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Every once in a while, I feel the need to get a little more organised. When this happens, I get the sudden urge to buy new stationery and notebooks that end up sitting on my already stacked high pile in order to keep my life as scheduled as possible. We all know by now, that new pencils don’t actually mean you have become more organised, but they do increase your love of the work space you use and that is very important (that’s what I tell myself anyway). Are you using a biro that came free with insurance? Maybe what you need is to treat yourself to a new pen and an ice lolly rubber (Popsicle eraser for all you Americans out there) in order to love being a little bit more organised. There is something so exciting about opening a new journal, or having a new stack of cute post it notes to put on your desk. Back in my school days, I remember the thing that filled me with the most joy whenever a new school year started was buying a new pencil case and filling it with new bits and bobs. As i’ve grown older however, my love of all things stationery hasn’t subsided, I now just find ways of using it in my adult life and career and it still fills me with the same joy! Who doesn’t love rainbow pens and pencils with food on them?

I recently had a little splurge on a shopping trip to Bluewater and I thought i’d share my findings with you as I know that a lot of you also share my obsession!   

Paperchase Raindrop Box File
Paperchase Raindrop Zip Wallets
Paperchase Raindrop Wallets
Paperchase Copper Clips and Pins Set
Paperchase 36 Colour Pencil Set
Paperchase Geometric Thank You Cards
Paperchase Sticky Tabs
Paperchase Cute Rubbers
Paperchase Sticky Notes
Anthropologie Rifle Paper Co To Do List
Anthropologie Love Notes
Anthropologie Pencils
Anthropologie Pens
Anthropologie Calm Notes
Anthropologie Journal