As I was in Northampton visiting Louise, we both treated ourselves to a blow dry at a hairdressers, as having long hair can take up far too much time to wash, dry and style, when we could be having quality chummy time instead (plus, there’s nothing better than pamper sessions with your best mate). 

I would normally just get my hair curled or styled down as I am very boring with my hair, but for a change, I asked for something a bit more “out there”. I have eyed a few episodes of The X Factor USA and spotted Demi Lovato’s love for plaits/braids and wanted to see if I could pull it off with my little pea head. I actually think this style is so cute, and great for a nice day/night out. You could say it’s a little bridal but I think the messy bun deters from that a bit. I wish I could replicate this at home, but alas, I can only do standard and fishtail braids. French plaits have never been my “thing”. I’ve tried on so many occasions to try and do them, but I fail miserably every time. I’m now considering studying “HOW TO” braid tutorials on YouTube. 

For Makeup, now it’s Autumn and the nights are drawing in quicker and the leaves are turning brown and crispy, I thought it apt to change up my makeup up a bit (maybe I was feeling a bit daring this day). I treated myself to a new lipstick from the YSL counter, I picked up this dark berry colour in “Rouge Pur Couture 205”. For my eyes I used a “By Terry Ombre BlackStar Colour-Fix Cream Eye Shadow in Brown Perfection*” which is a lovely Taupe, Shimmer Brown.  I then blended it out on it’s own with my Mac 217 brush & Voila. My new love and eye staple was born. Now I just need the rest of the colours…(Mischievous giggle).

Are you changing up your makeup bag this autumn?

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  1. Loving your autumnal makeup that lipstick looks soo nice x

  2. You look so pretty Zoe! Love your hair too!xx

  3. Love this look!! That lipstick is amazing!


  4. Your hair is so nice! Love this look :)

  5. Liina

    The first picture is so pretty! And If I didn't know then I'd have to think for a bit to realize it's you on the last one. But that's in a good sense! I absolutely adore dark lips for Fall and I don't even care some people say it makes me look like a vampire and my boyfriend just says "not my color" :D I still love the combo of dark purple lips and my bright red hair (:


  6. Shannon

    Love your hair styles and videos! Hope you start to blog more!

  7. I love your hair and make-up :) The lipstick is especially pretty! x

    Rachael | ♥

  8. Gorgeous look, Zoe! I'm so boring with my hair as well- half the time I struggle just trying to get the tangles out of it. This look is inspiring, though and although I'm sure I couldn't do this myself, it makes me feel like trying a little something different with my hair (if even just a standard braid…fish tail braids make my fingers hurt, haha) xx

  9. Emzi



  11. These pictures are taken soo well I love them! I wish I could do that with my hair but I'm not very good at french plaits either :( This lipstick color is gorgeous lovely look! :)
    Sofia x

  12. I like your hair zoe :) But I don't feel just because the season's changing you have to change your make up. I'm really into bright colors for myself. Dark make up suit you but i prefer your bright red lipstick! You still look pretty either way I think !

  13. This is gorgeous! Love that hair style

    Em –

  14. you look so beautiful!

  15. letsmakeitup has amazing braid tutorials, shes so good and explains it really well, you should try some of her tutorials, they look reallly hard but she makes them look so good! beautiful by the way!

  16. Sam.F

    this is stunning! looks so good with your ombre as well X

  17. did you remember to give louise the book we made for baby glitter? Love the look :)

  18. your hair is so beautiful, i love this hairstyle :-) makeup also looks gorgeous x

  19. You look beautiful Zoe and this hairstyle is so lovely, I'd love to be able to do this to my hair :)

    Charlotte x

  20. Lara K.

    This is so beautiful! I love that look <3

  21. Becky F

    Both your hair and make up look absolutely gorgeous!! Could you maybe do a little tutorial on the make up at some point? :)
    Lots of love,
    Becky xx

  22. I love this style, although I think this is something for when it's november, like the really dark days… no offense, love it anyway on you :) Love you ♥

  23. Minna

    Wow I love your hair so much ! Gorgerous pictures x

  24. Your hair looks amazing! I have such a full head of hair though so I'd probably struggle to keep my head up if I had this hairstyle haha.
    As much as I love Autumn, I still prefer typical Summer make-up. So no dark lips for me! :)

  25. Jessica

    It looks lovely Zoe! Your highlights really brings out the braid.
    Essence of Jess

  26. Kelly

    Your hair looks amazing I love the makeup too xx

  27. wow you look so amazing !:)
    I very very like watch your film on YT and read your blog, u a to me authority,and I Think that you are so pretty !:)
    Keep kisses :)

  28. kfc

    I love the contrast of the dark and light hair in that braided updo! And that dark lip color suits the look as well, definitely going to experiment with deeper reds and plums for the fall time =P


  29. magda

    Zoe you look amazing as always. Whatever you do with your hair or face you always look super cool. Wish you all the best because you deserve it! Stay happy :)

  30. Rach

    Your hair looks great Zoe, the ombre really makes it!x

  31. This hairstyle is gorgeous!! I'm really tempted to try this with my hair as mines quite long too. And I have told myself that I am going to step out of my comfort zone a bit this autumn and try wearing darker lipsticks :)

  32. Noush

    Amazing ! It's so pretty !

  33. it can take a VERY long while to learn how to braid well, but it certainly is possible – this hair definitely looks AMAZING, so it would definitely be worth it <3

  34. Woohoo,
    your eyes looks so so pretty!
    I really wish you could give me a make over.
    *keep on dreaming :( *

  35. Ookaze

    That make up looks really un-like you but not in a bad way! It's gorgeous that I wouldn't wear that dark a lip colour in real life I guess. But with the light and the dark eye/dark lip combo, the pictures look so beautiful!


  36. kooks28

    Wow, those pictures are so pretty! Loving this make-up style btw xx

  37. THAT is literally peerrrfffectttt!! //FANCYTHEE

  38. Love this look. The hairstyle is amazing.

  39. pretty zoe I like it like that

  40. Beautifull zoeeee, ilove youu💕 you are simply amazing. It would mean the world if i could meet you.

  41. Oh Zoe stop being so beatiful, please? ;). This hairstyle looks so beautiful it reminds me of Taylor Swift a bit actually and that dark lippie is lush, lush, lush. I adore autumn/winter make up and hair and even with pale skin I love rocking deep berry reds :) xoxo

  42. I love this hairstyle! So pretty! ♥ Very lovely post
    I am definitely trying to change my make up depending on the season. I am currently loving matte dark brown eye shadow and dark red lips

  43. That is soo pretty!! xxxxxx

  44. such a gorgeous hairstyle, you look nice with your hair up :) the makeup is gorgeous too. x

  45. You look beautiful! I always search on youtube "how to" braids tutorials, I have tried a few ones but I couldn't do it haha. Love the makeup, I think it's perfect for autumn, now I miss this season but i'm enjoying spring!

