It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Lush fan, so couldn’t resist picking up a few new bits and old favourites last time I was out shopping and I wanted to share those with you and give a few tips and pointers

Tea Tree Water Toner
Tea Tree is a great blemish fighter and is naturally anti-bacterial so works well at dealing with breakouts as well as working as a toner. The spray pump is such a handy way to apply it too! I’ve used this before and it really helped calm down my skin, and as I’m having a few hormonal breakouts at the moment I decided to try this old favourite and see if it still worked.

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment
This is again in a useful nozzle so you can apply it directly onto blemishes. It’s so tiny so you can keep it with you in your make up bag in case of emergencies! I have also used this before when my skin has had little tantrums and it’s previously helped, which is why when I saw it on the shelf, I popped it into my basket.

Dreamtime Bath Melt
This is supposed to help you relax which sounds great for a bath after a busy or stressful day. With lavender and chamomile it smells lovely, and also softens your skin with cocoa butter. Perfect for before bedtime. I particularly love this one in the winter or when my skin needs a little rehydration.

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar
These bars make such amazing bubbles! You crumble a bit off to run under the tap so you can actually use them more than once. This one has the scent of “The Olive Branch” which is one of my favourite Lush scents and smells amazing.

I also picked up a few of my favourite bath bombs..
Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb (relatively new)
Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb 
Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (Ultimate fave for night time)

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar
This was one of my favourite massage bars back in the day. It was released as part of a valentines launch and stuck around for quite a while. I’m pretty sure it disappeared off the shelves for a while and when I saw this in the store I knew I had to grab one. Massage bars start to melt when they warm up so this is a great way to moisturise your skin after the bath. It smells like strawberries and cream too.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt
This bath melt is great for soothing and moisturising skin, the muslin pouch means that it dissolves in the water and the larger bits are kept from floating about in the bath, but also can be picked up to apply directly onto your skin. This one is a little more pricey, but it honestly does amazing things to your skin. I love using this as a pick me up.

Handy Gurugu Hand Cream
This buttery hand cream is made with a blend of nut butters making it so creamy and softening, it features orange extract too so has a fresh, natural scent to it. This is perfect for sorting out really dry hands and is great for your nails too. This was one of my go-to products years ago, and I would get through so many tubs of this. When I was in the shop I picked it up, gave it a sniff and it immediately brought back so many memories. It really is an awesome hand cream. The only downside (and the reason I probably stopped using it) is that the tub is a little bulky for your handbag, but great to keep near your sink or on your bedside table.

What are your favourite Lush staples? Things you always go back to or treat yourself to? 

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  1. i love granny takes a dip it makes your bath multi colored after a while it turns pink

  2. I've seen that Granny Takes a Dip one so much lately! The pictures I've seen of it once it hits the water are sooo pretty! Thinking about taking a trip to LUSH sometime soon myself! (It's been awhile) :)

    Cat ♥ CACHOO JOO


  4. I love the Dragon's Egg bathbomb and that strawberry one looks amazing!

  5. I desperately want to try some of the Lush bath bombs. I've had my eye on them since forever but just never get round to trying them! The massage bar sounds delicious and I'm thinking the Granny Takes A Dip bomb, just cos WHAT AN AWESOME NAME.

    The tea tree toner sounds great too. I need a new one and have been eyeing up a few other brands so will definitely look into this :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  6. I loved this zoe you are so amazing

  7. Ahhh i really love lush products! they are so amazing :) loved this blog post!! xx

  8. loved your blog! mind checking mine? i just started it :)

  9. The dreamtime bath melt sounds so good and I always love anything with lavender in it. I always Love you Lush Hauls!!

    Nivii x
    Nivii's Diary | UK Fashion Blog

  10. Jen Xx

    The yuzu&cocoa bubbleroon is absoloutely fab! 💕 so relaxing my favourite lush product!

  11. I've only had a few Lush products and I really want to try more and whenever I see you talk about Lush, I feel the urge to take a trip there!

  12. Lush is love for the bathroom

  13. They look so good and almost edible! I wouldn't eat them though ;)

    ~ Hannelore

  14. Aww we don't have LUSH in Greece :( Everything looks great! Make a blog post about your vacay in Greece (I hope you had a great time <3)

  15. I love pop in the bath,it smells so good! I think I will have to try the strawberry feels forever massage bar next. Loved this post so much xxx

  16. Grease lightning and tea tree toner are definitely my favourite lush products, they work so well! x

  17. Will definitely be trying the grease lightning spot treatment and tea tree toner water!
    My lush favourite is the comforter bubble bar – I love that it smells like refresher sweets!

  18. I swear by the tea tree toner. Used it for a good 2 ish years and I absolutely love it. My skin isn't always the best but I don't have that many spots anymore! :o

    Great post!

  19. You will probably repurchase the Tea Tree toner water a million time (I know I did)

  20. I'm a massive fan of their Honey Bee bath bomb, I love the smell and it makes my skin feel SO lovely afterwards. Definitely need to try the Dreamtime Melt.

    Sasha Monday | Beauty Blog

  21. Have you tried the blackberry bath bomb? It's subtle but it smells so fresh, it's really relaxing and the bath goes the most AMAZING shade of purple! I think you'll like it. x

  22. I used to go to Lush all the time but ever since i moved to a new house with a shower i completely ignored it as i miss my old bath too much… I'm dying to go there again and my wish list keeps growing. I really want to try the tee tree toner! The massage bars are a must as well :)

  23. Amy .

    I've never actually tried the Lush range but I absolutely LOVE products from the body shop. Nice Haul Zoe!!!


  24. I really love Lush! Since I've had a bath (3 weeks now) I don't want anything else but Lush!

  25. I really want to try the Grease Lightning spray!x

  26. a favourite of mine's always been sex bomb:) always delighted to see that you've written a new blogpost zoe:) and to anyone that's reading this have a quick read of my blog If you have a spare 5 minutes? x x

  27. Katie

    I adore Lush! My favourites are the rose bath bomb and bubble bar- so gorgeous.

    Katie x

  28. I love Lush aswell – wish I had a bath in my flat so I could stock up on these!! That's the first thing I'm doing when I move.

    xxx ( with a giveaway running just now! )

  29. Oooh, I too love lush and will have to try out the tea tree toner for spots!!

  30. I love Lush, especially their bath bombs and LOVE the Dragon's a Egg one.

    Katy –

  31. All of these things look amazing, but I'm most interested in the hand cream! I've been struggling to a find an ultra moisturising one, and this looks like it could be it!

