Autumn Candles
It’s no secret now that I’m a scented candle addict! Now that we’re approaching my favourite season, Autumn, all of the best candle scents start coming in, and I’m so excited for my house to be smelling like a sweet, spicy pumpkin again! A house is not a home without a candle on the go (in every room, at all times of the day, told you I was a candle addict). Don’t get me wrong, candles are great all year round, but when the nights get darker and colder and you come in from the cold to a candle and your house smelling of something spicy and delicious, you instantly feel warmth. The fact that Bath and Bodyworks don’t deliver to the UK, didn’t stop me in my mission to have as many of their new Autumn/Fall candles as I possibly could. I managed to pull a few strings and got my package delivered to my managements office in LA, who then kindly shipped it over to me. There were only two candle fatalities, which isn’t too bad considering the long journey. The thing I love about Bath and Bodywork candles is the price firstly (very reasonable), the huge array of different scents and how well they burn down. They also have a great scent payoff, some more so than others. Now excuse me whilst I try and work out how i’m going to get the Christmas range delivered in a few week time…
Autumn Candles

Autumn Candles
You can never have too many candles in my opinion!

Autumn Candles
I picked up:
3 Wick Candles
Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow
Sweater Weather
Cinnamon & Clove Buds
Kitchen Spice
Marshmallow Fireside
Caramel Pumpkin Swirl

Medium Jar Candles
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Autumn Candles
I love the 3 wick candles but the smaller jars are cute too!

Personal favourites include Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Kitchen Spice, Pumpkin Pie and Leaves. Grab your blankets, turn on the fairy lights and get those candles burning because AUTUMN IS ON IT’S WAY AND I AM VERY EXCITED FOR IT.

  • Nicky Avakidou

    Great post!!

  • Reading this has fulled my need to but every Autumn/Winter/Christmas scented candle out there and also assured me that I’m not own my own with my slightly crazy obsession with candles!!!

  • Fashionable F00d

    Peresonaly think the best thing about Autumn is candles too! But so upsetting that there isn’t a bath and bodyworks in england yet, they just look so amazing – Liberty xx

    • Olivia Charlotte Alice

      I agree! There should be a petition started for one to open in the UK ;)

  • Maggie

    I love Bath and Body Works candles! They burn so long and keep everything feeling festive!

  • Olivia Charlotte Alice

    Wish we had candle shops like this in the UK. There needs to be one in London! Not allowed to burn candles in student housing though :( One benefit of getting your own house! :)


  • Natasha Sheehan

    love bath and body works!!! Check out my blog

  • Kourtney kaufmann

    I love candles so much too!! In actually going candle shopping soon 😂 and just fall in general shopping so I’ll have a lot of candles basically gosh 😂

  • Madison Madelin[PB]

    Love bath and body works candles!😍Got some past time I went to LA which was over 2 years ago and not been since! Just to add I live in the UK and the ones I got then were the last bath and body works candles I ever smelt😭❤️

  • Kira

    I just love Zoe’s excitement! Reading Zoe’s blog just gets me in the spirit for winter and autumn!!

  • JustAnother GirlOnlinex

    I Love autumn candles! But ive never tried the bath and body works ones. I keep telling myself i need to!!!

  • paulina

    Loveyou loveyou loveyou my crazy candle lady! You’re so important in my life! ♥

  • Hannah Koller

    Autumn and Leaves are my FAVORITE fall scents from Bath & Body Works!! I’ll ship you some Bath & Body Works any time you want! I’m an addict!

  • hanna

    omg i love ypur new blog

  • hanna

    i love your new blogs

  • Pinkie Prim

    SO sad that they don’t ship to the UK! Do you know any UK dupes for cinnamon pumpkin? Great post Zoe, your new blog design is fab :) xx

    • Yankee Candles probably sell a similar smell if you go and have a sniff of them!

  • Roxy

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 do you have any similar smells from Yankee Candle?

