I am SO excited to finally share what I have been working on for the past year!

Today I am launching my very own beauty range: Zoella Beauty! It will be available online TOMORROW on Feel Unique and in stores on Monday exclusively at Superdrug!

The range contains..
Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion 
Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream 
Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist
Let’s Glow Fragranced Candle
Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer
Guinea Pig & Eyes Makeup Bag/ Pencil Case

I really hope you guys love these products as much as I do!


  1. Conny

    I love the design of them, so cute! Will see what my Uni budget allows me to buy haha :) xx

  2. This is so cute!! Congrats Zoe!!

  3. Well that's it. I getting all!!!!

    Freya Blendell

  4. congratulations Zoe ;) can't wait! i absolutely loooove all of these!! totally need that :D

  5. I love the makeup bag designs! I think it's great that you've gone for something different from what everyone else has done in the past and it has turned out amazing x


  6. SO excited Zoe – we are all so proud! :)

    fingers crossed there's international shipping & it's not bank-breaking! (although, to be fair, i still plan on getting your beauty products regardless of shipping prices!)

    can't wait to read your book also!

    – Erin x

  7. It all looks amazing, I really hope I can try some of the stuff, even if I'm in Germany. Enjoy your big evening with your friends, hope it will be awesome! <3

  8. Oh c'est trop mignon :) bravo !!!
    J'espère que tu va organiser un petit concours pour qu'on puisse tenter notre chance de gagner un lot ^^

  9. I'm in love with Guinea Pig & Eyes Makeup Bag/ Pencil Case <3, can't wait to have one of these!!
    And I have a lot of curious to smell the let's Glow Fragranced Candle.
    Congrats Zoe and enjoy your #zoellabeautyparty :)
    Much love!


  10. may i just add that seeing you be successful is like seeing a good friend succeed even if we don't know each other irl!

  11. Cathy

    Congrats, Zoe! So proud of you :)

  12. Kaite

    Is there anything Zoe can't do? So excited to get my beauty products!

  13. I'm so freakin excited! I need to smell that candle!

  14. Waw ! Congratulations :D
    This collection looks really good !

  15. Very cool, congrats.

  16. anisa

    so pretty!

  17. Looks amazing!! Can't wait to try them out :) xx

  18. that guinea pig make up bag is the cutest thing i've ever seen :')

  19. SO SO EXCITED! Definitely getting the makeup bags because my current one is polkadots too! Anyone know what scent the candle is?!


  20. Emzi

    So cute!

  21. Almonda

    Congrats! The makeup bags are really cute. :)

  22. oommmggg! so pretty I want!

  23. This is so amazing! I'm so happy for you, and the guinea pig bags are the most adorable thing ever :)

  24. Congrats on this amazing opportunity! You have come so far and you deserve everything for all of your hard work and dedication!
    I love the packaging and your signature Zoella font looks so pretty on everything.
    Have fun at the event tonight! I've been seeing tweets and instagrams of people attending and it looks like you have an amazing group of friends there to support you!

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  25. Omg! Oh wow Zoe it all looks so lovely!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on it! Aww congratulations – it's gonna be amazing! 😊💜 xxx

  26. Omg it looks amazing! Super excited to get my hands on it ❤


  27. The guinea pig makeup bag is soooo adorable :):) Congrats Zoe, wish you all the best xx

  28. Those look soo amazing!! :) Im really curious about the candle!

  29. Amazing, congrats! Love the packaging!

  30. I really want this candle :)


  31. Omg so excited can't wait

  32. Wow, this is amazing Zoe! Definitely going to try some of the products! Congrats on everything! x

  33. Ahh congratulations Zoe! :)
    I think I need the bath fizzers and the candle in my life!


  34. these all look so amazing zoe! i cant wait to buy them in the shops :) x

  35. They look amazing! Congratulations, Zoe! Well done

    Sophia | sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  36. looks abdolutely lovely! very excited to try all of them x

  37. Aww so amazing!! Well done! The Guinea pig make up bag is so cute!
    Also all so reasonably priced too!!


  38. I seriously need EVERYTHING from your collection! You have done an incredible job, so proud!


  39. Paige

    Eeek can't wait to get into Superdrug to buy some of this! Love love love the guinea pig bag, its so cute! Reminds me of my little guinea pig :)
    Paige x

  40. the guinea pig make up bag is the cutest thing in the entire world cant wait to buy one!<3

  41. Gwen

    So excited for you! I love the fact that this beauty range is all the things you love! :)

  42. I can not wait!! The packaging is to die for! Is the Fizz Bar going to be suitable for sensitive skin?? As I'm hoping to buy the lot due to the lovely affordable prices!! :) Congratulations on the achievement!
    Levi :) xx

  43. Congratulations Zoe!

    Love the packaging and writing style, a new take on soap and glory!



  44. Rosie

    Wow Zoe! So excited for this range, congratulations x

  45. Ellen

    I'm a sucker for a scented candle! I will definitely be trying that out! All of the packaging is so beautiful and very you!
    I'm so excited to try all of these products soon, congratulations on such a huge achievement!

    -Ellen x

  46. Congratulations!!! This is such an amazing opportunity that you have been given and you have worked so hard and you truly deserve it. Enjoy tonight, i am sure you will look as beautiful as ever.


  47. Congratulations, Zoe! These look adorable, and the price of them is perfect! Glad you've made them really accessible to your readers/viewers as well as beauty fans.


  48. So excited for these to come out! They're right up my street with the packaging and names :)

  49. Elma yo

    Everything looks so beautiful Zoe! Can't wait to try them out (especially the perfume and bath fizz oo). Congratulations on releasing this, have fun at your launch party!! x


  50. I'm so excited to purchase these products! Well done Zoe, so proud of you it's such a huge achievement! x

  51. i am so excited for all of this, its brilliant, especially considering they are product i already associate with zoe anyway! way too excited!!!!:D<3

  52. in fact no im pretty sure i want all of them!<3

  53. I love the zoella eyes make up bag! Must have


  54. AAAHH!! I am so excited to buy Zoella Beauty. I've been subbed and following your blog since the beginning and it's been lovely to watch you and your career grow. xx

    LOVE YOU!! <3

  55. I am soo proud of you! this is amazing!!<3 <3 I was just wondering, are these products /the ingredients tested on animals? That would make me very sad, and it would be quite ironic seeing how much you love pippin and percy…

  56. are the lotions etc cruelty free or were they tested on animals?

  57. This is amazing! The packaging is soooo cute, I am most excited to try the 'soak opera', such a great range of products to start with :) xxx

  58. Mary

    I'm gonna get this candle for sure, as I know it will smell soooo amazing. Can't wait, and hopefully it will be available internationaly!

