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You probably know by now, that any excuse I get to throw together a themed baking extravaganza, I go at it like a crazy woman, sprinkles in one hand and my camera in the other. As Easter was fast approaching, I decided i’d try out some fun, quick & fairly simple treats and bakes so that anyone could give them a go without having a high level of baking skill. Maybe you’re the sort of person that normally messes up a cake from a packet, in which case, at least a handful of these are right up your street, and you have no excuse if these go wrong. Easter baking for me, involves a hell of a load of chocolate, eggs (be it creme eggs or mini eggs) and lot’s of pretty pastel shades and I feel like all those boxes are ticked with these treats. I decided to make these all in one day, which was certainly do-able for those of you reading this who might be throwing an Easter party this weekend. I however, just had a little pity party for one with chocolate in my hair, shredded wheat in my pockets and my kitchen looked an absolute mess. It was all completely worth it though, and everything is so tasty! I’ve listed all the ingredients below, but be sure to watch the video to see the methods! Happy Easter everybody, hope you all have an amazing, chocolate-fuelled weekend.

For instructions on how to make these cute Easter Treats, check out the video!


In the video, I made:

Mini Confetti Meringues (based on this recipe)

3 medium egg whites
150g caster sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
Gel Food colour
200g White Chocolate Sprinkles

Creme Egg Rocky Road (based on this recipe)

150g Unsalted butter
250g Dark chocolate, chopped
150g Milk chocolate, chopped
4 Tablespoons Golden syrup
180g Mini Creme Eggs, unwrapped
180g Mini marshmallows
150g Digestive biscuits, crushed into chunks
150g White chocolate, chopped
8 Creme Eggs (full size, unwrapped)

Creme Egg Puff Pastry Rolls 

Creme Eggs/Galaxy Caramel Eggs  

Puff Pastry (ready to roll)

Easter Marshmallow Rice Krispie Squares (based on this recipe)

90g Butter
260g Marshmallows
1tsp vanilla
1tbsp butter
170g Rice 

Easter Chocolate Nests 
300g Dairy Milk Chocolate
6 Shredded Wheat ‘biscuits’
Mini Eggs

Creme Egg Cupcakes (based on this recipe)

100g plain flour
20g cocoa powder (I use cadbury bourneville)
140g caster sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
40g unsalted butter (essential that it is at room temperature)
120ml whole milk 
1 egg
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Bag of frozen cadbury creme eggs (vital that they’re frozen)


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    All of them look so delicious! I will probably never be able to recreate anything close to that…


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  • These look amazing Zoe! I love the look of the rocky road as a big fan of the original myself! I can’t wait to try these! ps. love your easter tree! xx


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  • Justine Di Tommaso

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  • Jade

    Hi Zoe! After watching your YouTube video on Easter Baking, I decided your treats looked to good to not make so I attempted to make them! I made the Creme Egg Rocky Road and the Easter Nests. They look amazing like yours and taste delicious! I decided to cut the rocky road into little squares and put them in cute little cupcake cases because they were a bit crumbly! Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow! Hope you have a lovely day! x

  • Jade

    Hi Zoe! After watching your YouTube video on Easter Baking, I decided your treats looked to good to not make so I attempted to make them! I made the Creme Egg Rocky Road and the Easter Nests. They look amazing like yours and taste delicious! I decided to cut the rocky road into little squares and put them in cute little cupcake cases because they were a bit crumbly! Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow! Hope you have a lovely day! x

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    (in this recipe you said 1tsp butter but it’s milk :))

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    PS: You inspired me to make my blog, made it ages ago but it's all thanks to you and Tanya Burr


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    If anyone’s has a spare minute, care to check out my blog? jadeyrae.wordpress.com thank you xx

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    i love chocolate so the nests are perfect i used to make them when i was little with my dad <3
    and you are such a big inspiration to so many people including me !!!
    you are so beautiful, talented and cute i have took so much from you including my blog :)
    you always put a smile on my face even when i'm down xoxo
    i love you ❤️ :)


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    • Just had a look and it is a close call between these and your french toast! :D

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    Aleeha xXx

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    Anyone want to support a small blog:
    Thank you xxx

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    Thank you for the afternoon of fun we had.
    Réiltín, xoxo <3

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    Love you and please continue making everyone happy.
    Love, Vickylovezoella x

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    I made both the cute chocolate nests and the meringues for my family for our Easter get together and they were a hit!

    Thank you,

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  • I think I will make these treats for my friend!


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