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As a self confessed lipstick junkie, can you imagine the joy I felt going through my PO Box when I was met with not just a handful of Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks but a WHOLE DRAW AND MORE-ful of them, my eyes almost popped out my head much like the heart eyes emoji. I wanted to title this blog post “Lipstick Porn” as quite clearly, for any lipstick lover this post would be exciting, however it turns out that Lipstick Porn is a thing, so that quickly changed. Clarins isn’t a brand I would normally think to peruse when lipstick shopping as you tend to think of Clarins for their great skincare, however after receiving pretty much their entire lipstick range, I can safely say the lipstick is up there with some of the best and I couldn’t NOT share these with you. They recently changed their packaging from the previous silver tube to this lovely gold classic metal and I love it! The actual lipstick is very smooth and silky and gives a lovely shine to the lips, whilst also making them feel hydrated and make wearing the lipstick feel so comfortable. The colour pay off is actually really good, they are marketed as being a sheer lipstick as with many moisturising lipsticks, colour payoff isn’t usually the highest but I find these very easily build-able to the exact colour of the bullet. Unlike a very matte lipstick which can last you all day with very minimal application, this would require a little more touch ups, mainly just because of the moisturising properties. A lot of lipstick lovers ask for my recommendations on slightly more high end lipsticks as there’s always a bit more pressure in making sure you’re getting something of good quality when spending a bit more, whether that’s for you or a gift. I honestly really like these, I think for those of you who like wearing something a little more understated they have such a great choice of nudes and they make your lips look so healthy (something I find a little harder with matte nudes – I much prefer wearing something with shine and moisture). I was a little apprehensive about the colour payoff of the brighter or deeper shades however as I usually stray more towards a matte as I know it will last well. I didn’t need to be apprehensive at all, they are just as good as you would have hoped. If you tend to be a little scared of matte lipsticks or your lips are often on the drier side, I think these lipsticks could be your saviour.Β 


701 Orange Fizz, 705 Soft Berry, 707 Petal Pink, 711 Papaya, 713 Hot Pink
715 Candy Rose, 723 Raspberry, 731 Rose Berry, 732 Grenadine, 737 Spicy Cinnamon


738 Royal Plum, 740 Bright Coral, 741 Red Orange, 742 Joli Rouge, 743 Cherry Red, 744 Soft Plum


745 Pink Praline, 746 Tender Nude, 747 Rosy Nude, 748 Delicious Pink, 749 Bubblegum Pink


750 Lilac Pink, 751 Tea Rose, 752 Rosewood, 752 Pink Ginger

I know what you’re all thinking, how on earth am I going to find room and make use of all these lipsticks? Fear not, I have had a major sort out recently thanks to Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying”, so i’m going to sort through these and see where I have room for certain shades and if I don’t, I’m going to pass them around to all my friends and family and share the Clarins-Joli-Rouge-joy. I do kind of wish I could just have them lined up beautifully on my dressing table collecting dust but that’t not very Feng Shui. A few of my favourites that have already found homes within my makeup collection however are: Royal Plum, Orange Red, Joli Rouge, Orange Fizz, Bubblegum Pink, Pink Ginger, Rosy Nude and Pink Praline.

  • Lydia May

    The colours are so pretty!

  • Lovely!! They seem right up my street- I tend to prefer slightly more sheer, moisturizing lipsticks. And gorgeous photos, by the way!

  • emily couture

    These lipsticks look so pretty and sound lovely! :)

    emily xx

  • Jess

    744 soft plum is my fave i think x

  • Mauricia Stone

    i feel like i have died and gone to heaven!! Tender Nude is a gift from the universe!!

  • Cassie Parsons

    Wow this really is lipstick porn! xx Beautiful – will defo consider investing in a few.

  • lolawilde

    they all look amazing!! espiecially the soft berry!! :)

  • Danielle Mac

    Would be a dream having every shade

    Danielle Mac

  • spicy cinnamon must be my fave!!loved all the shades honestly haha also a cute name for a lipstick is always a plus for me!


  • These lipsticks are gorge!

  • I have super dry lips, thanks for this post! I may go out and try a few of these now…

  • Livelle

    Anyone know of any drug-store dupes?

  • HonorThePug

    Vey nice Zoe!!!! xxxxx PS cant wait for Girl Online:On Tour!!! have read the sneak peek and it looks amazing!!!! xxxx

  • Amy

    Can we find this in France?

