1. I love it, Zoe! What a huge variety! haha

  2. i think this is amazing! my new life goal haha

  3. it looks really nice, you have to have fun getting ready there :-)

  4. So many red lipsticks haha, love it x

  5. So much amazing makeup I think for some reason I need it all in my life! And the storage too! Definitely going to hop over to YouTube and watch the video now


  6. Flora

    Amazing video <3 Worth the week wait :) xx

  7. Rachel

    love this video! so jealous of your collection!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  8. So much beautiful make-up! So jealous!


  9. You do have a lot! Tell me, what do you think of the wake me up foundation, I see you have a few haha 😊? Love x

  10. I am actually really jealous with how much make up you have!? The video is amazing too! Have you ever tried the Smashbox eye shadow?? It's really good and highly pigmented, I love it! :D xx

  11. Beautiful collection and storage. I'm forever organising my makeup and then messing it up again!

  12. Hey lovely post! Really enjoyed reading this and would love you to stop by my blog sometime! Have a great day, Sarah x


  13. Love if Zoe, one of your best videos x

  14. SO gorgeous Zoe! I want to have something exactly like this! Love the radio too!

    Sunaina ❃

  15. The furniture is so beautiul, I wish I could have it in my bedroom. Beautiful makeup collection xx

  16. Everything is so organised! No matter how hard I try I can't get my makeup to stay that organised ugh. Love the tubs the brushes are in too!

  17. Definitely my favourite video of yours – It was such a unique idea. I wish my collection was that large so I had more choice!


  18. Awesome! I love your collection :)

  19. I am always looking for better ways to store my make up, thanks for some inspiring ideas!

  20. I love Zoe! Your collection is beautiful – a girl after my own heart!

    I love watching your videos – I can relate to you so much and your anxiety Q & A was amazing and your so brave to share such personal things online!

    I also really love your vlogs – their my faves!



  21. Zoe your collection is something else, am in love with what I've watched so far! ❤


  22. Wow never thought I'd ever see that much makeup! I envy your collection of lipsticks + glosses :)


  23. now THAT is what I call a make up stack!
    I wish I had my stuff organized as neatly, even though I only have a fragment of what you own.
    Looks lovely!!


  24. now THAT is what I call a make up stack!
    I wish I had my stuff organized as neatly, even though I only have a fragment of what you own.
    Looks lovely!!


  25. I love the fact that you put up a blog with pictures and also a video!!! Really pretty!!

  26. I love the fact that you put up a blog with pictures and also a video!!! Really pretty!!

  27. You organized your makeup so good! You can see everything and it's pretty! <3

  28. Grace

    My favourite is the lip products drawer! Love the pinks and the reds :) If I ever have a lot of makeup, I'm going to use those clear containers to create separate compartments too!

    Every Day In Grace

  29. I love your ideas, they're so original!


  30. you're amazing zoe! I wish I could meet you one day:) My dream is to be blogger but I'm really not good at it (I feel bad to link my blog here) I love the lipstick collection! http://iidavonauroora.blogspot.com/

  31. Okay, so a) WOW, you have a great collection, and b) that table/dresser amazing!

  32. Holy mother of God! How do you decide on what to put on! (I'm crazy jealous)

  33. I dont know if my previous comment went through but i just wanted to say your make up storage system is pretty cool and that it reminds me a bit (storage unit) of Estee's from Essiebutton..very nice collection too!

  34. Abi S

    Great post and video! Nice photo's too! It was nice to have an interactive video it must have taken you ages to film and edit and upload! Thank you! It was nice to have something different – I don't know anyone else that's done that before! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  35. I can't imagine the struggle to choose only one lipstick Zoe. I'm so glad I found your blog, i love it!

  36. Oh, wow! That is so impressive, it would all probably last 10 lifetimes, haha. I have way less make-up, yet I can't seem to keep order in my drawers. I'm definitely jealous of your collection!