  32. I have never tried lush things but always wanted to. There's such a variety. This post has given a great starting point!

  33. I'm the same with Lush, it's one of my favorite stores for beauty and I always grab way too much stuff when I go there! My all time favorite is the Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo with beer – have you tried it yet? I also purchased their sea salt spray recently, but I'm not entirely sure it gives my hair the desired effect, however it does smell amazing!

  34. This looks amazing! <—– POST FROM ITALY ❤

  35. Great post! I absolutely adore lush, one of my many weaknesses are their lip scrubs – sadly they don't have lush in my country so whenever travel I stock up on whatever I can :)

  36. Oh dear, why did I stumble on you blog I love how purdy your blog with all the pinks I see!
    Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Rose Argan Body Conditioner are my staple Lush productsss!:)

  37. The limited edition shower gels at Lush definitely takes the cake for me.

  38. Where did you Get your basket from?:)

  39. I love lush, could literally spend hours in there, and spend all my money in there!

  40. I can't wait to go to Lush for the first time next month, will definitely be on a look out for these!! xx

  41. I've been wondering about skin treatment for my oily skin so I've ordered The Grease Lightning spot treatment now

  42. I love Lush! For my birthday I was given stuff from there! A French Kiss, Sex bomb, Strawberry Feels Forever and more! But a while ago I bought The Comforter, which I fell in love with! It lasts quite a while and smells amazing! c:

  43. I love Lush skincare products, the Tea Tree Water is my fave! Works every time, and when I don't use it for a while I can tell that my skin gets worse! It's helping me get the clear skin I want! :)

  44. I'm also a big Lush fan… I love their hair treatments (before you shampoo stuff), their soaps (the honey one!!), their face masks too I adore…. Yeah… Everything basically :) Good selection Zoe,
    Love form France, Victoria

  45. Veru

    Mmm, i would like to try cosmetics from Lush :-)

  46. I love Lush! shame that I don't have much spare money at the moment to buy as many products as you but they will most certainly be going onto my wishlist! :)

  47. Lush splurges are my weakness! I definitely need to get some new bath bombs!
    Katie x

  48. I love Lush (a bit too much) and often spend a bit too much. Oops. Love this post Zoe, could you maybe update us on how effective the Tea Tree Water and Grease Lightning are? My oily skin is having a bit of a meltdown at the moment, I NEEEEEED a solution! – L

  49. I am so sad we don't have a bath at home because I would love to try some of the bath bombs.. x

  50. Lush has to my my all time favourite shop to buy bath and body stuff from, i'm a huge fan of their bubble bars but i also love their skincare range it's so good for the skin! :) x

  51. Jules

    I don't always go to lush since its a bit pricey in new zealand, but when I do i always pick up a smell amazing…super lemony and it turns the water bright green!
    Although during xmas season I tried a gold bathbomb that actually end up turning the water deep blue and tiny stars came out of it…it was like a midnight sky [I don't even know how its called:( ]


  52. Ying

    Love their products. They all smell amazing and i am a big fan of their lipscrubs and bathbombs. I really want to try out the Tea tree toner beause i have heard so many great reviews on it :)

    Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a wonderful day ^^

    Y i n g ||
    X x X x X

  53. love what you've picked! gorgeous products

  54. I wish we had Lush here in Lithuania. I really want to smell all the things that you go nuts about on yuur videos. Anyways, great post, as always,:)

  55. I ADORE Lush bombs, but unfortunately, most Chinese apartments (where I am currently living) don't have bathtubs, and naturally, neither does mine, so I can't by them because I have nowhere to use them. That's the thing that I miss the most. I wanted to try the tea tree toner and the spot treatment, but I got distracted. :) Love the new in!

  56. I love Lush too! It's practically impossible for me to go past a Lush store without walking in. I've never tried the Tea Tree toner but I think I'm gonna have to give it a go soon!

  57. Love Your stuff. such a nice collection

    Cheap Cocktail Dresses jenjenhouse

  58. The strawberry massage bar looks amazing!

  59. I always spend way too much in Lush! Think I have a problem…but their stuff is all amazing! Great pictures :)

  60. I'm also a huge Lush fan. I'm totally in love with the Mask of Magnaminty, it really helps my skin. I love your stuff and I think I will buys some of these things too, if they are available in Germany. x

  61. My favourite Lush product is their Tea Tree Water! I also really like their solid shampoo bars

  62. Rachel

    I LOVE the tea tree toner water! Grease Lightening is definitely next to try :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  63. Looks like a great haul :) Can't wait to go shopping in Lush when I'm back in the UK, missing my fresh face masks! Love your little basket full of goodies.

    Charlotte ♡

  64. Lush! Is amazing absolutely divine! And when it comes to the bathroom, there's nothing else more relaxing :)
    Rebecca | Blog

  65. Ooh I love Lush's bath bombs! You should also try the bubbleroons, I recently picked up the Rose Jam one and I'm obsessed! I can't wait to make another trip to Lush :)

  66. I love Lush and by chance did a massive lush splurge today (Im in Australia) :) I love the dragons egg bath bomb and the comforter bubble bar as well as all of the fresh face masks :)

  67. Lush hauls are honestly my favourite <3

  68. I've been using the Tea Tree Water for 6 months and I love it (just got myself another one).
    Really want to try the Grease Lightning Spot Treatment :)

  69. My favourite lush product is the scrubs! I love the sugar scrub and especially Ocean Salt – The smell is just amazing!

  70. Kate

    WOW! Love that basket aw! Hey! I just had a really good company you love reply to me… check it out!!
    i dare ya :)

  71. The basket looks so cute with all the bath bombs in, good idea!

  72. Lovely post and great pictures :) makes me want to go to lush now!

    Emily xx

  73. I love Lush so much as well! Does anyone know what camera Zoe uses?

    Izzie x

  74. you make me want to go to lush!

    x Julia @

  75. Big Blue bath bomb + Sunnyside bath bar = Mermaid Bath. You have to check them out, they are my staples! I also love the avobath bomb, it's one of my favorite scents!