  • Mylifeasadancer

    These lipsticks look stunning and I was wondering where you can get them and what the price is. Thanks for this post Zoe xxxx

  • fetchingxzelda

    The part about LipStick porn, I was laughing so hard! Love the photos zoe!!

  • Ellis

    The colours look so beautiful! If I were you I couldn’t choose which one of them I would wear. It’s also great to try them all out, I can imagine. I love the darker colours and the nude ones, great for fall of course, but I don’t know if I can pull them of. I never really wear make-up, but when I see you wear it I’m so in the mood to buy one! My favourite from this post is the Rose Berry, it looks so beautiful!

    Xxx Ellis

    • Jess

      This is just TOO amazing πŸ’„πŸ’„

  • Maggie

    These look amazing!!!! Perfect for the season!


  • lizzy orr

    loving both lilac pink and bubblegum pink, loving how pretty the lipstick bottles will look in my room even more.. Oops.

    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

  • Wow, you’re so lucky to have received all the lipsticks Zoe! You have basically enough lipsticks to use for your whole life here haha. They’re all super pretty, and I’m not surprised about the quality because Clinique is a great brand – that we don’t hear enough of according to me!

    Julia xx
    | |

  • These are beautiful lipsticks!! Clarins prodcuts are amazing!

    Miriam β™₯ A whole lot of serendipity

  • Such a lovely pictures! I’m truly amazed, even though I never wear lipsticks. I would buy them, just to collect them, haha!

  • JustAnother GirlOnlinex

    Omg they’re gorgeous!!!

  • These are all such beautiful colours and I love the new packaging!
    Maddy, xo

  • There are such a wide variety of shades, there’s definitely one for everyone! Lucky friends and family of yours that will share in the Clarins joy! Can’t wait to see these in action in your vlogs :)

    Cindy //

  • Whitney Paige

    Oh my goodness these are absolutely stunning! I would love to be able to get my hands on such a beautiful range. Thank you for sharing❀️

  • Caroline Malone

    oh my goodness that would have been my dream come true to have gotten that in the mail! Soft plum and spicy cinnamon look so ideal for the autumn I would never be able to part with them! xx

  • All these look lovely and so many colors to choose from plus the packaging is heart eye emoji. Wish I could get my hands on some of these especially the pink shades are so pretty.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Blogging Kind Of Girl
  • Bente

    I’m in love with all of these colours!

  • MissSolya 333

    OMG! Lucky you! Kind of my dream comes true

  • Veronica Yabloko

    This is amazing!! Not to mention that the photography is on point! It must be amazing to wake up and find a gift like this waiting for you. Love you Zo!


  • They look amazing omg

  • Ellie

    Oh my goodness!! I wish i was as lucky as you to have all of these sent to me!!!

  • these pictures are amazing!!😍

  • Wow these look absolutely beautiful Zoe, definitely need to try these out! :)

  • Amelie OaS

    These look utterly amazing!


  • Emma Bovary

    Just a thought: Instead of donating all those lipsticks to your friends maybe you can do a giveaway and give some to your followers? Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s been ages since you’ve done a giveaway and it’d be nice to see you give back in some way. (Which I’m not saying you don’t, but it’s always nice to see it.)

  • Katherine Raynor

    Love them already!!!

    Plz take a look at my account called Sassy Scarlett.

    Visit it here –

  • Katherine Raynor
    You’re so lucky to be sent these. I can’t believe you got the whole collection. Xxx

  • Soph Cullen

    How incredible do these look?! I can just imagine how amazed you were when you discovered you were given these.. amazing haha!
    Enjoy them Zoe!!

  • Hollie Pierpoint

    Oh wow 😍 These sound and look amazing! I’ve pretty much only heard of the Clarins bronzer, but I’m so much more intrigued in this brand now! ❀️ Hope you have a lovely day ZoΓ«!

  • Zakeleni

    Wow! I’m not even a lipstick wearer but these look wow! As always you photos look a.m.a.z.i.n.g, i love how you colour matched them with your wreath! Lately i’ve been reading through your old posts, its amazing to see how you developed and this community has grown! I’m also loving the vlogs this month! Its weird how this is one year after i discovered the whole world of youtube and also fell in love with daily vlogs and now there back again and so much excitement has happened lately for you and your friends!
    I also know how much you love rose-gold! I found some amazing rose gold brogues in Asda and they are included in my latest post on my new blog, Zakeleni, the post is a Ikea mini haul and and OOTD, i’d be honoured if you checked it out…
    Also, i think it would be pretty cool if you posted some more OOTD on here as i know people always ask where you got certain things from!
    If you or anyone reads my blog your feedback is certainly welcome :)
    Excited for your next post and Girl Online On Tour
    Ciao x!

