I don’t think i’ve properly introduced two of my favourite boys to you here on my blog. Pippin and Percy.
They came into my life in January of this year as teeny little balls of fluff that have now grown into bigger balls of fluff. SO FLUFFY. I have always loved guinea pigs since I was a little girl. There’s something about them that I have always been attached to. I always felt that anything smaller than a guinea pig was a bit skittish, and i’d be scared i’d lose it or hold it, and I once had a bad experience with a rabbit as it scratched my arms until they were both red raw when I was trying to cuddle it. Guinea pigs have a cute temperament. They will sit on your lap, they’ll run about an play and they’ll fall asleep on you and squeak at you for food. They are really friendly and find that their characteristics are so hilarious. Having had them for 7 months I can now distinguish the differences between the two personalities which I love.

Pippin is the one with the brown ear and long hair at the back. He is a little more laid back, like the older brother of the two. He is very clever and can usually suss out when I want to take him out the cage and hide in that one spot where it’s the hardest to get him. He knows the noise of my footsteps in the morning and squeaks for food and waits by the gate. He is also a little softy and is the least likely to nip anyones finger if it was put into his mouth. He mostly licks. I think it’s because he knows it’s not food, he’s a clever one.

Percy is like the naughty younger brother who is more adventurous. He has the loudest squeak, and is much more of a fidget. Although he much prefers cuddle time and will curl up and sleep on me, whereas Pippin will just sit and watch the world go by. He is the first one to run up the stairs when I fill the food bowl and gets the most excited for everything, although he will also nip you if you poke your finger near his mouth as he will think it’s food. He also got stuck behind a dishwasher at one point so he isn’t the smartest crayon in the box, but I love him.

I love having them scattering around in their hutch and listening to them squeaking away every day. They are so cute and I love them both so much.

If you ever want to see more of them, let me know in the comments and i’ll do more blogposts
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  1. So cute! xxx

  2. They are soo cute! BTW Love you! ♥

  3. I have two guinea pigs too called Fig and Oreo and love hearing about yours! Fig is just like Percy and Oreo is just like Pippin! I love the different personalities that my guinea pigs have too :D

  4. They are adorable. I had guinea pigs growing up (and they had babies at one point! Baby Guinea pigs are SO CUTE) and it was the best. My sister had a short-haired female & I had an abyssian male. We used to let them sit on the back of the couch and I swear they'd watch TV with us. They always perked up at the ads and seemed to chill out when the show had been going for a while. I'm guessing Guinea pigs don't have the greatest attention spands, haha. I love hearing about animal personalities, it's so funny and awesome how they communicate with their owners & one another. P.S. Every time I see your Guinea pigs I think, 'their hair is so #fabulous they're giving Zoella a run for her money'.

    Xo, Ellen

  5. *attention SPANS, silly me.


  6. So adorable!

  7. Anyone who says rodents don't have personalities hasn't spent much time with one. Guinea pigs can be incredibly sweet and affectionate, as much as a cat or dog. Congrats on your two new friends! You sound very lucky to have them and they to have you.


  8. Lauren

    I would absolutely love to see the hutch you keep them in/where it's from! It's gorgeous!

  9. Ah! They're the cutest little animals EVER! I had gerbils when I was younger and you said you'd be scared about losing any animal smaller than a guinea pig, I lost mine a lot haha! It wasn't good! I'd love to see more posts about Pippin and Percy :) ♥

  10. I thought about getting some but not sure if my landlord would let me … I always wanted to get one of those mini-rabbits :)

  11. Awh, they are so cute💕💕💕

  12. They are so cute! I would love to have a pet again! They look so fluffy and cuddly. I absolutely love the noises that guinea pigs make as well
    Catherine | Counter Pretty

  13. Carina

    Aww they're so cute! I have a little pet bunny, I think they are really similar :)

    Carina | http://carstina.com

  14. mabs

    oh they're so big and look so cute :D when I watch your vlogs they don't look as big, probably because you're not holding them!!


  15. Pippin & Percy are sooo cute & adorable & I just really love them <3 :-)

  16. oh my gosh lovely piggies! Please feel free to make as MANY blog posts about them as you want!!

