323b9548323b9558323b9564323b9618Earlier in the year, we all went strawberry picking at Roundstone Farm in Worthing and whilst we were there, we discovered that they do in fact grow veg and even more exciting than that…pumpkins! Even though I’m pretty happy to pick up my pumpkins from the supermarket depending on how fresh they are and how long they’ll last, I’ve never gone and picked my own pumpkins before and the thought of this was extremely exciting. We looked into when was best to pick our pumpkins and discovered that their last open day this season was THAT weekend so we’d actually cut it pretty fine. Sunday rolled around and although the sun was out there was a distinct chill in the air and it felt like the first brisk Autumn day so far this year, so I bundled on my coat & hat and we drove to the land of pick you own pumpkins. 

323b9621323b9770323b9602 323b9610323b9765323b9652When we arrived it was pretty obvious that it was the last day as people had already taken their fair share of spectacular pumpkins, and left the smaller ones growing under weeds. I had these visions of an American Pumpkin Patch with rows and rows of the biggest, juiciest and most orange pumpkins you’ve ever seen, however, the English reality wasn’t quite the same. We did manage to find some pumpkins that we were actually quite pleased with although it was the rows and rows of squash that got us in a tizzy (the cute little ones in all sorts of colours that I now have scattered around my house on windowsills and fireplaces). We also managed to find massive fields full of broccoli and cauliflower.

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Whether you want to pick up fresh veg, pick your own pumpkins or simply want to have a lovely stroll through fields on an Autumn day, I would definitely recommend visiting a pick your own farm! Although this one is closed for the season, there may be a few more that might have squash and pumpkins, or if you aren’t too fussed, there’s always your local supermarket! 

Jumper – ASOS Coat – ASOS Skirt – New Look Tights – ASOS Boots – Dune at ASOS Bag – ASOS Hat – Topshop

  • Clarisse Chua

    Always wanted to pick my own fruit and veg… but in Singapore that’s kinda impossible😭 Looking forward to the Halloween videos Zoë!!💕

  • I was literally watching that day on Alfie’s vlog channel yesterday and thinking about how amazing would be if Zoë or Poppy made a blog post about that, haha!

    Amazing post as always, Zoë!


  • Della Driscoll

    This post has all the autumn vibes! Pumpkin picking looked like so much fun and I’m obsessed with your outfit! Beautiful post Zoe xxxx


  • Paige Green

    Lovely post

  • Amy McCabe

    Beautiful photos. Looks like great fun, never thought about picking them myself either! Just hope I haven’t missed my chance this year 😩

  • This both looks and sounds amazing! Definitely something I want to try and do this Autumn!

  • holly jade

    This post is beautiful!! PS loving your new fall theme! TOO CUTE!
    Love Holly Jade at http://www.thelittleblogofvegan.com/

  • This looks amazing! Really want to go pumpkin picking now

    • Aditi Mahadware

      Same! :))


  • This had made me feel so festive and excited for decking my house out in Pumpkins lol! Love love love yours and Poppy’s outfits too <3 Emily x


  • marblebeauty

    I loved this! Such a great idea to go pumpkin picking, I’m going to add it to my list of things to do before the Christmas build up! Beautiful photos xxxx

  • Shauna Meredith

    I definitely need to add Pumpkin picking to my Autumn to do list! So picturesque too! xx


  • I so want to go pumpkin picking now ahh


  • Salomé

    You made me love autumn so much through all the years I have been following you ! :’)

  • Love the photos! Looks like you had an amazing day :) Also, I NEED to buy that coat!! x


  • Kelsey & Kenecha

    I have never gone pumpkin picking before. How very exciting and festive! I really want to do that one day.


  • You look so happy, Zoe!


  • Laura Rose

    this makes me so excited for colder months! love the khaki coat

    Rose and Weston x

  • Caroline Tran

    I love the outfit and the color palette! This post is getting me even more excited for fall!

  • I love these photos and your make-up!

  • Cupcakegirl

    Yor photography and writing is always amazing i cant wait for girl online three!!

  • Sophie Emeny

    I love the way you always manage to make your blogs interesting and stylish! 😍💗

  • Looks like you had a lovely day Zoe! Love your outfit and how you’ve paired it with the season :)
    – Ambar x
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  • You look so cute! I can’t wait to pumpkin picking :)

    xo, Liz

  • That looks so so cool! I’d love to go pumpkin picking, it looks like so much fun!
    ps: I love your “halloween” makeover on your blog, it’s so sweet!
    Jenny | Pretty as Summer

  • Katy Linkman

    Wow very envious, I’m so happy autumn has finally made an apperance 🍁🎃

  • This looks so fun! x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog x

  • Jessica Riley

    Your photography is always perfect Zoe! Looks like it was a fun day.




