How cute are these Christmas releases from Too Faced? As soon as I saw all the gold, pink and glittery packaging, I knew there was going to be something exciting inside!

Under The Mistletoe Gift Set
Beauty Wishes and Sweet Kisses Gift Set
La Belle Carousel
Everything Nice Palette

The whole range would make perfect gifts for any beauty lover, or even someone new to makeup and beauty, as the sets feature a range of products and so have something for everybody.I especially love the eyeshadow palettes, they have a huge range of shades ranging from gorgeous neutrals to sparkly jewel-toned shades perfect for Christmas parties and special occasions.The lipstick trio would make a lovely stocking filler and includes three really pretty pink shades, and comes in the cutest sparkly pink purse.

So far, these Too Faced collections have been a Christmas gift giving dream. I can’t picture anyone who WOULDN’T love these. They make for great stocking fillers and not to mention that Too Faced is a brand I’ve been absolutely loving recently. Their mascara “Better Than Sex” has been my most reached for mascara for a very long time and the eyeshadows are perfect. There is something within this range for everyone and they’ve kept the eyeshadow shades perfectly put together.

  1. Annie P

    I needs this! 💕💕

  2. That carousel is just the cutest! I saw it the other day and I think I kind of fell in love :) Too Faced has the cutest packaging. They have a blush in the shape of a heart that I've been eyeing for quite some time. I'm sure I'll pick it up soon. Love love love all of the Christmas makeup specials going on. Really looking forward to December! <3


  3. I love Too Faced, especially their palettes. I picked up the Boudoir Eyes palette and I'm in love – so pigmented and beautiful!

    Mary //

  4. The perfect gift! :) I've wanted to try anything by Too Faced for so long – and these make me even more wanna try 'em, they're all so pretty! :)

  5. I really do need to try some Two Faced products! Everything is so gorgeous!

  6. Eline

    Such a gorgeous collection, I love Too Faced, one of my favourite brands!

  7. OH MY OH MY OH MY, the packaging is BEAUTIFUL! Eeep, I wouldn't want to open anything ha! The carousel is beyond adorable! Santa, if you're reading, you know what to do ;)
    Maisie ♡

  8. Andrea

    I already love it and I've never tried too faced products!!!
    Thanks Zoe
    Andrea <3

  9. Such cute packaging. I´ve been meaning to try their mascara for quite some time, so this may be the perfect excuse.

  10. Love this collection! x

  11. Clém G

    It's so prettyyyy! Can't wait for Christmas anymore!

  12. Chantal

    I love their products! I have an eyeshadow palette by them that I've had for ages even though I use that palette a lot. They are such great eyeshadows and the packaging is always lovely. :) x

  13. It looks amazing. I need all these things. :D

  14. The packaging is so cute!

  15. Nadja

    This collection is so amazing, the colours are so pretty and the packaging is so cute. I have to get this :)

  16. this is all so pretty! thank you so much for sharing your life with us! i read your previous blog post and it made me want to cry thinking about all the nasty thing people say to you and gabby and everyone really! i hope you're okay! x

  17. How beautiful are their products? I'm in love. They would make an amazing Christmas gift for any girl :)

  18. Everything looks gorgeous here! It looks perfect for a Christmas present 👍💕x

  19. Josie

    Oh wow this looks fabulous – I love those lipstick shades!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  20. Hannah

    I feel so much more excited for Christmas now. They look so fab. Ohh I really want it.

  21. wow love the look of these products :)

    emily xx

  22. Honestly this collection is so stunning! Love the glittery pink theme, still feels so festive though! Going to have to get my hands on the Carousal!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  23. The packaging is sooo pretty! I would love to try these products :)
    x Valerie


  24. Ametist

    Omg I need these so bad I really hope they sell them in Spain

  25. Love the look of these – such gorgeous packaging and products.

    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  26. Zoe are u doing a vid about this collection

  27. That's so stunning! *heart eyes*
    You're amazing Zoe, don't stop doing what you love to do. You deserve everything and you worked hard for it.
    Haters gonna hate *quotes Taylor Swift*, just know that I and many others support you and I wish you all the happiness in the world. :)


  28. Moniek

    The products look sooo cute!

  29. These are so cute!! I love the packaging so much… I wish my sister was into make-up these would make such lovely gifts haha
    – lana ( x

  30. Kelly

    I totally adore the collection!