  46. Cler

    U look awesome Zoe :))

  47. This is so pretty Zoe! I know what you mean about french braids not being "your thing" – i can do standard or fishtail braids, but I really can't do french braids at all! I don't know what it is, they're just don't work… haha, anyway! That lipstick is gorgeous, may have to make an investment;)

    Typical Teen Times!

  48. Belle B

    Such a gorgeous look. I always think its hard to pull off a 'up do', they often look like not much effort has gone into it. I adore this look – weekend hair inspiration for sure!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  49. This hairstyle is amazing, wish I could do my hair like that on my own! ;-)

    x Sofie

  50. so pretty, zoe ♥


  51. So pretty Zoe! I've been eyeing up that lipstick for a while and it looks great on you! :)

  52. awww so cute and different!

  53. What hair dressers did you get this styled at ? It looks amazing xx

  54. You look so lovely!! I love your hair this way, it looks so amazing on you!!
    I get serious hair envy when I look at you! haha

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  55. Margot

    It's beautiful Zoella! :) It's darker than usual bit for autumn it's perfect ;)

    Margot (from

  56. such a great look, both hair & make up compliment each other very well! the YSL lipstick is just beautiful (must add it to the wish list) xx

    harlean rose

  57. Maddy

    Love the look, it is so so pretty on you! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  58. I love your hair and makeup so much!! You are so pretty. Your videos and blogs always make me smile :) xx

  59. I absolutely love the lip colour. It's something different from what you usually wear :)

  60. absolutely love the look, wish i could try out the hair on myself!x

  61. You're absolutely beautiful! You have also inspired me to write my own blog<3

  62. the dark eye & lip are stunning. but, i guess i can't expect anything else from you!

  63. I love the hair! It's so pretty§ And could you do a tutorial of your makeup this is so nice and perfect! :) xx

  64. Loving the braiding… You are right about it being near bridal (I worked on a wedding recently and created a similar style to this) but you are right, the texture in the bun balances it out to being fun and smart/casual. In months to come I am hoping to add tutorials to my youtube channel on how to do certain styles… I am currently doing tutorial evenings once a month in the salon I work in and they are really popular!

    The make up is stunning…its made me really want to try this season's darker shades :) xxx

  65. love your hair!! you look so pretty as usual <3

  66. Please can you go check out me and my bestfriends new blog? We started it a few weeks ago and really want to take it somewhere and get better and better over the weeks, months and hopefully years! Thanks xxxxx


  67. Jets

    I've coloured my hair ombre this fall, bought some fall nail polishes and lipsticks because you're a true inspiration and I love your looks :)

  68. I love plaits for fall :) As it's very windy where I'm from they're extremely convenient! Gorgeous makeup, I'll have to invest in a few darker colors I think
    Sydney xx

  69. You're so gorgeous!
    I live near Northampton, one day I hope to stumble upon you and Louise!


  70. Ah so pretty! Your hair looks amaaaazing x

  71. Sej

    You look so entirely different! This is a gorgeous makeup look and hair do.
    I wonder how tiny you are in real life but your long hair suits you so well, and this braid is so flattering.

    I hope you manage to figure out the braid!

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


  72. Lucy

    omg!that hairstyle and makeup are the best I have ever seen you with!they suit you perfectly!

  73. So pretty! I love braided hair styles. :)


  74. That looks so good on you Zoe!!! i love your hair

  75. 21 Mint

    Zoe you should check out CuteGirlsHairstyles! It's basically a youtube channel which teaches you how to do loads of awesome things with your hair. Thanks to them I finally learnt how to french braid :D Good luck x

  76. I love the hair! I recently wrote a blog post "All About Hair" for anyone interested x x

  77. Demi Lovato's hair is a great inspiration! That woman is beyond gorgeous and she seems to change her look ever other day, but at least she pulls it off well!
    That color is gorgeous from YSL. I own a light, poodle pink called, 'Lingerie Pink' and it's very pretty, but not for autumn or winter – I need to go shopping!


  78. Joyce

    wow you look so amazing and autumnal. you look beautiful zoe! x

  79. Love the new lippy!

  80. SO beautiful!! stunning!! I love this post!

  81. Dark colours really suit you! Lovely balance with your hair and skin tone :) I know you say that you're hair's hard to handle sometimes but I do love it so much.

  82. This is a lovely makeup! I've been meaning to experiment with some darker colors for autumn.

  83. Robin M

    Can you do a makeup tutorial on this look please????!!!

  84. Erin

    I love everything about this look! And these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. It's fun to do something with your hair every now and then – I'm a bit bipolar when it comes to my hair so every time I go to the hairdressers I get something different.


  85. wow, soooooo beautiful! ombre hair on you is just gorgeous. and i love the dark lip too. i basically love everything about this!!
    happy autumn<3

  86. I love these colors on you! And, like always, your hair is amazing. I went shopping the other day, and…I picked up an orange lipstick. Your love for orange is contagious! XD

  87. Zoe you look amazing! I love this hairstyle!
    French braid is not my thing too. But practice make perfect :)

    Anna Czarina

  88. Makes me want to go to beauty school just to learn how to do things like that to my hair, so so pretty.

  89. god, you are gorgeous girl ! love you xx

  90. Your hair and makeup is gorgeous! I love it

  91. this look is on point :)

  92. Your hair looks amazing zoe!

    x leah symonne x

  93. Jes C

    The ombre I have to say gives it a pretty look! :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  94. Lude S.

    I really like how you got the inspiration from Demi. Your ombre coloured hair really complements this look zoe! I will definitely try something like this ! The pictures are great, you look beautiful!

  95. Kinga

    You look so pretty!

  96. Amy

    Your hair looks stunning :) I wish I could recreate this look but my curly hair is quite temperamental and hardly ever looks how I want it too!

  97. Dark colours really suit you! I'm changing up my makeup look a bit for summer (there is a southern hemisphere…as many forget!) with more brights for lips and cheeks :)

  98. Your hair looks amazing! I love it so much. I'm hoping to get some darker colours for my makeup this autumn and be a bit daring – scary!

