20160219_ZOESUGG_SLGSHOT_01_0012_FINALI’ve been very lucky in my 7 years of blogging and vlogging (YIKES, where has the time gone?) to have been given so many amazing opportunities, but perhaps the most exciting was to publish my own book series: Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour. Of course, as well as writing, my other big passion is for reading. I was always a bookworm growing up, and still today, despite spending so much time online and staring at a screen, nothing is quite as special as picking up a new book and getting lost in it. It’s one of the only things I do that doesn’t require wifi, and I love it (and much needed every now and then). 

I’m therefore really excited to announce that I’m launching a book club with WH Smith which is coming into stores from early June (WOOHOO). It’s going to be a fun and amazing way to share my favourite books, authors and stories with my readers, viewers and followers! It’s launching at the beginning of the summer too, a perfect time for a spot of holiday reading!


I’m going to be doing A LOT of reading over the next few months to choose my eight top picks to go into the first book selection so let me know any suggestions you’d think i’d enjoy and similarly you think others would enjoy too. Keep your eyes peeled on the WHSmith website for more details. 

  • Della Driscoll

    That’s so exciting! I’m such a bookworm too, always have been since I was little xxx


  • shelby

    Aw yay! This is so cool zo, ive wanted to do alot more reading recently too so this is perfect x

  • idil

    So photoshoot was for this! Amazing , I’m too exited, can’t wait until June :) love u Zoe :*

  • Ena

    Love this ♥♥😍

  • Debra-BOW Clarke

    Woo!! This is so exciting xx

    http://www.debrabow.com ❤️

  • Good luck with this! It’ll be really good!

    Jemima x

  • Taneika

    This is so exciting! I blog (and make YouTube videos) about books and it’s SO exciting to see you encouraging and sharing the love for reading :) I can’t wait!!

  • Berna B

    You have to read “Getting Over Garrett Delaney” by Abby McDonald and “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson. Such fun reads, I think you would enjoy them! :)

  • Billie-Joe Winter-Kelly

    Yay bookworms unite! thanks for thinking outside the box Zoe. Looking forward to seeing who you pick and enjoying their stories.

  • R A H_3002

    You look so gorgeous in these pictures <3 Love your new hair, really suits you!!!

  • Aisha

    You’re stunning !! ♥♥ this is a lovely thing.. so sad I don’t live in UK :(


  • Jamiie

    Zoella! You should read Beautiful Broken Things! Strong girl characters and a great story. I think you’d love it!

  • Amy

    This looks amazing! :)


  • Batool Naqvi

    Soooo excited i never know what to read this will help me a lot. You are so great at coming up with such unique ideas its just incredicle ly zoe xx

  • Twin Reads

    Oh this is so exciting! We are super excited to see what books you pick! If you want some recommendations, you could check out our blog. We take about all things books! it’s https://twinreads.wordpress.com! If you like contemporary, some of our favorites are: literally anything by Sarah Dessen, IF I STAY by Gayle Forman, and another really good recent release is PASSENGER by Alexandra Bracken!

  • littlesnapshotss


    Feel free to check out @littlesnapshotss on Instagram for photography lovers😉

  • This sounds great! :-)


  • Maggie

    This sounds like such a wonderful idea! Wish this was available in the US :)


    • Tanya Werger

      Good point. I hadn’t thought of this. I hope the books chosen will be book we can access everywhere, at least.

  • Gill

    Wow this sounds great and just in time for a good holiday read too.. Well done Zoe and best of luck with it.

  • kklesh

    I’m sooo excited!! This is great I’ve been looking up to reading more books in summer bc I haven’t read books lately bc of school and stuff… Can’t wait for this!

  • What a great idea this is! I hope that this will be on their/your website too so that I can partake from South Africa!

    – Jane Wonder –

  • Khwaiish

    the Selection series it has 4 amazing book.
    I swear you’ll love em

  • Love that you’re promoting reading books to younger people. I miss reading books and loved it as a child. http://www.emtalks.co.uk

  • Wow this is exciting! I can’t wait to see what you pick! From the teasers you put out on your Instagram I thought you were releasing a clothing line or a homeware line or something XD


  • Laura Mareno

    So exciting! I love reading too and I can’t wait to see what your picks are!! kisses:D


  • rosa//new account

    i think this is a great idea zoe! it’s a great way to inspire more people to read :) can’t wait to see which books you recommend this summer!

  • How exciting! Congrats on your book club Zoe! You’re doing amazing things :)

  • This is an amazing idea Zoë! I’m so excited for this! :)

    I hope you are having a lovely day. Would you mind checking out my latest blog post?

    Jeff. x | Blog | Bloglovin’ | Pinterest

  • Mandeville Sisters

    This is so exciting Zoe, and such a great idea! -G,x

  • Claire Sawyer

    What a great way to get youngsters reading!! Well done to you for being such a positive influence!
    I know my daughter will want to get involved!


  • Melanie Hochuli

    If your searching for fantasy type books give “the lonely city” and “endgame” a try! Really interesting stories with some new ideas I’ve never read of before!

  • This is a great idea as you always pick amazing books I read “All The Bright Places” because of your recommendation so I cannot wait too see what other books you enjoy!! ❤️

    Asia x

  • Thays Dos Santos

    beautiful like always! Super excited for you :D


  • I’m very excited for this! You are like the new Oprah’s Book Club :) Cannot wait to see your future book picks!

    xoxo Mollie


  • Emma Lilleøre Christensen

    That’s so exciting! Couldn’t agree more. Taking the time to get lost in a book is always worth it.
    Any book by Cecelia Ahern is always a favourite of mine:)

    • Love all Cecelia Ahern books!

      • Emma Lilleøre Christensen

        Always good to find fellow fans:) I’ve never found myself disappointed after finishing one of her books!

        • Ah I love Cecelia Ahern as well!! Perfect holiday reading. x

          • Emma Lilleøre Christensen

            I know! Cannot wait to read the new one.

  • raggedyrosie

    I highly recommend ‘Qualify – The Atlantis Grail’ by Vera Nazarian, an amazing saga in the making, scifi teen genre, its absolutely absorbing, I cant rate it highly enough!!

  • Emma Violet

    This is so so exciting! I love writing/reading and I adore you so this has honestly made my day :) I feel like we have such similar taste in books too so that’s even better. Try ‘The Sisters’ by Claire Douglas, it’s a psychological thriller and is very different from other books I’ve read Xx

  • Zoel

    That is so cool! I am really excited! I also love reading and I think it is the perfect activity to disconect from the online world for a little bit. I would recommendo you “The Reader” by Bernhard Schlink. It is not a new one, but I really loved it. It is one of these books that make you think a bit and it also talks about Nazis and the years after WWII, which is quite interesting! Love you Zoe x

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

  • Can’t wait Zoella and I love getting lost in a good book. My fav book is girl online on tour x

  • I’m so happy for you Zoe ! For the success of your 2 books !!
    I also appreciate your way of writing, and I love your blog for this :)

    Love you so much, Suzanne xx

  • Eduarda Lopes

    Read Eleanor & Park the cutest novel ever !! Love it so much 😍❤️

  • Anna Riech

    I just finished Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and I’m on the second book Glass Sword…and let me tell you it’s amazing! Last years I discovered Throne of Glass, which I was skeptical of at first but now the series is one of my all time favorite!!! I am excited for this new project! it sounds like so much fun!
    love you xoxo

  • vilmabrownie

    I am so excited! I read a lot so this is a VERY lovely thing!

  • Erica

    This is so cool and exiting Zoe! I LOVE books ;-) Looking forward to this :-D

  • This is so exciting! Can’t wait to read what books you’ve been reading and loving! Hannah xx http://hannah-daisyd.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Erin Middleton

    I am so looking forward to this! Such a brilliant way to bring a tear to the eye through reading and now we can share it.

    If some people would mind giving my blog a read it’ll be much appreciated, Thanks! Xx

  • Kayleigh Cooper

    This sounds great! I hope you’ve read The Night Circus by Erin Morgernstern! It’s one of my favourites! http://thekayleighcooper.blogspot.com/

  • I absolutely love reading too! I have been looking for a good book club!

  • Trudy Johanna

    Congratulations Zoe! It’s a wonderful idea and will get a lot more people reading! x
    Trudy | TrudyJohanna

  • mary

    I’m very proud of you zoë of your achievements 😄. Keep up the good work.👌You have inspired me to continue doing good in life. Thank you 😊💖

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    This is so exciting Zoe!! Theres nothing nicer than getting lost in a good book. X


  • Kimberly Ann

    What a great idea! I love this!


    http://trendkeeper.me .. Romper! Spring fashion!

  • Jess!

    You should check out Morgan Matsons books! All of them I reckon you’d love!

  • Amanda

    This is so exciting, I can’t wait! Depending on what sort of books you’re aiming for, Before I Go To Sleep is amazing. It’s basically about a woman who suffers an injury which leads her to forget everything that happens every day, and this book is her diary as she tries to figure out what happened to her. It’s not as cliche as it sounds, promise!


    • I didnt realise this was a book!? I’ve seen the film (which is amazing btw) but would love to read the book too!! xx

      • Amanda

        And I didn’t know there was a movie! I’ll have to check that one out then :) xx

  • Jess!

    I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson is perfection. Poetic writing lgbt characters are just a couple of the amazing things about that book!

  • I love reading it will be interesting to see what you pick! Congratulations on the opportunity.

  • Katie

    I love to know what others are reading, can’t wait to join! x

  • This sound really great! xx

    Zoe Mountford x

  • Nel Maine

    Hi Zoe! This is my first comment on your blog and I think this is great idea. I would also recommend you ,,God never blinks. 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours” by Regina Brett. It’s one of these books that make you think. This book will make your life easier and it has very important lessons.

  • I’m so excited for you, this is an amazing idea. Can’t wait to see and read about your faves!

    Hannie Arden from missingwanderer.org.

  • Olivia Alesha

    Those photos are gorgeous!
    – Olivia Xx

  • Lucy

    I love reading so much, I really need to make more time for it. Some of my favourite books are the noughts and crosses series by Malorie Blackman (the message behind them is so inspiring), the perks of being a wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky, paper towns by John Green (an amazing mixture of romance, mystery and comedy), and I am really loving All the Bright Places by Jenifer Niven, which I’m reading at the moment, I can’t put it down! Love you Zoë, can’t wait for this book club 💕

  • Pili G

    This is so exiting Zoe! I can’t wait to see what you read, since I love it so much and I loved both of your books!



    Records of my Troubles

  • Devon Macmillan

    Hey Zoe i was wondering what a book club is because is it like a new book or will you be doing new meet ups or what do you mean a book club I probably sound really dumb but will you explain thanks Xx Devon

  • Mariah Campbell

    This is amazing! Will you be doing book reviews on your blog or on YouTube? The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is my favorite book series.

  • OMG this makes me wish that I lived in the UK!! I wonder if we can access the books online?


    • Georgie

      I hope so!

    • Same here Emelia! I’m excited for this one!


    • yess! if we can access it online that would be awesome!

    • susannagazidi

      That would be amazing i looove books !


    • Lisette

      of course! all of these would be available and cheaper on Amazon :)

    • Mnoblexx😜

      Hope u can do it

    • Susanna Català

      Hey I’m starting to write something, I would love to know what do you think about it!!! http://susannacatala13.wix.com/heytheres

      • Lonely girl

        Me too. I am writing about life struggles of being shy, have no confidence and getting panic attacks. But of course things I love too such as tea, quotes, shopping and hauls is comming by the way. So please read my blog and leave some comments!!! http://lonelygirlblogs.blog.com/

    • Militza Norzagaray

      Yea I wonder that too because if we could then that would be so much fun!

      • Lonely girl

        I wish that too I just love books!!!
        You seem as such lovely people and your blogs are wonderful thanks for sharing!


    • Truly J

      Love this!

      Please check out my new fashion, travel and beauty blog: trulyj.com

    • Miss Grace

      Same here!

    • Laura T. Olivari


    • alexascottblog

      im so lucky live in the uk but i would love to visit other countries.
      checked out your blog please check out mine.


    • innocentlemon

      I saw your comment Emelia and IMMEDIATELY think of the Sacconejolys!! haha

      • heyitsleen!

        good to know I’m not the only one :D

    • goddessofmesss

      Lol the front of most major book stores have Zoella’s stuff! Awesome.


    • Emily Mann


    • CrazyCat

      The UK is great the only thing is it is always raining! LOL ;-)

    • Clara

      I feel the same way hahahaha, it’s an amazing idea:)!


  • elianass

    I’m so excited for this! <3

  • Funny Giraffe

    I can’t wait!!!

