Yesterday I posted a video about little things you can do to change your life!
A lot of people have said that it was one of their favourite videos they’ve seen on my channel which I felt so happy about!

I basically talk about little things that you can do to improve your lifestyle but in a very subtle way (in order to stick to it a little easier). I feel like as someone who has very sensitive skin and suffers with anxiety, doing the things in this video will really help to benefit me.

I hope that some of you gain a little inspiration from this also!

Let me know what things you do (big or small) to help improve your way of living and to ensure you are feeling your best!

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  1. I love you so much Zoe😁😁😁

  2. Ilove that video too💕 && you obvs💛💛💛

  3. It was one of my favourite videos, it was so nice to get good advice but in a humorous way!!:)

  4. Abi S

    I saw this video last night and loved it! Great tips and advice – especially the skincare at the beginning, I also really enjoyed seeing some of your (many) outfits! It would be cool if you did other videos like this where you're being filmed – I thought your yoga was hilarious when you were copying that other person! Great video – looking forward to the next one! Abi :)

  5. Definitely one of my favourite videos of yours! Craved pitta and hummus afterwards though haha! xx

  6. Loved all of the tips in the video! And I loved how creatively you filmed it. :)


  7. Drink a lot more water as I don't really drink anything (naughty I know) as well as this I need to do more exercise :)

  8. you are my idol zoe, please come to portugal <3

  9. This seems to be something lots of people are focusing on at the moment which I think is great, just need to remember that health is an all year round thing and not just for summer (but obviously that's when exercise and things are more appealing!) but I really enjoyed your video :)

    Blog: Holly Sparkle | Shop: Sparkle Motion

  10. You're such an inspiration to me! <3

  11. Amazing video Zoe! I'm definitely trying to think more positively and avoid sweating the small stuff :) plus you looked gorgeous, you long haired angel you!

  12. I love this video!! You and your channel are so unique, I adore it :)

  13. I loved this video so much! The editing was perfect… Also thank you so much for saying that drinking lots of water will help you to live a healthier life. I've been trying to tell my 9 year old little sister that for the longest time, and it wasn't until you said it that she took it seriously! This morning she woke up and got a huge glass of water. She looks up to you so much!

  14. I really did love the video Zoe! Really well put together, and it has also motivated me to add little things into my day that will actually do some good!

  15. I'm loving that you're updating more on your blog 💕 can't wait to get better wifi so I can catch up on all the videos I've missed xxx

  16. I loved the video 💝
    I make sure i get up early so i can have some time to myself ,just to clear my head and make sense of everyrhing thats going on around ne 😢

  17. You're amazing and I hope that you have an amazing day today! :) x

  18. It was my favourite too! I think because it had different aspecks; makeup, fashion and every day life

  19. It was my favourite too! I think because it had different aspecks; makeup, fashion and every day life

  20. Erin R

    Anyone know where zoellas bike is from? Its adorable and I want to buy it!

  21. I love this video, love to see more of them :D

  22. I really appreciated & loved this video. It looked like it took a lot of work, and it was so inspirational to living a happier and healthier life.
    I love how people do yoga on the beach where you live! That's so amazing! I love yoga. It relaxes me so much (which I need because I'm an anxious mess half of the time). When the guy started doing yoga behind you and you copied what he was doing. Haha. It made me laugh!

    I definitely think eating healthier helps my skin and mind and body. I get really sick if I don't eat healthy so it's kind of a must for me. Though I do eat crappy foods a lot anyway. I just can't help it! :)

    I love a nice pamper night like you said. Really on point with all of your tips. I use a Simple moisturizer already, and it's been my favorite for a long time :)


  23. Great points and one could tell a lot of time was put into this video. I love it when you make longer ones, you're the sort of person that can talk for ages without getting boring :)


  24. Lisa H

    Lovely video Zoe. I think all the bloggers out there should write a blog post giving their tips and ideas of little ways to change your life. Would be so nice for everyone to share their ideas and learn from each other :) I'm definitely going to be writing one.

    x L x

  25. I really loved watching the video last night Zoe one of the best by far. See if you have time can you check out my blog I even done a post on you :)).

