Dresser – Oliver Bonas
Jewellery Drawers – Oliver Bonas
Lamp – Heals
Yellow and Grey Cushions – Edited
Bed – Made
Throw – Edited
Pillowcases – Not On The High Street
Panda Cushion – Edited 

I know you all loved the little peek inside my living room, so I thought I’d give you another glimpse into my flat and my decorating style. My bedroom is probably the room you see the least as I film most of my videos in the spare bedroom; I love to keep my bedroom a calm and quiet space where I can escape if I need to!

The colour scheme is quite similar to the rest of the house, everything is very grey and yellow/mustard based, which goes with the light walls and white bedding. I absolutely love the Big Spoon/Little Spoon cushions, I think they are just so cute!

You might have spotted my new Rose Gold Lamp in a vlog recently, it’s from Heals and is really beautiful, it has made such a lovely addition to the room. I love the dresser from Oliver Bonas, it is quite unique in design, the little different pops of colour on the drawers brighten up the room.

  1. It's beautiful! Even on your daily vlogs!♥︎ This is like the perfect style! Even for me! PS:Love you loads!

  2. I love how art deco and minimalist you've made the room, yet it still gives off vibes of cosiness and relaxation! Lovely post as always

  3. Your Room is gorgeous and the pillows are super cute!

  4. Aw I wish my uni room looked as sweet as your bedroom does!

  5. Ahhh!! That rose gold lamp is to die for!!

    Love, Katrina

  6. Absolutely love how you've decorated your bedroom and your flat! Obsessed with the rose gold lamp, think I need it!


  7. I really love the rose gold lamp and those big and little spoon pillows. Love you

  8. I love the big and small spoon pillow~!

    Nice bedroom Zoe!

  9. It's very beautiful, I do like those colors and I especially LOVE your dresser!
    Love from France :)
    – Clemence

  10. I need those big spoon/little spoon cushions!


  11. It looks beutiful :)


  12. I'm in love with your colour scheme Zoe! ❤


  13. ~Katie~

    Those cushions and pillows are so cute :)
    Katie x

  14. WOWS

    Love the wood furniture details! Cool!!!!
    I have already started to share some Interior Design posts. Have you seen them?

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  15. Erin

    Your room is gorgeous! I love that you mix modern & vintage pieces!

    Erin // http://beingerin.com/

  16. I love the big spoon little spoon cushions and the lamp :) it's so organised and neat! I have way too much stuff and so little space to keep my room this tidy :P not so keen on the dresser though, and it's so expensive! I guess each to their own, probably one of those things you either love or loath :) cute room though (and the adorable panda!!)
    lots of love
    Jamie xox Reaping Beauty

  17. As.x

    Absolutely gorgeous!
    Great inspo here for my room


  18. I love the quirky retro vibe!! Can't wait to move out to my own little home :) X

  19. I wish I had the motivation to completely revamp and my bedroom and make it look like this! You have such an amazing eye for interior design, it's crazy
    Zelda xxx

  20. Ellie C

    Aww you have such a cute bedroom! I can't wait to finally move out and start decorating, it looks so fun! x

  21. Perfect style. Love the little quirky bits and bobs – so much inspiration! x


  22. You have such a lovely and unique style! :)

  23. Brett

    Love this post so much, Zoe – I love it when you show us around your flat!!! You have great taste :D

    xo Brett

  24. I love how you’ve kept your room a calm and quiet space. It’s a wonderful thing to come home and have a quiet place to relax and just breathe. Your room is gorgeous! You really do have an amazing sense of style. <3

  25. i may has just bought those pillow cases, oops

    i absolutely LOVE all your decor, so jealous

    helen rose x

  26. Big Spoon and Little Spoon – how cute. Love this. Now, please do a bathroom sneak peak!

  27. Queenie

    Your room looks gorgeous! Love the furniture, lamps and especially the pillow cases – so cute! We have 'him' and 'her' pillow cases too! xxx


  28. Deenie

    I love the retro feel to your flat, I'm moving away in less than a year and I'm already looking out for all the bits and pieces I'm going to take as inspiration for my own little space I can decorate!

