I’m sure a lot of you will have heard by now that I’m writing a book (I KNOW, CRAZY AND EXCITING AND SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME) I absolutely love writing and ever since I was a  young’un I have dreamt about my very own book, and so this is an absolute dream come true. I thought I’d share a little bit about it and the journey so far..

When I was 13 I would rush home from school to work on a book I was writing. Sadly I don’t still have that book now. I wrote it up on word and it was hundreds of pages long, I don’t even remember what it was called. I saved it all on a floppy disc (remember those?), and then I think I threw it away (DAMMIT), I even drew a front cover. I’ve known since then that I’ve always wanted to write my own book, so was so excited when I was approached by Penguin to make this a reality! Since then we’ve been working together to bring my ideas to life and create my very own novel – Girl Online!

I don’t want to reveal too much about the story as I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it was so important to me to include things that are big parts of my life. I wanted to make sure anxiety was a key feature, as it’s something that myself and so many other people have to live with, in the hope that it might help someone out who is suffering with the same. Blogging is of course a major theme too, as well as cyber bullying, friend fallouts and romance. EEEEEEK. It’s a Young Adult fiction, so none of the characters are based on people I know, or myself but it was so much fun creating them and seeing them come to life throughout the story.

Last week I had a two day meeting with my editor Amy where we went through the first final copy just be sure of any changes (As you can see I provided quite the table display of snacks – yes, those are Percy Pigs) There are still a few more stage to go before it’s ready for the printers and can’t wait to share it all with you, i’m also very nervous! The book is being released on

Tuesday 25th November

But you can preorder it already by clicking here!

I don’t think i’ve ever been so excited for anything my entire life, it’s like all my Christmas’ rolled into one.


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  • Lucy

    Waiting for girl online on tour, I finished the 1st book on holiday and I cannot wait for the 2nd book!!! The story line is amazing and it is so gripping #preordered. Love you Zoe 😘😘

  • Hayleigh

    Omg can’t wait for the next book!!! The first one is amazing!

  • Miliana Latanafrancia

    Follow me on Instagram please your my fav @bows3443 is my insta acc😊

  • Mary Nascimento

    Can’t wait for Girl Online: On Tour!!!!!!!!!! Love your blog design!

  • Lily “Lilsee”

    Love your photo on this post! You look beautiful! So excited for Girl Online: On Tour! Will there be a third novel? xx

  • Katie Halsall

    can’t wait until girl online 2 comes out xx

  • I got fire for a ❤️

    I love so much this book!!! ONE OF MY FAVOURITES!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Amelia Wilts [PB]

    I love You Zoe and I cant wait till Girl Online:On Tour comes out!!!!!! xxxx Will ther be a book Tour?

  • ItsJust UsAndYou

    Well done 😘😘💖😂💁🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Emily

    I bought girl online for my self I enjoyed it so much I bought it for my friend on her birthday I do hope she enjoyes it! ♥♥♥

    • Cami Biggar


  • Tove Andius

    If i pre-order Girl online on tour now will i get it signed?

  • Соња Алексић

    Zoe, u are so amazing I love your book so much, my favourite! I hope you will continue writing and I can not wait for more your books!

  • Attiyah Nadeem Ul Ghani

    well done :)

  • Kitty Tilder

    your book is fab!! love you and am so proud of joe geting his book for my birthday xxxxxx

  • Izzy

    OMGGG! i wanna read thisss….i am soo buying ittt

  • jordydibs1

    zoe you are my inspiration and i love you, when i started watching your videos and reading your blogs i started to feel much more happy with myself. i was having really hard time and you really helped me when i read your book my life turned arounded and i looked at everything in a different perspective, just carry on doing what you doing i really love you and hope to one day meet mine and millions of others role model.