    The Crown Wings

  • Ciara Tone

    I’d love to do this! It looks so much fun but there aren’t any pick your own farms near me 🙈 Could you check out my blog? I’m only new and it would mean the world 🌎✨💛 http://CiaraToneWeb.Wordpress.com

  • Eva

    I didn’t even know pumpkin picking was a thing! This is so exciting. Love the pictures you took with Poppy and the bokeh (little light circles on the background) in your last picture.

    Lots and lots of love,

  • missgetaway

    That honestly looks like SO much fun. I’ve never been pumpkin picking. I don’t even know if there are ways of doing so here in Austria. You look fab btw. Love your autumnal style!

    Love, Kerstin

  • I’m not even sure if we grow pumpkins in the Philippines. I honestly haven’t seen one for myself! I think they’re not grown in the tropics. Not sure though but I agree it looks so much fun! I’d love to do it one day too. Also, you and Poppy and the boys look so awesome. Fab pictures as always!. :)

    annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  • Anonymous Blogger

    These photos are gorgeous Zoe! I also love your outfit – especially the cat bag. My favourite part of October is carving my pumpkin and deciding what to carve into it, so your post has got me into the pumpkin mood. Happy Blogging! xx

  • Love this time of year! Loving the Halloween theme on your blog :-)


  • Стела Иванова

    Love you Zoe <3

  • Hsiao Weng

    Gorgeous! You both are always colour coordinated. SO cute!


  • Holly Cooke

    These pictures are stunning! So cute Zoe! x


  • That outfit of yours is so cute! I don’t think we have a you pick pumpkin patch here in Newfoundland, but we do have a nice farm that sets out a pumpkin display for pictures. I was thinking about not going this year, but after seeing your post I really need to get myself over there. I feel very Autumn Festive now!


  • Kelley Ellion

    It is really cool that you got to go pumpkin picking! I have gone a few time when I was younger for school field trips. Your post has encouraged me to go picking myself! Your photos are great and they have gotten me in the autumn spirit! Thanks for sharing Zoe xx

  • I really wanna go to a PYO place – defy gonna look one up near me :) I love your hat so warm and cosy! Poppy’s hat reminds me of a pumpkin :) xo


  • Milly Mhayla

    I am in love with your blog atm Zoe. Im currently about to read your Cosmopolitan issue with a cup of tea and Terry’s Chocolate Orange and watch GBBO x

  • Jelena C

    I adore your posts! So cute and warm xx

  • Love the photos Zoe. You pick the cutest stuff be it clothes or for the home. Absolutely love your haul videos.

  • Love your photos! I would love to go pumpkin picking xx

    Zoe Mountford x

  • This looks like so much fun! I wish we had a field like this near where I live. Your photos look gorgeous, as always!

    x Annabelle

  • Emma Colbeck

    I’ve always wanted to go pumpkin picking! It is definitely something that is on my bucket list.
    Emma x


  • loving the new banner, it’s so festive!

  • Nice visit! Love the coat!!!

    Don’t miss today on the blog my new Urban-chic outfit with suede culottes, microperforated leather top…and an awesome pair of JC sandals ! ;)
    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  • When I get back from my travels I’m making a stop at this place for sure! Loved your strawberry picking too so it’s a must, got to get that five a day 😊❤️🙌🏽

  • sydney godsey

    Lovely Post!! I love pumpkin picking I grew up in Kentucky and have recently moved to Florida so im all about fall activities!!! I would love for you to check out my blog :) http://thisonesforthisgirls.blogspot.com/

  • Zoel Hernández

    I would love to do that! Unfortunately I don’t think we got a similar farm near here haha The pictures are awesome and the outfit is so cute and lovely!! Love you darling x

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

  • Ana

    Beautiful pictures as always Zoe! My friends and I visit a pumpkin patch every October and pick out the perfect pumpkin! It’s such a fun time and perfect photo taking op!


  • This looks like the perfect autumn day! I’d love to go pumpkin picking one year and then just carve them. It’s lots of fun :D
    Also, your coat is gorgeous and I love your cat purse!