  29. That is so lovely! I love love love the rose gold lamp, so adorable and unique! I really like your way of decorating your house! :)

    See you,

    Cinthya | cinthyarose85.blogspot.com

  30. The little snippets of your bedroom is amazing!!!


  31. I'm in love with this colour scheme and simplicity!
    So inspirational!
    fromMarlee and You

  32. Farah O

    love your style <3

  33. I absolutely love your dresser! So cute and vintage looking. Those pillows are super cute as well :) x


  34. Lexie

    I absolutely love the rose gold lamp, it's so pretty and different – I haven't seen anything like it before x

  35. love your colour choices Zoe! XX

  36. Beautiful choices! Everything looks so great!


  37. Sara

    Gorgeous bedroom, absolutely adore it… but I mean who's gonna spend £225 on a throw? :O

  38. osum ..!!!!!!!!!!! blusheart.blogspot.com/

  39. You have such a unique sense of style when it comes to decorating, I love it Zoe! :)


  40. Mia

    Beautiful :)

  41. Just simply beautiful!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your room with us!! <3

  42. I love the hint of yellow! such a pop!

  43. Originally!
    I love it! :)

  44. It looks like you have a gorgeous cozy room! I love the color scheme and that little spoon pillow is SO CUTE!


  45. Kasia

    I love your big/little spoon cushions, I want some in my bedroom :)

  46. Amy

    Love this! Looks so nice!

  47. Stefany

    You, my dear Zoe, are so talented and have great taste in everything! Thank you for being an inspiration and posting these little things. I really love how much work you put in everything you do.
    Stay amazing!

    xx from Copenhagen
    Black Irony blog

  48. I think I might be in love with your dresser and jewellery drawers! Ahah.
    Lovely and simple decoration ♥

  49. the drawers look slightly vintage and it's so pretty!

  50. Loce how your bedroom looks!!


  51. Susanna

    I love how you've succeeded to include the yellow/mustard colour, that can be really hard to do! I especially like the dresser and jewellery boxes from Oliver Bonas, are they expensive? I'm sorry to ask, but I don't know much about British brands…

    Hugs from Sweden

  52. I wish I had a cute house like yours. Maybe next year!
    You have really good taste in decoration, Zoe.
    Have a good day!

  53. I really love the pillowcases !!

  54. love the way you set up your bedroom :)

    emily xx


  55. Some gorgeous pieces in here Zoe!! Great taste! Lilly xx alittlelilly.blogspot.nl


  57. I love your style! I never would have thought to go with those colors but it works so well!


  58. Laura.

    Gorgeous, Zoe! You have lovely taste, similar to my own actually. I loooove the pillow 'little spoon' that's fantastic. I wish I had a room like yours, it's so beautiful.


  59. The yellow/mustard shade with the grey looks so lovely, your interior style is amazing Zoe!

    – Becca x

  60. I i love your style, it is so cute – Jagoda x

  61. This color scheme is my favorite! Zoe, you have the best eye for everything! Jealous! But I'm so excited to do the fall decor piece for Maniac Magazine's blog and maybe my own!


  62. Your bedroom is so cute!! I love the whole Yellow and Gray color scheme you have going throughout your house! I absolutely love gray! Wearing it, decorating with it. I just love it sooo much!! :D

    And the lamp really is a nice touch! It's so stylish. I do remember it in your vlog! You have an eye for interior decorating! <3


  63. I just love how everything is so put together. This is definitely inspiration for when I get my own place. Which will be in… 1, 2 years? Oh well, you might as well dream, right?


  64. Oh my gosh I want everything! That sideboard though…hubba hubba!



  65. Ooh I can't wait to start decorating my bedroom, although it will look pants compared to this! Love the dresser I just wish I had enough money for stunning décor like that :/ xoxo

  66. Abi S

    Lovely post! I love the lamp and the cushions it's so cosy! Abi :)

  67. Love this post! All your blog posts and videos are SO inspiring! :) xx <3

  68. I love those lamps so much! X


  69. Your bedroom is so adorable! Love the round table and the rose gold lamp! x

    Sophia | sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  70. You have a fantastic flair for interior decorating. In love with the drawers, the lamp and the colour scheme x

  71. gabssss

    Beautiful bedroom! The panda cushion is absolutely adorable; I have a bit of a panda obsession :)

    xo, Gaby

  72. Omg your bedroom is gorgeous! I love yellow and green together!

    ieyra | babysoulz

  73. Javen

    I wish my future house can be as nice!