    Mary x

  59. Lamey X

    So proud of you Zoe! All the products sound great, and the packaging is so cute!<3

    lameyy.blogspot.co.uk <– if anyone has a moment, please check out our blog!xx

  60. I ABSOLUTELY loved them Zoe! Can't wait to buy those! Congratulations! xx

  61. I know my comment will fall unnoticed in a mass of other comments, but I just wanna say that I think it's amazing how they're affordable for younger viewers.. You've taken your audience into account and I think that's so thoughtful!
    I wanna buy them alllllllllll!
    Love a longtime viewer,

    Lav xxxxx

  62. Shopping trip when it's in Superdrug. Although Tanya Burr's stuff isn't in our local superdrug Zoella's might not be either :(

  63. Love it, love it, love it <3 That guniea pig makeup bag <3 lovely! I have a question: Is there some way I can buy it from Czech republic?

  64. Amazing! Can't wait to buy a few things.
    Congratulations Zoe, you've come so far and we are all so proud of you xx



  66. Nina

    Tested on animals?

  67. Zoe, this is Amazing! Everything looks so beautiful and just perfect!
    Congrats and I wish you the best!
    Btw I love the guinea pig bag <3

  68. Love and I want it all!!!


  69. It's so lovely seeing you and tons of other you tubers /bloggers gain so much success in the past few years and it makes all of us so proud of you guys congrats

  70. Minnie

    Zoe! That is amazing! You deserve all your seccess :) You are a beautiful person, inside and out! Can't wait to get all the lovely products :) I am really excited and proud of you. Every product is looking amazing. Will the products be available outside the UK, too?
    Have a nice day ♥

  71. Congratulations! I can't wait to buy and try these out!!

  72. N.P.

    That's freaking awesome!! :O :D
    I hope I can purchase it somehow from Macedonia. :3
    So proud… I have no words…
    Congrats Zoe! :* <3

  73. Coba

    Oh wow, this is so exciting!
    I think I'll have to get one of the make-up pouches.
    Who can resist those?

  74. ahhh! So excited for this, they look amazing- I really love what you've done with the packaging. I'll be off now to find some money so I can get something~

  75. Adèle

    Bravo Zoë ! :)

  76. Ou YEAH ! ZOELLA it`s fantastic ! :) You go GIRL ! :)
    I Love packagings !!!

  77. awwww my god I am so excited about that scented candle, hope it smells as amazing as it looks!

  78. That's just amazing! These products looks fantastic! :D

    ~ Hannelore

  79. IshM

    OMG LOVE THEM ZOE they are so cute, and congrats dear
    xx ish

  80. THESE LOOK AMAZINGG OMGG, and the makeup bags are so cute :) So proud of you Zoe, I'm gonna get it all x

  81. Aashna

    The packaging is adorable! I'm so excited to buy these, I just wish I could buy it in the US instead of having to paying shipping and stuff, but it's all good. I don't mind because I know you wouldn't make something of poor quality (: I can't wait!


  82. How exciting this must be for you! Jeez, your own beauty line is such an achievement Zoe! So proud of you, I still remember when you were 'just' a blogger doing some YouTube – how far you have come is amazing!

    Melane | Pure Perspective

  83. OMG they look amazing, can't wait to get my hands on the Guinea Pigs makeup bag!

    Mary @ beautyonthecheap.net

  84. Ahhh !?! This is so exiting ! Congratulations Zoe ♡
    I'm absolutely positive it's going to be a roaring success ! Can't wait to buy all the goodies tomorrow ! Here's hoping it can be shipped to South Africa !

  85. Congratulations!! These look so awesome!
    So excited to finally see what all of the products are and I can't wait to buy them and try them out!


  86. I can't wait to get my hands on these goodies, they look fab and I love the colour scheme!

    Frankie x

  87. Ahh! Everything is just lovely! Will they be available in the US at some point?

  88. I know that i hardly know Zoe, as in i maybe see 15 minutes a day of her, but its strange because im really proud of her:) WELL DONE ZOE XD

  89. Abi S

    Yes Zoe! I thought it was something like this a lot of bath related stuff! I love how the Guinea pigs have been included! Well done!!! Abi :)

  90. Lucy B

    I am so excited about these <3 i actually can not wait! they all look lovely and the packaging is perfection<3 well done Zoe , we are all so proudxxx

  91. Ah Zoe! I'm so proud of you this is so amazing. You deserve all of this success and every opportunity that comes to you. Congratulations you beautiful girl!

  92. Cant wait to get it!!!! LOOOOVE the guinea pig makeup bag!

    I'm not sure if you will read this, but anyway… I am so proud of you and what you have achieved. I do not personally know you, but I do think that you're an incredible person and you do deserve to be where you are right now for working so hard! I would never be able to thank you enough for being who you are and doing what you do! You are one of the people I look up to and you inspire me every day. Thank you so much for everything, and I wish you all the best; and keep going, I believe in you!

  93. La Lola

    So excited!! They look lovely!! Congratulations Zoe! :)

  94. The fizz bar looks so cool and I bet the candle and everything will smell amazing! So proud of you Zoe and can't wait to get the products! :D

    – Becca x x x

  95. These are so beautiful and i love the fact that its not just the conventional beauty products! Will definitely be buying the candle!
    Lucy xx


  96. Congratulations !! The makeup bags are so cute! Can not wait to get these items :)

  97. Congrats! All of these products look amazing! I wonder how they all smell :)
    I'm so excited to check them out! Good luck! <3

  98. The packaging is so cute, and I can't wait to try some of the products! x


  99. I can't wait to try out the products! The packaging is amazing and bath products are some of my favorite things. So great after a long day! Congrats on the launch! xo


  100. Amazing Products, look so lovely :) can't wait to try them out!! my favourite are the fizz bar, candle and the guinea pig case is sooooooo cuteeeee :)


  101. This looks absolutely brilliant, Zoe! And it's my 15th birthday tomorrow, so I can buy loads tomorrow xxxxx so EXCITED

  102. Bhavna

    Wow congratulations Zoe!! Will definitely be popping into Superdrug on Monday to check 'em all out xx


  103. Lauren

    SO cute!

  104. I will be buying one of those makeup bags they are SO cute :D I am so impressed with how far you've come through blogging and you tubing.
    Much love x


  105. Everything looks amazing Zoe! Couldn't be prouder for all you're accomplishing! 6 million subscribers, a new beauty line and a book coming out! AMAZING! Congratulations! I might have to pick a few things up!x

  106. In love with everything and cannot wait to buy them all tomorrow. Congrats on your launch Zoe :) x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  107. I'm surprised how affordable it is! Loving the design too. Hope you're having a good time at the launch! Doing us bloggers proud! :')

  108. Martah

    Wow, everything is so cute! Congrats Zoe.


  109. So adorable and cool! Wish it was for sale somewhere in the US.Can't wait to get to smell that candle.I can only imagine how amazing it smells if you picked out the scent, I always like the candles you show in your videos.

  110. Omg so looking forward to buying the candle and body mist!
    What a lovely collection, Zoella :)

  111. OMG they are amazing!!!
    congrats on everything!!


  112. How exciting! Good for you Zoe, we're all so happy that you've been able to make this possible. I love the looks of that candle.


