I sort of think that with this post, the pictures speak louder than any words, and I’m also very unsure how I could possibly put into words just how amazing this night was for me (and hopefully others who attended).

I don’t want this post to be solely about the products even though that is what this night was all about, but I want to talk about why this was the best night of my life. I was surrounded by my family, my friends, fellow youtubers and bloggers, some who i’ve just met and others I’ve known through the joys of the internet for many years (and not had the chance to meet yet). I felt like there was so much support in that room and that everyone there was genuinely so happy for me and that was something I was so unprepared for. It was so overwhelming and I felt so happy to be with all these amazing people. I pinch myself every single day that this is my life, and that I have been so lucky to be given these amazing opportunities and to have so many friends who I feel like are standing right beside me the whole way, supporting the things I do with such genuinity. I felt so warm and fuzzy inside the entire evening and every time I caught sight of my products or my name on a giant tin bathtub or on the wall or the mirrors, I almost had to take a second glance to realise this was actually happening. In 2009, I attended my first launch event which was for Barry M, 5 years later, I had no idea I would be having my own beauty launch event with all my favourite people.




Among the many friends, bloggers, family and other youtubers who I am wholeheartedly so grateful to have in my life supporting the things I do and the path I am on, I am also eternally grateful to you reading this, the viewers and readers who have been here since 2009, or yesterday. I love you and thank you for making my dreams come true. The happiness scale right now is through the roof, so I will leave you to enjoy this montage of photos from the evening.



  1. Absolutely stunning Zoe!
    Many congratulations on the launch!

    Lucy xx

  2. so exited to buy your products!! Love you Zoella! kisses from spain!


  4. Thanks for showing the most amazing night of your life! I might only know you through your videos and your vlogs and your blog, but it's been epic to go through your journey from your bedroom to this! I can't wait to see what you have in store for you next, Zoe!! Thank YOU for being amazing! (I wondered if anyone would get in that both and should have guessed it would be you and your chummy! XD) xx

  5. So proud of you! Well done. The photos are stunning. So many smiles. Gorgeous.

  6. Congratulations Zoe! I'm so proud of you.

  7. So proud of you Zoe! All the products look amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on all of them! Which one was your favourite? And did you get to take a balloon home with you!? <3 xxx

  8. Ridiculously proud of you. You're so inspiring and so so beautiful. Congrats xx

  9. So happy for you Zoe! Just shows that all your hard work over the last few years has paid off. It looks like an amazing night!!

    Can't wait to try out some of the products!! Congrats!

    Joanne | http://www.fashion-oh.blogspot.com

  10. Such beautiful photos, of a very beautiful night! You should be so super proud of yourself, you have come so far! can't wait to get my hands on the products :) xxx

  11. Congratulations Zoe! :D
    It all looks amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on a candle and some bath fizzers!


  12. The venue for the event looked so great! And those marshmallows :o I don't know how anyone came away from the event without a food baby.

  13. Darling you look absolutely stunning and everything is so perfectly you! I am so happy and proud of what you've achieved it's crazy and mind-blowing to be honest! Congratulations Zoe! <3 xoxo

  14. ~Katie~

    This post made me a bit teary eyed. I'm so proud of you darling <3 watching you grow over the past few years has been so lovely. The photographs look stunning and the ones of you with Louise are my particular favourites. Also, your ceiling of balloons and the amaaaaaazing food look fab! I'm obsessed haha! Congratulations again on the products :)
    Katie x

  15. I cried!! I am so proud of you Zoe !!!:)

  16. You look BEAUTIFUL! The dress is absolutely stunning. Congratulations Zoe xxxxx


  17. Honestly so proud and excited and happy and squueeee I think my jaw actually dropped in amazement I love you a million the purists look amazing I can't wait for mine to arrive I sorta want all of them even tho I don't have a bath lol love from Australia, I hope I can meet you so I can give you the biggest hug and squeak and jump up and down in excitement xx

  18. So proud of you Zoe. You have done an amazing job of the products. Received mine today and LOVE them!
    Nilla Forever

  19. Inês

    So beautiful, I love that dress. And so happy for you!

    Inês x


  20. soo happy for you zoe! looks so amazing you deserve it :) x

  21. So proud of you Zoe… Rise and Shine even further ! :)

  22. I'm sooooo happy for you Zoe!!!! You deserve every Second of it!!!

  23. Rox ane

    You look amazing Zoe. Congrats!! :)

  24. Such beautiful photos! You looked incredible, that dress is gorgeous! So proud of you Zoe and can't wait to see what the future holds!


  25. Oh my gosh, Zoe, everything looks so lovely!
    I hope you had a perfect day, but I'm sure you had.
    The balloons, your dress, your hair, the products, your friends, everything looks so gorgeous!
    And last but not least,
    I wish for you that all your other wishes may also come true :)

  26. So proud of you Zoe! It looked like the most magical night ever. Im travelling to UK (among other places) from Australia in a few months and literally the first thing I'm going to do is find a superdrug so I can see these products for real! Xx


  27. I'm so proud of you Zoe! Everything looks perfect, you are perfect and you derserve all these friends and opportunities. You have worked and fought for this and you have overcome many fears. You're a role model for lots and lots of girls (and boys) and most importantly: you're an amazing and beautiful human being!
    Congratulations, I love you and don't forget to be proud of yourself!
    Lots of love! X

  28. This literally brought me to tears as I feel like my best friend has just won life's greatest lottery! Though I know that's not true as you have 6 MILLION other people who also think that you're their bestie!! Despite that I'm still so very proud of you! I live all the way in Australia and I've been watching your videos for about 2 years now and even though I can't buy half the products you talk about, I still love watching your videos and reading your blogs because you are just the most down to earth, relatable and lovely girl on the internet! So thankyou for sharing a little bit of you with us through your new beauty range!! Love you so much Zoe <3 Well done beautiful xoxoxo

  29. Mirjam

    Those pictures are so lovely, it looks like the most amazing evening. I'm so proud of how much you've grown through this and how much you've gone through to get where you are now. You are amazing, you are one of my biggest examples (along with Louise and Karen Gillan) and I want to thank YOU for being that. For giving me the inspiration when I need it, and a few minutes of happiness and relaxation every week, and now even every day. It's exactly what I need, so THANK YOU. I hope you have a lot of amazing things ahead of you, and I wish you all the best and happiness and luck in the world <3

  30. Aww congratulations Zoe! I'm so happy for you!!! You look gorgeous :)


  31. Well done so proud of you my birthday is on the 2nd of October and I love you to say happy birthday to me but its fine if you don't just know that I am so proud of you

  32. Coba

    You looked incredible in your dress and I am sooo proud of you!

  33. I wish I was invited to Emilia's party 😞 lol!


  34. I watched your vlog recently and I was really waiting for this post. You are my inspiration for 3 years and the most lovely YouTuber.
    You deserve it all!
    So happy for you!

    Greetings from Slovakia

  35. Awww Zoe I love you so much even though I have never met you but I have watched every single one of your videos/Vlogs and feel like I have met you. Your are such an inspiration to me! I was actually crying watching your vlog I was so happy for you! So Congrats for not just your launch but you having 6M subscribers you are absolutely amazing and more achievement to come you deserve it! Love,Alyssa (twitter:AlyssaR171) XXXXXXXXX

  36. Congratulations Zoe, you look absolutely incredible – I love your dress, looks like it was a fabulous evening :)

    Lauren xx

  37. Anna G

    I'm so happy and proud! I'm glad you had a great night with the ones you love. Everything looks amazing!! And again, I'm so proud; honestly, you are one of the reasons I started blogging.
    Anna xx

  38. ❤️ Congratulations Zoe! I hope your products would reach the Philippines.
    You have many supporters here who would be very happy to have them.

    Btw, you look lovely in your dress and the sparkles in your eyes show how happy you really are. Again, congratulations!


  39. Congrats Zoe! i'm so happy to see you come this far, i really can't wait to grab your products some day and i'm sure it would be amazing. You definitely deserve this. Well done xx

  40. Adeola

    Awww zoe so proud of you, I couldn't imagine this happening to anyone nicer! Well done girl x

  41. Congratulations Zoe! You looked stunning! It's so fun to look at all the pictures! I'm so happy that you were able to do this!

