It’s that time of the year again where the advent calendars line the shelves in the supermarkets and when buying your weekly bits and pieces you have a light hearted debate with your other half about which chocolate calendar is the best. I’m definitely a Cadburys & Thorntons girl, where as Alfie is more of a Lindt kind of guy. Around two years a go we saw the rise of beauty advent calendars and now each year there are so many to chose from it’s almost an impossible decision. If you aren’t familiar with a beauty advent calendar, behind each door up until Christmas you are met with travel (and some times full) sized products that you can try out and use. Definitely a little more long lasting than the chocolate that’s for sure. It’s a great pre-christmas gift or treat and also a nice way to discover new brands and products you might not have discovered otherwise. I’m going to give you a brief run down of some of the calendars I’ve got my hands on this year, and don’t worry, I don’t give away the entire contents, only a few sneak peeks. I don’t want to be ruining the surprise for you! 

advent1 advent18

Selfridges Cosmic Beauty Advent Calendar:

Selfridges is a great place to start if you want something a little more luxury. It includes brands such as Khiel’s, Lancome & Giorgio Armarni and includes a great mixture of skincare and makeup. I love the design of this and it feels super sturdy. The only downside to this is that I feel it has a lot of the same brands and considering Selfridges beauty hall is like a makeup and skincare heaven, I was hoping for there to be a bit more variety and a few more full sized items. I bought one of these for my mum as I knew she would love it and that she would like the brands included in it so I’m excited to see what she thinks! I believe this particular calendar may be sold out now, but there is an alternative on the website!

advent16 advent15

Ciate Mini Mani Month – £49

Ciate are also well known now for having an advent calendar every year for the nail lovers. I personally love ciate polishes and when they are in mini form, they are even better. I don’t know about you but I find them easier to take away, easier to store and I never finish a full size nail polish. If you, or someone you know loves to paint their nails or doesn’t have much of a collection, this is the perfect starter kit (or everything you’ll ever need kit). The selection of colours are amazing and there are some loose glitters thrown in there for the creatives too! The packaging of this is adorable, it’s a little London scene in winter.

advent14 advent12

Kerastase Advent Calendar – £79.99

I thought this calendar was definitely worth mentioning as it’s by the brand Kerastase who are known for their premium haircare. It’s jam packed with mini shampoos, treatments and post-wash products PERFECT for trying out and taking away with you in your wash bag. I liked that the doors had the foiling silhouette on them so you get an idea of what might be behind it. I do think this is aimed more towards people who get excited by hair products  and I know that isn’t all of us but it’s a great introduction to the brand and the products they have!


Charlotte Tilbury Book of Makeup Magic – £150

I was VERY excited to see this little gem in my PO Box! Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that I love everything about, so seeing that she had released a calendar made me very happy. Unlike many of the others however, this only takes you up to day twelve, which I don’t see as a negative at all, as it’s about the products you receive inside. At £150 this is on the slightly more pricey side, and is up there with the Liberty calendar which is only £1 cheaper than this one. Having only peeped at a few of the boxes so I didn’t spoil it for myself, I was happy with the selection of products that I saw. There is a good mixture of makeup and skincare in travel sizes and a full sized lipstick. You all know how much I love a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick! I definitely see this as a little treat or a nice gift for anyone who is really into Charlotte Tilbury or who you know would love it but has yet to try anything. It feels very special, if you know what I mean? 


YouBeauty Advent Calendar – £59.95

This one appears to be the best value for money of all the calendars! At only £59.95 for so many amazing brands, including Philip Kingsley, Burts Bees, Nuxe & Pixi it really is VERY exciting. It also includes a lot of variety and quite a few full sized products too! This is one of the few that I am REALLY very excited to open in December.


advent8 advent7

LookFantastic The Beauty Secret – £70.00

This is on par with the YouBeauty in terms of variation of brands! There are so many amazing ones nestled away in this advent calendar including Eve Lom, Molten Brown and Rimmel . The box itself is so beautiful and alongside the Liberty Calendar is my favourite. It looks like a big fairytale storybook and even has a little poem on the back that made me smile! This too has some full sized products and I would honestly recommend this one to everyone. It’s a good medium price bracket (for a beauty calendar) and the quality is on par with some of the higher priced ones. I almost don’t want to open it and ruin it!