  26. LOVE YOU. I loved this video. Thank you for always making me smile :)

  27. Loved this video so much Zoe! It's inspired me to become more heathier and start doing exercises like yoga! I even tried yoga today, was such a laugh haha! <3

  28. I really love this one! Wished my blog is as good as this one! (:


  29. I love the video, since the 6 week are near I think I am going to start to do yoga in my garden. Thanks this video has inspired me so much💕

  30. After watching your video I now feel inspired to do some yoga! I did pilates for a bit but found it too tiring but yoga looks a lot less strenuous aha. Absolutely loved the video and the detail that went into it, and to be honest I really admire your courage to do yoga outside in public when you hadn't done it for long! That took guts girl!

    Loving your work

  31. When i saw this video last night I instantly took my book and wrote down absolutely everything that i needed to do to get a healthier and better life. You are my inspiration Zoe, and I also suffer with panic attacks, but you helped me to tell my friends about it so that they are aware of it. I was so scared to tell them, but they did not think that I was crazy but they supported me and tries to help me through it. But you are the reason why I told them in the first place! I really really love you Zoe! Thank you for everything! hugs and kisses from Rebecca in Norway! <3

  32. Thank you for this video! I loved it! This video was really fun.
    Things that I try to do are:
    *more sleep
    *drink more water
    *and I try to smile when I am sad because I believe that I can trick my brain into being happy.!

    Again thank you :)

    Be positive and don't forget to smile!!

  33. I really loved this video ♥♥♥♥

  34. I make sure I am surrounded by those that bring the best out of me!! I have also took up swimming so that I have some regular exercise. I also make sure I have some 'me' time, which is part of the reason I have recently set my blog up :)

  35. been trying to be a bit healthier. great tips:)

  36. This video was soo good,it even made me cry from too much hapiness:))))

  37. awesome!

  38. I've just finished watching this and I loved it! Really motivated me to be more positive about my day! :)

  39. This was definitely one of my favourite Zoella videos! Especially since I'm currently trying to change all the same things about my lifestyle so it was very relatable haha! :)

  40. I just wanted to say thank you for this video! Life isn't going my way at the moment and I felt like I was stuck in a rut. After seeing your video I realised that, actually, I shouldn't wait for something dramatic to happen. It's much easier to make small changes myself :) I'm going to try out a few of your suggestions and hopefully turn my life around.

    Helen x // Beautiful Curiosities

  41. Hi Zoella ! I have only one advice for you to know about eating habits: do not prohibit yourself of what you like because you'll end up going crazy or mad at you. Just try to think about proportions or variety of food, for example: "mmm If I ate pasta yesterday I can try a salad today'.
    Keep on doing your videos! You make me feel accompanied :) My best wishes to you!!

    (P.S: in case you find any grammatical mistakes is because I'm not a native english)

  42. Mary

    Uu I think it's my favourite video of yours. I felt like it's never ending, but it's good, because I love your videos.
    I think it will inspire or already had many people.

    Mary x

  43. Abbie

    This was such a great video – I too end up putting way too many biscuits in my shopping basket, but I never want to change that!

  44. This is definitely a favourite video! loved it :)

  45. Loved this video Zoe! It was really well put together, and of course very positive :) It's actually made me want to get back into a video schedule… I'm honestly the worst youtuber ever, haha!

    Olivia xo

  46. I loved this video so so much. It was so inspiring. I've had TERRIBLE skin over the past few years, and at the same time I have been struggling with anxiety. I've recently decided to make small changes in my lifestyle too and exercising and starting to eat more healthy foods was where I started. I love going for walks or light runs in the fields and wood areas where I live. It's so peaceful and relaxing!

    Thank you for inspiring me to take more little steps x

  47. Eating healthily definitely changes how you think and feel, as does exercise…however you look so graceful doing it, I really wouldn't!
    Would love for you to check out my blog :)
    Daniela xo |

  48. Helena

    I love that video, it's one of my favourites! It inspired and showed me how could I change my life x

  49. the new video is so good! you're such an inspiration.. ( ˘ ³˘)❤

    ieyra | babysoulz

  50. Zoe you are the best. I really enjoyed this video so much, and it gave me so much inspiration. I'm so happy that you started blogging more, cause your blog is the best. Love you. You are my favorite youtuber ♥

  51. I absolutely love you, your blog and your youtube channels. Your such an inspiration and you have truly inspired me in many ways, health being one of them. X

  52. I loved this video! I always drink a lot of water, it keeps my skin clear and doesn't make me feel sluggish like soda does. My main problem is junk food like candy and pizza, they're so hard to give up!