  31. C'est super mignon !!

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    It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out!!

    xoxo Beni from

  33. These products look lovely. I would love to try them out :) Amazing blog :)

  34. Patrisz



  35. I was thinking about getting the under the mistletoe set for my friends this Christmas, the colours are gorgeous and the purse is super cute<3 Love seeing all the photos of the different Christmas products, soo jealous xxxx

    Love Charlotte xxxx

  36. Jodie V

    These all look so beautiful! Perfect for Christmas! Definitely need to buy something from Too Faced now!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  37. They're all so so nice!!! I want them all to either keep or give away as Christmas presents!

  38. The packaging is amazing! I really want to try the neutral and glittery shades out for Christmas x :)


  39. Wow! Everything looks so beautiful! I'm in love with eyeshadow colours *-* ♡

  40. Woah, these are amazing! What fabulous palettes and colours, perfect for Christmas (and every day after!). Thanks for sharing – will be keeping an eye out for them for my Christmas shopping!

  41. this is looking so freaking good ! :) Thanks for sharing this Zoe, I'll might get these for my sister soon ! :)x

  42. Me too! I have never tried anything from this brand but it looks so great.

    I read your other post and I am saddened, no bloggers should feel restricted because of haters. It's not fair! Don't let it get you down, your success shows that they're in the minority.

    Emma Louise x

  43. nueyork

    I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love receiving these, either! The palette definitely has to be my favourite piece from the collection.

  44. Wow, theese look dreamy as! I've been contemplating a Too Faced blush for a while now and since it's Christmas soon-ish I might treat myself to one. Any recommendations? :D xx

  45. ~Katie~

    I hadn't heard of this brand until you featured their mascara in a video! The packaging on these products are sooooo gorgeous. The products look fab too.
    Katie x

  46. Rachel

    love the packaging, such gorgeous colours!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  47. Omg everything is amazing!!!! <3


  49. Elma yo

    The packaging is so adorable! I would love to receive these for Christmas.

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  50. These colours are just to cute! I'd love to have them in my room as decor but also to use them!

  51. Holl JC

    This collection just looks divine, the packaging is beyond stunning x

  52. That packaging is a dream, super cute! I haven't tried anything from Too Faced yet but I've been hearing a lot about it recently! Might have to try something from this range soon xx
    Beyond Bally

  53. The packaged is so pretty perfect for Christmas!

  54. Anne

    I agree with Christina here Zoe. The packaging is indeed amazing and will surely catch people's eyes and make them go have a look. It would be awesome to find these on your Christmas stocking!

  55. This collection looks sooooooo nice! Wish I could find them here in Brazil. <3
    Have a lovely Sunday! :)

  56. I have never tried any Two Faced products but really want too! These are amazing and I love the packaging so cute!! Xx P.S. THE FLOWERS <3

  57. Ellie B

    wow i love these

  58. Estelle

    your photography is beautiful x

  59. That all looks so beautiful! Such a cute packaging <3

  60. These are so cute!! I want them all!!. I also can't wait until christmas!!

  61. All of these photographs look amazing! I never knew that Two Faced did such a beautiful range! x

  62. Gorgeous! I just love how cute and girly Too Faced packaging always is! I will definitely be having my eye on this for the next couple weeks while I'm deciding what I'll be asking for for Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing! Love you so much Zoe. You are simply wonderful and amazing. xx

  63. L.

    I think it would be nice to see a few close ups and swatches from the products.

  64. Sounds so lovely!! – Maybe I should take a look at it and give something to my best friend who loooooves makeup :))

  65. Wow these look absolutely amazing. I think I'll be putting the 'Everything Nice' palette on my Christmas/Birthday list because it just looks like absolute perfection. Please check out my Fashion and Beauty Blog, it would mean a lot:

  66. Abi S

    Haven't heard of this before but I love the packaging it's so detailed and sweet! love the eye shadow colours! Abi :)

  67. These look so pretty! :) xx

  68. They look gorgeous! I'm probably gonna give some of these away to family and friends this christmas!

  69. I absolutely love holiday sets. I'm always so indecisive about which ones to buy for myself or which ones to gift; also beautiful pictures Zoe! We share a love of fresh flowers :)

    Lisa Linsey

  70. I love u so much Zoe :-) :-) Can u please see my blog and maybe join

  71. Izzy K

    Ah, so many Christmas collections to buy, so little money! If I could I would get all my friends something like this because its just too cute xxx

  72. Ami x

    Those eye shadow colours are gorgeous! I must get my hands on them ;)