  • Kate Nicholas

    Great idea!
    I’m hosting a LUSH GIVEAWAY over on my blog – katevictoriaxo.co.uk

  • A book club!? I love that idea, it’s such a nice new way to meet people but old fashioned at the same time!
    Erin | http://www.erinelizabethmiller.com

  • Kelsey B

    oh so cool! I love reading as well! So excited for this!


  • Mary

    What an amazing idea! I strongly recommend adding ‘Me before you’ by Jojo Moyes to the list, which is one of my all time favourites :)

    • I’ve got this on my bookshelf ready to read! <3

  • Philippa

    How exciting (:
    I love reading too!
    Philippa x

  • Jen

    This is awesome, congrats! I definitely recommend Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern or One Day by David Nicholls. I have a penchant for bittersweet stories.

  • I love this! I’m just so bummed I’m not from the UK >.< But maybe we'll get to see the list and we can try to find the books ourselves? I hope so, because it's such a good idea!

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

  • This sounds really great!
    I strongly recommend the Dollanganger-series by Virginia Andrews (although they’re quite old), another amazing book I like is: The rice mother by Rani Manicka.


  • lucy prosser

    This is great – such a fantastic way for people to know which books are recommended! Very excited :)
    Lucy xoxo

  • Harriet

    This is so cool can’t wait❤️❤️🎉

  • AmberLouise

    I’m reading all the bright places at the moment! its really good


  • Lola Birch

    OMG I loved the book you are reading in the photos!! (Although i admit that i cried at the ending)
    Lola xx

  • Samantha

    Yaaaaassss! This is such a great idea! Looking forward to your suggestions… x


  • Great project!!!

    Today concentrated inspiration…with my monthly outfits recap ! ;)
    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  • Kati

    That is soooo exciting! Congrats!! <3
    You look gorgeous!


  • RoxyB

    OMG!!! You have to real Jewel by Amy Ewing! Its the BEST BOOK…EVER!!!! It’s kind of Dystopian like divergent or the hunger games, i’m really bad at book descriptions so here’s the blurb…

    Violet Lasting is no longer a human being. Tomorrow she becomes Lot 197, auctioned to the highest royal bidder in the Jewel of the Lone City. Tomorrow she becomes the Surrogate of the House of the Lake, her sole purpose to produce a healthy heir for the Duchess. Imprisoned in the opulent cage of the palace, Violet learns the brutal ways of the Jewel, where the royal women compete to secure their bloodline and the surrogates are treated as disposable commodities. Destined to carry the child of a woman she despises, Violet enters a living death of captivity – until she sets eyes on Ash Lockwood, the royal companion

    Everything is explained in the book and it’s WAY more then a tragic love story…
    You won’t be able to put it down!
    The covers gorgeous too and it’s part of a series which judging by the first must be UH-mazing…you have to read it!!!xx

    …Love this idea btw, i need some new reads sooo bad! Perfect timing for my holiday in Italy! And i’m in love with the jeans you are wearing in the second picture, could you tell us where they’re from please?x

  • This sounds great! I always get so overwhelmed when it comes to picking a new book to read! Sometimes so much so I just don’t end up reading anything lol. There’s still so many old classics I want to read though :) I look forward to seeing what makes the cut! :D
    Nicole | ..What Nikki Did…

  • MeggiiMoo!

    I work at WH Smith!:D

  • Sille Diemer-Harild

    This is amazing! So exited for you :-) I have a reading suggestion: Anna and the french kiss is one of my favorites, and I think you would enjoy it too <3

  • Oh very wait I don’t live in the UK!! xx


  • mariha

    anybody who posts anything horrible just listen if you have nothing good to say be quiet because you just do not know how hard zoella works to make all her things and also to make us happy so be grateful
    a couple of recommendations:
    -divergent series
    -maze runner series
    -the year of the rat
    you should read these books they are amazing
    love you it is a shame I live in Bradford because I will never be able to meet you even though i should’ve of took the chance when you came to leeds

    • Harriet

      Thanks a lot for the recommendations, I will try them and see if I liked them! xxx

  • I’m so excited! I’ve been needing a good book to read for a while because lately all I’ve been doing is re-reading. (Which is, don’t get me wrong, still really great.) Now I’ll have some to choose from! Very glad for you Zoe! <3

    It's Me, Maggie | http://itsme-maggie.blogspot.com/

  • Harriet

    I was really excited about this until I read that YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO ACCESS THIS IF YOU’RE NOT LIVING IN THE UK (I’m still obvs)?! Is this true? I really wish it’s not as I’d love to see what you think about books, and I love you to the moon. For the millionth time wishing that I live in the UK! xxx

  • Harriet

    Some of my favourite books are Once, Then and Now which are a series by Morris Gleitzman. They are amazing and are about a jewish boy in the second world war, hiding from Nazis. It sounds quie borin described as that, but it really is lovely and very sad. xxxxxx

  • Emsicle

    Nice! I love discussing books so book clubs are always great!

    The Red Queen from Victoria Aveyard is great! Full of unexpected betrayals and plot twists. Also the Mortal Instruments from Cassandra Clare is a total must read.

    Have fun with picking out books Zoe! (Shouldn’t be a horrible job ;p )

  • So excited for you! Love your hair and make up!
    Abbie E.

  • Wow, this is so exciting! Congratulations! If you like mystery-solving books, I recommend James Patterson. I love a majority of his books!
    PS. You have an amazing photographer because these photos are gorgeous!


  • Faye Edwards

    I cant wait! Try out reading “Wonder” By R.J Palacio

    Love you so. So excited for this xx

  • Alice Perrier

    Amen to that preach^

  • Maia

    Congratulations, Zoe. Ps you look gorgeous as always! X

    Love from Maia from http://www.maiacreed.blogspot.co.uk

  • Georgia May Know

    This is so exciting! My love for reading started because of Zoe but I’m struggling to find some good books at the moment so I can’t wait 🙊💗🙉


  • Julia Collins

    I think you would love the book called Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. It’s one of my favorites, and it is 100% worth looking into. It takes place in the 80’s, but it feels modern. Check it out Zoe! :)

  • Midnight Mi

    This is such a good idea! Im so excited, I can’t wait! You look stunning in those pictures

    Mi xo

  • Aimee Richardson

    Zoe I love you as a vlogger/blogger but I also have a passion for reading so it would be amazing if you could do a favourite books video xx Love you xx

  • Laura

    With success, there will always be backlash. I hope you’re able to dismiss the negative comments in this feed as some people can’t get past issues from the past (unintentional pun). Remember, “what you say about me says more about you.” People who truly support you will know that reading is a passion of yours and not some newfound “fame” thing.
    Also, love that you’ll be influencing so many young girls to read more! A recent favorite of mine is Brooklyn (yes, I read it because I wanted to get my own impression of it before watching the new movie). I would love to hear your thoughts on The Alchemist as it was such a moving story for me, though it is far more symbolic than literal. I wonder whether you’ll be sticking with a more Young Adult genre or mixing it up – not that I have anything against YA, just curious to see how your project will unfold!

    – Laura // GirlWhoWrites.com

  • MMM
  • India

    I highly recommend ‘more than this’ by Patrick Ness its an amazing book, but really creepy. Also ‘eleanor and park’ is a book I recently read and it was so gripping.

  • Kate Moody

    Such an inspiring post! I really think you should read ‘shadow’ by Michael Morpergo and the ‘Divergent’ series by Veronica Roth xx

  • Savannah Brownlow

    Purple Hibiscus is such a good read, I recommend this book to everyone and I basically never read books!

  • I love reading and think this is such a fab idea! Congrats Zoe on this new project :) x

  • Emily

    YES I looove to read but I don’t really know what to pick out anymore and having reccomendations is always v v handy, ilysm xxxxx

  • Charlotte Swift

    This looks super exciting, can’t wait for more details!


  • Barbora Kůrková

    Hello Zoe, I would recommend a book called The Perks of Being a Wallflower to you. It is such an amazing read and inside it you’ll find a lot of inspiration for other books. I know there is a movie out as well (which if you haven’t seen you definitely should) but even though it is really good, at the end of the day a book is a book.
    Love you xx

  • Marta Manzano

    Oh so exciting!

  • Zoe Jackson

    You should read ‘I Found You’ by Jane Lark! I bet you’d love it!

  • The Style Check
  • Lauren Rose Devine

    Sounds cool! And on a side note I’d love for you guys to check out my blog! The layout is nothing fancy but it’s the content that counts! I’ll leave the link to my latest post below! Thanks! https://laurenroseonline.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/top-5-concealers-tried-and-tested/

  • Oh OH! Nice to read that! But i don’t know how this bookclub works! and i loved the photoshoot

    Shannon | http://www.shannontreho.blogspot.mx

  • Maeve Doyle

    Congrats! You’re such an inspiration! xx

  • Wow, photos look amazing Zoe! Been loving reading your books x


  • caroline

    omg omg omg I am so excited for this!! After seeing Emma Watson doing her own book club I think you would be fantastic at it Zoe!

  • This is so exciting, I can’t wait for June!
    Blog: Sundaysaresunny.com

  • UNDER THE DOME! I recommend you read This book by Stephen King as they also made it into a 3 tv series set it’s soooo good and worth the read and watch! You and Alfie would both love it I reckon. Big Jim is the character I hate most but he’s a main and would be so different without him

    • Fareya Mubashera

      omg i watched the tv series when i went ot israel and believe me when i say: i was obsessed with it, and i still am! :)

  • remi

    IMMM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

    It took me for ages to make this pic on fleek😂😂😂😂😂JKS

  • Chantal
  • wow Zoe! Congratulations on the launch of a book club that’s such a great way of getting your readers and viewers reading more and more!


  • That sounds amazing Zoe!! x


  • I’ve missed you! This post was amazing and I wish I’d live in UK


  • Skye7710

    I’m from Australia but this sounds like a ton of fun!! I recommend Dance of shadows – Yelena Black, Its such an amazing book! Thriller and just overall awesome!! <3


  • Those pictures look lovely!! Too bad I don’t live in the UK :c
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Alex L

    I really enjoyed When Breath Becomes Air. It’s definitely a thought-provoking/reflective read.


  • This is an amazing idea and so exciting Zoe! Never seen anyone do something like this before, huge congrats! :) xx


  • Yura Campbell

    You should read the books Every Me, Every You by David Levithan, and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. They are both quite dark and serious, but they’re the types of books that really make you think about the book deeply, and make you question how you treat people as well. (That makes the books sound super depressing, but trust me, they’re really good books, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone :D ).

    • Yura Campbell

      Also, congrats! This is so exciting!!

  • Hooray! You’ve had so many successes and it is so great to see how much more all of your channels grow! :)
    x Kenzie

  • What a fantastic idea! It’s great that you use your influence to pursue such wonderful initiatives like this. Reading is fantastic and it’s lovely that you’re promoting it! Keep up the great work.

  • Kyle Mann

    While she is a well-known artist, Sara Bareilles’s (the songs Brave, I Choose You, Love Song) “Sounds Like Me” is a fantastic read. Sara talks about everything from heartbreak and sadness to body confidence and a struggle to accept your body. She adds comedy in her writing to make the touchy or personal topics a little bit more light-hearted. I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite books.

    The amazon description is, “With refreshing candor, Sounds Like Me reveals Sara Bareilles, the artist—and the woman—on songwriting, soul searching, and what’s discovered along the way.

    Sara Bareilles shares the joys and the struggles that come with creating great work, all while staying true to yourself. Imbued with humor and marked by Sara’s confessional writing style, this collection tells the inside story behind some of her most popular songs. Most recently known for her chart-topper “Brave,” Sara first broke through in 2007 with her multi-platinum single “Love Song.” She has released five albums that have sold 2.5 million copies and spawned several hits. More than a privileged view inside the experience of a remarkable musical talent—this is a moving tribute to the universal search for growth, healing, and self-acceptance.”

    Even if you don’t include this on your list, I recommend this to anyone who anyone who has any interest in music whatsoever (or more specifically song writing). It’s funny and deep and overall great. Great reviews, too.

    And about all of the nasty comments on ghost-writing Girl Online, screw them. Girl Online was a good book, and I personally think the sequel was even better. And who cares if she only wrote the general plot of the first book? She had the idea of shedding light on anxiety and LGBTQ+, and that’s all that matters! Any way to bring attention to an issue by someone who has influence is good.

