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Lush Lots of Love Box
Prismology Massage Candle
Too Faced Love Flush Blush Palette
Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette
YSL Kiss Palette
ZoellaBeauty Favourite Things Bag
ZoellaBeauty Solid Fragrance
Kiko Love Elixir Face Powder
Lush The Kiss
Kiko Tue Love Nail Lacquer
Meri Meri Arrows Garland
Meri Meri Arrows Garland
Meri Meri Love Tokens
LookFantastic Valentines #LFLoves Box
Kiko Eyes of Love Mascara and Kajal Kit
Kiko Endless Love Lip Pencil
Kiko Endless Love Lipstick
Ciate Liquid Lipsticks
Biscuiteers Biscuits

Nothing says “I love you” like a valentines flatlay. With valentines day just around the corner, I thought it was a great time to put together a few new bits i’d received or purchased recently. Most of which are perfect for this loved-up day, but are also just very pretty in general. I am someone who believes love should be expressed all year round, and not just one particular day, therefore these products will be well loved beyond February 14th (plus, look how pretty all this packaging is). A couple of my favourite bits include the “Too Faced” eyeshadow palette and blush palette, the massage candle (this smells absolutely DIVINE), Ciate Liquid Velvet Lipsticks, Meri Meri Love Tokens & you certainly can’t go wrong with some biscuteers biscuits. Whether you’re running out and grabbing these for your partner after reading this, or treating yourself on a day that means absolutely nothing to you, I hope it’s injected a little bit of love! 

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Zoe!

    With love,

    Jeff. x (

  • Ana Beatriz Monteiro

    I loved this post, as I always do Zoe, and damn your header is perfect <3

  • Everything looks amazing! I’m yet to give Too Faced a proper go so think I may add a few bits to my wish list 🙃 And the new Ciate liquid lipsticks. I’ve heard they’re amazing!

    Joanne Sherrell xx

  • KatieWoo

    Great photos!! Those biscuits look delicious :) and I love Nala in that photo – she has no idea what’s going on! haha (Such a cutie pie!)

  • I’m not one for Valentines Day, but these pictures are so cute!!
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Erinn Parter

    Everything looks amazing Zoe and I agree that love should be an all year round celebratory thing and not just one day! Lots of love from Erinn xx

    PS. Your header looks great ☺️

  • These are such lovely picks Zoe, and your photography is absolutely stunning – as always! I love Too Faced products, so I can’t believe that I haven’t heard of their Love Flush Blush Palette yet. I’m going to go over to their website and check that out right now, so thanks for sharing.:D – Valentine’s Day Make-up Look

  • Ooh the two faced palette looks amazing! And the lush products too <3

  • Georgia Louise

    Happy valentines zoe! amazing pictures! the one with nala is too adorable xoxo

  • Flowersanddreamsblog

    The lush Lots of Love box looks amazing. Fab photos and blog as always.

  • ConfussedGirl

    You’re an true inspiration and whenever i ready something you wrote or watch your videos on youtube you definitively inject a lot of love in my life…
    Hope that you have a happy Valentine’s Day!
    I’m starting a blog and if you have time i would love to know you’re opinion about it!!

  • Midnight Mi

    I hope you have a nice valentine day! All the photos are beautifully shot and a beautiful post as usual :)

    Mi x

  • Faye Edwards

    I love you zoe, happy valentines day ❤❤❤

  • Rramita skandakumar


  • Your photos are always so pretty! Happy Valentine’s day! :

    Victoria ♥

  • Flatlays are my favourite!! I definitely want to take more of them this year!! I also want to get my hands on a Canon at some point <3

  • littlemissdaydreams

    Your photography skills are amazing, Zoë xoxo

  • These bits for valentines day are so cute! The Lots of Love lush box look lovely as well they have some amazing products! Lovely pictures :)

  • lucy prosser

    The too faced palette and lush box look amazing. I’d love to try them! The photos are gorgeous :) This is a fun post.
    Lucy xoxo

  • Caitlin

    It all looks amazing!! Love the photos!!

  • Loooovely “love” selection!

    Kisses from

  • Arya Elsa Jose

    This box looks amazing and the pictures are so cute!

  • This was such a cute post, thanks for sharing Zoe! I love the look of this new Too Faced palette x

  • Everything looks lovely, those biscuits are so cute!! And the new Too Faced palette looks amazing! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • Stephanie Hartley

    This is pretty much the best flatlay I’ve ever seen, oh my god! I love all of these goodies, especially the range of LUSH gifts

    Steph –

  • Malaika Kamran

    I neeeeeddd that too face eyshadow pallet! Loved this Zoe, as always, so amazing!

