nala christmas 16 nala christmas 17 nala christmas 19 nala christmas 20 nala christmas 10 nala christmas 12 nala christmas 13 nala christmas 15 nala christmas 1 nala christmas 2 nala christmas 3 nala christmas 4 nala christmas 7 nala christmas 8 nala christmas 22 nala christmas 23 nala christmas 25 nala christmas 26 nala christmas 27 nala christmas 29 nala christmas 31I don’t really have many words to go alongside this post, other than the fact that I dressed my pooch in every christmas outfit she owned (actually, that’s a lie, there was more but I didn’t think you wanted a dog fashion show…let me know if you do..haha). Nala has always been a “happily wear whatever crap my owner puts on me” kind of dog, ever since she was teeny she LOVED being put in cosy jumpers. I think it has something to do with feeling warm and hugged, since she is a very needy doggy. So since it’s Christmas, I decided to make the most of this and now I have a collection of photos of my dog in different christmas outfits and I love them! Look how adorable she looks. If I was organised enough, I would have popped these on personalised Christmas cards and sent them out to everyone I know, but alas, i’m not! haha Maybe next year. FYI, the best place to get cute doggy outfits for every occasion is definitely TK Maxx and Homesense, the possibilities are almost endless. Have you dressed your pet this season? I’d love to see so be sure to tweet me with a photo. 

  • Am I the first comment? (lol sounds a bit like youtube) But, anyways, Nala is such an adorable pug!!! Very nice photos, Zoe :)

    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Aimee Budge

    I love this post! It’s absolutely adorable and very festive! Nala is so cute and suits those outfits well. I would say that she is quite the model. This post does make me miss my dog Max. But it also makes me very excited to see him again!! :)
    Very cute post and I hope you have a great Christmas Zoe!!

  • Anna

    Amazing! Nala looks adorable in all outfits, and amazing photography. I hope you, Alfie and Nala are having a great Christmas eve! Thanks for the pictures!

  • Victoria {PB}[GL]

    Nala is so beautiful:)! Where can i get these outfits lol! :Dx

  • Anna

    NALA IS THE CUTEST AWHHHH! i hope you have an amazing christmas!!
    my blog –

  • Anna

    what camera do you use to take these photos, they are amazing!

  • Quinn

    Awww this is so adorable! My heart cant handle it. I wish i could put a hat on my dog, but that has proved impossible.

  • Pareen

    Nala is soooo cute!!! Wonderful pictures too!

  • I think we would be more than happy with a dog fashion show! She is the best dog and so adorable! I LOVE the pudding one! It’s so cute!!

    Shannon Sage

    • Eilidh Watt

      I agree @disqus_gu9Nqykv8B:disqus would love doggy fashion show, have you seenh Zoe and Nala’s matching YT jumpers… SO CUTE!!!!

  • D.xateq13

    OMG SO CUTE!!!! been waiting for those pictures since the vlog came out:)

  • Maddie

    Very cute. I did a similar post on my blog with my pup Jack.

  • Awe these are the cutest photos EVER! When I saw “Nalas Christmas Photoshoot” I was super excited and right away clicked! :)

  • Marcayla Winterburn

    Oh my god she looks absolutely beautiful, and so gorgeous, well done with the outfits Zoe and Merry Xmas

  • Khloe – TABWM

    So so so so cute makes me want to dress my boxers up haha!

  • OMG This is the cutest thing ever!!! I wish my dogs would let me dress them up, but they are a little too big to be dressed up in funny costumes! I love this post though and the photos look incredible!! :)

    xx Sofi

  • Nadia

    Awhhhh cute Nala in her outfit!

  • Veronica Khoury

    Nala is so cute i want her to be my pet

  • So cuteee ^_^♥

    • Samia

      love your blog x

  • adoreable <3 she's such a model!
    xx Carina

    the golden avenue

  • Ambika Yavatkar

    Yes! Make a video of a dog fashion show! I am going to buy a pug when I get older and name it Nala

  • Aww this is adorable!!! Nala looks so cute!! My chickens wouldn’t do anything like this hahaha Em xx

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    Oh my goodness! I am actually dying from cuteness overload right now, she is adorable! Merry Christmas to you all x

  • Jasmine S

    Nala’s adorable! Cuteness overload!♥

  • Haddy Jeng

    Nala is so adorable! She is another reason why I just want to adopt a dog and take care of it because seeing her in your vlogs is just amazing! I would definitely enjoy seeing a lot more exclusive Nala photoshoots and I need to check out TK Max since I hear a lot of good reviews about them.