  • Karolina EΕΎerskytΔ—
  • Madison Victoria x

    A lipstick lovers dream, might have to slip a few of these in to my online basket!

    Just a quick note I also have a beauty blog and I just published my bedside table essentials and would love you to swing by and say hello and help build a small little community!

    My new blog: Madison Victoria x

    Thank you lots and lots,

  • They look absolutely so pretty! :D I really wanna try these!

  • Zoe you are the best! Your posts are always amazing! Love the lipsticks wanna try them all!! #lipsticklover5ever

    See my blog –>

  • Siobhan Amelia Hattersley

    These look gorgeous, I wish I could afford them! I will have to start saving! :P xxx

  • Natalia Nowak

    Your pictures are beautiful! I love it! How do you take them?

  • emma

    zoella you are a complete inspiration. I love you so much. Plus these lipsticks look amazing

  • Chantal

    These lipsticks look amazing! x

  • oh my dayssss that is my complete idea of lipstick porn! Love clarins


  • Valerie Buecherwuermchen

    Zoe can you maybe do a post on how you do your blog pictures ? I love writing on my blog but I never know what pictures to take because I’m never happy with how they all turn out. I adore your blog because you always have amazing posts. I’m so happy you started your blog some years ago and are now where you are.
    Lots of love from Germany ;) <3

  • Jen

    Wow they all look so pretty, I wish you did swatches!

  • Just Lenn ·٠‒●

    recently Zoe I’ve found myself changing so much because of yourself. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing, to change my style a little bit or my favourite things a little bit, but I kinda like it. :)
    So lipsticks are starting to be my favourite part of my make-up (after my coppered eyeshadows.) . The thing is I was so scared of them. What if the colour’s gonna be a little to much? That was my biggest fear. But you kind of makes me think – so what?!
    It’s maybe because I’ve changed the school so people actually don’t really know me so I can experiment a little bit more.
    I love autumnal colours so much! (Also something that has changed because of your lovely vlogs! You just make me love autumn & Christmas time too much, so I was so in mood for Christmas even in summer :D )
    So I am definitely gonna buy some more of beautiful dark colours for my lips this year! :)

    Hopefully you’re gonna read it, because I wanted to show you how much I love your videos and how much you can affect people in good way of course. So whenever you feel down just remember that there’s at least one person (definitely me!) that is excited whenever I see 30minutes long vlog in my subscription box, or a chatty make-up tutorial! :)
    xx Lots of love!

  • GoFashiondeals

    Gorgeous photos!! They look like such beautiful lipsticks.

  • Oh my God these are beautiful!!! I want all of them!!

  • Kate Stockport

    Helloo Zoe, I know you probably get asked this a lot but I think many of us would really appreciate it if you could do an updated post about the camera/s you use & lenses and also photography/editing/lighting tips and tricks when you have the time :) I know I would really like to invest in a camera and lenses that can take beautiful pictures like the ones you have been posting. I know not everyone will have the money to buy the equipment you use but for those who would like to invest into photography equipment, I think it’d be really helpful and interesting to learn from such a professional and talented blogger like yourself. :)

    (p.s – sooo looking forward to reading your new book soon! It will make my 2 hour bus rides to uni much more fun)

    kisses from Kate xxx

    • Era Lleshi

      well if you watched her videos she mentioned them so yeah

      • Kate Stockport

        There is no need to be rude, I have watched her videos where she has previously mentioned them for when she is filming but for photographing products I just think I would like to read a blogpost about it maybe in more detail because I think I could learn a Lot and be inspired from a video/blogpost dedicated to photography/editing etc. x

        • Candypop

          I really do agree with Kate. The quality of these photos are just amazing and I am looking for a camera as I love taking photos (I know it will be expensive, but I can always save up money). I hope Zoe will write something on her blog about the camera she uses to take photos for her blog. I know she said she uses Canon 600D DSLR (I think) but that was around three years ago; I think she used this camera for her main channels…not sure :s

    • Martha Dodds

      I would love photography tips as well!

    • Maria Ahmady

      good idea!

