Murad Essential-C Sun Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 35
Vichy Capital Soleil Face Cream SPF 50+
Piz Buin In Sun Sun Lipstick SPF 30 
Sisley Super Stick Solaire 30
L’Occitane Jenipapo Face Protecting Veil SPF 30 

SPFs are so important at this time of year, especially with all of this amazing weather we’ve been having! I always make sure to use them in the summer to make sure my face is protected from the sun to avoid any damage to my skin.

I’ve chosen my favourite five facial SPF products and find they are all great for different things. First up is Murad’s Essential -C Sun Balm, the packaging makes it easy to apply and is small enough to take with you in case you need to reapply, and the SPF 35 is a good level of coverage. Next up is Vichy’s Capital Soleil face cream which I reach for on holidays or really sunny days, the SPF 50+ gives very high protection so is perfect for when the sun is really strong.

Next is something slightly different but so useful, an SPF 30 lip balm that can be worn under lipstick and so goes well with your makeup. People tend to forget about protecting your lips but it is so important, sunburnt lips are no fun at all! Fourth is the Sisley Super Stick Solaire, which is great for sensitive skin, as some sun creams can be irritating for some skin types. This is also SPF 30 so great for protecting more delicate areas of your face, including around your eyes.

Last but not least is L’Occitane’s Jenipapo Face Protecting Veil which I love taking with me if I’m going away for a few days, it’s such a great size for your handbag, has SPF30 UVA and UVB protection so is a great all rounder! It smells lovely too which is an added bonus!

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  1. this is really nice and a helpfull post! thanks zoe :)

  2. Emma W

    SPF is so important. I love that you are supporting sun protection! I personally love using spray sunscreen as I find it to be the easiest to apply :)

  3. Mia

    I should start using face spfs, I only protect my lips and put a normal sun screen on my face :)

  4. Really helpful even though I rarely use it! Great post(:


  5. I had no idea Murad had something like this. I just recently got the Murad face wash because I've heard it's really good for spots…and I'm breaking out! Seriously frustrating. I like the brand so I think I'll give it a try.

    I really like the packaging for the last one! It does look perfect for a handbag. Of course I'm drawn to the one most pleasing to look at. :)

    I'm really liking this Top Five Tuesday series you're doing. <3


  6. I loved that post! So helpfull.
    Kisses from Brazil, i love you! :)

  7. I'm going on holidays in a couple of days and I need to purchase some face spfs and this post was very helpful Zoe as everything you recommend is always amazing. Thank you Zoe and enjoy your holidays. I love you <3

  8. In Holland I always buy the brand Hema. They got really nice SPF face creams. But the Sisley stick sounds great too!

  9. Thanks Zoe… I was looking for a good SPF and you made easy 😘😘😘😘😘

  10. Loving these top five blog posts at the moment, such a good idea! I see some expensive brands here but if you're protecting yourself from the sun then the best protection is best! Thank you for sharing

  11. kfc

    Ahh, I 've been looking for good facial SPF products and these are good to know!

  12. I'm so happy that you're frequently blogging again (: This was really helpful and now I'm tempted to buy the Vichy face cream ! Haha

  13. Grace

    I have only recently gotten into the habit of wearing SPF daily…this is my first summer doing it and I can't wait to do do it every day after! :)

    Every Day In Grace

  14. Amazing Zoe I love this post x

  15. Pls follow me on Twitter @DD_P100

  16. Nell

    Thanks Zoe, this was very helpful! I will now start too protect my lips too…oops :)

  17. The Vichy capital soleil gives me very bad rash. :( But Sisley looks very nice. :)

  18. wowee I didn't even know a SPF 30 lip balm existed!! Please tell me I'm not the only one? aha
    I'm really enjoying these top 5 Tuesday posts Zoe! :)

  19. Oh that's not good! I've not tried it myself but I do struggle with some of the higher SPF products out there! Perhaps that's why?

  20. Nell

    Hi, does anyone know what camera Zoe uses for her blog posts? I'd really love to know, thanks :)

  21. Another great post, Zoe! I'm so careless with keeping my skin protected from the sun so I might have to look into some of these >.<

    She Will Be

  22. The Canon EOS 600D. Its says it in her FAQs.

  23. on faq it says "I use a Panasonic Lumix TZ7 Digital Camera in older blog posts & the Canon EOS 600D in newer posts."

