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Some of the first beauty products I ever owned were from Barry M, does anyone remember Dazzle Dust?

Barry M have some gorgeous new releases this winter, and I have to say, I’m so impressed with them!

As well as some pretty wintry shades to add to the classic Nail Paint collection, they have added some new nail ranges. There are some new purple and glittery shades in the Aquarium range, with metallic and holographic effects. The Silk range has also gained some darker, jewel-toned shades, perfect for this time of year.

There is also a brand new Glitterati Nail range, which is so glittery and sparkly!

In addition to their nail products, they have also released two new Showgirl mascaras, for Volume and Lengthening. I love the packaging on these, and the fat wands make for big lashes!

There are also new eye palettes, which I absolutely love. I think they look so much more expensive than they actually are! I tried out the Natural palette, the limited edition Starry Eyed, which features some gorgeous bronze and berry tones, and also the exclusive to Superdrug in Super Chic, which features some interesting brighter yet very wearable shades. 

For the longest time i’ve longed for Barry M to have some pressed shadows, and now they have brought these to the table I am super impressed. Being the “oh-so-adventurous” person that I am with makeup, I love the more neutral shaded palette & the muted tones in the nail polish collection. Although i’m sure i’ll crack open the glittery ones closer to Christmas, or maybe pass them onto Louise as she is a glitter magpie!

  1. These new releases all look great. I love the nail polishes – so pretty! x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  2. Kate

    You're on fire with the blog posts, miss!

    KTLZBTH xxx

  3. Hi Zoe, As soon as i paid my bills and a client have paid me (I'm a freelance writer), I'm soo going to buy these palettes as i saw them the other day in Boots. Love Love the colours! <3 Have a lovely day.

  4. Gellys are such classics arent they!! I definitely need to try the Christmas shades out!

  5. Wish I could get a hold of some Barry M. products in the U.S:(

  6. I love the nail varnishes they look amazing! Especially love the look of the silk. I'll be picking one of those up for sure!

  7. Hey Zoe, The pictures of these products are really good! The pallets look lovely (especially the Nude one) That is right up my street!
    Say Gabby's Video – It is a shame there is a lot of negativity. I think people get jealous very easily of other peoples success instead of applauding them! You and gabby seem like such similar characters, why would you not be friend!!!!

    Anyhoo…. Lovely post, Nice too see you blogging more regularly again!
    Lots of love!

    Leanne @ L.E.M Beauty Blog

  8. Wish we could get all this in India! *sigh*
    Loving it so much that you're posting so regularly.
    Love u too much! xo

  9. These look fab! I hope you don't feel forced to blog just because you're not doing daily vlogs<3 Just remember its your choice to post whatever you want <3 love you lots! Caitlin.

  10. Oooh I really want to get my hands on some of the new nail polishes! ❤

  11. Nail polishes looks prettyy! :) I think I'll try something from that <3

  12. I have written a blog post following on from Zoe's post about the change in the community.. would mean a lot if people had a little read..

  13. Oh my gosh I need those Glitterati polishes! The palettes look gorgeous as well!
    Siobhan xx

  14. Thuy Vu

    The eyeshadow palettes look lovely, may have to do a purchase! Does anyone know how pigmented the shades are? :)

    Thuy xx

  15. got to love barry m, so cheap & cheerful! i absolutely love their gelly polishes – they're my holiday go-to because they're so long-lasting!

    becky ::

    p.s. i read your post about online bullying & i salute you, lady. don't let them get you down.

  16. Do you know where you can get these products in Australia? Xx love you <3

  17. Every product here looks so so gorgeous! Just as well the nail varnishes are such incredible prices because I want them!

  18. laauraa

    Hi Zoe,

    Love the post, especially eye palettes!
    So sad to hear about all the 'hate' you've been receiving lately and I can't even imagine the amount of pressure you must feel. I just wanted to say that you should do what is best for you. Although you are a 'people pleaser' (as am I), it is so important to take a step back and think about what is best for yourself and your mental health. You've definitely done this in your decision to stop daily vlogging for now, and if you have to take a break from Youtube for a week, a month or however long, just know that all your fans will love you just as much when you decide to post again and that you won't be disappointing anyone by doing what is best for you. Same goes if you decide to turn comments off – people won't love you any less and will still find ways to connect within the internet community you've created, whether that be through your blog, twitter, Facebook etc.
    Whether you've changed someone's life or just made them smile, you've brought so much happiness to people by doing what you love. I really hope you'll be able to continue doing that in a space where you feel comfortable, safe and happy.

