Okay, so I have to admit i'm not the biggest fan of mince pies. I've tried to like them over the years I really have, but there's just something about the currents and sultanas that I can't quite stomach. This doesn't however stop me from baking them or eating the warm shortcrust pastry once the festive season comes around. I like that some of the mincemeat juice soaks into the pastry to give it a lovely christmassy taste (without actually eating the entire filling). The below is a simple, very easy to follow recipe that I used to make my mince pies this year, and the mincemeat was a christmas spice version of the original and although I didn't eat it, everyone else told me it was delicious! haha. How do you make your mince pies? 

Servings: Makes 12

Difficulty: Easy!

    You will need...

  • 680g Plain Flour
  • 400g Cold Unsalted Butter
  • 4 tbsps Caster Sugar
  • 5 Large Egg Yolks (Keep one aside for brushing the tops!)
  • 8 tbsp Cold Water
  • 1 Pinch Salt
  • 1 Jar Mincemeat – I like Waitrose’s Christmas Signature Spice

Preheat the oven to 175oC
Sift together the flour and salt into a bowl. Using your fingers, rub in the cold butter until you have a crumble-like mixture. Stir in the sugar and egg yolks, and add the water a tablespoon at a time until the mixture draws together to make a dough. Press the dough into a ball, and wrap in clingfilm to chill for 10 minutes.

Roll out onto a clean surface, dusted with flour using a rolling pin. Using a round cutter, I prefer ones with fluted edges, cut out circles to fit into the muffin tin. Grease your muffin tin with butter before gently pushing the circles in. Add a teaspoon full of mincemeat into each mince pie. With the remaining dough, cut out little shapes like stars and pop onto the top of the pies. Brush over with the remaining egg yolk. Bake for 15-20 minutes until glossy and golden brown! Best served warm with a christmassy drink or a glass of milk!


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  • Kayleigh

    Beautiful photos and yummy mince pies! The blog looks stunning at the moment :-)

  • Carly Setzer

    These look delicious!!! I’m not too sure mince pies are as popular where I live, but I think I’m going to bring it over. DETERMINED!!!


  • Iris

    I really want to make these but I don’t think they sell mince meat in the Netherlands :( Maybe I can find some and else I’ll just make my own. :D

  • LittleMizzGing

    Zoe love this post! These sound amazing and I can’t wait to make
    them. My mouth is literally already watering! You’re the reason I started my blog. You inspire myself and so many others, and have had a huge impact on my life. Have a very blessed and merry Christmas. May it be as lovely as you are.

    -LittleMizzGing (blogger.com)

  • Ioana Beatrice ♥

    Amazing ♥☺♥☺♥

  • I’m the same I’ve never liked mince pies and couldn’t understand why everyone did but I love the smell of them! You’re pictures are so gorgeous they’ve made me feel festive and cosy, can’t wait for 24 Days Of Zoella by the way!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  • Liyah GoesHollywood

    WAO Zoe thats just amazing!!!!
    love it!

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Looks amazing! Same as you, I’m not really into Christmas traditional foods, except for gingerbread (lol). Am seriously in love with the snow in your bloooog! So cute


  • Toni

    Wow they look delicious! I am not the biggest fan of mince pies either but I will give this recipe a try!
    By the way happy 1st of December! I can’t wait for 24 Days of Zoella! Let the christmas magic begin!


  • Oh wow these look delicious!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Maggie

    Oh these look good! I normally make my filling homemaid but this one is so much easier!!


  • These look yummy. I d never heard of them but they look so festive.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • It looks amazing!! Love your blog!


  • Looks delicious! Your measuring spoons are so cute!

  • Erzë Pallaska

    I love the snow in your blog! Also the Mince Pies look amazing, :)


  • These look adorable Zoe! Love how festive your site is looking

  • I’m not the biggest fan of mince pies either but I think they would be really fun to make. Especially in America with my boyfriend and his family as they don’t have mince pies over there x


  • I don’t think I’ve ever had mince pies before but what you made looks really good, Zoe! Beautifully shot & displayed, too! Also, I’m loving all the snow here. 😁☃️👍🏼


  • Kara Stone

    It looks so yummy! Mince pies and mulled wine are my favourite on Christmas Eve

  • looks amazing! in Germany we never make nor eat something like that – and to be honest meat pies always reminds me soooo much of sweeney todd HAHA but yours look really ahmazind and so christmassy. :)

  • BraeShea

    I’ve never tried mince pies, but I know that they’re a traditional Christmas treat, so I will have to give it a go! Also, I love the new snow feature of the blog! So cute! xoxo

  • Erin

    They turned out beautifully! I’ve never eaten one but I don’t think I’d like them. Surprisingly I don’t really like many Christmas foods.