  76. Great picks! I also had a Lush haul from a meet on Saturday and picked up the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb too – I can't wait to try it out!

    Frankie x

  77. Reading this really makes me wish we had Lush here.


  78. I adore Lush products – and the shop. Always get so excited when I am in a city with a Lush shop – the smell is so nice!
    X sjoukje from

  79. lush p;roducts, omg!<3

  80. The bath melts sound lovely, especially dreamtime. I'm secretly longing for cold winter nights so I can hop into a warm bath with loads of bubbles – it just doesn't seem right in summer!
    emmerliejay x

  81. Lovely collection of products! I always end up spending in Lush, its the smell that lures me in from the street!

    Jenna ||

  82. Abi S

    Love this! I adore LUSH! I've also tried the sex bomb it's so nice! I haven't tried a bubble bar yet though! Abi :)

  83. Lush is awesome! I always have liked the Grease Lightning for! It doesn't work super fast like the other medicated products but it's all natural so I find my skin feels better when I use it!

  84. Andrea

    It looks so great, i need to try it out :)

  85. All of the products you bought look amazing. If I could go as hopping at Lush right now, I think I'd buy even more stuff than you 😂

  86. Tasha

    I'd love to try out the Tea Tree Toner, I've definitely been slacking with my tea tree use recently so this should kick-start me again! All the Lush bath bombs smell so good but I'm not into baths at all, looks lovely though xo

  87. The dragon egg bath bomb is one of my favourites, the scent is amazing! my only issue with it is the glitter as I really don't like glitter in bath products but I think the smell is just too good to refuse so I make do. I need to pick up the face products as I need to try something new to combat my skin, so I will definitely be taking these recommendations on board.X

  88. This all looks amazing – I love Lush! I adore Dragons Egg too – particularly because its a 'dragons egg' haha. Really want to try the Tea Tree Water Oil – sounds so good! <3

  89. Currently I'm in love with the Buffy Body Butter, it's amazing and makes your skin so soft, it's useful when you have no time for a bath but still want to "cuddle" your skin :) Anyway I loved this post, I missed you talking about Lush, or maybe blogging in general haha xx

  90. Zoe uses Cannon 600 D

    Jenna xx

  91. You should try the Blueberry bath bomb… it's unexcitingly pale lavander but smells amazing, a combination of ylang ylang and other sweet smelling stuff without feeling too extra or perfume-y, perfect for a pre-snooze fest bath!

  92. Grace

    Lush products look so bright and colourful and pretty together in a basket! Almost makes me want to buy it just for that reason ;)

    Every Day In Grace

  93. I love Mint mask, I forgot the name of it but it's really good for when your skin needs a little pick up and getting back to normal. It fights break outs and generally makes you look more fresh and awake.

  94. Love all the stuff you've got Zoe! ♥

  95. I get hormonal spots now and then too; and while I normally leave them be I think I'll try using something to see if it helps. I'll check out the tea tree water and the grease fighting product!

    Ayesha xxx

  96. Lush is my favorite! Kisses from xoxo

  97. anna s

    everything looks so good!! i've been wanting to try the skincare products for ages now xo

  98. Sounds like all the perfect products for a perfect spa day!

  99. Slightly new to Lush but I've got the Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb and I LOVEEEE IT!! My favourite is African Paradise Body Conditioner though.. it's straight up ahhhmazing.

    XO, G from grace'd

  100. Love the cute little basket you've got for storing your products :) I adore Lush, The Comforter and Dragons Egg are all time favourites for me x

    Sarah @ xx

  101. Liking the sound of the Tea Tree Water and Grease Lightning! I don't normally get breakouts but I use Tea Tree Oil anyway if I do and it works well :) xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  102. kfc

    I told myself no more Lush bath products till I use up what I have, but this post is making it harder to resist!
    Dream Cream and the Breath of Fresh Air toner are staples for sure, and the Full of Grace solid serum bar is becoming an awesome part of my skin care as well. It is definitely worth checking out!

  103. Just bought the Avobath bath bomb and its smells amazing xx the strawberry feels forever looks really nice xxx

  104. Minnie

    What a cute haul :) Everythings looks so cute and pretty ^.^
    My favourite Lush piece must be the bubblegum shampoo/shower gel. Love the smell ♥
    Sadly Lush is in germany more expensive than in the UK :(
    Have a nice day ♥

  105. I love Lush as well! My staples are the Angels on Bare Skin and the Sea Salt Scrub!

    I haven't tried any of their bath bombs or products so thank you for the reviews!


  106. There is a Lush that will open soon close to where I live, I can't wait ! So impatient :) xx

  107. So pretty!


  108. I visited a Lush store the other day for the first time (living in a small town in South Africa i don't have such amazing stores much haha!) and I also did a huuuuge splurge. It is amazing!! I am IN LOVE with the bath bombs.

    I was checking out your youtube last night Zoe, and my heart broke watching your video about when times get too much.. when you teared up. It also made me very inspired and feel 'OK' because it really IS so important to see icons (I know i know…. it's weird to hear that you are an icon, but to many of us, you really are!) have bad days too!! Thank you for sharing something so amazingly raw and honest. I bet it helped so many people.
    I don't know if you'll ever get this or read it properly – but I just had to say thank you to you for that, not just for me, but I'm sure for many others too.

  109. Aaaaah I absolutely love lush and all their creationsszzz!!! Ps. To anyone that may be reading this I have a blog with my best friend and I would love it if anyone would check it out or give us feedback! (And you don't have to ask I'd gladly return the favour) love ran xxx

  110. I actually just had my first trip to LUSH in June! And I love Fizzbanger so when I go back later this month I'll probably get that again! I'm really glad you posted this as I'm going back soon! :)

  111. awesome!

  112. Thank you for all of these recommendations! I love Lush, and I've been meaning to try out more of their bath products. I will definitely be buying the bath melts that you suggested.

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  113. I love the avobath bath bomb, it makes my skin feel super soft!

  114. Anu

    I really wish I had a Lush shop somewhere near me! I'm also a HUGE fan and it's so sad that I can't get my hands on these as often as I wanted :(
    Hope you enjoy them a lot though!

    Anu |

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    My blog –

    Thank you so much!