    Lots of love,
    Laura xxxx

  19. These look awesome!! Neeeed to try some of the new nail polishes :) x x

  20. I want it all !! I'm jealous :P

  21. So pretty! I'm a bit of a glitter magpie myself when it comes to nail polishes haha. Does anyone know if these can be ordered online for Australian shipping? :) x
    – lana (

  22. LOL Barry M Dazzle Dust was the first bit of Makeup I ever bought. he thing is…… I didn't really know where it was meant to go, so just rubbed it under my eyes and on my eyelids!
    I'm so impressed with their sparkly polishes this season – really pretty!


  23. I don't have anything from Barry M, they're not really available in Slovakia or Czech Republic, but these nail polishes look absolutely amazing!!

  24. Wow BarryM have really gone and done it now, these products look amazing for Christmas time. The sparkles and packaging in general really catch your eye!

  25. Lovely and stunning colors Zoe!♡

  26. Jodie V

    I love the Barry M nail polishes, they're just so great! I really want to try their palettes, the shades look great!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  27. Lovely and stunning colours. I'm glad that you're more active on your blog again, Zoe – yours is the only one I check on a daily basis even though I know you don't have a new article because you're not on my Bloglovin'. I hope you're doing alright again. X

  28. So cute Zoe! I've been eyeing up their palettes for a while now, maybe I'll give them a go :) xx

    Blog With Laura

  29. I'd love to get my hands on all of them, especially the light-toned eyeshadow palette! It looks gorgeous!

    Evelin Kivi blog

  30. I've picked up the Starry Eyed palette so far and I have to say the colours in it are perfect for this time of the year x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  31. I absolutely love Barry M products, I think I need to take a visit to a store soon and buy some of this!

    Life As Amazzable | Lifestyle Blogger ❣

  32. I've never been able to try Barry M because it's not available here in Canada. But, the nail polish colours are so pretty and always eye catching!

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  33. Oh wow these look super pretty! Barry M have always been top when it comes to Nail Polishes but those pressed powder palettes are beautiful! I bet they're really affordable too which is a nice bonus. :)

  34. Emzi

    amazing stuff :D want them all!

  35. Love for Barry M :)

  36. I haven't bought any Barry M in ages, I want to try the new mascara and eye shadows soon :)

  37. These nail vanish and eyeshadows look so beautiful and look like a lovely Christmas present for my make-up loving sister! Xxx

  38. - Karen

    I have the Summer palette and love it!

    Barry M really are fab at the moment, always loved their nail paints! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  39. The colours are beautiful! This would be a perfect gift :)

  40. Nabihah

    The packaging looks great but I wonder how the pigmentation are. As a darker skinned individual, pigmentation is always on my mind!

  41. I love Barry M nail polishes and think the prices are soo reasonable!

  42. Not got time to reach the bottom ;) I love what Barry M have to offer in terms of quality for the affordable price. Everything is so pretty and I love the autumn inspired shades. Myself, like Louise, have the eye for anything that sparkles. Great post Zoe x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  43. Christmas is all about glitter this year. I looove it.

  44. I love the nail polishes!

  45. Is Barry M a UK exclusive brand? I've never heard of it here in the US until I started reading blogs. These colors are amazing, I'd love to get my hands on some!

  46. Oh my goodness I can remember wearing the dazzle dusts to youth club, one blue eye and one green eye haha I'm so embarrassed thinking about it, was too funny. I always come back to Barry M for their nail polished though, I love their gelly and matte range!
    Beyond Bally

  47. Abi S

    Love their nail polishes! You have so much stuff I'm so jealous! I'd like to get more into their eyeshadows and other products too! Abi :)

  48. Love the glittery polishes! Barry M are my favourite high street nail varnishes xx

    Love and Marmalade

  49. Love Barry M! Really want to try one of these palettes, I've already picked up a couple of the new nail varnishes. 'Vintage Violet' is my favourite :)

  50. I've been obsessed with glitter lately and am currently wearing OPI glitter nail polish!! I will definitely be purchasing some of Barry M's newest glittery stuff!!