  113. These are lovely! You've come so far! I look forward to watching your vlogs everyday!!! :) x

  114. Been waiting to see what these products were for ages, can't wait to buy them. I love how pretty all the packaging is and the makeup bags are adorable! So excited to smell the fragrances of all these new products:-) Congratulations Zoe :-) Love you xxxx


  115. Soha

    Yay! I'm getting the candle and the cream :))

  116. Aria.

    Wow! All of it look great! I want it all. <3

    my blog ♥

  117. Stefany

    This looks very, very beautiful!
    I think I might order some things tomorrow! :))
    Good job and congratulations, Zoe!

    xx from Copenhagen
    Black Irony blog

  118. Jade W

    First Tanya and now you, well done Zoe this is so exciting!! I really want the candle and body mist. :D

    Jade x
    jadethejourno.blogspot.co.uk ♡

  119. Brett

    so excited zoe!!! Can't wait to get it all!


  120. Kim

    Oooooh my gosh this looks al so so so cute!

  121. I love the beauty collection already xxx
    well done on 6 million subscribers btw<3

    jeweliah.blogspot.co.uk xoxo

  122. so excited about this plus the price range is so affordable ! Thanks for that Zoe you are incredible !

  123. Oh my gosh I NEED that candle!! Love love love! Have to get my hands on these products! Good job Zoe! xoxo

  124. Jenna

    OMG I would love to by some of those! I live in portugal how can I do?

  125. SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU ZOE!I cannot wait to get my hands on them!xxxx

  126. Sarah

    You have done so well with these products Zoe, they look so amazingly cute! I can't wait to get my hands on them! Congratulations xx

  127. Love the design of the packaging and the makeup bags are nice and quirky. Great prices too, sure to be an instant sell-out.
    Great work zoe!


  128. I found your fizz bar in superdrug yesterday and I am loving it, it smells so nice and the packaging is adorable, I want it all, can't wait to try more of your products!xoxo

  129. Anne

    I'm so happy for you Zoe! You deserve this so much!
    I hope you're having a great time at your launch party, from what I see on twitter and instagram it looks amazing.
    You've done an amazing job and you can and should be very proud of yourself.
    Can't wait to buy some of these products and try them out! The packaging looks so adorable, love it.
    Just say yes has worked out really well for you (:

    Big Kisses,

  130. Kelsi B

    Can't wait for the products to come out! Definitely going to buy them, the design is so cute. Love ya Zoe
    xo, Kelsi
    Messy Bits

  131. Wow looks fantastic Zoe! Many congratulations. I hope you have a lovely night tonight and enjoy what I imagine will be a crazy few weeks for you!

    Cat from Outside Beauty, Inside Health

  132. Congratulations Zoe! I think this is so exiting for you to move in this direction and I'm sure it'll be such a success! I can't wait to see what my student budget will allow me to buy too! :p although they're all such reasonable prices it shouldn't be an issue! :)
    Lots of love!


  133. Amy

    Ohhhhh, this is so cool Zoe! I really really love it, does it stay available at Superdrug until October? I won't be in England until October.. Otherwise I hope I'm lucky online! Congratulations <3

  134. Are they tested on animals? :)

  135. Wow this is so so exciting, congrats Zoe! Please check out and follow my Beauty and Fashion blog:


  136. Congratulations! Your beauty range looks awesome, I need the makeup bags x

  137. Looks cheap and nasty aimed towards gullible and impressionable young teenage girls. So now every youtuber thinks they can manufacture decent quality products and slap their name on it and hey presto – CHA CHING.

  138. These look so great Zoe!!! Really good prices as well :) Congratulations!! xx
    Just Jen

  139. omg this is amazing and it looks really nice ! cant wait for it :D

  140. Camille

    SO PROUD OF YOU ZOE ♥ !!!! you deserve it so so much ! can't wait to buy all these treasures eheh

  141. Anne

    I'm so happy for you Zoe, you can and should be proud of yourself.
    I hope you're having an amazing time at your launch party, from what I've seen on intagram and twitter it looks amazing. Well done.
    Your products look so cute and adorable, love the packaging so much. Can't wait to buy some!! So excited.
    Just say yes has worked out really well for you (: Proud of you for reaching so many things in life.

    Big kisses,

  142. OMG I wanttttt!!! Love the cases!

  143. Wow Zoe, I am so proud of what you achieved. Love your products, especially looking forward to the candle and fizzy bars <3 and also I'd like to mention that I think it's great that you made all these products affordable For everybody. Thank you !


  144. Kim

    I love everything <3
    The guinea pig bag is the cutest!
    I will totally get one for myself, since I'm a guinea pig lover/owner :)

  145. Congrats! You really deserve it! It looks so beautiful, and lovely…
    I'm gonna buy that whole collection, I'm so in love with their apparence!

    Continue that way!
    Love of Lou!


  146. i cant wait for it to launch! buying them all!

  147. Everything looks so beautiful and lovely!!!

  148. Jenna

    I need all of these! Congratulations Zoe!


  149. Can't wait to get all of this omfg -))bhttp://t.co/YMZZuf7w7X Please check out my blog?x

  150. Kaley

    "Soak Opera" is easily the best name I have heard for a bath soak. These all look amazing!

  151. This is AMAZING Zoë! <3 I am literally sooo proud of you! I am so happy for u!

  152. wow that is so great…congrats lovely! Now I´m even more sad that I can´t just walk into a superdrug here in germany coz now ill be missing out on yours and Tans beauty stuff <3 love the iea wiv the guinea pig make up bag btw …adorable :) xxx Lizzy

  153. Congratulations Zoe ! Everything is so cute and looks so lovely, can not wait to try it out <3

    SO proud of you ! Hope your having an amazing Launch and day in general <3


  154. Such beautiful products, I can't wait to try the fizz bar! Hope it smells yummy.


  155. Hannah

    Such cute branding Zoe! Congrats on creating such a beautiful line of products :)


  156. Ahhh I can't wait to try some of these out!
    allthatshimmers.co.uk xo

  157. Awh Zoe you must be so proud! All your hard work has paid off! I adore the little makeup bags and all the products are very reasonably priced. I may get myself something because I suspect the whole collection will be a sell out

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  158. The guinea pig make up bag is so ADORABLE! I would switch to that bag in an instant!

  159. Wow, this is really cool! I'm so proud of you Zoe! <3 Can't wait to try out your products :)

  160. YAY I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! LOVE LOVE the makeup bags!

  161. The packaging is so you! Congrats lovely everything looks beautiful :)

  162. Congratulations on your success chick! =)

  163. Congratulations Zoe!
    I love all the designs, and everythings just goes together perfectly!
    Good luck and I can't wait to purchase these :D
    Lots of love,
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  164. I was just wondering about that! I'd love to know too.

  165. So far everything looks exciting!! I hope they ship to US because I would love to be able to purchase @ least one of each item!!! :) lots of love Zoe, and congrats on 6M and on the launch of what looks like a successful and amazing line! :)

  166. I love it! It's so adorable :)

    xx Courtney

  167. gabssss

    Wow, these look amazing! I'm so happy for you, congrats :) I'm excited to get the fragance & the candle!!

    xx, Gaby.