  17. so so so cute, i'm not a huge fan of guinea pigs but every time i see pippin and percy i just want to cuddle them because they are adorable! on a side note, i am so happy to see you blogging frequently again, your posts/photography are amazing.

  18. They're adorable and looks so cuddly! xx

  19. Mary

    They are super cute. I love that they are so fluffy. I would love to see them in the future on your blog!!!



  20. Ps: I would love to see them more on you blog and on YouTube

  21. I love guineas too, yours are SO cute, I have a poorly one called Cody. He was poorly when I got him and the 'professionals' wanted to put him down and I refused because I knew he would get better and he did and he is now over a year and four months, and he is a right chub, but a cute one. Unfortunately, a infection was missed in his ears (not through me, I have been going on about it since I brought him) and now has very bad ears, resulting in me having to make a decision to have him put to sleep if he deteriorates as we have tried every antibiotic possible. :( He is like my baby and because I have nursed him for so long, I literally could be a guinea pig expert. Ha. I know a lot. So if any one, or even yourself Zoe would like some advice from my personal experiences let me know I'd be happy to. I have written a post about my fluffy monkey on my blog leluroxx.blogspot.co.uk and you can read our story there. It has been very stressful and heart breaking, and currently he has a bad tummy due to a reaction from the antibiotics (the last he could of had to sort out his ears) and I am up at 4 am trying to nurse him better. So all of you ladies with guineas, cherish them because unlike me I am on borrowed time and I am going to miss him dearly. P.s. Ha, mine is a little nipper too and is very moody but he is actually hilarious and moves his sock pillow to where he wants it and flops his head onto it!! :D Far too cute!!! I love how your guinea's really squeak for their food, especially when they know you are filming! Love your boys!! X Leya X

  22. I don't have any pets, and probably never will throughout the rest of my childhood (or teen years if you will) which i think is quite sad, i love your Guinea's and I would love to have a guinea pig of my own, i would love to hear more about yours Zoe, they are just adorable! My best friend Chloe has a dog called Peanut who is a yorkie and absolutely adorable, we have a blog together http://www.justtwocrazyteenagegirls.blogspot.com and doing a pet post is such a good idea!!! Ps. If anyone is interested in checking us out please do it would mean the world! xxx

  23. Oh my goodness they are so cute… And soo fluffy hahah. I done a blog post on my hamster and budgie a few days ago and I'm wondering if you guys have any spare time on your hands could you please check out my blog thanks in advance… :))). http://itscaitlinhere.blogspot.co.uk

  24. BeckyM

    I'm so glad you've got back into blogging again. I love your posts and your guinea pigs are the CUTEST xx

  25. Abi S

    Awh they're sooo cute! Since seeing them in your videos I've really wanted one especially a long haired one! Great pictures! I love how you can distinguish their personalities that's so great, would definitely love to see more of them in your blog posts! http://myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk/

  26. Awh they're so adorable! I've also wanted guinea pigs since a good friend of mine had one and they were also really cute and fluffy! ♥

  27. So adorable! Would love to get one someday :) x

  28. I'm in love with your love for them – does that make sense? They're so cute and look so unreal. I've never really seen a lot of guinea pigs, but Pippin and Percy are the cutest I'd say. Like you said, they're just a big ol' fluff! I wonder, do they smell though? I thought I read somewhere that guinea pigs smell? I hope that's not true!


  29. i love that your posting so often now!! And your guinea pigs are the CUTEST. Could you maybe do a post about training them a bit and tips and tricks for owning guinea pigs?

  30. They are so gorgeous!! More photos please!!xx

  31. Let me just say: thank you Zoe for this! Guinea pigs are awesome and so cute. So YES, of course we want to see more! 'Too much guinea pig stuff'… that doesn't even exist!!

