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Edinburgh is one of those places i’ve been desperate to visit for a really long time. I went last year to do a book signing, but all I saw was the book shop, the hotel & the airport. I didn’t quite get the fill of historic Edinburgh that I had hoped and I always hear so many amazing things about it so I sat down with Poppy one afternoon and booked it. We decided to do a road trip (I know, you probably think i’m crazy) but there is something I find quite fun about driving and it adds something extra to the experience. All the best chats, lols and singing happen on long road trips and trust me, this was an epic one. Myself, Alfie, Poppy & Sean set off in the morning and headed to Liverpool for the first night. As I was appointed the driver, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do the full 8 hours in one day, so we decided to split the journey and make the most of Liverpool on our way up. I’ve visited Liverpool a few times before and I absolutely love it. It’s one of those cities that feels so clean and spacious and the people of Liverpool are always some of the most friendly and compassionate people you will ever meet. We stayed at the Titanic Hotel, which we found online as we were instantly drawn into the cool warehouse vibe of the rooms (it may have also been because of my love of all things Titanic related). The staff here were lovely and extremely tentative and the evening meal we had down in the restaurant was one of the best meals i’ve had in a long time. The atmosphere was just as I like it, dim light and lot’s of space (sounds particular but there’s nothing worse than a crowded, hot restaurant with bright lights…someone tell me i’m not alone here). 

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The next morning we all packed up the car and set off for Edinburgh. The drive up through the green hills was so breathtakingly beautiful. Although we drove 4 hours on the same stretch of road (I think I’ve driven the entirety of the M6) every bend we went round there was a view that looked like something from a postcard. There was not one part of me in that moment that wished I’d hopped on a plane instead, I’m not sure the boys who were sat in the back would agree with me though. We decided to stay in an AirBnb for our trip. I’ve personally never used AirBnb before, but I was very excited to give it a go and we found the perfect flat that was a great walking distance from both the new town and old town. It had beautiful high ceilings and the buildings were so decadent. We explored little cafes and sat on trip advisor to work out the best places to visit whilst we were there. One place that quite a few people had recommended we try for breakfast was “Urban Angel”. It had a really nice feel to it, and all the food served was organic and locally sourced (something that I’m quite used to now living in Brighton). It had a really nice relaxed vibe and the food was delicious. 

edinburgh-20-of-52edinburgh-21-of-52edinburgh-10-of-52edinburgh-45-of-52edinburgh-13-of-52edinburgh-12-of-52edinburgh-11-of-52edinburgh-33-of-52edinburgh-26-of-52edinburgh-19-of-52edinburgh-18-of-52We spent quite a bit of time exploring the area, but my favourite part was the old town. Particularly Cockburn Street on the way up to the Royal Mile that just felt like something in Harry Potter with its tall slender buildings winding up and around. The Royal Mile itself was packed with street performers and fringe festival goers. Although we didn’t decide to go to Edinburgh to visit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it made the trip that little bit more interesting. There was always something to stop and watch, whether that was someone breathing fire, telling jokes or playing music. We were very lucky that for the 4 days we were there, we had sunshine on 3 of them. We were constantly being reminded that we’d been so lucky to visit and have such great weather. I had one of those moments when we were strolling around of pure happiness with the sun shining, the beautiful scenery around us and someone playing the bagpipes, it’s impossible not to feel a huge smile creep over your face. It was so idyllic. Having lived near the City Of Bath, Edinburgh felt like a larger, slightly more grand scale of that. The streets seemed to go on forever and even though the architecture is some of the most beautiful I’ve experienced, it almost felt never ending. The flats where we stayed curved around a beautiful private park that is shared amongst residents living in the square. The idea of this made me want to purchase a property right there and then. We were told that once you buy or rent a property in the squares, you are given a key to the beautiful parks to use privately. SO DREAMY!