  • These look so amazing! Now, how am I’m gonna get hold of them from the U.K……

    • kayleigh✨

      I’m wondering the same :/

      • Izzy

        Try Amazon

    • Izzy

      I think You can on Amazon

    • Hi girls! After watching Zoe’s video I researched and found you can pay for a forwarding service in USA where they will receive your package and then forward to your address in UK. I ordered 8 mason jars and am waiting for them to be delivered. It did cost me a bit in shipping but it was still cheaper than paying £24 a candle in UK. I just hope they turn up unbroken lol! Here’s the link for the forwarding service : xx

      • Dolly Dimple

        Hi Holly, if you don’t mind me asking how much did they charge for shipping and how easy did you find it? This is something I would look into as I stay in Glasgow and order mine from Ebay just now x

        • Hi Dolly! It wasn’t cheap, I actually completely forgot about the import taxes which get added on when the package is received in UK. I paid £60 + £20 for import. It all depends on the weight. In the end I paid a bit more than if I had bought them here from the UK bathandbodyshop website although they don’t have much selection and are always out of stock. I think I’ll be sticking to EBay and just use this service for once or twice a year stock ups for fall and Christmas :) At least I have my fix so I’m happy haha x

          • Oh also I reply to your other question, it was a super easy process. I didn’t mind paying that bit more as they check your package over make sure it’s not broken and then they prepare dispatch documents ect before sending it to UK. X

          • Dolly Dimple

            Yeah it’s worth it for a couple a year, if I can get 2 for 1 on the three wick christmas one’s I’ll do it. Have they came yet and did any get broken? Thanks for replying x

          • They got delivered to the MyUS depot today and I’ve requested it for it to be sent so hopefully by end of the week! Hope they’ll be ok during transit eek!! I’ll let u know! If you join up to the service let me know as I think we both get money off delivery! I’m also wondering if you can get BBW online 20% vouchers as that would help! They’ve got the deal on now for the 3 wick candles it’s 2 for $24 and 2 for 20 on mason :) xx

          • Hey! Just to let you know the candles came today in perfect condition :) Took 2 days to get here from USA x

          • Dolly Dimple

            That’s great chick. I’m just waiting on the christmas ones coming out and them doing buy 1 get 1 free and then i’m going to order been watching every day but nothing so far. Not sure when the Christmas one’s come out. Will e-mail once they do and then hopefully we can get 20% off x

          • Not sure! I know it’s soon as I’ve seen the test candles on you tube for Christmas. I’m
            Gutted though as they aren’t bringing back my fave – Hot Buttered Rum :( Keep me posted once you know and I’ll do the same :D xxx

          • Hey Hun! Did you get to buy any babw candles in the end? Not sure if you know or not but it’d buy one 3 wick and get another free and there’s 25% off on top! If you need the discount code give me a shout :) xxx

          • Dolly Dimple

            Hey chick I’ve not ordered yet! Payday is Thursday! So many good scents! X

    • rejectingvinyls

      oh my god, you read my mind

  • Pinkpastelheart

    I love your new blog Zoe great design! All the candles look great and don’t worry I’m just as obsessed! How can you beat a candle hot chocolate and cozy film? 😊

  • I am obsessed with autumn and christmas candles! I think that they are the best seasons for candles :)

    Sarah |

  • These look amazing Zoe, care to hook me up ;) Jk. Loved this post. Ugh i have like 13 candles around me room (yours included) but I’m not allowed burn them as my parents think I’ll burn the house down. Hahaha. xx

  • Nimrah Khan

    +zoella hi I just reasuntly stared a blog I would really like fore you guys to see it its a friend ship blog so its all realy intresting

  • Crazy candle ladies UNITE! Hahahah! 😁

  • erin

    i am getting my friend from new york to buy me some of these and ship them over! thanks zoe :)

  • jessica

    im so so jealous:(x

  • Caitlin Burns

    How did you make your blog to look like this

  • Yanika Galea

    With this post you made me love candles more than I already do ! Love you lots Zoe xx

  • Omg I want all of these! This makes me miss America so much! Bath and Body Works is the best! I just watched your video on the candles this morning! I am just as obsessed with candles as you are!

