DSC00186January is such a strange time. You’re mourning Christmas as you take down the decorations and emptying all the left over chocolates that nobody liked into a lovely copper dish for your coffee table where they will no doubt stay uneaten. The Sky Christmas channel is gone, the twinkling lights on people’s houses have been packed away for another year. It’s dreary, dark and very wet outside yet there’s no Christmas magic in the air to rectify your mood. Can you tell i’m not over Christmas being over? Reassure me that i’m not the only one? A lot of people see January as the month for change, a new year, a new you. I’m not so much into that, but I do see it as a bit of a re-set button or similar to when you eventually decide to download that new software on your laptop instead of continuously pressing “Remind me tomorrow”. I like to think back over the past year, note all the things I’m proud of and start thinking about the things I want to try and do in 2016. I knew at the start of the year, after my intense December of uploads that I wanted a little time to reflect on me, my channel, my content and to have what I like to call a bit of an “internet detox” (basically not opening my laptop or looking at my phone too much). I think I succeeded, and although still present and occasionally popping in to remind you all I was still in fact on this planet, I didn’t feel as connected with the online world and I actually feel pretty good after it. There’s certainly no better way to do that than to drive across the country for fields and sea.


Last year, Alfie and I went on a countryside/beach excursion with his family over New Year and because we all loved it so much, we decided to do it again this year. It’s also the perfect opportunity to be in the middle of nowhere and feel quite disconnected with the rest of the world. We picked Cornwall this year, and although the 6 hour drive temporarily ruined my buttocks, it was completely worth it. We stayed about 20 minutes from Falmouth near a village called “Mawnan Smith”. I used to visit Cornwall a fair amount when I was a child. We stayed in caravans, flew kites on the beach and ate plenty of pasties; they were always the best holidays. I was excited to go back as an adult and had heard good things about Falmouth and the surrounding beaches. We went on many long walks where the dogs got so muddy the only part of their bodies that weren’t wet and dirty were their faces. We sat by crackling fires playing games, cooked, relaxed and explored beaches and it was the perfect start to the new year. 


One of my many highlights from our trip included driving around until we found Capris Bay which was a beach near St Ives with Alfie, Poppy and Sean. We pulled up next to a church in the middle of nowhere and followed a path through a golf course and under a train track until we came to an opening where we were met with miles of sand and water. It was like walking through a wardrobe into Narnia. Other people walking on the beach were so far away they were teeny dots on the horizon and although windy, it was so peaceful and quiet. The tide was really far out, and even though we were walking towards it for a good 30 minutes, we still never actually got to dip our wellies in the sea. We went at sunset and the weather had been so up and down all day that the sky was left looking somewhat moody which made for the ultimate photo shoot.


Another highlight was the day we decided to check out Trebah gardens followed by a stroll around the seal sanctuary. The gardens were so beautiful regardless of the fact it’s winter and many of the plants and flowers weren’t in bloom. There was a little beach which as we walked onto, the sun appeared as if out of nowhere. As we sat and listened to the waves crashing on the stones, the sun was so warm on my face I could have been on a Greek beach in summer. We decided after this to visit the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek. Call me ignorant but i’ve never really thought about seals much before this. Yes, I know what they are and i’ve seen sea lions in zoos jumping in and out of the water but whilst we were there and I was within inches of them, I realised just how weird and adorable seals are. They’re essentially furry looking, flubbery blobs with tails and fins and little faces with huge beady eyes. I just sat giggling at them as they rolled and belly flopped their way in and out of the water. I now have a new love for seals! 


DSC00561 DSC00618

Another good but exceptionally cold afternoon, we decided to venture over to Porthleven which was around 30 minutes from where we were staying. I wanted to visit here as i’d stayed nearby with family friends when I was around 10 years old and I remembered it being quite quaint. It’s weird when you go back to the same place you once walked before but over 15 years ago, It felt very nostalgic and a lot smaller than I had remembered. The harbour was very choppy and it certainly lived up to it’s stormy reputation as the grey drizzle hurtled at us horizontally. We took shelter in a pub and ordered huge hot chocolates to defrost. Even though the photos of me and Poppy aren’t as Instagram-worthy as I wanted them to be (what with my frizzy hair and the terrible back light) I wanted to add them as they made me smile! Poppy pretty much spilt half her hot chocolate down herself whilst we tried to take the perfect “ohh look at our lovely hot chocolates” photo. I’m glad we went to Porthleven and although there wasn’t an awful lot for us to do and the fact that I was possibly the coldest I’d felt all week, it was nice to see after all these years. 



It was really nice to get away for New Year and spend quality time with Alfie and his family. It’s always so fun and relaxed. Even though the weather wasn’t on our side the whole week, we made the absolute most of it whether that was listening to the rain hammer down above us in our pjs or playing a game of Mr & Mrs (Alfie & I lost). I honestly think that for people who do spend a lot of time online regardless of whether it’s your job or not, it’s nice to feel disconnected for a while. It’s so easy to get lost in the world of social media and before you know it, you know what everyone has had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then followed everyone’s day via twitter & snapchat and not actually lived your own day. I honestly shock myself with how much time I spend refreshing everything on my phone (check in your battery settings on your iPhone if you’re interested), so it’s nice to leave it alone for a while. I urge any of you to try it, you don’t need to drive 6 hours to Cornwall either, just good will power! 

  • BraeShea

    Beautiful! You’re such an amazing photographer!! xoxo

  • It looks like you had such a lovely time! Its so important to take time out for yourself and reflect! Especially after your busy December!

    Darriyan x


  • A lovely post! I love the jumper! I hope you had an amazing break away from the internet! I can’t wait to see what 2016 has to hold for you x


  • Lauren Stanton

    Such an amazing post Zoe! We all need a break from time to time.
    All the best,
    Lauren xx

  • I always feel the need to step away from the internet for a few hours! Love it when you blog Zoe, hope theres more to come this year :-)


  • Seals are like the pugs of the sea – kinda funny looking but just so adorable! xx


  • Steph

    I’m pretty sure it’s called Carbis Bay and it’s beautiful :)

  • Klaudia.

    Beautiful photos and story Zoe! It looks so revitalizing and calming, I wish I could greet January somewhat like that. It will forever be on my to-do list, but I doubt I’ll ever do that. Not because I don’t want to, but because I have no one to do it with. Looking forward to your new videos and content, the December was intense but I miss you so much! xo

    Klaudia // klaudiam96.blogspot.com

  • Eden Jayne

    Sounds like a great time! I love disconnecting from the internet whenever I go camping. Social media is great, but it’s always refreshing to take a step back for a little while.