  42. Congrats Zoe! I'm so proud of you! you're an amazing girl, you know it ;) can't wait to buy one of the products. Thank you for giving inspiration and now i know that dreams come true.


  43. It seems ridiculous to be proud of someone I've never met but this is genuinely how I feel. What you have achieved is incredible! And your dress is stunning. Massive congrats!!!!


  44. Woohoo! Massive congrats to you, Zoe!
    It's great to see bloggers really taking great opportunities and growing as people and businesswomen!

  45. Congratulations Zoe! You looked so beautiful and your products sound amazing!!! There is only ONE problem….they are not stocked in stores in the USA!!! BOOHOO!!!! Great blog and pictures are so awesome!! Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a great weekend!!! <3

  46. Well done zoe. You are amazing and so inspirational!

  47. I would really love to have your products and also Tan's …. but sadly i live in Indonesia .. anyone knows how to get those amazing babies????

    Slumber Talk

  48. Milja

    Congratulations Zoe! You look gorgeous and so do your friends and family! xx

  49. Congratulations on all of your success Zoe! The pictures look amazing! I have only recently started watching your videos and reading your blog and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to them! You are such an inspiration and I wish you every happiness and success in the future! Thank you for always brightening up my day! :D <3 x

  50. Abi S

    Such lovely photos! I can't wait to try the products! I think it's so nice you had everyone there at the launch from family to friends to YouTubers from across the pond! It looked like such a cute party too I wish I was there! Abi :)

  51. Congratulations. I'm so thrilled for you , to see how far you've come is amazing. The range looks lovely and so you! The event looked amazing! X

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  52. This is so awesome, and I'm really happy for you Zoe.
    It's so inspiring to see what can be done with hard work and positive attitude.


  53. Anne

    Your dress is the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen in my life!
    I'm so happy you had an amazing night.
    I also can't wait for my Zoella Body Mist to arrive! So excited!!
    Congrats on everything you've reached! You deserved it, girl!

    Xx Anne

  54. Syeda

    I'm just a stranger who is a massive fan of yours but honestly, the happiness I feel for you right now is one that only a family would feel for their loved one. That's what I call this connection you have with your fans. We are a family xx


  55. amazing photos and looks like an amazing day!!
    congratulations on your beauty launch!!

    Vintage Melissa

  56. Congratulations Zoe xoxo You deserve every bit of it!
    Love You

  57. So exciting, I've loved watching the vlogs from the launch and you looked stunning! Congratulations.


  58. Jenny K

    Congratulations on this Zoe, it looks like an incredible night to celebrate what I sure is a huge amount of work!
    Jennifer x

  59. Shuling

    Gorgeous Zoe! Congratulations on #ZoellaBeauty ! U deserve what u acheived,no matter what I'll have to thank you for your videos/Vlogs and blog posts,they make me smile whenever i watch or read them:) Love you

    XOXO Shuling

  60. E

    Well done Zoe ♥ !! That party looked amazing! love from Finland!!

  61. kj01a

    Zoe, you can't pinch yourself… You have to have somebody else pinch you or it doesn't work!

  62. Sofie

    These photo's are amazing! You look so happy on every single one of them. I am so proud of you. How fun is that dress you're wearing!? If it was me I wouldn't be able to stop spinning around :p
    I wish you the best of luck for the future!!

    xx Sofie

  63. I'm so happy for you Zoe…..congrats <3


  64. So proud of you Zoe, cannot wait to try your products! It looked like a really great night.

    Amazzable xox

    Feel free to check me out:

  65. Gorgeous photos, it looked like it was a brilliant event – so proud of you Zoe!

    Frankie x

  66. This is so amazing, congratulations! You must feel on top of the world now! What an achievement :-D

  67. The party looked so amazing! So proud of you!! :D

  68. Amazing photos Zoe! Looks like you had an amazing night, you deserved it! So proud of you! Congratulations, I'll be picking up a lot of your products.x

  69. we are all so so so proud of you! you deserve the best, you are absolutely incredible and this world needs more people like you. i may not be a very active fan always commenting and everything but i've been following you for a few years now and have seen you grow and have grown with you and it's amazing how you get to do all of this stuff and you're still you, always feeling so overwelmed about everything and that's why you deserve it so much. you are the best, love you loads <3

  70. Incredibly excited for you and the launch of Zoella Beauty! Amazing things have happened and will continue to happen for you! Blessings from the States!

  71. Moniek

    It is amazing what you've achieved and how far you've come! You can be proud of yourself.

  72. Congratulations! Hope you had an amazing night. You deserve all the success as every blog post I've read about your launch has raved about how you truly are a down to earth, lovely person and how much everyone supports you! Well done Zoe! xx


  73. Zoe we are SO proud of you!
    Especially cause you look so happy on those photos, and that's what I love the most.
    Can't wait to have the products.
    Love from Brazil,

  74. Congratulations! Fabulous pics, speak for themselves…..:-)

  75. It was such a wonderful event! You were so pretty,as always , and the decoration was absolutely amazing with all the ballons and the sweets as I saw in your vlog and the photos…
    I am so proud for you and your achivements!You helped me through difficult situations and you have helped me with my anxiety,panick attacks,make up and my daily life as well! And I am so grateful for that!
    So thank you for all you amazing and helpful advices and for all the times you make me smile and laugh and for the times that will come!
    I hope the best for you,your family and your friends! Good luck!


  76. congratulation to your new beuty launch, and that is great that you have you own line,
    you look pretty and happy
    greetings megan

  77. Zoe, you making your dreams come true makes us believe that we can do the same. We're so proud and all the pictures look amazing. You're such an inspiration :)

    xx Cecil // http://www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com

  78. congratulations, so well deserved! It looked like an amazing night and I cannot wait to try your new products, well done Zoe :) xx

  79. Very beautiful pictures. So happy for you, congratulations !

  80. Amazing! I cannot believe all that has happened to you and can't begin to imagine how weird it must feel for you yourself! It's incredible that you've gotten so far and I am with you to carry on your great success! <3

    BerryBloomXO.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  81. Well done zoe. You are doing so well and achieving ao much. You should be so proud of yourself just as everyone else is of you

  82. Oh my god. My heart started racing when I was reading this post. You looked absolutely stunning!
    You're one of my favorite youtubers! Your smile and happy mood is always so contagious :D Thank you for sharing it with the world :)
    And I'm excited to try your products out! :)

  83. Stefany

    Zoe, I am very proud and happy for you! The photos are amazing, you looked gorgeous and so did all of the beautiful guests. You inspire me a lot!

    Many kisses and congratulations!
    * made a blog post about your products:
    Black Irony blog


  84. Massive congrats Zoe! Once again I really am proud of everything you have achieved so far and I know for a fact that this is only the beginning for you. Much better days are just on the door for you :) Your photos look lovely and the whole place looks like a Zoe wonderland! Absolutely adorable :)


  85. So proud of you Zoe ☺️ Love the photos and can't wait to try the products they look amazing 😍💗⭐️

  86. So proud of you Zoe! Congratulations 💕

  87. E

    So very well deserved, I am truly so so so happy for you, Zoe. I can't even explain what it means or why it means something to me, it's beyond words I've got to know in my whole life and perhaps someday I can.

    It's just so much happiness, genuine selfless happiness. So, thank you for introducing this feeling in my life. I wish you nothing but the best.

    Ed, x

  88. Jessie

    reading this gave me goosebumps!

  89. What a wonderful photo's Zoe!
    I started following you in 2012 and I'm so happy for you that you have already come this far!

    xx Valeire from ValerieRandomness.blogspot.com

  90. Congratulations – Gorgeous photos, and fully deserved!
    Enjoy basque-ing in your success :)

  91. Oh Zoe! :) So immensely proud of you! You are living proof that anxiety should never be a barrier from your dreams!!

    Chez xx


  92. Not going to lie, I shed a few tears every time I see Zoella Beauty mentioned. I'm both so happy and excited for you Zoe! I've been here for quite a few years now, and I'm so proud to be part of the Zoella community. Every time I see you reach a milestone or do something incredible, I get butterflies and my heart swells!
    You're the reason I gained the courage to begin blogging and the reason I continue on days when I feel like its all going down hill. Not only are you my inspiration in the field of blogging,, but also in real life. I just can't fathom the words to describe how much you mean to me Zoe. Even though we've never met, I feel like I could consider you as one of my best friends, and I'm so very proud of you. It's so lovely to have somewhere to go for a while where I can just watch your vlogs and videos or read your posts and instantly make my day 1000 times better.