  • Zoellaforlife

    I love your book and I can’t wait for the second one💋

  • ZingyLemon

    i haven’t got your book yet but hope i get one soon and your blog is so amazing

  • ZingyLemon

    i am a struggler to be honest but with a lot of people like me help and you may struggle with stuff or not you are an amazing person and help get through a lot thanks Zoe <3

  • Neve

    Loved it Zoe can’t wait for number 2 to release

  • RmzRlz

    I luv Girl Online and can’t wait for Girl Online on Tour!

  • casey lee

    I’ve never really been the person to start and finish a book but when I got Girl Online that changed and I have read it twice I cant wait for Girl Online on Tour and to see what happens <3 <3 <3

  • Chloe Cooke

    I have never been so addicted to a book before! I love it I have read it 5 times now and I am sure I will again and again in like its one of the best books ever well done zoe I love you so so much ! I cant wait for book 2 I am buzzing like a bee in excitement o my lord ! xxxxx

  • horsemad

    I love girl online it is an amazing book and I cant wait for girl online on tour to come out im going to get it on the first day and try and get a signed copy love u so much zoella keep up the good work

  • Holly FAB

    Did you REALLY write it or did you just have the idea? Plz answer to my comment, Zoella! Or is that a lie, too?
    BTW, I <3 whoever's book it is!

    • grace

      she made the characters and made the plot, but she did have some help writing the book. All celebs have ghost writers

  • emily

    Wow bought girl online cannot wait for girl online on tour LOVE YOU😍😍😍

  • Francesca

    Omg I just finished Girl Online and loved the book so much I can’t wait to read it again!!!!!!!!!

  • corale

    I really want to read it

  • Evie

    You probably don’t know me but I am really proud of you Zoe on what you have achieved the last 6 years and every one of you videos make me smile thank you very much Evie xx 😘💕🌸

  • Zoellasfanforlife

    I love your book I got it for Christmas last year you are such an inspiration I cannot wait for Girl Online on Tour Never give up Zoe “Zoella” Xxxxxx

  • zemb

    I absolutely LOVE! your book ive read it like 5 times and every time its amazing bring out a girl online 3 and 4 etc love you your amazing xx

  • disqus_wGnDrzVhUc

    I just finished reading girl online for the 3 time and I am hooked!! You did such an amazing job Zoe !! Xox

  • Cami Biggar

    I LOVE girl online!! I have read the book 3 times in the month or two that I have had it. I can’t wait for Girl Online On Tour comes out!! I know I’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first one.

  • rejectingvinyls

    i’ve re-read the book twice, and i will again before girl online on tour comes out

  • Tori P.

    Will you be making a third Girl Online book? I would love to see what is in store for Noah and Penny! Loved both your books! <3

    • taya

      I know it cant be left the way it was!

  • Tia kacholia

    Me too I got girl online I know it’s a bit late but i have finishede thank you so much for writing amazing books zoella love u
    I am sorry I put a picture on my post please ignore it

  • muts

    Zoella, Girl Online is by far one of the best books I have ever read. It is such a page turner!!! ILYSM for writing this AMAZING book!!!! <3333 I'm so exited to read Girl Online on Tour!!!

  • mariella

    Will there be another Girl-Online book after Girl-Online on Tour? I want to know more about what happens to Penny and Noah now!

    • blank space

      I know same here!

  • anonymous

    Hi! First of all, sorry I put my name as anonymous. I will have a proper cover name when I start up my own blog.
    I have read Girl Online and I think that it is a very inspiring book and ‘exciting-to-read’ book. As soon as I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I have started reading Girl Online On Tour too! I also have a lot of Zoella products and I am planning to get more!! Zoe you are not just popular because you are a youtuber, you are popular because you are kind, inspiring and fun!
    I know you are very busy and you may not have time to reply to this comment but I will be grateful if you read it xx

    • taya

      No spoilers but finished girl online on tour a couple of hours ago and it is absolutely amazing! I

  • Faye

    I’ve Just bought Girl Online On tour and im so excited to read it yay!!