  • Love the photos! It looks like you had such an amazing time there! You totally deserved a detox :) I’m so excited for what 2016 has in store for you x


  • twochloesoneblog –

    Love love loved this post, I live in Cornwall, although about an hour from Falmouth!! It’s so much different when you live somewhere compared to when people visit, I’ve lived here for 8/9 years now and I’m kind of bored of it all, but reading this and looking at your photo’s make me appreciate it a little bit more! Definitely agree with the whole internet cleansing thing though, it all can get a bit too much sometimes :)

    Chloe. W xx


  • paige [PB]

    i go to the exact same beach as you zoe! please come back down to cornwall in May as that is when i am next visiting cornwall<3

  • Elise Tembe

    I LOVED this post so much because we go to Cornwall every year with our little boat and stay only 15 minutes away from where you were! We go to Trebah Gardens every year too and I know exactly what you mean about it being just as beautiful in the winter! It’s great that we can take our dog there too. She’s a greyhound so a lot bigger than Nala but I bet she loves the beach, sand and long walks just as much as our Misty does! St Ives is one of our favourite places to go each year because it’s such a peaceful town (if you go to the right places) and all the hidden bays and beaches excite me so much, especially as I am really into photography and am taking it for my GCSEs. Cornwall is one of the best places to just escape from everything and feel as though nothing matters and there are no expectations of you and it must be true if a mere 15 year old can say that! I hope you enjoyed your stay/fresh start to a new year in that particular part of Cornwall just as much as I always do! I love you so much and hope one day to meet you! Lots of love and best wishes from Elise xxx

  • paige [PB]

    i wish i was in cornwall when you was there! my parents love the beach that you went to (picture 8)

  • I absolutely love this post! We visited cornwall in June last year and although the hills were absolutely crazy and gave me major panic attacks, we absolutely loved the trip! I used to hate being disconnected from the internet/instagram for a day, but I’ve learned a lot the past year that it’s actually really nice to get away from it for a little while, especially while on holiday as you actually enjoy it more! :)

    xo April | April Everyday

  • LifeWithElla

    I really enjoyed this post, i feel as though we all should take a detox break at some point as it seems to sound really fun! To be honest i don’t think i could cope not being on social media chatting with friends from all round the world and watching youtube not forgetting reading blogs! I love your chatty posts like this one and “Saying Goodbye” i find them really fun and inspirational! I would really like it if you did another one on advice about anxiety or saying yes to things. I find they help me and motivate me xxxx

  • Ayre

    such a lovely post! I love it when I can sense the happiness in your post, and I really felt it in this one. I’m glad you enjoy your detox from the internet. Also, this just gave me all the more reason to move to England because there’s just always so many amazing places to discover!

    Arianne | Ayre

  • Sajalicious

    Lovely blogpost. you are so right about taking a break from the online world and have quality time. xx
    you inspired me to create my own blog! much love! xx unucornisland22.blogpost.com

  • Floral Emily

    This was such a good post and I looked at my battery usage and it was mostly snapcaht :/ I think I might have an internet detox myself, lots of love emily xx

  • Della Driscoll

    Cornwall look gorgeous! You captured some charming images, happy you had a relaxing time away Zoe! It’s definitely needed from time to time ❤️


  • sarah Lea

    Lovely post Zoe!! Cornwall is a beautiful place, probably my favourite place actually. The drive is totally worth it! I’m glad you had a relaxing time with family. I love yours and poppy’s hair style so much. Is there a tutorial for it, please?


  • Emily

    I always enjoy reading your blogs but this one felt so fresh and the most enjoyable! Happy New Year Zoë x

  • Autumn Abby

    I loved this post zoe! I too like to go to places in the middle of nowhere to take a break from everyday life. Not to mention that all of your outfits were amazing in this post!! http://autumnabby.blogspot.com

  • What a lovely post. Sounds like you had an awesome time Zoe! Looks like Cornwall has some beautiful beaches xx


  • Laura

    Loved reading this Zoe, I really need to switch off more from the Internet, I’m forever refreshing everything on my iPhone too! I went to Cornwall when I was younger too & would like to re-visit one day!

    L x


  • Katie Ralston

    Loved looking at all these photos. it made me remember when I was younger and I went to a beach in Cornwall similar to that one! xx

  • i actually stayed in mawnan smith in the summer and trust me, trebah in the summer when the whole hydrangea valley is in full bloom is a dream. its like a different world and looks almost unreal.


    • Laura Carlton

      I’ve also been to Trebah Garden in Summer, and it feels just like it’s been pulled straight from the Secret Garden. Calling it beautiful just doesn’t do it justice. x

  • Laura Carlton

    I really enjoyed this post, me and my family go on holiday to Cornwall most years and I’ve visited most of the places you talked about and I love them so much, there all just like my happy places. Now I really want to go and visit all of these places, which is annoying and unlikely as it takes 6 hours to drive to Cornwall from where I live. I’m glad you enjoyed your new year holiday, even if I am extremely Jealous.xx

  • All of these photos are so cute! Let’s make 2016 amazing! X


  • Ellen Smith

    These pictures look amazing. I hope you had a wonderful time in Cornwall.
    I could do with a bit of an internet detox. :)


  • Rosie Greenwood

    this was by far my favourite blog post of yours zoe! it really made me think about how much time i spend on my phone too! i think i should leave my phone for a while and only use it when i need it :)

  • Jade Ratley

    that all sounds so lovely, and I must say that yellow jumper is gorgeous. xx

    if anyone cares to check out my blog jadeyrae.wordpress.com I would be eternally grateful :) xx

  • Glad you had such a nice break from the online world! You deserve it :)


  • Very nice pics!!!!

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com


  • Lola Birch

    Wow, Cornwall looks so beautiful! I would love to go to where you went, I seriously need that refreshing detox! I also love all of your outfits so so much, you are such an amazing style icon!! Lots of love,

  • Bethanyalicemarie

    Gorgeous pictures & such a lovely post!

    It all seems very idyllic now that the christmas break is over.

    I had quite an unexpectedly rubbishy christmas due to things out of my control, I’ve found confiding in my blog such a form of release! Circumstances are making it hard for me to work full time now and I don’t really know what else I can do/where else to turn, the only other thing I love is my blog. So any support with it would be greatly appreciated.

    Bethany x


  • Izzy

    I love a pile of pictures and lots of writing!! Just what I needed on a Sunday Evening! Hope everyones having a lovely Sunday xx

  • Looks like you had a great time in Cornwall! St Ives is one of my favourite places in the world. x


  • Me and my family love to go for walks aswell over break. It’s something that makes you relaxed and gives you the feeling of breathing fresh air while you’re surrounded by people you love (even if the weather isn’t 100%)!