  32. Eve H

    The cutest fluff balls. Wondering ? What would you have called them if they had been girls ?
    P.s it admirable how active you've been on your blog recently💜

  33. please do more of these blogs and u should do some youtube videos with them in to xx

  34. Oooh, I hope that Lord of the Rings reference was intentional! It would have been so great for the two to be named Pippin and Merry! I'd totally do that, but then again I'm a bit of a geek. :)
    I used to have rabbits when I was a kid and I can totally vouch for the bloody-arms experience!
    Elina | Cupcake Kisses

  35. please do make more blog posts about them! love the fact they have different personalities aww, I had a VERY similar guinea pig called Roddy and when I got him a little companion they had the cutest little piggy babies awww x

  36. They are absolutely gorgeous :-)
    I used to have two guinea pigs called Dave and Bernard, and two rabbits called Kevin and Trevor, they all had amazing temperaments, I miss those guys a lot, but I cant definitely vouch for the raw sore arms dilemma for handling rabbits.



  37. So cute and fluffy! I wish I could have a pet of my own but I live in rented student accommodation ): Keep up the good work, love that you've returned to your blog! xox


  38. I personally would love to see more of Pippin and Percy! I've never owned any guinea pigs nor have any of my friends had any so seeing their cute fluffy faces is such a treat! Love Grace xoxo

  39. I have two guinea pigs, well my family do, i don't really live here anymore haha but they're so boring :/ I don't get guinea pigs. One of them is mega scared of everything, she'll settle for cudles but i can tell she hates it so what's the point :/ the other one i have (called Blair Waldorf) is just pure evil in a chubby fluff ball. She's plotting to kill me I know it…

    amber love

  40. Cutest blog post ever !

  41. I love seeing Pippin and Percy in your Vlogs. They are too cute! I'm not allowed to have any kind of pets in my current apartment, which is so sad, as I would really like to have someone to cuddle with when my boyfriend is away.

  42. they are sooo cute! I would love to have guinea pigs one day :) I used to have 2 hamsters called Ant and Dec and they always bit me! So I think guinea pigs might be more friendly :) I have 4 chickens! <3


  43. Awww they are so cute, I adore guinea pigs but my mum has a strict no pet rule. I have debated bringing some home anyway though…
    I would love to see more posts on what you feed them and how you look after them as some pre-guinea pig mummy prep as I can't wait to get some!

    Monica xxx

  44. long haired guinea pigs are way cuter than short haired and look like such fun and it's the sweetest when they squeak on your vlogs but I imagine it gets irritating!
    I started a blog, libertysdailybits.blogspot.co.uk of you wouldn't mind looking 💞

  45. Fantastic photos Zoe. It's lovely to see how much of an important part of your life they have become – there really is no love that compares to the love of a pet.

    Cat from Outsidebeautyinsidehealth

  46. Kim

    SO CUTE! And YES I do want to see more of them! You should do a blogpost about what you feed them and stuff like that. Cause you take care of them SO well, just like the way people have to. But a lot of people who have guinea pigs feed them the wrong stuff and blablabla. So yes, love this blog post! Like all your others. <3

    XX Kim

  47. So cute!! would love to see more posts about them :D

    ieyra | babysoulz

  48. THE FLUFFY CUTENESS!!! It's killing me, Zoey! Of course I would love to see more posts about the little guys. I see it now. . .The adventures of Pippin and Percy~

    Never Forgotten

  49. adorable!

  50. They are sooooo adorable! This blog post made me want to buy guinea pigs myself! (:

    xoxo, Cato


  51. thelma

    I used to have a guinea pig. It's name was Stuart and he was reeallly cute. Loved him lots.
    I love this blogpost and the pictures are really good. Keep up the good work Zoe! Love you

    Thelma xx

  52. Jenny

    Awe these two really are the cutest :') I have never had the please of having guinea pigs before, but they look ever so cute <3


  53. They are so cute! I'd love it if you would check out my blog thefashthreads.blogspot.co.uk

  54. I want a guinea piiiiiiiiig!

  55. They're absolutely adorable! I grew up around them as my best friend always had two and I hope to get two of my own soon! :)

  56. omg the picture of them eating lettuce is cutest thing ever :3

  57. Me and my sister love seeing guinea updates! Especially as Guinea owners ourselfs! Yours are the cutest!

  58. Is that a real question?? Of course we want to see more of them! I love in your vlogs when you put the camera in their cage and just see what they do. Their little mouths are the cutest (I know that sounds weird…but it's true!)