    Julia x
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  • Aw you look like you’re having the BEST time!!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Niamh McEvoy

    I love your blog Zoe it makes me feel so seasonal and festive no matter what type of year it is! xo


  • Eeek! I can’t wait to visit the pumpkin patch that’s in my hometown! Hurray for fall! :) <3

    It's Me, Maggie | http://itsme-maggie.blogspot.com/

  • Such beautiful photos!

  • Brooklyn

    Your and Poppy’s matching hats are actually the cutest!


  • Katie

    I already started carving pumpkins, I can’t wait for Halloween! The pumpkin patch looks like so much fun, I hope you do another carving video this year x


  • So cute! Halloween in Australia is practically non-existant. Would so love to pick some pumpkins X

  • You guys are so cute! Looks like you had a lot of fun, love the photos :)


  • Ashley Christabelle

    Lovely, lovely photos Zoe! I’m so darn happy that Autumn has come round again. Btw, that bag of yours is sooo darn cute! x


  • Oh this is all so cute and auturmnal! They will look great as decoration in your probably already autumn decorated home! Btw that coat your wearing is gorgeous!

  • ahhh looks so fun!! :)

    x tiphaine

  • You look beautiful!
    Great post :D


  • This is so lovely Zoe! I LOVE pick your own farms, I remember always going to them as a nipper back on the Isle of Wight! Also, loving your Halloween vibez on here! Immy x


  • Such a fun activity, love your picking outfit.


  • Amazing pictures and it looks like a perfect activity for a beautiful fall day! And I really like your outfit, it’s so cute!

  • Hestya


  • All of these photos are so prettyl! Love it. X

  • Wow your photos are always so pretty! I never thought of picking pumpkins, but it seems very fun. Even if I just don’t love pumpkins that much haha, I made one time pumpkin soup, that wasn’t made for me, but I would love to crave a pumpkin for once!

    Renate | MissRenate.com

  • Lovely as always Zoe! I so want your camera because it always takes the nicest photos. Enjoy the pumpkins and autumnal weather – it’s very different to me in Australia!


  • I always enjoy your blog posts because the photography is so beautiful. I didn’t know you could pick your own pumpkins, how exciting! Anna x http://www.collectionsofimperfections.com

  • I love these photos!! Your hats look so cute with the pumpkins. Love! xx


  • The photos are lovely! :)


  • Such gorgeous photos! Love the idea of the American pick your own pumpkins, sad that the UK ones never live up to those visions!!

    Hungry Little Bear

  • Around Colours

    The pictures look stunning! Here we don’t really celebrate holloween so curving pumpkins for us isn’t really something we do but it seems so fun to pick our own pumpkins and decorate our house with them! I bet it feels so much like Autumn when the decor is full of bright orange colours. The bag you were wearing is so cute as well :)


  • Julia Walker

    Wish I could go to a pumkin patch but unfortunately there isn’t one near me… This looks gorgeous!


  • Chantal

    Love all the photos, and your outfit looks gorgeous! x


  • Oh man! This happened to us when we went apple picking last year. We went up at the end of the season and we greeted with a bunch of bare trees lol. You look gorgeous! Love this outfit! So autumnal and cozy :)

  • This is the very definition of Autumn! Those pictures are so cool! Love them
    Lucie, xx


  • Oh my god. You look so amazing how does that even happen!??! You and Poppy have like the same hair colour now ahah. Loving the autumn vibes
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • You and Poppy look like sisters!! You both look so gorgeous! I love the pictures in this post, everything about them makes me feel autumnal, the lighting, the editing, the atmosphere (well obviously because pumpkins are autumnal haha). But this post really captures that whole fall feeling- I love it! Not to mention- I’m obsessed with your outfit! I’ve actually been looking for a good coat and yours has totally inspired me!

    • goddessofmesss

      The QUALITY of the photos is AMAZING


      • michaella

        Thats exactly what i was going to comment! her photos are beautiful

    • Mila S

      I KNOW RIGHT! Also – so jealous that UK autumn is so clourful and you guys have traditions. I’m in Spain atm and it’s so warm, it actually feels like summer 😭

      x M
      || topknotkindaday.com ||

    • Aditi Mahadware



  • This has made me beyond excited for Halloween and proper Autumn time! I love finding the perfect pumpkin, carving it and even roasting the seeds. Ohhhhh, Zoe! I’m so excited after seeing this! ARGH.

    Anyway, sending all my love ♥︎ haha

    http://patjama.com ♥︎

  • I love going pumpkin picking. My roommate and I are going this weekend to get some. Hopefully they’re not all gone.

  • Breagh Gregory

    I love you and autumn. Its the best match, so is christmas,haha. You and Poppy are so cute!!