  51. I just love all your blog entries and you have totally inspired me to start my own blog! Thank you Zoe! gorgeous stuff btw. kisses, ebb xxx

  52. Love the glittery nail polishes! And while I never really associate Barry M with anything other than nail polish those palettes actually look really pretty, and assuming they're quite cheap they might be worth picking up! xx

  53. Katy

    I remember wearing dazzle dust as a pre teen and it just looking absolutely awful. Those pressed powders look really good quality and I might have to give them a try but nowadays I've not really being impressed with much of the Barry M products.

  54. Oh these colours are so nice and I love the bottles! Barry M is my fave!! :) Xx

  55. Zoe, it's kind of strange that I know a lot about ur life and u don't even know that I exist! But to be honest I feel so proud about ur success! I just want to say thank you, for what you are doing, u give me (and other people) a lot of positive energy, and I don't know what I would do without ur videos.. Really
    So thankyou

  56. Gorgeous palettes!

  57. Hi Zoe! Love your blog by the way! Your pictures are so beautiful and such good quality! I'm really sorry about all the horrible and mean comments on your videos, if I could I would wipe them all away! It's a shame that it meant you had to stop daily vlogging I loved watching your vlogs so much! But I guess you could look at it positively and say that now no one can write nasty comments :) Love you so much Zoe and can't wait for your book release! You are such an amazing person and I know this is probably so wierd for you but you inspire so many people. You have cheered people up, you've inspired people, you've managed to get people through difficult times and you've helped people see themselves differently! The world needs more people just like you and I wish I can be as just as inspirational as you! If you see this comment Zoe (and if you have time!) can you please reply to this comment? It would mean the world to me! Sarah Batstone xxx

  58. ~Katie~

    The first Barry M products I bought were blue mascara and pink lipgloss, haha! I love the jewel coloured nail varnishes! Soooo perfect for winter.
    Katie x

  59. Lily D

    Barry M is one of my favourite nail vanish brands and these sounds so interesting x

  60. Elma yo

    Whoa this is so weird because I was just thinking this morning about how nice the Barry M nail polishes are and telling myself that I must go and buy some new ones. I think it's a sign from the gods.

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  61. Their nailpolishes are amazing! And such a wide range of colors considering they're a drugstore brand! Love them x

  62. Love me some Barry M. I used to think they would be bad quality or horrible tacky colours but since I discovered their Gelly nailpolish line..I've been sold. Which is why I'm wearing their Coconut shade right now. Those palettes look gorge tho, it's super nice to read your reviews again and see what new stuff is out there :)

  63. Emily

    I just wanted to commend you Zoe for doing such a superb job with blogging recently! You've been posting so so much; I don't know how you manage it. The posts are really well done, too. I'm super impressed. You go, girl!

  64. K

    how is the application of the Barry M nail polishes? Do they dry super slowly because that can be a deal breaker for me!

  65. All of this new stuff is lovely. I still own a couple of the dazzle dusts now hehe..the gold and silver glitter are still amazing for night outs:-) Love your posts Zoe and love how many posts you have been uploading over the last few days:):):)xxxx

    Love Charlotte xxxx

  66. Those are so bright and colorful I love it. I wish I wasn't a broke college student, so I could order some to the U.S. That would be so exciting. But those are wonderful colors that I would love to own.


  67. I've been in love with those palettes since the first time I saw them ! And after 3 weeks fight against buying them I did… oops?! And also really love Barry M nails polish !
    So happy that you came back more on your blog !
    Love you xx

  68. I love Barry M nail polishes and I really want to buy the eyeshadow palettes! X

  69. Izzy K

    Dazzle dust was one of my first makeup products too haha! I love Barry M's eye shadow palettes so I'm glad to hear they're releasing more xxx

  70. Lovely post and blog! All the nail polishes look insane and the palettes look so high-end! I have never tried anything, apart from their nail polishes, but I will defintly be having a look the next time I am in boots! Xx


  71. Love all the nail polishes ! Put some red sparkly one on today :D Hooray for sparkles!

  72. Really loved your previous reviews on barry m gelly – still need to try them! :)

  73. I got some of my first 'propper' pieces of make-up from Barry M too! I love the look of all the new nail varnishes and will have to hunt them down in store. I do however already have a new gelly one to try…lime green!