    Erin | http://www.beingerin.com/

  • They turned out so well!! I actually LOVE mince pies. My family has them with Thanksgiving AND Christmas. I want to try this mini pie recipe though! Also, loving the snow on your page :)

  • Kati

    Your blog is so christmassy and cute! Also the mince pies look amazing! And the photos are great! <3


  • These look so delicious!!! I’ve never had mince pies but wow these look nice. I love the star pastries on top <3


  • Well we know what we’ll be serving at Blogosphere HQ now!

  • *rushes to shops to buy ingredients*

  • these look so nice zoe and can i say i’m obsessed with the little falling snow effect on your blog right now!


  • These look amazing Zoe! I’m not a big fan of mince pies either, but after seeing this post, I do really want to make them! Ps. Love the snow! I feel really festive after reading this while listening to your christmas playlist! xx


    • Jemma – Rose

      These look so cute Zoe! Neither am I, I love this post though, So do I! Ps. I absolutely love the snow! I am getting so festive already, Christmas songs are my jam! Xx

  • Madalena Dantas

    I’m pretty sure I’m gonna to try this (: They seem so delicious!!!

    New blog here: http://maadalenaaa.blogspot.com

    Have a lovely day,



  • These look amazing!! I will be making them soon! X

  • YUM! These look so good! Also, I am loving the festive feel of your blog right now!

    Meghan | http://measmeghan.blogspot.com

  • These look so delicious. Need to try!! Love the snow on your site :D


  • Carolina S

    They look delicious, Zoë! I just wish I could find the ingredients where I live. I’ll just stick to watching your beautiful pictures. And by the way, the blog looks so perfect with the snowflakes and everything. Lots of love from Romania! I can’t wait for the #24DaysOfZoella :D

  • Barbara Maria

    Zoe I love love love the snow!! It is just beautiful! I wish I could have it on every page and my desktop through christmas time. :) Its so calming… Merry Christmas to you!! xx
    And lovely recipe and blogpost in general!!!

    Insta: @bvuzm

  • Great post zoella :)
    love the snow falling on the screen xxx


  • Emma Swan13

    I love your new Christmas additions to your blog- cute! ;D

  • Abbie

    I love the Christmas theme!!!

  • My Mindful Diary

    Cant wait for more of your Christmas posts!

    My well-ness lifestyle blog: mymindfuldiary.blogspot.com

  • Weronika D

    Zoe !! Your blog theme and posts ar eaming me way too excited for christas !! not complaining thought :D


  • I wish I could stage my photos as good as you! Feeling so much more Christmasy already! :)

  • Cassie Parsons

    The mince pies look amazing! Love the star on the tops xx Never actually knew you could buy pre-made mincemeat either!


  • Zoel

    I’m not a big fan of these but they look delicious! You’re such a great baker! Love you a lot x


  • Mixed RobloStars

    Love it !! Going to try them definitely xx

  • These look incredible Zoe! Also, I love the snow effect!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Megan McDade

    I am not a fan of mince pies either the filling just doesn’t taste but I do love the pastry. Your mince pies are look so nice and there easy too make a bonus.

    Megan @ http://readingawaythedays.blogspot.co.uk

  • Aadya Sanghi

    Love the snow fall thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sooo cute…and they must be so yummy!

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  • meme ayyad

    Love you zoe … You are amazing

  • Theses look so cute! I love the snow affect on your blog

  • Mince Pies are one of my favorite holiday treats!!! I’ve never made them by hand but i might have to try this year!


    • Kayla

      i love the way your blog looks and you are stunningly beautiful.
      look at my blog?

  • The Hotspoter

    love everything ! the snow, the pics, the videos !! forever fan of yours ! can’t wait to see all the xmas videos !! HO-HO-HO :D

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    Loving the snowflakes! Hopefully I’m not the only one that can see them:’) I’m lovig everything Christmas Zoella,not that I wasn’t before but I think I’m obsessed xxx

  • Stella

    The Look Really Nice!

    It Would Be Awesome If You Could Check Out My Blog!

  • I love how these look! Mince pies look and smell gorgeous but I actually hate the taste of them sadly : (

    Great Post X


  • Ellie (fc 3196-3234-8637

    Really want to try these! I have always been a fan of mince pies with lots of cream, warmed up in the microwave!