  • taya

    Dear zoe, I know this is really late, but i am reading all of your old blog posts and i came across this one and i just thought how funny this is when you wrote this girl online wasant out, but writing this i have just read girl online on tour. Your writing is so captivating and amazing, in both books you had me in tears at points. I cant tell you how much i would like you to do a book 3! Please say that your not going to leave the ending like that we need to know what happens! I love you&your you tube videos&your amazing writing. I cant remember life without watching your videos now you help me so much! Love you! Lots of love Taya xx

    • Holly Campbell

      Yes!! We need book 3!!!

      • blank space

        Defo!! No doubt about it! It cant be left the way it was!

        • sian elliott

          I love these books, there has to be a third, they’re so amazing.

          • Hena Maker


  • Paige Jessie

    Zoe are u making a third girl online because we really need to find out more about Noah and Penny I am really really curouis and right now I need to read a third book 😂I’m sure everyone that has read girl online on tour is thinking the same thing😂 if we find out that there will be a girl online 3 then I think everyone will be jumping up and down with excitement but also relief 😂

    • blank space

      I defo will be jumping up and down and crying with excitement and relief! I know it cant end the way that girl online on tour ended we need closure! We need to find out what happens! As soon as i finished the last page all i could think about was i need a girl online 3!

      • Teresinha Martins

        I DEFINETELY understand what you mean… I was sooo grabbed on to that book! I feel like I’d never get tired of knowing about Noah and Penny, keep reading about their whole life together… 😍

      • alysaroseneil21

        Same I really need it

        • Hasinah Fazal

          She is writing a 3rd book, she said in her vlog today!!! (04/06/16) xDDD

    • Hetvi Tanna

      i totally agree…….& zoe if ur not making den plz change ur mind and start making <3 ;)

    • Dhyani Desai

      Ikr I feel the same way. I’m a little late to the club cuz I only finished it yesterday 😂😂however I totally understand that we need to know more about Noah and penny. I cried 😭😭near the end when Noah and penny broke up but I was then eager to know more once I found out who TRT was (I always suspected him 😂😂👍🏼)it’s been bugging me all night and I need the third book and Zoe if u did make a third book it would be one of the best days of my life 😂😂❤️❤️ Xx

    • Sarah

      I totally agree if their is a third book i will be so happy. It should turn into a series ☺ Ever since I finished girl online on tour I have been wondering what is happening to Noah and Penny

    • alysaroseneil21

      I literally just finished and put down the book!! I need a third one!! If I here there will be a third I will be doing more than jumping I’ll be doing flips!!!

    • xoxo_hope_oxox

      I want her too. I love both books!!! <3

    • Molly

      I need it so bad! Haha! I mean, no! A book ending like that is surely hinting to a third book right? Haha

    • Pegasus Girl

      I just finished reading the second one and I was CRYING at the oml

    • Kaitlyn.L

      Usually myself I’m not too… Let’s say interested in books. Maybe because I haven’t found the right category I love. And after I read Girl Online… I found it. I absolutely loved how it relates so closely to teens in everyday life. I actually loved it so much I read it whenever I could when I was suppose to be on vacation :). But recently I talked my mom into getting Girl Online: On Tour after I’ve read the first book let alone a few days ago. I couldn’t resist because I have been very intrigued into reading it… so much I just finished the book sitting at 3am after reading it for 6 hours. And now at this moment I’m sitting on my phone looking up if there is a third one available because I really want to see more in the struggling relationship among Penny and Noah(yet again everyone who’s read it has probably have had the same thing too…). Just myself I’m really hoping you can make another book that really sets a new adventure for Penny and Noah and really makes the relationship last a lifetime:). I noticed in the acknowledgements that it was a lot more difficult to create the second book because it took a lot more ways to create those different emotions. But if you could do a third one… Would you?:) ~Kaitlyn

    • Esranur Aydın

      You right girl!!