    Also, I've started saying Pippin and Percy Sugg are my favorite YouTubers. :D So…I'm expecting them to join in on this Sugg Sunday thing because they are Sugg's and they are quite famous YouTubers!

    But seriously. Such a cute post. Love seeing these boys! I love that they have totally different personalities! I'd like to see more of them for sure.


    p.s. I've been looking into getting a pet rabbit, but your story has left a horrible image in my mind. I'm really hoping they all don't scratch so much. *fingers crossed*

  59. Jen27

    They are absolutely adorable, Zoe! That picture of them eating lettuce is priceless ;) Would love to see more of them on the blog! xo



  60. In not a fan of rodents but Pippin and Percy are adorable!!!


  61. They are adorable! They're like little fluff balls with attitude. Such a cute post and hope to see more of them soon. :)

  62. They are just adorable! :) X.


  63. Awww 💛 love Pippin and Percy, such cute names too! I was so excited when you did the video on them on YouTube😊
    I love that you're doing more blog posts and I understand that you're VERY busy 😄

    Cherries and Perfume

  64. I can't even handle how cut they are! I wish I could have my own Guinea Pig, but I can't for two reasons.
    1.) I have two dogs. That would not end well.
    2.) Guinea Pigs hate me. In 3rd grade my teacher had a pet Guinea Pig, named Tootsie Roll, who ended up biting my finger. Therefore making my 3rd grade teacher hate me for the rest of the year.
    Gosh I want them so badly :3

  65. Juliet

    Oh my god, I've always wondered how you can keep them apart – but now I get it :D they are so cute and I'd love more posts about them :* + they suit you as a person and I mean that as a huge compliment cos they're a-do-ra-ble!

    xxxx J.

  66. I really enjoyed this blog post!! I love how you know really well about Pippin and Percy's characteristics. Feels like you're their mother.(haha)
    I would definitely love to see more blog posts about them. Really enjoying every single blog post you are posting recently:)

  67. Aww both of them are so cute! I really want to see more blogpost of them of course :) x


  68. They are adorable! I kind of want them now. Do you think I could get away with having them in a dorm room? Hmmm….

    <3 buildingtheconfidence.blogspot.com

  69. Awww look at them preening for the camera. So cute!

  70. Aw! Yes, please do more blog posts with Pippin & Percy. The photos are too cute hahha!


  71. So cute! My little brothers also just adopted two little guinea pigs – sisters they called Coco and Daisy. They live in a big cage outside during the day and we bring them inside at night. We're just hoping our cat gets used to them, because at the moment she is very curious and sits on top of their cage, sticking her paw in! Eek! She's harmless though

  72. Petra

    So cute! We are getting Guinea Pigs soon, so I can't wait to pet and hold the furry little things! <3

  73. Aw they are so cute – cute balls of fluff! Definitely more posts on these boys – maybe some updated posts on them – how to take care of guinea pigs – things like that! — Lindsey xx


  74. I always love to see animals so if you want to post about them more it will be great! They look adorable tho I have a question, I love guinea pigs too, and I´ve spoken with two different friends who own them and told me they´re quite hard to take care of so it discouraged me from acquired one :( both stories were so sad and weird, but I´ve seen you´re having a great experience with them, would you have some recommendations or advice for someone who is considering having a guinea pig?

    Thank you in advance :)

  75. They're sooooo cute! I had a bunny for a short time so seeing pictures of these guinea pigs reminds me of her!

  76. Your guinea pigs are so adorable. I had two when I was younger and they were both supposed to be males, until the one popped out two little babies :)


  77. I love them!! Please more blogs with them!

  78. They're so fluffy and so cute!! I think you should definitely do more blogs with them.


  79. Yes please do more blog posts on them! They are literally the cutest and I would love to see more. It's so nice that you can distinguish between their personalities now! I think guinea pigs are super cute but I hope to get a kitten myself one day!

    Lots of love, Ayesha xxx


  80. These are the cutest things ever! I always wanted guinea pigs :)))


  81. Macy C

    Percy? As in Percy Jackson?