    Totally gonna try em
    Ellie xx


  • Jenny M

    I literally tried mince pies for the first time yesterday…. which is bad because i’m 22 :P I feel the same about them. Edible but not my favorite option. Yours look fab in the pictures though! x


  • They look so fancy and yommi
    hope you´ve had an amazing 1 december


  • jjess2011

    I’ve never liked the concept of mince pies either, but I might just have to try this recipe out :) And, I really love that it’s snowing on your blog now. It made me giggle as soon as I saw it :)

  • Those mince pies look so delicious! perfect for Christmas x


  • Aww the snowflakes on your blog are amazing!

  • I must say, I’ve never had a mince pie, but those look delicious!!
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Charlotte

    I don’t like mince pies either but they still make me feel festive! Love your photography Zoe

  • Lily-Ann <3

    I thought I was the only one who didn’t like them aha xxx lyl zoe

  • Lily-Ann <3

    Good luck with vlogmas and all the videos xox

  • lucy prosser

    These look so good! I’ve only just started getting into mince pies from last christmas, so i really want to try making them this year! Loving the snow too :P

    Lucy xoxox


  • I have never ever tried mince pies and these look really tasty! (also I love that the little snowflakes are falling about your blog) I’m glad you shared this! Maybe i’ll attempt to make one! :) xx Kenzie

  • These look so lovely! I’ve never been a mince pie person either but these really do look delicious! Love the fake snow too hehe xx

    Brigitte | brigittehayley.com

  • Leah

    I am not a big fan of mince pie so I don’t eat therefore I don’t try to attempt to bake them because whilst I bake, I have to know how something tastes. That’s just how I roll…


  • Oh my goodness I love all the snowdrops…feeling very festive on your blog :)

    I’m not a fan of mince pies either but maybe fill them with some sort of chocolate orange filling?? hmmm…maybe I should blog about that myself :P xx


  • This recipe sounds delicious! I’ve only ever bought mince pies before now, so I really need to rectify that and try making my own, this year!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  • These look sooo good! I’m not a massive fan of mince pies either, but I may make these for the rest of my family!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • Mmmm they look so delicious – I have never tried Mince Pies before but seeing this post makes me want to :) Happy first of December!!


  • Ivett Kara

    loving the snow affect on your blog Zoe!Literally just watched your November favorites,it was amazing obviously.Nice recipe as well,might give it a try with my mum :) Xxx

  • Pippa

    I love your blog and your youtube channel, you inspire me everyday zoe!


  • Ella Elizabeth

    They look so yummy,beautiful photography too ! x


  • Monochrome Roses

    these look amazing, ooh! I am definitely going to have to try these! can’t wait for your vlogmas by the way :) x


  • I love warm mince pies when Christmas comes around, I’ve never tried to make them tho, maybe I will this year. Wild love you to take a look at my Blogmas xx


  • Olivia-Rae Vlogs

    Looks amazing Zöe! The snow really makes me feel all Christmasy!!! Luv u lotsxx

  • Mmm I’ll definitely be making these this Christmas I think. However I agree I’m not the biggest fan, I can eat one and that’ll be more than enough (I’d still rather a cake or apple pie though), but as you’ve said it’s the baking that’s the best part! They look so yummy, adorable and autumnal in your photos, I hope mine turn out as good!

    JosieVictoriaa // josievictoriaa.blogspot.co.uk // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  • Gabi

    I actually have run my own style blog as well and I usually hate to self promote but if after this video anyone has time or is interested it would mean a whole lot to me if you just checked it out:)!

    I post often and I am just seeking some support<3


  • Melissa E. Rentas

    Amazing pictures. Thanks for the eye candy. I’ve been wanting to make something different for Christmas… but I’ll wait to make something that you actually like. I’m pretty sure I won’t like this either… lol

  • Trudy Johanna

    Loving the snow effect you have on the blog! I’m not a massive mince pie gal but these do look good!
    Trudy x | TrudyJohanna

  • Lou’s Corner

    Oh thank you for this little post! It’s looking so great! :D I wanna try this as fast as I can (and hopefully they will be looking as good as yours!)

  • Pareen

    Your photos are great! I love the snow too!