    • puppy eyes

      OMG YESS!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE BAE….. sorry for the excitement, but that would be my life completed….

    • sienna

      I totally agree!

  • Holly Campbell

    I just love the book! I have already read the next one. Girl Online: On Tour! It’s so good!! You must make another one!! It can’t be the end to it, I will not allow it😂😂 no seriously I really loved the books, continue to write more xx

  • blank space

    Please announce that you are writing a book 3 soon and put me out of my misery! So that it dosent have to end the way that book 2 does!

  • Georgia Goulding

    Hi Zoella! I have just finished reading your book Girl Online and the second one is coming in about a week! I love it sososos much and are suffering from a serious book hangover! I have Anxiety and it really has helped me A LOT! I really hope you do a book three so that I don’t have to suffer too much after book two! You inspire me to write a book thank you soosoos much! I love you Zoe! And it would mean the absolute world to me if you could check out my blog at Planetgeorgia.net! xx Georgia

  • Miriam Küpper

    Hey Zoe! I have so much things to say about Girl Online, On Tour! I can’t describe it yet, but it’s awesome. My favourite book so far!
    I don’t know if I didn’t see it but: did penny allow lea to take her photo for her album cover? And you can’t left me with this end! I’m crying my eyes out if this is the end of girl online..! I need to know much more about Penny and Noah and their relationship after their breakup and their ‘reunion’. And I’m not really sure how the things with Megan are going, I have to read more about her! And there’s so much more… Why can’t Penny go on world tour with Noah and why doesn’t she work as a photographer there, like, everywhere in the world? Then I have to tell you, that there in the german translation of girl online on tour are three mistakes. On page 236 there’s a “ist” instead a “isst” which means she is instead of she eats! on page 269 is a “heine” instead of “keine”. And I don’t even know what a definition “heine” has😂 The last one is on page 393, “aber sie ist das nicht, was mich ausmacht” instead of “aber sie ist nicht das, was mich ausmacht. These aren’t huge mistakes or something because I know what they should mean but it confused me a little bit.

    I really enjoy your videos and your books are my favs! You’re such an amazing person and you inspire me everyday. Please keep going writing books, you give millions of girls in the hole world some hours of happiness!
    Please answer if you’re going to write a third book of girl online! Love you, miriam xo (I’m sorry for my bad englisch, I’m german and I’m living in Switzerland..)

  • Pegasus Girl

    Just fab.
    If there is no third book…
    *Dramatic Background music*
    BTW all of you check out my book..
    well the beginning of it…
    and another awesome blog that I found on a random search;

  • Zoe how do you make your Blog?

  • Plogger

    Dear Zoe, I just want to congratulate you on your new book- Girl Online On Tour. It is absolutely amazing! And it’s more incredible to know how both Girl Online’s were made. You should be really proud of your books that your producing and the YouTube videos you make and lets not forget this incredible blog you have made! Can’t wait for Girl Online 3. Love you -Plogger X


  • Lia G

    I loved both books! It would be amazig to read a third one 😍

  • Hind Shahbic

    Dear Zoe,
    i wish you could understand me and could you please bring your books to arab countries and bring yourself too i wish you could visi another country but not Dubai we want to meet u … Is this your book or this i am goin to paste an image xoxo

  • Hind Shahbic

    Which of these are your book?

  • Lydia Beard

    YES…… I NEED A THIRD BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEAEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT COULD HAVE LIKE A ORANGE OR GREEN COVER😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • mollie copeland

      How strange! Girl Online: Going Solo has an orange cover.