  99. Melissa

    I love the braid at the front, however I can never get mine to look like that :(


  100. Your hair always looks amazing!;0
    x x x

  101. Love the look and your hair! You look gorgeous! <3

  102. Wow – this hairstyle is beautiful!
    I'm growing my hair longer at the moment so I can try more messy up do's like soon.
    Love the blog – as always!



  103. Kristel

    Your hair is looking so unbelievable good, as always ;) I almost want to kidnap your hair, lol :D Have a nice day Zoella :-)

  104. Barbara

    Love this look ! :-)

  105. I absolutely love this!
    I'm obsessed with the dark lips for fall as well!
    Yay for fall!

  106. Holl JC

    You look stunning Zoe! I love that hair style! x

  107. If you want to know how to do styles like that visit this mums blog "cute girls hairstyles" it's fantastic! and easy to follow

  108. Your hair is so perfect.

  109. Meike

    the dark lipstick and eyeshadow really suit you!! :)

  110. This hairystyle is so lovely! You look absolutely gorgeous, and I love the darker lipstick.

  111. The dark lipstick looks amazing on you!

  112. Wow, you are so beautiful! This hairstyle is just amazing. I would love to try it out for myself but I don't think it would turn out that great… Anyway, great blogpost and you look gorgeous in your autumnal make up! Very inspiring,

    Julia xx

  113. ahhhh, so beautiful Zoe!! The hairstyle is incredible. The makeup is w o w.
    Love you Zoe xxx

  114. I loooove the look of this look, both hair and makeup – kind of like vampy chic! :) Gorgeous! xoxo

    Emily ⎜

  115. I agree, the lipstick is ah-mazing!!!

    Love, xx

  116. Fawna

    I LOVE the dark color on you. I've been wearing dark lip colors, too. Even if they can get a little gothy, I like that look on everyone and I wish more people would join in!

  117. love it! you are the best blogger Zoe!

  118. i love all your videos on youtube.. ummm this is actually my first time commenting on some sort of internet thing…. i love your hair and makeup that you do helped me get through my anxiety .when my anxiety started getting worse i watched your video that you did , then after i watched that video i started watching all your other videos and all your friends videos and i started feeling better because your faces were so happy and it made me happy. just to make sure u know ive watched everyone of your vlogs and i watch it everytime you post a video up.the lipstick and the eye shadow suit you very well and i like how you did your hair in this blog are amazing at what you do , i cant even tell you how much i love you and if you ever read this and i think you wont because there is Millons of others writing a comment right now but can you tell Louise that i love her and her daughter Darcy to. you and Louise are so funny when you guys are together like when you and Louise was advertising that bottle of water and you decide to pretend like your gonna lick it that was funny .but its more funny when the whole gang is together because they do ridiculous things ,especially Caspar ….but Tanya burr and Jim Chapman are so adorable and tanya looks so sweet because she is always polite ….you and Alfie deyes seem so awesome together hope you guys are having fun and not letting comments on videos get in the way..
    brittney perry (britbrat99 on blogspot)and(britbrat6999 on youtube)
    P.S. i love Zoella,sprinklofglitr,thatcherjoe,jimchapman,tanyaburr,jacksgap,finn harries,funforlouis,pointlessblog,dicasp,marcusbutler,dailygrace,tyleroakley,joeygraceffa,troyesivan,fleurdeforce,and last but not least the rest of the gang that are usually with you.

  119. So edgy and beautiful!

  120. This is such a lovely look on you, The darker colours really suit you!! I tried a darker lip before on me but didn't look quite right on my, shame as I really like the dark lip trend.

  121. This hair is absolutely gorgeous with your ombre, love it!

    emaerie | blogspot

  122. I absolutely love this love! It seems like every look suits you Zoe.
    Lots of love, Sophie Jane

  123. It looks so lovely xxx

  124. Cecile

    I'm going out on a date tonight, I should never have watch this blog post because NOW I WANT THE SAME but I'll never be able to do it on my own ! :(

    You look flawless Zoe ! <3

  125. you look absolutely amazing Zoe i love this hairdo on you and the new makeup is perfection

  126. Now I'm trying to figure out exactly what's going on with that hairstyle … don't give up on french braids, btw! I only learned how to do them this year myself – youtube tutorials did really help. And this look is great on you :)

  127. Beautiful hairstyle! <3 (:

  128. Stunning!

  129. Alice

    Wow the makeup and your hair looks stunning!

  130. Schmuu

    you look beautiful :) i'm trying to be more brave with lipcolours, i have a reeeally pretty lipstick from catrice and it is a dark berry colour. maybe i will wear it more often this autumn/winter :)

  131. You look so beautiful it looks gorgeous, loving the darker shade lipstick xoxox :) !!

  132. Zoé

    The whole look is perfect ! The dark lips suits you so well and the hairstyle really flatters your ombré ✌ ♥

  133. Gorgeous hair style and love your dark lips!

    Greetings from London,

  134. The dark lipstick suits you very well! And I absolutely love the hair
    love x

  135. Lovely

  136. This is so gorgeous, looks amazing!

  137. Melane

    It looks absolutely amazing! Especially since you have ombre hair, the knot is blonder and that gives a funky effect! I would love to do your hair, it is so pretty haha

    xo Melane
    Anxiety | Depression | Panic Attacks

  138. I wish I could do this with my hair, looks mega pretty!


  139. Leanne

    It seriously suits you Zoe, love it! And your makeup is fab as always!

    Leanne x

  140. This is so pretty!!!! I need to purchase an autumn lipstick! x

  141. Your make up is just wow! When i saw you I was like 'will she play a dark character or something?' it's amazing!

  142. Steffy

    Really love the hairdo and makeup! Deffo gonna try it myself ^o^
    2 Girls and a Blog

  143. Thank you so much for this post! I saw your little post on instagram of this hair style and I fell in love with it and really wanted to do if for my mum's wedding that's coming up next month but it would have been super difficult to have someone style my hair with just that one instagram photo!
    So again, thank you and I can't wait to see if this look suits me as much as it suits you!

  144. wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  145. Love this look, and it really suits you :) it also looks great as with the ombre it shows the details of it more :)

    Emily xx
    I have a new post up on my blog and would love it if you could check it out

  146. Loving this look, both hair and make up suit you really well! Great to see something different and a bit more daring :) xx

  147. That looks very pretty. I have always adored updos, they are just so comfy and easy to work around in, and no hair blowing in your face either. I really did a double take with that make-up you know, that is one daring move. but you pulled it off, really really well :) -Aish x

  148. She is so pretty it is unbelievable xox

  149. That dark lip goes so well with your hair :) and the hair style's amazing! Again, complimented by your ombre style

    Please come and visit me at my blog?