    Victoria Sarah


  116. Ah, I love Lush sooo much! I spend all of my money when I go there. I just recently heard about the Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb….bit of an odd choice of name. I'd love to see a review about it because it's new and I haven't heard anyone's opinions on it yet! Not sure if I want to give it a try without knowing anything about it.

    I love the strawberry massage bar! It's my absolute favorite. It smells soooo wonderful. And also the Sex Bomb. Such an amazing smell and color. <3


  117. My sister is obsessed with LUSH and I always splurge for her when it's her birthday or Christmas.
    The sex bomb bath bomb is a constant favourite! I love using it for social occasions.

  118. Thank you for sharing your favorites with us! I am pinning this so I remember which products I want to get during my next LUSH stop :)

  119. I love the Tea Tree Water toner, it works wonders! I've also been keeping the Breath of Fresh Air toner in my bag as a little pick me up when the weathers been so hot!

  120. I love the look of so many of these- I really want to try the Dreamtime bath melt and Pop in the Bath bubble bar! There's nothing better than a good lush haul to stock up the bathroom xx

    A Little Lucy

  121. I love the Dreamtime Bath Melt. Also I just started a blog about traveling, food, and fashion and I would love if anyone would come and check it out.

  122. I'll be moving soon and I will most definitely start using the bath much often which means that Lush will become my new best friend. Will definitely pick some of these products up! xx

  123. Never tried anything form lush before, maybe it's time I do.. Looks like the products are really good! I used to think they only had soap related stuff, but guess I was wrong haha. Really want to try a face mask!


  124. I've never tried any lush product but after reading this haul I am definitely going to get some for myself! I might try Tea Tree Water Toner and Grease Lightning Spot Treatment because my skin is being annoying atm! Thanks Zoella ♥

  125. I've been wanting to try the Tea Tree Water Toner!
    I just went to LUSH, but I totally want to go back now!
    Love the post!
    from Marlee and You

  126. I want to go to Lush sooo bad, but the closet one is an hour away and in the middle of the city! I want to try everything you got. :)


  127. I haven't bought anything from Lush in ageees! I usually only purchase Lush stuff around Christmas time, but I really want to try the Dragon's Egg bath bomb! x

  128. Ha how funny I was just feeling some lush wanting coming on great timing on this post – the wknd it is then !

  129. Nicole

    The best store to splurge in! I love Granny Takes a Dip. For a bath bomb, it gives off some nice bubbles, too! Dorothy is my all time favorite.


  130. Love your Lush Hauls! Plus they look so CUTE! <3

    xx :)

  131. Sarah

    I wish we had a lush store near by where I live! I think I'd LIVE in there, lol. Lovely lush splurge Zoe. xo

  132. Love the comforter, melting marshmallow, bubblegum lip scrub, and dragons egg! <3

  133. I'm soo obsessed with lush, the products are so great! It would be great if you'd check out and follow my fashion and beauty blog :)

  134. Eve H

    Wow I clearly need to pop into lush and get a few things :D

  135. I love Lush, every time I go I end up with more then I went in to buy! Which reminds me I'm craving some bath bombs!!!

    I also love that Tea Tree Toner, one of my favorites to use on hot summer days to refresh my face!

  136. Iqra

    I love your posts Zoey! <3

  137. I've never been to a Lush before, I don't even know that we have them here in the US, but you always make them seem so tempting :)

  138. Zoe! You have introduced me to Lush when you did a previous Lush Haul video and I can't get enough of that place! Lush is just the best!! My staple is the Big Blue bath bomb! It's soooooo lovely and reminds me so much of being near a coast. :D

  139. I want one sooooooooo bad!! i dont know if we have this store in the states!

  140. They are in the US. At least there are a few in Denver so they've got to be in other cities too! :D I hope you find one close to you!

  141. honestly, if it wasnt for you zoe, i would not know what lush is. i actually stepped into one for the first time a week ago. i thought i fell into heaven. lush is my kind of store. all pretty and organic, i didnt even realize that they even had lush in the states until i stumbled into this one. the only problem was, since i had never been to a lush before, i didnt know what i was looking for and i didnt know who or how to ask. and i had a feeling that even though the overly smiling workers kept asking me if i was alright, what they were really thinking was- she's not looking to buy anything. she doesnt know what she's doing here. lets make her as uncomfortable as possible. yah, so then i ran out. but at least now i know that its there.

  142. im just always so afraid of entering lush. everything looks so sophisticated and scary. and i would have absolutely no idea what to do with it. aarrgh. i hate my scaredy cat-edness.

  143. They all look lovely! Sadly I'm not a bath person so :( but I've tried the sea salt scrub they have, it was too rough for my face but I use it on my neck area and it felt amazing.. I tried one of their lotion in the store called celebrate, i believe and it smelled amazing, i regret not buying it.


  144. Hi Zoe! I discovered your blog and vlog channel fairly recently, and I am really glad I did. You seem like a sweet girl who still has her head screwed on properly despite your admirable success. I just wanted to say well done, and that I loved this post too. I used to be really into Lush, and although I've gone off it a little bit (plus it's incredibly expensive over here in Korea), this post is very tempting! Your photos are beautiful and I really liked reading about these products. Keep up the great work :)
    Steph | Misc. Bliss

  145. Absolutely ADORE the bath bombs, I just bought the comforter bubble bar and the tiniest bit just made my bath explode with bubbles and pinkness!
    Does anyone have any tips for creams or remedies for dry skin patches?

  146. I've got to try these!

  147. Oh my gosh, you got me in the mood to go to lush now. I love all the bath bombs you got, especially Sex Bomb, Its smells heavenly and I adore the flower petals on top!

  148. I love lush. I have tried tons of their products but I don't see any of the ones I've tried listed here! Their bubble bars are amazing! Have you tried their Buffy?

  149. I love Lush! My favorite product is probably the Buffy body butter because it makes my skin feel so amazing. I also love their bath bombs and I had one a couple of months ago that I absolutely loved, but sadly I don't remember the name of it! It turned the water a nice lavender color and smelt so amazing.

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  150. hey everyone:) im new on to this and i dont really know how to find people:( i normally wouldnt "promote" myself like this but im so lost onto who to follow and stuff D: help me?