  • Miri Moo

    Hi Zoe,
    I’ve read your book and I love it, I didn’t actually realise you had a blog until now but hey ho you’re never to late to start discovering right?! Any ways I just wanted to say that I’ve been having anxiety issues too, and I’ve discovered that a lot of young teenagers suffer from anxiety and depression issues! There’s this amazing app called “Headspace” and I’m in love with it. If you ever feel super trooper stressed try it out it’s amazing!!!! Shamazing that is!🙃😉

  • Katie

    Pretty please make another one, as soon as I finished it I was thinking exactly the same thing as everyone else, we need Gil online 3 and we need penny and Noah’s story, like do they get back together? It can’t end like it did :'(

  • The first Zoella blog post I’ve read and I think I’m gonna be on this site till 2am😂

  • Kristelle Mae

    Hi Zoe, honestly, it’s my first time on your blog, and I must say, I really love it! I’ve read your books, and when I say books, I meant the two books already. Your writing is so captivating! I’m really curious though, would there be a third Girl online? Noah and Penny’s story shouldn’t end there. I am really looking forward if there’s one.. I would literally jump up and down with too much excitement. Yay!

  • Leah Kidd

    zoeeeeeeee I’m so confused in the end are Penny and Noah together or not?? AHHHHHH we need to know! when I read the last page I basically screamed ‘NOOOOOO’ throughout the house! we need a Girl Online 3!:)

  • Charlottie_x

    I love your books Zoe! I can’t wait for your third one. I’ve heard people say you didn’t write the book! That is sooo untrue. Whatever they say, I am behind you every step of the way! Charlottie_x xx

  • Teresinha Martins

    Goshh! Just finished reading girl online on tour in less than two days! I absolutely loved it and i couldn’t stop reading not even if a bomb dropped on my house! It’s such a creative twitchy story that always gets us wanting to know what happens next!
    I really hope, as a true fan of all your work and accomplishments, that you keep on writing! Thanks for just being who you are and helping so many people just with your videos and blog.
    Kisses from portugal! xxx
    Ps: sorry for any mistakes… ;)

  • Madison Paladino

    I just read both of your book in 3 days! They were so inspiring and lovely! I couldn’t put the book down. You are a wonderful author and I really hope you do write a third book

  • Mari Muladze

    really ? there so amazing and exsiting zoella <3

  • Snow

    i have read Girl Online and Girl Online On tour and i have to say that was the best book i have literally read for ages ; it was also so emotional (on tour ) as i cried at the end :-(

  • PegasusGirl

    I love your book its a rollercoaster of emotions happy sad and romantic I don’t know why but thats the way I love mg books..You have inspired me to persue my dream and write a.book of my own

  • Paige Harding Shepphard

    I’m on route to finishing girl online book number 2 an I’m already thinking and asking myself about a third book! All these situations are so relatable and I love it! I hope you make another one because i will definitely be buying it

  • Name

    I just finished the first one. LOVED IT!! :) Cant wait to get onto the second book :)
    Girl online inspired me to write my own blog!

  • Maddie

    Zoe pleeease make a third book! i am in love with your books and i cant stop reading them :D <3

  • Carlie Marinelli

    Yes Zoe I just read Girl Online On Tour in one day and really want that third book ik it’ll be just as good as all the rest so please make it!💖 You’re writing is so good I literally didn’t set the book down and I should’ve been studying for tests I have to take in school.😁 It’s just I connected with Penny so much she is literally me on paper spot on and Noah 😍😍 please write a 3rd! Then I think everyone will be happy and if you end it nicely. Btw little bit sad that Penny and Noah didn’t kiss in the end😭👌🏼

  • VVerczis

    OMG! Zoe! I already finished Girl Online On Tour! :* I can’t believe about the end of the second part! Please write on social media as soon as you can about third part of Girl Online! Can’t wait to read about Penny and Noah! Poland love you! Your best fan – Veronica! xxx

  • Anne Tan

    I really really love Girl Online :) Thank you so much for writing this book Zoella! xx It’s really really nice, heheheheh keep up the great work!! <3

  • Bavi Sri

    OMG! Paige Jessie is so right. I’ve been floating in the Penny and Noah World. I want to visit it again and even live there (GIRL ONLINE SERIES!)