  • Gail Taylor

    love all autumn candles!!
    have you ever tried heart and home candles? the baked apple smells amazing

  • ahh i love cinnamon candles!! you’re not the only one with a scented candle addiction

  • I absolutely love candles…infact I’ve got the peach smoothie yankee candle lit right now but it’s soon to end! I was watching your video snuggled up with a blanket and drinking a cup of tea :) now I’m so eager to buy autumnal candles ahhh!

  • Laura Creeney

    Love the sound of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Leaves & Caramel Pumpkin Swirl. I am also a crazy candle lady & have way too many Yankees around the house! I wish I had an american friend who could ship me over a whole load of these Autumnal candles though!

    L x

  • Tasha Taylor

    I love this post :) i dont like to spam but you should check out my blog :)

  • Love this post, I also have a love for candles but never seem to buy any. I also have a beauty related blog so if you wanna check it out you’re welcome to :D

  • Gemma Cartwright

    I am totally obsessed with not only candles but autumnal candles even more – Autumn is such a cosy and warming season, I’m that excited for it I’m starting to get annoyed if the weather is slightly warm – they look sooooo nice, if only i could buy them :(

    Blog looks so pretty too :)

  • Really wish we had a Bath and Body works in the Uk!! Also *self-promo warning* any procrastinators want to check out my little blog?

  • Beckii

    They all look so lovely, I wish I could smell them through my phone..

  • I laughed so much when you made that face about the copper lids, ahhh so good lol


  • Emma Hawthorne

    Autumn is by far the best time of the year to buy candles. I love the sound of the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle!

    Fantastic post Zoe and the photos have made me feel so autumny!

    Emma x |

  • Abby

    i’m not usually one to buy candles but after seeing this haul and post, i really want to go out and buy some!

  • Nicole Paul

    ahhh i love autumn

  • Samantha Frances

    This makes me so excited for Autumn! It is my absolute favourite time of the year and I can’t wait to snuggle up with the heating on under blankets with candles burning! :) Love the new blog look! :) xxx

  • Beth Wilson

    I so wish we had a bath and body works in the UK that would be amazing! I’m so excited autumn is here it means hot chocolate and blankets!

  • I just bought Leaves and Autumn! They smell amazing in my room! It makes me feel like it’s actually cold and autumnal in the blistering heat of Southern California!


  • Bath and Body Works candles are the best !! I’m obsessed with candles too, they make a house feel like a home like you said and make you feel comfortable, I feel like.

  • Naamah

    don’t worry you are not the only one who is OBSESSED with candles.

  • Siera Ashley

    After watching your video I ended up buying a ton of candles from Bath and Body! lol I understand your candle needs :P

  • Pareen

    Bath and Body Works’ candles are THE BEST! I especially love their fall/Christmas scents!

  • Hollie Pierpoint

    Autumn candles are always the best candles! I love to have spicy, warm and blackberry scents in my room at Autumn time! 🍂💓

  • These all look so festive and totally autumnal! I always love to visit my local Bath and Body Works and just spend hours splurging over the tons of options!

  • Erika Isme

    I LOVE CANDLES! Ask my friends. I am a freak. I have a bag full for each season!
    By Yankee Candle:
    Sugar Apple is incredible and not sickly sweet. Vineyard is good

    and I love soy Ocean-smelling candles.

  • kira misses her boys

    I feel the same way Zoe! Candles are one of my favorite things about fall. They just make me feel so cozy and warm and i love them. Great post, completely relatable…I’d consider myself an addict as well, we can create a support group!

  • Nicole Brooks

    Zoe you take beautiful pictures! I loved this video! Bath and Body works is the best!!

  • Helen Cain

    I wish there was smell cam so I could sniff them all too! I may have to have a look at making a purchase!

    Zoe if you see this, I hope you are having a little calmer today and the rest of the week feels better.

