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With Christmas literally just around the corner, time is running out for picking up gifts, especially when there are so many other lovely festive things to be doing! In today’s video I’m sharing some ideas of how to make your own gifts, just in case you’ve forgotten a few or have run out of time! I think homemade presents are extra special as they can be so personal and really show someone that you’re thinking of them at this time of year. The video shows a step-by-step guide to making each of these gifts, so I hope you enjoy it!

  • Georgia Jones

    I am in the middle of watching your video now and these are some amazing DIY gifts!!

  • Tiggy M

    Love the ideas Zoe ❤️ Might try them myself 👻

  • I love all these ideas, making gifts is always a lovely thought!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • Amina Chambers

    Gr8 idea!! thx

    ps. love ur snow

  • s dan

    love all these ideas and I love the video as well x

  • Laura Rebecca Jonas

    I looooove DIYs and giving them as a gift just shows how much you appreciate someone. beautiful post.

  • Olivia Alesha

    These ideas are incredible! I don’t know how you get your photos to look so beautiful!

    – Liv Xxxx

  • Dressed With Soul

    Thanks for sharing the great ideas and I really like the Christmas sweater :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • lucy prosser

    I LOVE these ideas so much. My DIY ideas now seem slightly rubbish. I’m going to make the terrarium for mum, she’s mentioned how much she like succulents a bit TOO much recently! And the frames are so personal and cute. Thanks so much for sharing, last minute gifts are beginning!

    Lucy xoxo

  • Kati

    Lovely ideas! Really creative! Also, gorgeous pictures! :)

  • Great ideas, love the photography!

    Anika |

  • I absolutely ADORE the photo frames!! I’m definitely going to have a go at putting a couple of my own together!

  • Alona Bronstein

    All of these ideas are so, so lovely! And so inspiring :)

    x Alona

  • Such cute ideas!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  • these are such nice & thoughtful ideas, i’d love to get one of the little terrariums!

  • Beauty Spectrum

    Really really enjoying your blog at the minute Zoe!!

  • These are all so cute :) Terrariums are such a nice gift, although not sure I’d be able to keep the succulents alive haha

  • ella Smith

    life saver! been looking for something for my friend! Perfect!!

    btw,anyone want to support blogs, let me know xx

  • Look great Zoe!

  • Such lovely and simple gifts! I always draw/paint cards :)

  • These are such amazing ideas! Love the plant one xx

  • The third gift is just SO CREATIVE! Thanks for sharing! :D xx

  • Madison Victoria x

    love the recipe jars what a clever and unique item!
    I just published my Christmas wishlist and I would love you to swing by and say hello where I post all my thoughts towards beauty, fashion and lifestyle!
    Madison Victoria x

    It would mean a lot and hopefully see you there! xx

  • Michaela B

    I love the pictures so much!It looks amazing and you are such a creative person.Great inspiration,thanks:)

  • They’re such cute and great DIY Christmas gifts ideas! I really love the terrarium one, so cute!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  • Gorgeous! I think DIY gifts actually are so much lovelier and mean a lot more.

    Nourishing Amelia | Food, Health & Lifestyle Blogger

  • These ideas are absolutely adorable! X

  • I love the picture frame idea, I’m going to give it to my boyfriend either for valentine’s day or our anniversary :)

  • These are great! I would happily accept any of these! I especially LOVE the plant! I’ve always wanted something just like that! I had no idea it was so easy to make! Thanks for sharing!

    Shannon Sage

  • Eilidh

    All such cute ideas!

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

  • Caz

    These are such lovely ideas! I shared a similar cookie jar on my blog recently and it was so easy to make :)

    Caz | thisiscaz

  • Rachelbellebeauty

    I’ve loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

  • How absolutely lovely!! I love the photo one and the terrarium idea!! Very thoughtful gifts! =)

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    I love these DIY’s Zoe. Im going to have to try them out :) x

  • How lovely the plant in transparent jar! <3

  • I love the frames and the terrarium! Super cute and easy to do!! *Still hasn’t bought presents*

  • Zoel

    Wow that’s pretty amazing! I think my mum would love the one with cactus! My favourite is definitely the photos, I love that frame! Where can I buy a similar one?

    Zoel Hernández |

  • Love these ideas, really cute!

  • I LOVE DIY projects as gifts, they’re so much nicer especially if you’re on a budget and they’re even more exciting to give because it’s homemade! Great ideas Zoe! (It’s nearly Christmas can you believe it???!!!)
    xx Kenzie

  • Love this, brilliant ideas! Definitely going to have a go :)

  • These are so cute! I want to make them all now! I saw that terrarium on the UO website and I’ve been wanting to make a mini garden ever since! I love the cute cake kit as well, adorable and so easy!! Definitely making that as a last minute gift!