  152. Those bath bombs look so cute! Would love to try one one day :)

  153. Vicki

    Everything sounds delicious! And I love the little basket you have to store them in! I'm honestly so excited to move into my new flat next week and be able to use my bath haha! It's the little things! x

  154. Etak O

    I suffer from hormonal break outs too and tea tree products make up my skin care routine. I discovered a new thing to try and it worked I ALWAYS want to share it with people who have similar skin problems, I feel like we're all in the same sucky club haha. But it's Evening Primrose Oil capsules!!!!! You can get them in Holland and Barratt (and other places I assume but thats where mine come from) and just taking one a day I notice the difference after a week, don't know how the magic happens but it happens!!! Just thought I'd pass it on to you in case you fancy giving it a try :)

    Kate x

  155. Lush is one of my absolute favourite shops! I love using the bubble bars as if you do not want to use all of it at once, you can just break off some of it to use! Is it just me who after being in the shop for more than 10/15 minutes, everything starts smelling the same?? Love it though – Katie

  156. That Strawberry massage bar sounds so gorgeous! I definitely want to pop into my nearest lush now and stock up!

  157. I love Lush too! Grease Lightning and Tea Tree Water are amazing!

    Ciara x | Ciara Pocket

  158. Paige

    The Handy Gurugu hand cream sounds fantastic. Does it sink in quickly? Slight pet peeve about hand creams is how some take ages to sink in and I'm left with sticky hands!
    I'm a lover of Cupcake, can't beat a face mask and that is my go to haha!

  159. ahh, these are the times where having a bath would come in really handy… :/

  160. I really need to go into Lush soon!! :P

  161. Hello if anyone reads this, Zoella has inspired me to create my own blog and maybe even YouTube channel in future, I'd be really grateful if anyone would have a look at my blog, even maybe follow or share it:3

  162. Oooooh ♥ I really love Lush.
    the bath bombs are amazing!! How can resist?!? It's impossible to enter and exit to the store without buying anything :D

  163. That Looks all so pretty. In which Country can I find Lush stores?

  164. They have stores all over the world and you can also purchase their products online. Just check their official site, if they are in your country as well :)

  165. The strawberry feel forever looks amazing! I will definietly be buying that one soon, thank


  166. Whats the new 'shark' thingy called? sounds really cool :D

  167. Rose

    I love their Dark Angels Cleanser. I wish we had a Lush nearby so I could try out their products that can't be sold online.

  168. I'm so happy that I own some of the products displayed in these photos Zoe! I suppose great minds think alike. :) I'm glad you've started writing on your blog more. You've even encouraged me to start a blog of my own. I love your lush products! :D

  169. I LOVE Lush products. But they're REALLY pricey in South Africa. So I very rarely actually get myself any. But when I do it's always a bath bomb as a treat

  170. I love the tea tree face toner! It makes my face feel so fresh in the morning after I've had a shower and keeps my face looking clear!

    Love your blog, Zoe :)

    Monica xxx

  171. The Dragon's Egg bath bomb is one of my absolute favorites! I love Lush.

  172. I live with seven other people in my family so getting time to myself is hard. So what do u suggest i get for the times i do get time to myself? please reply!

  173. hello guys could you spare 5 minutes of your time to check out my blog its a beauty and lifestyle blog thanks for your time xxxx

  174. I love the TeeTree Toner & have been know to carry the small bottle around in my handbag. Its refreshing & also great for those days when you're having major breakout issues. Your bathroom must smell incredible with all those lovely Bath bombs

  175. Defiantly going to invest in some of these products x

  176. Great haul! Loved this post! I am really considering trying the Tea Tree Water Tone for breakouts. A lot of products don''t tend to work with my face, and I have never heard of this, so I am excited to try! Thanks! xoxox

  177. Has anyone else tried the spot treatment and had success? I'd appreciate the responses, I'm trying to get rid of a few spots myself :)

  178. I wish we had a Lush where I live, I always love the things you buy from them!! So cute!

    Lipstick and Mocha

  179. These look amazing! I cannot wait to try some of them! Lovely post!

  180. LUSH is definitely my fav especially considering how many vegan friendly products they have! ^.^ I love the tea tree toner as well it did absolute wonders for my skin, think I might be repurchasing very soon. Lovely post :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  181. I love the Tea Tree Oil toner. It works very well!♥

  182. You're the reason why we are SO into Lush hahaha, it never fails to amaze!

  183. I absolutely love lush! must do some shopping of my own soon and update my collection! thanks for sharing this Zoe! xx. gigi.

  184. I hardly ever have baths but, when I do Lush bath bombs are the way forward! I love the sparkly bath bombs xx

  185. Saloca

    Love the Lush haul! I've had to stop myself going in of late because I had a bit of a bath bomb meets white bath disaster and it really freaked me out! I'm sure it was a once off – I should go back and pick up some goodies and try again!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  186. Oh gosh i really want a lush shopping spree now!!

  187. Thank you so much for the skin care products you featured here :) I've been having bad breakouts again and I am now trying out Effaclar Duo 8which i will review on my blog), however I would much rather prefer a cruelty-free skin care routine. Might give this one a try :) xx

  188. I purchased the Grease Lightning product last weekend, and I'm already in love. The sweet guy who worked there said that he uses it after he washes his face in the morning and in the evenings, to "prepare" his face for his moisturizer. He said it is great to use all over or as a spot treatment. I've been using it mostly in my T-zone area, and I have already noticed a difference in my skin. Very good product, and I would highly recommend it!

  189. I've actually never tried Lush but I really need to ! :)

  190. Ohhh, I am no stranger to a Lush haul! Grease Lightning is such a savior!

  191. I just purchased 'Grease Lighting' and it has been working wonders on my skin. Whenever I have a spot I just put a bit of it on when I go to sleep, and then when I wake up it is all better.

    I just made a blog after considering it for the past years, haha. Would anyone mind checking it out?

  192. Believe it or not, I've never used any lush products! I will have to try the tea tree water toner as I've been breaking out a lot lately!

  193. instead of Grease Lightining use Effaclar Duo Plus by la roche posay! trust me.

  194. Snow fairy and Candy Mountain bubble bar fo sure, and definitely butterball, the comforter, and catastrophe cosmetic xx

  195. zoe

    I can't wait to try the tea tree toner. I've heard how tea tree is amazing and I hope it helps my acne scarring. Great post zoe.

  196. such great products!