    • Caitlin King

      That is such a great idea and a good way to help us understand how things work and what position you need to put things in and what brands and what types of cameras you use I would never have thought of that good thinking Kate xxxx

      • Kate Stockport

        Thankyou Caitlin – also my name but spelt Kaitlyn;) glad people agree with me, lets hope Zoe thinks this is a good idea too and does a video or blogpost about it someday :) xxxx

        • Caitlin King

          Glad to know someone is imbrassing the name haha xoxo and yeah I really hope so would love to see it xoxo

    • This is a great idea! Especially since I’m just starting out with photography, I have absolutely no idea what to get! It would be really helpful to see how she got started and what she uses now. For a beginner, the photography world is such an intimidating place it would be nice to have some guidance.

    • S T A V R O U L A

      hellooo Zoe ,i would also loved such a post.I’m most interested in your vlogging camera, so that would be greatif you could inform us about that.
      lots of kisses and love from Stavroula to you ,Alfie, Nala , the ginny pigs and all of your friendsβ™₯β™₯β™₯

    • Nicole Alexandra Stewart

      Yeah, em hey Zoe if you’re also reading this, this would be very interesting to watch, I really think Zoe should do like a side video or something on exactly what you said, it would really help those of us who wan’t to also attempt vlogging.

    • Patience Otoo

      Yh I think thats a really good idea Zoe xxx

    • Muffin Moo 22

      Zoe I love love love alllll the vids you do but I also think this would be a great idea thank you 😊😊😊 β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘xx

    • Isabella

      I would love photograph tips too you are so amazing and I’m sure we all want to be as good as you are cuz you’re so so cool
      kisses from Isabella xxxxx

  • Abby

    these look amazing and your photography is GOALS! I really want to try these! xx

  • oh my goodness, these really do look lovely, and so many of them too!

    Emma | Be Happyyy

  • They all look so beautiful, I want every shade now!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • RingsAreMyJewelry

    OMG those lipsticks are gorgeous *O*

  • Wow they look so lovely!!

  • Flo Lily

    These look beautiful zoe:) I’m going to have to go out and buy them!

  • Maisie Pickering

    Oooo can you do a video with these trying them on so we can see? (Obvs only the ones you’re keeping) x

  • These look so amazing! I love the case and all the shades! x

  • amydoll

    I need every single one of these in my life!

  • Mary Field

    I feel like I really get into lipstick a lot more in Autumn and then throughout the winter holidays. Does anyone else feel that way? haha :) I absolutely love these colors you chose. So perfect for fall!! I prefer the darker maroons and deep reds, really puts me in the autumnal mood!!

    {my blog}

    • Madalena Daci

      I agree I really love dark shades lipsticks

  • Maja

    Such a fine collection of lipstick shades- especially autumn shades! :)) xx Maja

  • Wow these are gorgeous, I’m always looking for a good matte lipstick <3

    The Quirky Queer

    • Elizabeth Shaw


  • Ana Beatriz Monteiro

    Heey Zoe, I loved the colors, they are so qkjfnwejkf *.*

  • Elizabeth Shaw


  • Elizabeth Shaw

    Amazing got bubblegum pink and rosewood and love both of them

  • Amelia

    I dont wear makeup..But recently ive bee testing out different products and now that autumns here im thinking of going and get so nice cosy colours :D

  • Sarah

    This range has really nice shades I have to admit :) Some of them I would definitely wear :) You are so lucky to receive all of them :) I would love to see some swatches too, but that’s not a problem, I’ll have a look on Google :)

  • There are so many stunning shades here, the whole collection is amazing! x

  • WANT WANT THE HOT PINK ONE such a loooveley post zoe :)

  • These are all BEAUTIFUL. I’m so in love with all these shades and the gold packaging.

    xx, Diane ||

  • Ahh these look gorgeous, I particularly like the nude and plum shades. X

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • Trixies Blog

    The darker shades look lovely!

  • These are such beautiful colors! I also love the gold tubes! :)


  • Naimah

    The colours are stunning! I haven’t started wearing make up but I now really want to because the colours are really nice! The bright coral is probably my favourite colour!

  • These are beautiful and your photos, Zoe- holy smokes! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS photos.

  • Wow what a collection..! I agree Clarins isn’t really a brand I would reach out to buy makeup. There’s some lovely colours in there. Lucky you to get them all :) I’ve recently become more interested in lipsticks and have actually gone and bought the CT Glaston-berry one that you rave about! It’s amazing so I totally understand your obsession.

    Ayesha xxx

  • Andrea

    love those colors! and I agree with the whole keeping all the lipsticks to display. the packaging of certain products are just so beautiful I can’t bear to not display them, but if i always did that then I would never throw away anything and I would soon become a packrat.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  • All I can think is, “it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…”, hahaha. And that I probably need every single one of these shades. I like that they’re moisturising, so I do think it’s worth having to touch up your lips (as opposed to have dry lips – no thanks). I’m loving the more neutral/brown shades, Orange Fizz, Papaya and Bright Coral (after all, it is spring here!).

