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Magic Cream,
Matte Revolution Lipsticks “Birkin Brown” and “Very Victoria”,
Colour Chameleons “Bronzed Garnet”, “Black Diamonds” and “Bewitching Black”
Blusher Brush,
Eyes To Mesmerise “Bette”,
Magic Complexion Brush,
Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in “1 Fair”,
Lip Cheat Lip Pencils “Pillow Talk” and “Iconic Nude”
and a free sample of the new mascara “Legendary Lashes”

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that has become very well established within the beauty industry due to Charlottes knowledge of makeup having worked within the industry for over 20 years. I am a huge fan of Charlottes makeup and skincare and not just because of the beautiful rose gold packaging. I’ve been lucky enough to try out a fair amount of her cosmetic range and i’m yet to be disappointed by anything as everything is made with such precision and quality. When you see Charlotte talk about her products, she is so passionate and you know she has poured everything into making them the best they can be. I am a huge fan of her matte lipsticks (Glastonberry is probably my most worn lipstick EVER), her eyeshadows and her mascara. Despite the fact i’ve tried a lot of her makeup, I still seem to find myself scouring the website in search of more cosmetic staples *slaps hand & apologises to debit card*. I decided to go on the website to order the “Magic Cream” moisturiser which i’ve used two travel sized pots of since Christmas (absolutely love this – see below), and 30 minutes later, other things seemed to have crept into my basket too. 

The Magic Cream came as a sample in the Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar and gift boxes last year and I hadn’t heard too much about it from fellow bloggers so there was never any rushed desire to use it up. I keep a makeup bag full of travel sized products in my bathroom ranging from shampoos, hair masks, face masks and lotions and potions as they’re always good when you go away on holiday or for mini weekend breaks. I took the Magic Cream moisturiser in a quick last minute dashed packing frenzy and once i’d used it, my makeup had never looked so good. My face is a bit of a complex thing,in some places it’s oily with blemishes and in other places it’s dry and very dehydrated and it’s been quite the journey discovering the best products to use on my skin. The cream is quite thick, in fact it’s probably the thickest moisturiser i’ve ever used and I’m sure that might scare a few people away initially, but it worked wonders for me, and two sample pots down I now have the full size sitting with pride of place on my vanity unit. Charlotte states that she has been mixing this cream for over 20 years to perfect it for her clients. Going by the description on the website, it includes ingredients like bionymph peptide complex which is a unique, patented anti-age ingredient that multi-tasks in the skin, fighting the ageing process, sodium hyaluronate which forms a film of hyaluronic acid over the skin to seal in moisture, whilst extracts of wild pansy promote the renewal of hyaluronic acid in the skin surface to retain moisture leaving your skin feeling dewy and plump! There’s also a mix of rose hip oil, camellia oil and anti-oxidant vitamin e to transform a grey complexion into hydrated, mirror-shine skin, nourishing vitamin a to help improve skin firmness and smoothness and energetic vitamin c to promote collagen activity for more youthful skin. We aren’t done yet, it also includes damask rose water and organic aloe vera to benefit skin regeneration, fighting the signs of ageing (no harm in starting that now…I am 26 after all). There are extracts of frangipani to form a soothing, purifying and hydrating comfort-blanket on the skin and It’s also worth noting that it contains no parabens.

I use this cream when I feel that my skin could really benefit from an injection of moisture and a little va va voom. I don’t use this every day as it can be a little thick and i’m not entirely sure anyone with more oily or acne prone skin would get on particularly well with it. I go through phases when my skin is dry and then oily, so for my particularly dry days, I’ll wear this. I don’t use too much, but I really notice the difference it gives to my skin and it is like a face mask in a jar (one that you don’t have to sit and wait to dry before washing off). My makeup blends well, it tends to last longer and I generally just look a lot healthier in the skin department. When my second sample jar ran out and my skin was having a dull dry day, I frantically went on a search for another sample pot and when I didn’t have one, I was massively disappointed. At that moment I knew I would have to fork out for the larger jar! 