    Kyle Mann

  • Joycebox

    Yas!! I really wish I was in the UK now,

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Exciting! Can’t wait to read your fav books! So glad that you loved All the Bright Places. x


  • How very exciting for you :-)

  • Samantha Frances

    This sounds so exciting! I’m so happy you’re doing more work related to books, can’t wait for it :) xxx

  • Marlies

    Zoe! I highly suggest ‘girl on the train’ it’s alway has you guessing and keeps you guessing, it’s a murder mystery, but there is much more to it than that! A must read! :) xx love you

  • Daisy Edwins

    This sounds cool! The pictures are lovely too, I love your jeans in the last pic! You look lovely :) love your blog x

    Daisy x

  • Sophie Nuberg

    Rainbow Rowell writes amazing! And I’d recommend Wonder by R.J. Palacio or The shock of the fall by Nathan Filer!
    Love your blog!

  • Amina Ayub

    i wish i lived in UK
    I’m sad

  • Beaboo

    I absolutely recommend IRON KING, the first book of the Iron Fey saga, written by Julie Kagawa. It’s an amazing book, with cool characters, extraordinary adventures, sweet romance, and a lot of magic. I loooved it :-)

  • Lucia

    So exciting Zoë! I wished I lived in the UK so I could see it:)


  • Iona

    yassss zoe!!!

  • lotjes12345678

    Some books I really like:
    The kiss of deception by Mary E. Pearson
    Alienated by Melissa Landers
    these borken stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
    the young elites by Marie Lu
    percy jackson by Rick Riordan
    the mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare
    girl online ;)
    white hot kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout
    shatter me, unravel me and ignite me by Tahereh Mafi
    the selection by kara cass (this one is REALLY good)
    under the never sky by Veronica Rossi
    Cinder, scarlet, cress and the lunar chronicles by Marissa Meyer
    the red queen by Victoria Aveyard

    • Haylee Baumgartner

      Shatter Me!!! ❤

  • Haylee Baumgartner

    I LOVE reading. I polish off a few books a week. My favorite series is the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. I also love the Pushing the Limits series by Katie McGarry. You should read them Zoe!
    I read All the Bright Places per your recommendation and LOVED it. I cried so much but it was a wonderful book. I can’t wait for more recommendations by you. I just finished The Girl on the Train yesterday and that was also really good.

  • Anku Cheung

    Is Zoe working on Girl online book 3 ? cuz the cliffhanger in Girl Online:On tour is killing me

  • Maya N

    I’m so excited for this, its such a great idea!

  • Alice

    The bookclub is such a good idea! It reminds me of Emma Watson’s “Our Shared Shelf”. The book you have in the pictures is also one I’d love to read when I finished the book I’m now reading :) You recommended it in one of your vlogs and the story sounds great. Lovely pictures as well!!

    Can’t wait to hear more,
    xxx Alice

  • Imaan Shamsi

    Hi Zoe!

    I love your books so much! I think this is such a good idea. My all time fave book series is Harry Potter, but I also love Girl Online and A Series Of Unfortunate Events. LYSM xxx

  • Hannah Koller

    This is such a great idea! I love, love, LOVE The Selection Books by Kiera Cass!

  • Georgie McCarthy

    Zoë, I would have recommend the Book Thief! It’s an amazingly written book. Although the story is a bit dark, the writing is so creative and inspiring. Xo Georgie

  • What a great idea! :)

    Stella xx

  • Leah Sprigg

    Well done zoe I cant wait for it are going to start vlogging again

  • Leah Sprigg

    GREAT IDEA!!!! Proud to be subscribed to zoe xxxx

  • HonorThePug

    I’m so excited – I have All the Bright Places and I’m so excited to read it! Will defo join the book club, and I loved the Suggs’ snapchat Q&A!! xxxxx PS I think you’d love the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman! xxx

  • Rramita skandakumar



  • Anonymous Blogger

    This sounds so exciting! I love reading and I can’t wait to see your suggestions. If you are looking for some good books, I love the books by Jandy Nelson and John Green. If I Stay by Gale Forman is also amazing. I think they would be right up your street. Happy Blogging! xx

  • Jasmin N

    What a lovely and exciting idea!

    <3: Jasmin N | Little Things With Jassy

  • Vanessa

    I recently found the book in a bookstore in Austria. I was so excited because i thought i have to buy it online. I love it. It’s so great.

  • I can’t wait for this!. I’m so excited.


  • Chocolate Crisp

    Please read a book by John green! He is a fantastic author and has a wonderful write-stil.
    (Perhaps the books the fault in our stars or will Grayson, will Grayson)

  • This looks amazing Zoe! I can’t wait to see it! I will eep my eyes pealed in June! xx


    • Mnoblexx😜

      Abby I so agree xx 😜

  • Heather Pratt

    Hi Zoe, this is amazing news, and really exciting, too! I’d suggest Take Back the Skies by Lucy Saxon — it’s the first in a YA series, which will have 6 books in total, and yeah, it happens to be written by a friend of mine, too, so I might be a little biased lol. You should definitely check it out!

  • Amy

    That’s so nice! And I love the pictures!!

  • Lola_Summer

    It’s so exciting Zoe😃 I do love reading and I can’t wait for this club to start. I’d suggest Philip Pullman novels. Have you read any? Tiger in the well is my fav.

  • You look so gorgeous in these pictures, Zoe! As always :)


  • Jes Cohen

    That’s exciting. Congrats Zoe!

    p.s. that book All the Bright Places is ah-may-zing!


  • What a great idea! :)

  • This is such a great idea to encourage more people to read. I do regular book reviews and its so great to see someone so influential trying to get people more involved in reading!


  • Zoe, you’re always full of inspiration! This book club is such a brilliant thing to do.
    Since one of my 2k16 goals is to read more books, I’m definitely joining this!!! xx

    Kaylee | JK’s Dawn

  • Josefin Molander

    That’s such a great idea! Yay for us bookworms! x


  • Great Idea! Good luck!! <3 <3

  • Jade Ratley

    This is very very exciting!

  • This is so exciting! Love it if anyone could give my blog a follow, I’m starting up so have very few followers and it would be so appreciated xxx http://hannah-daisyd.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Joy

    This is amazing! I love to read and can’t wait to join your book club :)


  • Love your blog and photos so much!

    My blog: http://catherinehere.blogspot.hr/

  • Great idea! Any program that encourages more people to read is fine by me!

  • That sound fun and interesting.. Really excited about that! :)


  • Aww this is such a cute idea Zoe can’t wait to see which books you choose I definitely need to find some good books to read! :)

  • Gemma

    I cant wait zoe this is so exciting!! Im a lot like you, although going on social media and being on my phone is something I do a lot, I cant go long without reading. Its something I enjoy so much and im glad im not the only one who’s a bit of a bookworm!! x

  • You should try “Side Effects May Vary” It’s definely one of my favourites :)

  • This is so cool. I personsally love the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella. Very fun and easy to read! Xx

    ♥ Carly’s Beauty Blog ♥

  • What a great idea and I think its Wonderful that you are inspiring others to grab a book and enjoy it, instead of being online all the time. books will always be my most favourite thing!


  • Tilly

    This is a really good idea, I can’t wait!!!! I love your books because I can relate to the characters. I completely got lost in both your books and had them read in record time! :)

  • Lucie Bee

    wow, I love you so much and im reading your first book now stupid noah don’t tell me what happens in book 2 x

  • Books and Zoe! Sounds good! Looking forward to this. :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  • Maxi

    OMG this is so exciting!! Love u zoe xx

    xoxoMxx.blogspot.com (my blog is written in german)

  • I love reading! recently tried to get in to a kindle but nothing beats an old fashioned paperback! anyone able to recommend some new good books for me? I love romance ones!


  • AutumnGirlOnline

    This is such a lovely idea 💕😻😹♥

  • Charlotte Butler

    The lunar chronically are really good!!

  • Erin McNicholl

    This sounds amazing! I am excited to see what your favourites are. You should try the novel Brighton Rock by Graham Greene. Maybe you will recognize some building described in the story.

  • Marta

    Oh how I love this! I was thinking about suggesting you to make a video about yout favorites but as a book edition – and here come these exciting news right on time! I do hope that the selection of books you suggest will also be available as a list online somewhere because I (and also A LOT of your fans) live outside the UK.

  • Emily Nicole Wright

    Cant WAIT for this!!

  • Erin Breanna

    This is such an amazing idea Zoe! Its so great you are inspiring people to read that wouldn’t usually, I have phases where I read 3 books a week and others where it takes me around 1 month to finish them. My all time book though is All The Bright Places and I was told to get that by you! I think you are such a role model to younger children and I hope very much you continue to do great things. I am Pretty socially shy so perhaps me and a couple of friends will do this! xxxx

  • Ohh! Great idea! Cannot wait!


  • awesome! a bit far away though. Great idea Zoe! We should get the world reading!

  • Daisy Bennett

    Oh cool, I can’t wait x

  • Sehar Zam

    I LOVE this post! Zoella you’re super inspiring <3 xx

  • Sehar Zam

    I’ve just posted my first fashion blog post. Please leave a comment on the page if you like it :) – http://seharzam.com/seharscloset/hightopsandbeaniehats

  • Steff

    Have you ever read ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini? It’s one of my favourite books and I think I’ve read it around 6 times now. It’s not one for younger readers, but it’s definitely a book that I think all girls (and guys for that matter) need to read at some point in their lives. At its heart it is a tale of the bond between two women whom are both put in a unbearable situation and if you are a fan of ‘The Kite Runner’ then I can assure you it doesn’t disappoint.
    Hosseini makes such terrible events so readable through his descriptive style and it is always a book that I go back to when I’m not sure what to read.
    I can’t wait to see which books you put in your selection, as even though my to read list is longer than my arm, I’m forever eager to add more to the pile!

  • Bethany

    OMG I can’t wait!! I love reading and have been able to read since I was 2! I will definitely be looking into this as I am always looking for reading recommendations and what better place to get them than my favourite YouTuber/Blogger!! Love you Zoe!!! XoXo

  • Nicole McGrath
  • rebecca

    Zoe, you have to read ‘The Versions of Us’ written by Laura Barnett, I think you’d really enjoy it. It’s about the choices we make in life, and how things pan out if we had done things differently. The story centers on two people – Jim and Eva, and is a bit of a love story as well. Absolutely stunning read.

  • Georgina

    Colleen Hoover is a BEAUTIFUL writer, funny, sad, plot twists.. She does it ALL! Slammed is amazing, as it Confess and Ugly Love.

    As a newbie, I’d recommend Maybe Someday, it has a CD full of songs that match the story. The characters ‘write’ the songs and when they’ve finished them, a performance is incorporated into the story AND YOU CAN LISTEN to the song.

    Please give it a go!

  • I love this idea Zoe. I’ve always been obsessed with books and did an English literature degree, but I definitely feel like I was in the minority. Girl Online is the only thing my 11-year-old sister read this year (and she loved it!) so if this can encourage her to read more then what a great thing to do. Can’t wait to see your selections xx


  • Ghofran Merzouki

    I believe this is a great opportunity to share and explore different books with a wider audience. I personaly cant wait to see which genre of books you are interested in as i love reading.

    Regardless of what Zoe has done with girl online, she wants to express her love for reading now and she has got a great platform to do it. Its not easy sharing your whole personality with the public, so people shouldn’t judge her for what she has done or for what she shares.

    Finally, I think everyone that doesn’t like her or appreciate her opinions should stop reading her blog. As it’s not aimed at you but for the people that actually want to know what she thinks about things and about all the different things she does.

  • Little Miss Kiwi

    Looking forward to this!

    Some of you might like my website…


  • Leja

    I wish I lived in the Uk!

  • Julie Barbour

    hi zoe just want to start off by saying love ya :) and also you should join the goodreads app from amazon also. i recommend a book called my sister wishes by melissa tennant. the taxidermist’s daughter by kate mosse. still alice by lisa genova. the letters by kathryn hughes. silence by natasha preston, the detectives daughter by lesley thomson. the secret life of bees by sue monk kidd. the magpies by mark edward ( this was amazing). little girl lost by brian mcgilloway. and all books by tess gerritsen are fab xxx

  • Julie Barbour

    oh don’t be so mean if nothing mice to say then don’t say anything at all

  • Julie Barbour

    don’t read her blog then or come and post your negativity leave the girl alone

  • Angel Warner

    I love reading soooooo much. If you like thrilling reads then anything by Gillian Flynn and I especially love the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson. If you are into more contemporary reads then I am a big fan of anything by John Green or Sarah Dessen, I also really enjoyed The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy by Jenny Han. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is another favorite contemporary of mine, probably my favorite overall currently.If you enjoy fantasy then the Shatter Me trilogy is really good as well as Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.


