I can’t believe that it is actually December! Aside from Christmas, my favourite thing about this month is that it is finally time for Advent Calendars! When I was younger the chocolate ones were my favourite, but in recent years there have been so many amazing ones available, including beauty calendars, it’s been hard to choose!

My favourites this year are..
Benefit –
The must have calendar of the year, this gorgeous ‘Candy Coated Countdown’ features a miniature classic Benefit product every day for the countdown to Christmas. It’s such a great way to sample some new products, as well as a lovely treat each day!
Yankee Candle –
I think this one would make such a lovely gift for someone special, or any fans of scented candles, as it includes a tealight in a festive fragrance for each day up to the 25th. I love the design of a sparkly wreath too, the calendar itself makes a lovely decoration.
The Body Shop –
As a long time lover of The Body Shop, I think their calendars are so lovely, they have a selection of classic products with some of their new Christmas ranges, making it a great way of sampling a huge range of products throughout the month.

I’m excited to get opening the doors!

  1. I love your blog posts zoe! you always make me smile <3

    Really want a bodyshop calendar I think they are too cute xx


  2. These all look amazing! ❤


  3. Advent calendars are my favourite! I'm slumming it with a chocolate one this year, but I can't complain when I get to eat chocolate for breakfast every day

    Sophie x | sophhskii.co.uk

  4. These advent calendars look so exciting to open. Makes me so excited for Christmas! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day Zoe, love you!

  5. Chloe x

    Thank you so much for doing a book signing in glasgow, it was amazing❤️

  6. I wish we had more of these advent calendars here in Switzerland. They all look so lovely!

    Love from Switzerland

  7. These are incredible! I wish I had them, although I'm still happy with my homemade one from my grandma :)


  8. I love that you have a choice and not just say your favourite (I think it was the benefit) I love you so much as always bye xx

  9. Love them all. Wish I have them here in Zagreb, Croatia.

    Zoe I love you so much and Alfie 2, thanks for making my day better :) <3 follow me on instagram: @zalfietime only if you want or just check it out,..

  10. Oooohhh I need these in my life! Zoe, can you please open them everyday in your Vlogmas videos for us? Love you Zoe xx Zara

  11. I want all of them! Especially the Yankee Candle advent calendar. That would be super sweet!

    I have to one day find some for myself here in Australia!

    p.s. Zoe, your book finally got shipped to my house today and I am super excited to dig into it! :)

    Naturally Jes

  12. Hey Zoe, I didn't even know you could get makeup advent calenders (or candles) until I read your blog post the other day from last year! Even my boyfriend knew they existed =-/ Glad to see you back on here and youtube yayyyy!! xXx

  13. I haven't purchased an advent calander yet. Waiting on my mum ;) the benefit ones sound amazing

    Hope xx

  14. I have the Yankee Candle calendar! Mine's different though, its the 3D house design. Looks so pretty on my table, already opened 1st dec ;)

  15. What was it?! Xx

  16. e.

    ahh gorgeous ! i really want the benefit advent calender, such a great piece x

    CLUB AVENUE | BY ELZA BEATRISE http://club-avenue.blogspot.com

  17. Amy

    Love this a lot!

  18. They are so cute and festive! Want them very much, especially Yankee Candle.
    And I also can't wait for your Vlogmas!
    Thank you, Zoe, for make me happy, I so love you!

  19. So Jelous! The Yankee candle one sounds amazing!


  20. Oh, you have so many beautiful advent calendars. I just have a regular one with chocolate :D
    Have a great week!

  21. Might just have to get the yankee candle one, hoping to pick up the body shop one on sale today!

    Holly Sparkle

  22. Becky

    Ooh this makes me so excited for Christmas, I would love to get a beauty advent calendar next year! It's a lindtt one for this year – yummy! x

    Poppy & Pickle

  23. Love it! I'm going to buy one of those ^^ so excited about christmas!


  24. Michie

    Love it and I just want to have them all now! :)

    Also, I just wanted to thank you for writing that amazing book. I just finished reading it and it made me so happy (and also so sad because it ended :) ). I just wanted to say massive thank you and I must say, reading the acknowledgements made me so proud of you and maybe i cried a bit as well :). Thank you for what you are doing and for adding the happiness in the world. xx

  25. The yankee calender is my favourite!
    They all look and seem so lovely!


  26. Rachel

    aah all those advent calendars look amazing! i want the benefit one so bad!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  27. I agree on your picks! Gotta love a candle advent

  28. Saloca

    Love the Yankee Candle one, that would make a great new tradition, to light a new one each night leading up to Christmas whilst watching a festive film :)

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  29. Awh there lovely, I hope we get to see what's inside :) I've got the standard dairy milk advent calendar, I may have to upgrade next year!
    Beyond Bally

  30. Kristel

    How lovely. I just love advent calendars :-)

  31. Josie

    Ooh I was so tempted to get the Benefit one this year, their minis are so great for travel essentials!!
    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  32. I've never had anything but a chocolate calender, other ones are just too expensive what with christmas only around the corner! Maybe when I'm rich and famous…. hah!
    amber love

  33. Hayley

    My mum bought be a party lite one kind of like the Yankee Candle one, I am so excited to open it!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  34. These all look amazing! Slightly out my price range though, so I'll be sticking with my trusty Lindt one this year
    Siobhan xx

  35. Anna F.

    I always love advent calendars. Remind me my childhood. Each year, my mum used to give us, me and my brother, a advent calendar. For me, advent calendars, childhood and happiness are synonyms. :)

    Blog: A Beautiful Little Fool

  36. I love love love advent calendars and I still buy the chocolate ones too hah.. Lovely post!


  37. I really want the body shop one, i saw them last year but am always too late!! Love the look of the benefit one too!


  38. I like your blog so much :3

  39. Pips

    These are literally the three advent calendars I wanted and I don't have any :( Especially the Yankee candle one! Please please post what's inside them every couple of days! Love you xxxx


  40. The advent calendars you got are so pretty! I especially love the middle one :3

    Also, AMAZING job on your first novel. You did a really well! I finished it the other night so i decided to write a review on my own blog…i've said all good things of course, haha! :) x

  41. nueyork

    All three of this look incredible! I really love the idea behind these, and the Benefit one has to be my favourite!


  42. Laura.

    Oh wow! Didn't know you could get advent calendars with products in! I don't know if you know her but carrie fletcher has tea bags, different flavour ones, as her advent calendar and I thought that was pretty cool. Still.. got to love chocolate ones! xxx


  43. Pili G

    I love this! I wish I could get one but they dont sell where I live :(

  44. Advent calendars have become so popular in the last few years with what they offer. I am totally jealous of the yankee Candle one, I wonder if its only available in the UK? My favorite is the David's tea one.. Merry Christmas Zoella

  45. Cannot believe I forgot to buy an advent calendar for this morning! Gutted! First time ever I have forgotten…. signs of aging??? Urgh no… devastated! Guess I'll just have to munch two choccies tomorrow then :)

    No ways!? A beauty advent calendar?? From the body shop!? I'm definitely going there tomorrow!!


  46. Julie

    Absolutely love these type of advent calendars esp the benefit one personally, means you get to try out so many different products even ones you wouldn't have picked up otherwise!

  47. So jealous! I haven't had an advant calendar in years…Maybe I should buy one! nomoneywilltravel.com

  48. Davina

    Aw these all look amazing for Christmas! I really want to get The body shop one


  49. Jodie V

    The benefit calendar looks amazing! I really like the look of the Body Shop one!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  50. Forget the chocolate calendars, the beauty ones are so much better! I'd love to have the Benefit one because I love so many of their products, and I love trying out new ones when they're available.

  51. I didn't even know you could get advent calendars like these! They're beautiful Zoe, awesome find!

  52. oh my gosh! those are great advent calendars!
    I just have a chocolate one, but the Body Shop one would be so cool!
    from Marlee and You

  53. I just have s single question: are you going to do "vlogmas"?

  54. Veera

    I don't have advent calendar yet but I think I'm getting only the chocolate one cause it's my favourite :-D But your advent calendars looks amazing! Wouldn't mind to get them all.