  197. well,I find you have many many fans in blog,how to do like this?

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  198. I loooove the Honey I washed the kids soap, and my favourite bath bomb is the Dragons Egg one. Dang, this makes me want to go buy things from Lush now. Thanks Zoe haha xx

  199. I know right! I only buy it on special occasions :) x

  200. Lo

    Does anyone else keep a list of things to try from her blogs/videos? I'm running out of paper!

  201. Those bath bombs look amazing, I wish they had a lush where i live!

  202. I love a good bath bomb!

    Please check out my blog, new to this would really appreciate some help!!

  203. The bath bombs sound so good!

  204. You should really make a video of different clothing! I love your style and it would be great if you did a video were you told us where you go shopping. I would looooove that! <3

  205. I love the Lush Bath Bombs, they make bathing less boring. I like the golden wonder bomb the best ^_^

  206. I love to treat myself to lush products. Everytime I walk by the shop I try not to go in but that never works. My all time favourtie lush product is sex bomb, it just smells soo good!

  207. I also just did a Lush haul, on my new blog! You are my idol, you inspired me to start my own blog, Thanks for everything Zoe! If you wanna check it out:
    it would mean a lot, you really are my inspiration in fashion, blogging, decor and just life style :) Thanks for every thing you have done for me <3

  208. I really hate baths, I'm a total shower person but when I see those bath bombs, I'm like: DAYMMN!

  209. Emilia

    lush is amazing! Everything smells beutiful and I always get dazzled by the products when I step in to the lush shop which is like spa heaven… perfect for having pamper nights inn…little on the pricey side but worth treating yourself to fresh cosmetics from the lush kitchen!

  210. I literally LOVE lush. My genuine reaction when walking into the shop is "IT SMELLS SO LUSH". Going in there next week to try out the face masks which I've heard good things about. Oooo your collection and the bright colours are just divine. Enjoy them!

    Lotsa Love Soph x

  211. Kim

    Lovely post Zoe! I love Lush so much, but I hate the fact that it's quite expensive for me. :( And there isn't a Lush near me haha.

    XX Kim

  212. I just recently got my first Lush product which was a bath bomb and I love it! Great post!:)

  213. love lush, def need to go back in soon! if anyone wants to check out my blog I'm trying really hard to get it started, I post everyday wit girly things! Thank you, love you zoe xo

  214. How do you design your blog layout? I don't know how.

  215. I'm a Lush addict too, i love their products. My fav are the ballistics, they're so unique :)
    Xo, Elodie

  216. Tasha

    I seriously have an obsession with lush, I love sex bomb too such an amazing scent! You've inspired me an incredible amount therefore I've decided to start my own blog too :

  217. I am well overdue a LUSH splurge. I am moving house within the next month and plan to fill the guest bathroom with a few lush treats – It will leave the room smelling lovely for sure! Of course I'll have to pick up a few treats for myself too! :-)

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

  218. This totally makes me wanna take a trip to Lush! I still have a few bath bombs that I haven't used yet. I'm obsessed!


  219. totally and completely true:)

  220. I love the Tea Tree Water! That stuff works wonders!
    xx Amanda

  221. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed by the Granny takes a dip bath bomb. Neither the smell or the colourful effect in the bath water surprised me in a positive way. One of the few Lush products (and especially bath thingys) that I didn't like.

  222. Emily

    I just went on a little Lush spree as well – I bought their new Shark soap and a few other bits and bobs for the bath. Everything is so lovely! x

    emily | HONEY LOAF x

  223. Want all of this stuff so badly! Going to save up and hopefully get some of them! ((:

  224. How great these sponges!! :-)
    Hi, I want add you and invite you to add my blog into that you follow :-)
    That’s amore

  225. This could be your next main channel video, you haven't done a lush haul in ages and I for one would watch it, and I am sure all of your viewers would :) ideas ideas ❤️

  226. What a lovely haul! I love how Lush products make the whole house smell nice :D

  227. I love the smell of the fizzbanger! It's so gooooood!

  228. You are such an inspiration to me Zoe. Btw, LOVE Lush! xoxo

  229. Need to take a trip to lush soon! I would crumble the whole of the bubbles in though and just spend my time making bubble outfits, just found your blog by the way. How fab!

  230. I'm so so so so soooooo excited to be going to Lush for the first time when I visit Brighton (also for the first time). I just can't wait, I definitely intend to spend a LOT of money whilst I'm in there! Might even encourage me to take a bath instead of a shower so everything can smell amazing. I'll have to get the bubblegum lip scrub, I won't leave the store without one!

  231. can never go wrong with lush, its the best

  232. These products look amazing, will have to purchase some ::)

  233. @Anne: We do have LUSH in the Philippines :)

  234. I wish I had a bath tub… the day I finally move to a place with a bath tub I will go crazy on lush. All the bath bombs, bath melts, bubble baths. I feel like missing out on fun!

  235. I'm thinking of getting the Strawberry Feels Forever
    love the way you store them in the little basket

  236. Lauren

    The lush basket is so pretty, so many great purchases! : Student Box Swap


  237. That is one hell of a splurge :-D You picked up some awesome products.

  238. omg i love lush soooo much xx

  239. Becca

    this might sound a little bit weird but….i have never been to lush. but all of those products that you bought sound amazing and i am going to try and go into one in the near future


  240. lush have huge respect as they are all against Fracking

  241. I was in Antwerp a few weeks ago and I saw a LUSH store. And it reminded me to you Tanya and Louise, talking about the amazing stuff they have. I had to go in there and I bought myself a Melting Mashmallow Moment, a mask and I got a vanishing cream. You were right Lush is amazing.

  242. Lovely post!

  243. Aaahhh I wish Lush existed where I live :/ the products seem so good! <3

  244. "Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar" is one of my faves. I don't buy LUSH often because of the price tag, but when I tried that, I just fell in love! I'm not a fruity smell lover, but when I smelled it, I just had to have it. Unfortunately, when we were evacuated because of brush fires, I left it in my car and it melted. I can still use it but it's not the same shape anymore…

    Arianne |

  245. I love Lush products but they're not sold in the town I live in so I have to go to the nearest city if I want to get stuff. It's great when I do get them though!