  • SaraH

    That’s such a good idea! Thanks Zoe xx

  • This sounds absolutely amazing!! Can’t wait for it. :))

  • Sajalicious

    this is SO exciting! :D <3
    unicornisland22.blogspot.com xx

  • Imogen Holloway

    now cant wait till june

  • Well spotted, she’s not a professional author. Of course she had help. She hasn’t trained and worked her whole life to be a creative writer; she had an idea and needed help executing it. Surprise surprise, she’s allowed to do that. People are allowed to have help expressing their creativity. But what does it say about you that you’d happily circulate derogatory gossip about someone? And for what purpose? Like I said. If you don’t like it, leave. There is no need for you to be here deliberately bad mouthing someone for no reason other than your own satisfaction.

  • Lindsay

    this is so exciting! congratulations for everything that comes your way, zoella! you deserve it all :)


  • anna

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the “legend” series and “the darkest minds” series you will seriously not be dissapointed it is SO good and sad as well

  • alexandra

    where did you make the blog? what cite?

  • alexandra

    i really want to know where you made the blog?

  • Dela

    Omg cant wait for June
    Way to go Zoe


  • Ruby’s Cadence

    Oh Zoe this is a great idea! Its such a shame that I don’t live in the UK but I am very happy for any who does :) I used to go to a book club at my local library but then my ‘friends’ at the time teased me so I stopped… Maybe a virtual one would be good haha xxx

  • Holly Curtain


  • Bella

    This is so exciting! I can´t wait.
    Bella xx

  • This is so exciting Zoe! Also you look fab in the photos, as always hehe x


  • BraeShea

    I can’t wait! I am also a fellow bookworm, so this really excites me! Everytime Zoe mentions a book either on Twitter or in videos, I always make a mental note to take a look at it! This is perfect for the summer! And for my first semester of college! YAY!! xoxo

  • Sue

    That’s amazing, Zoe! It’s such a great idea!


  • Juliette Theureau

    How great is that?!!
    Suggestions :
    The Lost and the Found, written by British author Cat Clarke (she’s so lovely). It’s one of my favorite books of all times, really. So much suspens and unexpected events!! You really should look at it.
    Also, Looking for Alaska and The Fault In Our Stars by John Green if you haven’t read them yet. U absolutely love them ❤
    They’re so many good books but I’m gonna stop there otherwise this comment is gonna do 15 pages 😂
    This book club is such a good idea!! I cannot wait ;)

  • Oh my goodness ..why in the world was I not born in the UK?????

  • This is so exciting and congrats! A book that I absolutely love and couldn’t put down was “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer” by Michelle Hodkin. If you’re looking for a good read, that’s definitely one to try. Great post!

  • Very excited about this! x

    Xtina G Says..

  • Ella&Lucy

    I’m so excited about this! Love Zoe and books so it’s a win win situation! *happy smiles!* Can’t wait!


  • Petzih

    OMG what an amazing opportunity! I really hope that we get a look into your favourite books from all around the world, that would be amazing! Regardless, i hope so much that you might also pick out some poetry collections or some of the good old classics.


  • Pareen

    Yay I can’t wait!! Btw, your makeup and outfit is perfect Zoe! (when is it not??)
    A book club is an excellent idea!!


  • RubySnaps

    WOW! I’m so excited!!!!!!

  • Lex oxo

    you should check out “The Phantom Tollbooth”. I read a lot too and this is by far one of my favorite books… I also really love “Prey” although it’s kind of intense.

  • Lisa

    What a great idea!
    I really love reading but often don’t take the time to do it and instead scroll through social media.
    My top three books which I can highly recommend are: Wonder by R.J. Palacio, every day by David Levithan and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I think you might enjoy Wonder quiet a lot. :-)
    At the moment I am reading Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix and totally loving it so far. Harry Potter is always a good idea!

  • Me

    Yeah totally joining this!!!

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    What Big Eye’s You Have//Firmoo Eyewear Giveaway*

  • Eden Jayne

    Reading is such a special past time :)


  • elianass

    Lovely post !!! Nice

  • The Inimitable

    You are amazing as usually, looking forward to hearing your best books. Reading is my favorite thing to do in my spare time. Good luck Zoe ;)

  • Evelyn

    Hello Zoe!
    I love that you are going to have a book club and I have a quick suggestion for a book series I LOVE, the first novel is called “The Selection” and then there are three (almost four) novels after that. Have fun reading!

  • Adele

    Oh my gosh I am so excited for this!! I am a huge bookworm and I’m totally looking forward to this, ilysm Zoe!🦄🌟💓🍃💕🌷💐❤️✨💜💖💫🍀

  • I really hope you’ll share your favorite books with us that don’t live in the UK thus aren’t able to come to your book club.xoxo


  • Prerna Bhatt

    You deserve all the success! Can’t wait!



  • Beth .

    I can’t wait for this! June needs to hurry up!


  • The beauty monster


  • Jen

    I think this is a great idea! Every night before i go to bed i wind down and relax my mind by reading a book. At the moment I’m reading a book called Me Before You by Jojo Moyes which is soon to be a film with Sam Claflin and Amelia Clarke. I also think that the Divergent Series is a great selection of books – including a spin off book called Four which is about one of the main characters.

    Plus i really want to start blogging, but I’ll have to wait until I’ve completed my GCSEs this summer!

  • Zunaira Sulman

    come to Switzerland !!

  • Carina

    I love this idea Zoe, I hope it can be accessed online! I’d love to take part in it :D
    Really, really excited!

  • Lyssa

    That is an amazing idea!! Wish I live in the UK…would it be accessible online somehow? If so I would love to be able to join!!

  • Lyssa

    How do you know that it was really ghostwritten though? Do you have proof that it was so or is it based on articles that are having a go at her for her success? Yes she didn’t write it alone but she never said she was alone in this, she always said she had help. The storyline itself came from her, she just has help making it into a book. To say that she has zero interest in any of this is a bit harsh, whether she did or didn’t write her books (which I believe she did and we’re all allowed our own opinions) how do you know that she doesn’t have any interest in reading? You don’t have to be an author to be interested in reading. Also not sure if you do watch her vlogs and videos but she has mentioned her passion for reading in the past so no I don’t believe that her idea of creating a bookclub is purely for money. Therefore when you urge her to think about her morals, I urge you to think about what and you write and how you write it, also base your arguments on actual facts and not just assumptions. You also don’t know her personally to be able to judge her.

    • Hermione

      Penguin themselves said it was. So I think maybe you’re the one who needs to base their argument on facts rather than blinding yourself to the truth. I have tackling the ‘zero interest’ comment and amended my response as I can see your point (see comments below). You are right, I do not know her personally and this is why I am not making a personal judgement. Zoe appears to be a nice person for the most part. I am judging her for her business choices.

  • Natty

    That sounds great! :)

  • Krystal Spring

    this is such a fun idea :) xx

  • This sounds amazing, such a great idea can’t wait for it!
    Shannon x


  • That’s amazing!!!


  • Sheena Sreekeessoon

    Lovely post!

    Also, a while ago Zoe talked about a book she was given which talks about hoarding/ keeping things which no longer matter in your life. Does anyone know what book it is?

    Sheena Sreekeessoon

  • Aimee Budge

    That’s awesome! I love reading so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it!


  • Madison Grace

    Love this! Online access would be cool! :)

    Please check out my blog: http://bymybedside.com

  • mel

    Clockwork angel or/and city of bones by Cassandra Clare! I also enjoyed If I Stay by Gayle Forman, outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Neverland by Anna Katmore and After by Anna Todd. If you like to read something that isn’t from a American or English author you should check out ruby red by Kerstin gier. ❤️

  • Monika Kristjánsdóttir

    I’m happy for you Zoe! Can’t wait for seeing it!

  • Georgia

    Zoe, this is a great idea!!!! For book recommendations I have to say I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson is a must. It’s beautifully written, with a split narrative between twins and has a great plot with lots of good character development. Here’s the link to it on the WH Smith’s website: http://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/ill-give-you-the-sun/9781406326499
    This is going to be so good and thank you for sharing with us :)

  • Awwww, what an amazing post and how amazing that you’re going to have your own book club! You must be sooo stoked! <3

    The Dazzle Guide

  • Elizabeth Crevier

    This is so exciting! You probably already seen the movie, but a book that I really enjoy is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • I really think you would LOVE “I’ll Give You the Sun” by Jandy Nelson – I just finished reading it and it took me only a couple of days, I was lost in it! :)

  • Emma

    you should read We were liars by E. lockhart!😊💖

  • Catherine Leask

    How exciting! here hair looks amazing in these photos too :O love the mom jeans.
    Catherine xx

  • matilda

    everyone who is being rude about zoe not actually writing her book need to calm down. of corse she had help. she is not an author and needed a little bit of help in the making . she still made up the people in the book and came up with the plot and all the whole storyline was from her ideas . so what if she had some help . lots of people have no input in their books at all . we can also see zoe did write her book because in vlogs she would always tell us she was writing whilst being sat at her laptop . and also like does it really matter that much to you guys if she had help ?

  • The 109 Block

    What a great idea, Zoe! I’m sure it’ll be a great success.

    Lara, xx


  • Looking forward to this!!
    Some of you might like my blog… http://littlemiss.kiwi

  • Natiii

    I recommend Me before you is a very good book.

  • Christine

    omg I LOVED All the bright places – Jennifer Niven, I cried so mutch in the end that my copy is severely water damadged, haha…

  • Christine

    You shuld definitely read Queen of the tearling – Erika Johansen, I just started reading it and It’s SO good, and Emma Watson recommended it, so it has to be good then, right?

  • I’m so so so excited for this!!! Can’t wait!!!


  • This is so exciting! I am such a bookworm as well, it is so important to switch off from wifi every now and again!
    Looking forward to finding out your top book picks. I have two books that I would love to recommend that you read: ‘Daughter’ by Jane Shemilt and ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins. These two books were amazing and kept me hooked throughout!
    Love Kate xo

  • That is an amazing thing ! I do love reading too! Can’t wait to see your eight picks and having new books to read! Hopefully, they will put it online as well as in instore, because I’m not form the UK. ( maybe I’ll visiting England this spring/summer) :)


  • Anonymous

    This is so exciting, wish I lived in the UK!!!!


  • Julia Walker

    I’m really excited! I did a post on which books I currently enjoy :) Come say hi maybe? tptmermaid.blogspot.co.uk

  • Ala Staníková

    This is so exciting! I really can’t wait for June. You’re such a good writer. I love your books so much and now I could say, they’re one of my favourite.

    Speaking about books, i’m obsessed with books by Rick Riordan. xx

  • Munthaha Ahmed

    zoe should read; in a dark dark woods by ruth ware its really good book and i cannot stop reading it and has good reviews

    • Munthaha Ahmed

      you can get it from whsmith

  • jess

    i love your blog and want to start my own, buttt ….. im not actually sure how to do that, i live in ipswich btw you probably wont come here but if you ever do make sure to post about it because i really want to meet you! (im sure you know where ipswich is!)

  • Truly J

    This is gorgeous!

    Please check out my new fashion, travel and beauty blog: trulyj.com

    If you enjoy Zoella, you’ll love this!


  • Michelle R

    This sounds cliche but nothing beats a little bit of Harry Potter… haha

  • Stacia Jackson

    Omg I’m so excited!!!!!!! 🙂 Thx Zoe xxx

  • Jayla Palmer

    This is so exciting! I would recommend checking out “I’ll give you the sun” by Jandy Nelson if you haven’t read it yet. It’s really good! :)

    • Stacia Jackson

      Thanks for the recommendation! xxx

  • This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to hear what titles you include!!

    Via Sora

  • Ashlin

    To all those who are making a fuss about Zoe falsifying her interest in reading,

    Who cares? This woman has literally MILLIONS of young teenage and pre-teenage girls who follow her every word, blog, tweet and video. She is using her incredibly (and to her what must be terrifyingly) large influence to impact her followers in a positive way – she will get them reading! She will have millions of girls thinking about more than just make-up, boys and clothing, she will be getting them involved in literature and reading and focussing on something which isn’t online! Which so many young girls today struggle to do.

    So who cares if she is lying about being a bookworm, this brilliant woman has recognised her influence and (ghost writers or not) is getting young girls to remove themselves from their phones, laptops and tablets and reach out for actual, physical books. For, though I am sure there are still young bookworms out there, they are becoming less and less common, for no other reason than we live in a digital age.

    So we need to look at the bigger picture and realise that Zoe Sugg is hugely influential and she is using that to impact change among a generation who otherwise might not consider a book in place of a blog or video.

    You should be really proud of yourself Zoe, this is an great thing.

  • secretgirlonline2000

    cant wait to see these books. btw i have started a blog as zoe youu have inspired me too from yours books. I write poetry, my feelings, lists and just random things feel free to check it out http://secretgirlonline2000.wix.com/a-bit-of-me

  • Katy Goodship

    Ooh, this is exciting ! And I love your hair this length


  • xoiiee h

    This is an amazing idea. Reading is such a wonderful escape, keep up the good work!


