I don’t think i’ve properly introduced two of my favourite boys to you here on my blog. Pippin and Percy.
They came into my life in January of this year as teeny little balls of fluff that have now grown into bigger balls of fluff. SO FLUFFY. I have always loved guinea pigs since I was a little girl. There’s something about them that I have always been attached to. I always felt that anything smaller than a guinea pig was a bit skittish, and i’d be scared i’d lose it or hold it, and I once had a bad experience with a rabbit as it scratched my arms until they were both red raw when I was trying to cuddle it. Guinea pigs have a cute temperament. They will sit on your lap, they’ll run about an play and they’ll fall asleep on you and squeak at you for food. They are really friendly and find that their characteristics are so hilarious. Having had them for 7 months I can now distinguish the differences between the two personalities which I love.

Pippin is the one with the brown ear and long hair at the back. He is a little more laid back, like the older brother of the two. He is very clever and can usually suss out when I want to take him out the cage and hide in that one spot where it’s the hardest to get him. He knows the noise of my footsteps in the morning and squeaks for food and waits by the gate. He is also a little softy and is the least likely to nip anyones finger if it was put into his mouth. He mostly licks. I think it’s because he knows it’s not food, he’s a clever one.

Percy is like the naughty younger brother who is more adventurous. He has the loudest squeak, and is much more of a fidget. Although he much prefers cuddle time and will curl up and sleep on me, whereas Pippin will just sit and watch the world go by. He is the first one to run up the stairs when I fill the food bowl and gets the most excited for everything, although he will also nip you if you poke your finger near his mouth as he will think it’s food. He also got stuck behind a dishwasher at one point so he isn’t the smartest crayon in the box, but I love him.

I love having them scattering around in their hutch and listening to them squeaking away every day. They are so cute and I love them both so much.

If you ever want to see more of them, let me know in the comments and i’ll do more blogposts
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  • Rachael

    Where did you get there Hutch. x

  • Phoebe

    These piggies are adorable haha Xx

  • Phoebe

    Please do more on pippin and percy? Xx

  • Lydia Hester

    I have always loved guinea pigs and when I saw how fluffy yours were I knew I needed to get some. With my birthday money I bought two and I would love to know the best ways to look after their fur and keep it nice. I already have a brush. Xx

  • Mary Nascimento

    You should do an update post on Pippin and Percy! I’m sure everyone would appreciate it XD Love ya and congrats on the new design!!

  • Mary Nascimento

    You should do an update post on Pippin and Percy! I’m sure everyone would appreciate it XD Love ya and congrats on the new design!!

  • ValkyrieXMystique

    I have been converted into a guinea pig lover <3

  • Madeleine Jeffrey-Moore

    I really want guinea pigs! Pippin and Percy are so cute!

  • hayley

    please do more

  • Kayley

    I Really Love Pippin & Percy, Can You Do More Posts On Them?

  • HonorThePug

    SO CUTE!!!! Love you Zoe xxx

  • Siobhan

    this is a cool blog xx

  • Ellie

    Please put Percy & Pippin in one of your vlogs!!! ;) I want one, they are so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    Your Guinea pigs are so cute!! Sadly my Guinea pig, Scruffy had to be put down today and now the other one, Cutie is all on his own. We bought Scruff as a replacement Guinea pig for Cutie because his brother Pipsqeak had died of heat stroke while they were both still quite young. And now Cutie is on his own again 😔

  • Sarah

    I made a picture of Pippin and Percy in case you/anyone wants to see http://shughesillustration.tumblr.com/post/130418686845/pippin-and-percy-zoella-wanted-to-try-this-colour thought this is as good a place as any to share if anyone’s interested. :) They are some of the most adorable guinea pigs I have ever seen.

    • Flora Colburn

      That’s amazing, did you draw it? X

      • Sarah

        Thankyou :) yeah, drawn in pencil, coloured in photoshop

        • Flora Colburn

          Wow! I’m impressed, it’s so good

        • ella soady

          OMG that is so cool :)

          • Sarah

            Thank you! :)

    • amy bell

      That’s a really good picture

    • Emma Gordon

      its a lovely piece of art! :) <3

  • Flora Colburn

    Pippin and Percy are so cute and I think it would be really nice if you mentioned them a bit more… X

  • Shivani puri (shiv)

    Yes please do more on pippin and percy !! so cute

  • lillie

    I can relate I love guinea pigs. I loved them ever since I was little {just like you } xoxo

  • Anete

    I really want guinea pigs and my mom allows me to get them but I have a hamster already and i will have to take care of him for 4 years, so i can’t have a guinea pigs. ;(;(;(
    Please mention them more in your daily vlogs! They are sooo cute and i really love them! :*

    • Average life span of a Hamster is 2-3 years max. They’re very cute too. x

  • Alex

    What type of guinea pig are they? Long haired?

  • Sulayma

    what breed of guinee pigs are they ? i’m really curious. i want to buy the same breed

  • Puppydawg

    I might be getting a guinea pig for Christmas!!! His/her name will be Caramel (Mellie for short) :D

  • Puppydawg

    BTW for gp beginners (including me) I found one at Petsmart called the GP Starter Kit.


  • ella soady

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherrawks

    I’m interested in getting one(or two) guinea pig, cause they are just tooooooo cute!!! Do you think you can do a video where you talk about how you take care of them, the difficulties and the amazing part of having two fluffballs? Thank you!!

  • amy bell

    What type of Guinea pigs are they? They are sooooooooooo cute!😍 X

  • Kate

    THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  • Sophie Ali

    I longed for guinea pigs and I got them on 14 February 2012 (yes valentines day!) One was black and white and it was called Iggy (we got them second hand) the other ginger and white and called Messi. Iggy died last week and Messi died two days after him. I miss them sooo much!

  • Keanna Hole

    Pippin and Percy are the cutest guinea pigs I have seen!! You are so lucky to have them, and they are very lucky to have you!!x

  • Rara

    If any of you are wondering what breed they are they’re Abyssinian Guinea Pigs ;3

  • CuteSalad

    I have to Guinea pigs called Molly and Squeak. They are so fluffy, yet prefer eating greens than having a hug! CuteSalad x

  • Kate Barnes

    Hey Zoe! I would really love to see more about Pippin and Percy, especially what you feed them, their cage, and maybe their bedding set up. I’m interested in getting some guinea pigs and I think you might have some awesome tips for us! xx

  • Rebecca Bentley

    I’ve got two guinea pigs called chip and dale and chip looks quite similar to you two guineas.mine also have completely different personalities, chip is more confident and definitely squeaks the loudest while dale is alot quieter but loves cuddles.

  • Tiara

    Please do more about ginea pigs or even a video on YouTube because I’m thinking of getting one soon

  • mollie copeland

    I have two rabbits called Tom and Jerry. Tom is easily more irritating as he escapes often but he is more laid back. He is also calm if you cuddle him. Jerry is always the first to the food and is more energetic as he races around the cage all hours of the day. He also struggles a lot if you try to cuddle him.

  • Faith Smith

    I used Pippin and Percy on the akinator and defeated him!!! SUCH A BIG FAN!!!!!!

  • Ayma Ahmed

    omg they are so cute

  • David Taylor

    I love your guinea pigs