Johnny Loves Rosie – £55

This is a great alternative for non-beauty lovers. I wanted to share this one as I found it a really cool concept. In each day you receive silver or gold plated jewellery including plain chains & charms, earrings and rings! I was a little apprehensive as to whether or not the jewellery would be something I would wear and I would honestly say that 90% of the stuff was so pretty and went straight into my jewellery box. The only downside to this was I felt the actual packaging was quite flimsy and I struggled to neatly open any of the doors, however the products themselves were splendid!

advent6 advent5

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days – £60

The Body Shop was one of the first brands I can remember doing Beauty Advent Calendars and every year I have had one! I love the Body Shop and I feel that they have something for everyone and the choice and fragrances are extensive. Full of a great variety of travel sized products. I personally love this calendar. I like all their mini products as they’re great for when you go away. Although mostly skincare there is also a couple of makeup bits but it’s definitely one for The Body Shop lovers out there. You’ll end up smelling divine throughout the month of December.

advent4 advent3

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Deck The Hauls 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Calendar – £25 (Currently £15 at Superdrug!)

My beautiful friend Tanya Burr brought out a 12 days of Christmas calendar this year alongside lot’s of her new makeup range. As this is only for 12 days out of the month, you could chose to open it every other day up until the 24th or for the first or last 12 days (depending on how good your patience is). This is the cheapest advent calendar in the whole blog post and includes full sized products and eye shadows that can only be purchased within this calendar, meaning it’s great value for money! I also absolutely love the design, it’s so cute.


Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar – £149

The most luxurious calendar of the whole bunch is this Liberty one! It looks absolutely gorgeous and it almost takes your breath away when you hold it in your hands. The design is exquisite and delicate and it feels extremely polished. The brands inside include Diptyque, Aromatherapy Associates & Nars plus many more that are just as exciting. Again this is up there with the best diversity in terms of brands and types of products and if you can shell out the £149 as a December treat then it’s totally worth it, especially as the value comes to over £400.


Yankee Candle Reindeer Carousel Advent Calendar – £31.99

One for my fellow candle lovers out there, the Yankee candle advent calendar! Including tealights and votives this calendar offers some of Yankee candles most festive scents for each day leading up to Christmas, including my new favourite scent Candy Cane Lane. Although I’m not a HUGE fan of the design, I love the shape and it definitely feels Christmassy. It’s also a great price and a good way to sample the scents without splashing out on the bigger jars!


In conclusion, this year is definitely the best year for choice with beauty advent calendars and there is no doubt that many people will be opening these doors every day with excitement and surprise. It’s all down to personal preference when it comes to choosing one, but hopefully this has enlightened you and given you a bit of guidance. So whether you want to stick to your chocolate calendar or switch it up for something different, the choice in endless. I now have A LOT of calendars to share out among my friends and family…and I still need to pick up my trusty Cadburys one too!

  • woooooow so much money in just one blog post haha
    love the pics :)

  • Wow!! A few of these I had seen online but to see them photographed so beautifully makes me want them even more.
    I specifically have my eye on the Charlotte Tilbury one! It looks stunning!!
    I’m going to be reviewing a few more beauty and alternative Advent calendars over on my blog in the next week or so too so I can’t wait to open up those famous Advent doors! :)
    I also absolutely adore those baubles from John Lewis!

    Ellis –

  • Kate

    Wow! These all look absolutely amazing!! :) xx

  • All these advent calenders look so amazing! I’m personally torn between the yankee candles and the body shop one :) x

  • Nicolee Prentice

    Absolutely love this. The Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar looks amazing, cannot wait to purchase some of these :)

  • GirlOnTheBlog

    Wow they are amazing and so is that photograph. your such an inspiration.

  • paulin

    Omg Zozo!! I never had see calendar like thesee!!! Wow I really want all this Christmassy calendars!!! Omggg

  • Anna Riech

    I would love to get the Body Shop Advent Calendar. Unfortunately the german one cost €120… so unfair

    • Vilma Suviyö¹³

      Oh really? In Finland it’s 70€?! That’s so unfair!