  • Friends Call Me Yoshi

    I am so glad that I’ve clicked on this post, you have a way with your words. I love reading and I hope there will be a third book in your series because your books are stunning <3


  • Johanna and Aria

    I love reading as well! I actually recently did a blog post about it :) I’m so excited for this, best of luck. xx


  • Fareya Mubashera

    you should read:

    The Lost and The Found by Cat Clarke

    Candor by Pam Bachorz

    Every Day by David Levithan

    The Night Sky In My Hand by Sarah Hammond

    Will Grayson and Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

    • Fareya Mubashera

      and btw
      these r just some of the great books ive read recently!
      luv u zoe! x

    • Mnoblexx😜

      Never read the lost and found

      • Fareya Mubashera

        omg, u really should read it! read the reviews online and see what u think! x

    • Holly Lishman

      Is the lost and found a scary book? also I love Will Grayson Will Grayson you should read an abundance of katherines which is also by John Green its a really good book

      • Fareya Mubashera

        its kinda scary
        not a lot but if u read the reviews ull understand what i mean :)

  • Izzy

    now i just have to find out how to move to the U.K…

  • I never said failing to disclose that information was a good thing. I specifically said that having help writing a book is not a bad thing. Was it an oversight to not make that clear from the start and not give credit in the book? Yes. Is she the devil for doing that? No.

    You buy the book for a reason. Either you have an interest in the content of the book – irrespective of who the author is – or you have a vested interest in the person bringing it to you, and wish to provide them support. Perhaps it is a mixture of both. But no one forced you, or anyone else, to purchase the book – and the fact that there was a ghost writer has not killed you, nor in fact has it damaged you in any way, shape or form. A lesson in priorities would be beneficial here.

    The author who can produce content that people like is the author who will get ahead. Zoe was able to develop an idea that had people interested. She’s not a professional author – nor is any first-time writer, I will remind you – and I don’t see what is so bad about reaching out to get help to fulfill your dreams. If this were any other person who had a dream or goal in mind and needed some help to reach it, would you be kicking them to the curb for seeking it?

    Or perhaps it is the author who can market themselves efficiently and effectively who will get ahead. Truly, it is the responsibility of every author to develop a support base. If they cannot do that then their books will not be successful. But you seem perfectly happy to assume that Zoe just “had” this support base, this fame, this marketability, without having to put in a single shred of effort to get it. Certainly, by the time she released her novel she already had a huge following, but she, just like every author out there, had to build it up herself. She built it up with her blog. She built it up with her YouTube channels. She built it up before she released her book, but she built it up out of her own effort – just like every there author out there. She’s marketable because she put in the effort to get where she is today. She’s famous because she put in the effort to get where she is today. And yet you think that because she already had this marketability and fame before the book was written, she is undeserving?

    There are certainly plenty of talented writers out there who can write their own books. They’re being overlooked because they’re not creating their profile. They’re not marketing themselves, they’re not building up their “fanbase”. Zoe did that and was rewarded for it. Those writers are likely very talented, but being an author is not purely about your talent; and just because you can’t market yourself doesn’t mean those who can should just hold back. So some talented authors can’t build up a following. That doesn’t mean Zoe shouldn’t do what she loves.

    And for that matter, she shouldn’t give up on her dreams and just not do the things she’s passionate about simply because she needs help doing them. She doesn’t owe anything to the authors who can’t market themselves.

  • Just because something’s a fact doesn’t mean it’s not gossip. I could go around telling everyone that my best friend was pregnant; it could be true, but it’s still gossip.

    It’s news that doesn’t matter. It’s news that does nothing but destruct and tear down. And there are people like you who seem to enjoy spreading it far and wide for the sole purpose of – what? Making her feel bad? If you don’t like her, then leave. You don’t need to be here.

  • FabulousDunning

    yussss zoe! I love reading too :D can’t wait to see your recommendations! xxx

  • Megan

    OMG! I live in the UK and I also live right next to a WH Smith!

  • Bailey Fraser

    Omg AMAZING I live near WHSmith OMG Im half way through Girl Online and it is AMAZING Love u Zoella xxxxxxx

  • Marsya Jauzi

    I think I’m going to start being productive and read a book! Nice post zoe :D


  • Maryam Jumani
  • Emily Clare Beauty

    I loved the Girl Online series! Best books I have read!

    Emily Clare Beauty: http://www.emilyclarebeauty.wordpress.com

  • Lovely Article!


  • Becca

    Ahh this is exciting!!!! I love reading!! :)

  • It’s the best idea for lovers of books. I wish that we in Lithuania will have something simillar to this book club. I really love reading John Green books and Girl online (finally this book was translated in lithuanian language) I read about 7 times now, it just keeps me calm relax when I’m feel anxioous or after I had so bad panic attack. Zoe I can’t in words describe how much I love you xx I hope one day I’ll meet you and hug you so tight ♥♥♥

    Lots of love

  • Britt

    Zoë, books and a bookclub all in one! That’s what makes life brighter *heart eyes emoji*.
    Btw, you should definitely read:

    Wonder – R.J. Palacio
    We Were Liars – E. Lockhart
    and if you love fantasy and Chinese folklore, I’d suggest Soundless by Richelle Mead

  • aldonza

    my personal favorites

  • E M I L I A🌙

    Where can we find more photos?!

  • Bex [PB]

    Zoe, you would love summer at shell cottage by Lucy Diamond! It’s amazing! Ly Xx

  • Kira

    Zoë have you read the divergent series because omg it’s amazing!! Xx

  • blogginginfinity

    I love you Zoe! Your blog always makes me smile. I’ve made a blog inspired by yours! http://www.blogginginfinity.wordpress.com :)

  • Alona Bronstein

    Sounds amazing! x Alona


  • Elleni Kyriakides

    Brilliant news, can’t wait !!

  • I really love this photoshoot! You look amazing and i adore the style and color its photographed in! GREAT! xoxo Katei http://whatskatieupto.com

  • Emilia

    That’s amazing! Love you Zoe ❤


  • Jac

    I highly recommend Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, well really anything by her is great!

  • subscribe to my youtube channel and check out my blog my youtube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmHHROaS2zOhjf-g5Z7Syiw my blog http://audreyscorner1.doodlekit.com/home/index

  • Kristy Hart

    This is a fab idea Zoe – I can’t wait to see what books you have be loving! I haven’t read a really good book in quite a while so it will be nice to find a selection of really good ones X
    Kristy X

  • These pictures are so pretty, congratulations on having a book club! :) x


  • Wow. I can’t wait 😃

  • Warrior Cat

    I’m sooooo excited for this book club!!!!!! I looooove reading!!!!!!

  • Yes!!! I cannot wait to see what you recommend.
    ♥ Lunar


  • Caroline

    JENNY HAN BOOKS! Especially to all the boys i loved and the summer series! Her books gave me the same feels as girl online does! They’re really good!

  • Ellie Hanger

    Ooh this sounds good!

  • Vanessa Ray

    Highly HIGHLY recommend “All the Light We Can Not See” by Anthony Doerr. It’s a beautiful Pulitzer Prize winning story set in WW II. It also won an “Alex Award”, which means it’s a book that was written for adults that is also good for young adults.

  • This is so exciting Zoe! x


  • RoisinsLatest

    Oooh so excited for you! I really loved ‘The Book Thief’!

  • Red

    OMG ZOË!!! I am SO happy for you! I wish I could access those books though… sadly I don’t live in the UK 😭, so I don’t know where I can see these suggestions. Please let us non – British views, followers and readers know where we can find them! Thanks! 🙂 xx

  • Brie

    Hi Zoe,
    I know that you’re probably not going to see this, but I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for such a long time, and until I read Girl Online, I didn’t know what panic attacks even were. So I would just like to thank you so very much for giving me the confidence to be myself, and to not care what people think about me. You have even inspired me to start a blog, which I have entitled Blogging Happiness. You really don’t have to check it out, and even if you’re not Zoe reading this, I just want you to know that you are so special, and that you are very important to the world.


  • Bs Blog

    Hi I just started my blog and would love some feedback. Thanks

  • Abby K


  • sarah flores

    You should read…..
    1. To all the boys I loved before By: Jenny Han
    2. Legend By: Marie Lu
    3. Thirteen Reasons Why By: Jay Asher
    4. Doomed By Tracy Deebs
    5. The Thing About Jellyfish By: Ali Benjamin

  • sara mcavoy

    I love books too, I love getting lost in one for hours!

  • Mnoblexx😜

    Can’t wait for your book club I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it xx

  • EEE, so excited for this! I love reading so I would love to see what books you enjoy reading! I spy all the bright places in the pics above! I’m currently reading that book and I love it!
    Aleeha xXx

  • BlurryGirlBlog

    OMG i loove books! Please check out my blog post about reading! It would mean a lot:https://t.co/KaJT3Fbnrp

  • Ashleigh Zban

    This makes me sooooooo happy and if you are looking for some awesome requests anything from Cassandra Clare is awesome, sometimes she is so amazing all I read is her books (and Girl Online of course!). In fact sitting right next to me now is girl online: on tour and lady midnight by Cassandra Clare, go check it out!!!! p.s. Her books are loved so much world wide that America is playing a series called ‘Shadowhunters’ which is based on her ‘The Mortal Instruments’ collection.

  • Susanna Català

    Hey I’m starting to write something, I would love to know what do you think about it

  • Elli de’Rooth

    I love your books! :) They have simple text, and they’re best! :)

    You’re very pretty ang beautiful girl! <3


  • Costy

    Am I normal yet? (from the normal series) by Holly Bourne is amazing! It’s one of the few books I’ve read that made me both laugh and cry and definitely makes my personal top ten! It taught me so much about anxiety and OCD that I didn’t know about before and has made me respect people like Eve.

  • This is so exciting! I really wish I lived in the UK right now

  • Emma Reynolds

    omg I have started to read All The Bright Places because it sounded good when Zoe mentioned it in one of her favourites a while ago and it is amazing!!!!!

  • Alison O’Reilly

    Will you share your top 8 favourites on your blog/vlog? So that us Irish can read them too :) xx

  • Ellen Johnston

    Will it be on their Website? For people that don’t live in the UK!

  • Andie Cann

    So excited!!!!

  • Rosie

    I’m definitely going to get more details about this! It sounds so lovely x

  • Epiphany Railton

    I just finished All The Bright Places! OMG it’s so sad :( BUt i would definitely recommend as it is now one of my favourite books.

  • Georgie McCarthy

    This is so exciting! Also your hair looks amazing!! You look gorgeous! I loved the photos you posted on instagram too of the shoot. It looked quite magical. Anyway, haha (getting a little fangirl side tracked) I’m excited to know which books your admiring and you look amazing! Georgie xo https://thestyletransplant.wordpress.com/

  • Christina

    That’s amazing!!!!!! I LOVE reading!!!! Have you read the Just one day Sirius by Gayle Forman? If not you should totally do so! It’s awesome!!! And a very good summer read!!!!! Love you 🎀💛💚

  • Summer

    my blog: theconfessionsofateengirl.blogspot.com and i would really appreciate it if you could check it out!

  • Nicole McGrath

    Such a great idea, love it!x

  • Aleksandra Tsenova

    Bookworm for ever!!
    You are amazing and really inspiring Zoë. Love reading you blog and watching you channel.
    New blogger 😊😁 please check my blog http://www.fflawlessminds.blogspot.com .
    Thank you ! 😊😚❤❤

  • What a great venture Zoe! It’d be so good to get more young people reading, and you’re such a good role model…
    Lindsi x


  • Emsi Rose

    This is a wonderful idea and I can’t wait to pick up books in the summer!! xo


  • Marie Streit

    The perks of being a wallflower, is an amazinnng book <3

  • Charlotte Smith

    Love this post! You are amazing and inspiring!


  • Aleksandra Tsenova

    Love you Zoe.

    Check my post for ‘Our World’. Everyone deserves peace and love🙏

  • Hey! I have been following you for a while now, and I love you style and you’re a huge source of inspiration for me, but something that excites me even more is the common interest for literature.

    I have wanted to become an writer for as long as I can remember, and now I have finally taken the step towards my dreams. I have this blog where I post original short stories, written by me of course. The link is: http://www.hardstories.net. I am using the blog as a sort of practice space, so I would naturally love to receive some constructive criticism.