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Another place we stopped to eat was “Daylight Robbery” on Dublin Street. A quirky little cafe with a bar that offered a slightly different vibe in the evenings. The menu was great for vegetarians, vegans or the health junky and I ate the most delicious french toast I’ve ever had whilst we edited and did a bit of a work catch up. We also visited The Grassmarket on my mums recommendation (she’d visited a couple of days prior to us). In Grassmarket there were lot’s of cute little shops and amazing views of the castle. We stopped by “Pumpkin Brown” which was a really lovely little cafe with fresh juices and healthy snacks (I wanted a massive slab of chocolate cake at this point so I didn’t go for any of the raw cakes, however, Poppy tried some and said they were delicious). Eating in Edinburgh was so easy. There were so many different places to eat, you have all your traditional chain restaurants and so many independent places too. We had such a long list of places we wanted to try, but we didn’t have enough meals in the day to do so.

On day 2, we decided to go to Edinburgh Zoo as it was our only cloudy day. It was very easy to drive to from the center of the city and the zoo itself was very spacious (and hilly – DEAR GOD…I had no idea how up and down Edinburgh was. I gave my legs the best work out whilst I was there). We even got to see a panda and feed the penguins, but the one thing that made the day so great for me, was getting to feed an armadillo. Those things are just TOO CUTE and not something I’ve ever really thought about before. The shopping in Edinburgh is amazing. There is every single shop you could ever want and need. The one thing I also loved was the huge amount of independent shops selling all kinds of very interesting bits and pieces. Although shopping was actually the one thing we didn’t do that much of  (I know..shocking). 

edinburgh-15-of-52edinburgh-16-of-52edinburgh-14-of-52edinburgh-39-of-52 edinburgh-37-of-52 edinburgh-36-of-52edinburgh-32-of-522h2a9418-2Due to the fact that we were visiting Edinburgh over Fringe Festival, we were handed flyers for hundreds of different shows and performances happening in multiple different venues all over the city. We had decided that this visit was to make the most of Edinburgh and it’s beautiful sights (i.e. to be the biggest tourists ever), but we did manage to fit one show in which was “Castles In The Sand” by James Loveridge. James is the boyfriend of my friend Lucy, and I was desperate to see his show as I knew it would be hilarious. We met up with Marcus who was also visiting Edinburgh around the same time as us, and together we all sat in the downstairs of a bar and watched the show. I’ve never really been to see a stand-up comedian and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. It was brilliant and gave me a sudden desire to want to come back next year for Fringe and make a list of all the shows and performers I’d love to watch. Before leaving, we went to a little cupcake shop on Dundas Street called “Cuckoos Cupcakes” which I urge ALL OF YOU visiting Edinburgh to go to. They were some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. They were HUGE and they had them in every single flavour you could imagine, In fact I’m drooling just thinking about them. 

I felt so comfortable walking around Edinburgh, although it was a large city, it never felt overwhelming, even with it being one of the busiest times to visit. Everything I found myself standing in front of, I wanted to take a photograph of it. It was so breathtakingly beautiful and it completely captured my heart. On the 9-hour drive home (I know, call me crazy) I was already thinking about when I could plan my next visit and I miss it already. It’s one of those places I could definitely see myself living (it’s even near the sea). Although slightly a little too far for me to set up home, it’s definitely one of my favourite cities and I will be going back on the regular! Thanks for having me Edinburgh. 

  • I’m in love with your pics!!!!
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

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    love love love xx

  • Annette Petersen

    Ah, Edinburgh looks amazing! You should definitely plan a trip to Copenhagen if you haven’t been already. I think you’d really like it. It’s got that same cosy atmosphere and is surrounded by sea.

    Twitter // @annettexb

  • Katie Vince

    I live in Edinburgh and there are some places in this that I haven’t yet discovered! You looked like you had a fab time, and I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Come back soon!! Love you lots xx

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    Like always, I love your style of writing! And the pictures are amazing, I think I’m booking a trip to Edinburgh!

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    It was really lovely Zoe , it felt like I was reading a diary of ur days in Edinburgh. The pictures were sooooo good I literally loved all the pictures n all d pictures seemed to go by d description u gave . It also made me hungry at the same time . Luv u 💗

  • Annette Petersen

    Ah, Edinburgh looks amazing! You should definitely plan a trip to Copenhagen if you haven’t been already. I think you’d really like it. It’s got that same cosy atmosphere and is surrounded by sea!!