  • girl online

    i wish i could pick some pumpkins too!! lovely photography! xxxx

  • Banh Bao

    Love the pictures, Zoe!
    You’re outfit is also on point! LOVE IT.

  • Jen

    These photos are too cute! x

    Jen | affecionada

  • Macy

    Hi Zoe could you please with pumpkin on top tell us what camera lens you were using for your pictures? Xx ♡

  • Amazing Blog Post! xx

  • Samantha Random

    I just love your blog Zoë! These pictures are fabulous!!! What camera do you use, if you don’t mind me asking? :)

  • Samantha Random

    I love your blog Zoë! Your pictures are fabulous!!! What camera do you use, if you don’t mind me asking? :)

  • ItsLiddy

    Loved watching Sean’s and Alfie’s vlog on this day! Made me smile. :) You and Poppy look beautiful in these photos. I hope you had a great time there.


  • I missed picking my own berries this year, so pumpkins would be so fun – gorgeous photos and you look so snug and warm!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • In love with the autumnal lips Zoe !!!


  • Ahh I’ve always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch! Such a gorgeous outfit too. I love the Halloween touches on the blog, especially the little ghost floating across the screen! xx


  • hey zoe! you have done so many amazing thing and i have no doubt that you can do this one… could you turn girl online to a movie or a tv show!! i would scream if that happened!

  • mariam

    hi Zoe can you check out my blog:

  • The cat bag is adorable and so are you Zoe! I wish we had something like this in my area. Much love x

    Regina | paperhobbit.blogspot.com

    • Aditi Mahadware



  • A beautiful post getting me all ready for autumn! Lydia Eve | http://www.lydia-eve.blogspot.co.uk xx

  • Helen

    This is literally Autumn in just a few pics! Love it

  • Oh this looks like so much fun! I was recently in America and the pumpkin fields there were just ridiculous!

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  • One of the reasons I love fall is because I get to see your fall photos Zoe!! I just love your autumn related posts & pictures every year, they made me love this season even more :) Can’t wait to see your pumpkin lantern soon!!

    Kaylee❤️ㅣJK’s Dawn

  • This looks like so much fun! I’ve never even carved my own pumpkin for halloween so I definitely want to change that! You and Poppy both look stunning <3 xxx

  • Amy

    I like the cat bag and the pics of all of you holding a pumpkin. I also like the colourful pumpkins.

  • The Flying Cocker

    You are soooo adorable! Great photos, outfit and pumpkins! :) Happy October.


  • Sounds like such a great place to visit! Gorgeous photos Zoe and loving your outfit :)

    Kayleigh | anenthusiasmfor.blogspot.co.uk

  • Angel

    This blog post really made it feel like autumn. All the pumpkin patches around me were all out of pumpkins to so I ended up getting mine at local grocery store. Also I love your outfit ❤

  • Yasmin Blackwell

    Zoe this looks so fun! I really want to try!

  • Jasmine Savery

    Hey Zoe! The pumpkins look so cute!! I really enjoyed this blog post and the photos look really cool, What are you wearing on your lips?? It looks gorgeous!

  • Maddie Forbes

    I always love it when Zoë uploads a blog post! Xxx 💙

  • Maddie Forbes

    she always comes up with the cutest outfits! Especially in autumn ❤

  • The photos in this are so cute! I love posts that have a good combo of the ‘life-y’ bits with some fashion inspo thrown in.

    Caitie x


  • Lapetiteperleblanche

    Soo lovely and autumnal! Love the cat bag by the way!!!xx


  • Ellis Woolley

    Another beautiful set of photos, this looked like so much fun! x

  • Sophie May

    You look gorgeous and this looks like such a good day out!! xx


  • These photos are so gorgeous Zoe xx

    Erin | beingerin.com

  • Beautiful photos!!! x


  • Beautiful! I am obsessed with your outfit and, if I hadn’t just splurged on ASOS and booked a Glasto ticket, I’d probably be online shopping for the rest of the afternoon!

  • Minhal Taher

    Aw I absolutely adore your outfit Zoe. And I adore you too! That cat bag is to die for. Need to get my hands on one as I am totally obsessed with cats.


  • Looks like you had an awesome time !! Amazing outfit as well ! Thanks for sharing ! :)


  • Sabrina

    You look sooo pretty in this post…I´m glad you all had a great day! <3
    xx Sabrina

  • Isabella Bartko

    I love you blog and it has inspired me to start my own AND your like my favourite Blogger and youtuber XXX

  • Katie

    does anyone have any fairly inexpensive camera suggestions?