  • Fee Smile

    Wooow that sounds so nice! Such a great opportunity for you once again :)
    Btw the pictures are beautiful!
    You truly are an inspiration :)
    xoxo Fee / http://www.feymous.blogspot.com

  • Kayleigh

    This so exciting not only for yourself Zoe but for me too. Ive wanted to get back into reading and what a great way for me to start!! Thank you x


  • EIM91

    Such an amazing idea I need some good books to read in the summer holiday I love everything you do and I sure I would love your picks

  • Oh that’s so exciting! I know how annoying social media can be in terms of drawing the attention to screens instead of books – but I try to stick with reading as well. Although reading your blog isn’t that bad either ;)

  • HarleyQuinn

    Hey Zoe I really like you vlogs and blogs oh and main channel videos. I hope your doing great and I hope to see another vlog and blog soon. You are amazing and my inspiration. You are the best. I wish I could meet you and Alfie!!!😝😝 I also love you books they were incredible?!?😍😍

  • Kim

    I can’t wait for this, it’s going to be so great <3 you asked for suggestions for books, and I have no idea what sort of books you're interested in, as I'm only new to your blog and channel, but one of my personal favourite series of books is by Joss Stirling, and the first book is called Finding Sky. Again, I don't know whether you've read it or not, but I love it so much!

  • Rosie online

    Dear Zoella

    HI so sorry if this is not your most recent post i’m new and well I don’t know how to work this website at all. Anyway I have just finished reading your first book ‘girl online’ really helped me out. I loved it so much. I have panic attacks to and this really helped me to help stop them. I don’t have them that much. I also am doing my reading log at school on your book. And it’s so easy because I can really understand your book. I know you may not see this but ill try to re-comment when I get my grade for the reading log. Also one of my friends has similar problems with their parents as Elliot/wiki in your story does. And this book has helped me to find out new ways to help them out. And to help them deal with it too. I now have a blog just like you called ‘Rosie online’ I am not copying ‘girl online’ I am just inspired my you. So thank you for that a lot. I love who are thanks! I can’t wait to your new book comes out! I wish I could do a reading log on that to but I can’t because we are only aloud to do one book per writer. But I would If i could. So sorry that this is too long I just had a lot to tell you so I put it all in at one time. Also sorry if there are any spelling mistakes I need to get better at that. So thank you so much for being awesome please keep posting and being you! bye!

    – Rosie Online

  • FloralAngel101

    I agree completely with reading! Unfortunately, I do not live in the UK.

  • Sally Henry

    Ever read I Let You Go by Claire Mackintosh? That’s an amazing one. Also Behind Closed Doors by Kathryn Croft. :) xx

  • Tiffany Lee

    Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is in my tops favorites along with Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson xx

  • Kennedyanne

    Will there be a third book in the girl online series?? I loved the first and on Monday I get to go get the second and I know I will love that one even more so I hope there’s a third book in the series!!

  • Olga Voznyarska

    hi. Zoe, I just wanted to thank you for being yourself.
    one of my dreams has always been to write a book, but I was always afraid that I am not good enough. But I decided to start from something small and start a blog.
    I hope you are having a good day.
    Remember that no matter what other people say about you, the only thing that actually matters is what you think personally of yourself.
    Lots of love,


  • Paige Oakley

    Zoella you need to tell use what books you read and would remind for use to read xx

  • Heartlight10

    Her eyes are beauts xxx Zoe xxx

  • Truly J

    Gorgeous photos! Love the shoot

    trulyj.com <– new fashion, beauty and travel blog xx

  • Liv

    Hi Zoe! :)

    I recommend The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky- this is my favourite!
    Also love The Time Travellers Wife & Me Before You- two soppy love stories but really good for light reading and very easy to get lost in!

    For something a bit more intellectual, I really liked Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan, who has been said to be something of a French Fitzgerald. And of course, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (I had to read this about 5 times over for A levels and didn’t get completely sick of it so it must be decent!)

    Hope you give at least one of those a go! Can’t wait for the book club launch! xx

  • Shanahbelle Macdonald

    ‘I’ll give you then sun’ by Jandy Nelson 💛💛

  • Maria W <3

    Will we have online access? <3

  • Nadiah

    I love this idea!! I think you’d really enjoy the book “Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell. I can’t wait to see everything in the book club!!

  • Elsibubs

    I cant wait but I have looked on the wh smith website and it is not there…?

  • Holly Ward

    Loving the blog zoe!

  • Emelia

    Yay! So excited to see what your fav books are! I bet you have some great recommendations :) x

  • Rebekah Leyton

    Zoe I love this idea! I am a bookworm myself and love writing and you actually inspired me to start a blog! Is not anything special to start with but I would love if you checked it out! itsbekahl.blogspot.com xxxx :)

  • Alessia Pace

    I suggest you The Forbidden Game Serie by Lisa Jane Smith and my last discovery: Red, Blue and Green by Kristen Gier (they’re both trilogies) :)
    Try read them, I loved them and I think you would to! :D

  • giorgia

    I love reading too! Your photos are so lovely! My blog-> https://giojoblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/about-me/

  • Emma Sanders

    This is amazing!!!!! I love Rainbow Rowell and the Selection series, I believe both the author and series displays a good moral message to yound girls everywhere, Congratulations! xx

  • Holly Rodger

    So exited for this coming

  • madison mcgrath

    i love you zoella

  • Stacey “Being Stacey” Hubbard

    I’m looking forward to this as I always struggle to pick new books!


  • This sounds ace, will check it out

    Mel x

  • Victoria Paddle

    I love this idea that you’ve come up with Zoe!

    I think you would enjoy these 3 books:

    1) Dandelion Clocks by Rebecca Westcott
    It’s a sad book about a close family and their tragedies, but also very interesting and has some uplifting moments!

    2) Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens
    It’s a very teenager-ry book about…you guessed it… a murder! But it has a great storyline. I was encouraged to read this and I am really happy that I did.

    3) Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
    This is an amazing book and so are the rest of them in the series. But as usual I have found that the first is always the best! It’s very tense but has some funny moments as well!

    Hope this helps! xxxxx (www.secretsis.com) and (‘SecretSis’ on youtube)

  • Orla :)

    The Book Theif is a great read!

  • Sophie’s Little World

    For you I would really recommend a book called going vintage, I think it really fits in with the style of books you read

  • lily

    why is there barely any WHsmiths in Ireland???? Its quite annoying that English viewers gain access to the bookclubs when viewers from other countries that don’t have WHsmith don’t – don’t get me wrong , I still think its a really good idea but would prefer if it could be enjoyed by all Zoella fans – big Zoella fan – lily

  • Naya Almo

    You sneaky little Zoe with all those tweets about something special… That is def. very exciting only if I lived in the UK I live in Switzerland and am never able to get any of your products for your beauty line which is soo sad do u think one day u will be able to launch your products worldwide. It would be amazing!!!!!
    love u lots

  • Kool Kat MSP

    Hey Zoe, do you have another Email address that isn’t just for business?

  • Chloe

    Uhh I’m so annoyed right now I’m reading bout people invading zalfies house err what are these peoples problem I only live like 2 mins away from alfie and zoe and I get so anoyed when I’ll drive past there house and see people trying to take pics with it take mug shots of Zoe and Alfie don’t you think with Zoe’s anxiety we can just leave them be I totally understand that fans just want to have pics and meet there idols but why anoy them like that nobody would like it if people always wants pics with you Zoe and Alfie are amazing people who are trying there best to give us great content but what do we do to say thank you we invade there space I really hope Zoe sees this and I really hope the haters see this coz together we are all Zoe’s friends and would always back her up on haters ty x 😒❤

  • Lucy Doyle

    Hey Guys! I just started a happiness project today based on Gretchen Rubin’s book – The Happiness Project and will be posting it all on my blog! I would really appreciate it if anyone would check it out and if you are doing your own happiness project please let me know! I’d love to see them <3 xxx


  • emma

    ah! i cannot wait for this!

  • Georgia

    OMG Zoë! I am a complete bookworm myself, so it will be BRILLIANT for you to have a book club!
    I ❤️ You Zoë!

  • Georgia

    Omg Zoë! I am a total bookworm so it is BRILLIANT that you have done a book club!
    I ❤️ You Zoë!

  • CuteGeekyGirl

    Can people in the Republic of Ireland acess it?

  • Holly Lishman

    I just read an amazing book called “am I normal yet?” Its about a girl who has a mental disorder but she doesnt want to tell anyone because at her old school people called her psycho and everyone knew about it. Its also a book about feminism and I really think you would love it!

  • Sophie Robinson

    Love love love this! xxx

    IG: sopherinas
    Twit: sopherinas


  • Alaa Aladawy

    This would probably be the best thing you ever made!! I’m really excited but I wonder whether I’d be able to acces it since I’m in the Middle East?

  • Pixie May

    Read “The Girl who Saved the King Of Sweden”
    ly zoe xxx

  • Gabrielle Dela Pena

    Hello Zoe I really love your books to be honest the girl online series was actually the book series that I’ve read and actually finish a book I wish that there is a new book – G :*

  • allaboutmylittlethings

    the photos are soooo great

  • Phoebe Sutcliffe

    I just right this second finished Girl Online on tour and it was absolutely amazing (so was Girl Online…. Obviously!) I love your style of writing because even though it is fiction it has ‘elements’ of real life in it such as Downtown Abbey and Sephora. (See what I did there with ‘elements’?) I love what you do and have now read your blog and watched your YouTube videos for what seems like forever! This is another reason why I love your books soooo much as I can see your personality shining through the words like the sunrise through the gaps in my curtains (I’m aware how cheesy that sounds) The story you have created is definitely something to be proud of! It makes the books such page turners! For example I was saving the books for when I had a lot of time on my hands to read them….. But….. I’ve read them both in the space of four days! I couldn’t put them down. Please Please Please can you write a third Girl Online? (I’m aware you’ll probably never read this but…..I hope you carry on writing.
    P x
    (That’s not for Penny it’s for Phoebe but I thought it was a good book reference)

    • Grace Marsden

      She is!

  • Charlotte Hull

    I have just finished reading all the bright places and it’s amazing. I cried more than I’d like to admit over a book but it has such an important message. Thank-you for introducing it to me.

  • autumngirluk

    I am definitely a big bookworm and I am so glad you are doing this! I will definitely be getting involved. I love to blog too, http://autumngirluk.wordpress.com

  • OnlineBloggingGirl

    Hey guys !! Please go and read my blog !! Tell me what you think and give me any tips that I should or could do better ! Xxx https://onlineblogginggirl.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/i-am-back/

  • Sophie

    I think you should either read the weight of water or apple and rain both from Sarah crossan she is a very good writer in my opinion my next book to read is all the bright places Sophie xxx

    Your make up is totally amazing! As always.. :))

    Happy Wednesday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


  • Cj Hicks

    Oh my god I’m almost done with Girl Online it is so good you must have a great imagination to come up with these characters

  • TubeBoss

    Great idea Zoella!! I have a post about Zoella on my own blog.

    Put your blog in the comment and i will go watch it as well :)

  • Sophie Robinson

    Yay to this post!

  • Mila

    You should read every day by David Leviathan…I just finished it and it’s so good and I think you’ll enjoy it as well! ❤

  • Paul Mckinley

    Omg Zoe I can’t wait to see your book selections, I love reading aswell and I need some new books to read so if anyone else has any suggestions could you please reply. Thanks xx <3

  • Leila Saoudi

    Hi Zoella if you are reading this (probably not because this has been up for a while) I want to let you know I am new to your blog but I have been watching your YouTube channel for around 4 years and I want congratulate you on hitting 1 million subs and where as I am 1 of them. I would love to join your book club I’ve read Girl Online but I am still looking for Girl Online On Tour, I think we might have a lot in common because I suffer from panic attacks and I love photography but I’ve go to go so I hope you reply soon (I come from Belfast so we’re quite close) Bye Love From Leila (pronounced like Leela) xxx

  • Thái Sơn Htc-neu

    nice, these girls are so cute and sweet, hope you success with your book…


  • Laura T. Olivari

    Fangirl, my life in a book.

  • Cerys

    Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman xx

  • stacey

    Hey zoe please check out my blog and give me feed back im only just starting up and well I don’t have all the confidence in the world http://northenblogger.wix.com/mysite

  • DonutTouchMe

    omg that’s going to be so cool ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!

  • Weydela

    I loved your book Zoe!!

  • Cassiepeia

    could you make yourself a goodreads page? that would be awesome too :)!!

  • Mara

    I’m still absolutely obsessed with the Harry Potter series! I can highly recommend them although I’m pretty sure everyone read them. It’s such a pity I don’t live in the UK I’d love to get involved :(

  • Rachelbellebeauty

    I’ve loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

    rachelbellebeauty.blogspot.com.es? xx

  • Annie

    No way, reading is absolutely one of my favourite pass times.
    Would you be going into the store Zoe?

  • Charlotte

    The princess and the foal by Stacey Gregg I know it sounds quite young but the way it is written and the words the author uses is quite grown up if you get what I mean it is also based on a true story.