  • I live in Cornwall and it’s so strange to hear you talk about all my local places, I am so happy you enjoyed it!

  • Amazing photos Zoe! and a lovely post :) x


  • Jeane

    Such an inspiring blog post and I really love the way you’re writing! <3

  • England is definitely one of those places on my “bucket list”—far more history and culture than we have here in the States. Thanks for letting us live a bit vicariously through these travel entries. We in Florida would give anything to have cooler weather right now. (stevenwatsonb.com)

  • frankie


  • frankie


  • Kelsey Ann Yoki

    Enjoyed this so much! Can’t wait for more posts, videos and vlogs to come our way in 2016. A break is sometimes required for us to gain control over the simplest parts of our lives. <3

  • Charlotte Rhodes

    Zoe! It’s ‘Carbis Bay’ not Carpis! I’ve living in Cornwall for all my life before moving to norwich during University! My boyfriend’s nan lives in Carbis Bay and it’s WONDERFUL!

  • Orla :)

    I went on a 3 month Internet detox and it made me feel really good afterwards.

  • aaw Zoe I love this post!


  • Akari

    I love this post Zoe! I totally agree with your internet detox! There was a time where I just got sick of having my iPhone with all these apps on it. I just wanted a simple Nokia. So I decided to just temporarily delete all my social apps from my phone and just simply use it as a phone. I only did this for a week but even though it was only a week. It really made me evaluate how much I actually use my phone. ☺️👍🏼💕

  • Lisa Eder

    Your pictures are magical!


  • Maddie

    I agree it’s good to put down the phone and laptop for a week no matter how hard it might be. I’m glad you had a nice time in your little holiday, it looked wonderful!
    Blog: sundaysaresunny.com

  • Andrea Copues

    this is why i have no social apps on my phone i use it purely as a phone so i get a break…great post zoe

  • Kati

    I LOVE this post SO much! The photos are sooo gorgeous! I’m in love with your blog <3


  • Tash C

    Great photos! I am also missing the Christmas season but it will come again andit gives us something to look forward to this year. Xx

  • This was a lovely post, you look like you had a great time, we all dream anymore it those summer holidays but sometimes a winter get away in England is all your u need xx


  • Taking on the w0rld

    I always try and do this then fail miserable because I end up posting something on Instagram and refreshing my feed. Once I have done that once I get back into the habit of refreshing and then all the effort I put in for them 2 days (I know it’s such a long time! :-D) has gone. I deffinatly need to try again soon.

  • Anonymous

    I love how bright and vivid these colors are! You guys have such a perfect little group right there. It;s so cute to see how close you Alfie, Poppy, and Sean are! I hope when I am older I can have a wicked close family like that :)

    I kinda based this blog off of Penny from Girl Online. It would mean the world to me if I could get Zoe to comment on it!
    Also, please comment your blog below so I can check it out! I will comment on it if I read your post :)

  • Miah

    Loved reading, it was just what i needed. So glad you had a good time in Cornwall with Alfie and his family and i hope 2016 is amazing for everyone x

  • Oh I loved this post. Now I want to travel to the UK much more! Thanks. :)

  • Such a nice post to read!

  • Love the outfits! Looks like you had a lovely time :) x

    Darling Jordan || Giveaway

  • hollie short

    This makes me want to be in Cornwall so much!! I go to Porthleven for a bit every summer, my mums been going since she was 2 and its really nice to see other people enjoy such a lovely place xx

  • Zoel

    Very nice post Zoe! The pictures are really beautiful, as always! I’m glad you did a long writng, as I love how your writing is lovely!

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

  • Raji Sahota

    I love the pictures!!! I’ve always wanted to do a “Social Media detox” but don’t have the will power to actually commit to it (did anyone actually try it?). Zoe is such a style icon… I love the cute jumper


  • I 100% agree, an internet detox is sooo nice! Even if I don’t even have to leave my house for a couple of days, I like to just turn of all notifications and relax by the fire! These photos all look so lovely and it really sounds like a wonderful start to the new year! :)
    xx Kenzie

  • Eleanor Weyman

    Your posts always give me serious photography envy :(

    Elesaurus | elesaurus.com

  • Melissa

    This was such a nice read and actually quite motivating!

    Have been wanting to head that way too but the 6 hour drive is what put me off, but even in the winter it looks beautiful! Glad you had a good break, Melissa.


  • Heather Mc Gowan

    Can’t beat the great outdoors! Nature is always ready to heal when you need her :) Great to see you embracing the detox experience x

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    Love post and photos Zoe. Im so happy you have had a nice relaxing break, you deserve it after all the work you did in December. Cant wait for more posts and videos though 🙊


  • Paula Archbold

    This post was so lovely to read, its inspired me to book a few days away with friends to take a break from work :’) definitely need to re-charge my batteries!


  • Lovely post, definitely great to just get away and enjoy the space and fresh air. Beautiful pics.

  • Looks like you had such a lovely time! Welcome back to the internet, Zoe c: Also, I love how cool toned your pictures look, makes them so wintery!
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • These are my favourite kind of posts. Your photos are lovely, Zoe! I think I need a social media detox myself xx


  • I love these pictures and it seems like the perfect vacation!!!! (also, love the boots)


  • Looks like a very relaxing trip! Lovely post as always. 💕


  • I love the pictures, they are so vivid and stunning. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for you. And I hope everyone is having a brilliant Sunday.

    ♥ Mae

  • The pictures are amazing, it seems like you had a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed your refreshing detox! I need to do it, too. ❤


  • The trip looked amazing! An internet detox is such a good idea. I have been doing the opposite and spending far too much time online (thanks, Netflix)!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Katelyn Rutt

    Does anyone know what brand Zoe’s sunglasses are?!

  • Pareen

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun!


  • Adele

    A mind-blowing, breathtakingly beautiful post!! Zoella is THE BEST😍💞💖💫🌟💦xxxxxxx I admire her sssssssssooooooooo much, ultimate idol!!!!😍😍😍😍💜💙💛❤️ I wanna be her when I grow up😍😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Adele xxx:)

    • blue.heart1


  • Ashley_

    These pictures are amazing!! Just what I needed to light up my day!🤓I never had that sense of photography… I even have difficulty with taking a selfie!😥😥😪
    Ashley_ xoxo

  • Adele

    Absolutely awesome!!! 💖 xoxo Adele

  • Jes Cohen

    Looks like such a beautiful place. :)


  • Chantal

    It’s nice to get away from the hustle & bustle that life has to offer sometimes, it looks like you had loads of fun which is great :) x


  • Katie

    Your trip looked and sounded amazing! I think everyone could use a vacation right now!