  37. I'm in love! I love how you store everything.
    And you have so much makeup! I need to reached your level, lol.


  38. ACK! What a fabulous Sunday surprise :D Thanks for this, Zoe x

  39. I wish I could have such a lovely space for all my makeup! Right now I'm basically living out of a shoe box because of packing. Sigh. If I had that much make up though, I don't know what I'd do with all of it! *swoon*


  40. This is every girl's dream!!! You are so lucky <3 xxx


  41. Mia

    Everything is amazing and so beautiful! :D

  42. I love how your vanity is so old fashion and pretty much the opposite to all other beauty gurus I see on youtube.. No hate to the other thou, I still love their flashy glam vanity, but I gotta say, I love yours the most :") It's kinda like mine x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  43. I'm so nosey I watched every video! Loved the organisation Zoe and definitely saw some new products I'd love to try out! xx

  44. Such a variety of makeup! Love the video, and your tins to store your make up brushes in are so cute!


    Karis x

  45. Nessi

    haha everyone here said: oh how lovely.
    My reaction was more like: too much make up for such a tiny face :D haha it is really a huge collection… xD
    I don't even want to know how much that's all worth…

  46. Watching your entire makeup collection makes me want to have one of my own… but I always feel bad when I have products that I neglect, I feel like I'm wasting it… Anyway, hopefully, one day :)

    Arianne | http://ariannecruz07.blogspot.com

  47. Gema

    My first reaction to this was WOOOW. Haha, absolutely love it. You have a great variety. It has made me want to go makeup shopping right now.

  48. this video has quite literally just made my shitty day 10x better! one day i WILL have a collection this size and this amazing haha!

  49. Your drawers are literally heaven, you're so lucky! xx


  50. such a beautiful collection! so much respect the editing must of taken you ages for the video loved the syle!
    if anyone wants to check my blog out i started it today and would mean alot to me <3

  51. Lovely video! You have such a huge and beautiful collection. I really like your desk by the way.

  52. Sweet lord I wish I could keep my makeup as tidy as that! Haha. I've just picked up storage containers today though… baby steps. :P

    XO, G from grace'd

  53. Holly

    I absolutely love how you did this video Zoe, with the clickable links on each drawer! So creative, and maaan I wish I had half the collection you do hahaha ♥

    Holly | http://touchofcrimson.blogspot.co.uk/

  54. That's an amazing collection! <3


  55. Rouge

    I'm very impressed with your makeup collection, it's huge! And I'm in love with your dressing table.
    It's the first time I comment your blog post and I wanted to tell you that I really love your videos. I had a really bad time a few months ago, and the only thing that made me happy was watching your videos. So… thank you for that :) Enjoy your holidays :) Sincere greetings from Polish fan :)

  56. All your make-up is absolutely gorgeous! I have serious make-up envy! And I love the storage too- I generally just throw all mine in a drawer and then root around trying to find things when I need them… Not the most effective way of storing it but it does the job I guess! Haha xx

  57. adorable!

  58. This is like, MAKE UP HEAVEN. I am super jealous right now, I wish I had a make-up collection that big.
    I would appreciate it so much, if you'd could check out my blog – jaydeekelly-x.blogspot.com (or anyone for that matter) would mean so much to me!!! :)


  59. Emma W

    You have a lot of makeup! Good thing it is organized so nicely :)

  60. Hello Zoe, the first thing I want to do is to apologize for my awful English writing skills, but I really think you should know about this.
    Today I went out to lunch with my father, something I don’t do that often. We went to this restaurant that was completely full of people, the minute I got in I already felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do, I’m a really shy person, and crowds are not my favorite thing in the world. Luckily my father let me pick a table on the corner where there was a giant window and not that many people around. 30 min later I was already eating, but I started to feel not that well, I felt like my sweat was cold, kind of like my body was melting, I felt pins and needles in my hands, I couldn’t hold the silverware properly, couldn’t move my lips, my eyelids were shaking so much and I didn’t even know that was possible. At first I though I was allergic to something in the food, cause I honestly thought I was going to die. But then I remembered of you Zoe, and what you said about anxiety and panic attacks, and it hit me, I was probably having one. Thankfully that big window beside was there, and I could look outside at the threes and breath slowly like you said in one of your videos.
    It got better, I felt better, I didn't feel like running away from there anymore. Everything completely stopped only when we went back home. But because of you, something worse DID NOT happened. I just don’t know how to thank you enough. You really helped me. Thank you Zoe.

  61. I know right? Her collection seriously puts me to shame.


  62. Hali

    I love seeing makeup storage pictures/videos since I could really use the help in finding ways to store my own! I've gained a lot of makeup in the past year and I'm having trouble finding cute places to store it. Love it.