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  • The picture collage idea is absolutely adorable! I have several little polaroids that I think would look super cute placed that way! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • So beautiful! Your art direction is ON POINT.

  • Grace

    I love everything about this post! They’re all so cute and easy to make!

  • I love the photo frames and I am very tempted to make one for myself! x

    • Hana

      That would be cool.

  • Brynn King

    I love how easy each one of these are !!

  • Matthew LeBroke

    All these were great ideas! You can never go wrong with a good picture collage, especially for a sentimental person like me haha.

  • These are gorgeous ideas. I never know where to turn to when it comes to DIY gifts but at least now I know of a few! I love the little baking jars, I’ve seen them in store this year and was just waiting for someone to include them in a DIY. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  • Jordan Courtney

    Some really lovely ideas here! I love the hot chocolate jars and also those clear frames! Definitely think I’m going to do a few present DIY’s next year!

    Jordan | JordanCourtney

  • Those ideas are amazing! Thank you Zoe♥

  • Jenny Kim

    I absolutely love succulents!

  • GoPro Videos

    All the ideas are amazing! Its great to see Zoe doing DIYs!!

  • BraeShea

    This is amazing, I especially love the cacti glass case, it’s so nice! :) xoxo

  • ShortBrokeandHappy

    I love the succulent planter. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing.


  • These are amazing! I love the terrarium one the most. I might even make one for myself this season. Thanks for sharing, Zoe! <3

  • leah //

    I was contemplating on what to get my sister , she’ll love these thanks zoe! x

  • I love the little terrariums!! So cute!!!

  • cute ideas x

  • Samantha Louise

    I love everything about this post! Really love cacti


  • Great gift ideas, Zoe! I really like the cake mix! It’s easy and well.. it’s hard to go wrong with cake.

    ieyra h. | blog

  • Aimee Budge

    Cute! I love these ideas so much. :)

  • SO CUTE! I am for sure gong to do some of these when I realize I have presents to get on the 24th!

  • These are so cute Zoe! That teepee shaped terrarium is so lovely I want it for my own home and I know a few other friends who would want one as well.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • This is so cute! Love it Zoe x

  • Noortje Wijckmans

    Love it! The plants look amazing!! You’re so creative, it’s crazy. And the pictures you take are so beautiful and well put together. Love from the Netherlands

  • These are so cute! Love the frames! x

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • Imaan Shamsi

    Really good ideas! I’m going to try some if I can. Love you xxx

  • Nala❅

    Ive watched your video and i absolutely loved it! I think this has deffinately been the best video of 24 days of Zoella so far!!x

  • Alexandra Everett

    this is such a cute idea!!! Loved this video Zoe!!

    I need help to decide what to wear for this 18th! Come over to my blog and help!!!

  • Ellis

    I love the video and this blogpost of course! I think I might make the terrarium with cacti for myself? :)


  • I doubt I could make a DIY gift look THIS good and professional, but I love the ideas!

  • Lola Birch

    These are all so cute yet so simple to make! I can’t wait to try these out x

  • These cake/cookies in a jar look so adorable, I have been seeing them a lot this year.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Ashley Christabelle

    This is so cute! Simple, but it’s soooo thoughtful! x

  • Julia Walker

    These are great! I like the glass frame ones so much! I love how it’s so personal! Definitely going to try some out! Well done Zoe! xx

  • I love these ideas! They are so cute! I want to try some of them for myself! x

  • These are simply amazing! I especially love the succulents because they make a beautiful addition to any room and the personalised frames are a wonderful gift to receive and to make as you get to express your love in a really creative way.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration Zoe! ♥

  • I’m in love with every single one of these ideas! The terrariums are so pretty and the photos frames are so quirky and cute
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Maddie

    These are great ideas, I especially love the cookies in a jar!
    I’m posting everyday! –

  • Sarah

    Thank you Zoe!!! I was running out of Christmas ideas!

  • Summer

    Lovely! My favourite one is the photo frames. I really want to make them, except I would probably keep them all for myself!