  55. Those advent calendars look so lovely ! I wish I could get my hands on the Benefit one


  56. i love all these calendars :)
    i wish i had one! my fiance so kindly offered to buy one in sephora (ciate) but it was like 80 euro. i said no.
    too expensive:(
    so my advent calendar will be watching your vlogmas (when i hope to see you opening them all)

    Lots of love

  57. I really wanted the benefit one but didnt get my hands on one in time! Lucky girl :)

    I've just posted a November favourites post on http://www.tanyafzero.blogspot.com go and check it out if you would like :) has girl online in there x

  58. I have a boring cadburys one however chocolate is good <3

  59. Would love to get my hands on the Benefit one! Xx

  60. I have to get this TBS calendar!

  61. I love advent calendars because they just really make it feel like the holiday season! I love that you've been posting on your blog more frequently the past few weeks. (And your photography is always beautiful). I also really enjoyed reading your post on internet kindness/hate and just, in general, how you approached it. Your posts and videos always put a smile on my face :)
    Amber | Lovely Notions

  62. Ceez

    I absolutely love advent calendars, just the fact that you get to eat a little chocolate in the morning. I would love to have the advent calendars you've got there though, they seem amazing, unfortunately they don't sell those in my country (as far as I know) so I'll just stick with the chocolate ones :p
    Loved the post as always!
    lots of love


  63. I hope I can get the Yankee Candle one in Canada!

  64. Ami x

    I REALLY want the yankee candle one..

  65. Aria.

    I like advent calendars as well. ;) Can't wait for Christmas! ♥


  66. Zoe where do you get your advent calendars from?

  67. I'd love a beauty advent calendar! 1st December has come around far too quick so I have probably missed out! Whoooooooops.

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  68. I love the body shop calendar, i also adore your book i am about halfway into it and i love it. :)
    p.s will You do vlogmas ?

  69. They're so beautiful! x

    Beautiiberry.blogspot.com << Follow for follow back anyone? Let me know on my blog x

  70. Can I also order these online? They are nowhere to be found in the Netherlands :(

  71. Why choose when you can have them all? Hahaha. I remember watching your vlogmas last year and seeing all your advent calendars :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  72. Such a great post, your so lucky to get to try all of these. However, I'm just pleased with my chocolate one as I can have it for breakfast everyday!

  73. Where's the playmobil one? : )

  74. Oh I'd love to get the Yankee Candle calendar, but I'm not sure you can get it in Sweden :/


  75. If you could check out my blog I would love you forever and if you comment on it I will love you for ever ever ever

  76. They all look like amazing calendars. I wanted the benefit one but they were all sold out.

  77. My cousin would LOVE the Yankee Candle one – she's a candle addict like me! :)


  78. Oooh I love these kinds of calendars but they aren't exactly made for those on a student budget! But heads up for the student and otherwise broke – Primark has jewellery and makeup calenders this year! I have the jewellery one which is actually really good and now on sale for £5 down from 10!

    Elesaurus | elesaurusrawr.blogspot.com
    Youtube – Eleanor Rose
    I'm blogging every day for December!

  79. Ahh these are all amazing! I wanted the Benefit one but I left it too long and it was sold out :'( x

    My Beauty & Fashion Blog // taraclare.blogpsot.co.uk

  80. Zoe I worte a blog post all about you and your achievements- I hope you read it-because your book has inspired me to write it as it really touched me. I haven't finshed but when the characters talked about panic attacks and all those worries not only did I feel sorry for you as I know you have been through them but I feel like I realre to these characters. You have a truly inspirational talent Ms I hope you continue to be successful x Lots of love- Tamara xxx http://sketchesbytutu.blogspot.co.uk/?m=0

  81. Karin

    Such beauties!! I do love the Benefit one, but it's to expensive for me at the moment, but Yankee Candle is out of this world beautiful. And the candles are such a great value for money. But we don't have any beauty advent calendars here :( Chocolate ones will have to do the trick :D

    Karin, Baloon's Life

  82. Wow! You really have a taste for the best advent calendars! The Benefit one looks stunning! I love this blog post a lot and I have also mentioned advent calendars in my blog http://www.teenellablog.wordpress.com

  83. I've had to stick to just a dairy milk chocolate one this year – student budget an all that! would've loved to get my hands on the benefit one so its probably a good thing its all sold out online! Lovely post zoe! I'm almost finished your book and despite being 19 (the book is for a slightly younger readership) I'm really enjoying it, helps me settle down at night! thank you so much!


  84. These all look amazing!!! I seriously wish I had enough money to buy all of them… and then several classic chocolate ones too! Only 24 days to go until Christmas!! :D

  85. Advent calendar always seems so exciting, I really need to get one!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  86. Woah these look SO good! curious to see whats inside :O

    xx jerawrmie.blogspot.com

  87. Hi, Zoe you probably won't see this but, you are such an inspiration. I love watching your videos and even though I'm pretty new to your blog I really enjoy reading it . I'm so exited about Christmas as well. I thought your Vlogmas last year was so perfect, the winter season puts everyone in such a good mood and your Christmas videos are always so genuine and exiting. Ya, so if you read this thank you so much you have really help and touched so many people lives. I hope you have an amazing Christmas.

    I made my own blog as well, could you give some advice, maybe like a part 2 to the video you and Louise did. I find myself not wanting to post because I think what I write sounds dumb any tips on overcoming that?

    Merry December- http://todaysaverage.blogspot.ca

  88. Ashlee

    I had no idea Benefit did an advent calendar or that beauty advent calendars were even a thing at all! Growing up we didn't consistently use advent calendars and the ones we did have were the chocolate ones. I think the beauty calendars are such a good way to sample products! Definitely something I'll need to look into! xoxo

  89. Ah! I so wish I had the benefit one!

    jadedallas.com -November Favorites

  90. Love this blog post i don't celebrate christmas but these advent calendars look like so much fun :)

  91. Hannah

    I really need an advent calendar. Thanks Zoe

  92. I've got an Ulta3 Nail Polish advent calendar, non chocolate ones are totally more fun!!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  93. Haylee

    Oh my gosh what! I had no idea these even existed, thanks so much for introducing me to this ingenious idea.

  94. Awww I LOVE advent calendars but they're so expensive :(

    Olivia/ livs-corner.blogspot.co.nz

  95. They look so cute! But I'm quite disappointed by the Benefit one. I don't have it myself, but I've read a review about it and it turns out there are no mini's of blushes in the calander (while they did that the previous years) and instead you get some cheap jewelry. I just think it's too expensive for that and that it's a weird choice by Benefit, because their blushes are so populair and famous. But besides that, I think it's a great calender. I don't know the Yankee Candle and the TBS calenders. We don't have them in the Netherlands. Have fun opening them every day!

  96. They look really nice! I have the one by L'Occitane this year. So far I've gotten a hand cream :-)

  97. aryslab

    Wow these Calendars look really great! I want to share this blog post :D <3

  98. I love advent calendars!!!

  99. ~Katie~

    These look fab, I'm super jealous!
    Katie x

  100. I would love the Yankee Candle one! I have an obsession with candles – My current favorite, Garden Fig from sainsbury's! It smells gorgeous!

    L.E.M Beauty Blog

  101. I cant believe its December either Zoe, this year has went by so so fast! Great post, love the idea of a makeup advent calendar, the only bad thing is that they are small sizes :( and i am still a lover of the chocolate advent calendars hahah:)


  102. I just got my first advent calender this year, and it makes these earlier days in December so much more exciting ! Mine's just chocolate right now but I would love to get a bigger one next year (:


  103. I still love the chocolate one! But i've been wanting to try the body shop one (:

  104. Abi S

    Wow you're so lucky! I'd love the yankee candle one especially! Abi :)

  105. I really love that Yankee Candle one :)

  106. The calendars look so good, i would get one but they are very pricey

  107. I would love all of these! I actually did a blog post which featured advent calendars and whatnot – now I'm dying to get my hands on a beauty calendar! Maybe next year… :)

    Love, Anon Style x

  108. I didn't get an advent calender this year but these ones look amazing… I'm so jealous!

    Happy advent


  109. You always have the cutest Advent Calenders! Whenever I go to search for some they're always sold out, or I just can't find them. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places! :)

  110. I love The Body Shop one, I am tempted to open all the doors nows but am forcing myself not to.

  111. Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  112. They look very nice, especially The Body Shop one! I love Christmas and I am so excited! :-D I also love advent calendars, I have two chocolate ones :-)

  113. I love the beauty advent calendars, always wanted the Benefit one, such a lovely idea!


  114. I really want to try the Benefit Advent Calendar, it looks so cute!! <3

    Molly XO

  115. I think you should've posted this a few days ago or even a few weeks ago, since most people have been buying advent calendars before the 1st, plus hasn't the Benefit one been sold out for weeks? There was no prices either, so it's not a very informative blog post. Sorry :/

  116. Alaska

    I really like the body shop calendar!
    It's really nice to get to test the products and not have to buy the normal sizes.