  • Eden Jayne

    I already bought the Tanya Burr calendar. It was on sale so I really didn’t have a choice, did I? I can’t wait until December 1st!

  • Thanks Zoe! I now want to go and buy all of these! xx

  • Jenni Inouye

    I’ll just have to enjoy these vicariously through you as they are too expensive for me =(

  • OMG reading this blogpost reminds me of I have yet to get an advent calendar for myself! D: I wanted to get Tanya Burr’s and Yankee Candle’s one so so badly now! T_T

  • Lucy Stebbings

    These are such a great idea! May have to purchase one! xxx

  • I didn’t know they had so many of these beauty advent calendars out! I would love The Body Shops set, well, I’d love all of them actually, but that one the most!
    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Vilma Suviyö¹³

    Wow! Those all looks so gorgeous! :) The Yankee Candle calendar made me literally die! I think it’s so adorable and as a candle lover it would be perfect for me! I’m also really thinking about the BODYSHOP one or Tanya’s (if I can order it to Finland). ❤

  • Ibtihal El manari

    I find them all expensive :/

  • Ally Smith

    Gosh I wish I could just get them all! I really want to get one this year I was thinking body shop but I’m not sure… Great blog post it was very informative and also thanks for reminding me to get one!

  • Aimee

    Hi Zoe, you should get the L’occitane one, I saw from previous monthly favourites and hauls that you like the almond shower oil! I recently started working there and they’ve got a really good home fragrance range and their winter candle is amazing!!!! Winter forest it’s called and I know you’d love it! Every time I’m walking round the shop I think oooo Zoe would like that, and the candle smells like Christmas trees 😆😆😆
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas and let me know if you try any of their stuff 😜☺️🎄Xxx

  • Naimah

    The Liberty one looks so good! I would buy it but it is incredibly expensive – for me. Great suggestions for beauty advent calendar lovers, I may stick with the inexpensive trusty chocolate!

  • Alexandra Smith

    Love your advent calendar info, my 11 year old daughter talks about you all day and now she has got me looking at your blogs! We were watching documentary last night with huw fernly what’s his name and you even popped up on there! You are now so famous someone should contact apple and get them to create a zoella emoji lol x

  • Mary Elliott Hester

    Ohhh my goodness the Charlotte Tilbury one looks amazing!!! Also the Body Shop one…. Also I want all of them tbh

  • The one from Body shop and Tanya’s are my favourite based on what you wrote and on the photos! :)

  • Wow I didn’t realise they did so may non chocolate advent calenders. The beauty ones are a little bit out of my price range apart from Tanya’s, I’m going to try and get my hands on that. I will most definitely be getting the Yankee candle one, I had it last year and I loved it. I love the shape of this years and the fact that is also contains some votives. I’m sure you will have lots of fun opening these everyday and I look forward to looking at some of the products on your instagram, I try to upload a picture everyday of the candle I get on my Instagram (dotdanielle). Is it to early to say merry Christmas? I don’t think so on an advent calendar post 🎄

  • Keri_Clifford

    Really want all of them!

  • Leticia Tuti

    I’ve got one myself

  • Sanna Norrman

    I’m thinking about buying the The Body Shop one but I’m not sure yet, there is to many options to chose from!

  • Maya Rainbow

    I really want one, but they’re so expensive! I’ve asked for Tanya’s one for my birthday (8 days away) though! *crosses fingers*

  • Najiah Ramezan

    when your thinking of buying one and then look at the price …

    why? why does it have to be so expensive ? why? why?
    i wish i was older …

  • Birgit

    I really liked teh Yankee Candle one, but living in a different country and having an mum that hates scented candles, make buying one hard….

  • Really cool calendars!!!

    Kisses from

  • Jen

    I love beauty advent calendars! I need them all!

  • Hi Zoe, a lot of these are a little expensive for some of your young readers – maybe perhaps write a few line explaining that to them or something. I ordered the YOU beauty advent calender this year and I’m excited.

  • BraeShea

    I love this idea as a pre-gift! I really like the nail polish one, and especially the mini Yankee Candle one! So cute! :) xoxo

  • Chantal
  • I love the look of all of these! If I had to pick a favorite from the looks of it, I think I would pick the the Body Shop one or the one from Charlotte Tilbury! Also, its awesome that Tanya Burr made one for her products as well. So exciting!