  • I loved these and i’ll definitely make the first one for myself too :,D

  • These are such great ideas! I really love the idea of the jar with all the baking ingredients inside and the photo frame gift! So thoughtful x

    Lauren |

  • These are so lovely! I particularly like the little plants, they are very fashionable at the moment and look like you’ve just bought them from an actual shop! DIY gifts are amazing to give to your loved ones, much more personal than a random bath set or candle! :)

    Julia x
    Last post: three Christmas manicures! |

  • Charlotte

    I love the photo idea, I’m thinking of making it for my boyfriend

  • lilly


  • Kayley Jackson

    Where Can I Get The Frames You Used? I Want To Try It… <3

  • Ayre

    I really want to try the cookie jar :) Also, maybe one day I’ll try the cacti/succulents too!

    Arianne | Ayre

  • Oh my gosh these DIY’s are so adorable, especially the floating frames! This post makes me feel all crafty!

  • Bavi Sri

    They are all amazing ideas! But my FAVOURITE is the personalized glass frame! It’s a really good idea!

  • Quinn

    These are so cute!

  • Really beautiful gift ideas and blog! Thoroughly enjoying the snow effect on the screen – super festive! I’ve been inspired to get a bit creative with my Christmas gifts now! Better late than never I suppose – haha!

    – Holly x

  • These are SO cute!! I love how DIY they are and personal! Xx

  • Samantha Frances

    I love the cookies in a jar and the personalised photo frames! They’re so sweet :) such lovely ideas! xxx

  • These are so cute and I love little plants!!

  • Maddy Goldie

    I was Running out of ideas! Thanks for the inspiration, especially love the cookie ingrediants in a jar. :)

  • They are so so gorgeous!! And your blog!! I love the snow!!!


  • CecesCorner

    I absolutely love it! You are so creative Zoe, which is why I love your blog and YouTube channel. I actually did a post for self care activities and watching your videos definitely relaxes me! :)

  • WOW this is incredible. I am for sure not this creative or good at DIY! But they look so fun, I might have to try!
    I wrote a blog post about my top 5 favorite things about the holidays and would love to hear what people think about it!

  • Karolina Ežerskytė

    love these pictures <3

  • love the terrarium! and the decorated frames! and the cookies! (okay, yes, I love all these ideas. so cute!)

    Much love, Iween. xo.♡ |

  • Rramita skandakumar

    Super lovely Zoe, love you endlessly! ❤️

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    Pls check it out, it would mean the absolute 🌏 ❤️❤️

    And Zoe these blog posts are incredible😻

  • Sophie Steel

    Loving this Zoe xx

  • Freya

    This amazing Zoe you are amazing!!!

  • Chloe

    This looks amazing!

  • Izabela new

    I love the photo frame one however I don’t have a FRAME!! Lol

    Love you Zoe 😘😘😘😘

  • I love these DIYs! Thank you for sharing, Zoe!

  • Lovely DIY and a personal gift!

    Kisses from

  • Sophie

    these are the cutest definitely going to make the picture frames

  • elianass
  • These are all such cute ideas, might try the terrarium and the photo frame one myself!

  • Mariella

    I love the photo frame, it’s so cute!!
    I am defiantly giving that to a couple of friends.

  • Sophie Alice Lowery

    Love your blog so much! If anyone get’s a chance please check out my blog that I started due to Zoe’s inspiration

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  • Ravleen Thakker

    You are my absolute favourite youtuber and I loved these ideas!

  • Rozy Gray

    The plant pots look so professional and cute! What a great idea!


  • home made gifts are so much sweeter! x

  • I love those photo frames! xx

  • Such great ideas ! I especially love the photo one, so so cute Zoe !


  • Madison Grace

    Love all these photos. So cute and christmasssy :’) Wanna try the plant desperately!

    PS: I have a blog –
    Please check it out, it would make my day xo Thank you xo

  • I’ve wanted to make a terrarium for ages now, I think it would make an amazing gift!! Thanks for the inspiration :) x

  • Imogen Rogers

    loved all these ideas, very cute and inspiration; easy to tweak and twist to the personal liking :)

    my friend’s blog: it would make her so happy if you checked that out!! xx

    • Imogen Rogers

      also i’m really enjoying the snow on your blog :) <3 <3

  • Luke

    Amazing! I love your D.I.Y’s :) So creative and so original! :)

  • Your photos are so lovely and cozy!

  • Molly Pennick

    Lovely post Zoë! Enjoyed the video as well! xxxx

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  • Nina

    nice zoe

  • Great post Zoe! I would love DIY gifts for Christmas! I love making them too! x


  • Roshni patel

    Zoe you are amazing and I love you so much check out my insta fan acc and pleaseeeee folllooooowwww

  • Love it – these Ideas are absolutely amazing and very creative. Love the picture frame – its amazing going to do that for my friends and boyfriend :) xo

  • Tenchi Tran

    These look amazing! If anyone made any of these gifts, I would be so happy! Thank you for the ideas!