As the only other things i’ve truly trialled and tested in this haul, I thought it would be worth mentioning the Lipsticks! Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are one of my favourite high end formulas. Setting you back £23 a pop, you would expect them to be nothing but amazing. Besides the beautiful and decadent packaging; the colours, the formulation and the wear of the lipsticks is what makes them worth every penny. Which is why, along with many other things i’m excited to get stuck into and smear all over my face, there are now two more additions to my overgrown lipstick jungle in my makeup drawer. 


  • Tasmine Williams

    I am beyond jealous! I adore Charlotte Tilbury and have had my eye on the eyeshadow sticks for so long! Can’t wait to see how they look on! x

    Written by Tasmine | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • I seriously need to try out this brand! Everything looks so amazing, and a really good quality.

    Anika |

  • Adele

    OHMYGOD this looks so amazing😍

  • LexiLife

    I’m yet to purchase a CT product…I feel the urge to splurge (ew lol) growing…

    Lexi at

  • Reet Lonari

    Oh I really need those lipsticks in my collection of only one! Hahah! I would have to save up to buy those beautiful things❤

  • Kay S

    Such beautiful makeup, I love your photography skills. Without intending to be too critical, I was wondering if you had thought about getting someone to quickly proofread your posts to make them a little more polished? But then again I’m a bit of a perfectionist…

  • Trisha Tallent

    Everything is in rose gold 😍 I love the colors of the lipsticks!!

  • They’re really beautiful! I love the lipsticks😍

  • Rachelex Beauty

    OMG Love this so much i’m starting a blog (!April-Faves/c1rfl/5735cc840cf2eac0f522cab9 ) Shameless self promo anyways got any tips for taking photo’s for it????
    (thats what i got so far for my fave’s of last month :) )

  • I want a lipstick but I’m not sure what shade to get!!!

  • The birkin brown lipstick looks really nice 💄

  • Wellwell Girl

    i want to buy some lipsticks too! x

    jess x |

  • CosyCaitlin

    I feel like I really need to invest in more CT lipsticks, especially Very Victoria, it looks lovely! I’ll start apologising to my bank already…!

  • Everything looks so beautiful T-T I love CT’s packaging, I think that alone is enough for me to get something XD

  • Trang Van

    The eyeshadow looks amazing! I love the neutral & gold color scheme.

  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    Wow these products sound absolutely great! I love this lipstick color :)
    xx, Carmen –

  • All these products look so beautiful together, I wish I had a whole collection of Charlotte Tilbury products! The lipsticks are amazing indeed and I really need to get one or two more, the shades you got are super pretty!

    Julia x
    Check out my last post: a spring OOTD |

  • kate

    So PRETTY omg wish I had them😍

  • Stephanie
  • Wow all of this looks so amazing!!
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Charlotte Tilbury packaging looks SO GORGEOUS! I definitely need to get my hands on the Very Victoria lipstick, looks like such a wearable shade!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  • Yael Abbo

    I need to try it if you say it’s amazing!!!
    Love you zoeeee and Alfie of course and nalaaaa❤😍😍😍😍

  • What an amazing haul! I think CT has to be my favourite, premium brand; everything I’ve tried so far, I’ve adored! Those eyeshadow crayons are amazing and I love her lipsticks too. I’m desperate to get my hands on a pot of Magic Cream and the Airbrush Powder next!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  • sofiabenadomonteiro


  • So many good products! The Magic Cream is one I got a sample of and loved, even got my mom to us it. The lip cheat pencils are fab and really help the lipsticks stay on all day. I have Iconic Nude and it pairs beautifully with all my nude lipsticks! I have Glastonberry, Very Victoria, and Bond Girl and all are so lovely – definitely worth the extra splurge. I hope you love Very Victoria as it is one of my favorite lipsticks right now! Also try using a primer under the Eyes to Mesmerize as they do tend to crease a bit, and the primer helps keep it in place! Lovely post as always 😊

    Cindy |

  • Zoel Hernández

    It is not a very useful post for me, as I do not use makeup haha but I really liked it! I think I will recommend the Glastonberry lipstick to my mum and maybe some girl friends, because I always love it when you are wearing it. It looks amazing on you! Love you so much x

    Zoel Hernández |

  • Such gorgeous products! I adore the packaging xo

    Emily |

  • Morgan Miller

    I love Charlotte Tilbury! And there’s totally no harm in using those ‘anti-aging’ products as a Yound adult x
    Morgan |

  • All of these products look so lovely! X

  • WOW, I really want to try the lipsticks!