  • Tynnika Fulloon

    This looks likes such a lovely trip! I have always wanted to visit Cornwall, since I was a little girl! You have definitely made me want to go even more with such a great post. xx


  • Sounds like an amazing and refreshing break from being connected! I would love to go a weekend without using any social media, and only keeping my phone on me for emergency contact. These pictures are beautiful! Hope you have a fantastic week!

    Meghan | http://measmeghan.blogspot.com

  • Such a lovely post, as well as reeeally wonderful pictures! It looks like such an amazing place! :D

  • Zara Noor

    This post was amazing and so refreshing! Cornwall looks incredible!
    Have a lovely day everyone!

  • That top photo of Zoe is my fave ever photo of her!! She looks so happy and I’m so glad for her :) and that yellow jumper is sooo stunning! Seriously obsessed xx

  • Mon Rakovec

    Love from Argentina. 💕

  • Belle M

    Zoeee I’m having Zoella withdrawals! But I’m glad you got your time away. :)


  • Ashley Christabelle

    Sounds like you had a great time away! Such a nice one. An internet detox?! Don’t know if I could do thaat, but I’ll try do it a couple of times this year xxx


  • Such lovely photos! Its always nice to get away from everything for a bit to just catch a breath a reflect. My family and I have this little cottage in northern Michigan that we go to every summer and there’s no wifi or cable and I absolutely love it. This reminded me of that and made me miss it. Haha I can’t wait to go back! Thank you so much for sharing!


  • Ahh no way, I use to stay in Cornwall quite a lot as a child. Recently went back and it’s still just as beautiful as I remember? I thought this post was going to be some weird detox on Cornish pasties hahaha. I’m glad you chose Cornwall as a place to relax, those from Cornwall always stay in Cornwall, that’s what they say! X

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • Love this post ❤️. I absolutely need to do an Internet / social media detox . It’s amazing how addicted we become. It is quite crazy actually ! It’s such a habit of checking each thing ( Instagram, facebook, my blog, etc ) all the time . This place looks so lovely ! I am here in the U.S. , but I want to visit the UK, it seems amazing. Stunning photos!
    Danielle Greco – AccordingtoD.com

  • Loving the chilled vibe from your recent blog posts! It’s definitely a must to detox and get away from the internet every once in a while – especially in your case, having made it through 24daysofZoella! (still in awe of you doing that, congrats, girl!). It’s so nice to see you and Poppy bonding – you seem like sisters!

    Much love, Iween. | http://wendystrucked.wordpress.com

  • I’m sooo happy to see you taking a lovely break from the internet after all those Christmas hard works!!
    Am I the only one who would totally believe if someone tells me that Zoe & Poppy are sisters?! You guys are the best combo!! xx


  • Looks like such an amazing place. The pictures are so fun :) I love the yellow sweater you were wearing!! xx Sofie


  • Meggyn Hay

    lovely read


  • Looks like you had a great time! Maybe I should put Cornwall on my list of places to visit :)


  • This is such a lovely post, Zoe! Glad you enjoyed your time off :-) x

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • Stasy Kendel

    Your posts are my absolute favourites! I enjoy reading then so much! Followed by absolutely gorgeous photos you take makes them even more enjoyable to look through. I’m so glad you had such a lovely time in Cornwall <3 Absolutely agree with everything you say about the necessity of feeling disconnected from the Internet.

  • Nienke

    <3 This made me smile :)

  • Heather Whittaker

    This was so nice to read. I also felt like I spent too much time online, especially Facebook. But now I try and make the effort to actually enjoy my day and take everything in. Love the pictures. I’ve got so many childhood memories of holidays in Cornwall with my aunty, uncle and cousin.

  • Queenie Lee

    Loved this post, Zoe – it looks like you all made the most of the bad weather and your photos look gorge!

    I totally agree that getting away from social media for a while is a great detox! xxx


  • Chloe

    pictures are beautiful!

  • I love these photos, people always seem to think they have to go abroad to have a break but there’s so much beauty to explore in the UK! Happy New Year lovely x

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  • I love the photos, there are so pretty! I spend my new years in a similar way and I think it is so nice to every now and then to get away with friends and family and forget about the internet :) I am so looking forward to your next post and more beautiful photos! You are so talented (slightly fangirling over here :D )
    Jenny Side Up

  • Definitely deserved the detox lovely after 48 videos last month! I should have visited Cornwall more when I lived near but the beach looks lovely (as do those braids, serious skill, I need princess hair ASAP) Here’s a refreshed 2016!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Absolutely love your pictures! I’m glad you were able to “get away” from the Internet and relax and have fun! It’s always good to just put the phone away and focus on the time you have with your loved ones. Glad to see you doing well and being happy! Can’t wait to see how the new year will treat you and what you have in store for this year! All the love, Zoe!!


  • Lucia

    Lovely post Zoë! It’s sounds that you had an awesome time away! And your photos are just gorgeous! Looking forward to your video tonight❤️


  • Milly Neve

    i love these pictures so much colour!! These places look beautiful also really love your hair in plaits it take serious talent to get it so perfect. You had earned the break with 48 videos in one month wow!!! xx

  • loved to read that blogpost, Zoe! This really sounds like a perfect start into the new year! Have a good one! <3

  • I love your long blog posts! Looks like you had a really nice time! I should definitely do a social media detox sometime


  • Aww such happy photos :)
    Emma xxx


  • Love the photos! You definitely deserved the detox after working so hard last month. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you this year. Have a blessed 2016!

    Love, V.

  • Erica

    It seems like you had an amazing time in Cornwall! It can always be good to take a break ;) Lovely photos!

  • Hayley

    I love Zoe’s videos and blog posts i get excited whenever i see a new upload! Such a lovely blog and the pictures are beautiful.


  • Lauren Hemingway

    I love your jumper! Looked like the perfect way to see in a new year. I have just started a blog, you have really inspired me. Thank you :)


  • l havent been to cornwall in ages! would love to go again, lovely pictures! http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/sunday-girl.html

  • Samantha Frances

    These pictures are beautiful! I completely agree! It’s so important to switch off and spend quality time with your family and friends! I’m off to Wales this weekend with my family for a few days of relaxation and I cannot wait! Loved this post :) xxx

  • Tai Fontana

    I feel you, Zoe!
    Some times we all need a break from this crazy world that is the internet. There is so much to gain by spending quality time with those we love instead of spending time in the internet.
    I loved the photos, simply beautiful.

    Have an amazing 2016!


  • Laura Mareno

    I adored this post!! The photos are so beautiful and calm!! I agree with you on the detox of internet! We all need to rest for a while. kisses:D


  • Mållü

    So nice post, I love it! The pictures are super (!) lovely.


