323B1822 323B1831 copy 323B1847 323B1859 323B1866 323B1948 copy 323B1951The Seventies has been a real dominating style factor this Autumn with it’s button front a-line skirts, bell sleeved shirts, chunky boots, mustards, burgundies and lot’s of suede (yes, I did just check I hadn’t spelt that like swede – the vegetable, that’s probably not been a factor of autumn style…). The following outfit featured a good combination of all of the above and I love it. Having not owned a suede skirt since i was around seven years old, it did feel a little out of my comfort zone but it swiftly became a wardrobe staple and I feel like it’s perfect for this time of year with tights and boots. I bought the scarf from Zara a couple of months ago now, because I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It has every Autumnal colour possible making it perfect to go with any outfit. I also love that it’s so big you could practically throw it down and have a picnic on a random walk.  

Zara Blouse

Zara Scarf

Asos Petite Button Through A-Line Skirt

Topshop Chunky Ankle Boots