  168. I am so proud of you, these look so cute. You're incredible Zoe :)


  169. OMG so exciting! Everything looks very good!!! Please sell them in Germany <3

  170. I'm so freaking excited!
    xx Amanda
    fabfx.blogspot.com — can't wait to do a review <3

  171. Everything looks so pretty! I am sure it all smells divine and I cannot wait to get my hands on some :) Congratulations on this massive accomplishment!

  172. Will we be able to get them in Australia!?!?

  173. Oh my goodness, that guinea pig make-up case is the world's cutest! We can't wait to buy it! Emma & Jo.xx

  174. Please please tell me that they're not limited.. I cannot order these for some reasons(I'm studying for a big test) and I won't be able to until November:(
    I am planning to order your book at that time too. Please tell me I can still order these products in November as well.

  175. I totally agree with you. I hope they do ship to south africa and that it isnt too expensive:(

  176. Impossible to decide which makeup bag to get so yeah… Im taking both of them with me once they're available. Super cute! Well done Zoe :)

  177. Shannon

    I am so so so proud of you Zoe!! I love you so much and you are the biggest inspiration to me and the reason I began a blog. I hope to be half the woman you are!!!!
    I love you and a big big congrats!!!


  178. Congratulations Zoe! Im so so proud of you. I can't wait to get my hands on it! <3

  179. Cannot wait to get my hands on some of these, definitely have to get a make up bag! So so proud of how far you have come Zoe.

    Amazzable xox

    Feel free to check out my blog:

  180. Everything is just so cute, congrats on it you so deserve it!


  181. Ooh Yay! This is so exciting! I'm definitely going to be checking these out! :)

    -Sophie xox


  182. Congratulations!!! Everything in your line is adorable. I can't wait to try them!!


  183. Abby

    SO excited for you, Zoe! Going to look into getting one of those makeup bags, just can't decide which one.

  184. Elle

    I am SO in love with everything! I want it all! I wish I could order them from Brazil :/

    Oh, man, Zoe, you should be so proud, you've accomplished so much! I hope you enjoy every minute of it and that you only keep on growing and getting even better and bigger things from life!



  185. Congrats Zoe!! <3 I'm excited to try the bar & maybe get the guinea pig bag :D

  186. Arianne

    I am just SOOOO proud of you Zoe!! The design on the products screams ZOELLA! I want them! I esp want to try the shower cream. I can't wait to smell them! hopefully I can get them in the US!


  187. I'm sooo excited! I want to order one of everything!! The packaging is ADORABLE I love it, it's so you! Congratulations Zoe this is huge!!

  188. Yay!! Everything looks so pretty Zoe! Especially love that guinea pig make-up bag…
    So happy to see how far you've come, congrats!! xx


  189. Congratulations! It looks just amazing!

  190. Shinae

    The entire range is absolutely stunning.
    I do have a soft spot for those makeup bags though, how cute is the guinea pig!

  191. I am so proud to be your fan, Zoe <3 Love you so so much!!!

  192. OH MY GOD. I want it all! I was not expecting your collection to be this cute! x I will definitely be purchasing some things online x
    -Emily | http://emilysbees.blogspot.com

  193. Yay I'm so excited to get my hand on all of this!


  194. Oh my giddy gosh!!! i am suuuper excited!!! are they comming to australia?? if they are i will with out a doubt purchase them all!!!!

  195. AHHHHHHHH its soooo adorable!! Is it available in the states?? <3

  196. Congrats :) Everything looks beautiful especially the make up bags and the candle. And you just hit 6 million subscribers on YouTube. Great job Zoe!!!


  197. Alexy

    Congrats Zoe! The items are super cute. I also love that you have them at reasonable prices that your readers/viewers would be able to afford. That's amazing! I'll have to look at that site and see about ordering somethings, as my roommate would love that hamster beauty bag! If they aren't able to ship to America, then hopefully in the future they'll be listed somewhere that will, like on Amazon! ♥

  198. Oh my goodness! I am so excited for this! *puts on Christmas Wishlist*

  199. Will these be available in Australia? :) or just the UK and that?

  200. Congratulations Zoe, you deserve to have all the success in the world. You have worked so hard for this and I can't wait to get my hands on some products and test them out myself! xx


  201. WOOOHOOO GO ZOE!! hope you ship to Australia!!!

  202. It all looks fantastic and cute:-) I so hope it will be a huge success…
    Have a great day!

  203. Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations, this is such an amazing achievement!

    Love from South Africa

    Arum Lilea

  204. Congrats ! And I really like all those cute packagings ! But I'm from Malaysia :(

  205. Fantastic you must be so excited. Even though I'm perhaps a bit (a lot!) older than most…I'll be trying your products

  206. WOW Zoe, this is so exciting! its my birthday on sunday and i will defo be adding all these goodies to my list! ash i can't wait! feel free to check out my photography blog, its not much yet ;) i absolutely adore your blog zoe!
    Well done xx

  207. diabe

    Wonderful Zoe! Congratulations! When I visit the UK again I'll be looking for these! They are SO cute!

  208. Can I just say thank you so much for making them affordable for pretty much everyone, so excited to get my hands on the candle especially. Again thank you. X

  209. Congratulations Zoe these look amazing! Just wondering if does anybody know if her products are tested on animals?

  210. Congrats Zoe! You know I was a bit skeptical about what you'd launch but first a proper good 'ol fiction book and then a SKIN CARE LINE? man you've thoroughly impressed me. Far away from mainstream where I'm concerned. I'm bloody impressed. I mean it. Good luck for everything and have a good day!

    Aish xx

  211. Can you buy it online. I come from the netherlands

  212. So excited to try all these beautiful products!

  213. I love all of them especially the makeup bags <3 <3 Congratulations Zoe Elizabeth Sugg <3 <3


  214. Louise

    Aww, it all looks very exciting! I'm a bit sad I can't purchase yet since I'm in the Netherlands and not UK, but I will wait for the FEELUNIQUE launch. :)

  215. How cute is the packaging!

  216. ellaa

    I'm so excited that I'am really able to get them! Yayy they look so lovely


  218. So exciting Zoe!! I remember when subscribed to you and you had under a million! You have done amazing things since then like your book, this and 6 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS CONGRATS! You actually inspired me to write my own blog in fact :) I would be awesome if you looked at it!


    Love you xox

  219. Wow Zoe I have been reading your blog for years and I'm so proud of how far you've come! 6 Million subscribers, A book and your own beauty range! This just makes me so proud and excited for you, you really do deserve it all I know you work hard for it! Keep up the amazingness Zoe!! x

  220. Sarah

    Oh my god :-O It's absolutely gorgeous beauty line! :) And really cheap too! :) I would love to buy something from this collection (if not everything :D) but I guess that I have no chance :(

  221. Oh crap. I need ALL OF THIS! The packaging is adorbs. International shipping……here I come. lol. Can't wait for MORE to be added to this!