  • Caylie

    Ahh, looking at those pictures definitely brought a smile to my face this morning! That sounds like such a nice time of escaping from your normal routine. The places you visited looked lovely and it looks like you spent your time with quite a fun crew! Happy New Year to you! Glad you’re kicking it off feeling refreshed!




  • Taking time away is definitely so important – so glad you had such a lovely, relaxing break with loved ones.

    Nourishing Amelia | Food, Health and Lifestyle Blogger


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    Love the quality of the photos so beautiful x

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    Your pictures are amazing! I aspire to be that good at photography one day, hah! Looks like a wonderful start to the new year too!

    Megan xxx

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    Zoë i want to meet you in my life time, you are truely an inspiration. i love your books, beauty products, blogs, vlogs, videos… etc. (: you make my days happy and hopeful for a girl with anxiety and depression.

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    Such lovely photos, I always love them! I spend 7 hours on Instagram a week it’s crazy!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

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    I hope everyboby had relaxing holidays !!


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    emerald | Life By Emerald

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    Such beautiful photos. It looks like you had a fantastic time! As always this brought me such joy to read as your blog posts are filled to the brim with happiness and your great personality. The pictures of you and Poppy facing out to sea makes you look like twins. Happy Blogging! xx


  • Daisy Hart

    What a lovely post! Cornwall is such a gem, I go there every year and never ever want to leave! Your pictures are beautiful, you look like you had an amazing time :)

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    That blog post made my day so much happier as I am having troubles with friends so reading this was amazing
    Btw I loved those pictures there so bright

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    I love Cornwall, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart!

    Emma | emmatheakerx.blogspot.co.uk

  • Get aways in England are the best. No worrying, no stress just relaxation. Looks A-maze-ing!
    Aimee X aimeeandlucas.com

  • You’ve just named so many of my forgotten happy places! I used to visit Cornwall many times in the year to see my Gran and, whilst the adults relaxed at home, I’d jump on the buses and go for adventures, I even managed to get myself stranded because I didn’t check the bus times but luckily the taxi driver who rescued me knew my Gran and gave me a free ride in return for coming in for a cuppa with my Gran!

    I might just have to book myself a weekend away, I really do miss that place.

    – A Twenty Something


  • Abby

    I know what you mean with getting disconnected from your laptop or phone (I actually need that now ), since I do online-schooling…I need a vacation so badly and friends (the story of my life).

  • Megan Treacher

    so glad you loved cornwall! I am so lucky to live here. I cant believe I met you all in porthleven. the highlight of my year already!xx

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    I absolutely love your blog Zoe! You take the best photos and you’re a great writer! This was just a fantastic post bc it’s so relatable. It’s good to disconnect sometimes. :)


  • Lydia Anne Catherall

    I live near porthleven and I’m gutted I didn’t see you although if I did I probably wouldn’t of bothered you seeing as your on holiday! Xxx

  • Nice to see you back and glad you had a great detox time! xx


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    Sooo jealous that you suit such bright mustardy colours! They literally make me look so pale and ill.

    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

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    I lived in st Ives and it was lovely they have golf and many nice cafes,pubs + restrants. It was a nice to hear you had a good time. X

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    Jordan | JordanCourtney

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    I love how long your recent posts have been :) They’re like reading a proper journal entry, I’m really enjoying your blog. The photos are so beautiful from your trip, I definitely need to get your camera! Glad you had such a relaxing time away :)

    Lucy xoxo


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  • Too cute! I love it, looks like they had a wonderful time!

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  • I love all the pictures Zoe! Squad goals basically hahaha.


  • Your pictures are breathtaking! You all are beyond ADORABLE!

    Sending good vibes… Happy Tuesday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


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    I love the pictures you take, the colours are amazing! I enjoy your blog so so much! love

  • Henni

    your thoughts in this post are very true. Sometimes I just turn off my phone for a couple of days just to concentrate on me and my little daily “probems”.
    I started my own blog this year called fairylightsandbooks.blogspot.com and it would mean so much to me if you would just take a look at it. It´s not really professional yet but I keep going. Thank you very much <3

  • Marcelle Fabia at chicbalance.

    I’m not over Christmas being over either! Here in New Zealand its summer so we went on a nice sunny weekend road trip. I also didn’t have enough time to watch all the Christmas movies I wanted, so I have promised myself a mid-winter “Christmas” movie day mid-year :)

  • This made me smile as I went to university in Falmouth and so know the surrounding area really well, seems odd when people refer to it all as a new place to explore. Cornwall in the winter is the best, less tourists, wild weather, empty beaches = perfection! Alice xx


  • Always wanted to go here for a little ‘getaway’! Definitely worth a visit and your ‘detox’ looks amazing. I love how vibrant and happy all your pictures are in every post, Zoe – they’re beaut! :)

    – Holly xx


  • Vivi

    My english is not very good, but I am improving it. Your blog has helped me a lot! Thank you Zoella!

  • Such lovely, happy photos! Seems like a great trip! Never been to Cornwall but always have wanted to visit. It looks so quaint and pretty by the sea. More peaceful than Brighton is, that’s for sure!! And I love your tan boots! With the furry insides! Perfect for colder weather and I need them!

    Kathryn | Food & Lifestyle Blog

    P.S The hot chocolate photos are the best ones!

  • Anna

    I went to Cornwall last summer, and I find it lovely that you went to several of the places I went to! Trebah, Porthleven, Falmouth and St Ives are all such beautiful spots! x

  • Kayleigh Xu

    Cornwall looks beautiful! Literally just made a mental note to definitely go there one day :) x

  • Such gorgeous photos, I love that you and Poppy had matching hair one day! I’d love to visit Cornwall, I never have but these photos make me want to visit even more.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


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    i do love a good blog now and again and think this might be my favourite so far i do love the colours of the photo and what you said was very inspiring i’m so glad you took a break from a very long year which was 2015 one that i will never forget. all the achievements you guys made i’m s proud of you. you needed that day off from the hard work you put in just to keep us entertained n a boring , cloudy , rainy day :)

  • Sally

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    Lovely post, couldn’t stop looking at the photos your photography is amazing! Wish i lived in england and could visit there. Happy New year Zoe much love xx

  • Lovely post you all look so happy. I can’t stop looking at the photos your photography is amazing!! Wish i lived in England so i could visit there looks really peaceful, Happy New Year Zoe much love xx

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    I love how you send such a positive message to the internet and i think i’ll try having an “internet detox”.

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  • Looks like a LOVELY time away and much needed by the sounds of things!


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    Lovely photos! Looks like you’ve had a great time :) x


  • Callum Gilbert

    I live like 2 miles away from the beach where you had your little photo session down from the golf course, the little village is called Lelant and I recommend the badger inn just up the road from there if anyone fancied a nice drink/meal.