  • I had such a lovely afternoon yesterday apple picking and visiting the local pumpkin farm. This post is so nice to read after that fun experience. I love all the layers of your outfit & that cat purse is ADORABLE!!

    xoxo – Kelly

  • Sasha 24

    I loved your post, hope you can check out my blog,thanks♥


  • Lea Grünenfelder

    i love your blog post there so calming

  • Best Zoella Fan

    This is the first blog ive read of yours Zoe, and I think it’s safe to say I’ll be reading them again and again. I heard about them through your YouTube videos, which are amazing and a joy to watch, but I’ve never really read them, just because I only barely have time to watch yours and everyone else’s videos, so I never really had a chance to read them, but now I’ll definitely have to make time to read them because they make me feel very cozy, and at home and keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let anyone drag you down (one direction 😂) as there are millions against a few who truly support you and encourage you xxxx thank you for being you 😊

  • Nia

    You’re adorable Zoe! And always makes me feel better :) The pictures are beautiful as always, we all really can see how much you love your blog (or making videos) and how much effort you put into your work as well. You’re such an inspiring woman, so thank you for that! :)

    Nia | https://coffeebreakwithnia.wordpress.com/

  • zoella’s photography is damn good

  • lila

    http://blogmiriam.weebly.com/ please check my blog out!!

  • freyabeauty22

    I love Autumn, I really need to go Pumpkin picking instead of buying them from the shops!


  • Chloe

    Looks like you had a fantastic time plus amazing outfit 👌🏼


  • Emma Lawrence

    Amazing pictures, loved your outfit as always!! I’m so happy that the weather is getting colder and that autumn is here with the winter months are coming round the corner, it’s always been my most favourite time of year, nothing better than getting in cosy pjs, watching movies with blankets and candles x


  • liz

    I love the beanies! :) I’m currently having an Urban Decay giveaway – you should come check it out! :)

  • I love pumpkin patches! :D

    the golden days | http://herestothegoldendays.blogspot.com

  • CXMORR Blog

    I have started my very own blog, similar to the style of Zoe’s including Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle… I would love if you could check it out :)!!http://cxmorr.wordpress.com

  • Pictures are just adorable! Can’t wait for another post :)
    Karolina xx

  • This looks like so much fun! I don’t know if there’s any pumpkin patches near me but I’d love to do this! x


  • Sarahlouise Maskey

    Hi zoe if you are reading this than I would like to tell you that you are an insparition to me and lots of other 13 year old girls. I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and this is the first one of your blogs that i have read and I love it,your videos have showed me lots about fashion and style . I still don’t know a lot about make up but all the basics I have learnt from you thanks and I love your videos and I hope you NEVER STOP!!

  • goddessofmesss

    You’re outfit is the cutest thing seriously


    • Aditi Mahadware



  • That Cat bag is now on my must have list, so cute!! This post has got me feeling seriously Autumnal! :) x


  • Dumitru Victor

    Yeap the halloween madness begin!

  • LailaBelabes

    You and poppy are so beautiful and amazing outfits 😘

  • Abby Royle

    This was so cute and the photography is outstanding ❤️

    • Aditi Mahadware



  • Wow never thought about going and picking them. Last year we found it a rush to try and get a pumpkin for Halloween. All good ones go quick. Maybe this is the solution for us

  • chiara de mooij

    beautiful pictures. what camera do you use?

  • Hi Zoe, these pictures are amazing. I love your hair and the coat from ASOS is really pretty, I really want one for myself too :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  • Stara. G

    Zoe how is it that your constantly tumblr AF. Your so luck that your naturally flawless

  • Georgia

    These photos are so cute, I LOOOVE your bag!!! :)))

  • molly

    zoe your fab you have inspired me to be me but my mum is scared of taking me shopping because I spend a lot of money on her because I like your style so I spend quite a lot of money lol but it has made me the real me I have always been trying to find out who I am one day I would be a tom boy and the next day a girly girl but now you have inspired me to be me the real me I love you zoe and keep doing what you love doing I used to get bullied because am skinny I was called twig leg but I watched your vid that inspired me to stand up to them and now the are friends with me and they stick by my side and I love them thank you zoe for everything and you look like you are having the time of your life and who knows what will happen in the future with your lovely warming heart you could be an internet sensation love molly xx