    I love you so very much Zoe, and I can't wait to see what the future brings for you!
    I'm also very excited to get my mittens on your incredible products!

    Emily xoxo

  93. Congratulations Zoe!! You looked amazing on your launch night, I loved your vlog xx

    Beth | Alphabeth

  94. Congratulations Zoe, you're such a lovely person :)


  95. Jenna

    I Love you so much Zoe… I would love to meet you… Congrats!

  96. Zoe you are an inspiration. You have achieved so much so quickly, yet you are still so humble and real. You are still willing to stop on the street and talk to a viewer. To me the most important is how much you have continued to be yours even after all these years. The party and the beauty range are perfect examples of how much you are sticking to who you are.

    You deserve everything that is happening!


  97. This is so exciting to watch and of course a few tears were shed at the chummy moment. Such an amazing event and for an amazing person inside and out!


  98. Anne

    I just watched the vlog too! Congrats Zoe! I actually teared up when Louise began to cry. You two are adorable chummies! I love that side by side photos of you with Alfie and Joe. Stop pinching yourself Zoe. This is real! :)


  99. Dace La

    wow ZOE! that dress looks amazing on you :)
    and I am so happy for you !:)

  100. wow! your dress! the balloons! the festivities!
    it looks like a wonderful evening!
    congrats zoe!!
    from Marlee and You

  101. So proud of you, well done zoe!

  102. This is so amazing Zoey! I am so proud and very happy for you <3 Keep on being the stunning and successful woman you are xxx

    She Will Be

  103. Mimmi

    This looks like such a lovely event, and you look stunning! It's so nice to see how far you've come. You're such an inspiration!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


  105. Zoe, you are my all time inspiration! I love you so much, when I look at your progress and the success you've had I get so inspired! I love how you never change, how bubbly your personality is and I love how open and natural you are towards us ! I hope one day, my blog will lead me to so many amazing advetures just like yours did! I love you and I am so happy for you, you deserve it!


  106. Zozo did you took the balloon? haha im so proud

  107. Huge congrats Zoe! You looked amazing on the night and cannot wait to get my hands on the products xo.

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  108. I wish there would be a drugstore that inports these products cause I really whan to try the Body Scrub Just Like ALFIE :)

  109. Wow! Your dress was AMAZING! Loved your vlog on the event! Can't wait to get my hands on some of these products!

  110. Brett

    Zoe I am so proud of all you've accomplished even though I'm just another viewer and you've never met me it feels like so much more and I am so happy you've had this wonderful opportunity, there's no one who deserves it more. I can't wait to buy your products and I love you so much, I really hope you continue to vlog in the future and just thank you from making my life better with your video and blog posts :)

    Xo Brett

  111. Congratulations. Cannot wait to try your products.


  112. Congratulations Zoe!


  113. So proud of you Zoe! You've definitely got something to be proud of congratulations <3

  114. You looked gorgeous! Congratulations on zoella beauty, the proucts look really lovely!


  115. Congratulation Zoe ♡♡♡ so proud. You are so so lucky… so many friends and your family that loves you! And you are sooo beautiful! Oh gosh… you are incredibly stunning. And your dress was AMAZING ♥

    have a nice day


  116. So proud of you zoe!
    You deserve the best! Love you :) xx



  117. The photographs look incredible. It really does look like it was a fantastic night. Congratulations, you really deserve all the opportunities you have been given because you work so hard for them.


  118. I watched the vlog last night and it looks like it was such a good night. It must be feel so surreal seeing your name and products around the place!

  119. I'm so excited to get everything!

  120. Well done, a true success story! Can't wait to get your products, especially the bath bar. Sadly I can't use the candle whilst at uni so it'll be a real treat xx


  121. Congratulations! The event looked very pretty and you see yourself glowing! Good luck with everything!



  122. I'm so happy for you Zoe! Looks like it was a wonderful night. I can't wait to get all the products! :)

    Seren x
    Terrible Thrills

  123. Zoella, the night was perfection (and you look insanely gorgeous!)! I have been watching you on YouTube for a long time and when I saw the video I could not help but smile the entire time. I even cried a little! I am just SO happy for you!

  124. I have said this so many times already, but I am so incredibly proud of you, Zoe. You have accomplished so much over the years and you are truly an inspiration. Your videos can brighten up the darkest of my days and I cannot wait to meet you to tell you this in person and give you the biggest, warmest hug you've ever received because that's what your videos are to me, a warm, comforting hug! It's really great to see you making your dreams come true and I hope your life continues being this amazing. Much love! ❤

  125. Also, I forgot to say how GORGEOUS everyone looked! The balloons were so adorable!

  126. I've just watched everyone's vlogs from the night and I can't believe how beautiful that venue was, how beautiful you all looked, and how much the products seem to reflect your personality. I hope they come available in Canada, I would love to buy some and support you! So proud of you!

  127. Kelly

    CONGRATULATIONS, I've been following your blog since 2009, same time I started mine and it is amazing how much you have achieved. The products looks beautiful and the packaging is on point.

    Kelly's Journal

  128. Klar

    Congratulations Zoe! I love this post and you are awesome! <3

  129. Zoe I actually teared up a little while looking at the photos and watching your vlog.. I've been watching your videos and reading your blog since you had 200 000 followers and now look at you. 6 000 000 followers, you're launching your own beauty line, writing a book, you are one of the most amazing people I can think of, you have people who love you and your loves, you are such an inspiration to all the girls out there, the best rolemodel, you are so gorgeous, beautiful and so famous- yet you still are the same Zoe we all love.

    Berry The Blue

  130. So proud of everything you've accomplished! I'm sure that it was a very long journey to get to this point and I couldn't be happier for you.


  131. What amazing pictures, you looked stunning. Many congratulations! :-) I've been a subscriber and follower of your youtube channel and blog for several years and have seen your viewers and confidence grow from strength to strength. This is well deserved and I hope it's a great success, well done :-D HUGS, Dani xx

  132. Absolutely stunning photographs and Zoe you look absolutely breathtaking! that dress looks incredible :D
    Congratulations on this amazing achievement, I've followed your blog for so long now and to see all you have accomplished is truly inspiring :) I thought it was so sweet in the vlogs/instagrams/photos I've seen, seeing how much support you had and all the lovely people in your life there, even your old school friends who I've seen on older blog posts. It's amazing that everyone came together to be apart of the launch for you :D
    Hope you had a fantastic night, you've earned it for all your hard work :D


  133. I can't wait to get hold of your products! The body mist looks soo good and it's soo you!


  134. I can't get over how pretty you look! You're so stunning, and everything look so perfect and lovely. I can't wait to try your products!


  135. Wow! You look so beautiful Zoe!!!

  136. Where can we get your products in the US?! P.S. I am so proud of you! You have progressed so amazingly in the past few years. It has been an hour to watch you grow and find success, whilst still remaining humble. Way to go Zoe!

  137. Zoe you look absolutely stunning here! I'm sooo happy for you, and I love the line! I've already placed my order!!!

  138. You look absolutely beautiful Zoe! I'm so happy for you! I already ordered a few of the products and I cannot wait for them to come in(: xo


  139. So proud! :)

  140. I watched your vlog! Amazing! :) I'm gonna order your bodymist!

  141. Congratulations Zoe, you've done an amazing job on the products and everything you seem to turn your hand to, especially whilst staying so grounded at the same time.
    Well done, can't wait to see what the future holds for you next xx

  142. Wow this is incredible, congrats zoe!


  143. Amazing! Everything looks incredible. Well done Zoe, the products look incredible and the launch looks so much fun!


  144. I could not stop smiling while reading this post! I am so proud of you Zoe! Your dress is gorgeous and you looked beautiful. I can't wait to try your products. :) Keep up the good work!