  • Really want to try some bits from CT!

    Parie x

  • Caz

    I’ve been wanting to try some Charlotte Tilbury products for so long – they all sound so good and I love the packaging!

    Caz | This is Caz


  • My obsession with Charlotte Tilbury is insane, I’m really excited to try their new mascara!
    Erin |

  • Mo

    Love the brown lipsticks!

    I’m starting a blog about beauty, fashion and life in general! Would you mind checking that out?
    And please do leave your blog on that comment also so I can see yours!

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    Ive been wanting to try out Charlotte Tilbury makeup and skincare for ages now, especially the lipsticks. It seems like the ultimate luxurious brand. x

  • Michaela

    I really like the nude lipstick, looks like something I would wear :)

  • Lies

    Really good post Zoe, as usual. 😊
    S xx 💖💗💘

  • Katie

    That packaging is just gorgeous!

    Katie |

  • Amazing post. I like the most lipsticks!!

  • Have I ever seen such a beautiful makeup collection?? I don’t think so!

    Via Sora

  • Ahhh that packaging alone is just soo gorgeous! I’ve yet to try one of her lipsticks but have been wanting to for ages. Might just have to bite the bullet and make the splurge soon!


  • They look really nice. I hope I can try them in my next visit to Brighton.

    Don’t miss today my Urban-Chic outfit with 2 season trends…and wearing for the first time an amazing pair of pumps by JC ! ;)
    ❤ Kisses from

  • I love her lipsticks, I have Bond Girl which is a matte and stoned rose which is a satin and they are both gorgeous, I need to save so I can buy some more of her products as they are incredible quality! xox

  • FeFes Beauty Buzz

    I need these products in my life. Rose gold packaging… beautiful!
    [email protected]

  • sophie

    I love all the packaging plus I love Charlotte Tilbury make up its soooo good!

  • LOVE charlotte tilbury products! Gorgeous photos Zoe x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  • Ashley Christabelle

    I need all of her Matte Revolutions in my stash please!

  • they all look so good! I wish we had that cosmetics brand here in the Philippines :( x

    Regina | Paper Hobbit’s blog

  • Katie

    Looks like you got some lovely products! I’ve heard mixed reviews on the Legendary Lashes mascara so I’d love to hear your thoughts on it :)

  • There are so many stunning products here!

  • Chloe Madeline

    Everything looks amazing Zoe! Need to try out this brand x

  • I’m trying to get the new CT palette, but it’s sold out already! Sigh… Love CT products, never really disappointed.

  • I got Very Victoria in the mail this week too! :D Now I want the magic cream so bad! My debit card is somewhere hiding in my purse,,,

  • I literally want everything, it all looks incredible!
    Brigitte x |

  • Alicia Parry

    Charlotte tilbury products are so pretty!!!!

  • Wow, the products look amazing! I would love to get my hands on one of her makeup products! x

  • Jordan

    The lipsticks look lovely! I love the packaging too, cant beat a bit of Rose gold.

  • I just adore the packaging and would probably buy products to just look pretty on my dresser! :’) I do however need some of the eyeshadow sticks and lipsticks in my life as the shades are simply stunning! x

    Darling Jordan

  • Everything looks so pretty, I have always wanted to try her products! x

    Zoe Mountford x

  • I got a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick last month for my birthday, and it’s quickly become my favourite lipstick! The formula, pigmentation and even the shape of the lipstick is just so good!

  • Rosie Luck

    i absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury! I have one of her lipsticks in the shade ‘Coachella Coral’ and it’s seriously the prettiest colour and such good quality.