  74. Sarah

    Your room is sooo beautiful!! I can't get over how tidy it is, well I guess you probably cleaned it before ha, but mine looks like a bomb site, can't clean it because I don't know where to begin!
    The lamp is gorgeous, you've got such good style :)


  75. Emzi

    Looks so lovely :D

  76. Zoe you have a really nice taste, not only with fashion, but with interior design too!! I would never have guessed, that this color combination can be as pretty as it is!! LOVE IT! :)

    I have a blog too, I'd be so happy if somebody came and visited it :) I feel kind of bad doing this self-promotion, haha sorryy <3

    Berry The Blue

  77. Love all the little touches you've made, really makes the room lovely and homey and really pretty!


  78. It is so beautiful! I am surely going to buy some of the same funiture for my flat!

  79. Maria

    The style of your flat is amazing! It's exactly something I could imagine my own future house having :)

    and I love your blog! I watch your videos as well! I just recently started blogging, you being one of my inspirations! I know you get a ton of comments like this, but I'd just love if you (or anyone who happens to read this :D) would check it out! I don't have many posts yet, but I have loads planned.

    So if you want to see some thoughts about make up, fashion and everything by a finnish girl (the blog is in english), check this out: thegirlcalledmaria.blogspot.com/

    Love you loads Zoe XX

  80. Your bedroom looks extremely neat and clean. I love all of the pillows, including the ones with the prints, the scripts, and the panda graphic. The set of small drawers looks pretty and very helpful for keeping things neat and organised. The lighting looks excellent too.


  81. You have fab taste, wish you'd come and decorate my flat! Loving the panda cushion :)

    Frankie x

  82. Mel

    love the panda cushions and rose gold :)


  83. Great choice of color palette, it is cozy yet still fresh! I have been eyeing up that lamp ever since I saw you open it in a vlog and adored how you styled it in your room! :)

  84. Zoe, you have a talent. Your bedroom looks absolutely amazing! The pillows are adorable as well.

  85. Helena

    I love your bedroom. It's really pretty. Little spoon and big spoon are so cute. x


  86. sara

    Its basically all about trendy accessories and that is what women bother the most which is a good thing because fashion should be the one that is in trends.'

    fashion Blend Dresses

  87. Sam

    I love your pillows! That panda one is so cute and the big spoon little spoons ones are adorable!

  88. Ohh how I always love your photos! And rose gold is soo nice! :))


  89. Love Love Love the bed and pillows. <33

  90. Amazing style! I love the colour scheme and it has a kind of eclectic/Scandinavian feel to it. Particularly love the chest of drawers!


  91. Your bedroom is beautiful, I love the little draws that looked like stacked books, i tried to make a pot that looked like stacked books once but its not particularly grerat :) great to see you more on your blog xx

  92. You have a lovely bedroom! I wnated that mine looks a little bit more like yours… That rose lamp is just waaaw… I'm in love with it! Why you just cann't do my bedroom too? :p

  93. I love the dresser and jewelry drawers from Oliver Bonas!! Such eye catching and unique pieces of furniture, they go really well with the rest of the room! xx


  94. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I really, really love the color scheme. That panda pillow is simply adorable!


    Sweet Helen Grace

  95. - Karen

    You've done a fabulous job with making your place a home Zoe!
    LOVE the panda cushion! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  96. Love the wooden stacked drawers, seen some like this on Urban outfitters homeware section :)

  97. lorvin this Zoe it is fab and it so pretty, just like you and your pretty little personalty. I am literally dying to find out more about Zoella beauty this or next week, so proud and excited for you Zoe <3

    http://abirdhouseblog.blogspot.co.uk/ xxxxxxxxx

  98. I love you decorating style Zoe! You have a really great color scheme and some adorable items in your flat! I really liked this post. :)


  99. Such a quirky little room, I kind of need those pillows in my life! x

  100. Such a beautiful room love your interior style

  101. Your bedroom is simply gorgeous! I am in love with the design and simplicity of it all, but everything compliments each other well and is just stunning! I would love to have something very similar.

    Also you daily vlogs are wonderful. I love waking up (in Australia) to watch them.
    M x


  102. This bedroom looks absolutely stunning. At first I thought 'eww grey and yellow sounds awful and boring' but as soon as I seen the living room and bedroom I completely changed my mind. It goes together so well! Im moving house quite soon and want to make my bedroom more adult like so gonna use this as a guide and definitely gonna invest in the GoodHomes magazine :)

    Have a look at my fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and make sure to leave a comment as I look forward from hearing from everyone :)


  103. Your style decor is so retro but also chic. Love it!
    Keep doing these posts! Pleaaaaaaaaaaase!

  104. I love the drawers the color on the wood make it 10x more interesting. It really pops just like all the pillows. The lamp is also so cool I have never seen anything like it before. I was wondering does the light bulb get as hot as a normal bulb? Just wondering, because if it is a little cooler, I would definitely consider buying it!