  63. I really enjoyed your video's Zoe.. You've inspired me to buy more makeup! haha xx


  64. This is a really cool way to do a video :) Your collection is INSANE! I thought I had a lot of makeup but gee whiz, this is a new level of obsession! I love your dressing table so much :)

  65. Oh my goodness I wish I was as organized as this! Very cute desk Zoe and very clean :)

  66. ~^~DROOLSSS~^~

  67. Kim.

    the video was perfection ♥

  68. Oh my goodness Zoe you have sooo much makeup! I am jealous. You are beautiful and so are your makeup collection and table(:

  69. Jordyn

    Thanks for sharing! Loved how you split up the videos!
    Pretty Lovely

  70. I've been waiting for this video/post for ages! So happy you decided to do it. Such an amazing collection. Absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing. As a newbie blogger i'm hoping my little collection will expand like yours did :)


  71. Great collection and organization, Zoe! Thank so much for sharing!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  72. I've seen many makeup storage videos and yours has to be one of my favourites! I absolutely love how you let us choose which drawers we wanted to explore (although I basically watched all of them in a row haha) You never cease to amaze me! I hope to have a collection as magnificent as yours in the future ♥

  73. Love it Zoe! But I think my favorite thing would have to be the mint radio :)

  74. Wow, what an amazing make-up collection! Serious make-up storage inspiration! :)

  75. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous of your collection! Haha it must be hard to decide everyday which products to use! Also the way you store it all is so smart – everything looks so organized and clean. I will definitely try and do the same with my makeup when I move into my dorm this fall!

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  76. Lassy

    Wow, love your collection, it's my dream collection *^* !

  77. Wow…just wow..that's a lot of stuff (I know probably gathered through the years..but still)
    This was the perfect excuse to show my boyfriend that I actually have a small amount of makeup and I should be allowed to keep another bathroom drawer to myself and fill it up….best part…he actually agreed!

  78. nice blog…please do check mine too..!!

  79. I have nearly exactly the same table but its nowhere near as tidy :-) inspiring!

  80. Zoe

    Damn girl you are so organised and tidy! I wish my vanity top was half as clean and neat as yours and I dont nearly have as much makeup as you do. I'm so jealous haha. another great blog post

  81. I love that make up -table! ♥ You're definitely not going to run out of make up anytime soon. :D

  82. your room is so beautiful, and wowww your makeup collection is amazing!

    Ciara x | Ciara Pocket

  83. I am dying to get a vanity for make-up organization! I think it'll be helpful while I am trying to build a collection of things :) This is such a great example Zoe, thank you!!


  84. Oh my what a beautiful vanity! I'd love to have one as well. So vintage! ^_^
    Maria. http://www.phentastic.com // Fashion blog from a Great Dane's perspective

  85. So much make up! I love the pots that your make up brushes are stored in, beautiful H xx

  86. I love it too:)

  87. I really loved this make up collection :)

    emily xx


  88. I'm so jealous I've only a little box of make up, maybe I steal some to you muajajaja :3

  89. love the vintage style, the makeup brushes are a firm fave! I thought I had a lot of makeup, but this has made me feel a little better :) haha!

    Mel x

  90. It shows how far you've come from your first makeup collection to this! I want it all! :)

  91. Suzie

    Zoe, i love your cosmetic collection so much! Can't wait to see next episode of this "makeup vlog serie" :)

    xx, cheryose.blogspot.com

  92. I agree Millie! I think my favourite is the dressing table though. Looks beautiful!

  93. Jenny

    Wow this really blew me away!! You have so much make-up!! so envious right now ha,ha, loving the desk too!! so pretty <3 xx


  94. Incredible collection, I thought I had a hoard of makeup but it's nothing compared to yours! Great interactive video :)

    Frankie x

  95. Love make-up collections, wish I had something like this to store all mine. Although I have to say I don't have as much but it would be so nice to sit at a vanity and do my make-up x


  96. Wow!, I love your makeup collection so much, very organized! ♥

  97. Ann

    SHE'S PERFECT ! I mean she's like flawless !

  98. I really love the way you made the video! Super clever and interesting.
    And the collection is very awesome as well.

