy for you. Congratulations! You deserve the best.


  • Grace.m

    Congrats Zoe you made me cry. You are my inspiration and my favourite person I love all your videos and am very proud of you and all your achievement’s keep it up, you’re awesome xxx

  • Congrats Zoe! You truly deserve this! xx


  • Grace Baker

    Congratulation! 10 million xxx You’re one of a handful of bloggers/vloggers I look up to and your top tips videos help me with my confidence and anxiety. xxx
    Also your food vlogs inspire me with my vlogs.
    I do my own vlogs page called ‘Diary Of GB’ and it’s basically about baking/cooking & having fun. It’s on my Facebook page at the moment and I’m transferring it to Youtube in June 2016. I will leave a link for anyone who’s interested. It’s fine if you don’t.
    But I really I just wanted to say…
    Thank You Zoella! xxx :D

  • rachel and becca

    Congratulations, you inspire us so much with our channel

  • nusa brdnik

    CONGRATS ZOE! you were the first youtuber i’ve ever subscribed to (that was back in the beginning of 2014) and i have watched and enjoyed every single video of yours. i love that you haven’t changed a bit disgarding the number of views or subscribers you have! i can’t even imagine a sunday evening anymore without a cup of warm milk and watching you ramble on about makeup, beauty, life etc…. stay as you are, don’t care about people’s hate comments and just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s obviously working. <3

  • Nancy Sharma

    Congratulations Zoë🎉 I love your videos❤️

  • Congratulations Zoe on 10 million subscribers i’m sooooooo proud of you!

  • Congrats Zoe!!! You have come so far and deserve every little bit of your success!!

    Bella xx

  • Well done Zoe, you deserve it! Jeez, I remember when you hit 1 million x


  • ellie

    congrats zoe only started watching you recently but your blog and channels are amazing and glad that u realise how utterly amazing you are. 10 million subscribers!!!!! WOW!!!!

  • Kate

    CONGRATS! You work soo hard tryimg to make your videos better and you really deserve this. Hou are the best You Tuber EVER! Love you😘

  • CONGRATULATIONS ZOE! Subscribing to your channel was one of the best decisions I made – you give me a smile, some great recommendations and you’re the reason I started my blog. Thank you.
    Lucy xx


  • bbethaniee

    Such a lovely heartwarming post.

    Beth | Simple but far from basic x

  • Congrats lovely! It’s absolutely crazyyyyy!

    Loads of love from Berlin xx

  • Samy

    Congratulations Zoë love youu ❤️


  • Kelly Lytwyn

    Congratulations Zoe!im so so proud of you.ive been subscribed to you since 2012-2013 i believe and i look at you as a best friend and a role model at once. I can relate to you on so many levels from the things you like to having anxiety. Ive been dealing with my anxiety for around 8 years now and every now and again i would be so upset with myself and how im not anxiety-free yet. But your videos help me forget i have anxiety for those few minutes that im watching either your main channel or your vlogging channel. They also remind me,however, that this wont be forever and that i can do anything i want to and my anxiety shouldnt let that ruin my life. In short, i want to Thank you for deciding to make youtube videos. You helped me not only feel okay about myself and my anixety but you also helped me find little reasons to be happy and also great makeup brands to test out haha. We all love you very much Zoe and im so happy to be apart of your little youtube family(: <3

  • CONGRATS ZOE! I’m honestly so happy for you! I don’t think anyone deserves success as much as you do. You’re genuinly such a good person and you work so hard to make us all happy. Thank you! xx


  • Congrats! We love you. Continue to be yourself and authentic, and we’ll still be cheering you along the way. You deserve nothing but the best!


  • Congratulations Zoe!

  • Congratulations. How amazing :) X

  • congrats again <3 i totally agree that when you do something and deep inside your heart you love more than anything else, all your hard work would pay off.

    JULIE | cuteiinstgram.blogspot.com

  • Roberta Pavić

    Yaaay congrats :)


  • DolphinSloth

    well done for hitting 10 m im so proud of you i have bean around for 4 years and i have love your videos since keep it up all ways with you xxx

  • Congratulations Zoe! I’ve been watching your videos for a little more than 2 years now I think and they still never fail to put a smile on my face! You were actually the first person I ever subscribed to on youtube (and after only watching 1 video of you doing your everyday makeup routine) and it led to so much (besides an addiction to youtube)! I love the energy and happiness in your videos because it will always inspire me to do what I want and since the first time I hit a subscribe button I have been doing so much more of what I’ve always thought I wanted to do! Almost six months ago I started my blog (something I’ve been wanting to do for as long as I can remember) and I can honestly say that you’ve played such a big part in my finally being brave enough to do that and to be much more creative in so many other ways! I am so extremely grateful for you doing everything you do and I just want to say THANK YOU!

    xx Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

  • Congrats, Zoe! I’ve watched your videos for about 3-4 years now and it’s so inspiring to see how your hard work pays off. Keep doing what you love! :)

  • I still can’t believe it, you are an amazing person Zoë. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Caz

    Congratulations Zoe! I remember back in 2009 when I started blogging and you had 1000 blog followers, i’ve been following you since you started YouTube and i’ve loved seeing you become so successful!

    Caz | thisiscaz

  • Congratulations. I only started watching your videos last year and it got me into blogging. Now I’m part of a wonderful community.
    I was off work today with migraine. I listened to all 24 days of Vlogmas :) thanks for keeping me company! :) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  • Sophaï ♡

    Very proud of you Zoë, you deserve it !!! Keep going as you do, you are doing a very good job and you help me in so many way, an specially with panic attacks !! I really really like you and you mean a lot to me :) I know a lot a people (in fact nearly 10 millions :p ) say it to you, but I really mean what I’m saying !! We are a wonderful person! Kisses from a french girl :*

  • Congratulations! !!!

  • Wow!! Congratulations!!! What a wonderful goal to achieve! =)

  • Congratulations, Zoë!!! I love these pictures btw – you’re so cute! :)

    Victoria / itsvictoriablog.wordpress.com

  • Congratulations!! I love seeing passionate people accomplish great things. You inspire all your subscribers with your positive attitude and love for creating content. Keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait to see what else 2016 has in store for you!

    Big hugs!

    XOXO – Sarah

  • nimra ilyas

    i love you and talent s beauty to your writing please i just finished girl on tour i read the last words of the book hit my heart and cried towards the end (no shame)(: i was wondering if you thinking about girl online 3.thanks

  • Congrats on 10 million subscribers on YouTube Zoe! I love watching your channel and reading your blog. It inspired me to start my very own of each.

    ❤️ Mae

  • Rebecca Wood

    Congratulations on 10 million!! Reading this is making me quite emotional! Just remember that I love you very much and will always support you no matter what <3 xxxxx

  • Congratulations Zoe – this is a wonderful achievement and you should feel so proud! I’ve been watching you for just over a year and you are very inspirational – thank you!

  • Katy Bennett

    Aww so proud of you Zoe, it’s amazing you’ve come this far!


  • lucy prosser

    Fantastic post. Congratulations on 10 million – what an incredible milestone. Your channel and blog are both amazing, I applaud you!
    Lucy xoxo

  • Leigh Brady

    Congrats Zoe!! Here’s to even more!

    – Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  • Congratulations Zoe! You are so inspirational to so many people! I hope that one day my blog posts can help at least one person out along the way! I love watching your videos after a stressful day at University, or a long day at work. Thanks for never giving up!
    Can’t wait to see what happens down the road!
    xx Kenzie

  • Congratulations! :-) You deserve all the success you get. I love your posts and videos, they inspired me to start my own blog actually!

  • Congrats Zoe! I am honestly so so happy for you! You’ve come so far and accomplished so many amazing things along the way! x


  • Congratulations on 10 million YouTube subscribers, Zoe!!

    I remember when I subscribed, it was late 2013 and you were at 2 million, close to 3. From then till now, it’s always been clear to me that you deserve all the success that you receive. Your videos have helped me in so many ways, and I can’t even begin to thank you for that! Here’s to many more milestones in the future!!

    Michelle || sunshinegold

  • Marion

    im tearing up reading this post Zoë! congrats on 10 millions, im so proud of you even thought i’ve been watching your videos for only two year :-) i love you very much, you deserve all of this so bad, you’re the sweetest person ever, you know how to make people happy and smile! you’ve helped me a lot, with my happiness. you taught me to be the best version of myself, you made me think positively! i needed that cure of laugh, happiness and i found it just by watching your videos! thank YOU for everything, for being yourself, and being such an amazing person!

  • joanna lou

    You have such a beautiful soul! Kudos to you for staying so genuine, polite and passionate throughout all of your success. Lots of love!

  • Tricia

    Congrats! You deserve it. I’m a fairly new fan and I’m spending a ton of time watching your videos starting with the first one, while also catching up on your newest videos. I’m not big on binge watching, but lately I’ve been binge watching your vlogs like crazy! <3

    There is honestly no surprise that you have so many fans. You're so talented, relatable and eloquent. I can't wait to see what you accomplish next!

    Much love from Chicago xx

  • Anonymous Blogger

    Congratulations! You deserve this so much and I love seeing you grow with your channel from strength to strength. I can’t wait to see more videos and blog posts. They bring me so much happiness and joy. It always brings a smile to my face. Happy Blogging! xx

    • Helena

      Cool blog!
      Follow for follow?

    • CrookedWeave

      Follow for follow?? I love ur blog. Mine is crookedweave.blogspot.com.au

  • Massive congratulations girl! That’s just awesome and also an insane figure! I can’t comprehend the number but WOW! I got quite emotional reading this because I remember when I first started reading your blog and watching your videos and thinking now of everything that you have achieved it is just awesome! I watched your 1 million subscriber when you hit 10 million and my eyes got watery! Again massive congratulations :) can’t wait to see what 2016 brings :) Em xx


  • Congratulations Zoe!!!! I’ve been watching your videos since you’ve had 500,000 subscribers! Crazy to see how far you’ve gone but nonetheless, so proud and happy for you!


  • What an amazing milestone Zoë! I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now and it’s amazing to see how you’ve grown your channel.

  • I was absolutely over the moon as soon as I watched you hit the 10 million mark! I wanted to shout yippee very loudly. Haha!. I feel so much pride for you and I’m so happy I found you and watched so many of your Vlogs. You are such a massive inspiration to me Zoe, especially with knowing and living with Social Anxiety/Anxiety. I know how tough it can be! You are such an amazing person and I fully enjoy every video you make and reading your blogs. I hope 1 day I get to meet you in person.
    LisaG XoX

  • Chantal

    Congrats Zoe, what an incredible achievement! x


  • Congratulations on 10 million subscribers Zoe! I’m so proud of you and just want to say that you deserve all of this success and more. I have been watching your YouTube channels for years now, and reading along with your blog as well. You have made so many people feel inspired and helped so many people along the way. Thank you for putting yourself out there in the world and inspiring each and everyone of us.

    Becky, xx // http://undertheseabeauty.blogspot.ca/

  • Tayla Mead

    Oh my god congratulations!! Your videos inspire me and make me happy, you always manage to make me laugh! I love you so much and I’m so so so proud of you! 💖💖💖

  • Anonymous

    Oh my lord! Great job on 10 million! Everyday I check your blog and both of your channels just to see if you uploaded or posted everything. You absolutely deserved everyone single one of us and I hope that you can continue to put out all of your love into the world

    Can everyone please comment there blog so I can look it? I will leave a comment <3
    my blog is someoneonline.weebly.com
    I kinda based it off of Penny from Girl Online and my one dream goal is for Zoe to comment on any of my posts. Anything will help :)
    Love you Zoe and I love anyone who sees this comment, have a great day/night :) <3

    You absolute deserve 10 million (AND MORE) subscribers – such a bright and positive personality should never have any less! Very happy for you and I can’t wait to see you hit 20 million more!

    Much love, Iween. xo. ♡ | http://wendystrucked.wordpress.com

  • Angie Granados

    Congrats Zoe! ever since I started watching your videos it give me hope beacuse I know that there is something that is worth fighting for. You inspire me on a daily basis. Love all the way from Honduras, Central America!!!