    Rosie x |

  • I’ve been wanting to try those lipsticks for so long!!

  • Living Paula Blog

    I really want to try these products!


  • omg everything looks so beautiful! I love Charlotte Tilbury :) xx

  • Anna Lawrence

    These are lovey! I have yet to try of Charlotte Tilbury’s products, but I’m hoping to soon.

  • Simone Besta

    I wish I could afford products like Charlotte Tilbury, they seem great! You shoyld also make a video presenting and swatching these products. Love from Greece <3

  • I am yet to try the Charlotte Tilbury range because I am a bit of a cheap skate highstreet make up girl but wow the packaging is divineeeeeeee. Your pictures make me want to try them even more :)

  • Your pictures I always so lovely and loving the bits you have bought, I want them all!

  • Ahhh really love the Very Victoria lipstick. Charlotte Tilbury products really stand out for me. XX

  • Megan Clarke

    I saw these on snapchat! Love Charlotte tilbury products – the lipsticks in particular.

  • I really want to try that powder, it looks gorgeous!


  • Ive never actually tried any Charlotte Tilbury products but all of these look so beautiful x

  • check out Ballerina Botanicals Organic Skincare made with essential oils

  • Idk, but all these products from Charlotte Tilbury remind me of you, Zoe! Those lipstick shades are so gorgeous can’t wait to see your makeup looks with it!! xx

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn

  • Rosy Flynn

    I’ve just been getting into Charlotte Tilbury and I really love everything I’ve tried :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  • Zoe you do realize that a lot of your young audience are not able to afford anything from Charlotte Tilbury.

  • They all look absolutely gorgeous:) The Magic Cream sounds amazing!!

  • Gosh, everything just looks sooooo pretty.

  • Birkin Brown is one of my favourites, a perfect true Brown and it’s lovely on the lips – dreamy haul Zoe!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • It all looks so stunning, Charlotte Tilbury have become my new favourite over the years – her lipsticks are just beautiful! Need to check out Glastonberry! Immy x

  • Amber

    Charlotte Tilbury just keeps on getting better and better!!
    Amber |

  • I also saw this on snapchat!

  • floral feather

    I’m so tempted to try some of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, as I really struggle to find ones with a consistency I like! Love the packaging too.
    Zoe | floral and feather

  • As always, the packaging is amazing! Charlotte Tilbury products are to die for!! :) x

  • Anxious Wizard

    I have a blog, if you’d like to check it out.

  • They all look stunning oh my god!

  • Lia Bee

    Zoe I love your blogs soon much so much that I decided to write my own if you guys would check it out i would be so greatful and if you couled follow I would love to chat to my fellow bloggers <3
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  • lucy prosser

    This looks AMAZING. I really want to try the Magic Cream and I’m definitely getting it next month. I love Birkin Brown, its such a pretty colour. I’m super obsessed with the lipsticks too.
    Lucy xoxo

  • These colors are beautiful!

  • CT packaging so swoon worth. I’ve tried some Lipsticks from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G line which are amazing. I need to try the matte line next. The Magic cream sounds right up my street xx

  • Those lipsticks are the most beautiful shades. I can see why everyone digs CT’s stuff – these photos are truly stunning. However, there’s no way I’m affording it haha I’ll live my life vicariously through you / other bloggers haha

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

  • Maggie

    After I saw this all I wanted to do was buy a bunch of things but I stopped. But I still want it!

  • I wish I had stuff in my collection from Charlotte Tilbury as it is so gorgeous. I especially want the Glastonberry lipstick.

    ♥ Mae

  • Aimee Budge

    Beautiful choices! I’ll have to definitely look into trying some of those choices out!

  • this makes me want to try Charlotte Tilbury products even more! I wish I could visit the London flagship store! Can’t wait to see if they ship to France :)

    Lots of love, Anais

  • Julia Walker

    Oh my the packaging looks so lovely! Have yet to try out her products but it’s definitely on my list! xx

  • Justyna Książek

    I love this <3ążekblog

  • Maryam Jumanji

    Omg love love it!!! check out my blog too

  • I need to try those lipsticks!