    Twitter // @annettexb

  • erin in wonderland

    honestly makes me happy that you decided to visit my city, as ive lived in it all my life i find it boring but im glad you liked it, i recommend the royal botanic gardens next time and come during the christmas season for the festivities, it’s beautiful x

  • marblebeauty

    Edinburgh is my all-time favourite city I have ever been too! It’s beautiful and interesting, I feel like it has so much personality! Beautiful photos


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    I think I need a new laptop… the drool from those Cuckoos Cupcakes pics proved too much!

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    Zoe! As usual I wonder how beautiful photos in your blogposts are! You definitely need to make a blogpost dedicated to photography!
    Also reading this makes me want to visit Edinburgh ( or at least the UK😂)
    Sending lots of love💗,
    Oksana x

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    This post makes me want to go to Edinburgh! I absolutely love the photos!
    You should come to Spain,love you lots♥

  • Celeste M

    Dear Zoe,
    Your trip sounds likes it was a lot of fun! I live on the east side of the US and I have a really packed schedule, but I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. My mom finally agreed that we would go to France for my grandma’s birthday to visit some family friends next summer. I was so excited when I found out, I felt like I was bouncing off the walls!

    When I watched your vlogs about your travels in Edinburgh, I really wanted to go there. A few days later, on the login screen on my laptop (Windows 10 changes the pictures every so often), there was a picture of these old, colorful townhouses or apartments from Edinburgh. The picture looked so cool and so pretty! Now this is all making me really want to go to Europe and see all the sites I can see.

    Thanks you for sharing your journey with us. And thank you for being such an amazing person.

    Celeste xx

    (P.s. I read ur first book in a boutique a week, now I’m onto ur second book and I’m more than halfway through it and I started it this morning! Can’t wait for the third one to come out, I got one of the signed on especially on pre-order!)

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    I’m so glad you enjoyed visiting the capital of my home country. I hope you come back to Scotland soon as there are so many more beautiful places here to visit. Loved this blog post and I definitely need to visit that cupcake shop now!! x

    Blog: daretodream123.wordpress.com

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    Beautiful photos and lovely writing 💕 Ive visited Edinburgh about 3 times and it sure is a beautiful and wonderful place. 😊 When we go to Scottland we normally stay in a haven park and there really fun places. 👍😁

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  • Edinburgh is definitely the best! I’ve been going since I was a kid as my dad lived there for a while and it’s always drawn me back. I’ve often thought about moving there but I chose Brighton instead too! I have a few posts about one of my trips to Edinburgh too if anyone fancies a gander http://www.hollysparkle.co.uk/2015/01/edinburgh-scottish-highlands-vacation.html and this one http://www.hollysparkle.co.uk/2015/02/the-elephant-house-edinburgh-review-ootd.html oh and I have a couple of vlogs from my visit in July too! http://www.hollysparkle.co.uk/2016/09/summer-scottish-highlands-adventures.html


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    This makes me appreciate my city so much more. I have lived in Edinburgh all my life and I feel like I’ve become too acclimatized to all it’s little quirks and amazing architecture.i don’t visit the heart of the city very regularly but I think I need to hop on a bus and go on a long wander.

  • Gorgeous pictures, I’m gutted I missed you – I visited Edinburgh for the first time the week before you I think! But I agree it’s absolutely stunning and the Fringe Festival just added to the experience. I loved seeing the shows and all the different types of performers and they were all so talented! Glad you had such a lovely time; all those cafes sound lush, I love cute cafes like them!



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    Anyways, great one! Hopefully I can go there sometime soon :) oh, and awesome photos!


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    I hope you had an amazing weekend, Zoë!

    Jeff. x | NAMELESSJEFF

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    I’ve been to Edinburgh before but tbh we didn’t do that much as we mainly looked around not too far from the hotel we were staying at, so I wish when we went there we would of explored more. I’d love to go to the Fringe one day as well. On the property front I think you should just go ahead and buy it, why not? haha x


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    If you ever have the chance, you have to visit at Christmas time. Edinburgh is just magical at Christmas!

    Beautiful photos + words as always!

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    Glad you enjoyed Edinburgh, its my 2nd home – Glasgow being my 1st. You visited some great places, even ones I hadn’t heard of. Thats the beauty of ‘The Burgh’ theres always somewhere new to try! Cuckoos is the business for cake, Mimi’s a close 2nd – head down the The Shore in Leith and try it next visit!