    PS. Glad you didn’t call this post Lipstick Porn, bahaha!

    Kiara xx //

  • These lipsticks look so beautiful! I love the gold packaging, totally goes with your love of copper too! <3

  • Pili G

    I love lipstick so much! Lately all i’ve been wanting is Matte lipstick! I feel like this pictures are heaven!

    Love all the colors!



    Records of my Troubles

  • I have only tried wearing lipstick a handful of times but your enthusiasm is infectious and I think it is definitely time I jump on this train. As you put it ‘Just say yes!’ Lipstick here I come! (Look out bank balance…)

  • These lipsticks look so lovely! Perfect shades for Autumn, I’d say! :-)

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • disqus_6Z1mKaKmtm

    Lovely colours love the orangey peachy ones and they match the autumn theme. (pumking spice makeup)!! Maybe do a tutorial on something pumpking spicey cos id definitely wear it.

  • They all look so pretty! The packaging is beautiful. Stunning photos Zoe!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • These look so good! I really need a new lipstick (the ones I have are all very summer oriented haha) so thanks for the idea :D

  • Jenny

    Hi Zoe, I had no idea clarins even did lipsticks! I’ll need to nip into Frasers to try them! You have such beautiful photography as always lovely, but I was wondering if you could space your paragraphs? Your writing is amazing but it hurts my eyes when reading on my phone! (sorry for such an odd request) x

    Ps if anyone is interested I blog at

  • I loved the original formula of these lipsticks, so I can’t wait to pick up a few of the new versions! Some of the darker, plum shades look gorgeous and will be perfect for A/W :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  • Gemma Carey

    In loveeeeeeeee!! Literally….

  • The shade range is absolutely spectacular! Love the packaging as well, so can’t wait to get my hands on a few of these!

  • I’m a big fan of the lipsticks from Clarins and actually their make-up is very good and well worth a try.

  • The packaging alone would make me want these, The colours are stunning! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming

  • These lipsticks look incredible!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Anna

    loove all of them!!! your blog looks amazing now Zoe :)

  • They all look gorgeous! Beautiful photos as well!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Oh wow I love all of them! Especially the wine colour, will be great for Christmas time x

  • Paige

    Ah those are all SO gorgeous! I’m in heaven

  • Selene

    I love all the dark ones, they are like a nude to me, a must have.

  • The packaging looks so lovely! I’ve been craving some new lipsticks lately.

  • They look so pretty! :)

  • Awwww, look at all the pretty piiiiiictures :-) These all look so so lovely.

  • The Style Check

    I love when it gets to autumn and all the berry colours emerge. These are beautiful shades.

  • stephanie


    (ps, new to blogging world)

  • Clarissa

    These colours look perfect for the fall :) xx

  • Chloe

    all of there lipsticks look lovely!

  • Major lipstick envy! I want them allllll hah! xxx

    Jasmine ||

  • Lauren Kerr

    oooh these are beautiful! feel free to pass some our way. ;) ha!

  • Gemma Rose

    Loved this post Zoe! I hadn’t thought of trying these lipsticks before but I think I definitely will now! ☺️

  • Olivia Tomczak

    Oh wow! Can I have all of them please??

  • They look beautiful! I must say I am rather too much in love with lispticks my self and wow how do you pick which colour to wear each day? – The photos are beautiful!

  • Ana // hey [PB]

    I want those lipsticks so badly :o

  • amy

    omg zoe beautiful i love you and alfie #summermakeupblog x im obsessed wuth this kind of art

  • ss

    These colours are amazing! I love autumn make-up and clothes, you are so lucky Zoe!

  • Gorgeous photos Zoe! I’m loving the autumn shades and the new gold packaging of the lipsticks!

  • laurenpanda6

    Wow!! They’re all such pretty colors!!❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍

  • My oh my is this a gorgeous post. I read it on my phone but had to take another look on my laptop to fully appreciate the beauty of all those Clarins lipsticks! Like you said, I’ve never thought of Clarins for lipstick…but this seriously changes my mind.

    xoxo – Kelly

  • Aisha

    OMG, I need all of them <3

  • Nadush

    oh amazing !! :)

    please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  • Can I have them all? Fall is my absolute favorite time to wear and buy lipstick. These colors are amazing for autumn.

    xx Kate
    Simply by Kate

  • Put on Powder

    My favourite one is that one called “Lilac pink”. Seriously I use it all the time.