  • Alexandra

    Don’t like mince pies either, but these look amazing, might have to try making them one day. http://collectivestrand.com

  • Cant wait to try this recipe!! The photos look amazing Zoe :’) x


  • bridget


  • Mary Field

    Well at least they look cute right? haha thats always the point :) It’s funny that the majority of people I know don’t actually like mince meat pies, but we all make them because its such a christmassy thing to do! And just to add to everyone else’s comment- the snow is super adorable and extremely creative! Honestly have never been to a site that has ever done this but it was such a great idea :)

    {my blog} http://www.lavitabella7.com

    • Ashley

      I agree, the snow was so clever!!

    • I feel the same about mince pies, I thought I was the only one that secretly hated them and just ate them for the sake of Christmas spirit haha

      And I LOVE the snow on the blog. As soon as I noticed it I just thought ‘of course it’s got to be zoella that has snow on her blog’. I’ve never come across a blogger that is more excited about Christmas so the snow makes sense!

      Sam xx
      http://www.smart-twenties.com – how to make the most of your twenties

    • Jemma – Rose

      Yes they look so cute! Haha yes it is :) Yes I know right, Yes it is! I know it is so cute- It is so cute and super amazing! It was such a great idea ;) Xx

      (My blog) http://simplyjemma-rose.blogspot.co.nz Xx

    • I’ve never heard nor tasted mince pies before! This makes it a must try for me even if a lot of people here as saying they don’t actually like it much. I’m still curious. Also, your blog’s looking amazing Zoe! All the snow is making me feel all festive even if technically it doesn’t snow from where I am. :)


    • Kayla

      I love your blog! You are so beautiful and it looks so wonderful.
      Maybe give my blog a little look?

    • Jack Wills

      I codent agree more

  • Brianna Sullivan

    I love the two where you are powdering the pies! Such a great action shot! And I love the second to last picture with the milk. I’ve never had a mince pie!

    XO Bri | Brianna Sullivan

  • Jemma – Rose


  • These look SO amazing Zoe! I’m a big fan of the Christmas layout on your blog <3

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

  • Spare Time

    Aww this looks so cute! i lovely your christmas theme on your blog!

  • Amazing! Gonna make these on Christmas Eve http://beautifullyme.in/

  • the snowing effect is totally taking me back to xanga days! hahaha lovely post as always zoe x happy december!


  • I’ve never had mince pies but I find it sweet that you take the time to make them anyways, hehe! Love the falling snow on your blog, Zoe! And I’m so excited for #24daysofZoella! <3


  • I’m not too big a fan of mince pies either but this looks like a great recipe to make as something to contribute at a Christmas party :)


  • They look delicious!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • Amy

    THEY LOOK SO CUTE! I love the snow on your blog too.. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  • I’m not a fan of mince pies either, but these do look really really good!
    I absolutely love how festive your blog is!! You definitely can deck the halls, Zoe! ;) <3


  • Imaan Shamsi

    Amazing post as usual… I’m always waiting for your newest posts! Love the snow effect… PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE tell me how you did it!

  • Samantha Frances

    I’m the same I’m not particularly a fan of mince pies so I just substitute them for a festive yule log! :) I might try this recipe out though because my entire family seems to love mince pies! lovely post :) xxx

  • Just like you, I’m not really a big fan of Mince pies, they’re just quite weird for my liking. This does look easy to make, as you said. But the candy cane straw is deffo going to be one my NEEDS. They’re so cute!

    P/S: LOVING the snow falling as we read this post, so christmassy!

    Love you! Xx

  • Jaz❤️Maya

    I am completely the same. I look at sultanas and think, Eww, a shrivelled grape, yuck but, once again Zoe you made them look amazing and just looking at them makes me think that maybe, I would like a mince pie.
    Thank you, Zoe for another amazing recipe!🎄☃❄️

  • They look so tasty and I would actually take a bite even though I am not a big fan of mince pie either.

  • I love your photos! So so pretty!

  • These looks so cute! Also I love your Christmas theme! It’s snowing OMG!


  • Whitney Paige

    I really love how you’ve Christmas-fied your blog! It makes my heart happy :) and I’m from America so I’m not sure if mince pies are even a thing here, but I’ve never tried them. But they do look beautiful lol


  • They look so cute! Might have to try it for Christmas too… Weirdly enough I have never tried one, I guess that makes me weird


  • These look so delicious :-) I love how you made your blog make more festive, by the way! X

  • Kala Blondie xo

    This is AMAZING and I love mince pies so 100% I’m trying this out!

    Check out my Blogmas!!!