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    p.s: I also miss your vlogs… When can we expect new one?

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    This is such a wonderful post! Your photography is absolutely stunning and it’s great to hear that you all had a lovely getaway :) Thanks for sharing!


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  • Holly

    Also forgot to say – the Primark in Edinburgh has five floors. I repeat, FIVE FLOORS. The nicest time I’ve found to visit Edinburgh is at Christmas. There’s the wall of lights, the market which has theeee most lovely banoffee crepes, ice skating and music. It’s just so Christmassy (and it’s free!) Ahh I could rant all day.
    Holly x

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      • Hannah Crawford

        It is pretty much her own country, as a Scottish person I consider myself both Scottish and British, since the UK can pretty much be considered one country all together :)

        • Catherine

          I’m Scottish too ;) The UK is a state, Scotland and England are countries. We’re part of the UK but not England, I guess that’s my point. People often think Scotland is just an extension of England. I don’t know about you but I get called English all the time, even by English people. It’s important to make the distinction.

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    I live in Scotland but I don’t get to go to Edinburgh to often I wish I did though, one thing I do urge all of you to do is come to Edinburgh at Christmas and experience the German market. Edinburgh is like no other at Christmas and it is so beautiful. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Edinburgh and hope you come back soon, I would love to meet you next time you come up
    Love you so much zoë
    Never change xoxoxo
    Virtual hug <3

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    I will say my favorite part is the comments and stuff about how a 9hr car ride is long. Here in America that is like a not too long road trip that you could do in one day. I always forget how much smaller the UK is and how close things are. Such perspective.

    – Jess (@ jessmccune.blogspot.com)

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    love all your posts (and I’m loving reading your new book ‘Going Solo’, keep writing)

    Love -S xxxx

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    I’m from Edinburgh, deeply involved in arts and the Festivals and I love this post purely for how truly accurate it is in its description of one of the world’s most beautiful cities (ok I’m a little biased). Zoe, if you ever want an insider’s tour of the city and the best nooks and crannies of the Festival season, get in touch!! :) <3

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    Monica xXxXx

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    Hi Zoella- I’m glad you enjoyed edinburgh- I am currently on placement year in Livingston (20 mins train from edinburgh). Little tip, If you ever head back to Edinburgh you should take a day and jump on the train to Livingston and explore the designer outlet (It is essentially two massive shopping center which has ever shop imaginable).

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    Glasgow and the whole of Scotland captures my hopeful heart as well :)

    I saw that recently you visited Fat Duck in London and it looked amazing! Heston Blumenthal is a GENIUS. I did a whole blogpost two days ago about my experience at Dinner in Melbourne – another one of his helmed restaurants. Would love to visit Fat Duck on my next trip to London!


  • Eugenie Dixon

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  • Mia Stevenson

    Edinburgh is pretty cool. A little too busy and touristy for me though. Also I live just near Glasgow so I have to take the train. Scotland is amazing. Wether you’re in Edinburgh or a more country type area it’s beautiful. We are going up to tarbert (which is also great) at the beginning of march for Poppy’s (my dog) first holiday!! My grandpa would go there with his parents when he was young… the b&b where he used to stay still looks the same! Last time we stayed there we were in this log cabin and I really enjoyed it… Also on the drive up there is a chip shop in Arrachor that does fried mars bars!! Extremely unhealthy but extremely delicious!
    Zoe, I don’t know if you’ll see this but I think you are really inspiring… I have anxiety and was really depressed last year, I didn’t really want to continue living. And that’s a lot for a 13 year old.
    I had a panic attack today. I haven’t had one in a few weeks. I just read you’re post about anxiety and it made me feel better. Thanks for that. Last year I didn’t think that I’d see my little cousin start school, I didn’t know if I’d live to my fourteenth birthday… partly your videos helped. I would spend weeks cooped up in my room. Not eating, not leaving the house at all. But seeing other people’s lives on YouTube gave me something to live for. I have dreams… stuff that I want to do, that I want to achieve. You have Alfie, Nala, Percy and Pippin. You have a life. People who adore you, look up to you. I may not have much… but maybe I can do something with my life instead of being depressed, instead of worrying about EVERY detail.
    I didn’t have a great start in life. But I’m not going to live in the past. Thank you Zoella, for helping me realise that I have so much to live for.