  • Martha Dodds

    I want to wear something purple or red tinted for Autumn and winter, but I don’t want to wear a full on lipstick. Any suggestions?
    And Zoe I love your new blog design!
    Also would it be possible for you to do a ‘how to start a successful YouTube channel’ video? I’ve recently made a channel and would love some of your tips!. *Not trying to self promote*

    Martha xxx

    • marylou15

      Maybelline color drama lip pencils have really nice dark shades (I like 310 Berry Much) and you can dab them on and get a less harsh colour

  • Corinne

    I find it really hard to wear lipstick anywhere because I don’t have any liners. Anyone have recommendations or favorites?

    • Naima Begum

      What about lip gloss? haha xx

  • Naima Begum

    I literally LOVE you Zoe!! xox

  • Casie G.

    Lately, I’ve been getting into deep and dark shades of lipstick to make myself more autumnal since it’s still summer-like where I live. I’ve never really tried matte lipsticks because my lips tend to get really dry no matter the season, but I would definitely give these a try if they are as good as they look. :)

  • These shades are perfect for Fall. I have a few that I rotating in on a daily basis. Gorgeous photos! xx

  • Miranda

    Love you Zoe 😘😘

  • Samantha

    love lipstick! these are beautiful i want all of them :)

  • Kezzy Lou

    I think I just fell into a lipstick coma xXx

  • Evs

    Zoe I wish I could wear the autumn shades of lipstick like you do but unfortunately I’m a redhead so anything with even a little brown in it looks like mud on my face. I might try one of the bright shades though because it sounds like fabulous lipstick.

  • Ahhh these look incredible! Rosewood looks so, so good!!!

    Raashi I

  • Lucy Kim

    They are all so so pretty!! Especially 750 Lilac pink:)

    I love you so much<3

  • I really love a dark lip in Autumn….these lippies look gorgeous!

    Jess |

  • Your photos are so beautiful Zoe! Hopefully one day mine might look something like this 😊

  • Photogirl1616

    Hi I’m new to this blog! Those lipsticks look rly cute!! Anyway as I was saying I am new and don’t rly understand how the blogging works if u had time maybe you could explain? Also I AM SO EXCITED TO READ YOUR NEW BOOK!! 1 more thing and I’ll be gone, promise!
    I wanted to ask about photography skill I’ve been spin it for 3 years but I wanted to get some advice from you!
    Thanks xxHi I’m new to this blog! Those lipsticks look rly cute!! Anyway as I was saying I am new and don’t rly understand how the blogging works if u had time maybe you could explain? Also I AM SO EXCITED TO READ YOUR NEW BOOK!! 1 more thing and I’ll be gone, promise!
    I wanted to ask about photography skill I’ve been spin it for 3 years but I wanted to get some advice from you I’ve put some photos below
    Thanks xx

  • Photogirl1616

    Hi I’m new to this blog! Those lipsticks look rly cute!! Anyway as I was saying I am new and don’t rly understand how the blogging works if u had time maybe you could explain? Also I AM SO EXCITED TO READ YOUR NEW BOOK!! 1 more thing and I’ll be gone, promise!
    I wanted to ask about photography skill I’ve been spin it for 3 years but I wanted to get some advice from you I’ve put some photos below

  • Gorgeous colors and photos! Swatch please!!

  • Priya

    I’m so into doing my makeup based on what season it is thanks Zoe

  • Maria Ahmady

    gorgeous zoe! lysm!!

  • rachael

    can i just have one . lol

  • LΓ©nie Hoareau

    I always go for a red orange lips in Autumn, it suits my skin and hair color so well. Sadly I lost my Sephora lipstick last month, so that’s a good reason to buy number 741. I like the fact you recommend them for lips that are often on the drier side. That’s 100% me. Thank you Zoe xxx

  • ella soady

    all those colours are soooooooooooooo pretty!

  • These lipsticks look amazing! I really want to make a cheeky purchase and buy all of them. The colours are lovely! Love your blog Zoe!

  • r.k

    Now I need to do some lipstick shoppings, haha!

  • Zunaira Sulman

    oh my goodness. Firstly you take amazing photos. As a tiny blogger myself, I know it’s TOUGH to take great pictures. Absolutely love your sense of aesthetics. I look forward to more blog posts from you. The Clarins lipsticks look absolutely gorgeous. I’ll definitely give it a look.

    • Bernice

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