  53. I loved this video it was really well put together and helpful! i try to drink as much water as i can but i do find it hard! I also go to Zumba classes twice a week with i find really helpful as its fun and really good exercise!

  54. I watched the video intrigued as to what ideas you would come up with and I was very impressed with your suggestions! :) I was also really, really impressed with the way you edited this video. It's deffo the best edited out of all your videos. x

  55. These are some lovely tips. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact on your life. :] // ☼

  56. ahh love this video so much :) , love seeing how other people plan their days and everything , a half healthy and chocolate snack is strawberries with nutella its so nice if your wanting a treat but also adding some healthyness into it hahaa

    keep making more videos like this love them:)

  57. this is fantastic i saw it yesterday and i really loved it. it is great how you don't jut do beauty but advice as well that really helps, your blog means so much to me so thankyou for dedicated time to write

  58. I loved this video and it definitely helped me. For me, I also have very sensitive skin and need to take extra care of it. I have found that drinking a lot of water has made a massive change for me! I also find that having days where I go without wearing any makeup at all is a great way to let my skin rest.

    Thank you for being such a great inspiration and positive influence on my life. As someone who suffers from social anxiety, I love seeing your videos and they have helped me a lot. (I've even stepped out of my comfort zone and started blogging!)

    Xoxo Rae

  59. I really enjoyed this video, it's obvious you put a lot of thought and attention into it! :)

    Frankie x

  60. Your video inspired me to do the 30 day yoga challenge and I've been drinking loads of water

  61. Perfect video Zoe!! Thanks for being always there♥♥♥WE LOVE YOU!

  62. Saw this earlier and love the style of the vid. It's so cool you're blogging more!!

  63. The more sensitive your skin is, the less products you should use. (no matter how natural they are)
    So many one after another can be really (skin-)irritating.

    Lovely video though! Wish you the best of luck to keep up a better lifestyle. :) X

  64. I'm not a fan of working out so love trying to find fun, new things to do that will give you a workout without you necessarily feeling like you're doing a boring workout like hiking, zip-lining, and rock climbing.

  65. I have to agree, this is one of my favorite videos you've done. Exercising really makes me feel better. I just feel a lot healthier and that I have more energy afterwards! Also being creative, whether it's drawing or writing, makes me feel a whole lot better. Being productive is party of healthy living! — Lindsey xx

  66. I really liked this video, it was good to see a light-hearted video on being healthier and looking after yourself! I have a terrible diet that i'm trying to work on, but I always make sure I go for a little walk or jog or even do some hula hooping in the garden to make sure I get some fresh air and do a bit of exercise! I make sure I drink loads of water too, it really does make a difference to your skin! :)

    Love Amylou x

  67. It didn't take me by surprise that I liked this video, as I love ALL of your videos, but I think I have to agree with people who say it's their favourite one so far. I feel like you've really accomplished so much in 15 minutes. You managed to help people, to make them laugh, changed someone's perspective or shown them how to improve themselves. You are such an inspiration to me, I find blogging and vlogging so fascinating and you are so lucky to have had the chance to make a hobby into a job. So thanks, I love you a lot. xoxo, Jo

  68. I do yoga three times a week in the morning. It not only helps me get in shape, also make me feel more awake during the day. I also try to drink lots of water(but it's hard..!). And I try not to eat snacks between meals.
    Really enjoyed this video!!<3

  69. It really is a good video! I'm not the best for keeping up with healthy habits, but one thing i started a year ago was smoothies and have truly stuck with them. You can put anything in them and they are so quick to make!

  70. I loved the Ariel yoga poses!!!


  71. I am so thankful of you Zoe you have inspired me to do so many things lately for example finally start a blog and it makes me so happy! Thank you so much Zoe for everything!! You are my inspiration!!

  72. Really nice video Zoe ! Homemade pizza is definetely the best and way better for you :)


  73. This video was pretty inspiring and it was funny when the guy behind you started his yoga behind you. You should of asked him to teach you! haha. I really need to start getting into shape and being more healthy, it always comes in bursts, ya know?

    -briannaly xo.