  150. Brianne

    I absolutely love this entire look :)

  151. I wish I knew how to do that to my hair! Braids are tricky. But I love love love this look – makeup, hair, everything together looks so nice.

  152. I can't pull off dark lipsticks, but oh my god do they look good on you! And the hair is absolutely gorgeous, very fitting for the autumn :)

  153. Beautiful look! I'm in love! And you remind me quite a bit of Natalie Dormer in the last photo :)

  154. The look totally suites you Zoella PS: Love your blogs

  155. Beth

    I really love this hairstyle <3


  156. I love everything about this look! you should try and recreate something like this for a YouTube video I'm sure everyone would love to see it :)
    DaisyAndMints x

  157. Conny

    You look stunning, Zoe! :) x

  158. ~Katie~

    I hope you had a lovely time! I'm slightly in love with your lipstick and your hair is gorgeous.
    Katie x

  159. You look lovely Zoe, this hair style suites you so much! <3


  160. that's such a nice hairstyle :) I think I might have to try this one day soon! lovely post :)

    Sam xxx

  161. I love this look! The makeup is beautiful and the hair goes perfectly with it. Totally in love :)

    Emily ⎜

  162. Amy

    This makeup look is amazing! I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear a dark lip colour like that though :( Your hair is stunning too! I really wish I could do that, it's gorgeous :)

    Amy |

  163. Love the look it's so beautiful

  164. In my mind, I can stop growing my hair when it looks like yours. Still got a long way to go :(
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  165. This hair style is stunning! Love your makeup too!

  166. Miglė

    This is absolutely amazing!
    I also wanted to say that today I've read your blog from the very beginning and I have to say that I absolutely love it! I've been following your from 2011 I think and I always liked it a lot. I like your blog now even more that what you did at the beginning so I'm always very happy to see a new post or a new video from You :))

  167. You're so gorgeous!x

  168. this is so pretty! I'm hoping it gets colder soon so I can start using darker lipsticks, maybe I'll try the makeup you mentioned!

  169. Hey Zoe!! I love your blog and all your youtube videos, they always seem to be so perfect, why are you so perfect? :o Your such an inspiring person to many teenage girls like me, what inspired you to start a blog and doing youtube videos? and have you got any tips for newbies like me?
    From Caitlyn ♥

  170. I'm not sure where to write this but I just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog for a while now & following you on YouTube & you've inspired me to finally create my own blog =) and I just wanted to say thank you. You're beautiful & inspiring and I'm so pleased that you share so much with the world =) x

  171. Beautiful pics Zoey =)

  172. mmeemms

    This hairstyle looks SO lovely with ombre hair. perfect.

  173. Purple lipstick is perfect for this season! Love the hair :)

  174. Hello, I've nominated you for "The Sunshine Award" because reading your blog always brightens my day!
    { see more here }

    Jamie :)

  175. Hello I love the hair and makeup too! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on the eye makeup that you did.
    You are bootiful and I love your blog.
    From Megan

  176. I love this messy updo! So much detail, but it doesn't look like you tried too hard. Perfect!

  177. Carla N

    It's all so pretty!! I'm loving the lipstick :)
    And I totally know what you mean, I sometimes think that the braid thing…you either have it or you don't lol my younger sister does my braids :P

  178. Zoe! Beautiful hair :) Where can i get a "just say yes" shirt?! It's lovely! xox

  179. Your hair is so gorgeous! And so are you!!

    Hugs and Kisses

  180. Hello, I'm Charis and I love your blog and YouTube video's so I put a link to your blog from my blog if that is ok?

  181. Amanda

    Youre ombre hair is perfect for that bun!

  182. Emma

    Love this look: both hair and makeup! ♥

  183. I love this look! Your so pretty Zoe ! And your hairs gorgeous

  184. I love that lip colour it goes with your ombre hair!

    And the plaits look gorgeous!

    Please come visit me at my blog if you get a chance?


  185. You look amazing as usual! I really like the lipstick colour, it's perfect for autumn! And your hair looks gorgeous! I wish I could have long hair like you so I could do all that amazing braids and stuff…
    Love you always!!!

  186. Hey guys. I would appreciate it if you checked out my blog! I write about my day and the occasional shopping that I bought. It would really make my day if you got in contact and we could start talking and help build each other's blog! :)
    Jazz xx


  187. Zoe, this is absolutely gorgeous, you must of had such a lovely time with Louise.
    I am so jealous of your hair, mine just hangs dead on my shoulders, I have tried to make my hair look as amazing as yours but I don't think it is possible ;)
    And I haven't changed my make-up this autumn, basically because I don't ever know what to do, maybe I should shake it up a little, but alas, I am skint.
    Can't wait until your next blog

  188. emeliza

    The hairstyle & the make-up are both perfect! Can I look like you yet?

  189. I love your ombre hair, Zoe the bun detail really stands out on lighter hair. Like the vampy dark lipstick with it too.

  190. wow that's really pretty!!

  191. Gorgeous, perfect for autumn/winter!

  192. Omg if only I could learn how to do that hairstyle it is amazing! As for the makeup :O You just look so beautiful.
    I have been watching your blog (if watching is the right word), and have decided READING I have been reading your blog, and I have decided that I want to set up my own blog, mine of course will never be as successful as yours because you are truly inspirational but I will persevere! If anyone wants to check is out them this is the web address:
    I would love it so much if anyone just gave it a glance or a look, there are only 1 or 2 posts at the moment as I set it up yesterday but many more are to come!
    Thankyou for reading this if you did
    And I love you Zoella ♥

    Sorry if people think I am spamming or being annoying, that was not the intention

  193. Taisi .

    Wow! I don't love this look, I am absolutely in love with it! Looks amazing on you, Zoe! The hair is perfect and the lips and eyes are gorgeous. I might change up my makeup bag this autumn, just to be a little more inspired by you. (:

  194. I love the look its very autumn and suits you perfectly! where is your coat from? its gorgeous! xx

  195. Nikami

    You look stunning with darker eyeshadows and your hairstyle is really nice!

    I was wondering if you could check my new blog and tell me your opinion :) Nikami | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  196. Looks absolutely lovely and great effect with your dipdye! Please follow my blog back The Cupid Bow or on Bloglovin'
    Twitter and Instagram: @thecupidbow

    Carly x

  197. Love everything about you!

    Maria Pol |

  198. it looks amazing defenitly going to try it!!