  • Jen

    Congrats ten million times, Zoe! I still remember when I discovered your blog way back when – you wrote about car boot sales and your birthday makeup – so proud of all you have accomplished! xx


  • Mon Rakovec

    love from Argentina.
    You are the best ever.!

  • Meggyn Hay

    Congratulations Zoe! I came across your videos about 2 and a half years ago, you are quite an inspiration to many, young and old. After watching you and some other You tubers i decided… Why not? What have I got to lose? I have now started my own blog and working on starting a Youtube channel. I have a young daughter and thought… these are all memories that she would be able to look back on when I am long gone. I live for her. If you ever have the time you could check out my blog http://meghay21.blogspot.com/, some tips would be nice! Again congratulations on your achievements. Lots of love!

  • This post it has inspire me so much, i started readibg your blog in 2012, and then i foubd you in youtube. Since the very first moment i became a fan, but when i saw found out that you suffer of anxiety and panic attacks like me and you keep fighting annd doing what you love, you inspire me in such a way that you became my role model, also you ve helped me alot with my english and make me laugh everytime i was bored, sad, etc.
    Maybe you wont see these but i just wanna let you know that you have help me alot, and even inspire me to start my own blog and doing make up.
    I love you and congratulations, you deserve it!!!

    Kisses from argentina!!!


  • Amy

    Congratulations Zoe! You deserve it! Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Jes Cohen

    You’re welcome Zoe! And congratulations on your 10 million subscribers. :)


  • Brianna Chan

    Congrats Zoe!

  • Congrats zoe !!!! This is nothing . You deserve more honey . You have inspired me to come out with my ideas and I will soon start a channel . It might not get as big but I will look up to u always .

    • Helena

      Hi! Follow for follow?


  • Flor C.

    We’re all really proud of you Zoe! You totally deserve 10 million and more! Keep going girl, you’re doing it great!


  • Marsya Jauzi

    CONGRATS Zoe. You deserve it you’re amazing.


  • Congratulations Zoe – i’t san absolutely amazing achievement.

    Erin | beingerin.com

  • Ayre

    Congrats beautiful! You deserve everything and more. I love your positive energy and your vibrant smiles. It honestly just makes me happy when I see your face in a video.

    Arianne | Ayre

  • Kubra

    Congration Zoe for reach up to 10 million yeah yeah this why i love Zoe so much number one fan from Australia

  • Sarah

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while but I only just thought I should check out your blog. You are amazing. You are so insperational. I am thinking about starting a you tube chanel. How did you come up with your name?I can’t think of anything. I am your number 1 NZ fan

  • Congratulations on 10 million subscribers Zoe~! It’s insane! You’re an inspiration and you deserve all the love and support. So happy and proud of you~ Keep doing what you’re doing! *hugs*

    Love, V.

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Congratulations, Zoe! You deserve all the love xx


  • Kayla

    Zoe, your the reason why I don’t care about what people care about me and I can just always be me 100% of the way. Every time I watch your videos it just calms me especially when I’m not in the greatest moods. Sometimes when I have anxiety, feel conscious, nervous, scared, or even just not myself, you are the first person I think of (even before pizza and donuts!) But, I just want to say you are my #1 and always idol and I will support you forever, never stopping even when I’m 40, or I get bored of you (which I highly doubt!) Again congrats on hitting 10M, love you!! xo
    Twitter: @kaysturz
    Instagram: @kaelaxfam
    (I put this just in case you see my comment!)

  • So proud of you! I’ve started to watch your videos when you had just hit 1 million subscribers and the first video I watched was your “Pamper Evening” and I instantly fell inlove with your personality. You are just spreding joy and positivity around. Thank you! ❤️

    Victoria ❤️

  • Joycebox

    CONGRATS WITH 10 MILLION! So happy for you and it won’t be long before you hit 11M!

  • Yayyy Congrats Zoella for 10 million subscribes on Youtube!!! You definitely deserve it :) x


  • Congratulations Zoe. Is it just me, or does the last picture look like the most glamours birth ever!!

    Sophie x


  • wow congrats! you should feel so proud!!

  • Elisa

    ILY so much, CONGRATS Zoe <3

  • Congrats on the milestone :)

    John ¦ http://www.shoutjohn.co.uk

  • Congrats on the 10 million!!!!!!!

  • Congrats! :) I watched Alfies blog when you hit the 10 mil and I was so happy for you :)
    I haven’t been here with you from the start but I am a proud follower and I am always looking forward to your new videos :)
    I hope you have a lovely day :)
    Keep going the way you are – we all enjoy it! :)
    Jenny Side Up

  • Robyn smith

    Omg zoë I have been subscribed with u for about 2 years and I love u and your videos .so keep on doing them because even if your having a bad day just remember that your vidos and your blog are putting smiles on people’s faces around the world ☺☺😅☺☺
    From Robyn

  • Aw you are just so adorable! I love your content and I love that you’ve accomplished so much. Congratulations, you deserve it and much love to you.

    Nicky | Zeeb Likes It

  • Congratulations Zoe! You absolutely deserve it <3 I always look forward to your videos to pep me up before I start my day!
    xx Nikki

  • Great post Zoë, you work SO hard and put a lot of effort into your videos and I can tell by watching them. I wish you every success! <3


  • Katie Goodall (thedailybeaut)

    Congratulations! I remember watching your videos a few years ago- (I particularly remember your mac lipstick collection video as I was completely obsessed with them) and I’m still a subscriber now.

    Keep doing what your doing and having fun whilst doing so!

    Katie Goodall | thedailybeaut | beautdaily.blogspot.com

  • xTashaxo

    You are Amazing!
    Love Tasha Xxx

  • Annabel

    Congrats on 10 million subscribers Zoe!! :) :) You really deserve it.
    I would love it if you would check out my blog.

    Annabel xx

  • Anouk @ kookmutsen.com

    You are such a wonderful and kind person, or that is what I get from your videos :P Being so open and honest, its quite a vulnerable position to be in. So thank you for being brave and strong and silly! Much deserved and I wish you all the best – and pizza!

    Love, a fellow blogger :)

  • Laura Mareno

    Congrats Zoe! You deserved this and a lot more!! kisses:D


  • Iva Loves Zoella

    Congrats Zoe!!!Love you,and I’m so proud of you.You inspire me every day!!!!You are my idol,and I’m so happy for you! I learned some things about the life from your book,and some of that advice realy helped!!!10,000,000 people loves you,and more!!!!You mean to me everythig!!!Bye,greetings everyone from me (Alfie,Nala,Joe,Tanya,Poppy…)!!!!Bye,and again I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! : ) xxx PS:Zoe,can you come to Serbia???Serbia loves you!!!Do that for me,please!!!!I dreamed that you come to Serbia,and I meet you,that moment was so different,I’ve NEVER felt like that!!!Please make my REAL dream come true!!!PS:If you read this please answer me,I will be so so HAPPY!!!Bye!!!!…… : ) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Congratulations on 10 million subscribers Zoe! You really deserve it :) I have been following your channel for a couple of years now and I think it’s amazing to see you grow more and more every single day. I am so proud of you! xxxxxxxxxx

  • Congratulations on 10 million subscribers!

    It’s great to see someone so deserving achieving amazing things. Onwards and upwards!

    Kirsty | http://www.kirsty.ws

  • Weaam Abdullah

    Congrats,you deserve it and more love you 💗💗💗

  • Congratulations, Zoë! 10 million is just an unimaginable number – but I’m sure it won’t be long until the next million rolls around!


  • Zoe! I’m so happy with how you’ve reached here! I’m definitely going to be one of your subscribers until I become 40 yrs old lady!! (And iㄹ you would continue uploading videos till then :D) Thank you for being yourself for us! You’re all of our idol, Zoe♥

    Kaylee | JK’s Dawn

  • Nicole M 💖

    OMG Zoe! I’m so happy for you, if anyone deserves 10,000,000 subscribers, it’s definitely you! You were the first youtuber I ever subscribed to and now I am obsessed with youtube! But don’t worry I don’t think it’s too unhealthy…I think. Anyway, I’ve never been able to meet you before like at a signing or meet up but I would love to maybe one day. Sorry this is really long but I just wanted to say thank you for being you and making me smile. And CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😊🙈💖🎉🎊👑🎀🎉

  • Acqua

    Group hug! You deserve EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of these subscribers. You put so much effort in bringing happiness and positiveness into this world and I definitely think that people like you make the world a better place :) All I can wish is someday I’ll be able to touch one person’s heart, even if it’s just one, the way you have done with all of us! So don’t thank us. We thank you so so so much! ^^

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

  • Congratulations Zoe – it’s baffling to think SOOOO many people watch you, I really don’t know how you do it!

    I’ve just written a post which I think you’ll relate to about the pressure of social media and remembering everyone has their own issues – would be great if you had a read :) Congratulations again…you’re an inspiration to many! (Well…millions!!)

    Hannah x


  • Katie Harding

    Congrats! 10 million is insane!
    I absolutely love your YouTube channel, and your blog is totally lifegoals ;)

  • Congrats, Zoe!!!! This is so incredible! Can’t wait to see where you go next xx


  • Amina Ayub

    love your youtube videos and your blogs it’s always fun

  • Aimee Barnes

    Congratulations Zoe! You deserve it!


  • Brianna Chan

    OMG OMG ZOELLA CONGRATS ON A TEN MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! I was also wondering if you were planning on doing a third book of Girl online.

  • Sahaar

    Congratulations zoe ! I love you so much and i can’t even describe how much i am proud of you, whenever I watch your videos i feel better , and it is so easy just to click and watch but for me i forget whatever is bothering me and i just enjoy my time watching you .

  • Trii (kuunelakk.blogspot.com)

    Congratulations Zoe! I really love that you haven’t change, I mean that you’re still this sweet, kind and lovely person I’ve subscribed years ago! Wish you all the Best in 2016 <3

  • Wow!!!! This is amazing!!! Congrats!!!!

  • Whoa that’s a super big achievement. You deserve it all.


  • CONGRATS ZOE ! We are so proud, really happy and glad ! Your post is just so cute <3

    Suzanne xx

  • Congratulations! It is such an amazing milestone and you deserve it. These are amazing pictures…love the balloons, haha!

    Meghan | http://measmeghan.blogspot.com

  • Katrina Porter

    You are so deserving, and a great gal. Your personality is infectious and the sky is your limit, maybe the outer edges of the universe haha! Have a great day you fab human xxx

  • Jordan Courtney

    Congratulations on 10 million Zoe! I can’t even imagine how you feel – I bet it’s so surreal and equally amazing! Well done and I can’t wait to see what else you achieve in the future!

    Jordan | JordanCourtney

  • Huge congrats on reaching 10 million Zoe :) x

    – LS

  • Alice

    Congratulatioooons!! I love the pics you made and how your lipstick matches the balloons :)
    xxx Alice

  • Khwaiish


  • Khwaiish


  • The White Bracken

    Congratulations on achieving such a goal!
    I have been subscribed to you (though not as The White Bracken) for one year or so, and I have enjoyed every second of it so far.
    I love how down to Earth you are. That is the main reason why I like you so much.
    You never disappoint me, you inspire me instead.
    I wish you all the best, from Italy.

  • Congratulations Zoe! I’ve been reading you and watching you videos for years now and you just get better, this is such a well deserved milestone :) xo!

  • JenzieBoo

    Congrats Zoe! I think you have done amazing i love your videos and its no suprise that you have got 10 million subscribers “EVERYONE” Should love you :D
    Well Done!

  • mia

    Well done Zoë!!!! I love reading your blogs and watching your videos.

    I watch or read or even hear about you, it makes my day and warms my heart.
    Mia x

  • Love Tia

    Congratulations !!! So proud of u xxx


  • Popsicals beauty

    Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you 😊 I hope you celebrate with Alfie!! This really big I’ve been watching since I was ten years old and now your here it feels amazing!!!!! Love you so much!!!!