    Lots of love from Copenhagen!
    Black Irony

  99. I thought I was organised until I saw this.


  100. I love love love how you formatted this video! Definitely very different from the other makeup collection videos out there, but in the best way possible :) So much more convenient for your viewers too!

    p.s. love your drawer

  101. I want your dressing table! It's gorgeous! :D

    ~ Hannelore

  102. I have that Too Faced blush, it's just gorgeous! I'm actually going to post a review on my blog this week ahaha. The tins you used for your brushes are just adorable, it makes me want to get some organisation happening in my makeup drawer :)

  103. I think what I liked most about her collection is that it wasn't stupidly overboard. Whilst there's a lot of make up there, she's been collecting that for years and years now and considering that, alongside receiving PR samples throughout her journey on her blog and Youtube channel I found it to be a very down to earth collection considering that nearly everything she showed in her drawers she actually HAS spoken about or used in past blog posts and videos. The thing I hate most about make up collections is where beauty bloggers/youtubers show three different items furniture filled with make up I've never even heard them talk about or use before, usually admitting themselves to never actually having used half of it.

    So glad you're blogging so much again Zoe!

  104. Wow Zoe your storage is perfect, I literally have no set place it's all a bit of a mess at the moment, I think I need to sort that out soon haha! Im so jealous though of your makeup collection ahh

  105. Kasia

    I don't get it… This is so waste! You won't use up it anyway…

  106. Rona

    I love that little vintage radio (or whatever that is), it's so cute :)
    Have a nice day, Rona from threepinkcats

  107. Your makeup collection is huge ! Luck you :) I'm jealous !!

  108. Hi Zoella… I love how organised you are! I need to have a massive clear-out of everything. Your blog is pretty awesome and I really enjoy your videos. I have also got a blog (http://pollymay.wordpress.com/), but it's not half as good as yours. Was wondering where you get your ideas from to keep it interesting – mine can sometiems get a bit same-y. I hope you have a lovely rest of your day :)

  109. Holy moly! I would love to have all of that makeup. I like how you did it drawer-by-drawer for the video. It's a really great idea.
    Katie x

  110. Really glad to see you doing blog posts again. I loved the video, it was such a great, creative way to do it. Some of the videos you see of makeup collections are essentially the same but you brought something new to the table as always :) xx

  111. this was one of my favourite videos that you have done and i loved how you did the different drawers thing x

  112. I have the bonjourous blushes! I love them

  113. You're makeup collection is amazing! Wish I have at least half of it!

  114. This video was so fun to watch! I loved how you put links on the drawers. Such a cute idea. I've been really wanting to see your collection so this was super amazing. :) I love all of your lipsticks. Especially the MAC ones! Beautiful!!!


  115. I love this video so much :) got so many ideas, especially with the palettes as I always struggle with them! Thank you Zoe! Your videos and blog posts always cheer me up x


  116. I've been slowly making it through all of the drawers and I'm loving that you split them up! Much easier than watching a whole long video in one go. :)


  117. You have the best makeup collection ever, Zoe! So organized and plentiful… jealous! I also thought it was cute how the suggested posts at the bottom were of your old makeup storage/ collection blog posts. You've gotten so much more since then xx


  118. I love the way you made this video… it's pretty creative! It also shows how much work you put into your videos and how you cater to each one of your subscribers. FAVORITE!:) (this is my second comment… oops)

  119. I loved this! You have such an amazing collection:) I just wrote a blog post about my Top 5 Summer Lipsticks and would love for you guys to check it out! Thanks!


  120. Watching the video I was actually really surprised at the size of your collection. Most YouTubers/Bloggers that have been working on their videos/blog as long as you have a much bigger collection but it's actually quite refreshing to see a slightly more normal size, haha. Love your setup! :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  121. I love these videos so much I watched them all! Also your dressing table is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your collection with us, Zoe!


  122. Amy

    I love your dressing table! Super organised and very pretty :) x

    Amy ♥ |
    Snippets Of Amy

  123. HELP, how do I get a header on my blog? very new to this and need help! x

  124. Zoë we love you, your blog and your youtube channel. Your such an inspiration for us and you make us smile everytime we watch your videos!