  199. you are so pretty!
    love the makeup and the hairstyle and i'm not changing my make p in the fall because I barely wear makeup :)
    You inspired me to make my own blog :)

  200. this hairstyle is so beautiful zoe, it really suits you! i shall be attempting it very soon :) x

  201. Love the braid and the bun!! And the dark colors really suit you!
    You kinda inspired me to start my own blog.

  202. You look absolutely gorgeous! And your hair turned out beautifully. Isn't it nice when trying something different pays off? I love how you pull off dark colors–can't wait to see some more of your looks this fall/winter!
    Lovely Notions

  203. I love your hair, doesn't matter how hard I try mine just wont grow! I wish I had enough money to pay someone everyday to style my hair because I'm just so lazy with it :P

    Katie xx |

  204. So so pretty! You have the prettiest hair ever :)

  205. Amazing hair style! xx

  206. This look is simply beautiful! I may just have to try this out myself!

    Dainty A x

  207. i love your blog so much Zoe and you have really inspired me to start my own blog! This hairstyle really suits you!

    Would love it if you have any time to check out my blog

  208. I am SO in love with this hair and make-up look! Great post!

  209. You are so beautiful Zoe! I hope I grow up looking as beautiful as you xx:)
    You have inspired me soooo much, as for a looong time I used to always be late or miss so many days of school, because of my anxiety and panic attacks:( I hated my face and iit took over my life at that point. I still deal with anxiety but I feel that it has lowered quite a lot:)
    I love watching your videos! They make me happy on bad days !

  210. I love this look! Your makeup looks great and your hair is gorgeous. I absolutely love braids and messy buns so this is the best of both worlds! I have really been wanting to get some darker shades of lipstick and eyeshadow lately as well for the fall/winter season. I'll have to go soon, you've inspired me!


    It's a Bug's Life

  211. Love braids!:X It looks great on you, Zoe!:*

  212. Beautiful look! Very autumnal. For Fall you should try the Chanel Rouge Moiré nail polish number 595. It's like Christmas in a small pot of wonderful festiveness! X

  213. ina

    Okay, the makeup is a bit too dark for my taste but the hair's done lovely!! *Q*

    Liebst, ina

    Petite Saigon

  214. Absolutely love this look, perfect for fall.


  216. I love this look! So pretty Zoe :)

  217. i love your hair. this looks really fine.

  218. Hi Zoella!!! Greetings from LA!!!

    I love your Blog its so inspiring!!!

    & you look so pretty with your hair like this!



    I just started a blog and I love looking at yours for inspiration.

    Please come check it out!!

  219. Wish I could manage to do my hair like that, I'm utterly hopeless. Alas, I can enjoy what you've created!

  220. Beth B

    yr hair and makeup looks so pretty x

  221. love the hair! great look in general though. I have been changing up my makeup routine for the colder season as well. xx. gigi.

  222. Love the hair and the autumn lip! beautiful!

  223. Erynn x

    Absolutely LOVE the lip colour and the hair is super cute also , will definitely be trying a berry lip this Autumn after seeing how great it looks , thank you for posting such awesome blog posts!

  224. Sara

    Hi Zoe!
    I'm from Spain and I've been watching your videos since summer and I love them like I love your blog :)
    Definitely, I'll try to put more lipsticks and wear fancy clothes this autumn.

    Ps: sorry for my bad english! >_<

  225. Heather

    This look wonderful! I really wish I had longer hair so I could have something like this done!

  226. Leeanne

    These plaited hairstyles look so lovely ..x

  227. pearlxo

    Wow, I love the eye makeup, it looks very alluring! the hair is amazing too x You're gorgeous (:

  228. Love love LOVE the makeup you're wearing with this look Zoe. Dark but very seasonal for the autumn season. Reminds me of a basic halloween vampire look without all the blood and what not, I think it might just be me that thinks this haha.

    Check out my blog, I'm venturing into the whole blogging thing so it would be great if you could check my blog out

  229. Ahhhh this hair style is fab, love it xx

  230. Beautiful Hair up ! Love it !

  231. Ola

    I love this look on you so much – the lipstick suits you perfectly and the hairstyle is just WOW.
    Love you Zoe xxx

  232. Really pretty hairstyle, it looks lovely xo

  233. Marsh

    Love that lipstick! So pretty!

  234. Petush

    I absolutely LOVE this hair-do! ♥ And the lipstick, I actually bought a very similar one today, because it's just so fall-ish, so yeah, I am deffinitely changing up my make-up essentials in fall!

    Love, Petush

  235. Hi Zoe,

    I love, love, love this look.. U look gorgeous! ]


  236. I love the hair and the make-up! It looks just right for an autumnal day :) I'll keep an eye out for the YSL lipstick – I've been looking for a dark one like that.

  237. LeeLee

    Gorgeous as always Zoe!

  238. I love how the color of the bun contrasts with the plaits! So pretty.

  239. It looks amazing :-)

  240. Heather

    it looks so cute, I wish I could do braids!

  241. Your photos are stunning ;0; I really love that hairstyle too, really nice updos paired with nice and comfy clothes is so beautiful to me <3

  242. You look beautiful Zoe :) xxx

  243. I love this look so much! it suits you so much :)

    beth –

  244. could you do a how to on the hair plz

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  246. I'm so glad to see you posted another blog post, I love reading your blogs along with a few others on slow afternoons at work and I was starting to wonder when you were going to post something new. This hair and makeup looks great on you btw.

  247. Mun Wu

    I love this hairstyle! It looks really nice because you have ombre hair!

  248. Zoe you hair looks ammmazzing ! In the winter I love to wear slightly darker colors and obhiously when it comes near christmas I gotta wear my red Lipstick ! :)xx

  249. I absolutely love this style on you Zoe! The hair and the makeup. Although I can do french braids there's no way I'd be able to style my own hair like this either. Maybe next time you go film it at the hairdressers? Lovely post :)

    Debra Bros Blog

  250. Love the hair. I too am rather lazy with my hair and its always a fun treat to have someone do something fun with it. The vampy makeup looks great and I've actually been looking to add a similar dark shade.



  251. Wow!!!!!!!!!! hair style is awesome and this hair style you are looking gorgeous. Your fashion beauty lifestyle blog is very useful for me and other users. Thanks for sharing these information.