    I absolutely love your posts Zoe!

  117. Hey Zoe,

    I have the body shop calendar too! I have also done a blog post on it! xxx

  118. Hali

    I saw the Benefit one recently and almost got it…and now I wish I had! I want all the advent calenders. They are pretty pricey, but I adore the tiny samples. Mini things are so adorable.


  119. Thought i'd let you know that I love your blogs, Zoe. You made it easier for me to feel the need to blog, i've literally just signed up to blogger today and shall start my blogging journey as of now. I just want to say to you that I appreciate every blog, every video, every comment, every tweet, everything! Anything you post online that benefits bloggers and people who want to start to blog, I thank you. You are the reason i started to blog, and you will be the reason I find the confidence to stick it out!

    If you do get a chance, go check out my "About me" where I mention you :-) and give you a little thanks for everything you do. Let me know if you see this on twitter or something? Love you lots Zoe!

  120. I´m so excited four your Vlogmas, Zoe! One of the reasons is of course opening these beautiful advent calendars. :D Last year I really enjoyed your playmobile one, even though it was for children. :D


  121. We have the same advent calendar (the Yankee one) haha.. The Benefit one though, so pretty! The Body Shop one is too:)xx

  122. I've always wanted an Advent Calendar. Unfortunately its quite scarce here where I live :(

  123. Amazing as always ♥♥♥♥

  124. Hey zoe :) I'm really enjoying following you on your youtube journey and have been a reader since the beginning!!!! X it's crazy!! I was inspired to make a blog and I'm currently doing blogmas.

    We all have to start somewhere :)


  125. IN LOVE with these!

    Hey! :) I would really appreciate anyone who would take the time to check out my blog dedicated to my photography and lifestyle <3

    ——————- pinksmartie2406.blogspot.com ——————-

  126. hello Zoe,
    Lovely blog as usual!! 😊
    The Body Shop and Yankee Candle advent calendars r rly cute!! Can't wait to get one of those next year! A little tad late on it this year. Continue the amazing job on your blogs and videos and vlogs!! Absolutely love them! So excited for December for many reasons, your vlogmas, and all the festivities!! 😊😊

  127. Elma yo

    I have a chocolate one this year, can never go wrong with them, I think! The Benefit one looked very nice however I have heard that it doesn't live up to the hype. Despite that, the Yankee Candle calendar sounds so lovely!

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  128. Those look really gorgeous! advent calendars are one of my most favorite things about Christmas

  129. I'd love the benefit one but do have the yankee candle calender. Amazing amummycalledvikki.blogspot.com check out my new blog! X

  130. I have the Yankee candle one it's amazing!x x

  131. Kate

    I'm so upset the Benefit one sold out where I live before I could get my own! They all look so lovely though, I'm especially jelly of the Yankee Candle one!!

    Ktlzbth xox

  132. You are so inspiring zoella!
    So much so that i have now started my own blog


  133. Nice.
    Plss check out my blog <33

  134. That yankee candle one looks so very lush…

  135. Rory

    Love those! And I love seeing them opening in your last year's vlogmas! Hope Nala is doing okay :)

    Anyone interested in some easy DIY Christmas gifts,hop to my blog :D

  136. I wish I had known earlier about the candle advent! I totally would have gotten one for my Mum this year! Can't wait to see the goodies in yours!

    Katie White
    the Duchess of Suds
    Zoella Beauty Giveaway

  137. Me too! I wanted the candle advent but you can only get it in the UK from what I can find, unless you're willing to pay outrageous shipping prices. :(

    Zoella Beauty Giveaway

  138. love this!!!

    check out lacedin.blogspot.com

  139. I'm so jealous of the advent calendars you have. Such a lucky gal!


  140. I treated myself to the ciate advent calendar since the benefit one was suuper exensive and am currently loving it. I never heard about the yankee candle one though,it sounds (smells) good, I'll try to grab one next year!
    Have a great day Zoe,

  141. They are so cuteee!

  142. Elre

    I WISH they had these in South Africa. It would be SO cool as I am not suppose to have chocolate.. :) They look great Zoe! Enjoy!

  143. love the one from body shop *-*

  144. I have the Benefit one and love love love it! The Stay don't Stray concealer primer this morning was a highlight :) xxx

    Bambi Jane

  145. I've always loved those! I just have never seen those in stores! Does anybody know what section of a store they might be in? Would it only be the seasonal section?

  146. Without fail my mam always manages to get me a Disney princess one haha bless her! I love how there's a variety of advent calendar styles these days, I like the look of the benefit one as there's a few products I'd like to try but don't want to splurge on one, when I could get the calendar with tons of samples :D a girl can dream though :)


  147. Amelia

    hello I hope nobody will get mad at me because i am saying this but i am a 11 year old girl who has just started a blog I am really shy and I get panic attacks very easily so this is a bid step for me i am inspired by zoella she is amazing. Soo.. I was wondering if anyone might like to visit my blog it would mean a lot to me. thx. (:

  148. Mia B

    Oh, I'm excited about the Yankee candle one! I wish I could afford to buy it aha! xox

  149. Mia B

    I know I'm not Zoe but I just wanted to say, good on you! I hope you enjoy your blogging journey and remember to just be yourself! It's your own little space of the internet after all haha xox

  150. Finty

    Lovely blog post Zoe, always inspirational! X

  151. Holly

    My mom does buckets gifts for my three brothers and I. We have big, medium, and small buckets and we rotate days until Christmas. If Digi Tour Slay Bells was coming to where I lived, I would so get Andrew Lowe the Yankee Candle advent calendar, obviously he love candles.
    Blog about fangirling over YouTubers: http://hmoffat18.blogspot.com/

  152. Holly

    Christmas is literally my favorite time of year and advent calendars are just another reason to love it! If Digi Tour Slay Bells was coming to where I lived I would get Andrew Lowe (I'm just going to assume you know who that is) the Yankee Candle advent calendar. I write a blog about fangirling and I fangirl over YouTubers. http://hmoffat18.blogspot.com/

  153. Millie

    Oh, how I wish that we had the yankee candles one in Norway!

  154. I'm not sure if advent calendars are only a big thing in the UK but I can't seem to find any here in the states. I live in Texas and wanted to get some so bad after watching you open yours in your Vlogmas last year. So sad :( These all look great though Zoe! Can't wait to watch you open them :)

    Jordan Nicole.

  155. These calendars are amazing! I really wanted the one from selfridges but they sell out so fast!
    Charl Jimenez

  156. Hmm! I never had an advent calendar before! Seeing this post and your vlogs make me think about getting one. It would be fun receiving little presents before Christmas day! <3

    – Kristel

  157. Creative Yet Awesome Calendar Zoella. Thanks for posting. By the Way MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you guys.

  158. I wish I would have got a body shop one! I've got a normal chocolate one!!

  159. Does anyone know approximately what the prices are for these? x

  160. YAY!! I love advent calendars, they're the best! I'm cannot wait for Christmas <3
    Could you please check out my girly/lifestyle blog and give me some feedback? :)


  161. I'm loving that Yankee Candle Advent Calendar. I've recently fallen back in love with calendars, so the advent version is perfect to try out some new scents, but not have to go into the overwhelmingly pungent smelling store…

    Thanks Zoella!! … Check me out here!

    ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GUEST BLOGGERS TOO! email- inescosta0307@gmail.com

  162. I really want a body shop calender!!! I would love it if you could read my blog and if you comment i will read yours. If i like it i will follow you. Its hard to get interest in your blog so i hope you don't mind this comment.

  163. I have the Yankee Candle advent calender!!! But who is to judge I love their candles anyway!!!

    Kiana x


  164. Any one want to be blogger friends or check out my blog?
    I am going to start doing giveaways but need ideas! Help me out! You could win!
    Thanks! <3

  165. Gutted they are all sold out :(

  166. I love The Body Shop! But the Yankee Candle one looks so nice too…might just have to treat myself to both next year! ;) x

  167. Benefit all the way – lush! (o: (The others looks lovely too).

  168. Carla N

    I wish I could get these! For some reason people don't know Advent Calendars where I live now, you can't even find the regular chocolate ones, it's such a shame :'( so I have like five different apps on my phone for it haha, although it's not the same of course.

    Lipstick and Mocha

  169. ummcats

    HOW DO I NOT HAVE AN ADVENT CALENDAR YET? you've inspired me zoe. guess i'll just have to buy one tomorrow and eat the first week all at once ^_^

    katy – http://www.ummcats.com

  170. Hello there! I really love your videos Zoe, and I loved your FAQ page (super helpful) Also, I love Christmas just as much, the lights, the food, and the spirit! Anyway, I hope my blog becomes as known someday, I love blogging! :)

  171. The Yankee Candle one looks amazing!

  172. they all look so exciting! i love advent calendars – one of my favourite things about christmas :)


  173. I love all of these!! The benefit one looks amazing and the Yankee candle one is such a good idea, I am obsessed with yankee candles- I just posted something about Christmassy Yankee candles on my blog!
    Love your page :)


  174. Hi everyone. I also have a blog called – thinkyourthought.blogspot.com . It's a place where I can say what I think, where I share my experiences and a place for you guys to be yourself. Please check it out :)

  175. they all look adorable!


  176. They all look so lovely! Wish I could afford the benefit one but I'll have to settle for my Frozen chocolate one haha! Lots of love.x


  177. I really wanted the benefit one as it looks so good! The yankee candle one also looks amazing! <3

  178. Tori

    The Yankee candle one sounds amazing :)!

  179. Your advent calendars look amazing x

  180. I love the Benefit calendar so much. I wish they weren't so expensive though!
    Also, I just started a blog a la Girl Online. It would mean loads if you could check out my first entry.

  181. I really like the benefit one! The packaging is so cute and attractive :) I don't know yankee candle has an advent calendar! It looks good though.


  182. Lovely post! I would like to have the one from The Body Shop!

  183. I love watching you open these Advent Calendars! I was incredibly jealous last year (and am again this year). I tried to find myself one last month but didn't see them anywhere. I didn't look online though, as I despise paying shipping! I'll live vicariously through you for another Christmas season!

  184. I'm so annoyed that we don't have them in my country… I'm also super happy that you're doing Vlogmas again this year :)

  185. Love advent calendars <3 unfortunately I can only get chocolate ones :( But that's fine

  186. I'm gutted I saw adverts for these in September and I actually completely forgot to get myself one this year, can only mean one thing….I'm officially an adult! Love the post, bet your house smells gorgeous with all those candles and body shop goodies!

    Danielle xx

  187. Zoella I'm 12 and I wanted to start a blog just like you. I think you love makeup as much as I do. But I really need your help! I don't know what to put on my blog and I'm scared that if I do any make up tutorials people won't take me seriously for my age. You are the only person I know to help. What would you do? From one of your biggest fans Amy

  188. Zoella I'm 12 and called Amy. When I started watching your videos I decided I really wanted to do a blog too. But I'm scared if I started doing videos that people won't take me seriously and they will think it's cute or funny or stupid. I really want to start a blog and do videos! What should I do? Help me zoella! Please answer me at Amydobbin@gmail.com. I really need oyr help :(

  189. They all look great but this year I've gone with a Fredo Advent Calendar :)

    Also, I would LOVE to start my own blog and have created and deleted at least 3 now because I honestly don't know how to do it properly. I'm still new to this whole Blogging community and would love some tips! Thanks guys in advance! xx

  190. OMG, the beauty advent calender is awesome, I am sooo excited for christmas!! Anyone want to check out my blogs, that would be fantabulous <3

  191. Love them! Especially the one of the Body Shop :)

  192. I am writing this as a loyal watcher and follower, I have been watching and reading your story for years and I am sad about all the negativity. As I'm sure you are too. All I want to say to you is keep you head up the press are writing things they probably don't believe themselves, us as your audience don't believe them and nor do half the people who have taken a minute out of their day to read such an article. Don't listen to the tabloids because they seem to get half their stories from nowhere! Any one that truly believes in you will understand the blood sweat and tears that have gone into your writing girl online!

  193. Love this blog post i don't celebrate christmas but these advent calendars look like so much fun :)
    Ivory Caps

  194. Zoe,
    In light of everything happening with your book, I just wanted to say that we will always be behind you. We are so proud of you in everything you've done (MoreZoella, product launch, your book, the list goes on). Don't listen to the haters or doubters because we love you!

  195. These calendar's look so good!!! In fact they add some more spice to the Christmas season. I missed out this year but Zoe I'll pretend I'm opening them with you :L xo

  196. I found a ciate one today! I wish I had gotten one sooner. Such a great way to try new products from a brand you already know and love!


  197. I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE this blog post Zoe!

    I'm new to the blogging community and it would mean a lot if you guys could check mine out? THANKS xx


  198. Lovely. I was tempted to get a Yankee Candle advent calender this year but opted for a normal chocolate one instead!

  199. Awh these calenders are so cute! I always stick to chocolate though, haha x

    I wrote about christmas lipsticks on my blog: rimmelsmudge.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/christmas-lippies.html

  200. These advent calanders look so cute!! I want them but I don't know if they sell them in Belgium.
    Another thing I wanted to say is that you inspire me so much, and when I have a bad day I will just read a blogpost of you or watch a video from your channel. So thank you to share as much as you can with the world. :-)*

  201. They are so cute! Totally forgot to buy an advent calender this year….typical me!

  202. we miss you Zoe xx

  203. I think the Yankee Candle advent calender would be amazing, your house would smell delicious for the next 5 years!! X

  204. I have been reading your blog for almost 2 years now and I can't express how much you have helped me through my teenage years.
    I've finally started my own blog due to your inspiration and I only with that I had started sooner… I feel so much better already

    please feel free to have a read and let me know what you think


  205. Millie

    I know, right!
    I wish I had thought of that a little earlier than now.. haha.
    But there's always next year! xx

  206. Hello Zoë I know that you probably won't read this tiny comment amongst all the other but i would just like to say that i absolutely adore you, and i think i may now be a zoella-holic! Last night i watched your first ever video for the bizillionth time (60 things in my bedroom) and then i downloaded the backing music to it (Mouthwash by Kate Nash) now every time i listen to that song i go a bit teary because it reminds me of how much you mean to me. You really are my inspiration Zoë and i want to be just like you when i grow up so i started my blog earlier this week but my mum won't let me have a youtube account :( parents suck sometimes. I know I'm only 13 but the fact that i posted this makes me happy because i know i at least have the chance for you to read this if not answer. If you are at all interested then please go on and have a little smooch around my blog even though I've only posted one thing. I would be soooooo happy. But i won't get my hopes up. I love you Zoë never stop what you are doing and in true Miranda style 'BACK OF HATERS' .http://milzymoo.blogspot.co.uk <—– the link to my blog. :)

  207. Hi there Zoe! I wasn't really sure where to post this because I don't do a whole lot of interneting but basically I just wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing your first novel was! I'm not a big reader and I sure as hell don't normally sit down and read an entire novel in a single day but with yours I did and I absolutely loved it :) It was really interesting to read about all the online stuff happening in girl online and how things can spiral out of control and no doubt you've had your fair share of that over the last few years! It was just such a good read and if I wasn't half way across the world I'd give you a big hug and congratulations, because it was seriously eye-opening and ahhhhhh Just. So. Good. Anyway I need to stop gushing.. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy happy New Year!
    Kia Kaha (stay strong in Maori)
    Caragh T.