  246. I absolutely love the Tea Tree Water toner, it is amazing, I do have to say Lush is so bad when it comes to my spending habits, the employees (particularly in my local one) are always so happy and excited by everything in the store that I always walk away with way more then I intended to!
    As for my favorites, I absolutely love the Lovely Jubilees! It smells so fantastic and is actually a really great hand cream!

  247. Love this haul!
    If you love DIY, Fashion, Beauty and everything girly, check out this blog –
    Would love to have you guys read what I share. Subscribe if you like what you read!

  248. Omg, definitely want to go to lush now! It's still cold, so they're is still an opportunity for baths! xo

  249. I love Lush. Next time I'm in Lush I'm going to buy Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb, it looks great and I just love the name.

  250. Wishing to have Lush here in the Philippines. Been wanting to try out their products :(

  251. lauren

    Hi! i've recently started writing blogs and i'd love it if you checked it out? i've just done a blog on how to deep clean your makeup brushes with out any expensive brush cleaners, and i'd love some feedback. Lauren x

  252. I am a new follower…I hope to see more from this blog :)

    – Makeupandskincarereview

  253. I miss Lush :( we had one where I live but it closed down. Can't wait to go to England for uni and buy some goodies :3 xx

  254. I really need to try more LUSH products in future :) Thanks for recommending some of your favourites here, it's just like reading your old blog posts :D

  255. Wow, look at all that stuff. I have a lush here but it is a bit too far away to go often. I love their products though.
    Bright and Shiny

  256. Emily B

    I really want to try the tea tree water toner, love lush x

  257. Emily B

    Really want to try the tea tree water toner, love lush x

  258. loved all the stuff you got, zoe! ♥
    Rita x

  259. Big fan of the tea tree oil toner water!!

    (I was finally brave enough to upload my first blog post today and so if you could check it out and comment/share I would appreciate it so much )

  260. Joining in with this little group and here's my blog
    I bravely ventured into the blogging community and uploaded my first post today so if you could comment/share I would appreciate it so much! ^_^

  261. Oh my god Sex Bomb is the best ever, I love the color it turns the water! It's fun to use Sex Bomb and Sunnyside bubble bar together :). Also love Pop in the Bath bubble bar! It smells so fresh and lovely. Have a great day Zoe!

  262. Abigail

    Love the Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb! It's by far my favorite LUSH product! (I actually just reviewed it on my blog!)
    I haven't tried any of the skincare products, but I think I'll definitely have to try the toner and spot treatment next time!

  263. Beautiful girl,I love your style totally
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  264. i love lush! i would always get the bubblegum lip scrub!

  265. Can I have your apartment please? It's like the perfect place to take beautiful photos! Love everything you bought, my personal favourites from LUSH are the Tea Tree Water Toner and their facemasks!

  266. Chippie

    Those Lush stuff looks so good! I've never tried them before, so I should give them a try!!! :)

  267. definitely might try the grease lightning spot treatment

  268. I absolutely love these! I love bath time and there is nothing better than lush for that :)

    xx Sonya – blog about a Russian girl, living in Oregon, USA, with a passion for photography, traveling and exploring.

  269. I absolutely love lush! There is nothing better for bath time! :)

    xx Sonya – blog about a Russian girl, living in Oregon, USA, with a passion for photography, traveling and exploring.

  270. where is this basket from i love it

  271. tania

    I always find myself going back for the soap bars my favorite are Porridge and Godmother I highly recomend those. Also like Coalface exfoliat.

  272. I like some of the Lush products but when I need to choose from Lush bath balls and Stenders cosmetics then I give first hand to Stenders. All of the bath balls smells way better, it's makes your skin more softer and moisturies it way better. They also have salt and suggar body scrubs which do mirracles with your skin. It's also hand made and with natural ingredients. :) It's made in Latvia but I checked they also ship international. If someone here is interested then here is a link – :3

    If someone also have tryed this brand let me know what you think.!! :))

  273. Ponyo

    I love lush so much oh my gosh literally everything in there smells like heaven I spend so much money every time I go haha

  274. Ponyo

    Haha my skin is to, have you tried blotting powder and a good powder they really help me!

  275. I so envy you that you have Lush in UK :-) We have Bomb Cosmetics but it's not the same :-)

  276. I love lush so much right now! I have tried all of them bath bombs and they are all amazing! I really need to try that toner though it looks amazing!

    Also I've just started a blog would mean a lot if anyone would check it out!:)

  277. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LUSH, I have just run out so going to be doing a huge splurge soon seeing as my whole family love there products, I always get there limited edition collections and really loved there easter eggs they went down a treat with my kids.

    running a week long giveaway on my blog, super quick to enter and its for some makeup products – enter now –

  278. I love the lush stuff. You can see how much thought has gone into every product.

  279. I wish I took more baths to enjoy these!

  280. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author.
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  281. Lush <3 I've been into this shop quite a few times and I always never know what to pick out. Too many things to choose from xx

    She Will Be

  282. SO PRETTY!!! I never bought anything from lush but your post makes me want to go out now and splurge. Actually, I might drive out now to do some shopping ^_^

  283. Lush products are just amazing. I love their scents and the packaging of all of them.

    Love from South Africa

    Arum Lilea

  284. I love the products all being stored in a basket. looks so cute! xx

    http ://

  285. I just love the colors of LUSH, I really want to try the tea tree toner!!!

  286. Hate to admit I have NEVER been to a Lush store. I live on an Island and we don't have one – boo! I am totally missing out and MUST make a trip to the mainland to get myself a huge lush haul :) <3

  287. I love lush products but there isn't one in Loughborough :-( that's why I make the most of going Leicester and Nottingham!!
    Chloe X

  288. Im new to blogger and your posts give me so much inspirations for my future posts!xxx

  289. I so need to try that hand cream! I'll be buying this on my next lush trip!!

    Karis x

  290. I haven't bought anything from Lush before but I always love going into the shop:) Smells amazing haha xx Does anyone have any recommendations for sensitive skin?:)

  291. Kaitlyn

    I mostly stick to the bath and body products when I'm in Lush but you've encouraged me to try some of the skincare. I have quite oily and blemish prone skin so I'm particularly intrigued by the toner. Thanks for the post.

    xo <3

  292. omgosh the bath bombs look so much fun to use!