  145. Congrats on all your success, I've been reading and following your blog from the very start, you were one of my early followers! It's amazing to see how far your blog has grown and you so deserve it! Your dress looks incredible too!


  146. well done on everything zoe, honestly so proud.. much love xoxo

  147. Zoe you look so lovely so proud of you hope more opportunities like this happen for you☺️

  148. Honestly so proud! You have worked so so hard and you deserve everything! You look absolutely amazing last night and I wish you all the best for the future xx

  149. Oh my gosh! Your launch looks absolutely incredible! The decorations are spot on and really reflect you! Adorable and beautiful. It literally looks like the perfect night. I watched everyone's vlog's about the launch (yours, Alfie's, Tanya's, Gabby's…) and everyone had such a great time. The support you have is amazing <3 I'm so proud of you!!

    Ahhhh. And the products themselves look amazing!! Everything from the makeup bags to the fizz bar…I want it all! Do you know if they will be sold in America anytime? Would love to see them in my Ulta, or Sephora, or drugstore! I would buy all of them, and then rave about them on my blog :D Hehe.

    Huge congrats to you! You're such an inspiration to all of us fellow bloggers!!

    And now for the book! Right? Some craziness will definitely happen for that! <3


  150. Zoe the amount of things you have accomplished is amazing and u love that you love sharing everything with those who cRe and support you I find that amazing! You Re a great inspiration and I hope one day I can meet you or we can be friends. I wish you nothing but the best you deserve every little destail ! Love Michelke

  151. Jessica

    Congrats Zoe and God bless you with this new achievement! All these products look incredible! Wish I was there too! =)

    NEW POST on http://whattostyle.blogspot.com/


  152. It is so amazing! Congrats!

    It all just looks awesome, classy, fashion,… totally you!

  153. I watch your blogs daily and you and Louise made me cry as well! You are truely blessed with great friends and people in your life who are so happy for you. I wish you all the best in future! I am so sad that your products are only selling in UK because I would definitly buy all of those. But who knows, maybe some day they will go selling in Montenego :)
    Keep up the good work!
    Natasa. x


  154. Grace

    Congrats! So happy and excited for you! :D And aww Emilia and Eduardo are the cutest! Were they the only kids there?

    Every Day In Grace

  155. Fay

    You are most definitely a force to be reckoned with! For such a young lady you are truly inspirational and as a blogger and you tuber you are a powerhouse! Congratulations on your success and as one blogger to another I do hope your success continues for many years to come. Of course I will be buying those beautiful products of yours! So happy for you :D

  156. bethany

    You looked amazing and all the products look great and can't wait to get some of them

  157. I am so proud of how far you've came since 2009. I have only been watching you this year, and was vaguely aware of what you did until I checked out your youtube channel and blog.
    Since that time, It feels like I've been on this journey with you, that I've got to know you through your videos and have experienced the experiences you have, through a video. I am so proud of your accomplishments, I hope there is many more for you in the future :)
    I'd love to meet you one day, you're truly amazing. Keep it up Zoe, you've made me realise a lot, and because of you, I now have my own blog.

    I will definitely purchase your items, they're amazing. & your book 'girl online'.
    Much love xo


    x x x x

  158. Congratulations on such a beautiful range of products and such a successful launch party, it was amazing to see the support we all have for you really projected at that event. I can't wait until there are available in New Zealand! So proud Zoe! Ambermarie.

  159. Casey

    Congrats! Love those waves in your hair, gorgeous


  160. You are so beautiful! So proud of you! I have been here, watching u grow and this is just so amazing! I can't even put it in words how unbelieavble proud i am of you zoe! Good job! Ily!

  161. gabssss

    Congrats Zoe! You look like such a humble & grateful person, I'm sure you will achieve so much more! Very well deserved xx


  162. Congratulations Zoe! I've read your blog and watched your videos for a few years and am so happy for you. I've decided to finally buck up the courage and start my own blog.



  163. A huge congratulations Zoe. You truly deserve it! I shall be buying some Zoella stuff for sure! :) Well done xx


  164. Zoe, you looked stunning from head to toe! Congrats again, really proud of you :) xx


  165. EmiLia

    Aaahh looks so amazing!! I'm super happy for you Zoe.

  166. I am so incredibly proud and so happy for you, Zoe!
    The night was about you and everything that you achieved, and I hope you really enjoyed your night, and I hope you know that you absolutely deserve this and much, much more! ♥
    I have so much respect for you, Zoe, you are an amazing human being, and I wish you the very best! ♥


  167. La Lola

    It looked so breathtaking – I'm so happy for you Zoe i'm sure it was just perfect <3 the pictures are AMAZING quality too :)
    Proud of you!

  168. Congratulations Zoe, you looked absolutely gorgeous and, judging from te pictures and you vlog, you had the best time:)

  169. You looked gorgeous! Tyler came from america just to attend it? That's so sweet! Joe looks stunning too, not even talking about Louise, Dan looks as awkward as always haha and Alfie looks all classy ^_^
    Whatever, congratulations, you deserve all the sucess! I'm somehow proud of you (sounds freaky I mean I don't even know you personally).
    Carade, Xxx

  170. This is nothing short of amazing :) What an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations! xo

  171. This is so amazing, the decor is so perfect, talk about amazing branding :D it just represents your channel and beauty range so perfectly. I've been reading your blog and watching your videos for so long and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more, good things obviously come to good people, so there's hope for everyone, right? (And the dress, what?! So gorgeoussss!)


  172. Izzy K

    I cant even put into words how proud I am of you. You've come so far so quickly and I'll definitely be getting some Zoella beauty products. You look so pretty and that dress is just incredible xxx


  173. Meg

    I cannot believe there's actually a photo of me on your blog standing with you and my other all time favourite bloggers! I just want to say thank you for that Zoe (and for such a fabulous party) and for genuinely inspiring me to say yes to things which have lead to me meeting you. You're such a fabulous role model and beautiful person and deserve every success that comes your way. This is just the beginning <3

    p.s I smell dreamy today after using my Zoella Beauty bits last night!


  174. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I also LOVE your dress! It is gorgeousssssss. You are doing some truly incredible things!

  175. Amy

    You look amazing! Really really happy for you

  176. oh my gosh zoe, i am so damn proud of you! I can't believe how many years i've been reading your blog and watching your videos! and look how far you've come, it's incredible! I can't wait to go and buy your products! so much love xxxxxx


  177. So happy for you Zoe, you really deserve it :)

  178. I'm so proud of you Zoe. You completely deserve all this and I'm so happy for you. You are an incredible inspiration to everyone, thank you!x

  179. That dress is gorgeous! So proud of you and all of your accomplishments

  180. Wow, you've come a long way. Congratulations! You look beautiful in the dress and the event looks fantastic and like a lot of fun.


  181. Hard work pays off. Congratulations Zoe, you have done so much for the blogging/youtube community and this is simply wonderful.

    Andrea //

  182. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations Zoe, I'm proud. =)

  183. Abby

    The party looks absolutely beautiful!! Very proud of everything you've accomplished. Can't wait to buy some of your products :)

    Abby xx

  184. Zoe your photographs are gorgeous! You are so down to earth and have remained the same despite the massive change. You are such an inspiration and I am sure we all have more exciting things to look forward to in the future!
    M x


  185. Zoe, this is just so incredible and I am so proud of you. Congratulations! I am so happy that this gift was given to you. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for your blogs, videos and yourself. Thank you for everything you have done for me and the rest of the people you inspire! xoxo <3

  186. Notice how there were NO non-white people present?

  187. Oh my gosh Zoe, you have got so far I'm so proud of you! Think about what you'll achieve in another five years, it's crazy! You deserve all of the happiness xxx

    Maia | http://www.thebeautymess.blogspot.com

  188. well done zoë you deserve it
    please follow

  189. Firstly, I want to say a huge congratulations!! So happy that you have gotten this far and I'm really looking forward to trying all of your new products!! (Think its great that these are so budget friendly as i know a lot of your viewers are teenagers and this was obviously taken into consideration)

    Secondly, you are one extremely lovely and hardworking lady who is a friend and inspiration to so many and not to mention a proper role model for young girls to look up to! It makes me so happy to see that you have such an amazing positive influence here on the internet!!