  • So sweet to see the end results! Haha, she just looks like the proudest of queens in the red santa dress <3 What a cutie ^-^

    Kinga |

  • Forest

    That’s so adorable Zoey!

  • Those are so cute. I wished my blog loved wearing outfits.

  • Nala looks super adorable!! Outfits are awesome :) x

  • Oh my god. Nala looks so ADORABLE! I need a pug in my life.

    Sunday Chapter |

  • Jen

    Haha this is adorable!

  • Sabela

    She looks adorable!!! I normally wouldn’t dress a dog but if she likes it and she feels comfy…perfect!! because she is the cutest thing ever!!

  • Nala, so cute!!! The elf one would have to be my favourite with the little hat. My cat would hate me so much right now if I dressed him given that it’s summer here at the moment and he’s already got a thick coat of fur. Merry Christmas Zoe!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • Emma

    We’re definitley up for a nala fashion show!

  • Brooklyn

    I never liked pugs until I saw Nala, now I think they’re adorable <3

  • Omg, this is so adorable!! Nala is so cute. I honestly wish I had a dog but sadly, my roomie does not want pets. So cute though!! I look forward to more photos of her!!

  • Griet L

    Nala is like a pro! :) So adorable!

  • an_athlete_named_alex

    OMFG she is so adorable. also when you were passing the Stonehenge I was in the red car that’s in joes video I felt so happy when I new I had past the most beautiful and gorgeous lady who is my inspiration.

  • omg Nala is sooo bloody adorable

  • Zoel

    Nala is so cute! I love all the outfits! I wish I could have a dog (I’m allergic to them) to dress him up like that… Thank you for sharing Zoe, the pics are amazing xx

    Zoel Hernández |

  • katie bailey

    nala is so adorableeeeee! I love her so much my dog has a christmas jumper as well and I am hoping to buy a few more

  • Aw Nala’s adorable! My favourite pupfit is the last one that you featured in one of your videos x

  • Freya Wooley

    literally cant handle how cute nala is in these photos <3 my cat just got a christmas outfit too, so cute!! but wont stay quite as still as nala xxx and i love the elf one ADORABLE

  • Kati

    The photos are amazing! And Nala is the cutest <3

  • This is so adorable!

    Jemima x

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Squealing as I see Nala’s pictures! If only my dog could sit still like Nala! x Merry Christmas, Zoe x

  • pia
  • Lola Birch

    Nala is the cutest dog I have ever seen! I want a Pug so much! xx

    • Samia

      i agree haha

    • I agree Lola! I now have a huge love for black pugs! Nala is just too adorable!

      • Lola Birch

        She is even more cute in costume 😄 x

        • Daisy

          I agree Lola how sassy though! She looks like attitude the moment I started watching zoella

    • Aurelia Olszewska

      I so agree

    • JoJo Zepka

      Me toooo xx

    • Jodi Hook

      Pugs are literally the best dogs!! I done a vlog about my pug, he’s so funny!

      • Forever Girl

        Watched the vid your legit so pretty

        • Jodi Hook

          Awww thanks doll!! ♡

  • Ellis

    Cutest photoshoot ever! I wouldn’t mind a dog fashion show… Haha :) It’s so nice Nala likes to wear jumpers, and they look really good on her as well!


  • Nala is the cutest!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • Laura Mareno

    The last one is the cutest!!! I love Nala! kisses:D

  • Chantal

    Omg this is bloody adorable! x

  • Bridget

    Loved this so much! Would definetly like to see a dog fashion show!xx

  • Cutiepatootieme Love

    Cute!! x

  • Bridget

    I have a black pug too who is 2 years old and recently just got a new fawn pug puppy, I absolute love them both, they are so loving! I have an instagram account for them called @thatpugbruno, would be great if you could check it out, you don’t have to though x
    Loved the blog post! Merry Christmas! x

  • Oh my goodness. This is the cutest thing ever!!!