    Umm…. that got really deep. Really long too.

    Well if you’ve made it this far then congrats, and thanks.

    Mia Xxx

  • Hót & Sexy – https://girlchanh.com/

  • Abbie Paton

    I love all the pictures Zoe!! i really get inspired by you, so i have made a blog for me to express my feelings and share pictures on the internet just like you. So… I just want to say thank you Zoe!! <3

  • Louise

    Edinburgh is huh-mazing! I live in fife which is just acorss the bridge from Edinburgh and I work in Dunfermline. its always my go to place for nights out, gigs and its always lovely during the fringe festival <3 Edinburgh!

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  • Helica Silva-Bamber

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  • I felt the EXACT same way when I visited too. I have been dying to go back and I constantly find myself looking at houses up there too


  • Helica Silva-Bamber

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    MUA Bristol xx

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  • Edinburgh looks like a magical place !
    Beautiful pictures , Zoe.


  • Aaliyah Patel

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    I want to visit edinburgh so bad

    • Aaliyah Patel

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    ‘Share’ by August Harvest

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  • Vân Hà
  • Dying to visit Edinburgh now!!
    What kind of camera would you recommend if I’m wanting to splurge on a “nice” camera that I can switch lenses and what not?

    xx, Jess

  • Wauw never been here, but it’s definitely on my list after seeing your pretty pics :)
    x Lisa

  • Edinburgh is a great city to visit. There’s so much to see. You could spend a couple of hours wandering around Edinburgh Castle.


    hey zoe! love ur posts!

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  • Amazing pictures! I stay in Edinburgh and connects with every word you have written here. Aug is the best time everyone should visit as there is gonna be Fringe Festival and more than 50,000 performances is going to happen. Want to know how you can plan for the fest, read http://travelografy.com/travel/fringe-festival/

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    Blog friends, anyone? :)

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    – Aasma


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  • Sean Inglis

    Edinburgh is a beautiful city, I have lived in many places all over the world and nothing beats coming back to my home town.
    Your photographs are amazing, truly captured it’s beauty so thank you for that.
    I do web design and my office is on the Royal mile in Edinburgh, so you can imagine going to work each day is a joy!
    One of the things I have never done though is go to the Military tattoo at the Castle, it is on my bucket list though!
    Cheers for being so talented, will keep following your work!
    Sean from https://edinburghdigital.com

  • I love Edimbourg…. Really nice city,

  • Susannah Parker

    ahh just looking at your photos makes me able to envision myself walking the streets of Edinburgh one day :))
    and why is European food just so much prettier than American food??
    much love…

  • Ffion Davies

    Beautiful snaps from your visit, I’ve been to Edinburgh once and had a ball.
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    • alex

      i am Edimbourg . destroyer of worlds

  • charlotte drysdale

    Hey Zoe I know that you posted this awhile ago but I just want to say how interesting it was. You might think it was just a blog but I found it really interesting. Also how did u set your website up as I would like to make a blog for when I do exciting things love ur vids xx

  • Zoe Lason

    I live in Edinburgh and I love it! Im always shopping and there are some beautiful bays around to explore as well. I moved here when I was around 4 or 5 and I have most certainly grown much more fond of the place ( now I’m 28 with one 1 year old). It is defo one of the pest places to go to in life and an excellent city for all ages. I love you zoella and me and my boyfriend both have sooo much of you and zalfies merch! Love you sooo sooo much, Zoe x

  • Michelline Cuna

    Absolutely loving your blog. The photos are gorge.

    Do check mine out http://www.mikotini.blogspot.com xx

  • MysticalBlueBerry

    does anyone know the camera she used to take these pictures?

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    P.S. Nala is adorable!!! :)

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    Im from Asia. What a beautiful country! Really want to visit EU.

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    I really want to visit the UK but I live in Australia and I am still in primary school (grade six)

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  • Love it
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  • this is so beautiful. Would love to visit here.

  • Such fun photos! Would love to try the fresh juices at Pumpkin Brown :)


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