    Lastly i just wanted to say keep up all of the good work Zoe! We all love you so much :)



  190. Firstly, I want to say a huge congratulations!! So happy that you have gotten this far and I'm really looking forward to trying all of your new products!! (Think its great that these are so budget friendly as i know a lot of your viewers are teenagers and this was obviously taken into consideration)

    Secondly, you are one extremely lovely and hardworking lady who is a friend and inspiration to so many and not to mention a proper role model for young girls to look up to! It makes me so happy to see that you have such an amazing positive influence here on the internet!!

    Lastly i just wanted to say keep up all of the good work Zoe! We all love you so much :)



  191. Wow what an achievement, Keeping working hard and shining zoe xx

  192. CONGRATULATIONS ZOE, you looked so beautiful! You are so gorgeous!
    Can't wait to try your products!
    x Julia

  193. Kay

    Congratulations Zoe! You have worked so much for so long, and you definitely deserve this launch! It looked absolutely incredible, and I simply cannot WAIT until I get my hands on some of your products! Lots of love darling, and may you have so much success with your beauty line Xxxxxx


  194. Congratulations Zoe!

  195. Gio Ro

    does anyone know what brand in Zoe's dress? it's so amazing.

  196. Congrats Zoe! You look absolutely stunning! You deserve all of this :)

    xx alyssarachel.blogspot.com

  197. Elma yo

    You look so beautiful Zoe! Watched your vlog and burst out into tears when you and Louise were crying, it's awesome how far you've come from just making videos on YouTube. The launch party looked amazing (especially the balloons!!).


  198. This post gave me chills! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to get my hands on some of this stuff! You (as well as everyone else omg) looked amazing!!!! Congrats!

  199. Congratulations, Zoe! It looked like it was a ball of fun :)


  200. Wow Zoe you look absolutely GORGEOUS! Your hair…your dress….your make up…. YOU! *sigh* Congratulations on this girly you deserve this and all good things that come your way for all of your hard work, amazing content, and beautiful personality. xoxo

  201. Lydia J

    WOW you look amazing. I am so proud of you. You work so hard and you honestly deserve this so much. I am so excited for your book I know that it will be amazing and I know that your products are going to be amazing. Congratulations on everything that you are achieving, you are such a positive inspiration to many people around the world. You are so beautiful and amazing and I hope you continue achieving great heights throughout the rest of your life. xoxo Lydia

  202. Congratulations! This looks actually amazing, and I love the ambience there. Your dress is actually breathtaking and you look beautiful. I hope you had an amazing time but it seems like you already did :-)

    Ayesha xxx

  203. Erin

    I'm so proud of you! I've watched your videos and read your blog for years and it's amazing to watch you progress so much in such a short amount of time. You're such a lovely person and I can't imagine it happening to anyone more deserving. ♥

    erin // beingerin.com

  204. Congrats Zoe! You looked beautiful :) Im so excited to get my hands on some of those gorgeous bath products!! *squeals with excitement


  205. the set up looks absolutely amazing!

  206. Aashna

    It seems like it was an amazing party!! You truly deserve this Zoe, you've worked so hard and spent so much time and effort to make your blog/YouTube to where it is now. I actually started watching all of your videos from the beginning, I'm at last Halloween (: CONGRATULATIONS on such a huge achievement!


  207. While I was scrolling through the pictures I had this huge smile on my face… I'm so proud of you Zoe, you've done such an amazing job! <3


  208. Nanda

    Wow Zoeee I'm so happy for you. Probably you won't ever read this, but what the hell. I want you to know:
    You are such an inspiration. I don't even know and I feel like I'm one of your friends, maybe because I always watch your vlogs. But the thing is, that I'm proud and Zoella Beauty it's amazing. I just wish the best for you, I'll always support you. And also thanks, you make me happy and feel better about myself. Looking foward to get my hands on some ZoellaBeauty stuff and the "Girl Online" book aswell.
    Lots of Love! :*

  209. Congratulations Zoe! I can't believe how far you've come since 2009. My idollll <3

  210. Sara xo

    Congratulations my love. You looked absolutely stunning. Looking at photos and watching all the vlogs on that night brought a tear to my eye. It's amazing seeing an wonderful role model like yourself bring out these joys to celebrate with the ones around you. I've been a follower for the longest time and I'm so proud seeing you succeed and achieve great happiness. You definitely deserve all the love and success. Thank you for the continuous inspiration! the products look amazing and i'm so excited to try them out!
    love you very much

  211. nueyork

    This looked like such a stunning event, the decor was amazing. Congratulations, Zoe!


  212. You deserve everything! You have worked so hard these past 5 years, and it's paid off. As a viewer, I cannot be possibly happier for you x

  213. I'm so happy for you Zoe! You deserve it, your blog is so beautiful and fun to read!


  214. I 'm so so happy for you Zoe ! I was lucky enough to meet you in France with Alfie and even if it was just talking with you for 10 minutes I could tell that you are as lovely in real life that in your videos.
    You are a role model for a lot of us, in a super good way.
    I am also a youtuber/blogger and I started about a year ago and you give me the strength to carry on with it, as it's my hobby.
    Thanks for being you Zoe. :)

    Love from France, Victoria

  215. Alicia

    Zoe you looked beautiful as always, hope you had an amazing night you really do deserve it! Can't wait to get my hands on them will write a blog post about them hopefully :)


  216. EVERYTHING about this event was perfect! You looked stunning and I cried when you and Louise cried! I'm so proud :)

  217. Congratz :) I'm so happy for you. It seems like a great event to attend. I love the packaging of your brand; it's cute and unique ! I also love youuurr hair and dress, the dress makes you look sophisticated and elegant :)


  218. You look so beautiful in every one of these photo's Zoe! Congrats on Zoella Beauty!! We can tell you've worked so hard for this and you deserve it. I can't believe you have 6 mill subs now too, unbelievable. You've achieved so much in just a few years so imagine where you'll be in another year!
    Lots of love xx

  219. So proud of you!!!! You looked stunning may I say, I need to know where that dress is from!!!

  220. This all looks just so absolutely amazing! You looked so gorgeous too! I'm so excited to try all your products! Congratulations!! :)

  221. Vanilla

    A really well written blog post, as usual. That's so incredible, well done.

  222. Ceez

    Congrats Zoe! I'm so proud of you! I saw your vlog and everything looked so amazing! And all the sweets! Oh my goodness! They looked de-li-cious :p It's literally so amazing to see how far you have come
    lots of love xxCézanne

  223. I've been watching your YouTube videos for the past 5/6 months then found your blog not long after and became addicted.
    I'm so joyous that you've had so much good fortune. You have not only worked hard to get here – overcoming a great deal along the way – but you've constantly progressed forward and not let things hold you down for too long.
    Congratulations Zoe thank you for sharing with us and i do wish you all the best!

  224. Monica

    Congratulations Zoe, you've done so well! You've worked so hard for everything that you've achieved and you definetly deserve it. I'm so proud of how much you've grown over the past years and I hope this continues to ascend. You look gorgeous and I can't wait to try out your products!

  225. Congrats! I love you so much, you really deserve it!<3:)

  226. Congraulations hun you derseve it, you work so hard on your blog and your videos, you look stunning as usual.
    I cant wait to try your products xx

  227. You look so pretty as well as balloons:)

  228. Lily D

    Lovely photographs. Beautiful dress x


  229. You have come so far, love your blog and videos. Congratulations! X

  230. Congratulations Zoella! Your beauty range looks awesome, I'm glad you had such a great launch x

  231. Amazing post! :)

  232. Gorgeous Zoe well deserved you look beautiful and we all are so proud of you! Best of luck for the future you lucky gal xxx

  233. You look so gorgeous! I have been watching/reading everything you do for years now and even I have to pinch myself! You deserve everything you have and I know you probably won't see this, but for someone (like me) with panic attacks it is so inspiring to see how you've overcome all the crap you've had in your life! Thanks for unknowingly encouraging me to start blogging and making videos! I am forever in debt! Love you!!