    Heather x

  74. I absolutely adore Barry M Nail Paints and these glittery ones look incredible, I'll definitely be picking some of those up! Those palettes look great too. I have one of their palettes and their eyeshadows are actually amazing quality, I'd definitely recommend them! Please check out my Beauty & Fashion blog:

  75. Love the nail polishes! I bought all three palettes for my boyfriend's sisters birthday and she loved them. I own about 30 Barry M polishes now and I'll never convert to another brand as the quality is amazing.

    Laura x

  76. I absolutely love those shades of nail polish! Unfortunately, we don't have this brand here where I live.


  77. you really cant beat barry m. cheap and easy to get hold of but the quality i prefer over essie ! also.. i am keeping an eye out for your bubble bar to come back in stock on new years eve!

  78. Ahh Barry M :) I may need to do another present buying spree for myself ^^,

  79. Ahhh who doesn't remember dazzle dusts! I had so many. These look gorgeous, can't fault the lasting power of barry m

  80. I love Barry M nail polishes! You can't beat them. These are some great shades, i can't wait to try them :D

  81. ahhh i need to go buy these! i already have (and love) the Natural Glow 1 palette and I am in love with it so i'm going to have to make some purchases ;)

  82. I LOVE Barry M, I have tried every type of nail varnish under the sun – Chanel, OPI, Nails Inc etc but my absolute favourite is Barry M. They are so reasonably priced and so pretty and last for so long! Love the post :) x

  83. I love these shades!!

    they're perfect for the christmas season!


  84. I really want to try a Barry M nail polish, they have such good reviews. Loving the frequent blog posts xxoo

  85. Every time I see one of your makeup posts I get so jealous! Oh, to have the collection you do, lucky girl!
    All those nail polishes are lovely and perfect for the colder months. I'm not the hugest fan of a glitter polish, but I agree that they are good for breaking out during Christmas!
    I love the more neutral/blue eye shadows. I'm drawn to neutral x (which is probably the opposite of how it should be?!)

    Emily Bee | Extraneous Melodies

  86. Been loving your recent posts lately Zoe! keep up the good work :)
    I've heard so much about Barry M from you but it's not easily accessible from Australia :(


  87. These look amazing. I really am in need of some new polishes! :)

    Naturally Jes

  88. omg, love the eye palettes!

  89. Zoe I love the nail polishes! They look so pretty! :D But may I know if they are sponsored or sent to you to try out? Because unfortunately nowadays there are a lot unreliable bloggers out there :( so it can be quite confusing. This is by no means a hate post, just want to simply clarify :) x Thank you and I want you to know I absolutely love your videos! <3

  90. I adore the glittery nail polishes! I am definitely adding some of them to my gigantic nail varnish collection.

    Stunning brand – can’t believe I’d never heard of them until now!

  91. Melissa

    Oooh so many pretties! All those nail varnishes look super cute.

  92. Oooo I do love the Barry M nail paints, they always have such great colours! The eye shadow palettes look great too, such great shades!

  93. The silk polishes and palette look really nice, love the post zoe xxxxx :D

  94. Ahhh dazzle dust, almost forgot about them! Looks like loads of great new releases…I haven't been 'drugstore' shopping for ages so have been missing out.

  95. Ami x

    Wow I love all the products but I especially can't wait to try the white pallette!

  96. I wish they had Berry M in The Netherlands.. Unfortunaly not. Love your blog zoe xx

  97. ohh, I LOVE glitter nail polishes ♥♥♥

  98. I visited your blog, I completely love it, super cute.
    Have a pretty day,
    Kayleigh xoxo

  99. I'm super excited to try the mascara!
    Have a pretty day,
    Kayleigh xoxo

  100. I have the dragon gel one, how's the green? is it okay to apply?
    Have a pretty day,
    Kayleigh xoxo

  101. I love you're posts so much, and I just want to tell you that you're one of the most beautiful persons I know, and that I think you're really lovely, and even if I don't really know you I'm sure the part people don't see is also great. And I'm so happy because you, Tanya, Niomi, Alfie, Gabby, the SacconeJolys and the others are making my life so much better!