  222. Congratulations Zoe! It all looks so pretty, and looks as though you've worked really hard to translate yourself across into the products! I'm definitely excited to try some of your bits – my favourite looks to be the Fizz Bar!

    I've watched your YouTube videos and read your blog for so long now, it's crazy to see how far you've come! Congratulations again! (I'm ridiculously excited to see your launch party vlog!)


  223. Will you pop in to brighton store monday

  224. I love the packaging and the makeup bags are a must have.

  225. OMG I am SO proud of you little one! You have done so much during your YouTube journey! I would love to have a friend like you! And 6 milion subscribers….. wow it's so unbelievable. I hope your book and your beauty range will be avaible in Poland! Love you loads! xxx

  226. Everything looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on these! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  227. Will definitely be buying probably all of these on pay day! Fingers crossed they'll still be in stock! Well done Zoe :) xoxo

  228. The entire range looks so pretty, can't wait to try them. Congratulations! R x *www.sprucenews.co.uk*

  229. OMgggg :) its soo beautiful, I want it all :) an these makeup bags are awesome. But I would need it to be shipped internatinally


  230. Wow Congrats Zoe! The packaging is adorable:) I'm so sad that Feel Unique doesn't ship yours of Tan's products to New Zealand :(

  231. I can see those guinea pigs!! Soo adorable!! *o*

  232. Ah zoe this is so exciting! I want that guinea pig make-up bag!! <3


  233. OMG, Zoe. I am so happy for you. And i am very excited to try out your products. (Already on my xmas list;) aha)
    I love you, your blog and your videos SO much. You are my idol.
    Also, i have written a blog post on my blog about your beauty range. So if anybody wants to check that out , my blog is xocaticornxo.blogspot.co.uk

    Can't wait to try out Zoella Beauty. P.S the makeup bag is reallyyyy cute<3

  234. Kelly

    lovely, lovely, lovely!
    This has been a big week for you, congrats on 6 mil and on this range.

    Kelly's Journal

  235. ~Katie~

    Congratulations darling! I'm so proud of you and watching you grow over the past few years has been a pleasure. The products look amazing, especially the fizz bar. I'm glad you did what you wanted to do :) best of luck with everything.
    Katie x

  236. Ugnia*

    OMG ! I want them sooo much !!!

  237. Tahina

    So upset- some of the products can't be shipped to Australia! Ordered some of the things that can be :)

  238. I really want the guinea pig makeup bag :( soooo cute


  239. I hope to get at least one of the makeup bag during my London trip!
    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***


  240. Got my friends birthday coming up and she wants such 'pamper night' things so the body lotion and bath soak would be amazing (and the cute guinea pig bag for me ^^). Was so scared your range would be too pricey for my student budget but this is just right =D


  241. Rianne

    I feel the exact same way! Although I don't know her in person, let alone Zoe knowing who I am, I'm seriously so proud of her like I would be for one of my friends.

  242. Congratulations Zoe! I absolutely love the look of these products, the packaging is the most adorable thing I've ever seen and I can't wait to get my hands on some – definitely going to be picking up the body lotion, body mist and candle next week! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  243. Wow, this is such an incredible achievement to have at such a young age! You must be super proud to have your very own beauty range out in shops and online! I've been following you for a good 2-3 years in total and it's lovely to watch you develop and progress. Best of luck with it all and I can't wait to watch your vlogs about it all! Hopefully I shall bump into you, Gabby and Niomi in Brighton some time! xx

  244. Well done Zoe! You are amazing <3

  245. Congratulations! This must be such an exciting time for you. I absolutely love the packaging, it suits you so well.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  246. Congratulations! This stuff all looks so cute, love the design of all the packaging


  247. Love it! Super cute and fun. Well done – you have come so far!

  248. Susanna

    I want this sooo much, but I don't know if I can get it to Sweden… Is that possible? I'd really like to try the candle, fizz bar and body lotion! And the makeup bags look totally amazing!

  249. The design is so cute! I won't buy it because I like to smell the scent before I buy it.

  250. bee.

    Wow, Zoe! I'm so proud of you, it looks PERFECT

  251. I love it! I love it all! I am so super proud of you!! Congrats my love ♥♥

  252. Everything looks so cute! I want it all <3 Congrats! :)

  253. Omg I wish this was available in Canada! I really want to try these out and I love that makeup bag! Congrats Zoella, you deserve it :)
    XO Janina

  254. Congrats Zoe, I absolutely love the make bags – especially the guinea pig one its so cute! Definitely gonna get them :) x

  255. I am so excited about these! They look so nice, the packaging is amazing! I can't wait to try them out! I think I need to plan a trip to England just to go to Superdrug, unless that you plan to sell them in other countries (france?!?). I am so proud of what you achieved, it is amazing!


  256. They are all so lovely! I'll definitely be investing in them! I think everything you're doing is so inspiring, to go from writing a blog as your hobby to writing a book and launching your own beauty range! It definitely is inspiring and I love reading your blog :)


  257. Through feel unique it's free int. Shipping when you buy a certain amount and it's not a huge amount either

  258. Jayy

    wowww!! This look amazing Zoe!!
    Congrats on 6 million subbies as well :)
    you truly deserve it <3 you've come so far. We will forever love and support you xx


    I have a book blog, if you don't mind, PLEASE check it out? :) It would mean a lot to me

  259. Omg Zoe ! I love these! And congratulations! Which one do I buy?! Btw I love you!😊 xx

  260. Klar

    God! I love it** so lovely

  261. Wow zoe! words can not describe how happy I am about your new beauty launch, you've come so far and i wish you nothing but luck in the future and hope to see more beauty products soon :)

  262. Everything looks amazing! Can't wait to get it all! Congratulations Zoe!

  263. sadie

    So proud zoe! Love you xx

  264. This is so wonderful! I bought the lotion, the shower gel, and the fizz bar earlier today before most of it has sold out. I'm sad to say the candle and the perfume were unable to be shipped to the U.S.A. :( How unfortunate. I can't wait to use them! So amazing and proud!

    https://www.youtube.com/user/LindsaySkarda <—–PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! :)

  265. This looks lovely :)


  266. I am so proud of you, Zoe!

  267. Seriously, I'm absolutely in love with your beauty products!
    Do someone know if I could buy them from Spain? They're adorable and very cheap!


  268. Congratulations on Zoella Beauty, your book, and your 6 million subscribers. While we only see short bits of you and your life I'd just like to say you come off as such an amazing young lady and so very genuine. I wish you all the best and continued success that you so seemingly deserve. Enjoy all that you've worked for and again, congratulations.

  269. Staves

    Congrats that's so amazing !!!

  270. Aimee

    Congrats on the range! The makeup bag/pencil cases are too cute!

    The Belle Narrative

  271. I really want to try out our products!!!! Going to have to see if feel unique will ship to NZ and at what cost XD Hopefully I can afford it!!!!