    Natalie xx

  234. Zoe this looks amazing! You really do deserve this so much!xo


  235. Congrats, we are so so proud of you! :)


  236. It feels really weird to see you as a internet superstar or something like that… to me, you're still zoe, funny, charming, and not at all superstarish hahaa i love you and your videos

  237. This blog is one of my most favourites. It's full of colour, positivity, love and support. I am so happy at how far you have come Zoe, you are truly one of my inspirations. You looked absolutely beautiful as well, and I love the fact you and Louise got in that bath! I hope that one day i'll get to live the life you live, and maybe one day, we'll meet in person. All the best for what the future holds Zoe. :D Xx


  238. Aisyah

    Hi Zoe! I have been a subscriber since you were at around 500,000 subscribers and as much as I know that it isn't a competition to see who subscribed first, I feel that I must include that in nonetheless. To know that I have been watching your videos from those years ago and seeing you where you are now, it's crazy to think that it's actually possible to be able to feel genuinely happy for someone you haven't yet had the chance to meet!!

    You have been such an inspiration for several people out there, and I truly believe that this is just the beginning of many more amazing things from you :) I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself at the launch, your happiness is clearly visible through your smile!

    Love you Zoe!! Keep on doing what you love and we will always be behind you :)

  239. Aisyah

    p.s. I am excitedly awaiting the delivery of your products to my door!!! :D Although I am saddened by the fact that they don't deliver the body mist to Australia :( Can't wait!!!

  240. Congrats! I actually do feel really happy for u right now. You look gorgeous, and so so happy :)

  241. Congratulations Zoe! You looked amazing, and the venue looked super cute! All of your products look great, I will definitely be purchasing them :)

  242. Rosie

    congratulations Zoe you should be so proud of everything you have achieved. I can't wait to buy all your products! xxx

  243. Your gown is gorgeous! Your hair looks gorgeous too. Congratulations on the launch of Zoella Beauty! It looks like it was a fantastic and, obviously, very memorable event. I love the colour schemes (I love pink), the pink walls, pretty pink couch, the throw pillows, the balloons on the ceiling, the rose petals, the fabulous decor, all the haute couture and obviously, the beauty! The presentation of your beauty products looks (obviously again) beautiful. The photos from the event are fabulous. Congratulations again!


  244. amazing girl, amazing products. congrats xx


  245. Ridiculously proud of you Zoe! It's so amazing to have been a part of your journey and I can't wait to see what's more to come. x

    Belle | Bellesedit.blogspot.com

  246. Your gown is gorgeous! Your hair looks gorgeous too. Congratulations on the launch of Zoella Beauty! It looks like it was a fantastic and, obviously, very memorable event. I love the colour schemes (I love pink), the pink walls, pretty pink couch, the throw pillows, the balloons on the ceiling, the rose petals, the fabulous decor, all the haute couture and obviously, the beauty! The presentation of your beauty products looks (obviously again) beautiful. The photos from the event are fabulous. Congratulations again!


  247. These photos are all so amazing and they speak volumes about how much love and support you had that night! It's so magical to be given a look into your life, thanks for including us (:

  248. Looks like an amazing launch party! Can't wait to try your products xx

  249. Hey Clu

    Masive Congrats Zoe! It's AWESOME how you manage to do this.
    Quite sure we will listen great things from you! x

  250. K*

    Congrats! I'm so proud of you :)


  251. So happy for you Zoe! It honestly looks like the most amazing night ever. So glad you had everyone around you to celebrate with you too.


  252. Congrats Zoella! You absolutely deserve it and you looked stunning! Can't wait to try your products!

    Kat <3

  253. Congratulations on all of the amazing things that are taking place in your life. I am so very proud of you my love!! Thanks for being an amazing friend to me and to all the people who take part in your life, whether we know in person or not! I love you doll! ♥♥

    Carolina Rosalie ♥

  254. I just want to say hi and that I love you so much ! I am sooo happy for you and I wish I could meet you but it's a little difficult since I live in Greece! :/ :P However, I will support you on every sinlge thing that you will do! (sorry if I'm not writing something right) I hope your products can delivered in Greece so I can take them!!! ( especially the candle omg!! :P ) I love you…Big kiss from Greece…Demie xx

  255. Congratulations! It's really strange to say that because I really don't know you, but I'm really proud of you. It's amazing to see how people succeed and achieve their dreams :)


  256. Everything looks so insanely beautiful. You are a true inspiration to all bloggers, youtubers, well… anyone really. You have done so well and I imagine I speak for everyone when I say, congratulations, we are so proud of you. You looked absolutely stunning in your gown, as always. I really look forward to seeing and sharing with you your future achievements. We may be behind computer screens, miles a way. But, we wish you all the success, you have worked so hard, and you really do deserve to enjoy the rewards! :D


  257. This literally made me cry! You've achieved so much!! xx loveyou

  258. Izzy

    Ah I'm so happy for you, this looks like a dream come true and you deserve it so much <3

    The Quirky Queer

  259. This looks absolutely phenomenal! You are such an inspiration to so many people Zoe and genuinely seem like one of the nicest people you could meet! Your dress is absolutely beautiful and you look so stunning! I am so very happy for you as I'm sure millions more out there are too! :)


  260. Wow zoe!! You look so beautiful :) i'm so happy for you, you've come so far and have worked so hard for everything you have. You're an inspiration!! X

  261. Brilliant, you can tell how happy you are in the photos (great dress btw). Well done x

  262. Congratulations :) Everything looks so lovely and cute- I want all of the things!

  263. Lotte V

    Woahhh congrats Zoe! You looked beautiful x

  264. Carla N

    Wow… Congratulations Zoe, this is really amazing!!!! :D
    You really deserve it!!

    Lipstick and Mocha

  265. Emelie

    I have been watching your videos on youtube for about 1,5 years and they make me really happy :) what you do is really inspirational! I saw your vlog from your event and it looked amazing :) keep up the great work!

    // Emelie (in Sweden!)

  266. Zoe, you make girls like me feel like we can do anything. I've followed you for about 2 years now and seeing you at your own launch party is so incredible. You deserve it all! Keep being yourself. And keep the makeup tutorials and hauls coming of course :)



  267. Marie

    Looks like a fun night ! I can't wait to try them all! Big congratulations too!! Your dress is amazing, you look gorgeous!! :)xx

  268. Zoe you look absolutely stunning! You deserve everything you ever get, you have come so far and you work so hard! You are an inspiration!! X

  269. Congrats Zoe!! So happy for you and so so proud! The launch looked super fun and you look absolutely stunning x


  270. congrats Zoe, you're an inspiration, every time a watch your videos I automatically feel happy, you are such a nice person, you glow, it's like that quote that you like, the one that says "If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" I feel like you are the graphic description of that phrase. You deserve all the good things that are happening to you right now. You have worked really hard to be where you are today. You are an example that following your dreams and working really hard for them, there's nothing that can stop you from reach them, thank you for just being yourself and keep the good things coming! x
    P.s. I really wanna try all the products from zoella beauty, they look AMAZING!

