I am SO excited to finally share what I have been working on for the past year!

Today I am launching my very own beauty range: Zoella Beauty! It will be available online TOMORROW on Feel Unique and in stores on Monday exclusively at Superdrug!

The range contains..
Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion 
Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream 
Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist
Let’s Glow Fragranced Candle
Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer
Guinea Pig & Eyes Makeup Bag/ Pencil Case

I really hope you guys love these products as much as I do!


  • Jay

    where sells the candle?

  • abbie collyer

    Love all of your products especially soak opera

  • Emily


  • Catherine

    please bring back the candle! I would LOVE to buy it! I live in Ireland and we don’t have superdrug here so when I was going to buy it on feel unique, it was gone off of it :( please bring it back <3

    • Alana

      We do have superdrug over here in Ireland

      • Iga

        What county ;/

        • Alana


    • Alicia Parry

      I didn’t even know there was a candle till now!

  • Girl Online

    ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ Who wouldn’t buy this?!

  • hope

    i love your videos

  • ValkyrieXMystique

    All yourl new tutti frutti products are amazing and smell great but I think you should have done a candle x

  • Petra Colic

    Wish I could buy it. I live in Iceland, it sucks really. Love you Zoe. You always make my day!

  • Paige T.

    Is the bath stuff sutiable for sensitive skin ? Cause I would love to buy more the range if it wasn’t for my skin 😔💗

  • Judith

    I live you Zoe, so exiting having you back in the blogging-part to, I haven’t really been a ‘blog-nerd’ until I read “Welcome Back” and “Nala’s Birthday”.
    Anyways I love you and Welcome Back!! ;)

  • sukaina ather

    Where can i find your beauty products in USA?

  • Amber Fabian

    Happy birthday for Nala 🎈🎉🎁

  • Diva Panjaitan

    love you zoooeee xxx

  • sweet eclipse

    you videos are amazing cant wait for your new one

  • Florence

    I just love all your creations! Continue making more and more, we are all so proud of you and we love you Zoe! <3

  • Manya Lamba

    Hi Zoe!! I recently got your guinea pig pencil case/beauty bag. I used it as a pencil case for school and what I didn’t realize is that it would get super dirty. I was really excited about it and I got really mad when it got SUPER dirty. I ask my mom if she can scrub it with soap and water,but she said it will ruin it. So is there anyway I can clean up the mess in my pencil pouch please let me know.

    • I don’t think this happens only to Zoes case, ALL pencilcases gets dirty!!

      • Manya Lamba


  • Zareh

    Hey Zoe:0

  • Nana

    i wish i could buy it!!! :(

  • Amber Fabian

    Hey love you products

  • Amy xx

    I love u so much and love reading your blog

  • Josh

    love you zoe!


  • Lauren Fitzgerald

    I love your bath fizzer xx

  • Natalya

    I can’t find the candle anywhere :( I didn’t even have time to buy it…..Is it not in the range anymore?

  • Ciara

    I have the shower gel and body mist. I love them both and use the body mist everyday. This is my favourite scent ever! Xxx

  • Katie Pike

    just bought your body lotion today

  • Emma

    Can you get this in Australia?

  • Araz Arqi


  • Araz Arqi

    we love u zoe<3

  • phoebe gamber

    could you blog post on all your favorite candles?!

  • Leah

    I love you zoe I have everything in your collection xxx

  • Ly Märdimäe

    i need this Zoella beauty :) :D

  • Maggie heymans

    They should come to the US

  • alex

    does anyone know where i can get this in the usa.

  • Erin McPartland

    can I buy your products in the USA? I live in New York, can I get them here?

  • they should come to Indonesia ASAP!

  • Nives Holajn

    I love your videos, these products are amazing, I’m having hearts in my eyes all the time! ;)

  • Joni

    I love these products xx

  • stella

    Dear Zoe,

    Yes this is going to be long, I just wanted to remind you how amazing you make my day. As soon as I here the *ding on my phone and seen that you’ve posted a spark lights up inside me. Even if it’s 2 mins-20 mins I’ll still love the video! I have not yet got any of your beauty products, however they are all on the top of my 2015 Christmas list. Ahhhh christmas!! super duper excited! I have read “Girl Online” and can not wait to get “On Tour” in a few weeks!
    Love ya,
    From 12 year old, Geneva, Switzerland xxx

  • Karys

    Love your blogs.

  • Rosiekiss123


  • Jasmine_xx12

    I really wanted to get Girl On Tour book signing but its just so unfair loads of my friends all got one and I checked the website and obviously they were all out im honestly so sad- im always the odd one out- love you zoe

    • eve

      I feel the same as you loads of my friends got one aswell and I didn’t I was so upset.

  • Nadya Kanarieva

    Why does your range not have the leaping bunny logo for certified cruelty-free cosmetics? It means it either is tested on animals, or the ingredients are. Very misleading to put the “not tested on animals” sign without any formal certification.

  • paris strong

    you are so amazing just finished your book and I read it in a week. You are my inspiration and I love all of your products even though I have none some of my friends do and I have used some of them. ILYSM

  • Niamh Dean

    Are her products tested on animals?