  24. Oooh these products sound amazing! ❤

  25. I'm a bit of a tan fanatic, so I just started using this tanning oil from L'Oreal with an SPF of 50. A bit controversial but for my face, I always use Neutrogena because their SPFs are non-greasy.

    Have fun on your holiday!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  26. Abi S

    Great post and photo! I agree that they're very important at this time of year! I always get my nose burnt! I agree with sunburnt lips and I love the packaging of the L'Occitane's Jenipapo Face Protecting Veil! Abi :)

  27. Thanks for sharing Zoe, I'm always looking for great SPF creams :)

  28. Never heard of the lip balm it's has a really high factor! I'll have to get it next time I'm in superdrug :) x


  29. The lip balm looks amazing, I use a Cocoa Butter one which is really good but is also for the face which creeps me out. I might try this one!

  30. lovely post and very helpful :)

    emily xx

  31. I'm so guilty for forgetting to spf my face!! Defo have to remember when I go on holiday! x

    Pillarbox Post

  32. Julia

    Great post, especially because I always forget to put on spf products…thank you for reminding me :)

  33. I love L'occitane en provence and all its products ! Everytime I go in one of their stores, I want to buy everything haha

  34. Chloë

    This is so helpful, thanks Zoe :)


  35. I have been loving your top five posts they are amazing! xx Tilsie (

  36. Neevie

    Oh wow.. it never even crosses my mind to wear anything like these! I must start..

  37. Some great products here, love your posts.

    Jess x

  38. Vicki

    I love the amount of recognition SPF beauty products are getting in the blogging/youtube community at the moment, setting a brilliant example for us to protect our skin! Never have I heard of a SPF 50 face cream though, so good for when you don't want to put the usual super-greasy sun cream on your face! x

  39. I really hate the feel of the suncream especially on my face so this has been incredibly useful! I always just used the same for my body and face, not anymore! :)

  40. Really interested in the L'occitane one! I really like using the SPF's from Clarins, they're amazing, not just protection but great skincare too.

  41. Great blogpost zoe xx

  42. I burn really easily so am always on the look out for new suncare recommendations! I've just discovered Solait face SPF which is so so good! It's kind of a matte finish and goes really well under make-up, plus doesn't make your face all shiny looking.

    Sam x

  43. I'm really bad with SPF.. I grew up in a tropical island and I only wear SPF when I go to the beach or swimming or doing something really outdoor type of activities. I moved away from home for university and it's a lot colder here and I've gone paler and I really need to get my SPF game on. Thanks for posting this, Zoe!


  44. This was really helpful, it's amazing just how much difference SPF makes to your skin!

  45. I have never tried ANY of these which is surprising! SPF is really important in foundations so this has helped a lot :D

    Emma Louise

  46. I always try to use a lip balm with spf in it before i do my makeup. Lovely post as always Zoe. Even though i've never tried any of these products i gotta mention the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45! I strongly recommend it as i've never came across such a light feeling face spf with such high spf. It is phenomenal in my opinion.

  47. I'm soooo happy that you are blogging more and more now ! Dont get me wrong, i do love your videos, but I think you're such a good blogger too ! Your posts are always so well made, interesting, and the pictures cute.

    Nothing to do with SPF that comment, but just wanted to let you know Zoe :)
    love from France, Victoria

  48. Tasha

    I love Bioderma and La Roche Posay products :)

  49. yay! your back!!! hello!!! i know you've been back for a while but im just so excited i very much enjoy reading your blog!! if you read this before you go on holiday i hope you have a nice trip! lots of love! thanks for being the inspiring person you are and always keep doing what you love to do.:)

  50. I actually need a face spf, this post is really helpful, thank you! Will have to go on a hunt soon to find and try them out!

    fashion/lifestyle blog –

  51. The only problem with spf lip balm is that you can't wear a cute lipstick as after a couple of applications my lipstick has magically vanished, well it hasn't 'magically vanished' it's just smeared on the top of my lip balm leaving my lips severely underdressed compared to the rest of my make up! Could you do a post on perhaps good quality pigmented lip products that can withstand this summer heat but still posses sun protection qualities as i feel as though burnt, dry lips are not a good look, haha. Thanks :-)

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  53. love vichy!

  54. Havent tried or heard of these brands before! Will have to give them a try :)

  55. I love your blog! It is perfect. Cheers!

  56. Definitely agree with the use of sun protection.. And about protecting lips! I think most people forget that lips need to be protected too, I always make sure I use a lip balm with SPF factor.