  • Lipsticks look so creamy! I’ve heard some controversial reviews though, a bit comprehensive on buying it yet :/

  • Ana

    All Charlotte Tilbury’s products look so amazing, I could buy them just to admire them. I haven’t tried any of them but whenever I can afford these products without feeling bad for spending so much of my little money on makeup I will definitely do it!


  • Every single thing looks lovely, even though I’m not a huge makeup wearer and even less a lipstick wearer the lipsticks do look really lovely.

    Elizabeth from Mrs Red’s Beauty Blog

  • These all look sooooo PRETTY!! I need them all! Xx

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  • Seda

    Hey everyone :) I’ve just started a new blog called The Kara Style and have just posted my first ever post on a Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit! Please go and check it out, thank you! :) x xx

  • I have yet to buy anything from CT but I will definitely have to soon! I love their packaging!

  • OMG i’d do anything for all of these! Look so gorg!

  • I’ve never owned anything from Charlotte Tilbury but after reading this I’m half than tempted to and try some out! x

  • Tilly

    Zoe you have put me in the mood for shopping (and probably spending ALOT of money) Love the rose gold packaging too!

  • Bernadette

    Wow all those makeup products look stunning!

  • Abigail Last

    I love this brand, my favourite product is the Penelope Pink lipstick!

  • Anastasiya

    I love 😍 the packaging and lip stick colors are so pretty ❤️
    Check out my blog, please 💐

  • Katie

    I love the look of the mascara. The brush looks so good!

  • Annabella

    Lovely, please check out my beauty & fashion blog 😘😘

  • Emma Saucedo

    Hi Zoe!!! I know of your beloved Estee Lauder Tease Blush and how much you love it and I have found a similar color from Estee Lauder called the ‘Pure Color Envy’ Sculpting blush in Pink Tease! They look so similar in color and this one also has a glow!!! Once I saw the color I thought of you! Here’s the product…

    I hope this is what you’re looking for!!!

  • Ruby’s Cadence

    I wish I could afford to buy these for myself, but I just got my sister one of the lipsticks for her 18th birthday! I am actually going to do a blogpost on how to make an amazing birthday present for someone you love over on my blog, if you want to have a look and maybe follow to get ready for it? Thanks xxx

  • lucy prosser

    Really wanting to try the magic cream and legendary lashes! They both sound amazing.
    Lucy xoxo

  • Caprice Tjandra

    The lipsticks look amazing OMG anyway I just started a blog,posting really soon (sorry for the shameless self promotion hahaha)
    It would be really nice if you can go check it out.Thank you very much,xoxo

  • Thank you so much for sharing the review. I’m now looking for a moisturiser for summer. My skin is normally dry, but I’ve noticed it gets a little oily at the moment… so i’m wondering if anyone could recommend a lightweight moisturiser for combination/oily skin? x
    Yukova by Yuliya Oleynykova

  • Natty

    All these products look so good!

  • Katerina

    It would be amazing and very helpful, If you did a tutorial using these products! <3

  • I love the look of these Charlotte Tilbury products- the lip products look AMAZING!! Please reply if you have tried the lipliner ‘Pillowtalk’ and lipstick “Bitch Perfect’ or “Stoned Rose”- as i would love to buy them. Love your blog Zoe and it would mean the world if you would read my blog . As i have written posts on your beauty products and you inspired to write this blog. X

  • Beth

    Her packaging is always so beautiful! Lovely blog post xx

  • The lip pencil in the shade pillow talk is apparently amazing! Amelia Liana literally goes on about it in every single video!
    Aleeha xXx

  • Chloe Davison

    Such fabulous products!

  • Anaya

    I love your blog😍
    Please check out mine too

  • I adore Charlotte’s matte lipsticks, can’t wait for the new shades!


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  • I have worked with her a couple of times and she is lovely! Her makeup is amazing too, she really knows a persons face and how to make the best of it. I have yet not got any of her products in my makeup drawer though, I will def put it on my to do list!