  208. I wish I had some of these advent calendars. I looked everywhere for the Yankee candle one but couldn't find it. Would anyone be kind enough to start following my blog? I'm new to this and could really do with some feedback http://talkingfoxes.wordpress.com/

  209. So lovely. My niece calls advent calendars "windows".

    If any of you are living outside of the UK, check out my blog to find out a trick on how to save 20% off orders from ASOS! abikarthi.blogspot.ca. Just trying to help out my fellow shopping addicts! xx

  210. Ducky

    I'm happy with just a simple cheap chocolate Advent calendar!


  211. Saher

    I can't get an Advent Calender but I couldn't find any ! I gave blogging a go. Zoe I was inspired by you to. Please check it out. I don't think it would work but your proved that anything can happen. I love you lots Zoe and don't let anyone get to you xx :) Keep smiling ♥ http://www.saherblogs.blogspot.com xx

  212. i love advent calendars but i usually end up eating all the chocolate before im supposed to!!
    check out my blog? dreamsinajarx.blogspot.com

  213. Really wanted the Body Shop advent calender – it looks really nice – but they didnt have any in my local one

  214. beauty calendars sound so exciting! totally want one now.

  215. I have never had an advent calendar before, but it looks like so much fun. Perhaps next year… :)

  216. clohi

    These calendars look amazing! I wish calendars like this were more popular in Australia… Also, am I the only person that opens their advent calendar from 24-1 like a countdown? Oopsss

  217. I love advent calendars, I think they make the countdown to Christmas much more exciting! Your blog was one of the reasons that I started mine! xx

  218. I really wish I has the benefit and the Yankee candle ones as they look amazing definitely will be keeping my eye out for them next year!!


  219. I'm soooo jealous of the benefit one! The pantry spice Yankee candle is 200% my FAVOURITE but I'm sure there are others just as nice! I put a new post on my blog today too :) http://www.gabbthomas.blogspot.com

  220. Hi Zoe, I know this is a little off topic to your fab post about different advent calendars but I have just finished reading your book and I felt compelled to hopefully get my message to you. I am 26 and even though at first I thought your book may be directed at a slightly younger audience I absolutely loved it! I have to say I went through a rollercoaster of emotions while reading it and could really relate to a lot of the issues brought up in the story line. I also think it's so very sad that one of the very pertinent issues which was also highlighted in your book, around people becoming famous on the internet and then being completely unable to do anything without people posting horrible lies and hate comments about them, was exactly what happened when your book was released! I just wanted to say your book and where you are now is a massive achievement and you are a massive role model to me in terms of managing a mental health problem and being true to yourself. I think that is exactly what you and your book represents :) Keep on working hard and I look forward to the second one! Love you so much! :) Ash x

  221. Oh my – the Yankee Candle advent calendar looks lovely! Next year I'll definately have to get my hands on one :)
    (If I'll manage to get it shipped).

  222. Hey girls (and guys?!)

    Just want you to know that I am new to blogging and i'd love to meet other fellow bloggers! If you feel like it i'd appreciate any feedback on my blog about how it is doing or about how I could improve it. My last posts have been about Christmas! As for some unknown reason I am like buddy the elf at the moment! Haha, however not all my posts will be Christmas related, they will most definitely be varied. One of my more popular posts was about mental health, which you can read here: http://aliciasaphron.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/mental-health-awareness.html
    Anyways I hope you are all having a wonderful day :D

    Alicia xxx

  223. Sooooooo cute!! I love the benefit one!

  224. i'm at uni this year and never even got bought a chocolate one by mum boo! :-( also I was too busy with exams to buy my own, one week til home for christmas! xx


  225. These calendars look so lovely, and Zoe I absolutely love the background to your photos- so festive and happy!


  226. Advent calendars definitely make the build up to Christmas extra special! Love the variety, it's like a little gift each day before Christmas. Such a special little treat to have one of these! :)

  227. I've never had an advent calendar before! :(

  228. I absolutely love Christmas time. It's such a magical time of the year. I adore getting advent calendars and usually you can find them at any local store unfortunately this year I have yet to find any! :(

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  230. Yeah! Please follow me here beautybud3598.blogspot.ie :)

  231. oh my gosh, can i have that yankee one please?

  232. getting one of these would be a dream come true!!!! i love all of those makes!!!!!!! <3 <£ <3

  233. I absolutely love the body shop products as gifts, they are always so well presented and best part is they also have such nice products that smell delicious! I just want to eat them all. I wish I could by Yankee candles in Australia I have never seen them before, I would love to buy one! Another wonderful post, thanks Zoe. :) xx

  234. Sopha

    Looks Fabulous! Have never seen these sorts of advent calendars in New Zealand. Does anyone know any sites where I can order some that will ship to NZ? Thank you in advance

    Check out my new blog! : s0pha.blogspot.com

  235. TYNJA

    I'm a fan of simple chocolate calendars that I used to have as a kid. Btw, I wanted to buy the Benefit one but all the products in the calendar were already shown on the back of the calendar (not sure if it was the benefit one). What's the point of opening it each day if you already know what you going to get? :)

  236. Iv M.

    Hello Zoe! Loved this post so much. Definitely sdvent calendars are one of the best things about Christmas. I have Marvel calendar and than one where my mom can put things :)

  237. Susanna

    It's a shame they are expensive, though… And I still REALLY enjoy the chocolate ones! ;)

  238. These calendars are adorable! Especially the one with the fox on it. So cute!
    Yay! Just two months for your book to appear in Germany. I'm soooo looking forward to reading it.

    You're such an inspiration for me. Altough I blog about books and not about beauty and lifestyle as you do.
    Love your blog and your youtube channel.

    Lovely greetings from Germany

  239. My family and I are big fans of advent calendars! We stock up on them at the local grocery store, then give them to all of our family and friends :) Such a wonderful tradition

    The French Press

  240. Love your blog and videos, you're such an inspiration for me and it's so lucky to have you here to make me smile every time I'm feeling down. Loves from me and Sweden Xx

  241. Hey Zoe, I just stared my own blog and was wondering if you had any tips for me? Ps I love your blog! :)

  242. Unfortunately, these aren't really offered where I live. I searched high and low for the Yankee Candle one, but it was only offered outside of the country (which is weird since Yankee Candle is from the U.S.). Loving you blog.

  243. Tytti


  244. The Yankee Candle calendar is so cute! I love it❤️
    Please can you check my blog out? I'm currently doing my 12 Days of Blogmas & I'd love it if you'd take a look at it and possibly spread the word if you like it!
    Thank you
    Dani Janie x

  245. awesome post! ♥


  246. I recently worked as an organizer for an event here. The staff of Las Vegas restaurants was very nice and seemed to be on top of things as the event progressed.

  247. That looks so nice! just watched your vlog where you opened them, they're so cool! I wish I had them!

  248. aww i watched zoe open them the body shop one is really good and i started a blog guys and would love it if you would check it out and tell me what you think its akashaxo.wordpress.com thanks

  249. It's been so long I haven't got one, I can remember I was always cheating haha

    die Annakonda

  250. kay or

    They look great!

  251. kay or

    think I'll get the body shop one…

  252. I made my own this year using the Kikki-K DIY Advent Calendar set! They turned out so well :) I'm thinking of doing a blogpost on it ! X


  253. The Body Shop's Advent calendar is the best! So lovely <3

  254. Saby M

    love the calendars , wish they sold the benefit one here in dubai though xxx
    would love if you could check out my blog

  255. I look at these types of Advent Calender each year, they're amazing.

    But always end up with the Cadbury's chocolate one. Not that i'm complaining!

    Please Check out my blog if you have time :)



  256. Love Zoe's blogs so much I even started writing myself. :)

  257. Vab Fab

    I love the design of The Body Shop calendar.. so cute!