  102. Really lovely photos zoe! Can't wait to try some of them out and blog about them myself xx

  103. Mia

    Everything looks so good!! :)

  104. Love your blog and videos! I've been watching and reading your posts for a few years now and absolutely love! I just started a new beauty and lifestyle blog and if you could mention it in a post or anything at all I would appreciate it so much! You are such an inspiration and I have always appreciated so much you sharing your story of anxiety, it is so amazing to know that you struggle with that but are still such a success! Love you Zoe! Thank you for all you do :)

  105. I am so into glitter nail polishes! And also eye shadow…and blush…I think I just want to turn into a glittery person, Edward Cullen style (not really!). I love to glow, even the foundation I use is supposed to be illuminating. Could you maybe do a video featuring some of the eye shadows? I would love that! :D

    Love all of these makeup posts about new releases! Sometimes I miss out on things, and it's amazing when you post about it because then I'm actually aware of new products on the market. <3


  106. Gotta love their nail paints, such good quality and so cheap! :) xx

  107. Avabear

    love how your posting so much now your blog is amazing barry m is hard to get in Ireland sadly but I really want to try them out they look lovely!! xx

  108. The dusty rose nail color is so stunning! Show swatches!! I'm also loving the light blue glitter.

  109. I love the extra sparkles that glitter nail polishes give!

  110. Which advent calendar will you get/did you get this year?
    I'm thinking to get a special one which you got for myself :)

  111. Very cool, dear! I love the nail polishes. :)

  112. LOVEEEE the glitter nail polishes!!

  113. Aimee

    Wow this all looks amazing! Love the sparkly nail varnishes :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  114. I haven't bought anything from Barry M in agggggeeeeessss! But these look amazing. Definitely going to have to invest in some <3

  115. Caitlin

    These are SOOOOO pretty :)))

  116. They look sooo pretty! Would love to have one of these.♥

  117. Barry M is one of my all time favourites for affordable nail polish, and these photos look fab xx

  118. I am actually in LOVE with Barry M nail polishes. I own a surprising amount!
    I recently just started a blog and maybe some of you could check it out?

  119. Amanda

    These nail polishes look amazing!!
    Amanda ~
    *new posts daily*

  120. these are fab

    i guess im going shopping tomorrow !

    please check out my blog i just started ! .

  121. Barry M is such a classic. Love the glitter one in this collection especially. I am obsessed with sparkly nails because I'm secretly only 12. haha.
    I have a brand new blog if anyone fancies a fresh read? It's
    :) xo

  122. Love it Zoe x

  123. I can not wait to get my hands on their new nail varnishes, Barry M is definitely one of my favourites and they never fail to disappoint me! xx

  124. wow love all the products

  125. Stefany

    I just love that natural beige palette! It looks very good.. <3

    P.s. If you don't mind – I still have Zoella Beauty giveaway on my blog, so if anyone would like to join:

  126. These look amazing!

    I just started blogging myself it would be great if anyone wanted to check it out xx

  127. these look so gorgeous! Oh, I wish Barry M is available in my country! >O<

  128. Hey everyone!
    Zoella is a big idol for me and one day I hope to have a blog like hers!
    Please check out my blog and I'll make sure to check out yours!

    Have a lovely day! :)

  129. Ooh, products looks so pretty!

  130. I love the sparkling nail polishes, they're gorgeous! :)
    love your blog zoe :)

  131. Those producta look amazing!


  132. All the colours are so gorgeous it almost makes me miss winter…

  133. I love all the glittery nail polishes :)

  134. Loving all the colours!

  135. OMG!!! Those nail polishes and eyeshadow palettes!!!!! (Been fascinated by those things since my childhood) I need to try the Barry M products – maybe they sell them at

  136. LOVE! Looks amazing and scream a party


  137. The natural palette looks so good! It's such a shame because I can't get a hold of any Barry M product in Singapore.

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and your videos, especially your videos because they capture your bright personality so well. I hope you'll find the courage and strength to continue doing what you do best, especially amidst all the negativity. I also hope you'll know that there are still a large group of people across the globe rooting for you, even in the tiny island of Singapore.

    All the best!