  73. I can't get over how gorgeous the packagings are!

    Sophia //

  74. Those are gorgeous, definitely perfect for Christmas stockings! Your photography is amazing:)


  75. Now I know what's going on my Christmas list!

  76. Paula B

    Gorgeous sets from Too Faced. I've never tried their products so will be on the look out for swatching!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  77. This looks amazing! I love Christmas collections :)

  78. RoryPaw

    Looks so pretty :3
    I love it,love the sparkly makeup pouch and the items.
    This calls for a new makeup tutorial(fingers crossed) :D

  79. Is la belle carousel available in the uk? Struggling to find it x

  80. Hi I'm new to blogging and just made my first post. Check it out?? xo♥

  81. The products look SO pretty! I want all of them! <3


  82. Gorgeous packaging, definitely adding that to my Christmas list!

  83. K

    I just adore Too Faced products, the Natural Eyes palette is gorgeous as well! Keep on blogging and vlogging Zoe, dont let anyone stop you from doing what you love! <3

  84. Too Faced always seem to have the most gorgeous packaging! I think I might need some of these for myself!

    Beth. x

    Sometimes The Stars

  85. I'm a huge fan of the gorgeous packaging in this collection!
    Better than Sex is an amazing mascara! I pair it with Lancome Hypnose and I get amazing lashes every time! :)

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  86. The packaging is absolutely adorable! The photos you took are really beautiful as well! Fantastic post Zoe!

  87. I'm not a huge fan of Too Faced packaging in general but this is seriously cute! They always do a great job with christmas sets!
    Allison from

  88. Grace

    Your photos with those tulips and that sparkly bag is just too gorgeous…it's perfection <3

    Every Day In Grace

  89. Arianne

    Too Faced lipstick is one of my fave brands :D so creamy!!


  90. This got me excited for Christmas :) wish I could have them all!!

  91. Zalona

    I would so buy it just because it sparkles lol

  92. Great post Zoe! The packaging is gorgeous! x

  93. I was so afraid people would get mad at me for thinking about Christmas right after Halloween when there is still Thanksgiving in between, but I see that I'm not alone! I'm so excited for Christmas AKA my favorite holiday! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  94. I love your blog, so happy you're posting a lot this month!!x

  95. Everything looks so cute! I am definitely putting these on the wish list. Loving your posts, always but especially recently!! xx

  96. Ceez

    I love those lipstick colours! They look amazing! And all the packaging look so cute! Why don't tehy sell this kind of stuff in my country :/ Great post as always Zoe :)
    lots of love

  97. Everything is gorgeous – I especially love the carousel, it's such a unique idea!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  98. It all looks amazing – I need this!x

  99. I'm not big on anything glittery or pink but even I couldn't resist admiring the cosmetics. They're gorgeous! I can definitely think of a few people who would die over these, awesome gift idea

    Girl and Camera

  100. The packaging is so dang pretty! I follow Too Faced on Instagram and when I saw their video on the cute carousel I was so excited :)

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  101. Everything looks so pretty!

  102. There is just something so whimsical about the packaging and colours. It's very sugar plum fairy and cutsie, makes me want every single product. Great post Zoe!

  103. Well I know what I'm getting for my sister for Christmas! So cute!!

  104. I really loove your blog!! ♥
    I also started a blog and it would be sooo nice and such a privilege, if youu (Zoella) would visit it!♥♥♥♥ love youui so much! Such a beautyy♥

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  105. Emily

    Does anyone know what the name of the palette in the 4th photo? I can't seem to find it online.

  106. Hi Zoella!! I just started a fashion blog myself and would love love it if you could check it out and maybe give me some tips? I love you style and all the great videos you post on YouTube :-)

  107. Thinking of trying the eyeshadow pallets, do they have a strong color pay off does anyone know?

  108. Fabulous,they're all going straight into my whislist ☺
    Also,I know self promoting is annoying,but pretty please,could you check this out?
    It's on the same topic as Zoella's,so mind giving it a try?It would mean the world to me ♥

  109. Emily

    The pallet in the 4th photo is called Sugar and Spice and it is sold out I think. I ordered it on Ebay.

  110. These are gorgeous! The packaging is so pretty as well! :)

  111. Jennie

    I love Too Faced!!! And how glorious are these!!!