    The problem that I find is that I too am constantly connected to my phone and the internet [especially youtube] and even though I live in Cornwall I find it difficult to break away from it. In actual fact the funny thing is is that I am going up to London in the summer to get away from it all and see the sights so our versions of a break away are very different :’)

    Anyway I really enjoyed reading this blogpost about your time in Cornwall and it has made me realise that I should be a bit more appreciative of the place I live.

    p.s you should have gone to porthlevern when the storms hit a week or two ago… it was EPIC!

  • Aimee Budge

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! I love the pictures that were taken as well, they are absolutely beautiful! I’m glad that you got to have some well needed relaxation time as well. Definitely a perfect start to the New Year! :)

    I’m looking to follow and read some new blogs as well! So if you’re reading this and would like to comment what your blog URL is then that would be awesome! Also, if you’d like to, feel free to check out my blog as well! It’s wwww.awkwardlikeaimee.blogspot.com :)

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  • I love this post so much! The photos are just so beautiful and it’s great that you had such a fun time with Alfie and his family :)

    xx shirley

  • blue.heart1

    hi zoe. I need advice. how cam you get rid of a friend that is causing you troubles?
    I’m desperate to get her away from me because she is always getting me into trouble in school.
    I hope you answer me because it will cost my life very soon. PS you are an inspiring person
    I would not be the person I am today if it was not for your book girl online.
    hugs and kisses for blue.heart1

  • I love Cornwall, I used to go all the time as a kid. And St Ives is just so pretty! Love the pictures.


  • This post gave me “perma-grin” whilst reading it. You look so happy, as does Alfie, Poppy and Sean. Thanks for sharing your travels. I’m so happy for all of you, that you were able to unplug and spend quality family time together. Happy New Year!

  • Jake Mellor



  • Spending quality time with your family and friends is the best time you would spend in a life. I loved it Zoe that you spend lovely time with the family…

  • Alena Philpott

    Always been a video watcher. Never been a blog reader until now. And I’m liking it! Thanks for encouraging a little NZ girl like me to read! It’s blissful!

  • Isabel Avery Welsh

    Ahhhhhh I love Cornwall, I go with my family every year! We go to a small town called Fowey it’s not that far from Falmouth, such a nice holiday glad you had a bit of break :)

  • Anon

    This is making me want to move back to Cornwall !

  • Fiona Bain (Nothing but Nona)

    I live in Falmouth for university and I can honestly say it is one of the most amazing, tranquil places! I’m so hlad you shut off and enjoyed your experiences, memories these days are clouded by phone screens and chargers!


  • Anonymous

    I’ve lived in Cornwall my whole life (until moving away for Uni) and it was so lovely to read this! I went to primary school in Porthleven and the little beach at Trebah is where I used to go and see Santa every year!! Also, the place near st Ives is Carbis bay not capris haha xx

  • Sounds like a lovely time off, perfect for a new beginning / new year! :)

  • elianass

    Love this kind of style so much <3 Nice pics


  • pretty_sleeper

    I love that you have a loads of pictures and less text, because sometimes people put too much text and personally I’m always like: aah, there’s too much, I’ll do it next time and I never end up reading it. Also pictures are very good quality and I love that! I’m so glad you enjoyed your beginning of a year! All the love and support from me :)

    btw. You and Poppy with those braids are very cute, I gotta say ;) ♥

  • Bianca Liedtke

    this looks like such an amazing place to getaway!

  • Laura Kyasarin

    My uncle owns a farm cottage in Gweek and I’m there a lot. I’m a Cornish bird through and through and I love that you loved it. Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog about it.

  • Ella

    How strange that you stayed down in Mawnan Smith!! I have so many happy memories of staying down in a cottage in Mawnan Smith and walks along Trebah beach and in Trebah Gardens. One of my absolute favourite places. The hot chocolate looks amazing too!!

  • Would anyone mine checking out my blog?? xx

  • Loweboe

    I live in Cornwall, visit all these places very regularly. Absolutely beautiful, never gets old! x

  • i really like the post, and the photos are amazing!!! LOVE IT SOO MUCH!! <3 :D and i love you too Zoe <3 <3 :3

  • Tamara

    I love the photos. It would be an amazing trip!


  • love your yellow jumper!


  • katrine

    i know this isn’t very relevant but i have suffering a lot of panic attacks lately and they stop me from doing exams at school and missing out a lot. I also feel very lonely at school especially today as my best friend has left me and have sat here crying and feeling like no one sees me or even knows that i go to their school. I don’t show it at school as i am in year 7 and i know they will laugh at me and talk behind my back (but they already do). My only friend i have left is Heidi but she goes to different school and i only see her every 3 weeks. it would the world if you saw this and read and gave me advice on anxiety. I love you so much and you are such a role model to many girls and maybe even a few boys. So keep doing what you are doing
    thanks for reading (if u have)
    katrine xxx

    • maris

      I hope everything will become okay for youu- even though I understand it’s hard you need to get out there and look for people you can trust. I myself am still in this stage and I know it can be very very lonely- trust me I know.
      Wishing for the best, Maris

      • katrine

        thank you you have boosted my confidence to go and find some one who i can be myself around and trust
        thank you katrine xxx

        • maris

          it makes me really happy to hear that and i hope you tell me about when it works out! :) Unfortunately, my situation has only gotten worse, so we’re in the same boat :)
          thanks- maris

    • Ji Simps

      I posted stuffs about social anxiety in my blog. You might want to visit :)


    • Acqua

      I know it’s really clichéd, but I’ve been there and it DOES get better. It sucks when you’re in it, but trust me, you’ll end up finding your way. Try to find other things you like to fill in your time, do new activities, maybe you’ll find new people there! There’s much more to life than school, I promise. If you want to talk to someone you can contact me, I’ll be glad to help! I wish I had had someone to talk to in that moment, so I’m always willing to give a hand :) You can contact me through my blog, if you want. Good luck and be strong! It will eventually be in the past :)

      onmywayacqua.blog.com | Acqua xx

  • Emily

    literall friendship goals! i’m glad you had a really good time, zo <3 you deserve it :)

  • This sounds like the perfect detox! There are few things better than spending quality time with family and friends!:) The seal part sounded so amazing! I love seals and I had no idea you could go somewhere to see them! How cool is that?? Great post Zoe and I’m glad you feel refreshed and ready to take on the new year!:)

    Shannon Sage

  • LiamBeMyPrince [PB]


  • Keira [PB]

    I done this a few years ago, me and my family unplugged from the internet during the summer and went camping. I was against the idea but it is so nice to just have quality time without looking and thinking about the internet. I would do it more often if I could ❤️