  • So cute!

  • Love this post!! The biscuits looks so good :’) x

  • loved this, Nala looks adorable! x

  • Lanae Bond

    Excellent picks! I would love them for any day.

  • The biscuits are too adorable!!! These photos made me so happy and excited for Valentine’s day! :)

  • Anonymous Blogger

    This is such a cute post. The picture with Nala in is absolutely adorable and the Too Faced palettes look stunning. Happy Blogging! xx

  • Such cute photos :} Love how Nala made her appearance haha even though all these products look amazing, she’s made this post for me! One day I will own my own pug. One day… xxx

  • xoiiee h

    Everything is so cute! I love the favorite things bag also!


  • Rebecca Fletcher

    Your photos are gorgeous zoe! The lush box looks amazing xx

  • Roisin Giles

    Ahh those Too Faced palettes and those new Ciate liquid lipsticks look beautiful! Love your background to this flat lay as well!

  • Johanna and Aria

    Amazing photography as always! It all looks divine <3

  • Chantal

    I love the look of the Too Faced palette, the packaging is sooo pretty xx

  • All of these are amazing! Cute post! :)

  • Jen

    The Too Faced blush palette looks adorable!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Zoe! These products are soo cute!

  • Sincerely, Lissa
  • These are so cute! Loved the snapchats that went along with it behind the scenes ;) Hope you have a great day!
    x Kenzie

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Can I have EVERYTHING please?! Nala could come with me too, she is the cutest thing! Happy Valentine’s day, Zoe! Btw, eat those biscuiteers for me will you? :)

  • Fiona Bernal

    They are all very cute! Happy Valentine’s day!

  • Jacqueline Sin

    All of these heart shaped beauty products are totally luring me into buying them! <3 The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette is so so cute! As well as the YSL Kiss Palette :)

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  • Hsiao Weng

    This is such a lovely post! Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  • This is just beautiful, I would love to get those lush bombs for valentines day!! I saw your snapchat of this day when Nala was getting in the picture haha that cute little girl. Also such a huge fan! I seriously watch all your videos like they are going out of style. I honestly think if we knew each other we would literally be awesome friends! we have the same humor and we are both so weird and silly!! I feel like i am just hanging out with a friend when i watch your vlogs. Anyways i will stop fangirling over here!! okay bye!

  • Nicole McGrath

    All these look so nice, I LOVE the nala picture!x – Im New:)

  • Reese Roberts

    What a lovely post for this Valentine’s Day!

  • So sweet! Loving the LUSH box of goodies so much :)
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Alfie!
    xo Amanda

  • Joycebox

    The products are amazing in this post and Nala in the picture, aahh too cute

  • From Girl C

    Everything is so cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day! Your photos are on point :)

    girl C

  • Christine

    I neeeed the Lush Lots of Love Box!

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ❤

  • Kate Dwyer

    Such nice products! Nala looked so cute amongst them too :) xx

  • lucxxz

    This was such a cute post! Made my day! This all looks lovely the way you’ve set it out and Nala is too adorable! Lucy. Xx

  • Such lovely products! You really cannot go wrong with some Too Faced in my opinion :) x

    Darling Jordan || Guinea Pig Celebrating Valentines

  • Oh my goodness, those too faced products look so gorgeous <3
    Emma xxx

  • Alice Fennell

    The whole set up is beautiful , i love how you take all your pictures x this might sound a bit cheesy but you really are my role model

  • Everything looks so good Zoe! Thanks for sharing x


  • This is the most Valentine’s post I’ve ever seen!
    Full of love, hearts & cuteness <3 xx

    Kaylee | JK’s Dawn

  • Elzita

    This was a cute post Zoe. The too faced eyeshadows look AMAZING! There so pretty. 😍 I made a blog inspired by yours mind checking it out

  • Khwaiish

    Loveeeee. And I hope everything’s okay between you and Alfie. You guys have been acting different

  • Kati

    Gorgeous photos!
    The set up is soooo cute! Love everything! <3

  • I love that all !!! So cute !

  • My Linh

    I need the Lush box !

  • This blog post was lovely! I always look forward to reading your new posts as they are always really well put together:)

    Emily xo

  • Wow the biscuits look so cute *_*

  • Katie Goodall (thedailybeaut)

    What a sweet post! Pretty flatlay, too. Happy Valentines Day!

    Katie |

  • Hxrriettx

    Very cute post, have a lovely Valentine’s Day X

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    Great post! Have you checked out my Valentine’s Day blog post

  • The Too Faced palettes are so beautiful. Lovely post Zoe. X

  • Such a cute post! I really need to invest in that Too Faced palette, the colours look stunning! x

  • pia
  • Rachel Liwanag

    I’m in love with your flatlay!