    Meghan |

  • Shannon Cullinane

    This is EXACTLY what I need in my life. Hubs was just asking what sort of Advent Calendar I was wanting this year. Now all I have to do is direct him to this post. Pretty sure anyone of these awesome Beauty Advent Calendars will be a great way to countdown to Christmas!!!

  • The Liberty one is beautiful! Incredible products too, would love to try out some Dyptique candles!

    Heels Forever

  • Renee kent

    I adore these calendars! I would never be able to afford the pricey ones but I think I will definitely go for a beauty calendar this month as I have never really had one! Thank you for sharing this post!

  • Lisa Gourley

    Tanya Burr or the Yankee Candle calender would be the 1 I would definately go for because these would be my most favourites. Lovley blog post. Enjoyed reading it :)

  • Molly G

    Absolutely love all theses calendars can’t decide what ones my favourite!

  • Kymberley Mcmurray

    I love all of these! I wish they were available in Australia!

  • The Liberty calendar is a dream! x

    Ceann // From Brighton and beyond

  • Omggg ! These calendars are so pretty ! Also the Liberty one ! Thanks so much Zoe to show us ! xx

  • Zoe the ones with twelve days are for the twelve days of Christmas which starts on the 25th December! They are different to advent calendars which is the lead up to Christmas xxxx Great post : )

    • jade louise

      No you can use them one every other day x

  • littlemissdaydreams

    These are all so pretty! I would definitely love a beauty advent calendar this year, as they’re such a cute idea :)

  • Omg these are amazing!! <3 I want them so much. We don't even have the regular chocolate ones where I live :'( we don't even have much stuff where I live! D:

  • Izzy Jaspers

    I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t review the benefit advent calendar!

  • I actually bought a Ciate advent calendar from last year when it was on the sale, it was more than 50% off! The Liberty box looks amazing :)

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    I really want to get a beauty advent calendar so bad. Even more now

  • Holly Curtain


    • Nicola

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    Oh my sweet Jesus.. how I would love to get my hands on any one of these! ^_^

  • These all look so fun! I honestly would love the candle one! Definitely agree with the comments saying you should make one! ;)
    I wish they weren’t so expensive, but nothing can really put a price on the excitement you get opening one right?

  • Jes Cohen

    No way, Tanya has one now? Pretty sweet.

    I’ve always loved these kind of advent calendars.

  • Oh my gosh, Tanya’s calendar is so cute!! Wish I were still in the UK to pick one up :(

  • Pareen

    These advent calendars look so cool! I really want to buy Tanya’s.

  • SavBanav

    These are so pretty! Ugh if I wasn’t so broke I’d definitely get the Charlotte Tillsbury one… Maybe the Tanya Burr calender until I save up lol… Love it!!❤


  • Brandi Paugh

    These advent calendars are amazing! I wish they did not cost so much :/

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Every single one is amazing! I especially love the Yankee Candle, Liberty and Ciate one! So cute :)

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    Omg I loveeeeee the Ciate and Yankee candle one!!!

    Rachel x

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    I soooooooooooo want the Charlotte Tilbury calendar but its £150!!!!!!!!!! I really want it though🙏

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    Ooh these calendars’ are AMAZING!
    Especially, the body shop and ciate ones!!

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    They look so lovely. Especially the Body Shop one!

    Love, Kerstin

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    This must me my favorite post ever!! Love this.. Love christmas too! Tanya’s is very cute!

  • They are all so so gorgeous:)) I especially loved Charlotte Tilbury one:)) I love you! xx

  • The Body Shop and Yankee Candle calendars are definitely on my wish list at the moment!

  • Rutu Luhar

    OMG! Have to check these out, looking amazing! Thanks for sharing Zoe! Xxx

  • They all look so so so pretty! If I could I would buy them! I have to say that the Charlotte Tilbury one looks particularly appealing to me!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  • OMG the Charlotte Tilbury one is amazing!!! You know what Zoe, thank you so much because up until now, i didn’t even now there was beauty advent calendar!!!! For real i’m still obsessed with the chocolate ones but beauty?! Yeah!!! There’s a bit pricey for me though but hey, i might consider splurging a bit this year as an exception… Thanks for the discovery!!!