  • RozIz

    I live in the US and am not sure I can find mince meat without going to a speciality store but I would love to try these. Maybe I’ll find a nice chunky jam instead. Check out my food blog for more baking & cooking: http://www.rosiessweetlife.com :)

  • I don’t think mince pies are a very popular thing where I’m from, but I’m DETERMINED to bring them here!!!!



  • Sophie Daisy

    I’m the same as you Zoe! I’ve never been keen on mince pies I just pick off the yummy pastry bit!


  • Yashashvi Kanodia

    Looks delicious! I have a blog too, it might brighten up your day,

  • A bird house of a blog

    What a lovely post, I love the new style of your blog it is very ‘zoella’ it makes me feel very inspired. I love making mice pies although last year I stupidly trusted my mum to cook them and they all got burnt. Hope you have a nice December

    Octavia xxxxx


  • Emma

    I’ve never heard nor tasted mince pies before! I am gonna try them one day:) Also, your blog’s looking amazing Zoe! The snow is such a great idea!


  • KayxLaurenx

    They look really cute and Christmassy. Not that I would eat them because I am the same, I don’t like minced pies but they probably taste amazing!

    I love the new Christmassy theme to your blog, especially the snow! It really gets you into the Christmassy mood. I am just reading through all your Christmassy blog posts in my Christmas jumper and craving some ginger bread :)

    Lauren x | Twitter: KayxLaurenx

  • thelizzyukz

    i’m with you Zoe I only eat the pastry and leave the actual filling but the rest of my family actually likes mince pies. I might try this recipe out as we usually just buy them because we never have time to bake in our house. ps. Love the snow!

  • kirstie greaves

    These look so delicious!! http://www.minimalluxe.com

  • Mariella

    They look so yummy!

    I love the Christmassy makeover on your blog.

  • Bomb Cosmetics

    You are more than welcome to send a fresh batch of these over to us at Bomb HQ!

  • Emma Brown

    Those look great! I kinda want to like them so that i can make them because they just look so christmassy!
    Please go check out my blog here’s the link. (http://emmabbrown.weebly.com), and also thanks for the inspriation to start a blog for my own!! I love you and your family so very much! Emma x

  • OMGGGG I LOVE IT ! I reaaally need to try these ! The pictures are awesome, good job Zoe ! <3 Love you ! xx


  • Custard cream

    I am with you here with not being the biggest fan of mince pies, much to my family’s despair! But I have to agree that they look soooo nice! I’m really liking the snow on your blog, its making me feel so excited for xmas! also the Christmas lights and the santa hat are a really cute touch. I am so glad you starting blogging again, for ages I was waiting for you to do post and for the past few months you have been doing and your blog just makes me so happy!

    [my blog] http://custardcream2003.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Sabahat Kazmi

    Omg it looks amazeballs (in the words of my friend). By the way, I love the snow.

  • I’m definitely going to try this recipe soon. It’s so festive and cute.
    Aleksanna | http://aleksannax.blogspot.de

  • I love mince pies! I wish we had ready made mince meat in Finland though. I can’t bother to make it myself hehe.
    Emma xx


  • I love this environment and the background blurry lights <3 x

  • Madai Martinez

    Aww the snow does definitely add some warm christmassy feelings to this all, as I’m from the US I’ve never tried a mince pie, haha whenever I heard the word I thought that what was being said was “mint pie” lol but I would definitely want to try out this recipe maybe I can start that UK tradition over here in the US! Lol all the love Zoe!

  • Priya

    I don’t think mince pies, never really tried them properly but these look gorgeous

  • Kayla

    I live in America, so I have never really heard of these before. I’ve had a toaster strudel, and I am not a big fan of the filling on the inside, so I must feel the same way. It is just too strong and takes away from the pastry itself.

    [My blog] kaylaloureiroblogs.weebly.com

  • Rachelbellebeauty

    I loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx


  • Ugh I agree with you so much! I love making them and making little shapes to put on top, but I actually hate the inside. I just each the pastry and throw away the rest :) Love the snow!!


  • Wow they look amazing! So cool. I love the idea with the star in the middle we don’t do this in Switzerland but its a great idea! Is there an alternative to mincemeat – I don’t really know where to buy that :) xoxo http://whatskatieupto.com

  • minyuk

    Zoeee your blog looks so festive and amazing omg I love it!!!

