Posey Posey Big Hair Shots

I uploaded a new video at the weekend and I got a lot of people asking how I got so much volume in my hair. Funnily enough, when I styled my hair before filming, I used a product I hadn’t ever used before which was a naughty Space NK purchase last week, and was so amazed at the results, I snapped a few shots as I knew I’d want to rave to you about it. I had heard a bit of buzz around the brand Oribe through various other beauty bloggers and vloggers, but hadn’t followed up on it as I have enough hair styling products to last me a good while, and I’m genuinely happy with my current hair care routine. I also got the impression it wasn’t the cheapest brand as it was being stocked in Space NK. 

Whilst in Space NK buying birthday gifts, I spotted the range of Oribe hair products, and I think that they put extra strong human magnets in their packaging because I was drawn to them with no will of my own (ehem). I was very intrigued by the “Dry Texturising Spray – £38” – Anything with the word “texturising” when you have long hair is always promising, as it can easily be weighed down and can end up looking quite flat, and most of you know that my obsession with sea salt spray (for added texture) runs very deep. It’s essentially a dry shampoo, with texturising properties. It feels weightless in my hair, and gave my roots SUCH a boost. 

Yes, it has a price tag that could leave your purse feeling very light, but to be honest, it is so worth it. Obviously, if Batiste does it for you, then continue to use that at a much more budget friendly cost, but this is like no other dry shampoo I have ever used. It’s invisible, so personally that already edges ahead of batiste as there is nothing I hate more than brushing white powder through my roots (or after a day of shopping getting home to realise you had a massive white patch left at the back of your head…premature greys anyone? Not if I can help it). Not only does it make your hair look voluminous, it also makes it so shiny, and holds like a hairspray almost. As you can see, I used it to style my fringe and the front of my hair, and it worked SO well, better than any hairspray I’ve used previously. 

They say it has “patented polymers” to absorb oil, and plant extracts to hydrate and protect. They also say it leaves you with “full on glamorized hair that looks like it’s just been styled, even when it hasn’t”, which I 100% agree with. It feels as though I just left the salon. I’d also like to mention that it smells incredible. 

The only downside to this product, is that I NOW WANT EVERYTHING IN THE ORIBE RANGE! 

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  • libby Clarke

    U are beautiful 😍😘

  • Sarah Maryja

    Seems like an AMAZING product! I love your hair in these pictures but 38 are definetly not made for a students wallet :)

    • Hannah

      Must agree with you on that one !!

  • Mya Allen

    you are so pretty OMG almost done reading your book its amazing

  • lucyyyrose

    I’m buying this product today <3

  • mehrin

    so buying them

  • Keira Teale

    you are amazingxxx

  • Ayesha Khan

    ohh my God you look so beautiful that I’ve forgotten about everything else but I m just watching you like a cool movie scene , you are such a beautiful girl xx

  • amazing, and your hair looks super gorgeous :)


  • Dang Giang
  • Jade Madeleine

    Re-visiting all your older amazing posts and they are so beautiful xx


  • Shae.B <3

    Super Pretty, I am 12 and I have short hair like yours is now and I really need to know how to style it cause I live in Australia and I am going back to school soon, all of my friends have gorgeous hair and I always just have mine down or in a high pony-tail I have tired to curl it I failed PLZ IF ANYONE HAS SUGGESTIONS MESSAGE ME

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