  • Wow, so many! I think the Charlotte Tilbury one has to be my fave x

  • I love the idea and they all look lovely, but there’s no way I’d spend that much on an advent calendar :/ the only one I’d be tempted by would be Tanya’s x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  • Carina :3

    Oh I want the Yankeecandle calander so much *-*

  • Oh my goood now I really want the Liberty’s one :( But it is soo damn expensive. I had the ciaté two years ago and have nailpolish till the end of my days now hahaha!
    x Tara

    Tara Semira –
    Ibiza, fashion, lifestyle

  • Selene

    I love this time of year because of (any kind) of advent calendars.

  • Kate Musgrove

    What a great selection of calendars. Not sure I’ll be picking one up with them being on the pricey side but I definitely love the look of the latest beauty one xx

  • You are unbelievably lucky to be sent all of those! I would kill for one for one of these advent calenders this year!

    Emily x

  • I wish we had so many advent calendar options in the US! At least I never see them here. These are all so fun and cute! Love them all :)

  • I got the Tanya burr and feelunique 12 days combined, so I am extremely exited for advent this year!


  • Wow, so many lovely ones this year! The Body Shop one is perhaps my favourite but I’d love to have a Yankee candle too!
    Emma x

  • Love all of these, perfect idea for trying out new products! xx

  • We don’t have beauty advent calendars here, I think > < I can't buy them anyway, but ey, I wish I could at least see them in the stores! xD

  • Samantha Wiggs

    oh…my…god…take my money JUST TAKE IT! I need them all!

  • Kati

    I love all of these! They are soooo awesome!
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    Share some love :)

  • Brynn King

    I have to get the body shop one now !!! Love them all !!

  • How can you not like the design of the Yankee Candle one – I adore it!:-O I wish I had the money to buy all these, they look great and luxurious! I was gonna say that I wanted to ask one for Christmas but that is a bit too late for an advent calendar isn’t it?;-)

  • I’m so jealous of your options in the UK! The US is a little behind on beauty advent calendars, unfortunately!

    • I’m with you on there! These are awesome and because of the US not being as cool, I’ll most likely have to order them all online and wait forever for them to come in! So annoying! .. But probably worth it, let’s be honest. Lol!

  • Nicola

    Aww I love Tanyas one and the body shop one the most!

  • Defiantly getting one this year! I freaking LOVE Christmas!!!

  • Kaitlyn Beal

    wow! you are so lucky this year! i ordered the body shop one this year and im super excited to recieve it, i was hoping this year you could open all of these advent calenders in vlogmas, im always looking forward to seeing you open them! love you tons! xoxoxo

  • Inge Rouwmaat

    Yes! I love advent calenders so much! Always had chocolate ones when I grew up but definitely considering buying a jewelry one. The one from Body Shop also looks really appealing.

  • A lovely idea and all very cute but I really can’t justify spending that much on an advent calender or products I haven’t specifically picked out so might not even use. A girl can dream though!

    Anna x

  • Gwen Hammett

    Would love to have the Charlotte Tilbury or the Liberty Advent Calendar! All so pretty but those are my favourites! xxx

  • Wow these calendars look AMAZING. Especially the Charlotte Tilbury one, you’re so lucky to have been sent such cool things! I will definitely be buying the Yankee Candle Calendar though, I’m a sucker for candles!!

  • Ella Cristina

    The Lookfantastic calendar sold out in like 8 hours, I was SO upset :(

  • Stella

    I love all these calenders but I’m not really into beauty! I will probably get the jewlery one! (I know I spelt that wrong!)

    I’d be really grateful if you could check out my blog!

  • Jo

    I loved the review and I absolutely adore the Charlotte Tilbury calendar, if only I could afford it haha x I hope you’re vlogging opening your calendars this year again! :) xx

  • Meghan Moore

    I’ve actually been thinking about spoiling myself with a beauty advent calendar this year! I’d probably have to go with one of the cheaper ones so the Tanya Burr one looks quite good because it’s good quality stuff but at a bit of a nicer price. There was one I saw in Superdrug (I can’t remember who by) that was £10 down from £20 but I was unsure whether I should trust it or not since I’ve never used the makeup brand before. I think it’ll be either one of those.