    I made a post about how to deal with stress, and I know if you struggle with anxiety a mix of the two and feel overwhelming!

    its here if anyone wants to have a look! xxx

  • Oh gosh. This just makes me even more excited for autumn. So happy you did this haul! When I was in school I worked at Bath & Body works and the candles were my absolutely favorite! The spring/summer candles can be a bit to sweet for me but the fall/winter are the best.

    In case you end up doing a winter haul, here are some of my favorites :) First of all the candle “Winter” is my absolute FAVORITE. It a beautiful fresh sent and for me sums the first snow of the year. It’s gorgeous. I can’t rave about it enough. Other favorites include peppermint mocha, holiday, fresh balsam, and cinnamon frosting. Peppermint mocha & cinnamon frosting are for the cozy nights on the couch while watching Elf and eating christmas cookies. Holiday and fresh balsam are perfect while decorating the tree or in you bedroom/bathroom. haha oh man! What is about describing candles by painting the picture of where to light them? haha It helps me though! But first, Karissa, autumn… it’s the beginning to be autumn.. don’t get ahead of yourself. : D

  • Jess Heart

    I’m currently burning Pumpkin Apple form bath and body works and it is absolutely amazing! The scent isn’t overwhelming and I absolutely love the packaging. xx

  • Im so glad u made this video Zoe!! I’m gonna check out all the BBW scents later today! xxx

  • Michaela R

    The autumn candle obsession is QUITE real. Something about the autumn/winter months makes you just want to snuggle up with a nice book. :)

  • Maeve Sutcliffe

    I can’t tell you how much I wish these shipped to New Zealand . . .if only I hada management office in LA . . . or just a management office in general . ..hahahaha!

  • Zuzana Janošková

    I love candles, your blog and your photos too!♥

    Art Blog

  • Sharmi Shah

    Wow! This is so awesome. I love love love a good candle when it comes down to unwinding at the end of a very tiring day! :)

  • Nav Kaur

    Candle Heaven <3 Beautiful Pictures <3 Love you Zoe

  • Iara Melo

    OMG i want that candles! They look so good and tasty!!!!!! e.e
    I wish I could buy that candles, but Bath and Bodyworks don’t deliver to the Portugal :c
    Anyone know’s how can I buy form Bath and Bodyworks?
    Thank you Zoella for inspiring me everyday! Xx

  • Laura Mareno

    OMG! I wish I had Bath and Body Works here!! great post!!:)

  • Klaudia.

    I want to try B&BW candles SOOO bad!! Loved the video, as always! <3 xoxo

    Klaudia //

  • Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow sounds like the nicest scent ever! Great post and video!

  • Paige

    Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Caramel Pumpkin Swirl are the BEST!!

  • This makes us very excited for Autumn!

  • RPaw

    Yaaay,I love candles so much. I actually found some winter/autumn ones that smell like pumpkin and nut spice and amber. Really affordable too(2 pounds on a pre-season sale).

  • Madison Rish

    I’m actually obsessed with Sweater Weather. It’s just enough to give that feeling of cuddling up in a jumper and snuggling in bed. It’s also not as strong which is good because my roommate has asthma and too much can literally take her breath away. i’ll be getting the refills for the plug in because of my college not allowing candles.

  • I love candles especially when the dark and cold night draw in!! I wish they just delivered to the UK!

  • I really like this post and the video to it! I feel like I have to go candle shopping now though… haha

    Melanie xo // Lilies Beauty

  • Mitchie Elle

    Your blog is so awesome Zoe! I’ve followed your previous blog and kept reading each of your posts over and ver and over again and now that you’re finally back blogging, I couldn’t be happier! Yay! You inspire me a lot, like a lot. Love you to bits! :)

  • I wish they delivered to Denmark. I love the leaf detailed lids. So pretty! In Denmark we use the word hygge which has no translation but means coziness and perfectly describes the mood this post brings. :)


  • France Elle

    Never been a fan of candles….but now, I’m OBSESSED. I like them open, so the smell spreads throughout the house! Love your blog. Check out mine and enjoy! ;)

  • Casie G.

