10 mil 3

It feels almost yesterday that I decided to hit upload on my very first video, unsure of who would be watching me, what people would think and whether or not they would continue to watch. Almost six years later, I’m sat at my kitchen table, writing this blog post with 10,000,000 people that have hit the little “subscribe” button my youtube channel and I have to pinch myself to be reminded this is real life.

When I started this, I had absolutely no idea that many people could even subscribe to a channel, let alone mine. I never had an end goal and I still don’t which I think some people find quite hard to believe. There was never a certain number that I wanted to reach, or certain number of overall views, I just wanted to make videos I enjoyed that could entertain, distract or add something of value to someone’s day whether that was a smile, some reassurance or a recommendation for a new lipstick. The feedback was instant and it was like nothing I had ever experienced on social media before. Suddenly I felt like I could interact in a new and very exciting way. It was only me and a camera, but after a while it didn’t feel like that anymore. Suddenly I had more and more people interested in what I was filming and here we are now, still talking about lipstick but to an eight digit audience. Almost daily I am reminded by your emails, letters and constant messages of support how much my videos mean to you, and what they mean to you and every time I hit upload it’s you that I have in mind. 

Having an audience that ranges from as low as 5 years old to women in their late 40’s (although mostly 18-25), it can seem quite daunting and a little scary, the responsibility is enormous. How on earth can you please both a 5 year old, and a 40 year old? The answer is simple, you simply don’t think about it and you carry on as you are. Every time I hit a milestone, i’m reminded that if you want something and you work hard at it, but more importantly if you love it with every bone in your body, it will all work out in the end and I’m so glad I kept going when I wasn’t sure what I was doing or where this was going. I’m so lucky that I get to do the things I love and have the support of such a varied audience. Meeting women in the street when out shopping who tell me they loved my beauty recommendations or discuss the joys of puppies, having the cutest little girl ask me to sign her book and have her tell me that it was the first book she ever read, when a guy stops me in the street and says he watches my vlogs with his girlfriend and when parents tell me how I’ve helped their teenage daughter through a hard time through tears whilst holding my hand are all moments I will hold with me forever. These moments are also the catalyst for my videos. You are all why I do this and you are the reason I smile. I never have to feel alone, I never have to feel down, I will always have someone there for me and I never have to sit and deliberate which outfit will look best on me because I can just ask (with the power of twitter). 

10 mil 5

So, what i’m trying to say is, in short, THANK YOU. Thank you if you’ve subscribed and if you’ve been here with me on this journey whether that was from day one, or yesterday. Thank you for accepting me and for always being there and making my life that little bit more special. Now let’s all group hug and shake off the #feels.