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  259. Love Zoe's blogs and vlogs! ♥

  260. Gabi❤

    These are all so cool! Come check out my blog! xxxGabi.blogspot.com

  261. Super cute calendars! As a kid, we never had these. I lived in Peru and it just wasn't a tradition in my family or my culture to get these little advent calendars. Now that I live in the U.S I love them!!


  262. They all look so nice! I'd love the Yankee Candle one, although I do already have 5 Christmas Candles….

    Karis Xx


  263. Your blog is so inspiring!
    If anyone gets a chance could you have a look at the blog i've started only recently?
    I created it to help people with any worries or any sad feelings so please check it out


  264. Hafsah

    I so wish that I had those calenders, and Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  265. i love the body shop one :D

  266. B

    These look so cool! I think I'll save up and try to get a Benefit one next year!


  267. Emily

    What a lovely selection of advent calendars! When I think of advent calenders I always think CHOCOLATE but that would be such a lovey idea, loving the candle one especially! Might get one like that next year.

    Great Post.




  268. I really love advent calendars, it make me feel the spirit of Christmas.
    Counting the days until Christmas, it gives more thrill to celebrate the happiest season of the year.
    And have a happy holidays ;)


  269. but its pretty close

  270. Hey Zoe :) I recently read your book and I want to thank you because it very nearly made me cry. I loved the storyline and cannot wait for the sequel. Thank you for writing it :)

  271. The yankee candle calendar looks so good! I only had the chocolate calendars this year.. But I think that next year, I will try either the Body Shop or Yankee Candle :)

  272. Laila N

    Wow! I want the Yankee one right now-i'm obsessed with Yankee and Lush. I recently did a blogpost about Yankee! xoxo

  273. does anyone have any tips for starting youtube?

  274. oh I didn't know they did a yankee candle advent calender! wish it was the start of December again!

  275. Great post! I love christmas and hope everyone had a good one!
    Anyone like to be blog friends? x

  276. Marissa

    I loved seeing all the products in your vlog! My favorite was definitely the Benefit one!
    My blog:

  277. fangirl

    they all look really nice unfortunately this year i didn't get a fancy calendar with i did though

  278. I've never actually had an advent calender, but I love the idea. I would really enjoy a chocolate one, maybe I'll get one next year.


  279. hey guys can you please check out my blog :)

  280. A bit late but we had a hand sewn one this year in the shape of a Christmas tree with numbered pockets all over, each with two chocolates in, one for me and my younger brother. Such a shame Christmas is over!


  281. The Body Shop one looked amazing! I didn't get one this year :( I feel like I missed out! I have just started my own blog and would love it if anyone could have a look and let me know what you think! :)


    Thank you!

    Natalie xxx

  282. Chocolateeee! Mmm Usually we get the dairy milk calendars every year, but this year we had one of those 'fill your own' calendars (if you know what i mean?).Anyway the yankee candle would probably be my favorite!! i love scents, and i'm kind of obsessed (especially because my mum loves them so much!)

    http://mymindqueries.blogspot.co.uk/ – Please take the time to check out my blog? (anyone who's reading) *virtual hugs* byyyyyee xox

  283. Anna L

    I would have actually loved a makeup advent calender but I was stuck with 2 chocolate ones this year :(

  284. Nice post, hope you had a wonderful christmas! I am also having a blog now for a while with pictures. xx

  285. so is it just me or after reading her book u wnt to start a blog too.. i dont know how much of the book is inspired by anything real but it made me want to start a blog. im not really sure how. maybe thats a blog post idea for you??? i mean im sure a ton of people after reading girl online would love to know and be able to start a blog. its ana amazing book and i just love feeling more connected to you Zoe xoxo a future youtuber and blogger because of you….. hopefully

  286. Lula

    Theyre all so nice… My calendar was made my my Granny when I was a baby and have used it ever since :)
    Kisses from http://lul4mae.blogspot.co.uk/

  287. katy

    Hi zoella,ur awesome,I love u soooooooooooooooooooo much xoxo katy

  288. cool! i also have a beauty blog, would you mind checking it out halliemakeup.blogspot.co.uk

  289. i also have a beauty blog, would you mind checking it out halliemakeup.blogspot.co.uk

  290. I love these so much. I enjoy opening the doors, you have fun with it!

  291. These advent calendars look so great! I wish I new where to find them or if they even sell them in Australia! xx


  292. I definitely wish I had gotten a beauty calender this year! I opted for a Maltesears one :') maybe next year :D

  293. em.xoxo

    This year I had a picture one and 2 chocolate ones!! (I even got a special calendar with dog treats for my dogs!!) but next year I would want a benefit one! I had no idea you could get these calendars and thanks for introducing them to me!!! :)

  294. Wish i had adorable advent calendars like that :D

  295. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Zoe! Just wanted to let you know that i never read books, but i got your book for Christmas and have already read the whole thing! i kept wanting to know what was going to happen next and it was such an easy read for me! xxxx

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    Nấm linh chi nhật bản

  298. Love the Yankee candle calendar! all the candles smell so lush!


  299. Emiloo

    They look so cool! I only had a Mars Cadbury one but number 24 kind of made up with it with an actual Mars Bar (even if it was just the funsize version)

  300. So cool! I've never had anything but chocolate calendars, I'll see if I can get the Body Shop or Benefit one next year! Though I'm sure they're a bit pricey haha! Zoe when will you post on your blog again? I love reading your blog posts! <3

    Mary // thesunflowerpainting.blogspot.fi

  301. Hello. These calendars look truly amazing… SO JEALOUS!!


  302. I had a One Direction chocolate one!!! It was delicious even though my brother stole most of it! Happy New year!!!!! Hope you have a gr8 2015!
    Plz check out my blog in-progress as Zoe was my inspiration. http://randomgirlxox.blogspot.co.uk/

  303. Im awful at eating the chocolate ones i really wanted the body shop one, it looks so good!!
    Also i a new blogger and ive just written my first blog post and am going to be writing a new one soon so i would love it if you checked it out?

  304. love the yankee candle advent calendar!

  305. I love advent calendars they make Christmas seem more ✨magical✨. Can someone please please tell me how to post a question on the FAQ.

  306. I know this has nothing to do with the post but I wanted to tell you that I have literally just, a second ago, finished reading chapters 10-11 of Girl Online and it's an emotional roller coaster! I actually nearly cried! So realatable, written so well! Congratulations on an amazing novel!
    Waffling Waffles xo

  307. hi guys! i have started a blog too! and i would love it you gave it a read :) mollydazzlerr.blogspot.com thanks xxx

  308. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that the Benefit Advent calendar did not contain all beauty products for each day and instead included things that did definitely have nothing to do with make up. As well I was shocked that the Calendar did not include Hoola or many other famous products. So if any of you next year are wanting to buy this, I would highly not recommend it and instead go for something a lot more cheaper and more filling, such as the body shop one because it included full sized products and each window was filled with something that the company has created.

  309. Zoe your book "Girl Online" has inspired me to start my own blog.
    Thank you so much, it truly is an inspiring and very good book.

  310. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Zoe xxxx happy 2015!
    Love your blog and your videos so much xxxx these are so cute and so something I would love- am definitely having one next year! I dint really know that beauty calendars existed until you introduced me to them so thank you! I think the benefit one is my favourite because I love makeup, but I do spend a lot of my time in body shop… Ooh and I do adore scented candles! Now I don't know, never mind I have all year to decide. Xxxxxxxxx better start saving now!!! X


  311. NoName

    Obsessed with Zoë's blog.

  312. hey guys, I love Zoe, she's inspired my own blog! Zoe if you checked it out I would die I mean that is pretty much my dream! I do advice, life and beauty!! I'll leave the address in case you or anyone else here wants to check it out :) http://fallingscoop.blogspot.com/ I love you loads Zoe, byeeee xoxo

  313. Check out my blog??? I loved yours <33

  314. Loullah

    All of the advent calendars look so cute! The Yankee Candle one looks interesting, I hope they release one for next Christmas. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas.


  315. love them, they look great

  316. Poppy

    I saw you opening a few of these in a vlog at some point, they are all absolutely adorable! I think I'm going to have to purchase myself one next year, though whether I go Benefit or Essie I don't know! Lovely post anyway :-)
    we rise & we fall | Poppy

  317. Zoella you are so inspirational. You're a teenage Idol and the sort of person I aspire to be. Your blog has helped me through so much…. thank you!