  • If you like a little bit of a thriller, I have just recently finished reading, The Girl on the Train by S J Watson, thoroughly enjoyed this!!


  • Emilia

    I am so excited for this!! I love getting book recommendations but did anyone else have a panic when you saw Zoe bending the spine of the book! Cannot wait for more books to read X

  • amal aray

    Hi zoey i think you should check out Hopeless by colleen hoover its really an amazing book and it has a shocking story as well
    i think you would enjoy it

  • amal aray

    you should read Hopeless By Collen Hoover

  • Eliška Mrázová

    Hi Zoello I recently bought a book Girl Online and I’m pleased. It’s my best book I’ve ever read. But I have a question. This book is about your life (how did you come about the blog and the embarrassing ……), or is it fanciful story?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    I love your videos on youtube and your blog.

  • Emili Milosevska

    Fangirl is a great book, i saw you reading that in Alfies Vlog

  • Ana
  • Sophie Robinson

    I cant wait for the reviews in June! Xx

  • pale-blue

    :) :)

  • Andrea Bråten

    You should read the hunger games I just finished the last book, and they are amazing! When I started reading I just couldn’t put the book down.

  • Madi_GirlOnline

    Hi Zoella!
    I am really really really really really hoping that you are going to make a Girl Online 3!!!! Could u plzzzzzzz consider it because those books are amazing😻😻.
    Another idea could be to make a Girl Online movie! I have seen a trailer but I’m not sure if it’s official or not. Could you PLEASE reply!

    Your most addicted fan,

  • Kira Ford

    I know you most probaly won’t see this but I
    would recommend the book matched its a really unique book and has 2 the books in its trilogy. I hope that you read it and enjoy it!!

  • Chloe

    Massive book fan. I’m now reviewing books I read 😊


  • Aaniy_Snowangel

    Wow!!!!! Even I couldn’t read as many books as you Zoë!

  • Marry Gold

    ya ia agree with you

  • Kristiina Kankaanpää

    Those pictures are so pretty! And I got to ask where are those jeans from?

  • Britt Van

    I would recommend The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle and Sucide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynm Weingarten both sound kinda twisted and said but are in my top 5 non series books

  • Badmemory

    Do you remember when Zoella wrote a number on her hand that represented something that the world should fix by 2017 or something? What’s the website for that? Nala did one too. I think sprinklesofglitter did it too.

  • I’m very excited as to what your eight picks are especially it’s summer in where I live and I am in dire need of some book suggestions


  • fangirlandblogger

    All the Bright Places was amazing. I love Jennifer Niven. Glad you’re also enjoying it Zoë! ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Millie Greenwood

    I’ve just read All the Bright Places (the book you recommended a while ago and that’s in the pictures!) and it is honestly amazing! Can’t wait for some more amazing reccomendations.

  • Hannah Leigh

    You should definitely read Miss peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children! It’s so gripping and creepy, but beautifully written. Ily xxx

  • Kayla

    Can not wait for this. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa reading a good book. Can not wait to hear about the ones you pick!

  • Sherryn Arfrenia

    hi guys i just started my own blog i would like you guys to check it out [email protected] thxx

  • rose

    love this

  • Amanda

    I’m so excited for it! I’d reccommend The Lovely Bones (it’s not as grueful as it sounds), which is about how the family of a girl copes with her death. It’s just very beautiful and touching, and I read it in one sitting.


  • Nnomzy

    OMG!!! She’s starting a bookclub!!! Zoey you are such a great role model and I will always look up to you 👍💜

  • Lucy Doyle

    This is such a great idea!! Good luck Zoe <3


  • It’s a great idea, we should always find time to get away from our screens and dive into the adventures in the books! :) x


  • innocentlemon


  • nusrath naurin

    You should read Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer :)

  • ipicax

    I just read the girl online and I can’t stop crying. I love the book so much, I can find myself in it so badly.. When I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. Now I’m sad that I’m done with the book.. But another thing is that there is a second version that makes me so happy. Zoe I love the book. Love you so much xx

  • RainbowSHAKE

    Guys check out my blog. I got inspired by GirlOnline. Zoe you really do know how to write a book. LOVE YOUUU!!! xxxx


  • paris andrewartha

    hi does anyone else have a blog……..
    heres mine ~ http://pariscourtney18.wix.com/beauty-pic
    if you want to contact hit the contact button on my page =]

  • Brooke Jessop

    WOW! These pictures are so beautiful! It’s so good seeing someone promoting books as they are so special and reading for pleasure is slowly becoming a forgotten hobby. thank you zoe, I’m really excited to see what you recommend!


  • -V

    YES! I would love to that, can we access the book online if we don’t live in the UK?


  • Candice
  • Cara

    Zoe! I have to ask- did Penguin come to you with the idea of writing a book or did you go to Penguin? I have always wanted to write a fashion book.

  • Džana Kadić

    As I needed more reason to wish I lived in UK! This is so exiting!

  • ZoBird

    I’m really excited to see these books! At school we have a literature festival and there is a short story competition, does anyone have any interesting topics to write about? I would really like to enter but its so difficult to think of somewhere to start! :)

  • Tiffany

    Love this idea! Congrats!


  • Sarah

    The divergent series are amazing (way better than the movies, though I still like them) the last book in the series is the only book ever to make me cry. And I balled!!

  • kaitlyn

    to any of you reading, She’s come undone by wally lamb is an amazing book!! especially for those who have anxiety, depression, family issues, or body image issues. i never felt more connected to any book than this. it was like reading the outcome of my dream

  • Sophie

    I was honestly just reading ‘In The Bright Places’ and I couldn’t put it down! So excited to see what other books there are to discover in this crazy fictional world! <3

  • Seriously love this idea, I want to start this on my own blog!!!! LOVE ZOE!!!

  • safia

    love it!

  • Franzibelle

    I’m so excited Zoe Can’t wait !!

  • Kiana

    yay!! I’m looking forward to June now!

  • Sid Rae

    I Speak Spanish but i understand you blog, is very easy

  • Nicole

    Hi Zoe! So cool you are starting your own book club! 2 really good YA books I read lately are Wonder by RJ Palacio and Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. Good luck with all the reading x

  • Samantha Strongheart

    Omg yaaay…. you should read A Mango Shaped Space its kinda sad espesiall at the end, The Girl Who Could Fly, and Island of the Blue Dolphins. xxx

  • Kimberley McPherson

    Have you read the girl on the train?


  • Amelia


  • Marilén Sollie

    The Senor Peregrino series by Cecilia Samartin is AMAZING! So is Ghost heart/broken paradise by the very same author.

  • alanna

    omg i wish u were in ireland

  • Louise Byrne

    The Grey Wolves Series! <3 my fave

  • Amelia Tkaczyk

    Love thiss, i also loved girl online and girl online and girl online on tour Zoe!

    Please take a look at my blog everyone: axeliameili.blogspot.com

  • I am so excited for this!!!! Can’t wait!!


  • Floor Waasdorp
  • A♥

    Yes!!! Will be loving that! just cant wait:)


  • lara

    love it you inspire me to do great things.if i could be one person it would be you .i love your vids and im hoping to start my own channel and vlog like you. xxx

  • K8ieButton

    ive also always been a bookworm and would love to have such amazing opportunities like you do. X

  • Niamh Evans

    J.K rowling is a defintly my favourite author obviously for all her harry potter books she wrote but latley i have been reading jhon greens books finding alaska is defintly my favourite x

  • quinn fabro

    Mansfield Park. Great Expectations. Pride and Prejudice.

    • quinn fabro

      All such great classics

  • Book_Lover

    OMG I cant wait I absoloutley love reading and just recently started a blog so I could share all my thoughts with everyone!

  • Night Circus by Erin Mogenstern has been my favorite book (besides all the Harry Potter’s haha) since I read it last summer. Such a beautiful novel and very magical!!


  • Amy

    This takes true dedication and is a very interactive and positive thing to share with your subscribers, well done! Tip ~ try not to make your eyes fall out ❤️X

  • Sarah Juliana

    Maybe someday by colleen hoover. I really enjoyed this one. It is an amazing lovestory but not too corny. xo, sarah

  • Nerdy Cookies

    i wish i could actually find the book club on the website

  • Zoë Huxford

    I know I’m a little late to join the club (haha- get it?) but one of my all time favourites is The Colour Purple by Alice Walker. You should read it when you get the chance, if you haven’t already :)

  • Evaju25

    Hi I wanted to know if you’re going to volume 3 of girl online
    I love your books

  • Eliza Strzelecka

    I’m so excited to find out what books you’ve been reading and to discover some more good reads!
    I’ve also started my own blog; I’d love it if you read my new post! http://elizastr.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Hazel Kooiker

    Hi Zoe, I don’t even know if you’re going to read this, but I’m still going to post it. I just finished reading Girl Online and I must say, that was one of the BEST books I’ve EVER read. It shows people what happens online and what can happen if you start a blog. It was a bit cliche, but I didn’t mind because I LOVE cliche books, I mean who doesn’t?
    I’d just like to say I LOVE YOU. In Girl Online Penny suffered from anxiety, which I know you do too (I watch your videos). I would like to say thank you for showing me what anxiety feels like. I don’t suffer from anxiety and I’ve always wanted to know why people hate it so much. By publishing Girl Online, you’ve helped me see what people are going through and I LOVE YOU for that.

    You are an awesome, beautiful person and I want you to never forget it! Don’t stress, enjoy life. Experience different things and be yourself. We love you for who you are!
    Thank you and I hope you reply in some way!!!!

  • Bella

    Two boys kissing by David Levithan it is the most amazing book i ever read! :))

  • Yashashvi Kanodia

    Wow! That’s amazing!
    I am passionate about writing and reading too.
    If you wish to checkout my blog, then feel free. It is a self helping blog. It is sure to change your perspective about things.

    Love you x

  • Ugnė Ramanauskaitė

    Please do a third book of girl online 🙏🙏🙏

  • Rachel Hauser

    I recommend the books of the writer Jojo Moyes and especially her new book “After You” which is a sequel of “Me Before You”.

  • Nicole

    I remember I used to love the book club back when I was in school. Great way to get people excited about reading! Hopefully it’s a variety of genres so there’s a vast appeal. Looking forward to seeing the selection of books chosen, plus I may come across something I’d never even thought of reading! Fantastic idea!

  • Rim Hilal

    i just finished both your books and they were amazing i hope you will write a book telling us what happened between noah and penny after every thing that happened in that summer and to tell us what happened between elliot and alex.
    i love your books so much and they helped me with problems i was facing.

  • Vlada Kilz

    Zoella,will you write 3rd “girl online”?

  • Rosie

    Will you be doing any more book signings Zoe?x

  • walaa

    Love this! Good job Zoey! <3

  • Mary Morley

    are you going to write a volume 3 of girl online? because i really loved the 1 & 2 and i want to now what’s going on after and what is the choice than done penny at the end?

  • Sofi_Dance

    Love you Zoe💖 I hope that will be the third part of the book Girl Online 👍👆. These books are simply inspiring ! Thank you very much!
    Of course I’m not sure that you are viewing my comment but I love you💕💕

  • lovelifelikelucy

    Will the books be available in stores in other countries?


  • Sophie Kocken

    I would really want to join but they don’t deliver to The Netherlands :(:(:(

  • Megan

    so excited for the book club!

  • Nikkel

    Geek Girl

  • Nikkel

    I highly recommend Geek Girl as it VERY popular at the moment and I am definitely LOVING IT!!

  • Isabella

    Can’t wait for it to be out xxx I am such a bookworm and read books so so so so much X It is my main hobby Kind of !!

  • Which topics you can choose

  • Voltix

    does anyone know how she started this blog? like did she use blogger or something else?

  • Aoifa Laura

    Can’t wait!
    Zoe I would really love it if you could check out my new blog @ http://www.sparklinginthedarkla.blogspot.com
    You are such an inspiration. Thank you.

  • Ella

    I’m so glad about the book club, I LOVE to read and do it all the time. Some of my ‘friends’ call me a nerd (it doesn’t help that I wear braces and have glasses) and it really got me down at one point. I don’t really mind anymore especially because of the book club. Thanks Zöe! Xx Ella

    [email protected]

  • Bronwen

    I live in the united states, would I be able to get the book club here? I absolutely love the Girl Online series and can’t wait for the third, and I have just watched your Book Club Picks video and all of the books look so interesting!

  • Keavy Handford

    One book I found amazing was a book called noughts and crosses by malorie Blackman soo good

  • Catherine

    Just went and bought 3 of them of audible. Also read All I know now by Carrie Hope Fletcher.😍

  • Paige

    Can people in the U.S get the 8 book bundle? And if so how?