  • Yasmim

    Love Girl online so so so much!!
    I really need their to be a third!!!!!!! 💗💗💗

  • Hannah Bradcock

    I got girl online on tour out from the library and I have been looking for it for ages and I have read three chapters of girl online and I have decided I am going to use my christmas money to buy them so I can read them whenever I feel down or just want to read something cause Zoe your such an inspiration and I suffer with aniexty too so these books really help me and so do you and I am very grateful. xx

    This Girl Off xx

  • Bella Legg

    Did you hire someone to design the front cover? ❤️

  • Sarah

    I agree it can’t be the end of Penny and Noah pls write a 3rd book! I was so excited to read Girl online: On tour, I read it in a day XD Please keep writing we all love your work! Merry X’mas

    S. xxx

  • xxPegasusGirlxx

    One of the things I am practically praying for is a Girl Online 3 book…
    The way the words flow into my brain leaves me mesmerised and I finished Girl Online: On Tour in 12 hours (give or take). Girl Online is the only book I’ve ever cried at whilst reading. The emotion between the lines sink into my brain and I can’t stop. I spent lots of Christmas in my room reading your book. I realise, as I’m typing this, how cliche my username is, and that you, Zoe, will never read this. I’m just one put of 9,000,000 fans. However, I realise someone (somewhere) will read this and someone will (hopefully) realise how I feel towards this book series…I wish so many more things would happen with book 3 (if there will be one) and I feel like without having another Zoella source…I won’t survive (!) – Wow…so dramatic (Elliot style – I wish). I wish I could meet you (Zoe) and tell you that you have inspired me so much. When I grow up I’m going to start my own YouTube channel…and know, I’m going to practise my writing skills, hopefully (one day) I will inspire people the way you have inspired me.


    • Ellie

      I really know how u feel i am the same here and I filled up with tears and had to leave my family and read it in my room, and please Zoe, write a book 3: we need to know what happens next!

    • Penny&Noah4ever

      I totally agree with you, i’ve also never showed any emotion to any other books out there, i’m so desperate for penny & noah i’m reading ‘girl online’ again then going back to ‘girl online: on tour’ !

    • Shekby

      Ok. I will admit it. I had gotten moth Girl Onlines for my brother day (New Years Eve 2015, ok I know I’m late), and I finished them both in a day. I read them most while taking baths being very careful not getting it wet. I sat in the bath for 3 straight hours reading Girl Online: On Tour. It was amazing. I need more.

    • PegasusGirl

      i am PegasusGirl, so i have brought an end to your theorising! XD

    • keeponsmilingx

      I 110% agree with you! (love the username btw) Zoe’s talent of writing books is incredible and Girl Online number 3… well that would be like 10 Christmases all rolled into one!
      I can relate to Penny in so many different ways and there are so many unanswered questions,I’ve made up so many scenarios in my head of what (I hope) will happen next and I think that you , xxPegasusGirlxx will become an amazing YouTuber and your writing skills are great, I would love to read a book by you!

      (forever hoping that my dream of a Girl Online 3 being published will turn into reality)

    • Demi-Lee Carr

      I totally agree with you I cried at the first and second book, it’s just so emotional!

    • Pegasus Girl


  • Lithuania Girl xoxo

    I read ,,Girl Online” and I’m totally, totally excited! This book is amazing! Zoe, you are really good writer!:))))**** Someday, I wish you come to my country. (: LITHUANIA LOVES YOU!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  • Penny&Noah4ever

    ALL my friends recommended ‘Girl Online’ so i got it, not knowing what it was about.LOVED IT! I had to get ‘Girl online: on tour’ when it came out, finally, i loved it too i really did, i loved it so much that i read both of them AGAIN! I know it will be hard, making a book is harder than it seems like, but i know that we all pay off that hard work when we actually enjoy the book in our own hands reading it. I know it makes me seem like a little kid begging like this, but most of us (99.9%) want you to make a third one, although it kinda seems like you where thinking that because how it ends on our second :) xxx