    I thought it was so funny how i went shopping the other day and went on a candle spree and then i see this video and think it was definitely worth it. I had to show this video to my mom so maybe she could understand why i love candles so much, because sometimes i don’t even know how to explain it.
    I love Bath and Body Works!
    And the blog is looking so nice, great job!

  • I’m just like you – i LOVE candles, especially autumn and winter scents. I’m not much of a fan of the sickly sweet scents but I do love the warm and spicy ones! That being said, I can’t wait to pop into my local B&BW to pick some of these up! Great post and great video – you look lovely as always!

    emily | honey + flour

  • Kaitlin Bartlett

    lovely lovely! :D cute candles, I want to smell them! :P excited for autumn :D <3

  • Laura Hadley

    Marshmallow Fireside sounds fab!

    Laura x |

  • Naimah

    Me too! It is starting to get darker and colder! I would love to have a candle burning in my room but I don’t go to the shop often to buy one!

  • indie

    i love all of these i know a relative in america so they sent me leaves pumpkin pie and kitchen spice i love them all they are nearly gone i have been reading your blog for 3 years now and i am so proud of all of you things that you have done love you xxx

  • Working at BBW is one of the best jobs! But you want to buy everything then. :)

    I know all the candles you picked up and I have to say you have a great taste! ♥♥♥

    With love,
    Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


  • you have no idea how unnaturally excited I am for this post! I am absolutely obsessed with candles (especially in fall). hopefully I can find a way to still have a sort of candle as I go to Uni. Love this Zoe, thanks! :)


  • Love candles! But I’m always afraid that they’ll burn my house down like Rachel from friends thought about Phoebe’s candles!

  • Heidi

    Argh, wish I could smell them through the screen!

  • The vanilla pumpkin marshmallow one sounds AMAZING!

    Rachel |

  • Therese Östman

    This video actually made me go on a candle website and order a few autumn candles myself. ^^’ I didn´t do as much damage as you Zoe and I don´t know how you are going to burn all those candles before christmas but good luck have fun ;) I can´t wait for my candles to come so I can get that cozy autumn feel in my apartment ^^

  • kayleigh✨

    Apart from bath and body works which candle brand would you recommend? I really want candles but I have no way of getting B&BW ones as I live in the UK.

  • maddie p

    everything you do inspires me to be me

  • Holly Bundle

    OMG now i just want to get a plane ticket to america to buy all the candles! I’m a candle lover like you i own loads of them. I love you zoella!! you are flawless and your amazing!

    if you have any time i would love it if you check out my blog. It isn’t much as it new.

  • Katie Wilberforce

    Omg I literally want all of these candles if you ever find a way for us brits to get bath and body works candles please let me know xx love you

  • Diestelle Covault

    This post makes me wish I had bought a candle when I was there the other day.LOVE U ZOE! p.s. could you mayb do a few more baking posts and videos in U.S. measurements?

  • OneHundered MinusOne

    Love this post! Got me very excited for autumn, which is most definitely my favourite month. Hot chocolate, cosy slippers and jumpers! Cannot ask for more really. Really wish Bath and Body Works shipped to the UK…the Caramel Pumpkin Swirl looks and sounds amazing!
    You truly are the crazy candle women hahaha! Can’t blame you really, what’s not to like about candles hey?! haha! Enjoy xx

  • From Girl C

    I feel so lucky to have a Bath and Body Works so close to my house right now!

  • Ayre

    whenever I see you talk about candles, I always wish I had my own place so that I could burn candles and take nice baths :)


  • I found the nicest candle the other day! Was called Driftwood and smelt AMAZING! I can’t remember who it was by I think I’ll pick it up next time I’m in the store! Em xx

  • Ulku G

    After reading your new blogpost I went out and got some candles for Autumn, all of them smell absolutely amazing. I’m in love! I can’t wait to get my blankets out & get cozy :)

    Loved the video as well, am I the only one?