  • Samantha Louise

    I live in Cornwall, not a lot of people that live here appreciate the beauty of it, glad you had a nice time :)
    Also, Carbis bay not Capris bay haha, but yeah it’s a lovely beach, visit the Tate gallery if you’re ever down again. They always have wonderful displays all year round when they’re open :D

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    Hi! I really love your blog! We have the same name!!!:)

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    Heres my blog if anyone would like to check it our im new: https://iamsamme.wordpress.com

  • Adored this post! I’ve been debating on taking a detox myself lately and now that my uni deadline is over your post has convinced me to book a few days in Donegal! Have a great 2016 Zoe <3


  • Sasha

    So happy you linked those rose gold Lacoste trainers! And which camera do you have on these photos? (the silver one). I’ve also done a blog post recently on my very first Instagram pictures which was hilarious, I’d love to see yours xxx

  • Kate Branagan

    Zoe, I always love your blog posts. Incredibly well written and you deserve every ounce of success that you get. I can only aspire to write as well as you do on my blog: http://www.beckybooloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • Internet Girl

    Hey Zoe! Just wanted to say you’re such an inspiration! I go to Porthleven every year with my family and we always stay at a beautiful cottage called Ocean Blue, just round the corner from your pictures! I was inspired by ‘Girl Online’ to write a blog and I’d love it if you could check it out! http://www.internetgirl3.blogspot.com or anyone else reading these comments? xx

  • Charlotte Luisa

    This looks like a perfect little vacation! I do miss the Christmas time as well. In my opinion winter can be over on January 2nd. But I have a feeling the coldest days are still about to come… Happy new year Zoe!!

    Love from New York,

    Charlotte Luisa | charlotteluisa1.blogspot.com

  • Gracie

    Glad you had such a good time. The pic of poppy spilling her drink made me laugh so much, anyone else?
    Gracie x

  • I love the photos! I agree sometimes you feel as though you need to get away from it all and have a detox in order to collect yourself again!


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  • Erika Rianne

    I love every piece of the clothes you’re wearing!!

    Xx Rianne


  • Iona Natasha Davis

    Hello Zoe :) Loved this little, well long blog actually but little just sounded cuter! This is random ( not going to leave any links or ask for a sub, don’t you worry hehe!) but I am moving right near Brighton soon and I was wondering if you could tell me what it was like and what your favourite things to do are. I’m coming from Colchester so it’s a lot different and a bit worried. Don’t know what else to say now…. HI 5? Also I’m 23 this year, just thought I’d clarify as I may seem like a 5 year old in this paragraph. Lots of love Iona xxx :o) (Might of accidentally posted this twice, I do not know and I feel like my grandma)

  • Oh my god zoe !! That seemed like so much fun !
    Oh and anyone else reading this ..I’m a beginner and have just started a blog ..follow for follow ?


    I love all the photographs and I am glad that you had a great time too! Everyone needs a time to relax and spend time with our loved ones. :)

  • Aiti Garcia

    Anyone wants to follow each other blogs? MIne is: http://piecesintoplaces.blogspot.com.es/

  • La French Connection

    These are amazing pictures! And it looks like you had great fun! I hate January so it’s always good to try and get some fresh air.

    Mika | http://www.la-french-connection.com

  • Sophia Jane

    I’m so glad you’re managing to have a wonderful time in the cold! I’ve been doing A level mock exams in a frozen sports hall- not fun *shivers*.

  • maris

    Hi Zoe! I JUST finished reading your book- Girl Online and after all of the nasty rumors and whatnot I decided to read it anyway as I love you as a person. I absolutely loved it!!! It touched me in the most loving ways and it felt like such a heartfelt book. I could see the relations from the book and your real life and it made me somehow understand you more and made we want to give you a hug. It also made me reconsider so many things about me and it brought me to tears. I don’t personally have anxiety but I suffer from depression (but in the off? stage) — I just loved your book and I couldn’t believe such a lovely book getting such bad perceptions. ( I read it in about 2 days!) I know you probably won’t read this but I would like to write this here just in case someone else might like to. Anyways- love you Zoe! I hope all the best for you and hopefully all the best for me :) -maris from Indonesia ( I was thinking about being anonymous- I hope I don’t regret it :/)

  • Sarah

    That looks like a lovely detox! I would love to visit Cornwall. Unfortunately, I’m at uni and have to go back soon. Fortunately this post motivated me to trudge through another semester!

  • Jake Mellor



  • Chloe

    this is so cute xxx

  • Sophie Sugg

    I’ve been watching your videos for around 2 years now, but this is the first time I’m seeing your blog and it’s sooooo beautiful!!! and I know it’s a little late, but I literally need to tell you that I love love lovedddd your 24 days of zoella and vlogmas it was the most festive christmas I’ve ever had and you probably won’t see this amongst the many other comments although I’m still sending you love all the way from the Philippines at 1:19 in the morninggggg 😍😍😍😍😍 ILYSM

  • Rashmika k

    It looks like you guys really enjoyed Cornwell! I look forward to having my own little internet detox and really focus on my writing this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration Zoe!

  • Chlo x

    this is so cuteee x
    I love reading your blogs so much :) x


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    ah i loved this post, one day i really hope mine will turn out like this so it ould really mean the world to me if you would check it out – its about beauty and baking and yeah it would mean the world to me


    please and thank you

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  • Oh yeah, just disconnecting and taking some time to relax can feel so good! Because then afterwards you feel all re-energized and ready to get back into things!

  • Roxanne

    You are amazing! Anytime I read one of your blog posts or watch one of your videos, I automatically smile!

    • Ji Simps

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  • Really love the photography in this post, it’s so vidid and great bits of colour.. Looks like a lovely mini vacation after the bustle of the holidays x


  • No You Turns

    Awww looks like such a nice break away

  • Kala Blondie xo

    I absolutely love all of these photographs! This is literally photography goals!!xx

  • Michaela Keen

    mysparkledlifeblog.wordpress.com xx

  • Me

    Everyone needs a break, I just came back after a 6 month break and I feel so good for it, trying to make time to do things and remember to “blog” about it can be daunting and pressuring. I think blogging has hit an era where everyone is competing for the best blog and forgetting the important things about blogging.

    Lovely post Zoe and I look forward to what 2016 brings everyone’s way!

    Meme x


  • wanderlust

    Hi, does someone know what’s the camera she’s using ? Xx

  • Madison DeVry

    Thank you so much Zoe! You are such an inspiration. Reading your blog, watching your youtube, and reading Girl Online always make me feel less anxious and more confident! I dont know what I would do without you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! xoxo Madi

  • some thoughts: your yellow sweater makes me happy, dutch braids really seem to be instyle in England, those boats look like toys in the most satisfactory way, and those pictures are beautiful. Cornwall is one of those magical places you grow up reading about, so I definitely aspire to go someday.