  74. I also loved the video! Can't wait to see more like it zoe, we love you!

    Chelsea |

  75. Magee

    Loved this so much! It makes me want to move to Brighton! I wouldn't stop you from making more videos like this one hahah

    Magee /

  76. I do think this was possibly one of my favourite videos, it was funny AND helpful which are quite a rare combination really. Well done Zoe! x

  77. Zoe, you are a wonderful role model and I admire you for that. Thank you for doing what you do. :)


  78. This is definitely one of my favorite videos you've done. So inspirational and the editing was on point too! One of my favorite things to do to stay healthy is go hiking. The views are amazing and I feel great afterwards.

    xx Alyssa

  79. Zoe you inspire me so much to reach my goals and to live a better lifestyle and I thank you for that! Much love to you!

    xoxo Abigayle

  80. Thanks Zoe, I love watching your videos and reading your blog posts. You are a true inspiration to me. You have helped me more then you think from anxiety to makeup. I wish I could join skin social on tamblr but i live in australia :(

  81. I loved watching this video last night – the yoga parts made me laugh so much.
    Also, I think if you surround yourself with amazing people that make you happy, you will feel so much better each and every day :)


  82. I enjoyed the video a lot as well. It might have been so much work on your part, and I fully appreciate it :) So glad you also enjoyed creating it! I definitely would like to buy a hula hoop now. I think it'd be a fun alternative to exercise :) Thanks Zoe!


  83. LOVED this video! It really got me thinking about little ways I could change my life and benefit from them! xx

    xx Mariane

  84. Kim.

    this is one of my favorite videos zoe xx

  85. This was definitely one of my favourites, I think it helped a lot of people, including me xxx

  86. Same here. Her latest anxiety q&a literally helped me get through an anxiety attack.. It was so cool meeting her at VidCon this year :)

    Arianne |

  87. I loved it so much, I've started to have healthy smoothies to start the day! The video defiantly encouraged me and inspired me to think of any more little things to improve like little amounts of exercise :) thanks heaps Zoe xxx

  88. I can totally relate. I am an anxiety sufferer as well. I find what helps is to focus on bringing joy to other peoples lives. The feeling of brightening someone's day is very rewarding! I love your videos and you inspire me :)


  89. It truly was one of my favorite videos! I love how you focus on making others happy, and still pamper yourself while doing it! I think it was a great video idea and I hope you do more like it(:

  90. Abby

    Lovely video!! I'm definitely going to start yoga soon :) I love listening to my favorite music right when I wake up while I drink my coffee. It always puts me in a good mood in the morning!!

  91. A great video Zoe! And I'm so glad you're back blogging xx

  92. I really enjoyed this video, especially the very different format of it. I can tell it would have taken you a lot of time and effort to collect all the different clips, but the effect was worth it because it was much more engaging than a regular sit down and talk video. Thank you for sharing!

  93. I really loved this video! I've been doing yoga for a while now but I like it more for my mind than my body haha. I used to dance so basic yoga is just a light stretch for me but it definitely helps calm me down a lot. I just feel really peaceful and less stressed coming out of a yoga class :)

  94. I loved this video! Your tips were really great, and really subtle which I have noticed is the easiest way to change your life. I have never stuck to drastic changes, but have rather had a lot of luck with littler changes in my day!
    I also really love reading/watching videos about how other people live their lives and make changes in them because it seems to give me inspiration and encouragement about changing my own! I'm making a lot of changes in my life right now (I just graduated high school and will be going to college in the fall), so this video was absolutely perfect for me to watch. It also looked great and seemed like you put a lot of effort into it! :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  95. This is definitely my favourite video by far Zoe! Definitely loving the yoga :) please do more like this!
    Maisie xx

  96. This is also one of my favorite videos made by you!! :) I do enjoy doing yoga and think it helps a lot! I always feel happy and relaxed after a little bit of yoga. Another thing that helps me feel better is reading, I decided to get a kindle about a year ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!! :D

    Lipstick and Mocha

  97. A very good and inspiring video I must say =)

  98. you are such an inspiration

    izzie x (

  99. I loved watching this video. I too have been trying to make lifestyle changes and this really inspired me :) here's to putting the biscuits back in the supermarket! love you Zoe ♥️

  100. I enjoyed your video a LOT! It was definitely different from all the other videos that you did:) Lovely:) The thing that I try to do to be my best is have a positive mind and it's so hard sometimes I know but it makes such a difference! Your thoughts reflect your world.