  105. nueyork

    Your room is stunning and I love the mix of different mediums and eras. Definitely a good balance of old and new.


  106. I love how you incorporate modern decor and furniture with vintage style decor and furniture. Your house looks stunning.

  107. Your room design is so beautiful ! I especially love the cushions, they add such a pretty touch of colour :)

    Andrea //

  108. I love those pillows so much!


  109. I love everything about your home design, Zoe! It combines modern with retro and it's perfect! I also love the little details like the drawers and lamps- once I'm old enough to have my own place this will definitely be some of my inspiration! x
    -Emily | http://emilysbees.blogspot.com

  110. Love everything <3 Would you be able to suggest any awesome interior design books? Everything in your house is literally perfection, so jealous! Have an awesome day Zoe! :)


  111. I just love all of your blog posts it's insane. It could be about anything and I'll still read it.


  112. I absolutely love the lamp it is so great!!! :)

  113. Can I move in? Just kidding and love your bedroom! So simply… But beautiful!!! :).

    Kejmy ♥.

  114. Quite a refreshing color scheme!

  115. The retro yet modern feel really suits you and that rose gold lamp is an amazing choice!

  116. Beautiful room and dresser! i love what you have done to the room xx

  117. Looks fab, I love it!


  118. I love these kinds of posts, I hope when I move out I can make my rooms look just as good as yours, but put my own print on them and choose my own colour scheme.

    A xox

    Feel free to check me out:

  119. I love your style. Is Zoella interior designers next on the list? ;) Wish my home looked like this, reading posts like this makes me want to decorate!

    X Kate | A British Sparkle

  120. I have those 'big spoon, little spoon' cushions! Etsy is the best!

  121. I adore the beautiful rose gold lamp; it's so different :) Gorgeous! x

  122. Them drawers are gorgeous!

  123. Etak O

    The rose gold lamp. The grey and yellow colour scheme. The big spoon little spoon pillow cases!!! Love so much about your room!! That's it I'm saving up and redecorating haha!! Also can I just say I am so excited to hear and see more about Zoella Beauty, congratulations and best of luck with the launch :) x


  124. That jewellery box! <3 I am tempted to splurge on it. The dresser is to die for too. Damn you student budgeting!

  125. Love the color scheme. It looks lovely! :)

  126. Great design – it kinda reminds me of the interior design of a flat in the sixties. The dresser reminds me of one of those old-school TV sets, too.

  127. Love everything about it Zoe ! You have an amazing sense of style for decoration and design ! I'd be very interested if you could make more posts about that subjects and videos with tips to decorate a space etc. Would be lovely!

    xx Victoria

  128. Your bedroom looks so clean and white! Must be perfect for filming videos in. Love it!

    Katie White ~ The Duchess of Suds
    Artisan Soap Bar Giveaway

  129. I love the colour scheme! So similar to my taste


  130. I love your blog so much! really! before one or two month i designed my room new, now im jealous about this room on your blog! :( :D

    greetings- Kathie from Mongoniella


  131. Ahhh I just love your colour coordination and room styling so much! It has given me some massive inspiration when considering what I would like to do for my home when I move out…. It's never to early to prepare! :)

  132. K*

    It's so beautiful! I love the little drawer and your lamp!


  133. OH MY DAYS! Soooooo in love with the colorful drawers! and that rose gold lamp is perfection……
    New to the blogger/blogging world and wanted to follow zoella but she had the maximum amount of followers so I cant :(


  134. i really love this post and the living room one because i am trying to make my room a bit of a twist but its proving difficult because of the small room, and here you have made your room seem fab and wonderful, lovin it zoe xxxxxxxx


  135. Aw these pillowcases are so cute!
    It's really nice! I love how you have just enough decorations not too much not too little! Xx

  136. I absolutely love the dresser. I do not know why but the little cabin in the dresser with the window reminds me of an old television.

  137. I honestly love you and watch your youtube videos all the time! Your decorating style is perfect just like you. You are an inspiration and I can not wait to watch your next youtube video. This post is so good and so simple. Though it is simple, it still makes the room probably pop!