  252. That is so cute Zoe! I love your hair, eyeshadow and lipstick <3

  253. Zoe you are stunning! The style is lovely :)

    Kylie Shaw ||

  254. zoe you are too stunning! the makeup is phenomenal as well. great post :) xxx

    Kylie Shaw |

  255. Kylaluu

    Great Post!

  256. Bich C.

    I am so jealous! you are so perfect. That lipstick color looks gorgeous on you.


  257. Love this look! you look beautiful, nice hair!

  258. I think the hairstyle really suits you! And that lipstick is AMAZING. xxx


  259. I think you look beautiful! Really Zoe your channel is the only random one that I actually follow and always watch, I've so much fun watching your videos :).
    Keep it that way,
    Anyway, the hairstyle is beautiful and I looooved your eyeshadows! Very dark lipsticks suits on you but aren't good for me at all haha.
    Greetings from Mexico! :)

  260. I love it! :) Always a challenge trying to think of some new hairstyles everyday! I've tried braided updo´s myself and they never really work out.. Oh well! Practice makes perfect! :)

  261. Why does everyone say 'I agree' just so they're (sort of) top comment?

  262. I love that hairstyle :D It's too bad that I'm the worst at hairstyling. I think that my skills extend to a ponytail. Don't laugh, it's a pretty damn cool ponytail… I love your hair and your blog :)

  263. This looks so good with your ombre! x

  264. Mesi

    Amazing! I think I'll might pull off something similar for my senior prom. Perfect!:)xx

  265. IzBiz

    Wow zoe, you can literally make anything look amazing on you xxxx

  266. love it! xx

  267. Millie

    I was inspired my you to start my own blog. It's been up since may and I don't think anyone has actually read it- any tips would be appreciated!

  268. this looks so fab with your ombre hair :)

  269. You look fabulous Ms. Zoella! ^^

  270. Makale güzel olmuş arkadışım Digi Tv Başarılar Diler..

  271. dddd119

    your hair look so good and im loveing your make up to , i think i defiantly need to add more stuff to my make up bag this fall , i need some more dark colors im my make up bag :)

  272. EM

    great hairstyle :)
    check out our blog too :)

  273. This makeup looks so nice on Zoe!! Will definitely be trying this out myself!

  274. Your hair looks incredible! I really want to dye mine soon :)

  275. hello my name is cristyna i am spanish, i got bye.

  276. I love your blog and your YouTube account! Love a Norwegian subscriber ♥

  277. I love everything about zoella especially her ombré hair, please check out my blog I'd be honered

  278. Juliet

    Zoe, you look stunning! I love your hair, and the make up is beautiful. Playing with dark shades it's always a great lesson, as it can turn completely horrible, but you own it, girl! Love love love it! xx

  279. omg you look incredible with dark lips you should wear them more often!

  280. This hairstyle is gorgeous! I'd love to try and re-create it! And your makeup as well…totally autumn! x kisses from Canada

  281. Love this! So pretty!

  282. This is such a pretty look on you zoe, especially with the ombre!

  283. Kay

    loving the up do! it looks especially good with all the different tones in your hair and I agree the darker makeup gives more of a warm, autumnal feeling. Autumn is definitely my favorite season for hair, makeup, and fashion. Love to see you trying new things as it inspires others!

    xoxo~ Kay

  284. This hair-do is perfect for when you want to look casual cute! Also great for those windy days when your hair is flying all over the place!
    For more on fashion/music/lifestyle check out my blog at:

  285. Love the look!

  286. Tori

    This hair style is beautiful! It looks extra nice with Zoe's hair ombre.

  287. laralef

    I love this post Zoe. I wish I could wear my hair like that

  288. I really love all of the darker shades coming out this autumn, it sucks that I'm stuck in the hot Australian summer and not the nice American autumn. Oh well, at least I can post about water sports and the beach :\

  289. Louise

    Oh you're such a beautiful girl. I hope you and Louise had a fantastic time, I think it's great to get time free to hang out with best friends. It's the best! I love to do something with braids on my own hair, but my hair is too thin to really do something like this. :(

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  291. so nice hair sweety!!! gorgeous look and also make up! ;)
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  292. Deffinately buying your lipstick, looks amazing! :) xx

  293. Love your hair like this! You look absolutely stunning!

  294. I'm loving darker Lipsticks this season! Getting the Vampy – Autumnal ratio is proving rather difficult, though!
    I also wish my hair was thick enough to do this little up do of your's!
    Great read as always :)

  295. Your hair looks absolutely lush, as well as your make up! Love the duo and the autumn season! ♥

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  297. Hey guys love your blog post!
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  298. that lipstick looks stunning on you! x

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  300. Jean

    You look gorgeous. Beautiful hair and make up!

  301. I love your hair so much! No one can pull off the ombré better than Zoe! I love the lipstick too :)

  302. OMG !! I LOVE your hair!! I wish I had it!! <3

  303. So pretty!! You have great hair!
    I just made a beauty blog and it would be sooo much appreciated if you could check it out!

  304. Your make up looks amazing, I love darker shades for the autumn, and the hair is beautiful!

  305. I am in LOVE with that hair! Please make the tutorial :)
    Also, just wanted to say how much your blog has inspired me. I am extremely shy and suffer from social anxiety with frequent panic attacks but reading your posts has really inspired me to get out there and create my own blog. I've only posted once but will hopefully become more confident and start properly blogging. Please check my blog out – it's not much yet but will hopefully get better ;)

  306. I really like the hairstyles and you look flawless

  307. i can't really believe i have only JUST come across this amazing blog of yours. i am a convert!

  308. You have been such an inspiration! You look amazing and its comforting to know that even people like you that appears flawless and so amazing goes through life hurdles like the rest of us does too. Thanks for letting us know that we are not alone! :D <3

  309. Hope

    Wow, I love this! SO beautiful and it suits you really well. I think I may have to take a trip out to the shops and find myself that lipstick :)

  310. Arara

    I really love how blond hair ends make this pleat more unusual and pretty! I have ombre as well, but didn't look after it properly and my blond hair went ginger with time.

    Also really like the lip colour! I use any colour any time, never try to suit the time of the year as my make up pretty much depends on my mood. Which is probably wrong.

    Thank you for posting this pictures, they are very lovely.

  311. love this look, you was blessed with beautiful hair. id actually love to try this look out its a shame i've got really curly hair. your beautiful x

  312. Wow, Zoe, you are sooo beutiful! I think you are most gorgeous girl who i know! xoxo

  313. I love your hair Zoe!!!

    I've just started a new blog so I would love it if I could gain a few followers and maybe even start talking to someone and become internet best friends like Zoe and Louise?! You don't have to though because I assure you that they aren't very interesting at the moment!