  • pelovegrad

    Congrats Zoe! I am very happy for you! I love your videos so much! xxx

  • Alexandra Jamrowska

    Congratulation Zoe! Have fun reaching another 10 mln subscribers! :*:*:*

  • Christie Belle

    Big congratulations on 10 million! X

  • Rachael Pitman

    Congratulations Zoe so proud of u so glad to be one if he people who have got you where you are xxxx

  • Samantha Snyder

    Man. So crazy! Congratulations!

  • Megan

    So happy for you Zoe, 10 million is so many 😊 x http://theworldofmegansmith.blogspot.co.uk/

  • WELL DONE ZOE!!!! – You have also inspired me to start a blog and later want to start YouTube! My blog is http://www.kiannaparsons.blogspot.com

    • Zak Midwinter

      I Checked Your Blog Out And I Like It :)

      • Thank you so much! Of course, there will be more posts as i’ve only just started and i will be soon adding my own photos and. Also, if you click on a post, on the right hand side there is a option to subscribe by email. If u enter your email u can get emails when i post new blog posts :) – Thanks again, Kianna

    • Vesa♡

      Shawn Mendes- SOMETHING BIG in there :)

  • Alice Kennington

    congrats zoe on 10 million you deserve everyone single one of those subscribers :) xx

  • Anna Lawrence

    Congratulations Zoe! I love you’re blog so much:)

  • amy

    So proud of you zoe!!!

  • Epiphany Railton

    I’m so happy and proud! When i saw that you had hit 10,000,000 I honestly started squealing and crying. Zoe, you are an amazing person and you have helped me to be happy. Love youuuu!!!! xxxx

  • TheGirl WhoWantsToTravel

    Congratulations Zoe! 10 million, THATS INCREDIBLE 💟💗

  • Beatrice B

    Congratulations Zoe! I’ve been here for a couple of years now and you always menage to put a smile on my face, even in the saddest moments, just with your smile and your positivity. I really cherish your corner of the internet. Thank you for all that you do for us. Love xx

  • Zak Midwinter

    CONGRATULATIONS ON 10 MILLION ZOE!, I Am So So Proud Of You And Have Been A Loyal Subscriber And Fan Since August 2014 As I Found You By The Shaytards. And Since That Day I Have Watched You And Your Videos Grow Better And Better Alongside With Your Confidence! I Have Watched All Your Videos And Your A Great Inspiration Thanks Zoe xx

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it! x


  • Zoe

    Congratulations! I remember way back when you were celebrating 100,000 subscribers and now here you are at 10 million, it’s absolutely crazy and i’m so proud for my name twin xxx


  • Maya N

    Congrats on 10 million Zoe! You deserve it so much, you make so many people happy!

  • Linda

    My day just gets better when I see that you uploaded a new video. :)
    I love you for beeing you, THANK YOU ZOE <3
    Kisses and Hugs from Austria

  • Samantha Frances

    Congratulations Zoe! You definitely deserve it! xxx

  • Stella

    YAY ZOE!




  • mariha

    congratulations zoe well deserved and THANK YOU for making everyone smile with your videos/blogs and products you are amazing and i love you :) just voted for you on the shorty awards anyone whose reading vote for her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rramita skandakumar

    Zoe, you are so talented, I knew from my first video that you were worth watching fir the rest if my life!! Whenever you put up a video or a blog post it fills me up with pure joy and if I can’t watch it then, I’ll think about it every second till I can!! Don’t thank us Zoe, thank you to you, for being such a great role model who inspires me daily, my love (as all the other 10 million!!) is with you forever, God bless, love you Xo🎉🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘😘😘😘 2016 Is gonna be good….


  • Amy Arthur

    Reading this gave me the chills and reassured me, as to why I am constantly in awe with you and your channel. All of the love and support that you receive is truly deserved! I’m so glad to have been seeing snippets of your journey ( whether it’s in Vlogs, Instagram posts or in tweets) and to take in your tips and tricks along the way ( that are actually more helpful than you may think) anyway… To sum up this soppy cringey comment I’d just like to say THANK YOU for bringing so much joy into all 10 million of our lives X much love, Amy

  • Sunniva

    I love your blog and your YouTube channel<3 You deserve it more than anyone I know the name of! You´re the best and you´ve helped me through a lot<3 love you, and congrats.

  • Melissa Castañeda

    Cangrats Zoe I’m very proud of you and all the things you have accomplished on your YouTube journey.

    -Melissa xxx.

  • Charlotte

    Congrats on hitting 10 million Zoe!! Thank you so much for the last few years. You have been such a big inspiration for me. :)
    – Charlotte


  • Chelsea Knowles

    omg well done zoe – soo proud of you xx

  • The #feels when she mentioned how parents come up to her and thank her for helping their child get through a rough patch and when a 5 year old asks her to sign her book!!! How sweet! :) <3

  • Congratulations Zoe, you truly deserve 10 million and so many more.

    Evie x | EvangelineLouise

  • Claudia

    Amazing achievement, huge congratulations! :)

  • Lola Birch

    CONGRATS ZOE! Your blogs and videos are so so good, you 100% deserve this AMAZING achievement. You are such an awesome inspiration to so many, I am so so proud to say that I am subscribed to you and will always love&support you!!!!!
    Lots of love,
    Lola xxxx

  • Holly FAB

    Tuesday (2nd Of February 2016) was my 12th Birthday!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve every single bit! I couldn’t think of a nicer person xxx


  • Amy

    You’re the best Zoe, keep up all the great work! You’re my all time favorite, I love your style and your work and I hope you’ll keep doing what you do forever :)

  • Congratulations on hitting 10 million, what an achievement! You look so happy in the pictures as well and I wish you all the best!

  • Pareen



  • Charl Mcx

    Congrats on 10 million subscribers! You really do deserve it with all the effort you put into your work! Love and Hugs :-) x

  • Jen

    You appeal to such a wide variety of people because you are genuine, sweet and funny. I’m 42, but I appreciate the fact that you are such a good role model for the next generation. Young girls need women they can look up to, not the next one who’s going to balance a champagne glass on her butt or go around without underwear. I came to your videos through a Lush youtube search and I truly appreciate what you’re doing for all the young ladies out there who need positivity in their lives. Stay sweet and keep sharing with us!

  • Sofia🍥

    I’m so happy for you Zoe! I’ve always been a supporter and always will be! Every single one of us is so proud of your achievement and how far you’ve come! We all love you so much and wish you all the best of luck in the future! – Sofia xxx

  • Emma Broadley

    I’m not crying. PSSSHH🙄

  • Congratulations girl!! So happy for you!



  • So happy for you! You are what got me really into watching youtube and in the end what motivated me to start my blog! I hope to jump into the world of youtube someday but for now I’m just really enjoying the new world of blogging :)

    congrats again!


  • kel

    I’m 37 I watch you n Alfie as my daughter who is 14 watches and she wanted both your books so I checked you guys out, and I’m hooked!! You both make me laugh, Zoe your such a genuine girl, and Alfie is a great lad, no wonder your YouTube royalty!!!! Xx

  • Eden Jayne

    This is so lovely Zoe. Thank you for being one of the friendliest faces on the internet :)


  • Congratulations Zoe !! You are amazing and deserve every single one of your followers. You will always be my favorite youtuber and I love your blog as well so you can just call me a huge fan haha <3 You are amazing girl !


  • Tash C

    Congratulations Zoe! 🎈🎈

  • Kharylle Ysobelle

    Congrats Zoe, I can’t believe that a 12 year old kid bump into a video of yours and watch it over and over again, for 3 years now. well i just want to say congrats, love your videos, hoping more people will come and say hello to your channel. I just can’t stop saying congrats. okay love you. :) -Kharylle Ysobelle

  • Stephanie C

    Congrats Zoella! Your videos are a staple in my life and you are absolutely amazing! Love you so much!!

    PS I’d be honored if you’d check my review of girl online on my blog <3

  • Soumya Vishwanathan

    Congratssssss zoeeeee!!! We all love u so much. Your cheeky giggles your goodness and the entire Zoe package is so incredibly loveable that any age demographic would instantly be pleased! Earlier, to me u were just someone to guide me about the one thing in life am so lost about–makeup– but for long time time now u are the one thing i look forward to when am feeling low or depressed. You perfectly manage to lift my mood and cheer me up. I love u soooo much. Here’s hopping u continue to remain your giggly self and bring us joy and excitement forever more. Cheers!!!

    P.S. your line about how when u do something that u love with every bone in your body and u work hard for it, was so damn inspiring!!! 👍

  • Sandra Carolina

    You deserve each and every thing you have in life, it’s not just for the subscribers and followers that you are where you are, but because of the effort, love and passion you put to everything you do! Thank YOU for letting us be part of your life and share this journey with you! cheers to your future achievements! :) <3

  • This is absolutely amazing – I am so incredibly happy for you Zoe! You are such a role model for your subscribers, myself included. It’s truly remarkable that you’ve been able to capture so many people’s attention all the while staying true to who you are! I love being a part of your life (no matter how creepy that may sound) and I wish you all the happiness in the world! <3
    xoxo, Maggie

  • Ashtin NiCole

    You are an inspiration Zoe… I love reading your blog posts and watching your videos. They instantly cheer me up on a bad day, so thank you so much!! Keep being you and congratulations!! :)

  • Love_who_you_are

    Well done on 10 million Zoe! I just want to let you know that we will all support you through everything and like autumngirl I would love if I could have ashoutout too xx Love you Zoe :)

  • Love_who_you_are

    Congrats on 10 million Zoe (I’m new to all of this so yeah). Zoe, it can only go up from here! Lots of hugs and loveliness xxxxxxxxx

  • Love_who_you_are

    I also want to let you know that I have been inspired by you and Alfie to become a Youtuber when I’m older (if it still exists 😀)
    Zoe, WE ALL LOVE YOU! ❤️💛💚💙💜

  • Lidia F. Oliva

    It’s such a moving article. You really deserve this success, and I so happy to be part of this amazing big family

  • vilmabrownie


    Thank you for everything! I’ve known your channel for years ( I guess I saw you on a Caspar Lee video when I was about 13 years old.. Beauty and everything weren’t for me then) but just last year I really got more into your words, your videos and YOU! ❀ I found you again but this time it was just not for a one collab video. It was because I really enjoyed seeing you.

    Now I’m 16 years old and every thing you tell me is always so important. Beauty stuff, lifestyle stuff, decor stuff.. I’m so interested in those! I finally found someone who shares the huge love of candles, autumn and baking with me and the fact that I also know more about beauty things and how to handle my anxiety and stress is so much more. ❤︎ You are a powerful woman who has a golden heart and the most amazing videos. I really mean this. I don’t call you my favorite youtuber of all time for no reason!

    Hopefully I’m going to meet you someday! It’s not a long flight from Finland to the UK! ✈︎

    So congratulations on FREAKING 10,000,00 SUBSCRIBERS!! Yes! Keep on going Zoë! LOVE YOU! ❤︎

    PS. I would love love love love love to see new baking videos! I just keep rewatching the Funfetti, Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread cupcake videos all the time (like literally, they are my fave!). I love them!

    • Love_who_you_are

      Omg yes I love the baking 😝

  • KK

    You were the first YouTuber that I ever watching I was 8 when I first started watching you I’m 12 now!

  • Erika Bosello

    wonderful blog post, wonderful words. I was moved! congrats Zoe!

  • Victoria
  • Miss Mini Zoella


  • hayley

    Congratulations zoe on your 10,000,000 subscribers! Its unbelieveable how well you’ve done to get that many subscribers! It shows how much work you put into your channel and blog! :) I would love it if people could check out and maybe even subscribe to my blog, I am at 36 subscribers so far and would love to get to 50 or even 100 but when I reach 100 I will do a giveaway to thank you for your support so far! Hayleygracebeauty.blogspot.com xxx

  • You deserve it all Zoe! Congrats xxx


  • Philippine Budgetarian

    Congratulations on hitting 10,000,000 subscribers! You totally deserve it! Love from the Philippines.


  • Holy crikes, that’s amazing, congratulations! You must feel so proud!