  82. Aww, love this post. Too cute :)

  83. You're doing so many more posts now, I love it! :)
    I'm sure we'd all love to see more of Pippin and Percy, they're so adorable! x

  84. They are so cute! Seeing them makes me want to get one or two!!!!

  85. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! I love the little mouth it's adorable. We also have two little guinea pigs :)
    Love you Zoe and really enjoy reading your blog and watching your Youtube videos. Definitely my favorite Youtuber. <3 <3 <3

    xx from Vienna/Austria. ——> http://julesn.blogspot.co.at/ <——

  86. zoe

    OMG i love them so much they are the cutest thing in the entire world. I also love your name for them.
    p.s your pillows in the background crack me up haha

  87. please zoe i would really like you to do another one of these because i think they are arsome your ginnue pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Sooo cute!!! I had one but he died a year ago:'( I miss him so much!:'(♥♥

  89. They're so cute! Glad to hear you're enjoying having them around so much. I used to have pet rats which definitely hadn't been my first choice but my Mother insisted. After not all that long they became my absolute favourites. Little creatures are so sweet and fluffy! haha

  90. I'm not a big fan of small house animals as we say. But i'm in love with these two! They're really cute, of course in your vlogs also!

  91. I love the difference in their personalities. So cute!!

  92. I love your guinea pigs!! They are so cute!!
    And I know you will never see this but you have been such an inspiration to me and I have recently started my own blog and if you ever see this I would love if you would check it out!
    ♥ Jean ♥

  93. They are so cute!
    I had a guinea pig once, but its now dead…
    His name was Balder, and i loved him so much. They are just amazing.
    When i move in my own apartment, I'm gonna get a new one :)

  94. Love this blog, Zoella!
    I used to have a guinea pig named cupcake, I was obsessed as a child with them!
    They're so cute and huggable. xxx

  95. Pippin and Percy are the cutest guinea pigs I have ever seen! I love the really fluffy ones, not so much the short haired breeds. I would love to have them as a pet but unfortunately I am allergic to them :( I do love them though! A few allergy tablets will fight off the sniffles!


    Karis x

  96. I love guinea pigs, their nose is so cute and they are amazing. I wish I could have guinea pigs. xoxo

  97. they are so cute!! i've never come in contact with a guinea pig before but pippin and percy are so damn fluffy and adorable!!

  98. Jule

    they are so cute :)

  99. They are adorable! :D
    I'm really happy you're picking up blogging again!

    ~ Hannelore

  100. I'm just addicted to guinea pigs, I think they're so so cute! Maybe you could do a blogpost about how you take care of them!

  101. Adnill

    So cute, I am in love with them! :))

  102. Nezz

    Adorable! I wish I could get guinea pigs, but I'm kind of allergic… :/


  103. Theyre so gorgeous! I'm getting 2 guinea pigs when I get my own place later this year, I have already decided on Pippin & Merry ;) similar to you actually but with a much much nerdier namesake haha. Jacintha xxx


  104. Claire

    I had guinea pigs throughout my childhood too, they are the cutest animals! One of mine used to fall asleep on me and he was so timid. My guinea pigs used to squeak so much, usually at rustlings of bags or at the sound of the chopping board – they remembered the noise of the chopping board and associated it with getting some of the veg. Whenever you used the chopping board they would get excited and think that they were about to get some veg! So cute!

  105. They are SO adorable!

  106. Cutest little munchkins

  107. Im so proud of you zoe ☺ Your blog is gorgeous and always cheers me up, Thank you! X

  108. Just had a mini heart attack when I saw this, SOO CUTE


  109. Ohhh sooo cute !! :)

  110. After reading this, I want guinea pigs so bad!!! They are so cute Zoe!!!


  111. Leana

    please post more blogs about them <33333

  112. They are just scho cute!

    I had a guinea pig when I was younger called Squeaky, and I loved him so much. I'm not a big fan of really small rodents (they don't seem to like me,) so a little g-pig was perfect. I'd love to have some again if I ever move to a bigger house. They make the cutest little companions! I'm not sure what my cat Dave would have to say about it though.