    Ayesha xxx

  57. My skin is so fare, I need to make SPFs part of my routine!
    I don't think I can get any of those products in Canada though..?
    from Marlee and You

  58. Since my skin is really fair, I try and get SPF where ever I can! I just like to use a BB cream with a really good SPF in it, since I tend to break out into rashes when I use sunscreen. Great post! :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  59. Hi Zoe!!! I would like to inform you that here in Greece, when it comes to summer and facial spf, a must have product, a holy grail, is a greek brand called FREZYDERM. The facial spf i´m talking about is FREZYDERM SUN SCREEN COLOR VELVET FACE CREAM SPF 50+/ UVA, 50ML. It's not greasy at all, it leaves your skin matt and it evens your skin tone because it has colour in it, which at first seems quite dark but don't worry, it adapts to your skin tone. You should really try it. Here in Greece Frezyderm, Korres and Apivita are quite cheap. You can find them in all pharmacies. Especially e-pharmacies are very cheap with a discount of 30-50% all year long! Kisses!!!

  60. Am I the only one that gets super duper lazy with sun screens haha x

  61. This is such an important post! I am so pale, face spf's is like my saviour!
    I loved your makeup collection too Zoe! I had to pace myself :P I now have a list of things to buy!

  62. I always forget about the importance of protecting your skin and I usually just shove some suncream on it! This is a super helpful post Zoe as the highest SPF I have is 15 in my Simple moisturiser! I must buy some of these products :) Thank you zoe<3

  63. I love this post!

  64. I definitely should pick some of these up before I go on holiday! Such a helpful post!

    Monica xxx

  65. I always forget how important it is to use sunscreen, especially when at home in the UK. I also try my best to look formulas that won't cause acne breakouts too! I've heard quite a few good things about the Vichy one so I might look into that one a bit more. Thank you Zoe! :)

  66. I've been meaning to get into putting spf on my face but I wear makeup every day, so is there a spf that you can put on over your makeup every 2 hours because I guess that's how often you have to apply it.

    Krissy |

  67. I love this vichy one:)

  68. As a girl who's at the beach every other day I would recommend a sunscreen in the form of spray (eg NIVEA) so that you will never get bored of applying it!!

    Xx Cristal Pearl

  69. Piz Buin has some pretty good products, I love L´Occitane too! <3 x

  70. It's Winter here for me in Australia but because it's always pretty sunny here, I too always make sure to protect my face from the sun! Most of these products I've never heard of, but I like the sound of the SPF 50+ face cream. xx

  71. I think SPFs are so important for the summer especially when the sun is beaming down because the UV rays can be really damaging to the skin also I don't know if this is true but I heard that sun makes your marks darker if you have any spot marks so wearing SPF can really help in stopping those marks get darker xx

  72. Milly

    This was a really great post. I'm really sensitive to the sun so I can't be out in it for long and I always have to wear spf 50. However I usually skip my face because it ruins my makeup, but I really shouldn't. This will help in the hot British summer!

    Milly xx

  73. Yay! I've been looking for a new spf, I usually just use the Olay moisturisers with spf but I feel like I need something more purpose built over the summer, this post was super helpful!! :) x

    Brinty Meg ♥

  74. SPF is so important! Great that you mentioned spf for your lips because I nearly forgot how bad it was when I burnt my lips, definitely bringing an spf lipbalm with me on holiday! Great post xx

    Beauty Girl

  75. Thank you this post was so helpful!

  76. Such a helpful post!

  77. Ah, I always for get lip protection. My favorite lip balm has an SPF of 15, but I should invest in one a bit higher.
    Great post, thanks for sharing.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  78. Great post, Zoe. Shame on me; I don't always worry about my skin care.

  79. Unfortunatelly, I get burned every single summer. Thank you for the tips <3

  80. CHECK OUT MY BEAUTY FASHION AND LIFESTYLE BLOG! Love your blog and videos Zoe!!:)💕

  81. Very helpful. Thanks Zoe. :)

  82. try the clarins ones!!

  83. zoe

    Im so glad you put in a sun protection for lips because I always forget to use a SPF lip balm and now my lips hurt so bad.

  84. Hey zoe,

    I really like your top 5 tuesday posts so I kind of stole your idea for my own blog I really hope you have the time to check it out but I bet you get a lot of these comments :) still I hope you read it!
    love you! xx

  85. Amelia

    I really like this post. I got an SPF lotion specifically for faces but I am really not fond of it. It's a little thick and makes me kind of shiny. I like the sound of the Murad balm. Do the make an SPF lotion too?