    I hope everyone is having a great day! ♡♡

  • SweetTreat

    Hey zoella this video has made me want to buy candles, they look soooooo nice! I probably won’t go with big bath and bodywork ones just yet though!

  • Aliya Hussain

    I loved the video!! Zoe, you are not alone, I also have an unhealthy obsession with candles!! Bring on the Christmas scents :p

    Aliya x | |

  • I love burning candles in the fall! I’ve got to pick some of these up on my next shopping trip :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Lauren Kerr

    This post is such a tease! I so wish these candles were available in the UK! If anyone has some good alternatives to these which we can buy in the UK please let me know! hahaha!

  • Ally

    Such gorgeous colors and i SO wish they weren’t all this expensive to get over here necause i want them all!!x

  • Leanne Marshall

    I am loving The White Company Wild mint candle! Smells amazing!

    Love Leanne

  • Karolina Ežerskytė

    Now I need to buy some candles for myself…

  • Mmmm those candles look beautiful! You have such a lush blog :)

  • Izzy

    I think these scented candles are awesome….But I just never get them-idk why??? But now that I hear you raving about it soooo much-maybe I will!!!!
    I love your smell choices btw!

  • Izzy

    Guys Just a thought- I think if u buy these on Amazon you can get them in the U.K……
    OR maybe Bath and Body Works website….Idk-hope to help!

  • Rochelle Jones

    I’m so glad your blogging again. <3

  • Kitsy

    I’m so obsessed with autumn and winter ! They are definitely my favorite seasons of the year, because it feels so cosy to be home when it’s dark outside. And I love Halloween and Christmas so much ! Unfortunately I’m from France and they don’t deliver here so I won’t be able to get my hands on those beautiful candles. But they look so nice ! I’m obsessed with candles too !

  • Clemmie Quinn

    Bath and Body Works needs to come to UK ! have you tried the Hand Gels ?- Amaaaazing

  • Evie <3

    So jealous of your candle collection! Wish my parents would let me burn candles but we live in a wooden house so you know fire hazard and all that!

  • Oh my, they look so pretty! :)

  • Erica White

    Those candles look amazing! I can’t wait to go to bath and body works and smell all of them!

  • Maggie Sullivan

    I’m definitely going to check out your top three! I hope they have all of them in the medium sized candles though because those are my personal favorite :)

  • Deonna Lester

    I LOVE the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scent!

  • Andrea Wright

    Love these candles–definitely going to order some more from Bath and Body Works. Not sure if you like this scent…but their Salted Caramel scent is my fave–and lovely for Autumn. I love the Autumn candle, as well–it’s really growing on me. :) Wish it were easier for you all to purchase them in the UK.

  • Madison Grace

    These look amazing! I wish I could buy them in my country :'( I’ll just have to pretend to smell them over the computer screen. xo

    PS: I have a blog –
    Please check it out lovelies xxxx
    I’ll give you an invisible cookie if you do (woah)

    • Jessica

      I love your post on introverts going to parties :)))

    • Anna G

      Zoe if you’re reading this……you’re so amazing xoxoxoxoxo

    • 16//anna❄️✨

      Tour blog is beautiful😍

    • Your blog is so beautiful, I love how you’ve made it abit like toeless but in different way, if that made sense.

      I’ve just started mine a few months ago, so I’m still getting used to everything. Check me out sometime? thanks:)

    • Love your blog. check out mine!

    • I love your blog layout it’s fab, please could you check out my blog?

      Have a wonderful day!