  113. Jovi

    Please do more posts on your piggies! One of the reasons why my boyfriend got me my 2 piggies were because he saw how much I adored guinea pigs after seeing Percy and pippin and I totally agree on how they are of such character which makes them so adorable! Wish you would do more posts on how you take care of them or a guide to their daily routine, it would mean so much help since I've gotten my pigs for 2 months and I'm still quite new to them. Cheers!

  114. Emzi

    They are just soooo cute :D

  115. One day please do a daily routine! haha it would be fantastic hahah xxxxxx

  116. POST MORE!! I love it when you include them in your videos! SOOO CUTEEE

  117. Zoe!! Love your Guinea pigs! They are so adorable>< Post more! Love ya

  118. this is just too cute!
    I have a pet bunny and a dog and I love them to bits!
    from Marlee and You

  119. Hi zoe! :)
    I really am enjoying reading your blogs now you are uploading more. They have really inspired me to maybe do more on mine. Thanks a bunch zo! X

  120. They're so lovely. I want see more of them *.*

  121. Hi Zoe!
    I love you and your videos, write more often, I miss you xx

  122. omg they're so adorable <3

  123. I have a guinea pig and her name is Pippa how funny

  124. Hey Zoe!! I love your guinea pigs, they are soo cute!
    You are such an inspiration to me and I love reading your blogs. I'm looking forward to seeing your future posts!

    Izzie x http://izziesnowe.blogspot.co.uk/

  125. What cuties!
    Katie x

  126. TOOOOO cute, I love them!!


  127. Mahsa

    That description was SO cute!! They are adorable
    Mahsa xx

  128. Oooh, they're so adorable! Of course I've seen them in your videos, but I like getting to know them a little bit better now! I always had guinea pigs when I was younger as well, and they're so much fun. Unfortunately, my current living situation makes it impossible for me to have a guinea pig again. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you and Pippin and Percy!

  129. I never understood why people love guinea pigs so much, until I've seen them in your vlogs. They're so cute! I think if I ever get a pet when I move out, I'll get guinea pigs :)

  130. Aaaaww, they're so cute! I love the photos!

  131. They're so lovely! A friend of mine had one for a few years and I remember how cute he was! I'm happy you have them to keep you company :) Plus, I'm happy you are posting more blogposts! Take your time, but I really enjoy reading your blog :) xx Paola

  132. eilis

    I'd love to see more of them too! I love how well looked after they are, they are always so clean and you can see in Zoe's vlogs all the healthy food she gives them :) People who really look after their pets are my kind of people!


  133. I had 2 little pigs called Charlie & Jasper. Charlie passed away 2 days ago, and now Jasper and I are by ourselves. I've had them since 2011, love them both so much. Pippin and Percy are such lucky little piggies!! xx

  134. Aww I want a hamster so bad!


  135. They are too cute!😊💕

  136. Cheryl

    Zoe!! Post more of Pippin and Percy! I love them so much!!!!!!!

  137. gabxo

    Words can't even express how adorable they are! Love when they're in your blogs haha. Two little balls of cuteness!

    Gab xo | gabbbxo.blogspot.co.uk

  138. I got two guinea pigs a few years ago but one died last week :(
    Really sad but he had a good life!
    Anyway on a happier tone, i love your blog and think your guinea pigs are really cute!!
    L xxx
    My fashion/lifestyle blog:

    Post more of them Zoe!

  140. They are so cuuute!Love them..

  141. What breed are your guinea pigs?

  142. They're so cute, I love that you're blogging again this is where I first found you haha <3

  143. Mia

    They are so cute! :)

  144. Joe T.

    AWON:) they are soooo adorable! by the may, even if my name is Joe, im still a chick, dont get mistaken:)
    wanna check my blog, http://bigbadwolf69.blogspot.com/ hooooope you enjoy it:) have a good day, chickitas<3