  • I love the elf one she is just the cutest in it! x

  • that is so adorable

  • Olivia Alesha

    Nala looks so sweet in all the little outfits that you got for her!

    – Liv

  • Nala is so cute, I love her Christmas outfits haha xx

  • She definitely looks adorable! Also, probably cosier than me, my family’s hedgehog and cat. 😂 Merry Christmas! ❤️🎄

    Raisa x

  • She’s so cute. You’ve captured some great shots here x

  • h.

    She’s the cutest awww

  • That glittery santa dress is da best. Nala is super cute <3 <3 <3

  • Leanne F

    I absolutely love this. Really makes me excited to get a dog when I finish university!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Leanne |

    • Mia

      Merry Christmas!Xx

  • Abbi [PB]

    I can’t deal with how cute this blooming dog is I just wanna hug her, and in the vlog when this was done she was so good, my cat would’ve scratched my eyes out! X

  • Mia

    She is just too cute! Xx

    • Samia

      ikr !

  • Such adorable photos! Nala is literally the cutest little pug on this entire planet! x

  • Daisygrand

    I Love Nala Shes Adorable!

  • Nala is the cutest little thing! It does not feel like over a year ago that you got Buzz and Nala! This just makes me want a pug! Have an amazing christmas! xx

  • Jenny M

    Unfortunately my dog will do anything in her power to remove any clothing item you attempt to put on her. But Nala look adorable xx

  • Anni Pesola

    Now I wish I had a dog! I’m reading all of your older posts at the moment and feeling inspired, but here in Finland its like half past twelwe so I guess I’ll just have a Zoella marathon on YouTube ;) I’m so sad because vlogmas is over :( PS. I’m sorry for my bad english
    Love you <3

  • Charlotte Luisa

    Aaaawww!! Nana is the cutest. The little outfits are adorable :)

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Love, Charlotte Luisa

  • Aww, Nala is soo cute! I was looking forward to seeing the final photos ever since I saw it in your vlog and I can say that it was definitely worth the wait x

  • What a cutie!! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  • Maddison Betts

    You should defently do a puppy fashion show!! Love your blog heaps Zoe

  • mathilde mikkelsen

    Awwe so cuute! I wish I had a dog like her

    I hope you have enjoyed december so far <3

  • Elise Bailey [PB]

    This is so cute!! I would love a dog fashion show my dogs too big to dress up 😕

  • This is so cute and she seems so well behaved!! The Christmas pudding is definitely my favorite of them all.

  • Jes Cohen

    She’s so precious. And she looks precious too. :)

  • Nala’s so cute! Love her little outfits!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Nala, Pippin, Percy, and Alfie!! xoxo

  • Mia

    Nala is just the cutest thing ever ! Hope you. Had a great Christmas !
    Love Mia x

  • Eve Ducker

    Oh my goodness you have now inspired me to dress my dogs up nala is the cutest little thing ever hope you had an amazing Christmas

  • This is just too much cuteness to handle! I love her little Elf outfit, she is so so cute!
    Jennifer | Pretty as

  • Abigale Mclachlan

    Please do a doggy fashion show that would be just the cutest thing :) xxx

  • My pup hates clothes unfortunately!

  • Soooo coooool!!!

    Kisses from

  • Kelsey

    Nala is so cute! I love her! x

  • Roseanne Sneddon

    Nala is so cute in the outfits so photogenic for a dog! Xx

  • She’s adorable!

  • Amy R

    omg Nala is so cute! I wish i could dress my dog up but she’s too wriggly and figitty!

  • Bella

    Nala is sooo cute! I´m in love with the elf outfit… This is really making me want a pug!

    xoxo Bella

  • Sammy.

    This is so cute! Nala is so precious! I just want to squeeze her and pet her for goodness sakes! lol.

  • Rachelbellebeauty

    I’ve loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx x

  • I just couldn’t focus on the outfits because of the cuteness of Nala. This really made me want to get a pug but I’m not sure I can deal with dog poo! Lovely post. xx

  • Ayre

    Nala is seriously adorable :) hope you’ll do another photoshoot with the guinea pigs in 2016 though :) I miss them!

    Arianne | Ayre

  • I saw this vlog and couldn’t wait to see the pictures get posted on your blog! So cute!

  • Lexi

    Nala is so cute, the Christmas dress is my favorite! xx Lexi

  • What a sweetheart <3 All these images are just perfect!!