  • Lénie Hoareau

    I love your Candles Haul video! Autumn happens to be my favorite time of the year. I grew up on a tiny French island in Indian Ocean, where Fall and Spring do not happen, as we are in the southern hemisphere. Now living in Munich, Germany, I always get very exciting at the beginning of september, when the weather get colder, the days shorter and parks turn into real life painting, with all that red and orange shades. I also tend to deep clean and rearrange my flat at that time of the year and of course there are a few candles lighted up here and there. I love the spicy pumpkin and cinnamon smells. It simply make a room much more welcoming. Now that I have watched your video and saw how great those candles seem to be I want to order them all (ok maybe not all of them) but they don’t deliver to Europe. :( Zoe please teamed up with Bath and Bodyworks for an autumn giveaway.

    Anyway thank you for sharing your love of candles and autumn with us. I feel you! ;)
    Love xx

  • Blogging Kind Of Girl

    Please Check out my blog xx

  • Ellie

    zoe I love your videos so much especially the autumn and Christmas ones . p.s.: I am looking forward to girl on tour

  • UnicornPug

    I Love Those Candles So Much:D

  • Querida Seguin

    oh my god I wish I could have some bath and body works candles I wish they’d ship them to the UK

  • Candida Di Masso

    I love candles as much as you do!!
    But I can’t buy them in my country

  • Lily Climance

    omg i love these xx

  • Serena

    i just got home from the mall and i ended up with two of Bath and Bodyworks three wick candles. I got Autumn and pumpkin carving. I kind of forgot how much i love candles and how happy it makes me to have one burning in my room. Thank you zoella for reminding me of that<3

  • andyliu
  • It’s so unfair that we don’t have Bath & Body Works here in Finland…

  • Annie v

    Loving your new ‘re – decorated’ blog! Your post are literally one of my fav things to read💗💛 ily x

  • I’m also a candle guru. Can’t have enough! I just went to Bath & Body and got five new candles. Already have them lit! Xoxo

    • Blake

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  • Brynn King

    The leaves candle is my all time favorite from Bath and Body Works ❤️

  • All your candles are gorgeous, and I bet that they smell divine! I need to start up a collection, too!

    xx, Diane ||

  • Autumn is my favourite time of the year, simply because of the candles!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • I love autumn-y candles! There is one at Target called Blueberry Pumpkin and it smells AMAZING, I can’t have candles in my room at school but it’d be nice to have at home :)

  • ImAGreenleaf !

    Not gonna lie but I actually love candles! These look amazing and I bet they smell just as great! I’m really sad that we can’t get them in England though :) also I have a blog –

  • Victoria Reilly

    This is seriously my favourite time of year for candles

    Victoria | dearvictoria

  • Sarah Brown

    I wish we had a bath and body works, or better they shipped to the UK!
    Anyone, where can you get some Autumnal candles in the UK? like these?!
    would love to try a pumpkin candle!


    • Village Candles are really good, they do a few Autumn pumpkin ones. Also try Goose Creek. They’re both American brands but you can get them in UK! X

  • thea

    You`re totally not the only one! xD

  • Samantha Joy Black

    Leaves is literally the greatest candle ever!!! I have to light it every year for fall (:

  • summaya

    OMG! i really wanna smell Leaves (:

  • Gemma Sherman

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    Looking to further the autumnal presence in my home I am glad to find some info on items such as these. I also found some great autumn interior advice in another article;
    which may also be of interest to some!

    Thanks for the article and all your great videos too!

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    Sally ~ DiagonSally

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    Zoe if you are reading this at all please follow my Instagram – JoannaxKing
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    Have a nice day!


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    Hi Zoella! I love this post! Candles are my fave too! Have you tried candles from Fragrant Earth? They have amazing St Eval Candles, handmade with traditional methods in Cornwall. Their beautiful scents really make bath time special, and look lovely around the house. They also have True Grace tin candles, They come from Wiltshire and are made with natural wax. My favourite is Garden Rose, it really brings the fragrance of an English garden into the room. xx

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    • Senuri Mahamithawa

      I’ve just found this website, has anyone tried it?? Is it legit/ how much does it cost? :) xx{campaign}&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&utm_term=bath%20and%20body%20works%20uk&utm_content={adgroup}&gclid=CPTSy4Sbv88CFSEz0wodm0oLrA

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