  • Ella

    Love this! Nala always finds a way to get in the photos !

  • Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! :)

  • your pictures are amazing!!

  • Your blog photos are always the prettiest!! That Too Faced blush palette is gorgeous and I’d love to try those Ciate liquid lipsticks! xx

  • Zoel

    Nice post! Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you and Alfie are having a great day! I made some sugar cookies as the ones you madefor Christmas! If anyone is interested, they are on my blog! Love you so much Zoe! x

    Zoel Hernández |

  • Amy

    Will definitely be treating myself to one of two of these products! It is Valentines after all! :) Hope you have a lovely Day! X

  • Nameless Gap

    Nice post! The pictures look amazing! The ysl kiss palette looks so nice!
    Paula |

  • This reminds me that it’s been a year since I discovered your youtube channel, because the first video I saw was the Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial! I’m so thankful for having discovered it :) I hope you have a lovely day! | Acqua xx

  • Love all the flatlays here! Happy Valentine’s day Zoe! x

  • I really need to try some lush products. They look amazing!

  • Those Too Faced palettes are beyond gorgeous! Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Brigitte x |

  • Samantha Frances

    I love those two faced palettes, they look so cute! I also really want to try out more lush products! lovely post xxx

  • i LOVE this post and all the photos are gorgeous .plus its also reminded me that i need to stock up on some lush products as ive ran out :-)

  • I like your pictures ! x

  • Keira Teale


  • Amina Ayub

    Love this post and love all the products too

  • Awesome! Do you think you could do a how-to or behind the scenes of how you arrange your flatlays? :) They’re always amazing xo

  • These are all such cute ideas, I love the little cookies!!

  • Such great pictures Zoe! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette, it looks stunning!

  • Love all the colors and maybe that’s why it’s such a fun day. Also Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Katie

    The Chocolate Bons Bons palette is stunning! Great photos as always x

  • Marta Manzano

    That packaging is awesome!!

  • Stella

    So cute and lovely pictures! :) Happy valentine’s day

    stella xx

  • I love your photo setup! Everything looks so appealing and makes me want to buy everything ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • RAchAel135892766

    Happy Valentine’s Zoe! Everything looks absolutely lovely! Especially love the photo with Nala and the new Too Faced palette! Gonna need to go out and try that :D. Hope your having a wonderful day! Lots of love xxx ( Twitter- @ILOVEELYARFOXX

  • Nina

    Amazing post! Needless to say, as always :)

    I made a Valentine’s Day no bake cake post:

  • Such a cute post! Those biscuits and love tokens were absolutely adorable! Happy Valentine’s Day, Zoe!
    Rebecca x

  • Melissa

    This is such an adorable post you have here! :D Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • These are such great Valentine’s ideas, tempted to pick some up for myself lol! Hope you and Alfie have a lovely Valentine’s Day together :) <3 xx

  • I love all of these products, I believe we should just show each other love everyday not on just one day. And let’s be honest it doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to treat ourselves or a loved one xx

  • This looks beautiful and so romantic! Happy Valentines day everyone !xx

  • Brb, going to look at Too Faced and YSL! Love.

    Happy Valentine’ Day all!

    Love Always, x

  • I have been lusting after those two faced products for ages! I am super excited about their new Peanut Butter and Jelly palette coming out at the end of the month too :-)

  • lizzy orr

    Biscuiteers biscuits are the best for valentine’s day!

    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

  • Happy Valentine’s Day ! <3
    Very great post, I looooove it !

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog :

  • Yashashvi Kanodia

    Wow! You were spoilt by more than just one euros on the Valentine’s day :P hehe
    I have a blog too, check out if you’re having a bad day or you’re having trouble Starting new thing, it is sure to motivate you :)
    I don’t know Zoe if you’d see this, but if you do please check out my blog if you wish to :*

  • Aww this is such a cute post, awesome flatlay btw :) That Too Faced mini blush palette looks so adorable!

  • Casie G.

    Happy Valentines day everyone!!! <3

  • Tilly

    Love your blog and Nala (she is sooooo cute). Happy Valentines day!

  • These look incredible! Lovely post as always :)

  • Lovin your pretty V-day flatlay.

  • Bethany Irwin

    I just made a blog and its soo confusing😄!!

  • Dena

    I’m in love with the Too Faced blush palette!