    Pls check our blog if u can! ♥


  125. Neevie

    Amazing collection.. Looks so pretty! And I love how Zoe did her video for this :)

  126. Love it!! The video and the way you put it together was amazing!! I really enjoyed it and for all the time and effort that you put into it has really paid off. Well done :)

  127. I love you for a looooooooooooooooooong time ago and I decided to start my blog. I will be SO HAPPY to invite eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveryoneeee to my blog. I hope you guys, enjoy it. Follow me and i'll follow you. AND THANKS ZOE, you're such a role model, without i would be more covard than i am! <3


  128. Ellie

    Hey Zoe :)
    I really hope that you will read this comment, I've been watching your videos and reading your blog for a pretty long time now and since I've watched your daily vlog where it all got too much, I had a lot of things in my head that I would like to say to you. First of all, everything that you share and put effort into it on here and on youtube is truly amazing, pretty much everything with you in is is great on it's own. It kinda hit me to see you struggeling with all this pressure and it just became clear to me that it must be pretty hard and confusing at times and I can totally understand that. I could not handle it any better. You don't have to feel sorry for that and never excuse yourself for crying, that's totally okay. for me at least :D So what I really want to say is, that you are one of my biggest inspirations to get up and do the things that I like to do, no matter what others might think about it so this is the reminder for you that you can and should do exactly the same, because when you do, it's just the best. Don't feel pressured, I know that is easy said, but you've got a beautiful mind and the things that you create are full of this spirit and you just make people happy with you being you. You help so many people in so many ways, you are truly inspiring and that is the reason why soo many people watch you and truly love and support you. And even if this all can get too much, don't ever think that you are doing wrong or that you don't deserve this. Because you do. I mean the support, not being overwhelmed by it and feeling a bit too small for all this :D I think this is just normal, I think there are only few people that experience something like this. But please never quit & that's pretty much all I would like to say. You are amazing and I love you so very much and thank you for inspiring me and I hope that words like this can cheer you up when it's all a bit too much. You go guuuurl. lol xxxxx Ellie

  129. Chloë

    This was so interesting to watch, Zoe! I always love having a nosey about in people's collections!



  130. Love your post and video soo much!
    Wish i had all of the makeup you have, especially the lipsticks and brushes xx

  131. I love the whole vintage theme that you've got going on. Your collection is amazing, Must have taken you a vey long time, I watched all of the videos, I enjoyed them so much :) x

  132. Wow Zoe! You have so much beautiful make up, I love your storage and the organisation! I love reading your blog and watching your videos, this video has to be one of my favourites I love the interactive choice of drawers!
    Em x

  133. I really loved this video xx

  134. great collection and storage. love how you have gone for something a bit different with the dressing table it's really nice. it's amazing how much make up you can end up with! I always think I have a lot until i watch one of these videos and then I don't feel so bad. haha!
    julz :)

  135. that video was SO clever ! Thanks Zoe ! Such a brilliant idea ! Your storage is lovely ! And the dressing table, omg… Want something similar for my place in the futur :)
    love from France, Victoria

  136. Wauw, your collection is amazing! xx

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  138. Love your organization)! When first saw this amount of makeup stuff – I was shocked)!
    Love your blog – it's very inspiring to me, helps me to change myself for a long time!
    Thank you)!

  139. Andrea

    You have a lot of makeup!
    Love your blogging Zoe xx

  140. Chloe

    I absolutely love the way youve filmed this so that its interactive and you can click the different drawers to see whats in them!!


  141. Literally thought this was Essiebutton's post and was like… 'did blogspot mix things up or', so confused!! But love it!

  142. Nadiaa

    I like the way how you did this video, with the click on the drawer thingie!

  143. The video was so clever and meant that we could all focus on the bits that interest us (the palettes and lipsticks) great work Zoe!


  144. Amazing collection and fantastic organization! I really like the vintagey vibe of your setup!

    Love from

  145. Very vintage and ORANGE! lol but looks great :)

    If you would like… check out my blog and youtube channel, much appreciated :)

  146. zoe i am absolutely loving your blog <3 it inspires me so much that i really really want to start my own xxxxx love you zoe

  147. Love this! I just want this whole collection!

  148. really do hope i have a makeup collection like yours someday! x

  149. Love the video! Always watching you :)



  150. Wow! I can't get over how much stuff you have! You are very lucky :D
    I really enjoyed this video, I liked how you did a new feature of making it more interactive with the optional links, I thought that was really clever and creative, thoroughly enjoyed it! :D


  151. Megs C

    Absolutely awesome! Huge collection and love your photographs Zoe. Really liked the youtube vids as well :) Wanting to try a lot of the products you have, unfortunately not all available in Australia

  152. Loved all your videos! Your collection is definitely something to be envious about:) I can't wait to pick up some of your recommended products.