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  • Looove how everything’s in rose gold! ♡ –

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  • Abigail Last

    Love Charlotte Tilbury makeup, my favourite lipstick is Penelope Pink, it’s very natural looking and stays on all day!

  • Anela (Fashion Roulette)

    Oh, those lipsticks look amazing !

    Anela from Fashion Roulette

  • It all looks so pretty :(

  • I wish I could have everything…. UGH!

    Via Sora || instagram · twitter · pinterest · bloglovin

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    i really want the charlotte tilbury magic cream- its sure going to be on my wishlist this year

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    Aaah so pretty!

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    She spent a minimum of 360$ ( I did the math) and I’m still wondering if I should spend an extra 3.99 on shipping…
    Zoe you are honestly goals af💖💖

  • Chantel Dearin

    I’ve never bought anything from Charlotte Tilbury but her products look amazing, definitely gonna have to invest.

  • Leanne Marshall

    Lovely Images! Not had anything from CT before! I love the look of the Kim KW.

  • wow how uh-mazinngg are these! I just spent $ 400.00 but bought a huge bunch of makeup. But you clearly just made me realise I should have spent some $360 more :D :P

  • I love those products! I love CT :) x

  • Mim Plech

    I love everything Charlotte Tilbury, she’s amazing and her brand wow!
    Lovely post, Zoe!

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  • Petite Jolie Rose
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    Looks like a good selection can’t wait to try them out thanks Zoe xx

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  • So many luxury products! I’m so jealous, I would love to try out the Flawless Finish Powder for sure!

  • I love the Charlotte Tilbury brand, even more so because I learned that they are actually curelty-free, which is rare of a high-end brand! :)

  • Petite Jolie Rose

    love charlotte tilbury !!


    Hey Girls, get your free lipstick sample!

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    Love these so much!!! <3

  • Lucy

    The Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes has a 4 star review on Veleza, I’m still quite skeptical whether I should splurge and get any of these prodcuts, even if the colours look really nice.
    Anyway, thanks for the information. I will share this with the beauty community at Veleza! (It’s a beauty app where users give advice and share honest reviews,

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    I cant believe it these products look so good I’m going shopping

  • elliecat04

    You know what I’m making a blog too.

  • Realyyyyy want to try some of her products out!!! :)

    xx SofiaaDot

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    i have tried lipsticks and ipliners so beautiful

  • I absolutely LOVE Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup line, so luxurious and gorgeous. You’ve picked out some of my ultimate favourites here especially Bette, the cream eyeshadows are gorgeous, it’s such a beautiful gold and so easy to apply also.

    The Magic Foundation is a favourite and the setting powder is just beautiful. Glastonberry is my favourite lipstick from the TIlbury range, great for Winter too!

    Lovely post :)

    Laura xo

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    I wish I had enough money to splurge on Charlotte Tilbury! Zoe you are amazing and I love reading everything you write!
    I’ve started a blog and I know, self promo scum! Thanks! x

  • Lovely piece, I have never tried the charlotte tilbury range but I have to say it looks really nice especially the packaging. Would love to see what you thought of my beauty blog also x

  • beautysorted

    Charlotte Tilbury is one of our featured brands on See other trending bloggers, such as zoella, incorporating her products into their beauty routine.

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    Omg all these lipsticks and product look so amazing! xx

  • Leanne Marshall

    Lovely Pics Zoe, I need to try out some Charlotte T makeup!! I fancy the Super Cindy lipstick and the translucent powder!
    Leanne |

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    Love it!
    Make sure you go check out our blog
    Just started, so we hope you like it!

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  • We love this brand! Pillow Talk is our favourite nude lipstick!

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    OMG, great write up, very well research and engaging! I’m going to try some of the products.Thanks for this post!

  • Just wanted to say how much I love the photos on this post, even though this post is old!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

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    omg i love charlotte tilbury I’m such a big fan of you and what you do on this website and all the stuff about it and the make – up you post i love it and i love what you post and especially you

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