  • Melissa
  • Such a sweet post! The photo with Nala is just adorable! Em xx

  • Laura Hepburn

    This is such a cute post! I would love to try making decorated cookies like that and I’m seriously thinking of trying those two faced palettes, they look amazing x


  • Be_who_you_are_xx

    Makes me sad that I didn’t have a valentine 😖 But I as still love the blog post Zoë

  • Bronwyn Ellis-Richards

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  • tiffanytales

    You take such pretty imagery. There are so many pieces in this i’d love to receive.

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Hetal Bhagat

    you are truly the best blogger I’ve ever seen

  • Suuuuuuch pretty pictures!

  • Lucy Doyle

    Omg everything is so cute! I just posted my Valentines day post too if anyone would kindly check it out :)

    Much love xx

  • Aimee ♡

    Hope you had an amazing Valentine’s day Zoe! Also, these products look so cute and I need to buy them all! XX

  • Lovely!

  • Love the flatlay! All the products look amazing!! x

  • Lucy

    this is such a cool post <3 ps Nala looks so cute

  • melina

    Hi Zoe! I love reading your posts so much! I have a question on another subject. What curling tong/wand is your favorite, I am on a curling wand hunt.

    <3 you!

  • lois see my blogposts about the people leaving me a great impression in NY

  • Nicola Hole

    They looks so good please could you subscribe to my YouTube channel it’s called Nicola Hole ❤️😘😊😍lyssssssssssssm

  • Lots of gorgeous products here! I have a few of them too! X

    ♥ Carly’s Beauty Blog ♥

  • Gorgeous! So festive. Happy belated Valentine’s Day! <3

  • Hebe

    Gorgeous pictures as always! So inspiring Zoe xx

  • Ruby Abbott

    Your photos are always gorgeous!!

    Anyone please take a look at my blog :)

  • Gorgeous flatlay! Can I have everything? :D I don’t mind eating biscuits addressed to Zoe as long as they taste nice :D
    But I agree, you should show your loved ones you love them every now and then and random gestures are ever so sweet! :)
    Jenny Side Up

  • Sally


  • Camilla

    Such a lovely flat lay Zoe! Where did you shoot this?

  • Yousra

    Everything looks so cute, I love your flatlays!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  • Girl Online

    I love you Zoe and I love your vlogs/blogs…

  • How cute is all of this !! ❤️💕 I love Valentine’s Day! Those cookies are adorable , I love that they are personalized. I also love the too paced palettes, those shadows are amazing ! I love your blog and videos, they inspire me to keep blogging ! I love it so much !! Thanks ☺️

    Danielle Greco |

  • Katie Harding

    These photos are stunning, and Nala is adorable as always!

    Katie |

  • Anonymous

    This is such a perfect post right before valentines day! love it Zoe <3 The photos you take are actual goals, no joke.

  • Lucy Davies

    Happy valentines zoe! I turned 12 on the nineth because it was during the week i was at school the next day but my mummy and daddy let me stay up late! I watched ur videos all night laughing and smiling with you! I wish i could give you a big hug right now but hey maybe one day! I hope alfie treated you well! Lots and lots of love lucy.d
    P.s give nala a big kiss from me! X

  • AutumnGirlOnline

    This is such a cute little post I love it💕💕😽😘

  • AutumnGirlOnline

    Some of these look so.amazing I’m so tempted to go on an online shopping spree and buy them all 😹😹😘💕😻

  • Amazing picks to make someone feel very special :)

  • AnibaeAsh

    I have heard such wonderful things about the Too Faced palette! Your photos are stunning as well Zoë!

  • Alicia Parry

    I love the photos! Thx for sharing!

  • Little Snowflake

    This was such a cute post I loved the pictures for this.

    I have just put the Disney Tag up on my Blog and I would love if anyone could go check it out.


  • Lovely photos! x and happy Vday :)

    – LS

  • Marsya Jauzi

    I love the colour! Red around the page <3

  • Alicia Parry

    Great Photography!!

  • Christie Belle

    What an adorable post Zoe! So cute, hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day x

  • These look so lovely! I really want the two faced palette, so many people have recommended it! Hope you had a lovely valentines day! xx

  • Everything looks gorgeous!!! I love how you lay everything out and edit your photos so the lighting enhances the colors. It always makes a great post <3 I love the marketing from these products especially the ones that make themed cookies! I wonder if people actually eat them or let them go stale because they're so pretty! Did you eat yours right away?

  • Your pictures are so cute Zoe! Great quality and colour. Loved it!

    Shannon I

  • Aimee Budge

    Beautiful post! I love Too Faced makeup a lot. And Nala is so cute! :)

    I hope you had an amazing Valentines Day!

  • Nala is SO cute!

    I made a Winter 2016 Playlist on my blog! Check it out!

    I hope you’re having a good day!

    Jeff. x

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Zoe, everything is so cute!