  • Gymgirl04

    The multi-coloured pumpkins look amazing!!!!! This year I’m going to a caravan for Halloween and we are taking our 2 pumpkins with us but we relied on Tesco this year. My favourite thing to do with the pumpkins is make soup. Hope to see you sometime in the future xxxx

  • Such a gorgeous outfit Zoe!
    I just went pumpkin picking too in Scotland! Have a look if you can! https://winterpumpkin.com/

  • gh0stblondie

    Loved this blog post, Especially loved your and Poppys hat!,, such a different post i loved it xxx

  • I loved loved loved your bag so much that I had to order it. Today it arrived and I’m so happy!!! Thanks for sharing <3

  • Jussy

    Omg I love live round the corner from there! You should have popped in for a coffee :-) x

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    I’m going to a Pumpkin Patch this weekend and this post has got me so excited!! I love this time of year, it’s so magical :) xx

    Y x | http://www.thesweetsevenfive.com

  • Lovely pictures, what camera do you use? Thanks

  • Love your little bobble hats :) Cute outfits!

  • Mary Wilson

    🎃looks like so much fun xx

  • I am definitely doing that when im older!!! also if anyone is interested go check out my blog the link is : http://www.lifeofanmblog.wordpress.com

  • vilmabrownie

    The pictures are so lovely! I am totally a pumpkin lover!

  • Aleksandra Tsenova

    Really pretty. There is always something special in picking your own products.
    Check my blog http://www.sallure.blogspot.com
    Thank you!

  • Em1234

    Hai Zoe, I am a YouTube subscriber and just subscribed to your blog. I suffer from anxiety and I love to watch and read what you say as it makes me feel safe.
    Keep doing what your doing

  • Rachel Anne Harrison

    These photos are beautiful! It inspired me to find my closest farm like this and myself and my boyfriend went pumpkin picking ourselves, and it was only 20 minutes away from us too and we have never even heard of it! We will defiantly be returning every season now!

    Lots of Love

    Rach x


  • Jessica

    Love your outfit Zoe! Your photos are amazing, you and poppy inspire me! x


  • spanna

    really wishing there was something like that close to where i live, loving these festive posts!

  • The quality of these photos are amazing!
    Simplly Me Xx

  • Camilla

    Definitely want to do this next year! Did you make any pumpkin related recipes?!


  • I love your outfit, so autumnal!
    Aleeha xXx

  • Gracie

    Loved this post as Autumn is my fave time of year, I mean who doesn’t love the pumpkin carving ceremony?
    I’ve written a post on 6 reasons I love autumn on my blog http://graciesthoughts13.blogspot.co.uk/ so if you like Autumn as much as I do, go and check it out.

  • I loved this post and your outfit!. All the pictures are amazing!.

  • Abigail Silvester

    Love your pictures!

  • Zoe! You’re the cutest thing ever I swear!
    I can’t imagine Christmas time without your vlogs and cozy updates!
    Stay warm this season, and keep up the amazing work! ♥

    Happy Tuesday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  • Charline

    Bag’s chain that you wear is it the chain delivered with the bag ? Or is it an other ? It’s maybe a stupid question but on the shop on line, the chain measure 25 po and it seems me very small to be a shoulder bag … and on the shop on line, with pictures, it looks like hand bag … I want it for xmas so please say me it’s very important because i want a shoulder bag and not a hand bag (that i have yet) ^^ Sorry if my english is very bad, i’m french ;) I hope that you will understand what I want know :) ♥♥♥♥ kiss and have a good day !!

  • Laura

    Love the colours in this photo!! I love pumpkins so much I decided to be one for Halloween :p


  • Jemma – Rose

    Are you and Poppy sisters!??! You are both so stunning!I love the photos on your blog and everything about them makes me feel easy for summer! Especially the outfits, the skills and the locations! Haha (Of course because of the pastel colours!) This post especially snaps the whole summer feeling! And oh I love it! Also I am in love with your makeup! I am trying to get better at doing mine and yours is truely inspiring! 😀 Xx

  • The pictures are beautiful! So are you and Poppy! These photos make me miss going to the pumpkin patch so much! I love fall and going to the farm!


  • Ivy Green

    I definitely need to go

  • Jemma – Rose

    You and Poppy look like twins!! You are both so pretty! I love the photos on this post, everything about them makes me feel Halloweeny, the naturalness, the editing and the farm altogether! (JUST EVERYTHING!) Hahah also this post really captures the whole autumn feeling and I love it!! And I absolutely adore your outfit!! I have actually been looking for a cute beanie and your has truely inspired me!! ®

  • I love these photos! I adore autumn so much.
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