  • Musicallia

    Love you Zoe :x
    I’ve been a subscriber since 3 mln :-)

  • Ioana LThMath

    This is such a great thing and I am so happy to be part of this community. Even if I am interested in a domain completely different than yours, I was and still am inspired by your enthusiasm and your passion. I have started my blog on mathematics 3 years ago after one month of being one of your subscribers and followers on YouTube. You transformed my thinking and my love for what I am doing at the moment evolved from your passion and your work.

    If there is anyone interested in reading something different, take a look at my blog https://lifethroughamathematicianseyes.wordpress.com/

  • Andrea Hills

    Hi Zoe, firstly many congrats :D Just wanted to say that I am a 41 year old woman who subscribed because I’d watched some of your videos with my 14 year old daughter and found that I related to you on many levels. I think that human experience transcends age. When you grow older you gain more experience and knowledge but you don’t feel older, and you still feel the same within yourself :) Mainly I relate to your struggles with anxiety which has been something I’ve dealt with through my life. My daughter does too. Although I am able to talk with her about it, and thankfully she is happy to be open with me, your videos have been an enormous help to her.
    So thank you for that, and thank you for brightening our lives just a little bit extra by sharing yours. Love and best wishes to you and Alfie x

  • A Girl Somewhere In The World

    Congratulations Zoe!!! I have been with you since the start. it’s amazing how far you have come!

    Please checkout my blog http://agirlsomewhereintheworld.weebly.com/

  • Julia Walker

    Congrats Zoe you deserve it! :)


  • CONGRATS ZOE!!!! You definitely deserve it!!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store this next year.


  • Hetal Bhagat

    congratulations so so so much Zoe! The journey so far has been so good and i hope that that the journey ahead is even better!! I’m so happy for you!!!❤︎
    love you so so so much!!! xxxx

  • Congratulations Zoe on 10 million, that figure is i.n.s.a.n.e!! You must be so so proud of yourself :-) xo

    Catherine | Love, Catherine

  • Cassie McCafferty

    I can’t believe how far you’ve come Zoe, I’ve been watching your videos since 2012 and haven’t seen one bit of disrespect or negativity. It just proves how hard you work to entertain people and make them excited about a sunday, (even when there’s school on monday 😔). You’ve done so many people proud and if I’m honest, my cheeks hurt from smiling. Big love for hitting 10 Million Subscribers!! I was awake all night on the subscriber count until you hit, and I was so tired the next day…it was well worth it

  • Miss Loveday

    Congratulations Zoe… from your 30 year old follower… MissLoveday

    Loving your work! x

  • Iona Clark

    Congratulations! You were the first vblogger I watched and have since got me interested in youtube! I’d love to have the courage you do to start up my own channel!

  • -V

    CONGRATS ZOE!<3 Ive been watching you since 2013, and Im so glad and happy to see how far you have come! I love you Zoe<3

  • Clarissa Alessandra

    Congratulations Zoe! I’m glad you are so successful in what you do! I remember watching you 4 years ago and you have grown so much: not only in numbers, but your videos have gotten so high in quality! Thank you so much for sharing everything!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Lots of love from Croatia!


  • AutumnGirlOnline

    Congratulations on 10MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! I can’t believe how far you have come and you have helped me through thisck and thin xo thank you for always being there to make me smile I would love to.one day meet you and I can’t think of anyone else who deserves this more than you do i have watched you for a few years and watched you grow in yourself . Well done Zoe , i promise i will always be there to the end✔♥😽 LYSM👌🎉🎊😘😽♥✔👏👏🙈📷📷

  • Lucy Kerr

    Zoe, you should be seriously proud of yourself! I love you and your channel SO much and i wish that i will get to meet you one day. You have no idea how much of an inspiration you are to me and every single one of your 10 million subscribers! I hope that you carry on doing what you love and inspiring people! i suffer with anxiety too and your videos have really helped me to calm down and remember that everything will be ok! Love you sooo much xxxxx Lucy

  • Hello Zoe!!I I’m so happy for you!! You’re such an incredible person. You have to know that I will always be there for you. I remember the first day I watched your videos. I was like : “wow I like so much what she does on Youtube”. Then I discovered your blog and I decided to create mine too. You’re so inspiring. I wish you the best for this year ;)
    Bisous from France, Lily <3


  • zoe

    Congrats Zoe I love your videos and u always make me smile I’m so proud of you xx

  • CONGRATS ZOE! I’ve been watching you for years and it’s honestly been so amazing to see you grow so much! The little community you have created is such a beautiful one, you should be so proud<3

    lovely post,
    Daizy from| http://www.ZyaandDaizy.wordpress.com

  • Alexandra Roberts

    Congratulations! Keep up the amazing work. I love reading your blog post and watching your videos! Great job!

  • Huge congratulations Zoe :) x

    Darling Jordan

  • Sadie cable

    Omg congratulations💗 You really deserve this because you are really amazing👑💛I love your videos so much and I look forward to every Sunday when your new video uploads <3 Xx

  • Midnight Mi

    Congratulations! You’ve came so far. I’m so happy for you :)

    Mi x

  • Megan Harte

    Congrats Zoe 10 million wow that’s more than double of Ireland PS that were I live so happy you are excited abouted it love you so much PS if you ever go to Dublin plz go to tallaght that’s were I live well in killanarden love you so much 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Megan Harte

    PS this is me😂❤️

  • Jade Montana

    CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve this so much and believe it or not I have been watching from the very first 60 things in the bedroom. I am now 12 years old. I think you have bee on YouTube for 6 or 7 maybe 8 years which means I was 5 when I first watched your video’s and I have not missed a single one. I love you so much, you have helped me with my little bit of anxiety my xfear of dogs! I don’t know how I would have gone through life without you. I have even created my own blog! Autumn girl inspired by your book. I really hope you don’t think i’m stalking you! I’m not! I can’t believe you could actually be reading this!! Please know we, as your subscribers, will always be there for you and I hope you will always know that. As always I will continue reading your blogs, watching your video’s and supporting you every step of the way xxx – Jade

  • Tanya Becker

    I am so proud of you Zoe! I’ve been watching you since you’ve had about 400.000 and now you have ten million! You gave me so much – from the smiles every day from your videos and posts, to you having a huge influence on me and helping me to improve my English (I’m from Russia). I really hope you are happy not with the number of subscribers, but with your caring and grateful fans, which i am a part of. Always by your side, no matter what happens – Tanya

  • Johanna and Aria

    OMG! I’ve been a follower ever since your “About Me” video in 2012. I hope you never stop making videos, they always brighten my day.




  • Miranda

    Well done. You’re awesome! I 💗your videos and smile every time I watch them even if I’ve seen them before because it’s nice to revisit your amazing story!☺ Keep going with your head held high, Zoe. Love you!😁

  • anna southworth

    Omg well done for 10 million subscribers!!! Its AMAZING and totally realistic that that many people would love you. ❤

  • Clarey⚡️

    well done Zoe! here’s to another 10 million! (what a daunting thought!)

    Clarey xx


  • Heather Grant

    Congratulations Zoe, I remember stumbling across your channel in my early teens and now I’m in my last year of being a teenager. I have always loved the videos you do and so happy of how far you’ve come. You deserve this so much!!

  • GirlOnline

    Congrats on 10 million! You deserve it!!!!!! I love your channels and blog so much, i look up to u xx

  • Julie S

    10 mil.. that’s crazy like I don’t even understand that number!!! congrats :)


  • Katypoet

    Congratulations Zoe!
    I love reading your blog and watching your videos.
    I’ve finally started writing my blog in January and I really enjoy it. If you’d like to have a quick look that would be great! http://katypoet.peppertech.co.uk

  • Always Jules

    Congratulations, Zoe! I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve achieved so far. I’m part of your 10 mil fam and I will continue as one of your very fortunate followers who is blessed with your beautiful presence. I cannot wait to see what is instored for the future. Keep doing you, Zo! Lots of love xx

  • Kylee DeCarlo

    Congrats Zoe, i have been watching your videos for a little over a year now. Your the reason i smile, just like how we make you smile. When i see feel my butt buzz at school and (secretly) check it and see you have uploaded a new video, i get really excited. Even if that means zoning out on that days math lesson.BTW just finished Girl Online and it was SO good!! xox -Kylee

  • Gemma Sherman

    I am so proud of you Zoë!!! I’ve been watching the subscribers go up since about 9 million and 2😂 I love you so much as I would be one of those teenage girls who you’ve helped through a hard time. It is one of my biggest dreams to meet you in person- not kidding. I struggle with anxiety and your videos help keep me centered. You always go on and on about how much you thank us but I want to thank YOU! It seems crazy, but your videos have changed me as a person for the better. I couldn’t live without them.

    • Be_who_you_are_xx

      Yes I agree! Thank YOU Zoe! Xx

  • Dea

    Zoe! Congratulation I am happy for you, you inspired me to begin my youtube channel and I really love your videos because you’re genuinely funny and welcome person

    See my blog? http://www.kakakdea.blogspot.co.id 😊💕

    • Be_who_you_are_xx

      What is you’re channel called? I’d love to check it out

      • Dea

        my channel called dea anin with green photo profile wearing hijab 😁 or you can find my channel on my blog i posted at http://www.kakakdea.blogspot.co.id

        My videos r not about makeup actually but its about having fun so people can enjoy while watching it ..

        Im not sure if my youtube channel is gonna as fun as i expected lol

        hope u likes it once u find my youtube channel 😄

  • Be_who_you_are_xx

    I love your videos so much, but, I can’t get a YouTube account (not allowed because of age and all that) and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to subscribe to you Zoe but I just can’t and that really makes me upset that I’m too young to do it 😭😭😭😭😭😭. But Zoe I do love you and your videos and blog even if I can’t subscribe please remember that you have an extra subscriber, ME! I love you Zoe and I’m not the only one xx

  • Lucia

    Zoë you are amazing. You have made me smiled when I was sad, and made me feel like a $1000000 when I felt like nobody care. You are the light of my day sometimes.
    You make me feel happy, all through a camera.
    Congratulations on 10000000! You deserve it xxxxxxxx


  • Imaan Shamsi

    CONGRATS! you go girl! You’re so special and you really deserve this <3
    Imaan xoxo

  • Katie Fabricius

    OMG congratulations Zoe I love reading all of your blog posts, watching your main channel videos and second channel videos. You are such an inspiration to me whenever something is on my mind you will always help me through it just watching your videos will always put a smile on my face keep doing what your doing Love Katie (Perth, Australia 11 years old)

  • Tania Pryer

    Congrats on the milestone Zoe :) Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

  • Erin Louise

    Congratulations Zoe! You work so hard and truly deserve the success that comes your way!
    All of the love, Erin xx


  • Zoellafan100

    Omg Zoe your so successful I knew you would hit 10 million! Next it will probably be 20 million😂. You are such a good Youtuber that you will get many more subs throughout the years. You are gorgeous and I hope you continue you tubing no matter what or how people judge you💜. Remember that hater will hate but you have many many many fans to support you so keep people’s bad judgement out the way because you have many people who love you. Zoe you have only a small amount of heaters and loads of fans and will continue to love you no matter what. I am your biggest fan of all times. Btw can you make a new girl online book because I love your other 2 ones and especially girl online on tour💕💕 Love you lots Zoe from ZoellaFan100

  • Molzypan xx

    Well Done Zoe!!! Such an amazing accomplishment and you should be a very proud owner of your YouTube channel xx Love watching your videos, especially your vlogs and collabs, as they always seem to cheer me up no matter what the video is about. Keep on looking forward and loving your subscribers and followers always xx

  • Emsi Rose

    Congratulations Zoe! I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving xo

  • Natty

    Beautful words :). Congratulations!!! ♥

  • bubble

    You have the sweetest blog ever!

  • Mia

    Congrats on 10 million subscribers! I have been watching your videos for almost 3 years now and i have been reading your blogs for almost 2 years now and I love you so much. I am only 12 years old but you have made me think that no matter what age you are you can achieve something big and amazing. I hope that one day I will be able to meet you! I Love you so much! Thank you for being there when I need a hand to hold!