  • Mollie Low

    I WANT THEM ALL!!! Next Year Zoe U Need To Make One Id B Qing Up 4 It!!! I Really Like Tanya’s Design Its Really Cute xxx

  • Emily Barraclough

    They’re all so nice! I can imagine that you’ll be having a great time opening up all of the doors (Ps, please show all the products in vlogmas if you do it!) I am very lucky to have gotten my hands on Tanya’s, and I must say I’m doing rather well to resist the temptation of opening the doors haha! I’m hoping to get another playmobil one this year as well! xxxx

  • Evie <3

    Wow I wish I could afford stuff like this
    :(( they all look amazing 😍
    My Little Online Space

    • Me too! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s like “ughh why can’t I be rich and afford amazing advent calendars like these??” I want the Charlotte Tilbury one so bad but it’s so expensive! /: Maybe next year! Lol

  • Honor Jebb Foley

    Hi Zoe AKA Zoella,

    Its a bit late for all the time I’ve been watching your videos and looking through you’re blog and following you on instagram and stuff, but I just want to thank you, I turned 11 on sunday (8th November 2015) and got the awesome drawesome bathing collection (if thats what its called) and wonder hand hand cream and soap pop and… blissful mistful and they are all amazing and brilliant products and i have many more of different bits of different ranges in your collection so thank you so much but lets just cut to the chase THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! You really have inspired me to be a better writer (from girl online…s) and to do better in school and even though we haven’t met it seems like you sort of… get me so thank you… you really do help soooo many people and forget the haters because the lovers overtake the haters (i know I’m weird and that makes NO sense but you have taught me to think not to care about that) thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ella soady

    OMG I am so getting the yankee candle one!!!!!!!!

  • Rachelbellebeauty

    I loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

  • These all look amazing! I love them all but Tanyas, the Yankee Candle and Body shop ones are probably most within my budget! xx

  • Emma

    Wow! I love them all especially Tanya Burr’s Cosmetics one, it’s really cute!XO😍

  • Cadbury’s all the way!! These do look amazing actually, alas I don’t quite have enough money for the really nice one but great idea for a cheeky pre-Xmas gift! The Yankee Candle one would be my dream!! I do love the sound of Tanya’s one though, more affordable and I love her products (and yours too of course – you should totally do an advent calendar!).

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  • Bronwyn James

    Love this! I will now be dreaming of the Body Shop advent calendar.
    What I do is I have a wooden one and we fill it up with little chocolates every year. It’s so fun and saves money to. :)

  • Rebecca Whiting

    These advent calenders look absolutely amazing, anyone else but me think theyre better than getting chocolate ones? Ive never actually owned a non chocolate one like the ones Zoe hs posted but one year i hope to get one!❤️

  • Amber Cherrington

    Getting the Tanya Burr one as it has such a cute design and I just love Tanya! Zoe you should make one next year! I also would love the more expensive ones but I do not really have the money.

  • Karolina Ežerskytė

    I want them all!!!!!

  • Claire Gour

    Totally getting the Yankee candle, thanks for showing us, love u !!

  • I don’t think jealous is quite enough to cover it, but wow indeed. They all seem incredible, and of course Zoe your photography has certainly done them all justice, as per usual. I am in LOVE with the Charlotte T calendar, it looks absolutely beautiful! Love, love, love it! Cannot wait until Christmas! xx

  • All of these look beautiful! But I definitely want to try the Charlotte Tilbury and Yankee Candle ones the most!

  • Adventurous abi

    Wow. I am amazed to see how far you have come. I have watched you from the very very beginning. I love you and your videos. One word of advice. Don’t let your anxiety get you down. We all loveo you and believe in you so carry on doing the good work. Also you inspired me to become a yuoutuber. My channel is adventurous abi and I was wondering if maybe you could check it out. Also I really think collabingnwith you will help me. I know this is something really big to ask but maybe I could collaboration with you one day. You probably won’t see this though. I love you and you probably already have been asked to be collabed with other fans but I would love it so much. I know you probably won’t though. But anyway thanks for being an amazing person even if you suffer from panic attacks. Don’t forget you can’t let them get you down and I will be supporting you the rest of the way just like I have supported you from the beginning. Please if you see this can you maybe consider collaging with me. I know this is a huge ask.