  101. Hey Zoe! Thanks for the video, it's surprising how much better you feel when doing stuff like that :) AT the moment, me and a few of my friends are doing the 30 day ab challenge. It's a 30 day trial which gives you sit ups, crunches, leg raises and planks to do, increasing them as you get further along in the challenge. You can also do things like the squat challenge, push up challenge and the splits challenge. Personally, I would definitely recommend these because they are so much fun to do! Thanks again for the video, really helped! ;) :) xoxo

  102. really motivating! :)

  103. I'm totally agree, this is one of your best video ever !
    And you know what ? After watching it, I was running because your video is really motivating!

  104. This has motivated me ! Thanks

  105. I watched this video yesterday, and it must say that it's one of my favorites too! When I'm uninspired and lazy, I like to catch up with blogs via Bloglovin' because I follow so many different kinds of blogs, and I'm bound to read about something new! When I'm not feeling too lazy, I'll call up a friend just to hang out, maybe bake, and if we're up for it, walk around and do some photography! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  106. Oh, and I'm also super loving how often you're updating your blog now :D Thank you!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  107. Mimmi

    Love the video! It was really inspiring :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  108. Talla

    Beatiful and very motivation video <33
    You're soooo amazing Zoe, I love your ideas ♥

  109. enough sleep and water will help all of us getting healthier !!!

    love the video so much! all those tips you gave just works, and totally agree that changing things drastically will ruin it in the long run.

    this may seem a little weird but … after watching all your video, along with "the brit gang" videos – as i would call y'all – i feel like i kinda have a lil' british accent here and there tho i don't speak english that much on a daily basis, …or may be it's just me.
    but i'm happy with this accent thingy !! i need to thank you all :) would you please pass the "thank you" to all the brit gang ? that would means a lot.

    Slumber Talk

  110. I make lots of lists and things for myself to look at when I'm not feeling so great. You can check some of them out here and here.

  111. Such a good motivational video! Makes me want to change some of my habits haha. I agree, this is my favourite video of yours! It would be great if you were to do more of these in the future. :)

    My Little Hideaway x

  112. I've been waiting for you to make a video like this! I love it! Also, the pitta bread snack, to make it even healthier, you could substitute the pitta for carrot sticks. To add protein into your diet you can also have crackers and cheese. :) Thanks Zoe! This has provided me with some really useful tips and inspired me to be more healthy.

  113. I love how you don't really know what you're doing, but you let us know that. You don't pretend, and you're real, and I love that :) xxxx

    Jottings Of Love

  114. Loved this video! I'm trying to be healthier too and I loved it that you were doing yoga on the seafront haha x

    Gegsy Blog

  115. You are such an inspiration Zoella. Thank you for showing us your human.

  116. Anne

    I agree. I craved for food too after seeing this. Haha!

    This video is amazing Zoe! I always love the way you do your videos. They're all creative, fun, humorous and inspiring all at the same time.

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  117. Your video is awesome as always! You are definitely my favourite youtuber zoella. You always make me laugh and I am looking forward to every single of your videos. Just amazing.
    Have a woderful day xoxo
    Isabella <3

  118. I really enjoyed this video. You see so many people telling you to do drastic things to live a more healthy life but you showed ways which healthy living can be done easily. I have recently been diagnosed with a condition which in order to maiming I must loose weight and be healthier and I will definitely be using some of these tips to start off, so, thank you :) xx

  119. Zoe, this is so lovely~ I love how you are able to reach so many people around the world and keep spreading happiness and such positive messages x

    Never Forgotten

  120. How does guest posting work? I guess this is sort of open ended and random…but I'd be interested in knowing! xx

  121. It really was great! I do also think about changing some things in my life in order to just feel better in general and this video was an inspiration! Love you xx

  122. I loved this video Zoe, in fact I think it's one of your best. It was so well put together with some great tips, so thank you! x

    Nnedi /

  123. Loved this video!

  124. Great video, great tips! You make a really great point in your video–small subtle changes to improving your overall health. Don't overwhelm yourself with high expectations because you end up putting too much pressure on yourself and you may feel discouraged. I've been really slacking this summer so I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. Definitely want to try yoga. Thanks, Zoe!

  125. Love this video- definitely gave some great tips on how to improve. Reminded me I need to start drinking more water as well! Yoga is definitely a great way to get exercise, especially with friends!

    The Internationalist

  126. I'm loving that you're updating your blog more, definitely taking a leaf out of your book for organisation! That video was definitely one of my favourites of yours: so inspiring and motivational, makes me want to go out and rollerblade or do yoga!