  • simona

    xxx from Rome

  • Khwaiish

    I read this all over again today and it left a smile on my face, again.

  • Neha Gohil

    Congratulations Zoe!

  • Katie

    Omg zoe congratulations🎉🎉 you deserve 10 million subscribers❤ i love your videos so much so please never stop doing them xx

  • LOVE YOU ZOË! CONGRATULATIONS! You really deserve it, I even decided to make an instagram and twitter fan page (both @bestiezoella ) xxx

  • Anonymous Person

    Congrats Zoë, love your youtube channel! (And your blog;))

    Please check out my blog, if anyone want to http://joonline.weebly.com

  • It just proves that being yourself is the key to success! Congrats !


  • shona

    so proud of you zoe !!!

  • Holly

    Congrats so proud to be one of those 10ml!!!!!!

  • Megan Clarke

    Congrats you deserve it!


  • congrats x you deserve it Zoe! :)

  • she deserves all of this and so much more! congrats Zoe x

  • Zozeebo lover 128

    Congrats zoe you deserve this more than anyone! I have been watching you since 2012 and have always loved your channel! To be honest I think you are the best youtube blogger and blogger of 2016 already and its barely started! Your videos have always cheered me up and De stressed me and for that I am truly grateful! Have a great day!

  • Congratulations!! Such a massive achievement!! Well done!!


  • Ruby Abbott
  • Jordyn Ross

    Congratulations Zoe!! You were one of my inspirations to start my own blog. I am so happy for you!!
    http://missashleeblogs.weebly.com/ – If anyone wants to check it out:)

  • Michaela Keen

    Such an amazing achievement , well done zoe ❤️

  • Kinsey

    I love you zoella and congratulations on getting 10 million subscribers xx

  • Anaya

    I am so proud of you Zoe! Congratulations ❤️❤️ Love you a lot.
    Please check out my blog as well, would mean a lot to me.

  • Bavi Sri


  • Bavi Sri

    if anyone wants to check out my blog on blogger called Lifeless Blog

  • xoiiee h

    Congratulations on the 10 million followers! You totally deserve all of them!
    I love your posts so keep them up!


  • Serena Lee

    Zoe you deserve every single subscriber you have! We all love you all the world xx onwards and upwards it is!

  • Sophie Snowdenxx


  • Heather Mc Gowan

    Congratulations Zoe! You are one of the main inspirations to get my blog up and running after I was addicted to your Vlogmas, getting to know you. I have celebrated a much much smaller number of visitors on my new blog today- a small achievement but and achievement all the same. I love your videos and the way you present yourself, you look like you are having the time of your life, well good for you! Keep inspiring and making a difference by being you :) xx


  • Thea C

    I saw Alfie’s video that you reached 10 million! Congrats! I hope that one day I can have success in my small blog too!

  • the unempoyed alpaca

    congadualtions on 10 million zoe! you 100% deserve it!

  • Ash1770

    So proud Zoe, Ur such an inspiration to me and u are so kind. Ash1770

  • Matthew LeBroke

    Congrats on 10 million!! that’s so crazy, very well deserved :)


  • SimplyKatie

    Hi Zoe, I’m 12 and I love all your videos and I have been watching you since I was 7 and you inspire me soooooooooooo much! I have never been to a book signing or a meet up but everyday I sit down and watch your videos! love youuuuuuu xxxx

  • Stasy Kendel

    Made me cry a little… Congratulations Zoe! You’re doing such a great work by inspiring and helping others just by being who you are. I’m proud of you and so thankful to you for everything you do for us ♥ Keep your amazing work ♥

  • Congratulations!! x

  • Congratulations for hitting 10 million subscribers Zoe! I’ve been following you for almost 3 years now and you are such an inspiration to me! Carry on doing what you love, cause it makes million of people happier! :) So thanks you so much, hope One day I will have the courage to start my own YouTube channel! xxx
    Giulia http://www.giulihelen.blogspot.it

  • Lucy Davies

    I love you so much zoe!!
    I turn 12 soon and am really excited!
    Your monthly favourites videos are really good. I want my hair like yours its beautiful! Zoe you are one of the nicest people ever! Tell alfie i said hes amazing! You are so funny, beautiful and smart and are my absoulute idol! I sent you a letter with 2 needle felted guinea pigs i made! I hope you liked them! I love you zoe!!!!!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxx xx xxx lucy

  • Leja

    Well done Zoe for 10 million!!!!!!!!! your videos are the best!!♥ Thats why your my Idol :)

  • JamieeRose

    *shaking off feels*

    Loved you from the beginning. And every time you hit a milestone I celebrate for you. “That’s my girl!” 🙃

  • kenzie

    im so proud of you. i have watched your videos from the very beginning and you keep on going up hill. every hill has a peak and a point of which you can’t go any further but the hill that your heading up will never end, it is a never ending ” zoella ” hill that will keep on going as long as you keep going. i am so incredibly proud of you and people who upload videos 3 or even 4 times a week are committed but their videos are just not as interesting, well edited and most important, none of them feature my role model, YOU. Congrats Zoe I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND KEEP ON GOING! Your hill will go as far as you need and want it to go. xxxx

  • Anoushay Dar

    Congrats Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love reading your blog .You are an inspiration to me, I decided my self to write a blog too. Lysm. Anoushay
    Check out my blog at: http://www.itsannonymous.simplesite.com :]

  • Well done! You deserve every single like, view and subscriber! I’m always so proud when I see #teaminternet reach big achievements! It’s bizarre teaching and having children say “When I grow up I want to be a youtuber/blogger!”

    – A Twenty Something


  • Me

    Must be a pretty special feeling having 10+ million people following you :) Congratulations and I wish you even more success.

    Meme x


  • Mollie Wright

    Congratulations on 10 million zoë!
    Your videos are the best and I can’t stop watching them. Please never stop because I don’t know what I would do!
    Love you so much xxx you are a great inspirationto me and many others xx

    From mollie wright age 12

  • Aww that was such a lovely post! Congrats on 10 million.. such a massive achievement! xx

    Ciara Rose | http://www.ciara-rose.com

  • Congratulations zoe cant believe you’ve made it to 10 million I remember watching your video before you even hit one million and its so weird thinking how much you have achieved since then :)

  • Rosie

    CONGRATULATIONS ZOE!!! Been watching you for abour 4 years now and I am so extremely proud to say I am subscribed to you!!xoxoxoxo

  • Lolli

    Congrats Zoe

  • Girl Online

    Hi Zoe, I love you so much and i’m soo proud of you for reaching 10 milllion subs. xxx

  • Xenia

    Congrats, you definitely deserve it! Loots of love!


  • Autumn girl

    Congrats on hitting 10 mil as soon as I found out I congratulated you on Instagram and I wanted to say I look up to you your my fav youtuber

  • ZoellaFan 1

    congrats zoe keep it up

  • Secret

    does any one know what website zoe created her blog of??

  • I still remember the day I hit subscribe on her channel
    This was 3 and a half years ago before my friends were like who and know they also talk about you I love to find new talent that is how I found you. I wish one day it will happen to me xxxxx
    Congrats Zoe and I will hope you get to 20 million one day 😊❤️

  • Congratulations!! I remember years ago when I was watching your videos and reading your blog posts, you deserve all these followers you work so hard and I love everything you produce. Xxx

  • Congratulations Zoe, such an amazing achievement! You seriously inspire so many people, I hope we can continue watching you for many more years to come!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • A massive Congrat for hitting 10 million subscribers!! It’s such an amazing achievement, and I am proud to be part of this journey and to see you grow! I can’t wait to see what the future will bring you and us, your viewers! But whatever it is, you can be sure that we’ll always be here to support you!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  • Tina Dris

    Big congratulations on your 10 millions subscribers zoe you truly deserve everything..Love you so much *hugss*

  • That’s amazing Zoe! congratulations you deserve it! !

  • Evie Lively

    10 MILLION! Oh. My. God! congratulations!!!! -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x (ten ‘x’s for 10 million ^_^)

  • Camille

    I can’t express how proud iam and I love you so so much. You can always put a smile on my face with your video’s and your blog when I have a down day. I will always be there for you but I know you don’t really know me haha but still. I love you and Iam so proud of you keep doing the things that make you happy Zoe!! xxxxx Camille

  • Ruby Abbott

    NEW BLOG, I’D REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF PEOPLE CHECKED IT OUT, thank you. Went all capitals haha x

  • sammie web

    I love you Zoe! Xx I have been watching for 3 years now and not one video is bad, always fun and exciting!!! I feel so old I started watching at the age of eight! Congrats x You always work hard, you deserve it! Xx

  • Chloe Cooper

    Congratulations Zoe! You deserve this very much! x

  • Ellie

    Congratulations! You deserve everyone of them! You’re such a big inspiration to many people in this big little world. You’re beautiful inside out! https://lifestylebyeblog.wordpress.com

  • Truly J

    Congratulations on hitting 10 million Zoe!

    New fashion, travel and beauty blog: trulyj.com <3 If you like Zoella, you'll like this.

    Please take some time to check it out!

  • Dina Anna Janashyia

    I’m so proud of you!!

  • Mitchie Elle

    Awww.. I’m one of those who’s been a follower since schooe.blogspot.com until there’s Zoella :) So happy seeing you’ve gone this far, you’re such an inspiration. Your blog is one of my inspo in making my own. Thank you for giving us an inspiration, thank you for being you, Zoe! God bless you! xoxo

  • Kimberly Challis

    I honestly feel like such a proud Mother right now! From Girl Online, your beauty range and now to 10 Million Subs on Youtube, it’s insane! I’ve been watching your videos for 3 years now and you mean so much to me <3 Luv ya lots xxxxx

  • Zoella, sincere congratulations, this milestone is an incredible achievement! You’re an inspiration to our blogging platform, too! We specialize in bags and accessories, exploring talented designer bags from across the globe. If you’d be interested to become one of our next interviewees, we’d be keen to host your Q&A within our Interview section exploring topics like: Best bags to wear: to a Party, to the Office, attending classes at Uni, etc. Your valuable ideas would be most welcome, happy to send over the list of top 5 questions! Many thanks,

    @Bagstowear team

  • Lucy

    Congrats zoella on 10m

  • Ju’

    You so much deserve all that happiness Zoë! All around the world people are watching you and loving you, and that is because you are naturally awesome. I suppose this is what makes you unique (and gorgeous), the fact that all you’re doing is making things the way you like, but so many people are enjoying these things :3 Anyway congrats, and love :* xx

  • Petra Moss

    Congratulations on hitting 10 million, you completely and utterly deserve it. It has been amazing to watch you grow on your channel and you have been an inspiration to me and many others throughout the world and always put a smile on my face, keep doing what your doing and pretty soon we’ll be celebration 20 million with you.
    Love Petra Xoxo

  • Abra Cadabra

    OMGGG I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Congrats on getting 10 million subs. You truly deserve them. I love you and I love your way of making videos.
    Thank you for inspiring me every day :)

    Check my blog here …)

  • Rumanna

    Congratz Zoe you so deserve this for the amazing content and support you have been giving us I can’t wait to read your 20,000,000 subscribers blog post :)<3<3<3<3

  • Wow! Congrats!!
    Abbie E.

  • Emma

    Congrats Zoe!!!!!!!!

  • katie

    Congratulations from one blogger to another. An impressive achievement and really well deserved. Well done :)
    Katie | http://www.bookabie.co.uk

  • Arina

    Hello, Zoe! I just want to say that you are amazing. I’m very proud of you. I’m from Russia and you help me to learn English. It’s difficult to watch your videos when you can’t speak English fluently but i’m trying. I always read your blog. You’re one of the most important people in my life. I found you a year ago and love you so much. Thank you a lot. You make me happy. I hope you read it. You are very lucky person. Thank you for everything. I love u!
    Congratulations on 10 million!

  • Arina

    Hello, Zoe! I just want to say that you are amazing. I’m very proud of you. I’m from Russia and you help me to learn English. It’s difficult to watch your videos when you can’t speak English fluently but i’m trying. I always read your blog. You’re one of the most important people in my life. I found you a year ago and love you so much. Thank you a lot. You make me happy. I hope you read it. You are very lucky person. Thank you for everything. I love u!