    With love,
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  • Samy

    oh myy they are the most beautiful, might get some :)

  • Polly

    These are all such a good idea. I’m so glad you did this post as it reminded me to order my YOU calendar. This will be the third one I have ordered as have LOVED the first two….it has such a great variety of products and gives you products worth over 300 pounds. I am particularly looking foward to the HD bronzer and Nuxe windows….:) :)

  • Indie Hobbit

    definitely purchasing The Body Shop one for myself as they are cruelty free! Thanks for showing us, zoe <3

  • georgia maree

    Ooh! I got a beauty advent calendar at Paris Airport Dutyfree and now I want all of the calendars!! x

  • They all look amazing! I like the Charlotte Tilbury one the most, though!

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • I would love the Yankee Candle one! And wow, the Charlotte Tilburry one looks STUNNING! So far I only got the L’Occitane one, so excited to see what’s inside.

  • Those advent calenders look amazing! Makes a change from your usual chocolate ones. I might have to invest in one this year and treat myself :)

  • Kati

    I want The Body Shop one! It’s soooo awesome!

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  • Fi Garrity

    I love the Johnny loves Rosie one ❤️

  • They would be a lovely pre Christmas gift for anyone who love beauty and skincare! Such a great concept.

  • Casie G.

    I didn’t know that there was beauty advent calendars! This is sooooo exciting! Now I’m more excited for Christmas. Although some of them are so expensive I think I would still buy them.

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    Please do another vlog soon!

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      I wish I could. I would never be able to decide which one but I really like the look of the Selfridges one! Yes i hope she does another blog soon too!

    • Jemma – Rose

      I so want to. Neither can I! Please Zoe can you do another vlog soon! Xx

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    I just recently did a Quinoa Salad and other healthy recipes on my Blog pleeaaasse check it out :)

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    • Fi Garrity


  • Fi Garrity

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  • Giorgia Laureti

    Hey guys I need some help! I’m Italian and I’m trying to buy the Youbeauty advent calendar, do you now if they ship only in England? I’m unable to join them and they aren’t letting me buy anything without being a member… I’m totally at a loss

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    Meet My Lovely World

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    I can’t wait to open it and use the tea lights inside xxx

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    ✿ my blog ✿

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    Hope you all have an amazing day 😊

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    Is WordPress a better platform than Blogger?
    You probably won’t read this or reply but IF u do, please check out my site and leave a comment! It would mean a lot ;)

    • I know you want Zoella to reply but (imo) wordpress is just so much nicer and easier in the way you can design your website and post things to different pages and there seems to be a lot more features. However, when it comes to HTML, I think it’s easier to adapt it on Blogger

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    I’m just about to check again though! Xxx 😄💄🎄

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    I’d love to get my hands on the Tanya Burr calendar as well!

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    My lifestyle blog:

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    Also if your interested and would really like to know how many days there are till Christmas please go and check out my blog!x I currently have a Christmas Countdown and I couldn’t be any more excited 😊!!!!xxx


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    I saved up and got the Yankee Candle calendar this year, it’s been sitting on my desk for almost a month now and I’m so eager to try it! I am really looking forward to smelling the Candy Cane Lane candle, I love me some mint!

    – Louise

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    My blog is very close to my heart, I’m learning how to make it interesting by playing around with HTML and CSS. Nevertheless I love it , if you’re having a down day then make sure to check it out :) It might help you loads :D
    P.S: Zoe I wonder if you read comments on your blog :(

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  • I’m sad we don’t have any of those here in Sweden :( Beside Body Shop…I would love one of the make up ones!

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    If anyone would check out my latest post I'd really appreciate it and I will follow back!

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  • Sophie Nicol

    Zoë I know you love candles and u burn them nonstop but my mum sells party light candles and they are natural and don’t leve black rings round the jar and they have really cool holders for the candles so it would be amazing and mean the world to me if you even just had a look cause the smells are amazing

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    PS I would really
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    Thank you Xxxxx

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    Arianne | Ayre

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