20160219_ZOESUGG_SLGSHOT_01_0012_FINALI’ve been very lucky in my 7 years of blogging and vlogging (YIKES, where has the time gone?) to have been given so many amazing opportunities, but perhaps the most exciting was to publish my own book series: Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour. Of course, as well as writing, my other big passion is for reading. I was always a bookworm growing up, and still today, despite spending so much time online and staring at a screen, nothing is quite as special as picking up a new book and getting lost in it. It’s one of the only things I do that doesn’t require wifi, and I love it (and much needed every now and then). 

I’m therefore really excited to announce that I’m launching a book club with WH Smith which is coming into stores from early June (WOOHOO). It’s going to be a fun and amazing way to share my favourite books, authors and stories with my readers, viewers and followers! It’s launching at the beginning of the summer too, a perfect time for a spot of holiday reading!


I’m going to be doing A LOT of reading over the next few months to choose my eight top picks to go into the first book selection so let me know any suggestions you’d think i’d enjoy and similarly you think others would enjoy too. Keep your eyes peeled on the WHSmith website for more details.