  • Beautiful post Zoe – those seals are super cute! I did the same when I recently went to Center Parcs, disconnecting for a while is so good for the soul! Immy x


  • millie moo 💓

    hope you had a lovely time zoe x it looked like you had a lot of fun and a well deserved rest ly lots and can’t wait for you to do more amazing stuff this year :)


  • Zoeeeeee your photos are on point girl! x


  • Catrin Hughes

    Your pictures are lovely, but please get someone to proof read your work before you put it up. There were lot of ‘I’ or ‘I’ve’ with lower case i and “we found Capris Bay which was a beach near St Ives” As far as I am aware Capris Bay is still a beach near St Ives. As an author and one of the country’s most popular bloggers, surely you can find someone to do it. Other than that it was a nice blog.

  • MaceGrinners

    I love it at Carbis Bay, we have been there a couple of times as a family, we have some really nice memories. It looks like you enjoyed it, you all seem so close as a family. I wish i could be like you when i am older you are one of my biggest inspirations. :) xxxx

  • Akemiko

    I always ask this, but what camera is Zoe using? Does anyone know?

  • crazykloe

    I love Zoe’s blogs so much that I started my own called crazykloe

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    Oh my god Zoe, this blog post is amazing<3,, You looked so beautiful in these photos ( as always ;) ) Looked like you had a great time! Ily

  • FollowingScarlett

    I loved this post Zoe! It was great xxx

  • Georgie Farren

    I took that exact picture of the harbour in Mullion which is on my instagram, how strange!!! Lovely place, no where better to refresh..

  • Teya

    Loved this post Zoe, always so lovely and interesting!
    The pictures are so beautifully shot too, what camera do you use? X

  • LJ Struthers

    Love the photographs on this post!


  • Loving this life, post, Zoella. The world’s a happier place with you in it.

    x Julia blessmybag.com

  • Apugismypatronus

    Beautiful photos and post! I find it’s really important to know places where you can go to detox from life for a bit. Even if life is going really awesome, sometimes you just need time to reflect, relax and rejuvenate! As I get into my late 20’s, I’m now seeing how important this is as it’s so easy to get wrapped up in daily life. Not sure where this place is for me but I’m always searching for it!

  • Love this! Reminds me to go out more often haha.
    Lots of love from mypastel-world.blogspot.com

  • Looks like a fantastic time away – Cornwall is such a beautiful place!

    sirensandbells.co.uk x

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    Glad you enjoyed cornwall Zoe! I live very close to Porthleven and i go to Falmouth a lot. If you come down to Cornwall again soon i recommend looking more at the Helford River. There are so many hidden gems around there, its just beautiful, i can never get enough. Port Navas is only 5 mins away from Gweek and is just magnificent! Xxxx

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    These pictures are so beautiful and even though they are grey they’re all really happy!

    Cornwall looks amazing, I’ve always wanted to go there. Going away and steering pretty much clear of the internet sounds like a really nice and relaxing way to start the new year, especially with a close group of family. xx

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    thank you sooooooo much for all you have done for me and i hope one day i get to met the person who COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE. if you have the time to reply PLEASE PLEASE do and even more i hope that one day you come to Melbourne, Australia and i will definitely do anything to find you. i also just spent all my Christmas money on your tutti fruity and bath range as well as 3 of Tanya Burr lip glosses. sorry i got side tracked there… thanks for everything MY HERO!
    Zoe McKinnon. xxxx

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    I love Cornwall! :) It is where my fiance is originally from so I am lucky that we can pop down whenever we want :) The Seal Sanctuary is one of my all time favorite places in Cornwall… I’ve been banned from going though as whenever I do on the way home I’m on such a downer as I want to sponsor every seal there! :)

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    Wishing You A Wonderful New Week!
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    lots of love, from another pug lover

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    Hatsy xx

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    Here’s an anxious girl whose life you have changed by talking to a camera in that lovely rooms of yours. I was surfing on YouTube and I watched one of your videos and then another and another and although I saw a true beauty queen there, I also saw a girl just like me that could be who she was with the whole world judging and every time she would fall down, she would rise again with a bright smile on her face. And I guess since then something changed inside me. I started saying “yes” to more opportunities and even if some of then haven’t bright be anywhere, for the first time in my life I didn’t feel like curling onto my bed and spend the rest of my life inside a blanket nest.

    So I guess I have written that to thank you in my own name and in the name of others whose life you’ve changed and in whose life you’ve brought light. Your blog is my bright place and I feel happiness every time I watch on my phone screen a notification that announces me a new video has been uploaded.

    So, thank you, Zoe.

    xx, C.

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    Lucy x


  • My husband and I have never been on holiday together. I really want to this year! It looks like so much fun!

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    Now I’m off to try and persuade the family to book a trip to Cornwall this summer!
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    I was wondering if you could maybe post a review as video or blogpost about your camera (I think it is the olympus pen pl7 isn’t it?)?
    That would be awesome! ♥

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  • I keep going back to this post because I’ve been hooked on the show Poldark, which takes place in 18th century Cornwall. I just imagine myself on vacation there with your lovely photos to help with the image. You and Alfie and Poppy and Sean are so contagious in your fun so that helps!

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  • does anyone know what camera zoe uses? The quality is amazing!


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    your blog will always lift up my day!

  • This seems like such a lovely little trip with great people! x

    Erin | beingerin.com

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    Im glad you loved Cornwall so much Zoe, Im actually studying in Falmouth (in my last year) and found that there are so many good places to visit when you need some down time!


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    I go to Cornwall every year and have done since I was a little tot. My favourite place is Gwithian, near Hayle. It’s similar to the beach at Carbis Bay but even better! I really recommend you go there as its so peaceful and contempt and your far away from anyone on a beach it’s just lovely :) xxx

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    I also really like the thought of going offline and taking a break from social media. It is indeed very refreshing and gives you a totally different perspective on life.
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    I live so near Cornwall it’s such a beautiful place to visit, relax and unwind from everyday life 😊 I’m so glad you love this part of the country as much as I do zoe 💕

  • Beautiful photos!!

    Love Paige Joanna

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    Cornish beaches actually look beautiful. I have been once and honestly it was an amazing day! good for you to spend time away from you tube as well. I sometimes find family are the best medicine! And that hot chocolate you had with poppy thoigh! MMMMM!! I wish I was there! and the weather too! It looks a little chilly but so beautiful! Georgous!!

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    Put your blog in the comment and i will go watch it as well :)

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    Would love for people to check out my blog too



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