  318. They're all so lovely! Definitely need to get me some of these for next year! H xx


  319. Oh my godness, I didn`t even know that there were other advent calendars than the chocolate ones haha well that`s a very interesting thing to know. My personnal favorite is the kinder advent calendar, very yummy. :P

  320. Tim M

    These are truly inspiring ideas for quality advent calendars. Our children will certainly get a surprise in 2015 for their advent.

  321. I love the body shop calendar – looks so good! Ly x

  322. I saw your vlog of you opening your calendars and definitely getting one next year. Please could you help me out with my blog only started it yesterday but have posted two beauty things a review and what I got shopping today:)

  323. Raging I never bout the body shop one , Some lovely little essentials there <3 xx !!!!

  324. your calendars are so cute zoey! I get one with chocolate every year and we don't even celebrate christmas haha<3
    love you xoxo Diyana


  325. hey, how did you link you blog underneath of you comment? I've tried so many things but I just can't figure it out haha lol. would be super nice to get a response:)

  326. These are so cute! Can't wait to purchase these next year!


  327. Advent Calenders are amazing but i didn't know they did beauty ones! This has made me want Christmas to hurry back even though it just went :')

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  331. Hi Zoella, I am Brazilian and I also have a blog. I'm still at the beginning, but I can say that my favorite blog is yours! I love your blog and to always here, you're all a little bit sunk …

  332. Hi Zoella, I am Brazilian and I also have a blog. I'm still at the beginning, but I can say that my favorite blog is yours! I love your blog and to always here, you're all a little bit sunk …

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  334. I had the yankee candle advent calendar , it was really good but I thought there would be more scents.
    This is a new blog , please could someone have a look It would be much appreciated thank you x

  335. Cami

    Yah I wish we had them in America too they look so cool

  336. Cami

    Really wish we could get these they look so cool and fun love you Zoe

  337. Cami

    Loved this blog so much Zoe and I thought you have a couple different calendars was good! I wish we had these in America

  338. I love advent calendars! I Especially loved the Yankee candle one!

    I have a blog as well, please go check it out at BambiFawnBlog.blogspot.com.au :)

  339. Zoe

    I'm trying my hardest to persuade my mum to let me buy one next year. I mean if I'm persistent it might work, right?


  340. I love all your advent calendars
    I wish I could have them but sadly I'm stuck on chocolate ones


  341. you haven't posted in a while :(

  342. Loved this blog post Zoe. X

    I have a general chit-chat/life lessons/advice/beauty/pretty-much-everything blog if anyone wants to check it out :) it's http://www.stephslittleworld.com. Happy new year everyone x

  343. These calanders are amazing! New blogger over here please come check me out need some advice.

  344. I discovered you, and saw your post, a little too late to get myself a fancy advent calendar! Looking forward to next year :)

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  349. My favorite is the benefit calendar. I normally get chocolate ones butt I'm going to try get that one next christmas

  350. Zoe I've done a blog post of your beauty range xx

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  357. love this post, the calendars look amazing. xx

  358. I thought the Boots No7 one was fab too!

  359. I love your blog Zoe:*


  360. I really love this blog, which is why we have decided to make our own. if you have time please check it out and leave a nice comment.

  361. The benefit Advent Calendar sounds awesome! That's a really good idea, lets customers "try before they buy".

  362. Hi Zoe,

    i got the Yankee candle advent calendar, but i was disappointed. it was quite obvious that on 24th dec there would be 2 tea lights as it said on the calendar 'contains 25 tea lights' and there was only 24 doors. also i didn't really like any scents, was gutted there was only 6! and i thought the tealights burnt out so quickly in the middle so the wax on the outside wasn't utilised! will just be going back to a chocolate one next year! What were your thoughts?

    Also I've wrote a review of girl online on my blog!


  363. Amber

    *desperately waits for new post* I love those calendars and I am sure to buy one next year! Love you Zoe, you are my inspiration and I don't know if my world would be as happy without you <3 You're amazing don't ever forget this. Once again, I.LOVE.YOU!!!!! Amber xx

  364. amazing blog as always :D the yankee candle one looks amazingg x

  365. They look great, I hope you had a great new year Zoe

  366. I've just started my own blog thanks to yours! I love these kind of blog posts, very warming!

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  370. They look amazing, I know I shouldn't put this but I have a new blog and am just getting started so I would love for anyone to check out my blog and maybe add a comment? sorry :/

  371. I love the body shop so much at the moment! Just got their instablur primer and it keeps me matte all day :) I hate the feeling of grease and oil and all that nasty stuff on my face especially as it builds up throughout the day so this was a perfect find for me! Wish I could have gotten the body shop advent calendar this year but chocolate is also tres yummy, that and blogging are my favourite pair :D they walk hand in hand. I loved this blog but it makes me said Christmas has passed, time to get back to work and write, looking for feedback on my blog so if anyone would take a look? Xx

  372. wish i got the benefit one! it contained so many mini products i love to use

  373. Hi Zoe!

    I just watched opening all of these on YouTube and I decided to check out your blog. It has such a wonderful design!

    I love how excited you get about the smallest things, like opening your advent calendar. It has inspired me to purchase an advent calendar of my own for next Christmas. They aren't really popular in the U.S. so I might have to order one online or something. Or, I can make my own now and save it for next Christmas and hope that by then I will have forgotten what I put in it :)

    Best wishes,

  374. Please check out my blog! xx

  375. That last one looks amazing, but knowing the Body Shop it would have had to be hideously expensive! The only non-chocolate advent calendar I've ever gotten is a LEGO advent calendar (haha). Lucky me.

  376. Hey Zoe!!!!!
    I have been a fan since the past year and I have got to say I feel like I know you. I know that's such a cliche thing to say, but just watching your videos make me happy and fell like a proud mama (even though you're older than me:p) Last year I was always kind of depressed and no one knew why and I would have panic attacks, but when I felt one coming I would just go hide somewhere where no one could see me. I think I have anxiety, but I don't know because I haven't talked to anyone about it. I wanted to know if you could help me figure out if I have anxiety or what because when I watch your videos and you say "Just look at the sky" I can completely relate.

    Love you so very much,

  377. Reading this and wishing that it was Christmas again!

  378. llysm zoe!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm aspiring to be like penny from girl online, i want to help people on my blog!!! xxxxxxx

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  380. I love Advent calenders, as well as I love your blog! You're just so lovely! *-*

  381. I love December. But it's January now. My worst month. Love you zoe

  382. Next year, I really want to try out the yankee candle calender! If anything, I am a sucker for those candles! Literally can not go into the shopping center and not go to the Yankee Candle shop!:P

    ~ http://simplyzoe97.blogspot.co.uk/

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  384. Zoe

    Loved the Body Shop Calendar <3

  385. Next year I am going to invest in one of these advent calendars! I think I would most enjoy the yankee candle, or the body shop!

  386. Your book is AMAZING and it made me want to start a blog. The first thing that I tried to do when i joined blogspot was to follow you but you have the maximum number of followers! Its so annoying! congrats on having so many fans zoe. You ROCK!!!!!

  387. I had the body shop one and personally I thought it was amazing! Beats having chocolate!



  388. Rei Eba

    My family always use to get those! Ever since I was little my Grandmother would buy each of our families an advent calendar and as the days went by, we would open them one by one, turn by turn. It was always so thrilling!!

  389. check out my blogs!!!!

  390. Loved this blog post Zoe! Technical question: How do you get rid of the annoying gaps between photos?? xxx

  391. Got Girl Online! Sunday. Already on chapter 14. I love it . So far I can't put it down just want to say how you are such a great writer and that I don't really like reading books but that has changed since I got girl online! Thank you for writing it xoxo hopefully you will see this. Lots of love emily xx

  392. Love this blog post! Definitely cant wait to see what advent calenders they have in store for christmas this year :)

  393. The calanders look absolutely amazing. Especially the Benefit one, they just rock at creating amazing and adorable packagings.