  272. Roxy

    Omg how exciting! I love the packaging <3

  273. Hi Name

    i cannnttt wait

  274. Congratulations Zoe on all of your achievements! You are incredible inspirational and I cannot wait to see what other crazy things you do in the future! Plus I cannot wait to buy some of your products!

    M x

  275. Tina

    I love your beauty rang:-)
    Already going to bye some……….

    Blog: "A world of art"

  276. Congratulations Zoe! Everything looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous, and so affordable too! I'm hoping I'll be able to get my hands on something from over here in Australia at some point?

  277. Amara

    OMG!!! SOOOO proud of u!!!
    I just started my own blog, I'm only 13 so not that good at it. If u just looked at my blog or even commented would be an honer xx

  278. Izzy

    Omg Zoella I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Proud of you. I love watching you and i am gonna buy some of your products xxx Izzy

  279. I am so proud of you Zoe! You have achieved so much since you started many years ago and being able to see you grow into this elegant successful lady just makes me tear up whenever I think about it. I just ordered the blue makeup bag and your lotion on feel unique and I might just be the first person to have them in Turkey :D A sad one for me but a happy one for you is that the candle is already sold out in FeelUnique :D Okay I'm rambling now but again I hope you are as proud of yourself as we are proud of you. Thank you for being you. Here's to many more exciting things to come :)

    Love you so much xx

  280. Alicea

    Such a great achievement! I just got finished watching your vlog of the launch party and it was difficult not to tear up. I'm so happy that you're doing well! :-D

  281. Congrats! This is amazing! I really hope to one day buy your products in South Africa :)

  282. I am soooo proud of you Zoe. Good work :D I wish I could ever get near as far as you did

  283. I am so excited to try your new range, It all looks so cute :) x

  284. Syeda

    So proud of you Zoe! Wish you released it in Dubai too so I can get my hands on it fast aha. The product range is so cute and totally you- love it! x


  285. Cute! Looks like a wonderful night :-)
    I was also wondering if you have tried any Kiko products? :-)

  286. exactly what I want too know! But since she loves guinea pigs, they SHOULD NOT ne tested on animals.. . well, I´m gonna check what the onlineshop says about that.

  287. So prouuuud I've read your blog for so long, how exciting is this! I can't wait to try the products, I have a feeling lots of these will be on my christmas list (:

    For any fellow beauty lovers heres my blog

  288. I ordered one of the makeup bags on feelunique last night! Can't wait for it to come :D I love that the prizes aren't so bad, u go girl :D

  289. Oh no! I love you collection but it isn't available in Australia. :(

  290. This look so amazing!! I'm so proud of you Zoe!! xxx

  291. I cant wait to try out some of these ! hope its out in my local super drug. so badly want the makeup bag or actually everything but so proud Zoe! :) xxx

  292. ooh my gosh Zoe ! this is amazing ! so happy for you and cannot wait to get my hands on it all ♥ :D xx

  293. Aya

    I'm so excited to try out your products Zoe! Cant't wait!

  294. Hey , can't u order them online? x

  295. Everything is so pretty!!!


  297. I'll take all of it!! So So excited for it to hit Australian stores :) X

  298. OMG why are you so gorgeous looking. You look lovely and I wanted to know if your products will ship to Australia as I really want to try them out.

  299. This is amazing Zoe! The products look so pretty and a lot like your blog haha, and the prices are amazing too, cant wait to buy something x

  300. Congratulation Zoe! I'm so proud of you 👏
    Can't wait to get my hands on them. Especially the eye make up bag. Loved the design <3

  301. Everything look amazing Zoe, congratulations on your own beauty line! I especially love how the bath bomb is a bar.

  302. Just ordered the Body Lotion & the Guineapig Makeup Bag!
    Can't wait to get & use those :)


  303. The make up bags look so cute. I will definitely order some of your products, can't wait to try them out :)
    Bisous, Marye


  304. Nadiaa

    Ooooh, everything looks so cute! When I'm in the UK sometime I will defenitly buy something <3

  305. Well done Zoe! I can't wait to buy and try these products! You have put so much effort into this and look! Everyone loves them. They are so cute also!!!!!!!! :-)

  306. So lovely <3 I think that I have found what I'm going to ask for my mother when she and my sister came to london. Pure love <3

  307. I am so excited for your beauty range! My friends an I want to order the body mist for feelunique.com but it's out of stock! Does anybody knows when it will be available again?

  308. Oh mon dieu !
    C'est vraiment super que tu ai réussis à faire ce que tu voulais, j'aime beaucoup, je vais tout de suite aller les acheter !!

  309. Wil you be bringing out a Xmas pack

  310. Aaaah I can't wait to get some of these! Congratulations Zoe, you have done so well and I'm soooo happy for you!! I'm so glad you have been able to create products that make us all so happy :) xx

  311. Hi Zoe! I love your channel on youtube and your blog is so nice to read! I'm really glad your still doing the daily vlogs into october!
    I wish i could be as successful as you are with your youtube channel and blog!
    Could you guys please just take a minute to take a look at my blog?!
    Thank you so much!!!

  312. Hmm, ship internationally too please!!

  313. Cant wait to buy my set!! im in need of a good hand cream so im going for the lotion mostly!!

  314. Will these products be available in the United States at all? I want today try everything..
    Much love to you, Zoe! I'm so proud <3

  315. Everything looks very beautiful! I would love to purchase some of these products. I've been following your youtube for awhile and seeing you accomplish so much makes me so proud. congratulations!

  316. This is great! I love that youre new beauty collection has aspects found in tons of different beauty and bath companies all in this collection with your personal twist on it. The packaging and branding is great and very strong.I feel like I can really see your style and your influence in the collection! Anyone know when the collection will released or available to order to ship to the US?

  317. Hello !
    I would like to know if i can buy Zoelle beauty in Canada ?

  318. I found your blog when I was looking for a different sort of wonderful colorful candles collection, but I was very happy and glad to read through your blog. The information available here is great. Get Wholesale Unscented Pillar Candles

  319. its great to see how successful you have come!!

  320. Abbie G

    I need the guinea pig make up bag!

  321. remarks

    I'm so proud of you! Congrats!
    I knew that you were going to go places, and I'm happy you are living the life we always dream of.

  322. Awww. Emilia and Eduardo Saccone-Joly look adorable. It was following the Saccone-Joly's that led me to your channel a few months back. Somehow I had never even heard of you before that.

  323. ey3lid

    Soooo proud of you <3
    Love the products as well, the scent is amazing

  324. OMG this is so going on my birthday list! All of it! I WANT IT ALLLLLL….

  325. Zuilla Where can I find this stuff very nice ? Loving Arab , Saudi Arabia😟💗💗💗

  326. Zoella Where can I find this stuff very nice ? Loving Arab , Saudi Arabia

  327. I saw that guineapig makeup bag today in real life and it was perfect! Good job Zoe!

  328. Congratulations on your new products they look so girly i love the packaging and cant wait to go and try them all out. You are a big inspiration and i will be definatley purchasing a copy of your book. Please keep blogging as i love reading your posts. x if you have time check my blog out but you probably way to busy for that lol http://sarahluberts.blogspot.co.uk/

  329. nicole

    congrats! I just received the lotion last week and it is so nice!