  127. Great video :) buy that Nutella and cut up an apple and dip it in! Or banana, or strawberries :) makes an unhealthy thing healthy! I need to get my bike out more but I'm so scared of falling off or being hit by a car, there's nowhere flat to take it out where I live, until I'm back at uni then I have the seafront:) x

  128. loved the video, made me want to start up some yoga and I even started drinking more water!! Hopefully i can improve my anxieties and clear up my skin as well!

  129. I LOVE YOU<3 You have inspired me so much! I now want a blog!

  130. Laura.

    Very inspiring, Zoe, it really was. Love it so much. I suffer with anxiety aswell, not as much but enough to know I suffer with it. You're very inspirational and I love what you're doing.

  131. Loved the video! Really helped me out a lot :)


  132. You've done an amazing job on this video Zoe! I love it :)

  133. I loved the video, and welcome back to blogging! It's great to see you back again! I need to try out some of your workout tips as I definitely need to get back into living a healthier lifestyle!

    Maggie D. xx

  134. Kate J

    I oftentimes forget to pamper myself every once in a while, as I always feel in a rush. The best thing I've learned to do for myself is to make time for a nice, relaxing shower, accompanied with a face mask and braiding my hair (of all types). I've also recently adapted a pescetarian diet! I've been a pesce-pollotarian for a year now, and have decided to just go full pescetarian now and I feel so good about my decision! I also really enjoy spending time with animals, and as I've been away at college, I don't get to spend time with my pets from home much at all anymore! I definitely want to try and make time to volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter when I go back to university in the fall. I'm really excited! I've also quit my job recently that was very stressful for me and taxing on my health. To finally break free from that feels great and I like that I'll be able to have time for my studies and volunteering in the fall! :)

  135. mel

    I loved your video! It really inspired me. I'm also someone who doesn't have the healthiest lifestyle. These little changes seem pretty easy to meet and little things can make a big difference. Loved your video and hope you do more lifestyle videos! ^_^

  136. Adnill

    water really makes immensely huge difference! :)

  137. I really love this kind of videos!!!

  138. I absolutely loved this video because I always tend to forget – as we all do sometimes – that the little things do make such a huge difference when it comes to your overall wellbeing, This was wonderful and definitely one of my favorites of yours. Guys, always remember to take a little time out and tend to y o u r needs and nothing but. Change things up a bit x

  139. this was so helpful!!
    if anyone has chance please check out my blog

  140. Tori

    Can't wait to watch this video looks great :)

  141. I loved this video! I watch them all, but this one was so fun and happy and it made me smile :)

    I suffer with Generalized Anxiety Disorder myself, but one thing that can always calm me down and help me escape my own head, is to take a long hot bath, complete with candles, lavender bubble bath and Sam Smith playing quietly in the background.


  142. Hi Zoella! I loved the video, but there is something else I would like to talk to you about. I understand you have many social media links, but unfortunately I am not allowed to have one and I would absolutely love to send you a letter but I don't think my parents would be able to grasp the concept of sending a letter to someone you saw on the internet. I was hoping you could set up an email account where any of your viewer could email you, and if you were up to it, you could email back. I understand this is a big thing to ask for, so all I'm asking is that you think about. You're SUCH A HUGE INSPIRATION to me, and I would like to have your advice on some of the problems I've been facing lately. Thank you :)

  143. Nora

    one of the best videos you've ever made! love how you try to help anyone as good as you can! xx

  144. Petra

    I love this video so much! Definitely inspired me to start to try and be more healthy, and have a general well maintained lifestyle! <3

  145. Hello!
    I just wanted to tell you that there is a sort of hula hoop that is meant for you to exercise with. It's a little bitt bigger and heavier and you can usually bye them at lifestyle shops.


  146. Loved this Zoe, I suffer with all of the same things including bad anxiety! I've been using Simple products to help my skin too!

    I also love all the wrong food – I can't help it but I find trying to limit yourself to one or two days off a week is always good – give yourself a few days to enjoy the treats it helps me stay on track – Once I've had a treat I'm normally ready to be a stricter with myself in the week!

    I absolutely love your blog posts and videos! Your casual vlogs are my favourite! Love seeing you be completely yourself – so refreshing!!

    I would love if you could check out my blog one day!


  147. I love this video:) Great job Zoe! xxx

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