  • I love the picture frames, they are so cool! I will 100% be making these… for myself! These are great present ideas Zoe! x

  • Julia Walker

    So beautiful! xoxo

  • Pareen

    Great ideas! Photography, as always– incredible!

  • Marta Manzano
  • I loooove these ideas! I saw them in your vid and I actually did the cookie jar for my best friend! It’s a fantastic idea!
    I hope you have a great day xx


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    These are all so cute!

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    I love the photo frame idea, as they look so personalised and pretty. I”l definitely be using these ideas for upcoming birthdays :) xoxo

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    Love them all !! I really want to try them all ! But christmas is so close (yay)


  • Loody Nagy

    Hello there :)

    Mind checking my blog?

    Have a great day.

  • Erin

    These are all such good ideas for Christmas presents. And I completely agree, homemade presents extra special and can be made in certain ways for certain people.


  • Oh my Zoe these look gorgeous!!! I love how personal all these gifts (and your posts, blogs & videos) are! I always love Decembers with Zoella because I’m always feeling festive with you :) Happy holidays Zoe! xx

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    Awwwwh these are so cute :) Your blog is so amazing Zoe. It’s an inspiration to my own… If you want to check my blog it’s:

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    Loved the cactus plant thingy you did!!! would LOVE TO GET IT ANYTIME!

  • Love all these ideas! Especially the frame- so thoughtful!


  • Don’t care sorry x

    Soo cute Zoe! x

  • Midnight Mi

    These are so cute ideas and good ideas. I especially love the cacti thing(?!)… I’d definitely make it for my self. 😂

  • Saiema

    I love them all!!! These ideas are soo beautiful and soo creative!! 💗

  • Maja Wabich

    Ahhhhh why I found your blog so late
    These ideas are amazing xx

    Dark Roseberry | Fanpage

  • Sophie

    I Know that its been over a week since you poster this but i just wanted to say that the cake in the jar thing idea was amazing i didn’t use it for Christmas i used it for my best friends birthday it it the 27th she loved it and wanted another one she thought it was really good so thank you for the idea XxX

  • Taylor Shaw

    I love this, such cute ideas!

    please check out my blog, I’m fairly new to blogging

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    This is so lovely Zoe!!! It is my best friends birthday soon and I think I am gonna make her the glass picture one!!! Thanks so much, this is so useful and cute!

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    such a good post
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  • Emilia

    Loved all of these ideas and definitely going to use them next year xx

  • These are the cutest things ever! I really want the terrariums but they’re so expensive. I shall be trying (emphasis on try) these in the new year to try and give myself at least a little bit of responsibility. The cookie jars are such a great and inexpensive idea! I’ll be making them for gifts in the future.

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    These are great ideas!!

  • Alicia Parry

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  • Louisa Nöhr

    I’m loving all these ideas! The frames are beautiful! Where did you get them?

    Louisa xx

  • Gemma

    Such beautiful present ideas – I love the photo frames – would anyone be able to tell me where you can get them from?

    Zoe, you’ve inspired me to create my own blog that I set up yesterday! – – so thank you so very much. A wonderful post from you as always xx

  • Ashley_

    These are freaking amazing. 🤓Just what I need to DIY it up!!😍😍😍
    Ashley_ xoxo

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  • Hua Khoa
  • annabel

    Hi, to whoever is reading this, i love all theese ideas so much and they are all sooooooooo cute but unfortunatly it has already been CHRISTMAS! It is my friends birthday soon and im going to try one for her because her birthday is shortly after christmas it dosent matter that some are christmas related but i will definetly try them christmas 2016 (the one coming up if you didnt know) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lovely photos and amazing blog!

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    you are such an amazing girl zoe love ya

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    I love all these ideas. The plant is my absolute favourite :)

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  • I love the picture frames they are super cool!

  • I had no idea it was so easy to make! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Love the little succulents!!!

  • Loved this post and the video :)
    It looks so beautiful

    Greets from Anni – Fairytales in my Mind

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    dear zoella,
    hi! Can you PLEASE do a photogaraphy blog!!!????

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    Last week I grew an obsession over zoella and other youtubers I never thought that would eagerly wait for another blog to come up nor did I think that I would learn new things but here I am,,,
    I have wanted to start a youtube channel for a long time…Any tips :D

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    I’m saving up for something but I found out I have to buy Christmas gifts with my own money for the first time! Thanks for a money saving idea, Zoe!

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