  330. Ellie

    Hey xx
    I can't wait to get all your new products!! I read you blog all the time and I have just started one !! Could you possibly look at it ?? http://elliequill.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 I blog about makeup and beauty items I like, I would really appreciate IT if you looked at it xxx

  331. Omg ! I love the make up pouch very much !!

  332. It is even harder to comprehend how Ryan Eagle Scammer think they are going to swindle people into believing their devious lies and unbelievable stories.

  333. Looks great darling. Actually I have recently found a series of natural products on mamilan.com which includes creams and soaps, I tried them and the results are amazing! The products clean the skin, give it moisture, clarify it, remove the dead layer of skin.

  334. These products are so cheap and rubbish with a massive tacky name across them…why would anyone buy this garbage?

  335. Wow love it, looks adorable! Are you doing any free samples? I love getting samples you should get your stuff added to sites like WOWFreeStuff UK people would go crazt over your stuff!

  336. Love the way the products are presented.

  337. i love love love love love the designs! so cute xx

  338. hello zoe :) iv recently brought one of your makeup bags and i love it, i think all of your products are amazing and the candle and scent smell gorgeous. i started reading your blog a while back after i discovered your youtube channel and you've done amazingly well. You have inspired me to start my own beauty blog which is something i have considered doing for a while however i didn't have the confidence and worried quite alot about what people thought. if anyone would like to check it out the link is georgierosearney.blogspot.com x

  339. wow they look beautiful. great for gifts !!!


  340. so excited!!!
    It looks so cute!
    But I can't buy it in Holland, is it?

    X Anne-Lynn

  341. Love your new range! I've even made a special blog on it! 💛

  342. My local Superdrug doesn't have these in store! :(

  343. OMG so happy for you Zoe love it all it is so awesome continue to be awesome xx

  344. Hey Zoë, I love the way they look and such, but it sucks that i live in the Netherlands and idk how to order each one of them, i wanna get the candle also but i can't find it on any website you linked, yea feelunique but it's not for sale bc when i click on it it's 'not availanle'or something, i wanna get it aaaaalll!! but no idea how :(

    I also wanted to let you know, i started a blog, you inspirated me so much to follow my drams and to say yes to them and make them true, i would love some tips and ideas and a feedback from the girl whom made it all possible for me, YOU? <3 Love u Zoë

  345. Amazing 💕 but there all sold out 😭

  346. They dont sell the candle anymore! :( x

  347. MsDmc24

    Well done these look beautiful I w

  348. i wan't to buy it but i don't know if you can buy it in the Netherlands?

  349. Iv'e got the eyes beauty bag, the fizz bar, bath soak and I know its not part of your range but my nan got me a phone case with the dots and guinea pig on it. I love them so much, and i cant wait till you release girl online 2. The first girl online was amazing xx

  350. I live in Japan and the shipping is unavailable! Really sad! :,/

  351. Loving your products Zoe! I only have the make-up bags but I'm planning on getting the rest of the range (when I find them in the shops) :)

  352. I love thm……but will it be available in the store now….?

  353. I'd like to try the body mist it it is good to my skin.


  354. Really really like the look of your beauty range Zoe. I really would love to try them out if my skin was in better condition in terms of sensitivity. I will definitely be buying one of the make-up bags when I get some money though as I think its just too cute. Can't wait to see if you produce any more products!
    Love Shazii x

  355. .

    Really awesome Zoe. Kinnies

  356. i really want the guinea pig pouch and the one with your eyes! i think they are both so cute and pretty, just likeyou zoe. i wish these came out in the philippines as well, since i'm such a big fan of you and it'd be real awesome if i had zoella merchandise. love you zoe :)

  357. WOW. Where do you buy the candle, I cant find it anywhere. Is it sold out?

  358. I can't find the candle anywhere, its not in Superdrug, and its not on Feel Unique, and its not on Amazon, WHERE IS IT!

  359. I absolutely love these! I have the spotty make up bag, used all the fizz bar and still have the candle on the go!
    Its all so lovely, and the scent is soooo good. You inspired me to start my blog Zoe. Thank you xxx

  360. Jay

    where sells the candle?

  361. abbie collyer

    Love all of your products especially soak opera

  362. Emily


  363. Catherine

    please bring back the candle! I would LOVE to buy it! I live in Ireland and we don’t have superdrug here so when I was going to buy it on feel unique, it was gone off of it :( please bring it back <3

    • Alana

      We do have superdrug over here in Ireland

      • Iga

        What county ;/

        • Alana


    • Alicia Parry

      I didn’t even know there was a candle till now!

  364. Girl Online

    ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ Who wouldn’t buy this?!

  365. hope

    i love your videos

  366. ValkyrieXMystique

    All yourl new tutti frutti products are amazing and smell great but I think you should have done a candle x

  367. Petra Colic

    Wish I could buy it. I live in Iceland, it sucks really. Love you Zoe. You always make my day!

  368. Paige T.

    Is the bath stuff sutiable for sensitive skin ? Cause I would love to buy more the range if it wasn’t for my skin 😔💗

  369. Judith

    I live you Zoe, so exiting having you back in the blogging-part to, I haven’t really been a ‘blog-nerd’ until I read “Welcome Back” and “Nala’s Birthday”.
    Anyways I love you and Welcome Back!! ;)

  370. sukaina ather

    Where can i find your beauty products in USA?

    • Sofia

      Any Tilly’s should have the range in their stores

  371. Amber Fabian

    Happy birthday for Nala 🎈🎉🎁

  372. Diva Panjaitan

    love you zoooeee xxx

  373. sweet eclipse

    you videos are amazing cant wait for your new one

  374. Florence

    I just love all your creations! Continue making more and more, we are all so proud of you and we love you Zoe! <3

  375. Manya Lamba

    Hi Zoe!! I recently got your guinea pig pencil case/beauty bag. I used it as a pencil case for school and what I didn’t realize is that it would get super dirty. I was really excited about it and I got really mad when it got SUPER dirty. I ask my mom if she can scrub it with soap and water,but she said it will ruin it. So is there anyway I can clean up the mess in my pencil pouch please let me know.

    • Nicole

      I don’t think this happens only to Zoes case, ALL pencilcases gets dirty!!

      • Manya Lamba


  376. Zareh

    Hey Zoe:0

  377. Nana

    i wish i could buy it!!! :(

  378. Amber Fabian

    Hey love you products

  379. Amy xx

    I love u so much and love reading your blog

  380. Josh

    love you zoe!


  381. Lauren Fitzgerald

    I love your bath fizzer xx

  382. Natalya

    I can’t find the candle anywhere :( I didn’t even have time to buy it…..Is it not in the range anymore?

  383. Ciara

    I have the shower gel and body mist. I love them both and use the body mist everyday. This is my favourite scent ever! Xxx

  384. Katie Pike

    just bought your body lotion today

  385. Emma

    Can you get this in Australia?