    Please check out my blog – http://the-eighth-life.blogspot.my/

  • Liv Wareham

    Loving all your Christmas blog posts. :)

  • Amandeep

    Hi Zoe, those look so cute and yummy, I am totally going to try to make these at Christmas, hopefully they taste as good as they look, I also must comment on the snow effect you’ve got on your blog, it is practically chucking it down with snow on my iPad screen it is the most smartest thing I’ve ever seen in my life… Love ya Xxxx

  • Russian Bae

    This is so helpful and seems like a really good recipe! I love mince pies so much and for someone who doesn’t love mince pies too much, if you can actually enjoy these, they must be good! I’ve always wanted to make mince pies but never got around to it and just never bothered looking for the recipe, these seem great, I am definitely trying these! :) Oh btw the pics of your little mince pies are soo frickin cute!! They look like they literally came out of a magazine, for me they just scream Christmas! Love you lots and lots Zoe thank you for the recipe! xxxxxxx P.S. I love the snow falling down onto your blog and am really enjoying your vlogmas and Christmas videos so far xxxx

  • Becky Hughff

    I’m not the biggest mince pie fan either but you might these look so tasty!


  • I’m not a fan of mince pies either but my mum likes them so I might just try and make some for her. Perhaps I’ll add a twist and make some different ones for myself. I’m so excited for Christmas too though, such a happy time of the year!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • Beautiful photos Zoe, and yummy!

  • love a mince pie! will be giving these a go when i’m back home from uni xx

  • Youre pictures are everything goals! Even though I’ve never had a minced pie before, yours look so good!

  • I feel the same way about mince pies, I really wish I liked eating them. Yours turned out beautifully, happy holidays xx


  • zara wood

    i I’m so excited I’m making these today they look amazing and i love mince pies they are my favourite christmas treat and i will be making these for christmas dinner and christmas morning. your so talented and i love this idea. so excited for christmas and all your lovely blog posts, blogs, and 24 days of Zoella

  • LaBelleMama♡

    These photos are so beautiful!! Also…yum!

  • Does anybody know what camera Zoe uses to take these photos? x

  • ahh i love mince pies, definitely my favourite festive treat! love the post:) xo

  • Stasy Kendel

    I absolutely love your photography Zoe! You seem to be thinking about every single detail when taking a photo: about lighting, about different angles, about different lttle additional things like beads and glass of milk and other stuff. Your photography is really cool! Love your posts <3

  • AnibaeAsh

    The photos are gorgeous! I had to google what was in mincemeat and I don’t think it is something I would enjoy, but hey at least they look cute :)

  • Jemma Houkes

    I can’t wait to make these this winter!!

    (my blog) http://jemmahoukes.wix.com/just-life

  • Jack Wills

    Looks lovely x

  • Ashley Naples

    Do you know what the equivalent of some of the recipes are in the USA, or does anyone know where I can find all of the ingredients in the US? I would really love to try these. :)

  • Holly Milne

    Omg they look so tasty I had an attempt of making them and they didn’t turn out like they did on the pictures but they still tasted good 😀

  • Those look super cute! I want to try to make those this Christmas season!

  • I really want to attempt to make mince pies this year! Its defo not christmas without them.. this recipe looks simple enough so i’m hoping i won’t mess up making them that badly x


  • DaisyP

    Hi Zoe I just wanted to say that I went to enter your Christmas present competition on the 6th of December 2015 but the information on the sticker on the front of the book was completely different to the information on the website – I was gutted. I am not blaming it on you at all, you are my idol, I was just really disappointed because you are my favourite Youtuber. I have sent an email to the link on the website with the information to enter just in case, but I wanted to tell you how upset I was, love you, Daisy aged twelve x

  • Amina Ayub

    love mince pies

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    I do love your food pictures, I hope I’ll be able to take such good pictures someday :) The mince pies look amazing ♥

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    Hey Zoella I really don’t like mince pies but I really do like and enjoy baking festive produce during the Christmas period for e.g mince pies for my family and friends as they enjoy my baking.

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    it’s not christmas without them though, great post zoe ! xxx


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    This is the second time I have made mince pies following this recipe. I seem to always be able to make 24 but I like my pastry thin. Very tasty and my neighbours and friends seemed to like them hence the 2nd batch! So much better than shop bought! Thanks Zoe! Merry christmas 🎄 Xxx

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  • I’m Canadian but my dad is very very British, his dad was born in England and his mothers family was from wales. He has an obsession with mince meats pies at Christmas time and I have never understood it, so i’m with you on this… not a fan but I definitely do think they look real cute! And great job either way, they were probably fun and interesting to make!


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