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I would say it’s completely acceptable to be playing Christmas music throughout the house and in your headphones on your way to school, college or work at this time of year. The festive adverts have started and Christmas songs are creeping onto your favourite radio stations. Back in the summer, I created this playlist in order to have the best christmas songs all in one place (confession time: I actually listened to it towards the end of the summer…). I kept it private until quite recently because a friend of mine wanted to listen to it! Now I want to share it with all of you, so you can dance along to all my favourite tunes. I always put it on shuffle and play it through the Sonos so it blasts throughout the whole house, and it’s the best thing to lift your mood. Let me know if I’ve missed any VITAL songs. I definitely need to add “Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo” at some point (absolute classic).