  293. Putting the bath bombs into a cute picnic basket is such a cool idea. I bet your bathroom smell amazing!

  294. Jay.D

    Hi Zoe !! I can totally see why you love lush !! All of their products smell so nice and look so good that you could buy them just to decorate the bathroom really ! I live in Paris and the other day I was walking on the streets, turned a corner and literally smelled the Lush shop before even seeing it :D
    You actually made me love Lush cosmetics so thank so much !!

  295. Alicia

    I don't own a bath in my house so for you to include the things like spot treatments and hand cream really help me! I only have a shower in my house so no bath bombs for me :( thanks for the blog post Zoe loved this one! x

  296. Gosh, I could buy everything in that shop! I love how friendly the staff are, always willing to help! Great post Zoe!

  297. I have never seen the Tea Tree products! I will now be on the hunt for them as I suffer with my skin! Thanks :) xx

  298. I love Lush, Whenever I walk in, I feel like I just need to move into there or buy everything and move it into my bedroom!

  299. I do love lush and it makes me sad that i can use their bath bombs at uni when I go as I don't have a bath! :( I do have a shower though don't worry!! My mum said she will treat me to christmas lush goodies when i come home for christmas :') i cant wait! I love the christmas scents mainly cinnamon. :) xx

  300. They look rather yummy lol
    I kinda thought they were candy :D

  301. I love Lush! My favourite product has to be the 'twilight' bath bomb! x

  302. I love Lush! My favourite is the Rose Jam bubble bar! Devine!

  303. i love lush so so so much! i just went today right after reading this post and wanted to pick up a bunch of the halloween things but OH so expensive! I ended up getting the Granny Takes a Dip, a gift (it was my birthday, so why not treat myself? haha) and one of the newer things i think it was a northern lights sparkler type thing… yeh… they all smelled so good. i have never repurchased a single thing yet because i haven't finished anything!

  304. This is a place I always walk by and never go in for some reason, after reading this I am defo going to plan a visit. I have heard the lip scrub is good – let me know your reviews?

  305. I know this post was AGES ago, last year actually but I just wanted to tell you that Zoella I think you are amazing and you have gotten me into blogging and lush as well! The other day I saw that strawberry feels forever massage bar in our lush store (Australia) and now from your review I know its right for me! (I will be buying it when I next have enough money for a lush haul). I love you Zoella and you are my inspiration.

    Miss Anonymouse xx

  306. Oh wow I really want to try the tea tree water tone as my skin is quite spot prone! Thanks x

  307. All these products look amazing, I love lush products generally but would highly recommend their body conditioner. It moisturises winter skin ready for a fresh spring look xxxxx

  308. Tiina

    Looks lovely!!

  309. Cailin

    I really need some good autumn make up.

  310. I always love a good Lush spree! :D

  311. Helen Cain

    I really like the toothy tabs! I am always looking for a way to have nice smelling breath, whiter teeth and good healthy teeth (the three musts) and I saw them for two pounds, (I use the sparkles ones) and love them. They are a bit weird to use when you start but my teeth feel so clean that I wouldn’t do without them now. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews but maybe next time you are in lush you could risk the couple of pounds and see what you think and maybe do a review? :-)
    I just need a A-Z of products I like and I included a few lush ones in there if anyone wants to pop over! X

  312. Star City

    Thanks Zoella these tips really helped me tackle my skin tantrums 🌸

  313. Ciara

    Zoe, please do a favourite skincare post. I’m looking for some good products to use. Anything for spots/blackheads??? #skintroubles xx

    • Bailey Pickstock

      me to!!!

  314. ItsJust UsAndYou

    Love your blog soooooooooooooooo much 💖💖💖😘💗💗

  315. amy elyse

    Your blog is looking beautiful Zoe!

  316. Amélie

    Love your (new) blog so much Zoë!!❤️❤️

  317. Charlie Rose

    I love LUSH! The Brightside bubble bar has to be my ultimate favourite because it can last up to 4 baths, and smells fruity and fresh! – good price too xx

  318. Annabelle Cooper

    Your blog is amazing I wish I could have a blog like yours xx

  319. darcy gray

    dragons egg

  320. Cassie McCafferty

    I know Zoe can’t stand this one…..The Comforter Bubble Bar. I love it, because you will get a fair few baths out of it and it smells amazing!!!!! It’s something I run out of so quickly as a would probably use it every time I have baths, although I am completely out of lush products atm, so I need to go to lush ASAP and wipe out my bank account again!!!! 😂😂😂

  321. Leah Sprigg

    i love your hauls

  322. Beth gallagher

    Fav lush soap is yog nog in the Christmas range

  323. Abigail Egerton

    I love the experimenter and intergalactic its so colourful and leaves me feeling really refreshed also love the shower jellys, I put them in the fridge so that when I get into a hot shower I can cool myself down with it x

  324. Tamara

    What’s the best bath bomb you’ve ever seen

  325. Jess

    I am really loving the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and the Snow Fairy Bubble Bar! Try them out, they are amazing!

  326. Bella Legg

    I love the intergalactic bath bomb, it smells great and it looks so cool! 👌🏻

  327. Casey

    My favorite is the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb, it is so fun and interesting. This has really made me want to visit the Lush store now.

  328. logan dunsche

    i love the smelling colour of bath bombs i just love it Xx

  329. Alexandra Roberts

    I absolutely LOVE Lush, and you collection of bath bombs is amazing. xxxx

  330. Sophie Steel

    I am obsessed with Lush, but there’s not a lot in NZ! I love pink fun, blackberry bath bomb and the creamy candy bubble bar the best:)

  331. lilimae

    OMG I am a hugeeeeee fan of LUSH too! I have just recently bought the dragon egg bath bomb and it looks so cool!

  332. Imogen Penney

    I love the Lush hand creams because I get eczema on my hands and the moisturizer works a miracle

  333. 《훈훈♡^^~》

    Love everthing u post Zoella!!^^

  334. Josie Fillbrook


  335. I <3 Life

    Nice good to know I know someone who is a fan of Lush because none of my friends like it one bit.

  336. CuteSalad

    TYSM! If I hadn’t of discovered your amazing, inspirational blog I wouldn’t have found out aboit Lush!! I now live and breath bath bombs and if my collection has less than 19 I class it empty! CuteSalad x

  337. amy

    i love thiss

  338. safe safe