  386. Araz Arqi


  387. Araz Arqi

    we love u zoe<3

  388. phoebe gamber

    could you blog post on all your favorite candles?!

  389. Leah

    I love you zoe I have everything in your collection xxx

  390. Ly Märdimäe

    i need this Zoella beauty :) :D

  391. Maggie heymans

    They should come to the US

  392. alex

    does anyone know where i can get this in the usa.

  393. Erin McPartland

    can I buy your products in the USA? I live in New York, can I get them here?

  394. Nives Holajn

    I love your videos, these products are amazing, I’m having hearts in my eyes all the time! ;)

  395. Joni

    I love these products xx

  396. stella

    Dear Zoe,

    Yes this is going to be long, I just wanted to remind you how amazing you make my day. As soon as I here the *ding on my phone and seen that you’ve posted a spark lights up inside me. Even if it’s 2 mins-20 mins I’ll still love the video! I have not yet got any of your beauty products, however they are all on the top of my 2015 Christmas list. Ahhhh christmas!! super duper excited! I have read “Girl Online” and can not wait to get “On Tour” in a few weeks!
    Love ya,
    From 12 year old, Geneva, Switzerland xxx

  397. Karys

    Love your blogs.

  398. Rosiekiss123


  399. Jasmine_xx12

    I really wanted to get Girl On Tour book signing but its just so unfair loads of my friends all got one and I checked the website and obviously they were all out im honestly so sad- im always the odd one out- love you zoe

    • eve

      I feel the same as you loads of my friends got one aswell and I didn’t I was so upset.

  400. Nadya Kanarieva

    Why does your range not have the leaping bunny logo for certified cruelty-free cosmetics? It means it either is tested on animals, or the ingredients are. Very misleading to put the “not tested on animals” sign without any formal certification.

  401. paris strong

    you are so amazing just finished your book and I read it in a week. You are my inspiration and I love all of your products even though I have none some of my friends do and I have used some of them. ILYSM

  402. Niamh Dean

    Are her products tested on animals?

    • Emzhalz 02

      No it says on the bottle 😀

  403. lucyyyrose

    love this range <3

  404. eve

    I love these products so much and PLEASE can you upload a vlog am I missing your vlogs so much as I have watched most of your vlogs from the recent years twice!!!! I love you so much zoe I cant wait to get my hands on your Christmas range (hopefully)

  405. Georgia Browning

    Bring back the candle!

  406. chloe greening

    brought the bag with pink backgroung and gold spots yesterday from superdrug

  407. Eilaf Memon

    Does anyone have tried her beauty products actually I’m a kid but I like her alottt she deliver her beauty products in Africa too but I don’t know how these products are and if anyone have tried her then please tell me how they are ?

  408. Abby

    will Zoe get the products back in so i can buy them from the US???? The sites she gave us does not work for me.

  409. Maud

    I wanted to buy your hand cream on feel unique but it’s gone and since I am in France I can’t have it with superdrugs :(

  410. Emily

    Where can i buy lets glow?I NEED IT IN MY LIFEEE :)))))

  411. Rachel

    I recently got some of your products brought back for me from the UK, I live in Canada, I love your hand cream. I really want to get blissful mistful but I don’t know how I’d get it now :( hopefully I can get stuff from your future collections as well.

  412. keira

    so nice

  413. Lunch and Lit

    I NEED that guinea pig make up bag, but unfortunately I think the only place I can get it right now (in the US) is from Amazon, and they want $40! That is 28 pounds! Any ideas where I can get it cheaper in the US?

    • Alicia Parry

      Order it online on feel unique

      • Lunch and Lit

        They either don’t carry it anymore or it’s no longer in stock. It doesn’t show up on the feel unique site.

        • Melanie

          Try cloud10beauty

  414. lottie Stonehouse

    will they be available in Bangkok

  415. Anna

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows where you can buy zoella products in nz 😄

  416. Abigail Thambiran

    Is it possible to purchase any Zoella products online to deliver to South Africa? I absolutely love your videos but I can’t get any of your products because they aren’t available! :(

  417. Brooke Jessop

    I absolutely love your products zoe! Such good quality and the packaging is beautiful. I did a review of them over on my blog! hope it does your products justice x


  418. Rebecca Johnson

    Please bring your beauty products to America!! I can’t get anything of yours because my parents refuse to but something from overseas. I really want your bags and lip balm. Please bring your beauty products to America for those who can’t get a hold of it.

    • Sofia

      Tilly’s has the beauty range xx

      • Rebecca Johnson

        There are no Tilly’s anyone near me. It would take an 8 hour drive to go to the nearest store. It’s not a very popular store where I am

  419. Tin Kerbelle

    Hello:) I just came across Zoella Blissful Body Mist and the scent was so lovely, I couldn’t help buying it, despite going into London Drugs for something else. Did I mention that this London Drugs is in Victoria, BC, Canada? Good on you for going from a cool blog to a fully-fledged business with products being sold worldwide – I love success stories like that!:)

  420. Sara

    I live in Iran, i’d loooove to buy your products from the first one but I cant cause They dont import them😭

  421. Crystal

    I know that I can buy most of the range on feelunique, but it will never let me get the body mist. It always says it cannot ship to the USA. Will there ever be an option that the body mist can be shipped to the usa?

  422. Molly Christinex

    Can your products be used on sensitive skin/ skin with eczema

  423. Kameron Harness

    When the “Bake My Day” stuff comes out, can you order it and ship it to the US?

  424. Mrsh

    Hi can you please tell me where I can purchase the pink guinea pig cosmetic bag,have tried Superdrug with no luck thanks


    Can this stuff be delivered to South Africa??

  426. Evelynn

    Hi Zoella!
    You probably won’t read this, but I adore you. Like, seriously do. And I’ve been saving up to buy your products but I can’t find them in Toronto (Canada)! Would you please alert me if they are available there? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

    Thank you so so much!
    xx Eve

    • Mary

      Check walmart in hand cream/ body wash section. I just got 5 of her products at walmart mayfield/bramalea in Brampton! :) :)

  427. Airin Jazlin

    I wish i can be a stockists for zoella’s products. Theres so many products that im interested in buying but theres none in Singapore :(

  428. Emily

    you could do a countries collection where you have scents from other countries

  429. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your Line!!! <3 I just got some of the new Gelato products and love!!!

  430. I really really really want to get my hands on the new jelly and gelato line and your lifestyle range soon! They are both on my christmas list! you know what else is on there….. sugg life merch and your books! I love you so much and support you as well. You’re my inspiration everyday! xxxx

  431. Aislinn Overholt

    Have you thought of making pallettes that are cheap yet work really well and have more than 20 colors

  432. Rebekah Whybrow

    Used the snow smooth body butter before bed at 3am and suddenly my skin has a reaction to it! I applied to my right leg, and no I have a bright red swollen leg. Not too impressed. My skin is perfectly fine with all of the other products from the same range but not this one. Very upset 🤨

  433. milyka

    Where can I find your beauty products in Australia