  138. Morgan

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  140. Amanda

    simply GORGEOUS palettes!!
    loving them all :)
    my blog:

  141. Love your blog, so marvelous pics. I have read you blog for a while and now i have made my own too!
    Check and please tell me your options about it :)

  142. I think the nail polishes are the best part of the collection, they look perfect for christmas.

    My blog is NotesOfGlam

  143. I love Barry M products!

  144. Emma

    those silk nail polishes look so beautiful

  145. I agree, the nail polishes are gorgeous!

    Emma Louise xx

  146. Those palettes are gorgeous!

  147. I absolutely adore Barry M nail varnish! I'm fortunate enough to have naturally long, strong nails so I love to paint them and out of all the brands I have tried, Barry M is just the best! They varnish stays on for days and doesn't easily chip which I love! These colours are amazing… May need to make a trip to Superdrug in the near future!
    Thank you for showing me these Zoe <3
    Katie – xx

  148. I've always wanted to try Barry M, but they don't have it in Canada and I do not know any affordable/legit website to buy them from.

  149. everything looks very nice :) xx

  150. I went to the MJ Premiere and made a cover of "The Hanging Tree – Song" with the original melody :)


  151. I'm obsessed with the Barry M nail paints as of late and these silk shades are stunning! Can't wait to go and pick a few up! The price doesn't hurt either!
    Elephant stories and more

  152. Oh yes, Barry M, there we go, they always have something to tempt me. If you've seen my nail polish collection on my instagram, you know I'm a big Barry M fan. They have good branding and always something to tempt me with. Its a perfect value for money, really nice quality. I get sometimes carried away, as in the end I am not physically able to use all of them. I try not to get too tempted with silky collection as I have tried it and it made me look like I have no nails. It was matte, dry and sad. I've chosen one of the nudes, maybe that's why. The aquarium collection is lovely, I also see some beautiful winter shades, I am more into dark nails recently…Not mentioning they always have something glittery for the magpies like us ;) Beautiful pictures, Zoe, I would love to know your set up for the products! xx

  153. The neutral pallets are an absolute must! I absolutely love the pastel colours they would be perfect to blend in with the browns. I'm just getting excited just by looking at them. Now this looks like a must buy for me. Haha. I personally am not a big fan of nail polishes. I just ruined my nail polish within 30 seconds of painting them!
    I love reading your posts and they give me so much inspiration to experiment with make-up so then it can seem more fun rather than a chore.
    I have started a blog and it would be really nice if you could check it out and give it a read. Here's the link if you wish to read it.
    Much love, Mahi xo

  154. These are all so so cute Zoe! I really want the palletes,
    the neutral shades would look so nice on this rainy season!

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  156. Wow Zoe! I love how much you've been blogging lately and your photos are gorgeous! Well done, your amazing!

  157. Cloey

    First lipstick I ever bought was the Barry M "green" one that turned to pink when applied to your lips!

    Cloey x

  158. I love the nail polishes! I think the prettiest is the 5th one in the second picture. :)

  159. please check me out. Im a new young aspiring blogger

  160. Hi zoe, I live in Holland and I just saw our 'child' news and there was a topic about vlogging and they showed pictures of you and other vloggers so I just wanted to tell you that haha. I also just started a blog where I post pictures. Hope you could check it out :) xx djoeke

    This is the link of the program and the vlogging part starts around 17:30

  161. I LOOOOOVE your blog and ytchannel! gosh i wished i was you! Those products are really pretty!

    To everyone who reads this! could you might help me out with something.. i have just written a blogpost and i need some tips on how to get rid of this terrible headache i have! If u know something then please please please go in to my blog and help me out! I need every advice there is!

    // 17 year old swedishgirl named Hannah :)

  162. Marissa

    Love you Zoe

    my blog:

  163. This has inspired me to actually wear nail polish (which I never do).

  164. I have the natural Barry M palette and I LOVE it! The nail paint looks gorgeous too :)

    My little world

  165. emmidam

    I wish Berry M was available in Germany :( The new polishes look stunning <3
    Greetings from Germany, Emma

    P.S: I really like you're blog. And you're YouTube account. And you're Instagram ;)

  166. ajie wp

    your are very famous zoellla !!

  167. ajie wp

    nice polish

  168. Gorgeous xx been loving all your blog posts recently! :) congrats on the book too!

  169. i actually still use dazzle Dust!

  170. these all look so good, however i have heard some bad things about the palettes. I will have to try them for myself soon!!

  171. Ooooh, I'm in love with those nail polishes! They're so pretty!

  172. My first purchase from Barry m were the lipglosses!! Brings back childhood memories haha

  173. Zoe, you inspired me to start my own blog! I love your blog and videos so much. & to anyone else who sees this, can you check out my blog? Pretty please with a cherry on top? :)

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