  271. Oh my gosh we are so proud of you zoeeeee!!! Do you have any idea when/where the products will be released in New Zealand? i would love to get them!! <33

  272. Hi :)
    Congrats on your soon to be published book and Zoella beauty<3
    I love your blog and youtube channel,and I love the Anxiety Q&A video.Can you please make a video about helping with depression?That would make my day<3

  273. Congratulations Zoe!! All the products are beautiful!

  274. I love u and I'm so proud of u Zoe
    I was tearing up looking at all these lovely pictures
    Just wanted to say congrats and u have always been there for me so I will always be there for u :) <3

  275. Congratulations, Zoella! I'm so happy for you! You deserve it, and you looked amazing in that dress ,girl!

  276. Congrats Zoe, i'm so happy for you! This is an amazing achievement, and i'm sure it's only the beginning! All these pictures are wonderful, and you look stunning, very happy. Also your dress is amazing, could you tell me where it is from?
    Lots of love, i wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve it! :)

  277. Aw Zoe I'm so happy for you! I watched your vlog, and you're just so down to earth:)
    Thank you for being so inspirational<3
    Two Times Life

  278. Dear Zoe,first thing first I just want to say Congratulations!! I have been watching your videos for so long and i cant express how happy I am for you…second thing is I wish i could meet you in person to talk to you because i think you might be able to relate and understand what i am feeling right now…it has been tough *sighs* .. i have soooooooooooooo many questions to ask you about… I really reallyyyyyyy…. wish i can talk to you about it

  279. So proud of how much you've accomplished!! <3

  280. Congratulations Zoe! I cannot wait to try all of your beauty products! Definitely stopped and really took a minute when I saw the picture of the mirror that says "Just Say Yes." One of the first videos I'd seen that you made on your youtube channel was one where you talked about anxiety, and how you were going to start saying "Yes" to things. Having struggled with anxiety, and panic attacks, and depression my whole life I felt so inspired by this, and really made an effort to be my truest self, and I've read every blog post you've written and watched every video you've made since then, and you've always been such an inspiration. To now see how well you've done, with your new beauty range, and book coming out in the early winter, and having 6 million subscribers on your youtube channel, it was just so amazing to see that picture, and remember the first video I ever watched of yours all that time ago, and to see how far you've come since then :)

  281. Carina

    I loved watching your vlog for your launch! I love watching your vlogs in general but I got a littler teary-eyed when you were talking with Louise! So happy for you XO


  282. OMG!! It looked so good Zoe, everyone is so proud of you, you are such an amazing person, and one of my major inspiration, Love you loads, from keelialamont.blogspot.com.au all the way from Australia xoxo

  283. Concrats dear Zoe! You deserve all of this, I'm so happy for you! You look stunning in every picture <3

  284. Oh my goodness this is incredible Zoe, I am so proud of you and can hardly wait to get my hands on now your products AND your book!!!! Such an exciting time for you. You must be thrilled xxx


  285. aww, Zoe you looked so gorgeous and i can't wait to buy all your amazing products :) so proud of you and everything you have achieved <3

  286. I have been reading your blog and watching your YT videos for a long time now and I feel so proud of you. Following you I decided to make my own blog. You absolutely deserve it all (and more) and I'm so happy for you xx :) <3


  287. Oh my dear god zoe, i'm genuinely extremely happy for you, you work hard and you deserve this
    congratulations you've earned it :) give yourself a pat on the back

  288. Congrats Zoe, you truly deserve everything good happening to you. You always work so hard and still manage to be down to earth. I also watched your vlog and I must admit that I started crying when you and louise got a bit emotional, but as I said before you really deserve it.
    Lots of love, Marye


  289. Em

    Congratulations Zoe, there are hundreds of comments here and so many people wish you well and every success! Beautiful pictures!


    Em's Mixed Bag…..

  290. Congrats Zoe! It must be incredible to see all your hard work pay off! Are these products available in the US?

  291. Massive congratulations Zoe! It's amazing what you have achieved during the last years, while still being so normal and down to earth. I'm definitely gonna be trying some of your products. And you're looking absolutely stunning in those pics!

  292. Congratulations on such a successful night but you definitely deserve everything you have achieved baring in mind the amount of effort you put into your job and this launch xx

  293. Congratulations with Zoella Beauty, super proud of you! Everything looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on some stuff! :) Wishing you all the best for the future.

    B x


  294. It is amazing all those things that are happening to her!

  295. Well done zoe,so proud you have come so far! <3

  296. Well done Zoe looks amazing and so do you, that dress is stunning! x

  297. Claudia

    SO AMAZING – wish I was there! You looked gorgeous and your hair looks lush! I just put up a how-to video for gorgeous retro curls, in collaboration with TONI&GUY. Hope you watch it and join the AMAZING TONI&GUY giveaway I will be hosting tomorrow on my blog!

    Love, C x

  298. Nadiaa

    I really love the pictures, you are shining! You deserve it, enjoy <3

  299. Matilda

    Zoe, you are absolutely amazing. You look absolutely stunning, as always. I love you, and you make me smile every day. Congrats to this launch and to your products and everything; your success and how great you are. I'll never stop support you, because you inspire me every day. ♡

  300. Congrats Zoe! Love the dress!

  301. Congrats Zoe! I can't believe it, a beauty range! What next? You are such an inspiration to others, everything you have done this year is unbelievable. These photos are wonderful, you look absolutely gorgeous! I love you, Zoe xx


  302. Holy wow Zoe, I am SO happy for you. Looked like an absolutely lovey night. I hope you enjoyed your moment. I also can't get over baby Eduardo…too stinkin cute. xx

  303. Zalona

    I'm probably going to buy the entire collection! ^u^

  304. Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!

  305. Pamela

    Love the hair and the dress! I've just landed on your blog somehow and that's an awesome opportunity you got there! Congrats on your line lauch. x

  306. This makes me feel so proud of how far you have come, and all that you have done Zoe! It makes me so happy to see that you have so many great people supporting you! You are an incredible inspiration! Lots of love xx

  307. Been watching you for years and I'm so happy you've made it this far. Definitely going to buy some of your products when pay day comes around again. I'm so happy for you and I hope it really was an amazing night. You looked gorgeous!! Love you!

  308. Nishi

    Zoe, congratulations on your launch! You are living out your dream, and I'm so glad it came true for you! I know you will keep doing amazing things.

    Much Love XO -Nishi

  309. Anu

    You looked absolutely gorgeous! As always. And the dress is amazing :) xx

    My life as Anu | bloglovin

  310. You deserve it Zoe!


  311. Congrats ! I'm so happy for you. Been watching you for a long time and to see how far you've come is amazing. The products look amazing and your party … Those balloons.. Oh my phenomenal!!


  312. Dear Zoella,
    I really love your you tube videos and I love your dress you wore at your launch. congratulations I really think you deserve it you have work so hard on everything am i'm glad it has payed off. I will be getting some of your products when there out and of course your book i'm so excited!
    I am a new blogger and just started out i watched the video you and lousie made a couple of years ago to help.
    well done once again!
    Amy (pastel shades) X

  313. zoe you look GORGEOUS! Well done!! XX

  314. So many gorgeous pictures! I think it's amazing how far you've come and you truly deserve it! I love you so much and you have no idea how many smiles you bring to my face every single day <3

    Love Caroline

  315. Congratulations Zoella, you've worked so hard to get where you are and you truly are an inspiration!
    xoxo Ellie – maplesyrupandteacups.blogspot.com

  316. So proud of you Zoe. You mentioned this in your blog so I thought I would do 3 words to describe how I feel: Proud (you've grown so much and done so well), Excited (I can't wait to see whats next!), Happy (I'm genuinely happy for you Zoe)

  317. Having been watching you for about 2 or three years i feel so proud of all that you have achieved. Your book, your beauty products, six million subscribers. You have worked hard for everything you have and deserve it all. Congratulations Zoe, I wish you many more successes in the future! xx

  318. Congratulations Zoe! You looked so gorgeous and happy!

  319. can i ask how you do this design of your blog.

  320. can i ask what can i do in my un derarm its not a totally dark im just irritated in the hair thank you.

  321. Soza

    Oh wow, congratulations Zoe!!! You are totally my inspiration :)


  322. Hi Zoella,
    I am so happy for you. Your pictures spoke more than words ever could. This looks amazing and I am glad you had so much fun. Keep up the great work.

  323. Where did you get you t dress from it is soooo gorgeous

  324. you look really pretty i love the way your hair looks

  325. I almost cried when I read this. You are such beautiful person – outsine and inside so you really deserve it. You are my hero, my role model in so many things and I would be so happy if I could meet you and have good chat with you some day. ♥


  326. Arianne

    I am SOOOO proud and happy for you Zoe! The photos do look amazing and I get excited all over again when I look back at them. You have come so far and it's so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and for continuing to produce content… hope to meet you again one day!