  • girlonrainbow

    These photos are all amazing!!! Lovely post Zoe. There should really be not just one day to show your love to others.

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    Hi. I love your blogs. I blog too but I’ve only just started so it’s not very good and I only have 1 view. I’d love it if you could check it out if you have time and give me some tips. Thanks.

  • Love this post! There is some beautiful products out at the moment!! x

  • TotallyTwila

    Omg! Love, love, LOVE the Toofaced palette! I really want to try it now…

  • Gracie

    Nala is the cutest!
    Gracie X

  • Stunning products.. really need that Too Faced blush palette! xx

    Ciara Rose |

  • ItsLiddy

    Adorable! So pink and lovely. I can’t wait to try some of the products out myself!

  • Hope you had a lovely valentines day! <3

  • The Too Faced blush palette looks gorgeous!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


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    Hi everyone, Happy valentines! I do lifestyle, DIY and beauty posts over on my blog, .Come say hi, and I’ll check yours out too <3

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  • This is a great post with beautiful photos💘


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    I love the idea of love tokens specially made by “your second half”.
    Beautiful photos as always! Love, Liliann.
    I would like to invite You to my blog.

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    the picture of nala is soooo cute its goals!

  • Hi Zoe! Hope you are having a lovely day :D
    I was wondering what products you find that worked the most to control breakouts and kind of fade the spots scars and blemishes a bit. I would love if you could help me out cause I feel the need to try different products.

    Love ya loads <3

  • Izzy

    Thats soo cute xxxx

  • Really love your post ! You’re one of the best blogger hat I LOVE !

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    Such a lovely post, I love valentines day even as a single girl! I aways want to pamper myself and relax when i read posts like this!

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    Loved this post Zoe! The Too Faced Chocolate Bons Bons Palette is to die for! xx

  • Maya N

    Some of these products look amazing! Thanks for sharing xx

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    awe happy valentines day zoe! lots of love to you alfie & nala

  • Zay
  • Omg the packaging though ! I wish they’d make this all year round
    Love you zoe <3

  • oh this looks so gorgeous!!!!

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    So cute and colorful! I love the Too Faced blush palette!

    Suzanne –

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  • Hope you had a great day , love the photos they are stunning.
    Cute little Nala too . :) xx

  • Aww cute puppy XD I’ve always wanted one of those.

  • Jessica Wisener

    Love this post!!! I wish my photography was as incredible as yours, Zoe! Happy Belated Valentines Day!
    Check out my review of the February Ipsy Glam Bag (and Glam Bags in general) in my new blog post!
    Lots of Love from Alabama,

  • As a blogger myself I love the amazing flat lays. I’m working to get more creative in my own but you did an awesome job! #GOALS

  • This was a really interesting post! I love the Too Faced Blush Palette!! If you could do a review on the Blush palette that would be amazing!! xx

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    Check out my Lifestyles blog?

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    Lush love boxes are amazing
    You are so great Zoe
    I love the great tips and tricks you give

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    I wish there way more we could do about anxiety Zoe. It’s so bloody annoying. I’ve set up a Twitter account purely so I can reply to people trying to distract themselves by typing “anxiety attack” in to their Twitter. I’m trying to show people that I (and so many others) know exactly how it feels & how brave they are for putting that front up at work to get them through the day & for getting to the shop for bread & milk when it seemed like an impossible task. Thank you for speaking openly about it, I have no doubt you’ve helped 100s of people.
    Many thanks for reading this,

  • Lauren

    I wish there was more we could do about anxiety Zoe. It’s so bloody annoying. I’ve set up a Twitter account purely so I can reply to people trying to distract themselves by typing “anxiety attack” in to their Twitter. I’m trying to show people that I (and so many others) know exactly how it feels & how brave they are for putting that front up at work to get them through the day & for getting to the shop for bread & milk when it seemed like an impossible task. Thank you for speaking openly about it, I have no doubt you’ve helped 100s of people.
    Many thanks for reading this,

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    Hi I know this is a little late but I just saw that you posted this on my birthday. I love your blog and your youtube videos. I have recently found out that I might have a little bit of anxiety and your videos about it have really helped me out.

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    did Alfie or zoe blog on valentines day?

  • abby

    Happy Valentines!!!!! U r amazing Zoe!!!!

  • Ahh all these images are so beautiful, such lovely colours! Nala looks so adorable!

  • OMG OMG OMG! ♥
    Love everything!

    Have a Fabulous Tuesday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


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    Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Zoe!! Ilysm❤️🌟🍃💖💓

  • I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day Zoe! I can’t wait to purchase the Favourite Things Bag the next time I’m in the UK, I need it!
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