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As the weather has been so glorious this past week here in the UK, I’ve been leaving my desk at every opportunity I’ve had and decided to make the most of it. When Poppy & Sean said they were thinking of going to a Pick Your Own farm, I was completely sold (as were Alfie and Mark) and we all made an afternoon of it. The last time I went strawberry picking was 2011 (I did a blog post, which you can read HERE – How have 5 years passed since this? It felt like yesterday) I went with my Mum and I remember the particular place we went was very small and the crop was coming to an end. The place we went surpassed anything I was expecting. It was Roundstone Farm in Worthing, only a 25-minute drive from Brighton and it was enormous. You could practically pick anything in the supermarket fruit and veg section to take home. 

It was as easy as picking up your green punnet and meandering through the fields between 20ft hedgerows. The day was perfect and we casually strolled along, picking fruit and chit chatting away. It was warm and the sun peeped out from behind the clouds every now and then without it being too sweltering. We even stopped half way through for a much-needed ice cream. Not going to lie, trying to resist eating my entire punnet whilst we were there was quite the struggle and I’m surprised I didn’t get any berry stains on my white dress. 

If you’re looking for something to do on these rare but very beautiful summer days, I’d highly recommend searching for a P.Y.O farm near you and gathering up your friends or family for an afternoon of fruit and fun! 

  • Della Driscoll

    Such incredible images! Looks like you had a lovely day, definitely need to plan a strawberry picking trip soon xxx

  • Alexander Anderson

    LAV IT

  • Isabella courtz

    What camera did you use? I would love to take photos with that quality for my blog!
    ( )
    I’m so happy that the weather had been good in the uk at the moment. Maybe I should have a little search for strawberry picking in Northern Ireland and asking my mum if she wold take me and a couple of friends! Thanks for writing this x – Courtz

    • Alex Scott

      Hi Isabell, I was reading your comment and I couldnt help but notice your from Northern Ireland! So am I! theres never anyone online from northern ireland! Its really cool aha. If you want you could check out my blog ( Also can i just say yours is amazing! Xx

      • Isabella courtz

        Ahh that’s awsome!

      • Awe thanks! Sorry I only saw this now! I will do!

      • I always say that -Zoe’s photos are just something special! Literally NEVER seen such amazing quality on anyone’s blog ever!! Patiently waiting for a post/video of Zoe sharing her photography/editing tips hahah <3 xxx

        🍧{ Mila }💐

    • My thoughts too Isabella! The quality of Zoe’s photos are so good! Also, my friends and I are planning to head off to Baguio and pick strawberries. I’ll keep these photography ideas/inspo in mind. Thanks Zoe! | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

      • Isabella courtz

        I will definitely check out your blog! I hopespecially the plans come together and you go strawberry picking!

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  • Georgia Winstanley

    I live in Brighton and I’m defintly going to go here soon, lovely photos Zoe!xxx

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    Julia x
    Last post: Bloggers vs. Perfection |

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    Really enjoyed this and always love your photos☺️ I love photography but I don’t have many interesting things to photograph, which is unfortunate. Reading your blog has made me feel so much brighter and happier after quite a down day so Thankyou x

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    Darling Jordan

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    Xoxo, Carade

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    Zoe and now I’ve read your post, I am so, a little bit more, if that’s possible! I’ve never really read your blog posts before and I have no idea why, when it’s written so lovely, so here’s to another thing to occupy my currently very sad life! Thank you for making my days better! Xxx

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  • I love pick your own farms! We don’t have any that big near here, mostly just strawberry picking and I grow my own anyway. I’d love to have such a nice place nearby!

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    Hmmm lover strawberries!!!

    Don’t miss today on the blog the last novelty in my shoe cabinet….an adorable pair of wooden platform wedges by Marant !! ;)
    Kisses from

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    Great post and loved your vlog on this day :)

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    Love your dress!

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    Please check out my blog:

    I just posted about how to get rid of stress! Hope it helps some of you! Being stressed out sucks XO

    • I wish I had once more time to picking strawberries

  • Every time I go strawberry picking it ends ups with one for the punnet, one for me lol. The farm looks amazing and the crop variety is very impressive. We don’t have anything like this in the middle east, its far too hot, but I can hope. Love the pics as always xxxx

    Amy |

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    Via Sora || Brock Baker on Being a Warbler and More
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    I would really appreciate it if anyone who is interested in blogs would go and check out mine at
    I have just started out and would really appreciate it if people would comment with any feedback/ideas they may have.

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