    Anyway, great post and kudos for advocating the importance of SPF <3

  86. I love these "top" posts coz you do a short review on them :) Thanks Zoe!

    My fave is Alba Botanica Hawaiian SPF 45 – smells amazing and it's the only sunscreen I'm not allergic to. I use it for my body and face since I haven't found one specifically for my face. It's certified organic and paraben-free :)

    Arianne |

  87. I don't have a good strictly facial SPF and this makes me want to go out and buy one.. I do use SPF on my face but nothing specifically for faces. Good job promoting sun protection's importance! :)

  88. Loved this post! I'm liking the top 5 tuesday theme you've started because it s a short and sweet review about many products. LOVE IT!

    xx Mariane

  89. I love the piz brun one i think it is amazing x

  90. I've never actually tried any of these but may try and pick the Vichy one up as I'm going away at the beginning of September! Trying to remember Spf a lot more now in this heat wave :P Great post!

  91. Great post! I've been looking for some face sun cream for a while now, I wish I had enough money to try these though :( x

    Nnedi //

  92. This is indeed so helpful.I generally tend to ignore my skin while going out in the sun but was looking to for some products to get on track.Thanks a ton Zoe.
    x :)

  93. Love your blog so much! Definitely checking some of these out.


  94. I love the body shop's vitamin C moisturizer! It has spf 30 (which i need year round) and its supposed to brighten your skin!

  95. Always a great idea with the lip balm! Always forgetting to put some on my lips xx

  96. A lip balm with SPF really is so important Zoe! My mother has had severely burnt her lips before and it was an awful experience. My father has also had to have some skin cancer removed from his lips. Awesome tip to include :)

  97. i ALWAYS neglect my lips! Definitely trying harder this summer

    thanks Zoe!

  98. The Vichy's Capital Soleil face cream looks quite good. I've been searching for a good face cream with SPF for quite a while now, as it's SUPER hot and sunny here in Dubai! At least 45˚C everyday!

  99. this post makes me want to try a little harder to remember to put on sunblock the next time i go out, gotta find something with cute packaging!

  100. Hey Zoella!Can you type something for peoples with very sensitive skin?
    I'm alergic and I have atopic dematitis and I can't put any powder on face so can you ''research'' a little bit and type something for us with sensitive skin? :)

  101. Great picks! I really need to start using products like these because i hardly ever remember to protect my face from the sun!

    Also I've just started a blog would mean a lot if anyone would check it out!:)

  102. Hi Zoe!! I really like this blog post. I use SPF everyday when i go out even if it is cloudy. I'm looking forward to trying these especially the L'Occitane one (I totally love the colors on the bottle :D). Thank you so much for sharing what you know with us !!

  103. lauren

    what should i do if i always get spots? i have quite a few on my face and i can never get rid of any???

    • Meagan owen

      Yeah I also have bad spots and I found that using the asda skin system tea tree foaming face wash
      has helped a lot

    • Amy

      Check out my beauty & skin care blog :) there’s loads of really good products on there for spots!

    • Ivette Sky

      Hi, this product is also very good for spots etc

  104. Alice Wensington

    Good to know. :)

  105. TRYKARO

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  106. Two geek girls

    Hello, funnily enough my blog does not talk about skin care but we do love be those sort of things… It would be great if you checked it out!!!

  107. Lovely!
    This is really a better solution for cleansing your tanning skinThis is really a better solution for cleansing your tanning skin

  108. Nat Thomas

    I cannot even stress how important SPF is. Since i’m nearing 30, It is just as important for me to start thinking about the consequences of the sun (such as premature wrinkles, fine lines, or even…cancer!) I’ve started using anti-ageing skincare and getting regular facials whenever I can!
    Thanks Zoe for the article :)

  109. Proper protection is the first line of defence, in maintaining a youthful appearance. I always ask my clients to use sunscreen that provides high protection without clogging pores. Particularly, if you are suffering from acne it is important to use a sunscreen which does not clog the pores or leave a greasy layer on top of the skin.

    Simona | Skin Aspirations

  110. Sneha

    Hello Zoella Thank you for the wonderful Article today i got to know some usefull SPF Products & uses i would like to share my product which i use Espoir Water Splash Sun Cream SPF50 one my close friend gave me link of ebay Have a nice day looking for more updates from you Zoella