    Gisforgingers xx

  • So cute! I wish I had a little pup to dress up!

  • Edeleny TM

    awwww! Nala is soooo cute!

  • Charlotte Woods

    Awww she’s just the most precious living thing!

  • Rramita skandakumar

    Naw Nala! We dressed up my dog in her mini outfit too!

    Pls check out my website as well Xo

  • Amy

    Nala’s just the cutest! Haha :) Have an amazing New Year Zoe! X.

  • zoozeloove

    i love your blog ! ♥

  • Oh my God, these photos are adorable! She looks so cute and festive! The last one was my fave!
    xx Tatyanna Gois

  • Loren Mckenna

    I would LOVE a dog fashion show! Nala is soooo cute!

  • Shay

    i really want a pug they are sooooo cute and i really love your videos hope i can meet you next year. i want to do one on my puppy but she hates it all she ever does it run away and try and rip it apart

  • Just another Blog

    Nala is soo cute. Wish I had a dog!! xx

  • My heart of a dog person cannot handle it. TOO CUTE! 🐶😍

  • Jacob

    These are the cutest! x

  • Lauren Kerr

    aww this Nala is the cutest in those little outfits, haha! my dog would never in a million years let me put her in costumes, feel like i’m missing out!

  • taabeer ali

    Omg shooooooo cute!

  • Saiema

    OMG Nala looks sooooo cute!!! 💗😄

  • Rramita skandakumar

    Awwww Nala!!!!

    Pls check out my website ^^ Xo😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Libby Braithwaite

    Oh my God I love nala but not as much as my own dog but I just adore the last 2 outfits i with I had a female dog and not a male one cause I could ha e so much fun dressing “her” up.

  • I’ve been waiting for these pictures ever since the vlog. SO CUTE, I can’t get over it!

  • all these outfits look so cute on nala i cannot handle it haha!

  • Sooooo cute <3 I love pugs so much and these photos seriously made my day haha xx

  • Zoe you made me want to get a pug someday in my life! We all need your ‘Nala Haul’ post/video :D (like her little outfits, what she eats, etc!)

  • She is just the absolute cutest! I literally cannot wait until I have a little pooch of my own!

  • Maaadddyyy

    I think we can all agree that a dog fashion show ft. Nala in her Christmas outfits WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER! xx

  • Bavi Sri

    Nala is such as cute dog! I am soooooooooooo desperate for a pug now XD

  • Lola’s Bubble

    I am not into dog, and not into pet’s outifts .. BUT NALA IS JUST THE CUTEST DOG EVER !

  • Aurelia Olszewska

    She’s so cute in them outfits that she looks like a professional.😘😘

  • Ava Catherine

    This is so cute! I wish my dog would cooperate like that 😂

  • Mathilde Brisset

    Aw this pug is the cutest! <3

  • Hannah Kiernan

    omg nala is so cute!! x

  • The cutest dog is even cutter haha gotta love nala

    Kisses x

  • jessica

    yeah she is the cutest dog eva

  • jessica

    hi zoe

  • jemma

    Nala is just the cutest!

  • Mia Reilly-Smythe

    I really want another dog after my pooch, Lola, passed away! Looking at these bundles of cuteness pictures of Nala makes me so jealous!🐶 xxxxx

  • Don’t get me wrong she looks lovely with all her xmas outfit on but one of the words you put in such as (Crap). Please don’t have a go public or Zoella but I don’t understand why bloggers fill the need to put words like that.
    All in all Zoella fantastic post and a lovely dog


  • Kaelah-lee Hales

    Lil’ cutie is nala! She is so sweet!

  • DaniXCH

    omg nala
    so so so CUTE

  • Anku Cheung

    Why don’t Alfie and you where the green elf outfit And take a family photo with nala , they r matching

  • Elena W

    She’s so cute I’m a huge fan 💕💕

  • anna❄️✨

    She’s the cutest thing ever😍🙊✨

  • Littledidweknow

    Omg this such a good idea! I think I might have to try adoggy photo shoot!

  • Such cute pictures, love the Mrs Clause dress!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  • xTashaxo

    So Cute, loving the Christmas look, sad to see Xmas going so soon😭 Hope for you to post some more cute piccys!!!