    Please check out my blog:) http://rubywooh.blogspot.co.uk

  153. Loved the new idea of making the video! Sooo jealous of your amazing collection :)


  154. love this video, keep up the good work Zoe! <3

  155. I love how neat and organized everything is I think my favourite tip was the one about having the lipsticks all stand upright. Love you Zoe ❤️

  156. So much variety, it must get hard to choose what to use some days :P
    Also is that a vintage teak makeup table? Love it!

  157. I love the way you organized your make-up!
    I also really like how your video is interactive!
    Love you !


  158. Wow! I hope my collection will be that big in several years lol. I especially liked the lipstick and the palette sections :) Those makeups seemed so good and I like it how you don't just buy the most expensive makeups but also affordable if you're on a budget, like myself.

  159. Love this! I've now gone into crazy mode, where I find myself having absolute cravings to buy so much makeup.

  160. Your set up is lovely! & The containers your brushes are held in are too cute! Great video, as usual !

  161. I love your dressing table, it's gorgeous! You have such a big collection and I love everything!


    Karis x

  162. Listen, if you haven't tried the Naked 3 palette….you HAVE TO!!! I just tried it the other day at a friend's house. It is seriously amazing.

  163. Wow Zoe !!
    Its it so neat and well organised also every girls dream to own your makeu collection right now !


  165. Hi, Zoe!
    I just wanted to tell you that I find your make up collection so fascinating, and the way you organised your storage really inspired me and gave me loads of ideas, so thanks.
    Love, Jo.


  166. Whats the eye shadow shaped as a heart

  167. What is the eye shadow called that's shaped like a heart.

  168. Zoe, is this your real room??? So beautiful

  169. Have always had a great experience with storing my stuff. The guy at the facility whose name I don't know, have always been friendly, professional and keep the place immaculate.
    storage in Tingalpa

  170. soreitz

    Loooved everything! Even though I know this was mainly about makeup I am completely in love with your radio, it's gorgeous. I would love for you to read my blog I just started and It's not very popular but I am very inspired by you and your whole journey and I would love for you to read it. It's not very long I have only 3 posts but it's about my life in general and I would really like for you to see it. It would make my day. And I mention you so, yeah it would be awesome. Here's the link <3 http://thisisislife.blogspot.com/ I would really love for you to see it. This year hasn't been the best for me, and you have helped me get through it by making me smile and making me concentrate on the computer for hours so yeah, it would mean a lot to me if you could read it, and that way I could also thank you for how you've helped me in a non direct way. <3

  171. I Love your set-up , especially the table! Does anyone know where you can buy it?

  172. Does anyone know where she got her vanity from or where i could get a similar one?

  173. Love the way you store everything Zoe! I've been looking for a way to store my brushes and the little pots look perfect! Love you, your blog, your youtube channel, your beauty collection and I know im going to love your book!! Xx


  174. NutMeg

    Does anyone know where Zoe got the inserts for the drawes from? To put the make up in?

    Thanks xx

  175. Sierra Matchett

    this is what i wish my makeup collection looked like <3

  176. Bernice

    Can you do other makeup toturial

  177. helena

    hi, for my birthday I am getting some makeup but I ave no idea what to get could you do a recommened beauty products 2016??? ly loads

  178. tatiana

    Where are the plastic organisers from please!!

    • Nia

      Probably Ikea or dunelmill

  179. carrie

    i love the pots with makeup brushes in they are so cute!
    all of your blogs make me feel so happy thank you so much for writing them :)

  180. Rara Lively

    Zoe you should do an updated 2016 make up collection :)

  181. Liv Myr

    such a wonderful collection and a lovely dressing table <3
    I have the same brushes from zoeva they're awesome! I love them too

  182. Kaelyn Chang

    omg I wish I had all of your brushes!! they’re so expensive but yours are so cute :)