  145. Joe T.

    I loooove your blog<3 its so captivating;) maybe you should check mine out too;) I hope you like it as much as I loved yours! much love

    xoxox http://bigbadwolf69.blogspot.com/

  146. Where are the yellow and grey cushions and throw from?

  147. Elisa

    I love this Zoe, they're so cute! I do want to see more of them!! I'm actually going to get two guinea pigs at the end of the summer and I'm looking for tips and all that :) xx

  148. Everyone check out my blog! Im new though so be aware of that! Lol —-> thisblogisamess.blogspot.com

  149. Whenever I need writing style inspiration – I always visit posts on your blog. While I hope I have my own voice and unique style – I really enjoy reading your stuff! Thanks so much for keeping up such a wonderful website. :)

  150. Oh Zoe Pippin and Percy are so gorgeous! I would absolutely love to see more posts on them, they are the cutest little guinea pigs I have ever seen! "squeak squeak" awww I cant get over their little noses and they are so fluffy I AM GUNNA DIE!! Lots of love Ellen -xoxox- http://ellensbeautyblogxoox.blogspot.co.uk/ check out my blog if you like! xx

  151. They're so adorable, in love!!

  152. I got a minor question.. Do they smell a lot? 'Cause i'm thinking of getting one, but i'm afraid that it's gonna smell to much.. :-) x

  153. M.

    So sweet <3 I had guinea pig called Frodo. Haha, he could be your Pippins friend ;)

  154. Awww too cute!! I too have 2 guinea pigs except they are girls. the way your described your boys is exactly the way I would describe my girls :) I would love to see more of them!! xx

  155. Sony

    hey zoe your guinea pigs are DAMN CUTE! :)

  156. You look at Pippin and Percy and just want to cuddle them! Love your dress in this post as well Zoe xx


  157. Awww, they are so so so cute! :)))

  158. Hi Zoe :)

    Pippin and Percy are so adorable. I recently moved to the UK from Australia and decided to get guinea pigs when I got here. I got two little girls but unfortunately one of them was sick and passed away nearly two weeks ago. I'm looking at getting another one, I think Daisy is getting a little too comfortable eating enough food for two! Haha. Would love to see more photos of Pippin & Percy.
    Loving your blog posts, can't wait to read more soon.

    Lots of love xx

  159. aw I want one:(

    I have a summer giveaway going on my blog guys just incase you're interested!x

  160. Please do more blog posts on them. They are so adorable

  161. asdfghjklñ they are lovely!

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    Thank you Zoe, if you didn't buy boys, I wouldn't have mine too. He's like my baby, love him more than anything <3

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    I know what you mean about rabbits, my old pet rabbit when I first got her when I was 7, I picked her up and she scratched my wrist and I was so worried that I never held her again. Whereas I think guinea pigs are probably a good size as you can probably have a better hold of them etc. It's cute that over the 7 months you have noticed different traits between them, its always good when pets have a bit of personality to them :D


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    fashion, beauty, music and more xx

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    Random one – where is your grey/yellow blanket from? It's just what I've been looking for for in my spare bedroom! :)


  190. ah i love them, I used to have one she was white/blonde an dyer name was suesue (don't ask i was like 4) she was my favourite. The Guinea pig used to help my blind rabbit also :) I want to see more of them! I was at the wildlife centre the other day and there was Guinea pigs and i got so excited and I thought of you zoella!

    ↠ I am a male blogger from scotland, if you like lifestyle, fashion & D.I.Y's you may like my blog | http://www.ryvnv.co.uk

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    You should do an update post on Pippin and Percy! I’m sure everyone would appreciate it XD Love ya and congrats on the new design!!

  239. Mary Nascimento

    You should do an update post on Pippin and Percy! I’m sure everyone would appreciate it XD Love ya and congrats on the new design!!

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    • Flora Colburn

      That’s amazing, did you draw it? X

      • Sarah

        Thankyou :) yeah, drawn in pencil, coloured in photoshop

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    • Average life span of a Hamster is 2-3 years max. They’re very cute too. x

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    I have two rabbits called Tom and Jerry. Tom is easily more irritating as he escapes often but he is more laid back. He is also calm if you cuddle him. Jerry is always the first to the food and is more energetic as he races around the cage all hours of the day. He also struggles a lot if you try to cuddle him.

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