  • Clare Bear

    I absolutely love your books Zoe! I hope there will be a third book because I really want to know what happens to Penny and Noah 😀 Thank you for being incredible 😄💕

  • Brianne Drefko

    girrll online 3 pleaseeeee you need to make a third book make the ending happy make them live in the same town with sadie lee and everyone bella aswell

  • Brianne Drefko

    Maaaaakkkkkkeeeee a movie omg that would be amazing :)))))))))))))))

  • Marie

    Hey Zoe
    I will just tell you, i have just read your book Girl Online and I will say it is just amazing :-o
    I got i three days ago and im over half done.
    it is just so good i can´t stop reading it, its good im on holiday.
    p.s Im from Denmark and i can´t wait utill your 2. book comes out here.

  • Ruby May

    zoeeee plz do another girl online I have read both and soo want to read more

  • Gurnoor

    Zoe please tell us that your writing a Girl Online book 3. You can’t leave us at the ending of book 2. I think these are the only two books that actually made me emotional. I had tears at the ending of Girl Online on Tour. We’re all waiting for the new book. Please tell us you’re in the progress of writing book 3. If you’re not please change your mind, don’t leave us hanging. I need to know what happens next. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please make a book 3.

  • Lauren Hamer

    Zoe please write another girl online as Noah and penny haven’t got their happy ending after all. Also there is helpful advice in the books which I have used myself and I would really appreciate more. But, I am so jealous because not only are you stunning, famous and loads of other things but you can bring emotion to a reader and I am now in love with your books. I read both of them in three days, two nights a stayed up till midnight reading them so I could find out what happened. Also I see myself a bit like penny because I am one of those girls which bad things happen to (plus I have strawberry blonde hair!!). So please write another book and I just want you to know you’re amazing and you truly deserve everything you have, love you and your books lots ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Zaara

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  • Ambie

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    Well, ever since i was young i started writing this real good novel. i really LOVE it, it means the world to me.

    But know I’m confused:

    -should i share it on wattpad?

    -should i just keep it to myself?

    -or should i just publish it?

    tell me whats best plzzzz

    • PennyAndNoahLover

      I know you posted this a while ago but I definitely think you should publish it. Go for it girl!!! If you already published it what is it called, I’d love to read it.❤️❤️❤️

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  • Taytayloveszoe

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    P.S. Thank you

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    • PennyAndNoahLover

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    •P.S• sorry about My bad english, i’m romanian. That’s a place in europe.
    With love,
    Melisa (one of ur biggest fans 4EVA!❤️) xx

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      • PennyAndNoahLover

        I agree with you so much. I read the whole series in 3 days but with other books it takes me forever. There was one book I didn’t like, it took me 8 months to finish. I also found this book so relatable, I felt like Penny myself. I just couldn’t put the book down, #girlonlineforever #zoellaisawesome

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    • PennyAndNoahLover

      I want to know too. How can she leave us hanging like this. I love girl online. I NEED MORE!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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    • PennyAndNoahLover

      Do you mean there is someone under the name girl online in India. Or the book is in India? Either way is awesome

  • PennyAndNoahLover

    Is there going to be a movie. I know I’m behind the trend but I love Penny and Noah. I could read about them forever, but since Book 3 seems to be the last one in the series, watching the series on TV would be the next best thing. I saw talk about it online, but no official announcements yet. If any one knows about a movie, let me know. 😀😀😀

  • PennyAndNoahLover

    I know I posted not long ago but I have another question that would be great if anyone can answer. Is there going to be a girl online 4. Also are any of those girl online trailers on YouTube real or just fan made. Thanks to anyone who responds😃😃😃

    • PennyAndNoahLover


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    P.s PLEASE SAY YES! xxxxxx
    From your biggest fan xx

    • PennyAndNoahLover

      I love them too! Best book ever!

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