  327. I've found it stunning too , your products are so cute and so feminine , so pretty :)

  328. It looks like you had so much fun and I absolutely love your dress and your hair looks so nice! My friend and I are constantly saying what an inspiration you are and how its so cool that you are doing what you love and having so much fun. You do everything from publishing a book (what???!?!?) having a makeup line, inspiring young women, encouraging people to do things that they usually wouldn't, and I could go on. Just looking at these pictures is proof that you are such an amazing person because of all of the friends that surround you and encourage you every step of the way. I look up to you so much Zoe and you'll always be my #1 !!!

    – beatrixii.blogspot.com

  329. You looked so lovely zoë!!

  330. This is just fantastic!
    Jen x

  331. Indah

    Jeez, Zoe! You've come so far! I'm soooo proud. Sorry I'm late or anything :P

  332. I am so so proud of you, you deserve this so much.
    I really wanted a fizz bar and candle but they have sold out. I can't wait to purchase them

    Anyone with anxiety might want to check out my blog…


  333. Your dress is gorgeous and you look stunning!
    Congrats on the launch, it looked amazing! xx

  334. So happy for you and I hope to reach your heights someday :)

  335. This is just beautiful, congratulations Zoe! You've done an amazing job x

  336. congratulations! You must feel on top of the world now! What an achievement ^_^

  337. Candace

    Dear, Zoella
    Your blog is absolutely amazing and very beautiful.. I love all your photos and you are my inspiration. Keep up the good work and stay cool like a cucumber (lol i'm terrible at this)
    Bye! (Candace)

  338. Vicki

    Congrats on all your success Zoe!! You are such an inspiration and deserve every bit! :)

    Much love!

    Xo Vicki

  339. Congrats, Zoe!! You truly deserve this and we could not be happier for you!

    Thank you, for being as you are <3


  340. ey3lid

    Looked AMAZING, super proud and slightly jealous over how beautiful the venue was

  341. Amazing! Congratulations Zoe X

  342. This was so beautiful, you are amazing Zoe and i wish you and your friends the best, i love you all xxx Have an amazing day xx

  343. Congratulations Zoe!! You and your collection look amazing x

  344. You look absolutely fantastic! Very cool styling and deco! Congratulations sweety <3

  345. zoe this blog post and you vlog was amazing the size and amount of balloons was emence and although i only found you like 2 million subscribers ago i feel kindof proud when i see you on addvertisments on the tellie and when i see you products in superdrug you are an amiazing person and best of luck for the future also congrats on the new zalfie house xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love you so so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  346. THESE products look AMAZING!!! I also love the just say yes quote on the mirror!!! too cute!!! wish i could buy them in Canada!!

  347. you look amazing.. a beauty to be kept.. u deserve it

  348. Claire

    Awkwardly fangirling in English because your dress is perfect. I may have sqweeked a bit. But congrats like a bunch because you have come so far and oh my gosh. And the set up of the party thing was like a fricken wonderland. TBH: My Honors English teacher started laughing at my comment. If you want to read something a bit more childish and random my blog is the place cpalmer18.blogpsot.com

  349. Nice photo's!

  350. Oh My Gosh Zoe I am so proud of where you have gone!! I know that sounds really cheesy and that it is a really late comment but I have only just figured out how to use this thing :P I have been watching your videos for a long time and instantly fell in love with your content. I for one am not one that wears a lot of make up but I suppose that I love the idea of it and I absolutely love the way that you do yours. I am an Irish Dancer and have grown up doing my own make up and let me say i was rubbish at it, but since watching your videos and getting ideas from you everyone has complimented me on how much better I am getting so for that i thank you entirely! I love keeping up to date with your videos and I am hoping now to with your blogs as well :)
    As I said, I am so proud of where you are now and I am excited to watch where you go, from living on the other side of the world.

  351. Wow! You looked like you had a great time, I hope you did. I'm so proud of you Zoe! And I just finished reading you book!

  352. Em

    You are sooo beautiful!! And that dress looks nice on you <3

  353. sophie

    first comment haha omg your launch looked so beautiful xx love you and your new blog layout

  354. Girl Online

    I love love LOVE your beauty launch! Xxx

  355. hope

    i love your videos plz follow me on instagram @xx_hopedriscoll_xx

  356. ValkyrieXMystique

    I’m going to buy all your products!!!

  357. Elena

    The launch looks amazing and so do you! I want to buy all of your products!

  358. hayley

    I love u and it looked like so much fun

  359. Amy xx

    Your products are amazing

  360. Jeng Teng W (jtwonggg)

    The launch looked so beautiful *-*

  361. Maddie

    It looked beautiful Zoe! All of the products are amazing!!!

  362. Dara Crasto

    the products are amazing and you look gorgeous zoe!! :)

  363. jaya

    got a product its amazing ilysm zoe and joe <3<3<3

  364. charlie.d

    Looks awesome Zoe!

  365. Ellie

    Zoe! Pleaseeeeeeee Follow me on instagram! @ ellie.katex pleaseessssseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

  366. _ _ its.me.natalie _ _

    hey guys I’ve just recently started a blog http://itsmenatalie23.blogspot.co.uk i post everything from beauty to lifestyle and i love photography so expect loads of new photos uploaded. i upload every day apart from sunday so feel free to give my blog a check out and follow me. also leave comments for new inspired makeup tutorials you want me to do and i will be sure to do all posts requested. thanks guys, natalie xx http://itsmenatalie23.blogspot.co.uk

    • Maddie

      how do you start blogs? I really want to start one but dont know how!!!!

      • _ _its.me.natalie _ _

        Sorry for the late reply. If you haven’t already made one you can go into blogger and create an account then underneath your account name when you get to your ‘dashboard’ you click on new blog. It is easiest to set this up with a google account but i think it is possible with all as long as you have an email. If you have any questions just contact me through my blog page, I would love to help. Thanks, Natalie xx

  367. Holly Holder

    I love you and all your products, your such and inspiration to me I love you so much!

  368. Crystal

    Cool I love this I showed my mum she loved it it was awesome she said

  369. Shaelyn Janisch

    What a magical night! I love looking through your old blog posts! <3 You deserve it all <3

  370. Maddie

    This is so sweet! I just finnished reading Girl Online and went straight to this. I love all your vids and only started reading this when I knew there were links in your vids!! I was like WOOOOOOOO!!! I can finally read your blog :) <3

  371. Maddie

    HI Zoe I know you probably dont read comments any more but your book really inspired me and I want to start a blog myself. Do you (or anyone else) have the time to write a reply telling me? I do not want to sound rude but I really want to!!!! <3 :3

  372. BlogBabe

    rereading old blog posts and no joke i cried. If something like this happens with my blog,(which it most likely won) i would be the happiest person alive. Im so proud of you zoe.ILYSM!!!<3

  373. Molly Clarke

    zoella can you see if you can make a drinks flask because i would love on and im your biggest fan

    • Ama

      woah, she did come out with one!! in the new really exciting lifestyle range!!!!

  374. Josephine

    Congrats zoella

  375. Corinne

    I wish you could get this easier in the US. :(

    • zoe

      they ship anywhere in the world and i live in australia and have my beauty products i ordered from australia and within 15 days they were here. was really good service

  376. Olivia

    Well done Zoe :) You’re an inspiration.

  377. Laura

    I still absolutely love the original beauty range, and the new one smells Devine too! I’ve illustrated a few pieces I love it so much! 😍

  378. emily

    I’m so proud of you Zoe :) you’re a huge inspiration to everyone. xxx Emily >3

  379. popsicle

    seems like yesterday….

  380. Ruby May

    I love ur collection they smell devine

  381. Ann

    zoe i dont have words but i can say something, you’re an inspiration for me, you don’t have idea how i love your blog, your youtube channel and more, your book “girl online” give hope for a lot of things, because this month the doctors say me “you have anxiety and panic attacks” and i remember when i read your book for the first time (i read your two books 10 times lol) i find hope and a lot of very good tips for my life. zoe sugg thanks for all…i hope you read this.
    oh and sorry for the bad redaction i don’t speak english, i speak spanish i’m from chile and i’m a blogger just like you i hope you can help me with more things.
    bye bye zoe!!!!


    you are amazing

  383. you and your friends all look so great, especially you and louise in the bathtub! Keep up the great work, your such an inspiration to so many people! Love you lots!