  138. I agree! Zoe you have such gorgeous taste <3

  139. I really like that room, especially the dresser!! Something totally diffrent :)

  140. Lovely Zoe ^_^ I Love your style <3 <3

  141. Aashna

    I love how neutral everything is. My room walls are light grey bordering white and at first I hated it, but now I love how neutral it is. Your room is so neat and clean and cute ^.^ I have yet to decorate mine, still deciding what to do with it, but you gave me a few ideas (:


  142. Syeda

    I am obsessed with this retro meets contemporary design! My favourite pieces are little stack of mini drawers and the rose gold lamp! x


  143. I want Zoe to be my interior designer when I get a flat! Please check out and follow my beauty and fashion blog:


  144. everything about this room is just perfect!

  145. awww i agree! panda's are the sweetest! i loved the big spoon, little spoon pillows too! super cute:)

  146. The rose gold lamp is just perfect! I'm in love with it, it would go so well with my room as well :) I love how you're more comfortable with sharing your space now as you weren't a few months back. Loove the retro theme in your house so far, the colour scheme is just great :)


  147. Your room looks like the place where you have the best rest and calm! Really love the colors especially the cupboard ones. Love your bedroom!

    Victoria ♥

  148. I love that pop of yellow theme you have going throughout! Beautiful! Not on the highstreet is literally my saviour! I live in that shop. Lovely little post x

  149. Can't wait to move out so I can decorate my house like this!! X

  150. Ellen

    I love the dresser and jewellery drawers! They're just the kind of thing I'm looking for to put in my bedroom, thank you for this post!

    -Ellen x

  151. That is so cute! I've been loving your vlogs btw!


  152. The room looks amazing. the colors look great together.The theme is so cute.In a way its old fashioned and i love that.The pillows and everything are cute great work!

  153. Coba

    Your home looks like a presentation room. In a good way.
    But I am happy that I watch your vlogs, so I know there is human,
    normal mess in your apartment every now and then :D Also: I want everything v_v

  154. The big spoon and little spoon pillows are too cute! The rose gold lamp is also gorgeous! xo


  155. Hannah

    Such great style! I am completely obsessing over that dresser. So cute!


  156. Estefa

    I recently discovered your blog/youtube and I am obsessed!!!


  157. The pillows are so cute! and the dresser is just amazing, you have a brilliant eye for colour.


  158. Eva

    omg, so perfect, ever single thing, but especially that lamp, it's absolutely gorgeous!!!


  159. Everything is beautiful!


  160. Everything looks so different and quirky! I cannot wait until I have my own house and I can begin decorating it all! Love your blog Zoe :)


  161. Arianne

    I just LOVE your style! It's so cozy-looking :) I love the big/little spoon covers as well :D


  162. I love how we have similar housing tastes! It's a shame I'm living in University accommodation! :/

  163. the rose gold lamp is the best xx


  164. Love your interior, the miy of some new and some more retro kind of furniture. You really have some great taste Zoe.
    Lots of love,Marye


  165. Wow Zoe!! Your room is so gorgeous! I love it. :) xx


  166. http:lulubxox.blogspot.pt


  167. Jade M

    I absolutely love your sense of interior design, we have very similar tastes when it comes to home decor. Love the vintage pieces you incorporated as well!


  168. Hello Zoe! I love how you mix and match the different elements together and you've inspired me to pursue a similar theme for my own house if i were to get it in the future! I'm from Singapore and i found this website the other day and thought that these cushion covers (especially the MUSTARD one) will go well with your house theme! I'm definitely not trying to promote SG products, I just thought that you might like the idea of these cushion covers because you mentioned in one of your vlogs that you love cushions, thus i want to share it with you! Hope you check those cushion covers out and if you do get it, will you show them in your vlogs? So that i know you read my comment and checked them out :-) Love you Zoe and hope i'll be able to meet you someday be it in Singapore or some other places <3

  169. Those 'big spoon, little spoon' pillow cases are absolutely gorgeous! If anyone knows anywhere you can get ones similar that would be amazing.
    Gorgeous room Zoe ♥

  170. Oooh Lovely room it is! <3 :-)

  171. Munchie

    Thank you so much looking to redesign my room modern-vintage and I love this!!! 💡INSPARATION💡

  172. Wow!!! Nice post. The furniture is so good, but I noticed the curtain is shorter than the partition giving an attractive look. Excellent decorate, highly impressive…!!! Some days before I purchased same as this type of table form Mrfurniture. co. It is a discount furniture store. Offering bedroom furniture, living room furniture, Dining room furniture, & kids furniture at affordable prices. i am so happy for this.I definitely love your taste for decoration!!!

  173. Em

    Those cushions! <3 :)

  174. Does anyone know where that circle side table is from? :)

  175. roxcee

    can any1 tell me where the little round table is from please?? I need it in my life!