  314. That hairstyle looks so nice on you! I soo want to try and attempt this but my hairstyle skills are pretty shocking -_- At least it was a successful visit unlike last time you & louise went!haha

  315. Ally

    I loveeeee that hairstyle you should definatly try recreate it yourself whenever you have some time as you probably wont go get it done whenever you feel like it. Also i love the photos theyre lovely
    Love Ally xx

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  317. I love zoellas hair it's so amazing ,ombre really suits her! I love her blog can't wait to see more posts !

  318. such a beautiful hairstlye, loving the lips also!

  319. I love your hair in this blog post. Would you be able to recreate it yourself and make a video about it? I would really appreciated it if you did as I'm always looking for new hairstyles but never have a clue where to start.
    Also who dyes your hair? As I'm thinking about changing mine but I want to use a recommend product/ hair stylist.

    Girl Vs Uni

  320. Zoe, you're really inspiring and you have actually inspired me to follow your footsteps by starting a blog and joining BlogLovin, getting some equipment: Tripod, Mac, Camera. I decided when I'm old enough to have a proper YouTube account I'm going to chat about things, show people my make up and do random things with my friends. I want it to be my own though, so I will make it that. Wish me luck :)

  321. Resa

    I love the hair and makeup! I wish I could do that look at home!
    Labels and Love by Resa

  322. I love your hair! It looks amazing with ombre, and I'm so jealous at the length! Do you have any tips/tricks on how to grow your hair and keep it healthy looking? Thanks!

  323. Wow you look so great!!

  324. You are so beautiful you are my idol, you are the inspiration for my blog!! I love that hair style i tried it and got so many compliments and that make up you have on just suits you so much!! xxxx

  325. Zoe you are such a beautiful and inspirational girl, I literally watch your youtube videos religiously and you inspired me to start my own blog: . Everyone I am new so I would really appreciate you checking out my blog. Thank you! x

  326. your hair looks amazing here! the lipstick color really suits you too

  327. I can't even describe how much I enjoy reading your blog posts, you're amazing and an inspiration, please don't ever stop this<3

  328. Hope

    Simply beautiful :)

  329. Love your blog Zoe! Also well done at Teen Awards you deserve this because you give up so much time to entertain us! I'd love you to check out my blog and it might be interesting for you. You are my idol and you give me so much inspiration to do things and to be myself more. I can't express how much i love you and your blog and your videos (which are basically you) It would mean the world to me if you checked out my blog because I'm in my first year of A-Levels and i'm wanting to be in fashion and you have a great eye for it and know a lot about it I thought you'd be a great person to ask. link is again, I love you so so so much x

  330. Crystal

    I love the dark lipstick look on people in the fall and looks just absolutely gorgeous on you!


  331. Such a gorgeous makeup and hair duo! That lip colour looks beyond amazing on you, nice to see you rocking something a little different than your usual red :)


  332. rania

    i loooove the hair so much ! <3

  333. Love your hair it looks so pretty :)

  334. Kip

    Zoe! You are truly an inspiration to me and I love this look on your hair. It makes me miss my locks and regret my 13 inch cut of my hair a couple months back.

    I just started a lifestyle blog if you could check it out if your're interested <3

  335. Your hair looks amazing! You look really beautiful, It's always fun to just relax and do something fun with your friend. I live in Indonesia and going to the spa is very cheep so mum and I every school holidays do something fun together. You should come visit I think you would like it. Hope your well!

  336. absolutely love your blog zoe, youre amazing!

    sophia //
    if anyone could check my blog out id love it thanks xx

  337. im so jealous of zoe, shes gorgeous! absolutely love this look!

    sophia gabrielle, xx

  338. You are soooo beautiful Zoe! You are just soooo pretty with any makeup/hair/outfit look! I love your hair sooo much and it looks gorgeous in this hairdo! Arghhh you are just aarrgghh sooooo beautiful! I love every single one of your videos and will watch every one of them in the future, I love you Zoe! :') xxx

  339. That is so pretty! I love your makeup too, it goes perfectly with your hair and reflects this time of year :)
    Alice x

  340. Hi Zoe,
    I really looove the Make-Up you can totally pull that dark lipstick of, I wish I'd be that cool haha :)

    Because you inspired me to start my own Blog I would be so honored if you could maybe check it out, its:
    I like to blog about fashion and I also post a bit about beauty and Make-Up – I think you maybe like it ;)
    Lots of Love, Pauline Xxx

  341. Loveee this!! Soooo cute x

  342. Ronja S

    Hey Zoe!
    This hair style looks so amazing! I've got quite long hair as well but because I've trimmed the deck hair it's impossible to get a decent braid. But let's be honest, I don't even have the time to braid my hair in the morning. Haha, I just let it down. And your make-up looks stunning!
    We try to make similar stuff on our blog, but we haven't gotten much on it YET. I, personally, am more on the baking site, and my friend does more fashion and make-up related things. Like I said, our blog is in the making and we give our best! If you could just hop by and take a quick look, it'll mean the world to us.
    Thank youuuu xx

  343. love your hair it looks so nice and shiny

  344. Anre

    You absolute beauty:)

  345. Your hair is so nice! xx

  346. Your hair is so nice! xx

  347. Hello my name is Lauren, im 16 and im from Canada! it would be an understatement to say youre my favorite blogger/ Youtuber, you're my inspiration and my role model :) I have read every single post on here and I absolutely adore your help, advice, and posts. I see all the amazing opportunities you get to interact with people from the youtube community and beauty community, and I someday hope to have similar adventures :) That is why I am starting my own beauty/ life blog, and my own youtube channel :) I someday wish to be able to reach out to people and help them, not just with makeup or clothes, but also to be a more confident, happy overall human being :) I want to make a difference in the world one blog post at a time, and one vlog at a time. If you have a moment and if you see this comment, id love for you to take a look at my blog :D

    ( heres the link if you want to take a lookie :) this was my first post that I have ever done, so it may be a little rocky at first, but im willing to put the work in to get better! )

    Lauren xx
    PS ill always look forward to your posts and videos, no matter how old you or I get :)

  348. atgirly

    Gorgeous hair!