    • Emzhalz 02

      No it says on the bottle 😀

  • lucyyyrose

    love this range <3

  • eve

    I love these products so much and PLEASE can you upload a vlog am I missing your vlogs so much as I have watched most of your vlogs from the recent years twice!!!! I love you so much zoe I cant wait to get my hands on your Christmas range (hopefully)

  • Georgia Browning

    Bring back the candle!

  • chloe greening

    brought the bag with pink backgroung and gold spots yesterday from superdrug

  • Eilaf Memon

    Does anyone have tried her beauty products actually I’m a kid but I like her alottt she deliver her beauty products in Africa too but I don’t know how these products are and if anyone have tried her then please tell me how they are ?

  • Abby

    will Zoe get the products back in so i can buy them from the US???? The sites she gave us does not work for me.

  • Maud

    I wanted to buy your hand cream on feel unique but it’s gone and since I am in France I can’t have it with superdrugs :(

  • Emily

    Where can i buy lets glow?I NEED IT IN MY LIFEEE :)))))

  • Rachel

    I recently got some of your products brought back for me from the UK, I live in Canada, I love your hand cream. I really want to get blissful mistful but I don’t know how I’d get it now :( hopefully I can get stuff from your future collections as well.

  • keira

    so nice

  • Lunch and Lit

    I NEED that guinea pig make up bag, but unfortunately I think the only place I can get it right now (in the US) is from Amazon, and they want $40! That is 28 pounds! Any ideas where I can get it cheaper in the US?

    • Alicia Parry

      Order it online on feel unique

      • Lunch and Lit

        They either don’t carry it anymore or it’s no longer in stock. It doesn’t show up on the feel unique site.

        • Melanie

          Try cloud10beauty

  • lottie Stonehouse

    will they be available in Bangkok

  • Anna

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows where you can buy zoella products in nz 😄

  • Abigail Thambiran

    Is it possible to purchase any Zoella products online to deliver to South Africa? I absolutely love your videos but I can’t get any of your products because they aren’t available! :(

  • Brooke Jessop

    I absolutely love your products zoe! Such good quality and the packaging is beautiful. I did a review of them over on my blog! hope it does your products justice x


  • Rebecca Johnson

    Please bring your beauty products to America!! I can’t get anything of yours because my parents refuse to but something from overseas. I really want your bags and lip balm. Please bring your beauty products to America for those who can’t get a hold of it.

    • Sofia

      Tilly’s has the beauty range xx

      • Rebecca Johnson

        There are no Tilly’s anyone near me. It would take an 8 hour drive to go to the nearest store. It’s not a very popular store where I am

  • I have written some Zoella Beauty Reviews on my blog it would mean the world Zoe if you read them and commented to say you read them. As you were one of the people who inspired me to write a blog X

  • Tin Kerbelle

    Hello:) I just came across Zoella Blissful Body Mist and the scent was so lovely, I couldn’t help buying it, despite going into London Drugs for something else. Did I mention that this London Drugs is in Victoria, BC, Canada? Good on you for going from a cool blog to a fully-fledged business with products being sold worldwide – I love success stories like that!:)

  • Sara

    I live in Iran, i’d loooove to buy your products from the first one but I cant cause They dont import them😭

  • Crystal

    I know that I can buy most of the range on feelunique, but it will never let me get the body mist. It always says it cannot ship to the USA. Will there ever be an option that the body mist can be shipped to the usa?

  • Molly Christinex

    Can your products be used on sensitive skin/ skin with eczema

  • Kameron Harness

    When the “Bake My Day” stuff comes out, can you order it and ship it to the US?

  • Mrsh

    Hi can you please tell me where I can purchase the pink guinea pig cosmetic bag,have tried Superdrug with no luck thanks


    Can this stuff be delivered to South Africa??

  • Evelynn

    Hi Zoella!
    You probably won’t read this, but I adore you. Like, seriously do. And I’ve been saving up to buy your products but I can’t find them in Toronto (Canada)! Would you please alert me if they are available there? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

    Thank you so so much!
    xx Eve

    • Mary

      Check walmart in hand cream/ body wash section. I just got 5 of her products at walmart mayfield/bramalea in Brampton! :) :)

  • Airin Jazlin

    I wish i can be a stockists for zoella’s products. Theres so many products that im interested in buying but theres none in Singapore :(

  • Emily

    you could do a countries collection where you have scents from other countries

  • LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your Line!!! <3 I just got some of the new Gelato products and love!!!

  • I really really really want to get my hands on the new jelly and gelato line and your lifestyle range soon! They are both on my christmas list! you know what else is on there….. sugg life merch and your books! I love you so much and support you as well. You’re my inspiration everyday! xxxx

  • Aislinn Overholt

    Have you thought of making pallettes that are cheap yet work really well and have more than 20 colors

  • Rebekah Whybrow

    Used the snow smooth body butter before bed at 3am and suddenly my skin has a reaction to it! I applied to my right leg, and no I have a bright red swollen leg. Not too impressed. My skin is perfectly fine with all of the other products from the same range but not this one. Very upset 🤨

  • milyka

    Where can I find your beauty products in Australia