  • She is the cutest little pooch! xxx

  • Amrit&Chanpreet

    Soooooooo cute

  • Natty

    She looks so funny but cute as well! :)

  • Stella

    She is by far one of the cutest dogs ever! xx Stella

  • melissa

    I didn’t really like Pugs until you got Nala

  • Chloe Louise

    Nala is so cute! I wish I had a dog :)

  • Rramita skandakumar

    Please check out my website and become a unique visitor Xo : 😻😻😻

  • Hahahha omg I’m dying! So cute! Merry Christmas Zoe!

  • Nina Flucher (Bodyholic)

    So cute :) <3
    x Nina

  • Christine Natalia

    I’m kind of afraid of dogs, but I think Nala is really cute! I enjoy watching her being so needy.. haha

  • Nala looks adorable in each and every picture! It is very difficult to take pictures of my dogs; they can not sit still for long. However, Christmas already passed and they are still dressed up in their santa costumes! haha

    Best wishes
    -Aisleen |

  • Sophie Charl

    I have a pug and he loves wearing coats and jumpers too, we think it’s for the same reason. Nala is so bloomin’ cute 🍑😻

  • Rose_x

    I would love a doggy photo shoot haha

  • Patricia Ferreira

    Cute 🐾

  • Daisy

    Love this dog! The cutest pug ever on youtube don’t think it could get any cuter with this outfit though!!!!

  • Taya Elderton

    Oh my gosh she’s such a little poser! So cute♡

  • What an adorable model! My Whoodle, Molly Mousse, also likes wearing jumpers (sweaters). I loved this post, Zoe. Happy New Year!

    • Oh my gosh she’s so cute! I love her sweater!

      Kirstie | Behind The Scent (relaunching soon!)

    • March Stanley

      Such a cute dog! Plus, the name of your dog rocks! When I will have a dog, I am going to have to ask you to help choose the name :)

      • You’re so sweet :) I hope you do get a dog some day. They make life even sweeter.

  • Naz

    Oh my gosh Zoe!!! She looks sooo soo soo beautiful!
    Props to her for her amazing posing!!
    Love you x

  • Alexandra

    Nala is so adorable! I just love how Zoe blogs. I just started my own blog a little while ago. It’s still a work in progress trying to build content but I’d love it if any of you who read Zoella’s blog posts could read a couple of mine and give some feedback? xoxo Alex

    • I really like your blog Alex! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging a few weeks! I like your design and your photos are really good. How are you finding Squarespace? I considered switching to that from Blogger but when I tried it out I didn’t find it that user friendly.

      Kirstie | Behind The Scent (relaunching soon!)

      • Alexandra

        Thank you so much! I actually own my own photography business, Alexandra Barfield Photography, so I take all my photos for the blog. I love Squarespace! It was a little difficult to navigate at first but after just exploring the site I find that it gets easier to use and you can make it really unique to fit your blog. I’m excited for your relaunch, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it. If you have any questions in particular about Squarespace feel free to ask.

  • Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! If I had a dog I’d probably dress it up too, although it might be a bit mean. Nala is so cute!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent (relaunching soon!)

  • Danni Harding

    I do want a pug, but my mum and dad are always at work and I’m at school. My last dog died by someone poisoning it in south Africa,because we moved to England leaving the dog with my mum’s friend. But since then I have been really wanting a dog.

  • AlienGirl

    Nala is so adorable, but she’s even more cuter in costumes! ☺️ Love you Zoe! ❤️ xx AlienGirl

  • Shannon Jones

    this is so cute!

  • Leah Clark

    Nala is so cute in all of these outfits! I would love to dress up my dogs but my mum won’t let me but one day i will. please could you check out my blog as well, I was inspired by Girl Online x

  • Tierney Higgins

    Soooooooo cute

  • holly strawson

    i hope you have a wardrobe full of all her outfits on cute little hangers!! xxxx

  • Ari Grande

    Nala is so cute! I totes adorb her winter wear! It was really in that season and I think it made a nice little touch to celebrate Christmas, but also to celebrate 2016! Wooooo!

  • Anna Seward

    That is so cute, my dog would never look so cute in something like that:). you are so amazing and you just make me having fun in the morning.