  394. Jess x

    Hi, I just started up a new blog, like literally today 😂 just wondering could anyone looking at this maybe look at it? Maybe? If you want to? I'd love it if you do ;)
    I love your blog by the way Zoe😊

  395. Zoe! I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration! You have inspired me to start my own blog and I really enjoy reading yours and watching your youtube videos! Thanks for everything!

  396. Hi all! I just started a blog and I post daily! It would mean plenty to me if you would check it out! Have a lovely day! (This is not intended as spam!) xx

  397. Yes it is:( But I love it! x

  398. Yes, me too! Except I wish they had more in Australia! I have only ever seen one in the shops:( Might have to order some online next year I think… x

  399. Loved these calendars! i used to have these every year with christmas with chocolate and i wasn't aloud to open the doors sooner than the dates that where on it :(

  400. these calanders look AMAZING! but blogger wont let me follow your blog as you have the 'maximum amount of sunscribers' can someone please help me?

  401. I love love love the Yankee candle one!!!

  402. Christmas comes and goes. Years go by and new ones come. Time flies past so quick when your Doing More Of What Makes You Happy… and that is why my days come and go so quickly because I´m watching YOU and my favourite YouTubers!!

    I hope you see this comment, I love you and I will always love you till´ the day I die.

    Victoria York xxx I LOVE YOU ZOE xxxx <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  403. Hi Zoe, you properly wont see this comment. First of I would like to say I love reading your blog and watching your videos on YouTube. I Would also like to say I love your make/beauty line, I have both of your makeup bags and love them I also have the soak opera bubble bath and fizz bar, I love using them. I am currently reading your book Girl online and im loving it!
    Your blog inspired me to create my own blog, and it would mean some much if you could have a look at my blog and maybe give me some pointers on how to make it better.
    Here is the link: http://brooklouise.blogspot.co.uk/
    I would also like to say thank you for making videos, because when ever im sad or had a bad day I will just go and watch one of your videos and I will instantly be cheered up, I think I have watched most of your videos more than twice. Thank you Zoe. xox

  404. Hey Zoe! I watch you all the time on YouTube and I just came across your blog and you were the first person I followed! I'm in the middle of reading your book and I can't get over how much I can relate to it. Can't stop reading it. I just wanted to let you know that and I hope you see this!:)

  405. Awesome blog post Zoe!! anyone want to check out my new blog? its childoftheforestt.blogpost.com :) have a grew day xx

  406. i loved the benefit advent calendar, although i wished they had more benefit products in it.

    I'm new to blogging and have just posted some blog post on the about me tag and a high end makeup haul and would love to see other blogs in the same catergory as mine.


  407. they all look amazing! it's a shame I never find ones for people my age

  408. please start blogging more often, you're the reason I started my blog.

    Please give it a look and if you follow me I promise to follow back!


  409. I miss reading your blogs Zoe! Please do another one soon, they're my fave thing ever (apart from your vids obviously!) :) xxx

  410. I think the yankee candal one is so cool!

  411. I loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn't mind, could you check it? Thank you xx rachelbellebeauty.blogspot.com.es

  412. wow very nice and awasome….

  413. Hey guys. Just wanted to know, is there going to be an amity fest tour again this year? Oh gosh I hope so x<3 If so could I have any details. When tickets go on sale? When the dates are? Where? Who? OMG thanks guys xxx<3

  414. zoe, your blog is amazing, you have inspired me so so so much to start blogging and you inspired me to start youtube to. you are my idol and I love you sooo much, all your main channel videos and vlogs are just so awesome, like vlogmas 2014 was amazing and I loved watchinh you open the beauty advent calenders especially the body shop as the body shop is by far my favourit beauty shop, I could wacth your videos/read your blog all day everyday if I didn't have school, I had an old blog but I lost it so I started a new blog today and I posted one thing, like you and Louise said make it your own, and that's what im going to do, you have helped me realise that my blog is my blog and if someone doesn't like it, its not their blog so I can have my blog the way I want it<3 ily zoe xxx

  415. xlivcollins.blogspot.com Girl Online book review! Hope you enjoy<3

  416. I know! I need to do more digging for next year as far as creative ways to make them! :) x

  417. emi

    I really miss your posts.

  418. Hey would love if you could check out my blog as i have just started and I love yours xxx

  419. Aiko

    This is such a cute post

  420. 800th comment lol Hi I love ur blog soo much ur an amazing youtuber

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    Venha conhecer meu blog: De Garota

  422. Hey everyone, I've just started a new blog and would love if you would check it out, it would mean the world to me!!
    ALSO i love you zoella!!!

  423. next post ???

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    Have a great day! x

  425. AskGabs

    All I had for christmas was a normal Chocolate Advent Calendar, but it was still good!!

  426. Hey Zoe,
    I'm stuck trying to find good blogs to follow, could you please list a couple of your favourites?
    I love your blog, but miss your more regular posts.

    Amesmames xx


  427. It's January now, but I'm still seeing this post and wishing that we had advent calendars in America. I asked my friend to bring one back for me from England but by that time they'd all sold out :(


  428. the body shop one looks the best i think

  429. Love all of the advent calendars Zoe. I have never had an advent calendar before, next year I'll definitely purchase one to try out. They seem so fun! I'm just worried I'll look up what's inside spoiling the surprise for myself!

  430. Lovely Post ! But pleaaaase update your blog more! you write it so well

  431. i know you posted this a while ago, But i love your blog! please do more in the future if u get time Xx

  432. These are zoo cute. Zoe you should another post on panic attacks x i just wrote on my blog about mine and i just wanted to share it with people. :)

  433. Love the beauty advent calendar💚 u have inspired me to start my own blog and especially your book has influenced me on starting an anonymous one🐠 I would love if anyone checked out my blog? Thankyou love u all http://anuniqueculture.blogspot.co.uk.html

  434. GFH

    It's so cute I love it !!

  435. Great blog. I have nominated you for the Premio Dardos Award :)

  436. Mel D

    Hi Zoe
    I just want to let you know that I love watching your youtube and I knew about blogs but i wasn't that into them but ever since I started reading your blogs i have loved them and that encouraged me to find other bloggers and start y own blog. So thankyou so much.

  437. Schoee

    I'm in love with the idea of Advent Calendars! They really get me into the Christmas mood. Come check out my blog, Schoee.co, I post about all things "Beauty, Fashion, & Routine" related! Thanks so much. Zoe your blog is too great!

    -Niomi xx


  438. love the photos! we went to Hawaii for Christmas. pics are now up!
    french x chinese american travel blog. check it out if you like!


  439. Hey Zoe, not sure if you'll get this because your blog gets so many comments but I did a book review on Girl Online (just finished it tonight!) and would love it if you had a look :)
    I only got it very recently because I'm in South Africa and we always get things late – but I wanted to say a personal thank you to you for such a beautiful novel.
    Good luck with everything for your bright and incredible future… xxxx


  440. I love the look of all of these calendars Zoe! I definitely want one next year! The body shop one sounds especially fantastic – I am so jealous

    I also have a message to everyone leaving comments on this post.
    I was thinking. If every single one of you guys came to my blog, left a comment and subscribed, I would have over 800 subscribers.
    To Zoella, this probably seems a tiny amount, but to me it would mean a lot!
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  441. I watch your video s every day that's how much I love u

  442. I love your blog so much!<3
    Love you!

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  444. Också jag är en älskare av adventskalender fast med små kolor i, som jag hade på lågstadiet i skolan. Arne Fredriksson

  445. Hi,
    If I wanted to send you an email how could I do it? x

  446. Vonny

    new fan of your blog here :)


  447. Vonny

    Beautiful calendars!


  448. i like december

  449. Post more blog posts! I miss them. xx

  450. Hey I am from Taiwan

    I just watched your channel recently
    It's awesome
    By the way, you are so cute and pretty. Especially when you smile. :)

    I like you

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  452. I'm reading through loads of your blog posts and watching your old videos, I would love to have the body shop calander next year because it looks so nice and well worth the money, love you lots zoë thanks for cheering me up today xx

  453. Lovely Calenders! I definitely want to try the benefit one! Also thanks for the comment on my blog :) x