It’s International Women’s Day, which presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the women who have a positive impact on my life and inspire me each and every day. In a generation where more and more women are absolutely bossing it and choosing not to follow society’s rules, break out of the mould and make career and life choices for themselves and nobody else, there can be a fair amount of girl-on-girl crime. It’s days like today that should remind us all that we shouldn’t have to compete, judge or tear down those among us and instead we should uplift, empower, encourage and support our fellow females, which is exactly what I’m here to do today. There are so many ladies who have given me little nuggets of life wisdom which have all contributed to the woman that I am today. 

My Mum – She always encouraged me to explore my creativity and never put limitations on what I could or couldn’t do. She taught me how to self-motivate & be grateful for the smaller things in life.  

My Friends – I have a girl gang that is seriously enviable. My friends are some of the most inspiring people to be around. All with different passions, life mottos and brimming with the best advice you could ever ask for. Every time I hang out with any of them, I leave feeling a little more inspired.  

Alfie’s Mum – I’ve known Amanda for almost 5 years and consider her an extension to my family. She is one of the most open minded and open hearted ladies I know and although I would consider myself to be both of those things, since meeting her I have become a lot more compassionate and patient.  

My Manager – Maddie is someone I have worked very intensely with for many years now and I have watched her grow into a seriously confident, savvy, courageous and determined business woman. This isn’t something I think I’ve ever mentioned to her as she is always the one encouraging, supporting and praising me but she gives me the drive to improve myself in terms of building a stronger more resilient side of my personality that I often struggle with. When I see how she gets things done and takes control of difficult situations with absolute ease, I soak it in like a sponge! 

Emma Gannon – Although Emma would sit firmly in my “friends” category, I wanted her to have her own little section because even before we were friends, this girl inspired me beyond belief. During a time I felt very isolated and a little like I was pushing against the tide in terms of my channel becoming successful and a lot of people turning on me and social media in general, Emma spoke up. She didn’t care if she got bashed, or if her opinion went unheard. She taught me that speaking your mind could be a very powerful tool. Not just for the rest of the world, but for me. She speaks about things without malice and in an extremely dignified and insightful way, which I find so inspiring & really refreshing!

Fearne Cotton – I’ve met Fearne a number of times and she will always be one of my inspirations and “women career goals”. She is one of the most down to earth celebrities I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her work ethic and ability to have time for everyone was a very important tool that I’ve always carried with me and will never forget. 

Davina Mccall – Similarly to Fearne, Davina is someone I have always admired for her ability to make you feel equal and accepted. Although I haven’t personally met her, Alfie has been lucky enough to, and the time that she gives to anyone who may need it is always above and beyond. She has been in the industry for a long time, and there is a reason for that! I know that if I ever had a question or a problem, she would give up some of her time to help me and that is something that is very admirable and that I am always very aware of in my own career path.

Adele – Simply for being so down to earth in a world where sometimes her feet probably don’t touch the ground. She has stayed so true to herself regardless of what she has achieved.

My Viewers/Readers – I learn an awful lot from those who read, watch and comment on my social channels. You are all some of the bravest, strongest and most determined people I’ve ever come across. Every individual story or piece of advice you offer me has such an impact. It’s such a special thing that whilst you are learning about me and my life, I can also learn a lot from you too just by reading your comments and tweets. Some of my favourite life mottos or quotes have come from twitter mentions! 

I hope this has encouraged you to think about the ladies in your life that have an impact on you and if it has, let them know! 


“When women support each other, incredible things happen!”