    Congratulations on 10 million!

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    Well done! I love the dungarees too!

    caraswardrobe.blogspot.com xx

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    Congratulations! It’s so lovely to see how to continue to use your reach to spread happiness and awareness about anxiety. Can’t wait to see you hit 20 million one day ;)


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    I’m *hugging* you but I’m also crying, so sorry if i get tears on your shirt haha. You really are amazing, and I am so happy for you. <3

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    Ahh this is amazing!!! 10,000,000 is such a huge number, congrats!!

    • chloe !!!


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    big congratulations, it’s a crazy achievement and it really is something to be immensely proud of, no matter how many times people might tell you that! here’s to the next few million! x


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    Sooooo happy for you Zoe,you’ve come so far!We supporters all over the world will always support you!

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    congratulation Zoe one the milestone cant wait till you hit the next one
    and no about u but congratulation to Joe on hitting 6 million subs
    lots of love paige campbell

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    Congrats on 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS ZOE, i love watching your videos and reading your blog posts you make me happy and give me something to smile about each day. You are a big inspiration to me and to others! Very proud of you and would love to meet you one day! xxx

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    Congratulations Zoe!!!!

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    I know I’m a little late reading this -I went internet free for a week. But I wish you the BIGGEST CONGRATULATIONS!!! I subscribed about august last year to your channels and haven’t missed a video since! You are such an amazing person zoe and you deserve it!!
    Much love Skye <3


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    CONGRATSSSS!!!!! That is so friggen exciting!

  • Congrats Zoe! It’s incredible that so many people have subscribed to you and you really deserve it!

    Jemima x

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    You go girl ! Your worth every single subscriber and more.
    Natalie xx

    It’s honestly so weird to think that I can remember when I was sat here watching you announce that you had 1 million subscribers…. now you have 10 times that!
    You really deserve this and I wish you all the best for the future as well!
    Aleeha xXx

  • I love the white and pink of these photos. Perfect lip colour match with the pink balloons. Congratulations Zoe! x

    f a y e

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    Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (Zoella) ; Awwwn !! You are perfect : you are stylish and so gorgeous ; funny and cute; you got best family ; awesome hair ; best height and weight ; You also have Alfie ; Louise and Darcy ; Tyler ; Marcus ; Caspar ; Tanya and Jim ; Anna and Jonathan and all great people around you ( also Nala and the guinea pigs “Percy & Peppen”) ; You inspire us sooo much !!! You are the best person i had ever seen in my life !! Congrats for 10millions subscribers ; you really deserve them !! Thank you for the hard work you’ve done !! I LOVE YOU !! :’)) !! I am a huge mega super fan !!

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    Hey everyone! It would be awesome if you could check out my blog – elliexblog.wordpress.com – ps WELL DONE ZOE🎉

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    OMG Well done, I’m so proud of you, whenever I’m having a bad day, like today, I’ll either read your posts or watch a video and it does make me feel better, honestly I’m only 11 but I still have a hard time in school and life is crazy at the moment so at night it’s nice to log on and read a post of yours or else a video, your a life saver Zoe. SM <3

  • ThisIsSveinn

    Hey Zoe, I just want to say, thank you! You’ve helped me through difficult times, you’ve saved my life, and taught me a kids lesson, you showed me beauty, and this message, is coming from a 14 year old, bisexual boy, thank you for showing me, that a man, like me, can as beautiful as, you, congratulations on 10 million, I wish you all the best, and have a good life, Sveinn Trausti (my name) out! <3 <3 <3

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    well done Zoe 10,000,00 love your you tube channel

  • CONGRATS! Really amazing!

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    does any one know what website zoe used to create this blog


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    Congratulations Zoe! x

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    Congratulations Zoe !! You 100% deserve all 10 million of the subscribers you have :) You’re able to make so many people smile by just talking to us through the internet and that is amazing ! I love you and your video’s so much and I’m so proud of you ! I got a little emotional at the end of this post haha

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    Congrats on hitting 10 million!!!! I’ve only been watching your videos for 9 months now and you are such an inspiration to me!!!! I love your videos and blog posts so much!!!! Lots of love!!! Xxx

  • Congrats on 10 million subscribers Zoe! You absolutely deserve every single one of them, and more. I love your videos so much, they are always so funny yet relaxing to watch :) Can’t wait to see what videos or posts you make next!


  • Congrats Zoe !! Fabulous news. Been waiting since about 9,763,429 for a blog post / video on this ! Always knew you could make it. XxX Love from Lucxxz (Lucy)

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    well dun Zoe i love you videos and thanks to your advice i have been able to get over my fears plus try out new things even as small as a new hiar style xxx

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    congrats on the big 10million subscribers Zoe!! i can’t list anyone that deserves it more than you. you’ve inspired so many people (including me) to do they thing they love! congrats again Zoe, keep climbing the subscribed ladder! lots of love from a little Perth, Australian girl xx ps high school was great I’ve met heaps of new and great people because of you x

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    your my complete roll model in everything i do

  • ginaS

    you inspire me to do so much with my life that I would have never done before.
    I started watching your videos in 2010 and i have never missed video since
    congrats on 10 million



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    CONGRATULATION ON 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!! I love reading your blogs as well as watching your videos i can’t believe when i started to watch you, you only had 3 million. You’ve inspired me to write my own blog http://www.hellochappes.blogspot.co.uk

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    Congratulations! I’ve been watching Zoella for 2 years next week. I’m so happy and grateful to be apart of this amazing community. I am so proud of you Zoe!!! -Amy

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    Zoe I love you❤congrats for 10 million subscribers. And I belive you. If you want you can do everything.


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    Lots of love,



  • Congrats!!!! Carry on doing what you do, and you’ll go further than you can imagine!
    Isabelle x

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    Congrats on reaching 10 milllion! You deserve all of us. I love your blog, YouTube channel, and vlog channel. They bring so much joy into my life. Hope to see more in the future :)

    xo girl C

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    Congratulations Zoe!! You deserve it! :)


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    Wow, those stories of all the different people you’ve run into are so sweet! :)

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    Congratulations on hitting 10 MILLION!!!
    Feels like yesterday when I started watching your videos! Even though its been nearly 6 years! I cant wait to carry on watching and see you succeed further and further in the future! Lots of love, Mackenzie xxx

  • Congrats on 10 million subscribers, you deserve it !! Well done ! Can’t wait to see you having 11 million and more subscribers! I can’t remember the first time I watched your videos, but I totally fell in love with it. Thanks for sharing your experiences and more, you definitely help some people and inspire others! Congrats again! :) xx

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    Congratulations! you deserve it i`ve been really enjoying watching your channel grow since 1 million,Its all happened so quick.Whe ever i feel down I can always rely on you to put a smile on my face.

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    Congrats Zoe!!!!! You inspired me !!! Love you <3

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    You’ve hit 10,000,000! So pleased for you, your such an inspirational, positive, bubbly person. I can’t thank you enough.
    Gracie X

  • love girl online on tour

    i love girl onine on tour its amazing and congrats on makeing 10,000,000 subbies I AM ONE OF THEM

  • Zoe French

    OMG WELL DONE ZOE, IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. The amount of work you have done on your channel, you deserve it because your pretty, funny, amazing, interesting and a big hit. nearly my whole school knows you and there is a lot of people in it. I LOVE YOU ZOE, from the first time I saw you on youtube I watched 1 video of yours and I instantly subscribed. LOVE YOU ZOE :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3 XXX

  • So incredibly proud of you Zoe!! You’ve worked so hard and so deserve it! Congratulations!

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    OML i luv u zoe! and Nala ovs!

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  • Congrats on 10 million subscribers, Zoe!~

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    I’m so proud of you. Congrats on hitting 10 Million Subs. I haven’t been watching you for long. I’ve been watching you for a year. But I’m so glad I found you on youtube. Keep up the amazing and hard work.

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    Congratulations zoë or zoella as your mostly knonw i cant believe that you have hit 10 million subscribers but you are amazing so im not surprised. I love you do much ! Keep up the good work!! ❤😃

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    OMG Z00ella, your blog inspired me to create the UK’s best discount finder website, called Everyday is Black Friday, just do a Google search and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Keep up the good work, in the mean time I’m scanning Argos, Dorothy Perkins, John Lewis and many more, to find the deals for you :)

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    You should be so proud of yourself! Your amazing xx

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    I love you so much Zoe, Well done you deserve it, your videos put a smile on my face everyday even when I feel the saddest. ❤️❤️ Xx

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    Hi Zoe x I’m so so so happy for u , I have been watching since the start 😘 and u are such an inspiration to me , and I think u are so beautiful and friendly , I would loooovveee to meet u 😘💞
    -Kay x

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    A massive congratulations on 10 million subscribers!! I love watching your videos every weekend and sitting down to read your blog posts is one of my favourite things to do. Again congratulations and you deserve every single subscriber! xx

  • You deserve it girl! I love your videos since 2014 and you inspire me a lot! ^^ I have been writing a blog and making videos for youtube after gaining some courage by watching you and how you make things look so simple. :)
    Lots of love,

    My blog (if you want to take a sneak peek): http://artimesophia.blogspot.pt/

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    Congratulations Zoe! You deserve this so much. I love seeing all your vidios and rading your blog posts. You have inspired and helped me so much.You bring me so much happiness, you can always bring a smile to my face. Happy Blogging Zoe! xxx

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    Im so happy that im included as one of those amazing subscribers Congratulations Zoe for hitting 10 million subs !! XXX We all love you !! Xx

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    omg I honestly couldn’t be more proud of this gurl – although I’m a lil’ late, I couldn’t be happier and just wanted to say I luv you so much Zoe.

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    I still remember the first time I watched your videos and till this day nothing has changed, I still get excited when I watch them, because of this I decided to start my own blog. I was so inspired to share all my loves and my experiences. I just wanted to say thank you. Knowing or unknowing you helped me find my passion in life!

    so much love, Najima

    duskavenue.com xx

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    HI Zoe! (sorry this is a little late) Congratulations on 10 Million SUBSCRIBERS (or in my eyes 10 million Zoellas) I have been watching you since I was 9 years old and I am now 13 that’s along time for 4 years!?! I remember the first video I watch it was Chummy Chatter with Louise I loved that because at the time I was going through hard things and still I am. People say that It’s my face when I run (yes I am a sprinter door a running team) and people used to make fun of it you got me through this. I got through it by using my DETERMINATION to go ahead in life. I have kinda got nearly everything merchandise like your books and Zoella beauty. I hope life comes greatly for you Zoe and will carry on a succeed bigger because I have alwayed believed in you.

    From one of your dearest fans Ellie Mae Staniforth

  • Charlotte Butler

    Congratulations Zoe! I’m so proud of you and I know I’m only 13 but I love watching your videos and I want to be just like you when I’m older. When I’m 16 I’m going to start a YouTube channel and whether or not I will be as successful as you or not I will always continue to watch your videos for inspiration and advice. I love you Zoe!

  • Soraya Jonasz

    Congratulations on hitting 10MILLION subcribers!! I really don’t know why u are so surprised zoë because you deserve all of this for your hard work you put in vidoes, vlogs and blogs. I love reading and watching all of the them. I remember when one day me and my friend were watching your videos and at the end of the video I said ” I want to be a youtuber like Zoella!” And now I’m a youtuber with over 200 subcribers! All of this I thank you for. 😘😘

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    Omg I’m crying reading this!! I’m sooooo happy for you zöe♡ ily

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    Thinking I am helping you,brings a smile onto my face.

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    CONGRATULATIONS ZOE! You deserve all of this and I’m so proud of you! I’m happy to see that your channel has grow stronger and stronger. You have no idea that your videos had inspired a lot of viewers! Love you deep deep <3

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    I totally didn’t start crying when I read this……..I love Zoe so much and I know that she’s always there for me. x

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    I just love the photography on here, so beautiful! I am saving up to get new lenses for my camera! Congratulations on 10 million, girlll!