  • marwa

    why doesn’t it ship to other countries ))):

  • how have u been able to start ur own blog?! even i wanna start one, can u suggest me any tips or some website i can create one

  • I wish i live in the uk!! i love reading book, i could spent a whole day just reading


  • Tammy
  • Tammy

    Sorry so late with this

    I wish that we have a book club over here
    Can u please write another girl online please it’s so good and I want to read more about penny and Noah

  • Beth Evans

    Have you read ‘Paper Airplanes’ and ‘Goose’ by Dawn O’Porter? Really worth the read! x

  • Stacy

    Is there a way to get this edition in U.S.???

  • Maddison

    As soon as i watched your book club video i went on amazon and bought Everything, Everything. It really caught my eye and i dont regret buying it. I fell in love with the story and finished it two days later.

  • I love that you’re doing this! I’m trying to get back into reading more regularly and this is the perfect chance to. xx


  • Kanika Takiar

    I read both the Girl online books!! I loved Penny & Noah!! so eagerly waiting for your third book! I really wanna know whether they would stay together or part ways!! xo

  • Vrushti Mavani

    I love reading equally as much as i love staring at a screen and that says something! haha! ;) I feel that there is nothing better than getting lost in book and being transported to whole other world I am sooooooo exited that you are launching the book club and can’t wait to indulge in all these good reads!!

  • Laura

    I think I’m going to join in with the book club and read along. I will publish reviews on my new writing blog. http://www.laura-katewrites.co.uk

  • River Strong

    I can’t wait!!

  • Lily Clarke

    Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl. I think you will really enjoy it

  • Katarina Krstin

    You are the best! I really like your blog and your youtube!

  • Mariane Manaytay

    I’ve always wanted that book….

  • Emily

    I saw that in W.H.Smith recently, and I was like, wth is this!? Now I wish I’d bought one, instead I bought PBook 2!

  • Emily

    I obviously bought your two books ages ago, though – I read them both in about 2 weeks, because they’re more entertaining that my favourite author’s books! :D

  • Liv

    this is really off this topic but could u tell me what anxiety is ?

  • Ruby Abbott

    Please, will anyone check out my blog? I’ve just uploaded a new post. I post about photography, anxiety and review things. Thank you, it means a lot! I’d love to take a look at your blog too!

  • Zoe

    OMG need all these books :b

  • Gaia

    I love the books! Thanks Zoe

  • Abi

    I wish i could order these in the United States

  • annabel

    I love Zoe she brings a smile to my face when I read her blog and watch her videos. She is so motivational and I feel she is a genuinely kind person. She is such a beautiful human being and I pray she will come to Australia soon. Love you lots

  • madison

    hi i am 9 years old i am reading your books an d i love your sims series and i think you are amazing :)

  • I just had to get “All The Bright Places” after watching your book club video. It is truly an amazing book. Next up: Everything Everything❤.

  • UnicornGirl

    i love zoella’s website so much

  • Mim Plech

    I looove your hair in these pics! I wish I lived in the UK so I could do it too :(

    Mim Xx http://www.mimiquices.com

  • Genivieve wert

    wish i lived in the uk love reading

  • Georgia

    I want to read your third book

  • katie

    Book clubs are amazing ways to bring people together. There’s so many great books coming out over the summer it’s hard to pick only a handful as hot picks! I’m loving Game of Scones by Samantha Tonge at the moment.
    Katie | http://www.bloomingfiction.co.uk

  • Maddie

    I really think you should read Eleanor and Park. I read it in less than a day, couldn’t put it down!!

  • xVanneh

    I went to London a few weeks ago and just could not NOT buy the second book! I haven’t read it yet but I’m so so excited for it!

  • Els

    Hi I think a good book is Queenie by Jacqueline Wilson. I will just give a little bit of what it’s about. It’s about a young girl called Elsie Kettle and she lives with her Nan. Her Nan becomes Ill and so does Elsie, Elsie has TB or something like that. While she’s in the hospital she meets a little kitten called Queenie ………. I wont give anymore away. Also I bought your book Girl online On Tour yesterday I’m reading it right now.

  • Zoie Grace

    Love your book club Zoe xx





  • The Positivity Person

    I love to read too. Excited for your book club!

    Check out my blog below x

  • Jaidean

    I bought your 1st and 2nd book with the bag and pencil case! They are all so cool! I also bought your beauty products! :D i have fallen in love with them :) I was reading more of your book today and i was laughing so hard started to need a pee xD You have the best sense of humor! I though i was the only weird one :) I just finished your 2nd book yesterday and i cant wait for the 3rd!!!!!! I also bought Alfie’s book with your books! :) The very 1st time i saw your books in a shop i was stood next to the shelf having a sneak peek at what they were like :’) I read about 10 pages of each book. Even Caspar’s, Tanya’s, Joe’s and loads more of the other great youtubers! You have been such an inspiration to my and you are a BIG part of my life (On my laptop/youtube xD) Love ya so much Zoe xxxx <3
    You sincerely xD omg i haven't writ that in so long :O
    Jaidean (Jaydeen) xD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Katie Lennon

    I have bought 2 of them!!!!! Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon and Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher!!!!! Have read Billy and Me and would give it and 8/10 and love Everything Everything!!!!! I love it but nothing can over take your 2 books, Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour. I have pre-ordered Girl Online: Going Solo!!!!!!





  • Katarina Stamenkovic

    Love this post, like every other :)


  • Charlotte Robinson

    I absolutely love this post Zoe, and the whole idea of the WHSmith bookclub is something I would just love to be given the opportunity to participate in! After seeing your selected books I just had to try some of them out as there were a number that stood out to me immediately, so I went ahead and bought ‘Everything, Everything’, ‘All the Bright Places’ and ‘We were liars’ which I have reviewed on my blog in my ‘Summer Holiday Reading 2016’, which went up yesterday. Follow this link to check it out, and I would love to have some feedback and reply to your comments! https://wordpress.com/post/charlotte-robinson.com/2324

    Charlotte x http://www.charlotte-robinson.com

    P.s. I’m obsessed with the first photo in this post (the one on the bed), it’s been arranged so well and you look beaut! I think it might possibly be my favourite picture of you yet, as I just love the combination of colours and textures spread around you.

  • Emma

    Does anybody know where she got her shirt in the second picture with Zoe holding the book ? It’s super cute !

  • E.J.B

    Hi, does anyone know if you have to join the book club or something like that?

  • Megan Taylor

    I love reading both your books and I’m so excited to read your third book in November. I did a spoiler free review of them on my blog.

  • Samantha

    I LOVE your jeans, where are they from??

  • Brigitte Nicole

    I read the book All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven based on your recommendation of it and I just finished it last night at 4 a.m because I could not put it down! I loved every word of it and it still has me heartbroken and happy at the end.

  • Life Chase

    This books are amazing! I might even do a review on them in my blog:

  • Leah pixie star

    yes yes!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lea

    on what site did she made her blog?
    please answer on my insta: leica_505

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pegusus Girlxxx

    hey zoe i am only 10 but you inspire me to be so much more i started a blog because you inspired me too!
    thanks you zoe!:)
    A 10 yr old girl!

  • Jessica

    I love reading its like a magical world that takes you away from reality and sometimes the things you read change your perspective on something’s, that’s what Girl online did to me. I feel that now I can face my fears and make a difference in the world.

  • Theresa Dunn

    I love reading as well I also love the books girl online they r one of my favourite books as well as Finding Audrey and the thirteen treasures series!

  • Natasha Fisher

    Omg I pre ordered Zoe’s book can’t what to get it my wish in the hole world is to meet Zoe and Alfie hope I do one day xx

  • Jodie-leigh Barbara Mckeith

    Hey everyone, New blog just gone live today. I would really appreciate it if you would go check it out and tell me what you think… http://jodie-leigh.weebly.com/

  • kylie.

    Another reason why I should just pack up my things and finish off high school in the UK..

  • Hello please go check out my new blog I have already posted a few things so if you do like it then please share it!

  • Sarah

    Would have to recommend anything by Kate Morton, she is such a good writer. Forgotten Garden and The Secret Keeper are my favourite and half way through The Lake House which is proving to be really good. Her other books are also fantastic though – she hasn’t written a book I didn’t like.

  • Mollouisexx

    I am such a huge fan of yours, but never really looked at your blog. From the ten minutes of discovering your blog, and then continuing to read it, I have already learnt so much as well as what I learnt from your youtube channel. You are a huge inspiration to me and to many others. I am only twelve but beauty and fashion interests me a lot. I have been able to pull off looks I couldn’t do before, by watching your tutorials. I am a true Zoella fan and I aspire to be as amazing as your in the future.
    PS: love your book club pics, I read more than ever now.

  • Isabella Leonard

    OMG I loooooove All The Bright Places! I

  • Helen


  • Gemma

    I have bought the Zoella 8 Book Bundle and couldn’t be happier! I am currently reading ‘All the bright places’ and i’ve already fallen in love with Finch and Violet :-)

  • Emily Mann

    Hello I’ve got the first book and second they are so amazing !!

  • Maricela Barbosa

    Please read ” The Way I Used to Be ” by Amber Smith, I Promise Zoe you won’t be disappointed. Love you btw 💕😊

  • Lily

    I love reading. I get teased about it at school though🙁. People are not going to stop my love of books.

  • Christine McGrory

    Hello Zoella – I would love to send you a signed copy of Grace – My book which mazing women all over the UK have been sharing -It would be amazing if you could review it for me too Please let me know how I can get it to you. http://www.gracethekeybook.com
    [email protected]
    Much Love Cx

  • Taytayloveszoe

    I so want to like be in a book club with her she is so cool

  • Bethany Nichols

    I wish I live in the UK to! My dream is to visit the UK and meet Zoe!! That is my number one dream to do!!

  • Tiffany Koek

    You need to do another video of your favourite books! I loved those videos.

  • KK

    Best book eva!!!! I loved the ending, not gong to spoil it for other readers but OMG!!!!

  • Queen_Kizzie

    I am really loving the potion diaries!! I live in London in UK. Why don’t you do a book signing where you come up to London and then we can all bring books from book club and then get them signed and say what their favourite part was etc

  • Rose Ward

    Zoe are you going to do another round of a book club??? I really love your book picks and want more!!

  • Joanne

    I loved this book club and can’t wait for another!!! the books were amazing!!! https://thelife890.wordpress.com/about/

  • Helica Silva-Bamber

    My little sister has all your books and I had to borrow them for a read. I was so impressed although it did have a few words my 9 year old sister shouldn’t be reading haha


  • Mia Jade

    I LOVE YOU ZOE omg your the best person in the world i hope to visite uk in the future and of caurse buy all of your books .


  • Nhi Tuyết

    bệnh không xuất tinh


  • George Smith

    Looking for a good read? Here’s a short slideshow promoting it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeKFgd0vqR4

  • kittyjadeblog

    And Girl Online Going Solo! Well done for writing your amazing books and encouraging others to read in your book club – your right, sometimes a book can be way better than social media. Especially if your on phone detox (From the book… Can you survive my terrible jokes?). Thank you again,

    Your biggest fan, your quietest reader,

    KittyJade Xx

  • Absolutely love this!!!
    I love reading as well. :)

  • Such a Clean and Lovely blog i have ever seen.. it’s being i’m the regular reader of your blog!

  • Keep up the good work with your book club.

  • Fansipan

    Vay tín chấp ngân hàng

  • Fansipan

    Vay Tín Chấp

  • this is a bit late, but i have just fallen in love with your blog and i am constantly on it!! so much love for you Zoe an inspiration to all x

    http://medorablogs.weebly.com/ (give it a look please xx)

  • Potato Waffles

    I have read most of these books Zoe OML they are amazing!

  • Great blog.Thanks for sharing….. i love reading ……

  • I love this book very much.

  • chloe !!!


  • my wife bought this book and she seemed to really love it and also told me about it then i went through it myself..great book indeed.

  • I love “Girl Online” very much, Zoe 💕

  • Mya

    hi iyusm

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  • pets pets
  • Annabelle Wardle

    I have read many of the books from your book club and I am still waiting for the yes from my dad to join!!!!

  • Arif Shahrudin

    Only if you wrote your own books ;)

  • OMG! Really looking nice.Your eye is very gorgeous.Thanks a lot.

  • This sounds so exciting! I love reading and I can’t wait to see your suggestions. If you are looking for some good books, I love to reading books .

  • năm seo
  • Paddy Hunn

    Hello, studying Zoella for my Media A Level, was wondering which of her books was ghostwritten? Any help would be appreciated

  • We are happy to hear about your book club. It’s a great initiative. Thanks for your sharing.

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    really! It’s a amazing post. Thanks for share.

  • You are really beautiful and also talented at the same time. You write books, the one that you are holding is that written by you?.

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