  349. Wow, I love the messy yet completely gorgeous look of the bun! It goes so well with the ombre hair. And I think I just fell in love with the lipstick…

    Kathybell –

  350. Lovise

    I love the hair and make up! :)
    you are so Pretty! x

  351. So much love for the lipstick.

  352. Nabxo

    Your hair looks perf and your make up is stuning xx

  353. Wow, gorgeous hair! A messy but cute look, perfect for Autumn! Well done Zoe! xxx

  354. i love this look so much, your hair reminds me of a fairy tail so beautiful. your stunning zoe.
    Leah |

  355. LOVE LOVE LOVE the eye makeup! arghhhhhhhh
    B x

  356. Hi Zoe! I just wanted to say how much I admire your friendship with Louise. I can only wish for a friendship like yours! I have a large group of friends at school but only a one or two can make me feel as happy as you seem when you are with Louise, but you get this feeling whenever you see each other! I love how you cherish each moment together You must feel so lucky!

    Also, that make up! Pretty darn cute! I love the outfit you've chosen to compliment the hair colour and style. Very autumnal! Haha!

    Sana x

  357. Yeeeees, beautiful! Love the atmosphere!!!

  358. Really love the colour of your lipstick. Such dark colours Are Perfect for autumn or winter! :) <3

  359. pleaz can u make a video doing everyday autumn and winter makeup??? pleaaaaaaaaaz
    by the way u're so beautifull i'm from egypt and i love u so much :* :*

  360. The make up looks great, almost better than the hair! I love how the tones are all so autumnal, great work! If you want to imitate this look quickly, then try dip-dye extensions from SimplyHair

  361. I'll have to try this out! love the lip colour!
    Over here it's spring so I may have to wait until the season catches up!

  362. ♥Super here with you!
    Would you like to observe? ♥ ☑
    ♥Follow me – let me know – and I'll let you observe! :) ♥

  363. Love this hairstyle I could wear it all day everyday

  364. Em

    You inspired me to take the plunge and start up my own blog! I will be in the UK at the end of the year and it would make my trip that much more amazing if I happened to bump into you one day! haha <3 Thank you for being an inspiration to us all Zoe <3
    For anyone who is interested in makeup please check out my blog :) I've only made one proper post but I would love to get some feedback (positive or negative) xx

  365. looks great on you! absolutely love your ombre x

  366. love your hair and make up in this zoe! you're beautiful! xx

  367. Your hair looks really great here Zoe !! In love with it !!

  368. I love your hair in this! So pretty and the colors look amazing together. Meh I wish I had brown hair. Blonde hair is quite difficult to ombrey with. I am glad i am not the only one who finds plaits difficult I can only do them if i do not look ( which is odd i know) as soon as I do it the mirror it goes wrong!

  369. love the make up and the hair !! gorgeous

  370. This is just beautiful ! The hair looks cute and messy and i just love this makeup look!

  371. zoella , i love this post it is just amazing . I love your style and i get your definetly my style inspiration.


  372. akki

    That's an awesome look. I love the lipstick!

  373. Wow that looks great with the different colours of her hair! :)
    Hi there!! I just started my blog and it would mean a lot to me if you could check it out and get in touch with me! :3

  374. Such a beautiful look on you Zoe! I love your hair sooo much. I wish I could pull off the ombre look. I'm thinking of just letting my natural hair grow out and rocking some "trailer park roots" for awhile. To let my hair rest from all of the coloring. And then if I let it grow out long enough, it will look like an ombre! LOL. Anyways, I am 38 years old (So old enough to be your mum) but I just absolutely love you, your blog, and your YT channel. You and Louise both are the cutest little things I've ever seen. It was your friendship and fun videos you all do that made me and my 21 yr old niece start our own channel. We were going to dress up as you and Louise for Halloween on our channel but did not want people to take it the wrong way and think that we were making fun of you or something. It is just because we;re huge fans and just adore you girlies! Anyways keep up the great work and stay true to who you are! Your a breath of fresh air in this sad world. And we just love u for it!!! <3 Julie

  375. I love this! I may use it for my formal coming up actually!

  376. wow Zoella you look so amazing. You always look that :D
    you are the most beautiful girl on the world *.* haha really i think so :D
    kisses ;)

  377. This looks so pretty! Your gorgeous as always!

  378. I love this look. After I saw you post this I had one of my friend's who has her own salon try it out on me. It turned out different but it's still a beautiful look! The up do with your dark lips is perfection! Love you and your blog Zoe!

    xoxo- Heather

  379. Zoe, i love your hair and your make-up look is wow its beautiful but, on that note you always look really pretty :) x

  380. I love the hair Zoe i might try that also me and my friend Sophie wanted to say we love your YouTube channel :)

  381. I love your hair Zoe i might try that myself also i love your YouTube channel :)

  382. I love this hairstyle on you! It's making me miss my long, ombre hair that I had up until a few weeks ago! Gorgeous look, as always! I might need to go pick up that lippy for myself!


  383. As usual, so pretty. Love the look! Wish I had long enough hair to try it. (: Post more soon please. <3

  384. I really like this Hair Style..Your hair style looks very unique.

  385. You are so beautiful Zoe! I love watching your Videos and reading your Blog cause you always brighten up my day! Thanks for doing that! You're perfect! :)) x


  386. Gemma O

    You look absolutely beautiful in the bottom pic. So vampy and classic x

  387. I really liked the look! It's so unique!

  388. Zoe! You need to checkout Ollie May!! You would LOVE the clothes!!

  389. This is so nice! Tried it so many times but failed miserably! haha,

    does anyone now how to get your pictures to fit the size of your blog perfectly like here?

  390. The lipstick in this look is so so beautiful!

  391. This is a brilliant look for autumn. I love the lip colour.

  392. Rachel

    This is all so beautiful! I was like wow her hair looks gorgeous, and her makeup, and her clothing! So obviously I can't just pick one thing! But your hair looks absolutely fambulagical… I made up a word to describe it. and your smokey eyes are lovely as is your lipstick! Also I love the color of your top and how it somewhat matches your ombre hair!

  393. Gorgeous Zoe. You look radiant. x


  394. Dear Zoe I love your blog and I decided to start one of my own. I would love to add badges like instagram or blogliving but I've no idea how that works. woul you mind to explain how I can add those links to my blog?

  395. Oh, your hair is so pretty like that!

  396. Hey Zoella! You are an amazing blogger:)

  397. I love your lipstick! Where did you get it? :)

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    January x

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    I wish my hair would look that great in a messy bun with braids. Unfortunately my hair is straight and lacks volume or sticks right out when I braid it. I really like the vampy lips though!


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