  • Vivicheri

    Shh, don’t tell my little doggie, but Nala is cuter than my wee one. Don’t get me wrong, mine is cute too, but Nala is just too cute! Her attire is adorable! I think most of us would be right happy with a Nala fashion show! Thanks for sharing,

  • Nour_fakhoury

    I love it amazing

  • Paula Đonlić

    She’s so adooorable, I love the photos, it’s as she knows she’s being photographed😁❤

  • Emilia

    I love her outfits

  • Evie Lively

    Nala is an absolute angel! She is so sweet and I love her so much! haha x

  • Keana Nicolette Catalan

    Nala sooo cute & adorable!!!! :-D I really loves Nala!!!

  • TheBeautyLife

    Loved this blog post zoe!!! Super cute!!

    I’m relatively new to blogging and would love it if anyone would view my blog and give me any feedback to make it better!

  • Alicia Parry

    Nala is soo cute!!!

  • Alicia Parry

    People are unique or sometimes they do things other people’s way. Sometimes they have great ideas or sometimes they copy. But you, Zoe, you are unique, you do things your own way. You’re one of my favourite you tubers because of your unique videos and because of you especially, you’re not afraid to hide the weird and wonderful inside of you. I just wish, I had a chance. I’d really appreciate it if you would look at my blog, if other people would look at my blog, then that would mean the world to me. The world. Just leaving a comment and following my blog to get email notifications would make me so happy. If anybody does look at my blog, I promise to have a look at theirs because I know I’m not the only one who has a dream out there. But the truth is, I love to blog, I want to make it part of my career when I get older. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? But nobody can change my dream. Nobody. Here is my blog address:

  • Ohhhh I need me a Nala. If only dogs were aloud to come to work everyday :( lovely pictures :)
    Aimee X

  • Saloni

    Ah these pictures are adorable!! They remind me of my dog!! I created my blog a couple of days ago and would love it if you could check it out! Thank you!

  • Gem M

    Omg that’s adorable

  • Adele

    Sigh—– she’s looks absolutely adorable!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Adele xxxx

  • Ashley_

    Nala is sooo cute!😍😍 Wish I owned a dog… But my mum doesn’t let me so…😪
    Ashley_ xoxo

  • Alex Barnes


  • Eleanor Weyman

    Well if this isn’t the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

    Elesaurus |

  • Hearts for evaaaa

    Cuteee xx

  • Sally

    This is the cutest idea ever a Nala photoshoot! I need a pug in my life!

  • Alexandra Roberts

    Awe!!! Nala is literally the cutest little dog ever!!!

  • Pug Productions

    i dressed up my pug as an elf!

  • Mia Durnin

    i would love a fashion show of all Nalas clothes!

  • Little Miss Selfridge

    she is such a pretty dog xx

  • Darcey

    #nala is so cute

  • Emma Price

    This is my pug-cross, Betty, dressed as Santa’s little helper.

  • Nala is such an adorable little thing! I need a dog in my life!

  • Christina

    Hi, a great pic of a dog in a Santa’s cap I have found at Does anyone know what breed it is?

  • Life of a weirdo

    AWW So cute

  • SP

    Nala is a very lucky puppy

  • I have a Spanish Mastiff, try putting him into a jumper, it would never ever work. :D

  • Candace

    I want it!! I love it!!

  • Rosie

    OMG Nala is such a little poser!! Aw i love her hah x

  • Tegan

    So cute

  • Anna

    Ever since I have started watching zoella and pointlessblog I have been wanting a black pug. I have 2 Boston Terriers right now as they are so adorable but they are my moms so when I get older I want a black pug of my own

  • :)) He is cute! :)

  • Rachael Pitman

    Nalas so cute😌❤️

  • AutumnGirl

    lol nala is sooooo cute!!!!

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    Omg Nala is the cutest thing :)

  • Love_who_you_are

    Nala is so super cute and I really want a pug :) :) :)

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    Cutest pug❤️❤️

  • Alex

    She is the cutest dog I have ever seen!!!!! She is so beautiful! I am in love with these photos!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Cara Curtis

    So cute! xx

  • Yashashvi Kanodia

    I dint why but to me it looks funny and cute at the same time. Aww lol

  • Zoe Vandak

    she’s soooooooooooo cute ,OMG!!!!! :) <3

  • Louise Umali

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