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    Congrats Zoe!!! You deserve it!! :))

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    Hey zoe! You legit are the reason i smile! You have no idea each time Alfie puts up a video or you put up a video on both channels i sit there and watch them and they make my entire month. Sometimes they can make my entire year, I read your first book and it was flawless and the second book im currently reading. BUT regardless it’s sounding amazing! Your the reason i am the person i am today. I try to stay positive, and keep smiling because in one of your videos you had a melt down and you say im so sorry and such. And i think to my self. If she was here and talking to me like she is how she is in the video. I would probably hug you and say keep smile gorgeous because you are worth everything! Also im getting a tattoo of a saying you said. About saying yes to things. (lol) I just wanted to say all of this because yes i am a fan. But also i am a loving and caring person as well. You bring a thousand and more smiles on each persons face each day. Just think about that! You are truly amazing Zoella! Im very proud of you for making it up to 10 million subscribers! Which is amazing!!! Always keep smiling! <3

  • Congratulations this is amazing! I have been subscribed for so long!

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    OMG!!!! Congrats on 10 million subscribers! You are such an AMAZING person Zoe!!! You deserve these 10 million more that anyone else! I have been watching your channel for about 2 years now and always love it! Your personality and the way you light up in your videos makes me feel so happy!! Keep going no matter what!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Congratulations Zoe!! Any bloggers want to support each other?? My blogs are on the struggles of life. crookedweave.blogspot.com.wu

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    How do you do it? I’ve jsut started a channel and it seems so hard to get views. I’m a Britich medica student who loves make up and fashion. Would love if you checked out my latest video and gave me tips ( I know that’s a long shot) But yes, congratilations – so proud of you! Hope I can be successful too someday xxx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C-COXKv5rk :)

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    I’ve loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx


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    This is so nice Zoe!!! It’s funny that I read ur second book and now I’m reading ur first!!! I’m 11 and I live in Wales but I don’t have a welsh accent so yeah…. Please can u try and do a meet and greet in Wales because they are always in England and England is like 5 hours away. I know 5 hours!!!!! Maybe like Cardiff(South Wales) Oh yeah and congrats on reaching TEN MILLION!!!!! I know that it means so much to u!
    Please reply back
    Sienna x

  • Xanthe Housego

    Love you! you are amazing and have always felt in some way like a friend to me and many others,keep what you are doing because we couldn’t be more thankful!

  • Congrats Zoe! I love your blog and channel so much, you deserve every one of those subscribers! I always love watching your videos, and the ones where you’ve spoken about anxiety make me feel so much better about everything.
    So much love,
    Ella xx


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    Well done! We are all proud of you over at http://www.thefuss.co.uk! Keep it up and here’s to another 1m! :D

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    Its a bit late but I wanted to say that you deserve every subscribers you get!!!!! I love watching your YouTube videos and reading your blog posted. Also congrats on hitting over 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBES??? WOOP WOOP<3

    Lots of love Melissa xxxxxx

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    CONGRATUALTIONS! I’m sooo happy for you Zoe! I always watch your videos when I’m feeling down, and I can’t help but click off the video in a better mood. Thank you for helping through tough times and making me feel inspired. You can count on me to be one of your 10 million as long as your channel exists ;)

  • Emily Azz

    Love you Zoella!!! Take a peek at my fashion article for The Tab Vanderbilt. http://thetab.com/us/vanderbilt/2016/02/29/vandys-fashionable-freshmen-charlie-hackemer-1888

  • Leah

    Congarts on 10 million subscribers! This is isane! You’re such a big inspiration! Whenever I feel upset or stressed, I watch one of your old videos, especially old Vlogs or read through some of your blog post and it always makes me feel better :)
    Even if I don’t know you in person, it feels like you’re one of my closest friends.

    Greetings from Germany xxx

  • Georgina Brown

    Yay! so excited for you Zoe! I just created my own blog, feel free to have a wee looksy :) https://ginasthoughtsblog.wordpress.com/

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    Well done!! You totally deserve it. You are an amazing role model and, honestly, the prettiest person EVER.

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    CONGRATULATIONS ZOE! You deserve every single subscriber and I’m so proud. Thank you for always being so relatable and inspirational, helping me to build my own blog!
    Loving you, your blogs and vlogs always!

    My Blog: https://starsforeyesblog.wordpress.com/

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    I Know This Is SUPER Late, Well It is Never To Late To Say CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG 10,000,000 GOD IT THAT NUMBER IS BIGGER THAN MY FUTURE !!!!!!! coming from the beginning At Being Here From Now OMGGGGGG You never fail to make me smile LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much :) !

  • Lotte Wright

    Hi zoe,
    Congratulations on your MASSIVE achievment, i’m so proud of you (even though i’ve never met you…)! I’m glad that i contributed to your world in 2013 because i love it so much!!!!
    You deserve this so much more than you think and i hope that you keep on posting videos and blog posts because there are now 10 million people who love them out there,
    Love you so much,

  • Martina L. Lindberg

    Congratulations Zoe! You are so, so worth it. :) Aah, I’m so happy for you! With love from Sweden! <3 xx


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    New fashion beauty and travel website: trulyj.com 🌸🌸

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    It’s so amazing what you’ve done!! I love your blog and youtube channels so much, feel like your my friend whilst I’m watching! Been looking through all your old blog posts recently too! :)

    Daisy x

  • Oksana237

    Zoe, you’re such an amazing person, you can make everyone’s day. You are like the sun that shines all the time and makes us smile even if it’s not sunny outside.
    Thank you so much and congratulations on 10 million. Hello from Russia😚

  • Lucie Bee

    you are amazing even your book is helping me, keep going the way you are and im sure you will have as many subscribers as you want x
    lucie x

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    Yay congratulation Zoe you deserve it . I am so happy that you have hit this great achievement
    Love you xx Lani

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    OMG CONGRATS!!! I love your videos and u deserve it!! 💕💕🌺🌺

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    I absolutely love you Zoe I’m so glad you have got 10 million! It’s crazy to think I’m one of the people that helped you get there, you really inspire me and help me through hard times. Thank you so much! xx

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    Congratulations on hitting 10 million subscribers Zoe! That’s an amazing achievement and not everyone get’s to wake up with 10 Million Sub’s. Well done Zoe and keep up the good work!


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    Congratulations Zoe!! 🎉🎉

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    Omg !!! 10.000.000 subscribers! ! Check out my newfan acount @zoooooella at instagram ! I want to read everything at your blog for now !!

  • Congrats!!! Love your blog Zoe. If anyone wants to check out my blog, I would love it.
    Thanks so much. Xx

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    10 MILLION?! Not surprised! 💕

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    omg well done you deserve it so much then the other youtubes (accept the best ones) aka you!!!! :)))

  • Taryn Bashford

    Congrats Zoella. Thanks for being a great role model and for showing people that despite your fears in the beginning, you did it anyway.

  • Emily

    Love u Zoe!u Make me smile every time!! 😘😀

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  • lilimae

    I love your videos,blogs and books so so so much Zoella and I am over the moon for you and your success! 10 MILLION subscribers is amazing and you totally deserve this!! You are the most funniest, positive, happiest, prettiest and kindest person ever and I’m so glad that you have achieved something as unimaginable as this! :D

  • ZalfieGirl

    I’ve watched u since the beginning and your still going strong. I am so so so happy that you hit 10 million and this journey has been incredible for u I know I love u and I will always love u, nala, pippin and Percy, your videos and Alfie 💕💕

  • Bailey Fraser

    OMG Zoella Congrats on hitting 10 Million Subs from day 1 u have been a inspiration to me from the beauty to life and Im just hitting teenage yrs + I don’t watch u just because im bored I watch u for enjoyment for comfort I Love u Zoe xxx And will always Love u xxxx

  • Emily Clare Beauty

    Emily Clare Beauty: http://www.emilyclarebeauty.wordpress.com

  • Faith

    When is your movie, Girl Online coming out. I saw the trailer and I got sooo excited! Also, will it be coming out in the US?

  • margaux

    Congratulations Zoe!!! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a subscriber since the beginning. To be honest, I don’t even know when I started watching your videos. I think you were at 5 or 6 million. I remember being so surprised to find someone with as many subscribers as you; and I still am. Your videos always make me happy and I’ve never found one that I didn’t like. Everything you do is amazing and you’re such an amazing role model that makes me happy to live in my own skin. Again, congratulations and I lve you!!! xxx

  • pranisha rai

    aww….zoe im sooo happy for you…congrats !! you highly highly deserve it. and i just wanna say that i love you and your videos soo much! love you till infinity.. your soo sweet , pretty and kind. aww and nala is just adorable and naughty sometimes.
    love ya zoe xoxo – pranisha :)

  • Rina Sulit

    So happy for you!!! Can’t believe you hit 10,000,000 subs on Youtube. Your channel has been growing so fast, and honestly you deserve it! You have been killing it with your editing and video content for so long, this has been long overdue! Hope for millions more to come!! ILY <3

  • nancy manson

    Congratulations on 10 Million Zoe! so happy and proud!

  • gaithrislife.blogspot.com

    what an achievement! You deserve it Zoe! I’ve been following you almost since day one! Love from Sweden!

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    love you so much zoe xx

  • Marwa

    You simply deserve it zoe, you’re a person that is so lovable and close to heart even if you just face people with your camera, you need a big THANK YOU here also for making us laugh and enjoy every moment with you, congrats dear god bless you.
    Marwa. <3

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  • Bs Blog

    Well Done Zoe!!!!!!

  • Isabella Turner

    I’ve been with you since 3 million i love you so much you have helped me though my teenage years from age 12 to 16!! xx keep going zoe be yourself you amazing and have so much support from me and all your other subscribers :)

  • Heather

    Congratulations Zoe! You are truly an inspiration of mine!

    Xo Heather


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    go zoe
    ilysm and I’m very proud fan

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    YOU ARE GREATEST YOUTUBER IN ALL HISTORY YOU DESERVED IT!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    So happy for you!! Please check out my blog https://t.co/KaJT3Fbnrp

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    I know this is late but I just started reading your blog and it is amazing. I just thought that I had to say something. I am so proud of you Zoe. I think I started watching your videos when you had 8 million subs. And I subscribed right away. I know you may not see this because this is an old post but you helped me so much with your anxiety and panic attack videos. It was happening to me and I didn’t know what it was and you helped me. And I know what it feels like. So anyways I hope that what everyday you might read this I hope you will have the best day ever. And don’t worry about those people who expect something from you…

  • Hey! I love you so much Zoe, wow i’m late af! Mind checking out my instagram, twitter and snapchat @bestiezoella

  • Alice Morgan ✌🏽️

    You totally deserve it zoe 💜

  • Lia Connolly

    Wow Zoella, I’m sure your feeling like the best person in the world (even though this is late!!) and I’m sure you must have MILLIONS of people saying the EXACT same thing but I just want to let you know even though I’m new to your channel that I love you so much and you really inspire me!!! So thank you for being your AMAZING self and have your AMAZING channel!💖💖💖

  • emilie

    congrats zoe
    lysm xxx

  • Well done, just goes to show what a bit of self belief can do :)

    Charlotte xx

  • So well written, Zoe! Congrats! You were a big inspiration to me in starting my own blog :)

    Jamie | chicagolatte.com

  • Ali

    So happy for you Zoe! You deserve it all! ❤️

  • I just found Zoe about two weeks ago and I’m addicted. You have inspired me in so many ways already, thank you so much girl! Stay as amazing as you are – I really hope I’ll get to meet you one day!

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    Omg congratulations i am soooo happy for you i really love you. I did a presentation about you for my English class and i know you probably won’t read this but i just wanted to tell you how much i love your videos 💝💙

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    well done xx i love you so much xx

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    I know it is a little late but I am so existed to see what comes in the future. You and your brother have helped me a lot when it comes to bad times. The Sugg family is so amazing. I love you much. This made me tear up.