  112. Love these! The packaging is adorable, would make such lovely gifts!! X

    Abi |

  113. Think I might add this to my Christmas Wishlist!

  114. This collection is way too cute!!!! <3 Would love to get it all, but I need a little shopping break now – just purchased and received all 3 Naked palettes by Urban Decay from :D

  115. Rachel

    One of the very first lip glosses (or makeup even) I ever had was Too Faced haha.

  116. Lol I totally envy you! I love Too Faced Cosmetics and seeing these just makes me soo happy!
    I need to get these ASAP haha!
    You can check out my blog here at

  117. when i saw these too faced products at sephora i instantly thought of zoe's blog!
    they're even cuter in person! :)

  118. I LOVE IT! They all look so cute and amazing.

  119. too faced is too cute, everything looks divine :)

  120. Been loving your blog recently Zoe! Can't wait for Christmas! xxx

  121. I went to the MJ Premiere and made a cover of "The Hanging Tree – Song" with the original melody :)


  122. Too Faced have some stunning packaging designs! They just look super pretty! The lipsticks look gorgeous, especially that bag they come in :D
    Elephant stories and more

  123. I love the carousel!! Too face has such pretty gifts this season!

  124. They should be called "TOO..MUCH". Absolute cuteness overload. At the beginning I was not convinced when I used to see them in the drugstore. Seemed like too much story, but it wasn't clear to me what they actually do. Now i know, they are selling a dream. In a good quality. Thumbs up! And perfect for a gift…

  125. Katie

    Can't wait to go Christmas shopping now! Definitely picking up a few of these products :)

  126. Wow, I love the way the eye palettes are decorated! Everything is so vibrant and pretty!

    damn too face knows what's up! haha!
    I really want their bronzer, it looks really compact and good on your photos,
    want, want, want! :D

    hope anyone reading this has a great autumn/rainy season! <3,

  128. Marissa

    Zoe you inspire me soo much! Thanks for all you do♥ xxx

  129. wow!!! It's so pretty gift. You can also found fabulous range of personalised voucher Christmas Gift and cards for you family and friends

  130. Loved it ! Also, I bought an amazing facial cream from , seriously my face never was softer. ! And there're lots of natural products in this website, I highly recommend to look over it , you'll be impressed – that's a promise .

  131. Hey! I just started a blog and I would really love it if any of yall could check it out!
    I only have one post so far, but more are soon to come!

  132. OMG! the packaging of these products are too cute! x

  133. I love reading your blog! You take amazing photos, and I love looking at them! I saw this and got really excited for Christmas.(: I love your recommendations and everything you have to say. You're actually the one who got me interested in beauty, and now I love buying products and trying new looks. You inspired me to start my blog, so thank you for that. I really like blogging now, and I might start making videos soon!

    With Love,

  134. Too faced is my favourite brand and I could not resist this Christmas collection. It is so adorable and packaging is just perfect. I bought Everything nice palette and I am so obsessed with it.
    Review on my blog:

  135. OMG those are super cute indeeeed! Thanks for sharing!

  136. OMG!!! I need's so gorgeous and cute..Love it!!!

  137. Oh you have to try the blush! I have the peach beach shade and its my most reached for blush! I was looking for the perfect blush, and Too Faced had it all along :)

  138. Oh my! I totally love this!
    That could be included in my list of Christmas wishes.
    I so love them.
    Happy holidays!

  139. I got the Under the Mistletoe gift set for Christmas and i love it, i totally agree with you there so cute, i would strongly recommend this gift set, one of my best Christmas presents. Love you Zoe and thank you for showing me them!

    Love Jade x

    Follow me:
    New Blog:
    Twitter: @pointlessblog_x

  140. the eyeshadows and the lipsticks look gorgeous!!!

  141. I am just loving these special edition palettes by too faced but I think they can only be bought in America. I tried my local debenhams and they didn't have them :-(. I really wanted to try the everything nice palette it looks AMAZING!!!!, I have only recently been introduced to Too Faced Make-Up I bought the Too Faced chocolate bar palette. Not only does it come in pretty packaging but the shadows are a pleasure to work with and the best thing about it is that it smells of chocolate :-). My two favourite things make-up and chocolate. I would love to add these too my collection but where do I get them from in the UK?


  142. I loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn't mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

  143. OMG I so want these products! They look beautiful!!

  144. Hi Zoella :)

    I am pre-launching our swedish fashion products to celebrities and larger bloggers.

    Since your style suites our brand, we would like you to try a pair.

    Email and I can send more information

    Have a great day!


  145. These are a Christmas must-have for me! Definitely going on the wish-list! : )