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    i cant believe what the world is doing to zoe it was one photo most people sleep in there undies it is stupid and i hate it

  • Queen Wiki ^-^

    So proud

  • Queen Wiki ^-^


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    Oh my Zoe’s book persuaded me to start my own anonymous blog because i saw how much it helped penny. I know I will never get that many veiws but still. I’m still in the early stages. My first one was rushed and I was ill when I wrote the second one but I wanted to write it because it had been over a week since my last one. I f you want to check it out the website address is oneblog.freeblog.site

    I know no one will want to read it put it feels good putting it out there.

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    congrats! You deserved this so much from all of your hard work which has definitely paid off. I am so happy for you xx

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    and congrats on 10 million sucscribers

  • Such an amazing achievement.Huge congrats!

    Mel x

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    Congrats Zoe. I like all of your videos and I am a strong supporter. I have subscribed to Zoella and MoreZoella and I think you deserve way more subscribers, even though you do have 10, 0000
    BTW, my channel name is ELS2304 ! and it would mean a lot to me if I could get 15 subs by Autumn (hint, hint)
    But well dopne for entertaining and pleasing billions of people each day with your super-awesome quirkiness and great makeup skills
    ELS2304 xxx

  • Abby Ellis

    CONGRATS ZOEEEE oh, and happy belated birthday :) Late as always, I just heard you were back to blogging on the regular and it makes me so happy!! Im also so glad you’ve started vlogging again and although it literally makes my day, please please don’t take it upon yourself to feel the need to please everyone with everything. You’re just as human as the rest of us and I’ll admit I tend to forget that sometimes. Ah well, I’m learning and I probably didn’t even need to say all this anyway. Keep doing you Zoe, everyone loves you for it :D


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    Omg Congrats zoe on 10 MILLION THATS A MASSIVE NUMBER!!!!, I feel so happy for you :D!!!! ~ Kyee

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    I know this happened a while ago, but I really just wanted to send my congrats to you. Honestly, I just started reading your blog, and I think it is absolutely splendid. It is so cool that you have been able to achieve this, and makes me feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside, because truefully I want to experience this as well. I mean, I obviously don’t know if I will ever get to a crazy 10,000,000 subscribers on Youtube, and I never expect it, I only am looking for the fun and to be part of the lovely community you have all created. I just started my own personal blog, and made my very first post today(which I am so crazy happy about personally!). I can’t wait to go on this crazy journey…. even though it probably wont be THAT crazy.

    But what I am trying to say is, it that you should really keep up what your doing, because I know that you have become my greatest role model and can never thank you enough for it. I wish you lots of love for you in the future and the present <3 –Madison Snow

    My Blog—- madisonsnow.co

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    This is amazingg Zoe! You deserve it, 6 years of hardwork! :)


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    Congrats on 10 million subs Zoella!!! I really love your blog!!
    I have a post about Zoella on my own blog.

    Put your blog in the comment and I will go watch it as well :)

  • It has been 3 years since I first found you. I recalled having a bad day and watching your video makes me so much happier. I love about the video of you talking about just say yes and anxiety. You’re closest like a friend of mine but you don’t even know me. Thanks for giving me so many happy moment and it’s bad to see you upset in the past year. We are here for you and be your strength!


  • Shanaya Brown

    Hello Everbody! Inspired by Zoe, I have started a blog, https://heliwordpresscom.wordp

    Do pay a visit some time around :)

    P.S. You do fulfill the purpose Zoe, make us smile always!

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    Hi Zoe so I wanna say congrats on hiting 10 million so far 🎊 ur my inspiration!! Ilysm !!! Ur videos make me so so happy 😊 like I’m in a in another world with u living ur fab life … But lately I’ve been feeling a little bit down and upset about my self … I just feel like everybody is judging me about how I look or what I say … Most of my best friends aren’t my best friends anymore because of this situation as I learnt from girl online , this is normal but still very tough trying to find a new friendship group … As a bigger girl compared to others I just feel like I’m not as confident as I used to be about myself since moving into secondary school … I was hoping u could give me so advice on what to do … I look forward to ur next vid as it is like I’m right there with you laughing and joking … I love u sooo much ❤ xxxxxx


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    Congrats Zoe so happy for you and well done you worked hard for it !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Although this is SO late but I just want to say congratulations. You are an inspiration to a lot of people.

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    Hi Zoella. It really is remarkable that you have achieved such a huge following. Have you ever thought about using your huge influence in other ways? Check out the #fashionrevolution campaign and watch this movie: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3fddci
    There is a very dark side to the fashion industry and with your influence you could really be pivotal in making a difference.
    Sending with love.

  • Aw, this is so sweet. It’s true, you just have to relax and stop checking the stats page on your blog :) if at least one person read it, that’s something. 10 million though, wow.


  • Isabelle

    Congratulations Zoe!!! You deserve it so much and your videos always put a smile on my face. Thank you for all your hard work, it really shows. xxxxx

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    I’m so proud of you! you are such a nice funny and beautiful person! I love what you are doing! I hope you have a great time! Love You xxx

  • Well done Zoe, talent, passion and hard work always prevails. You deserve it all and more x

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    Thank you for all the hard work and love you put into your videos! You definitely deserve 10,000,000+ subscribers! Keep smiling :)

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    Heya, zoe I am stunned at how many subscribers you have it just shows that you are an amazing person who can show many people so much things(including me!) I am new to the channel and I haven’t been watching for long but I feel ever since my eyes caught your blog I have been such a different person and you have helped alot so thank you ever so much xxx And I know I sound like any old fan but I really feel you could make a difference to peoples lives xxxx I am not asking for a shoutout (but who wouldn’t want one Haha) x I love your blogs and I hope you will never stop videoing and blogging xxxx

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    Well done you were the first ever YouTube video I watched😱😂😍 could you please follow my Instagram lol_quig ❤️

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    Congrats on 10 mill Zoe. Your youtube channel is amazing and your blogs are the best! I’ve been with you since the start. You have inspired me to push myself. I suffer from anxiety so you’ve been a big role model for me!
    From River Strong

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    a really big congrats, Zoe! I’m so happy for you, and this post was amazing, as always. Hope you’ll always have happy days with your family, friends and us. Lot of love, Malayka

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    Congratulations Zoe :) you are the most inspiring and cheeful person on the planet your videos always cheer me up when i am having a bad day and your blog is always full of amazing treats and beautiful thigs happening in your life what i like the best about you is your such a normal genuine person you never try to be anyone else and you always be yourself thankyou for being there for me with your videos and cheering me up i seriously take my hat off to you although you have such a lovley job and its very fun news stories gossip about you but they can go ahead and spout out lies because we all know that your not fake and they are I CANT THANKYOU ENOUGH ZOE I LOVE YOU AND KEEP BEING YOU XXXXXXXXXXXX

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    This totally didnt make me tear up at all. Congrats Zoë, I love you to pieces.

  • I really want you to stay like this smiling and happy forever. You are really very sweet! You have inspired many people and we totally love you for that :)


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    Huge congratulations Zoe! I first came across your blog shortly after setting up mine, on a hunt for inspiration and a blogging community. I then obviously discovered the world of YouTube and you’ve kicked creativity into me! I’m now daring to hopefully follow my dreams, to be a ‘creator.’ What does that mean? It means someone so great like you, who just blogs, engages in creative things, inspires others, and simply doesn’t put any limits on their career!

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    Hey. I’m from Russia , and I liked your book , ” The girl online”.

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    Well done you deserved it xxx

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    CONGRATS ZOELLA!! I’ve just started my own blog, and just like you when you first started, that I keep on worrying whether people will like it or not. After reading your post here, it has boost up my confidence level to just write what I want to write. I want to just enjoy it.. Thank you so much!!

    Also, feel free to check up my blog. Hope you all like it! Thanks…


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  • Aww congratulations Zoe! You’re such a huge inspiration for many young girls and boys all over the world, so to know that you’re making their days happier is truly rewarding. Such a fan of your blog!

    Check out my fashion, lifestyle & beauty blog here ✨

    Robyn | http://shewhodoes.blogspot.co.uk

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    I really enjoyed watching your Sims 3 vids with Alfie so I would really like you to film some more of those. xxx <3

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    Even though I’m late on this post, well done Zoe I couldn’t believe it when I was browsing through your channel one day. I congratulate you with all I can as I wish I could congratulate you in real life maybe one day so I’ll thank you online.

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    Zoe, You are such an inspiration to me and my friends. Your beauty ranges are the best and I love the Girl Online Series! I am waiting patiently for book 3!!! XX

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  • Jean Dixon

    I <3 you and congrats on hitting 10 million. WOOHOO! I also love the girl online series. I'm so excited for the 3 one.

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    Please check out my blog guys, I just started…

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    Please check out my new blog: itskevinowen.com

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    WELL DONE! Another milestone. I know this journey has had its ups and downs but your work and perciverence has paid off. You deserve 20 million subscribers+! You have inspired so many young adults/teenagers and I for sure am very proud of you and glad you give us so much amazing advice! CuteSalad x

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    Mim Xx http://www.mimiquices.com

  • Fantastic achievement

  • Congratulations YOU deserve it! you work so hard and It’s so touching that you have touched people in their lives the way you have, it brought a tear to my eye. Love that you matched your lippy with the balloon : ) xoxo take care p.s. i’m 32 : ).


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    hi you are amazing!!!! i love you so much♥

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  • 10,000,000 great numbers, an admirable mark. http://dreamhouses.info

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    Well done zoey i am so happy for you and yes it feels like only yesterday you posted your first video. Where dose the time go these days? Any way as i was saying congrats i hope that i can be just like you when you when I’m older prettier, cooler, and has up to 10 million subscribers!

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    well done !!!!

  • I know this is sooo late but congratulations because you deserve all this, you have inspired sooo many people including myself!! also if anyone is interested to read my blog it is called My M Life the link is mymlife.wordpress.com and so far i have only posted a introduction blog post but there will be way more interesting posts next week and the week after! xxx

  • Congratulations on an amazing 10 million fans, we just love reading your blog so much! Keep up the great work!

    ISA Professional

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    CONGRATS ZOE XOXOXO! I have been watching your videos since the winter of 2014… your videos have been amazig since day one! Lots of love, Nicole

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    I only subscribed a year ago but I have already watched all of your vids HUNDREDS OF TIMES!!!!!!! You are always so smiley but at the same time not going overboard, I would just like to say THANK U. because of you I am now happily awaiting my 13th birthday which is when I can start a YouTube channel😘😘😘😘😘😍

    XO XO TeamGeek

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    It’s a lot later on since you hit 10 million (its 2nd January 2017😳😃) but even I don’t know you in person I have met your chummy because I live in Northampton to. I would love to meet you one day. When I’m upset or I’ve had a bad day I will think to myself I have to go and watch a Zoella vlog and I need to watch it quick I love every single one of your videos and I think you should do more vlogs just don’t think I’m putting pressure on you but you are the best Youtuber in the world😍😍😍.

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    this blog is amazing. u have inspired me to write a blog myself. but i am not sure what blogging platform i should use???????

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    Dear Zoe,
    My name is Paige Little and I am a huge fan. I have just been able to subscribe to your youtube and blog because I have gotten a new compter and my old one would not let me.

    Your Book series ‘Girl Online’ has inspired me to be who I am, so I have started my own blog and am just trying to set it up. Your book really helped me because when I wake up in the middle of the night and am scared, I start reading your book, and it always brings be a soothing feeling.

    Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me, I am just so glad I can finally comment on your Blog and YouTube posts!

    Kind Regards
    Paigey xx

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    Congrats Zoe!!

    Check out my blog: https://littlemissexpat.com/

  • You deserve everything! You work so hard to please everyone including all your followers and subscribers! We are all so proud of your accomplishments! Even though you now have OVER 11 MILLION!

  • Wow congrats!!!! I hope, one day..

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    I just got the girl online going solo and I devoured it in 1 sitting congrats even though this is very late I have been a subscriber from the beginning and your books are definitely my fave books

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    I always enjoy coming home to watch a Zoella video. Whether it’s an oldie of a new one, they always make me smile!

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    I’m reading this in class, your blogs stop me from being bored!

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  • This is such an amazing achievement, well done and keep up the great work!