Posey Posey Big Hair Shots

I uploaded a new video at the weekend and I got a lot of people asking how I got so much volume in my hair. Funnily enough, when I styled my hair before filming, I used a product I hadn’t ever used before which was a naughty Space NK purchase last week, and was so amazed at the results, I snapped a few shots as I knew I’d want to rave to you about it. I had heard a bit of buzz around the brand Oribe through various other beauty bloggers and vloggers, but hadn’t followed up on it as I have enough hair styling products to last me a good while, and I’m genuinely happy with my current hair care routine. I also got the impression it wasn’t the cheapest brand as it was being stocked in Space NK. 

Whilst in Space NK buying birthday gifts, I spotted the range of Oribe hair products, and I think that they put extra strong human magnets in their packaging because I was drawn to them with no will of my own (ehem). I was very intrigued by the “Dry Texturising Spray – £38” – Anything with the word “texturising” when you have long hair is always promising, as it can easily be weighed down and can end up looking quite flat, and most of you know that my obsession with sea salt spray (for added texture) runs very deep. It’s essentially a dry shampoo, with texturising properties. It feels weightless in my hair, and gave my roots SUCH a boost. 

Yes, it has a price tag that could leave your purse feeling very light, but to be honest, it is so worth it. Obviously, if Batiste does it for you, then continue to use that at a much more budget friendly cost, but this is like no other dry shampoo I have ever used. It’s invisible, so personally that already edges ahead of batiste as there is nothing I hate more than brushing white powder through my roots (or after a day of shopping getting home to realise you had a massive white patch left at the back of your head…premature greys anyone? Not if I can help it). Not only does it make your hair look voluminous, it also makes it so shiny, and holds like a hairspray almost. As you can see, I used it to style my fringe and the front of my hair, and it worked SO well, better than any hairspray I’ve used previously. 

They say it has “patented polymers” to absorb oil, and plant extracts to hydrate and protect. They also say it leaves you with “full on glamorized hair that looks like it’s just been styled, even when it hasn’t”, which I 100% agree with. It feels as though I just left the salon. I’d also like to mention that it smells incredible. 

The only downside to this product, is that I NOW WANT EVERYTHING IN THE ORIBE RANGE! 

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  1. You are so pretty I will try this product :) your hair is so beautiful and perfect I wish I had the same hair . <3

  2. Aimée

    Why oh why did I read this!? I have long hair too so it'd perfect for me!! Not sure if I can justify that price tag just yet though! Looks great on your hair though Zoe :)

    Aimée Xx

  3. Your hair looks absolutely amazing. I have heard so many good things about this product. Shame about the price tag. Maybe next pay day ;)


  4. Jenny

    Zoe, you're gorgeous. Any plans to ditch the ombre for winter? I think it'd look amazing x

  5. you look so gorgeous and I'll be sure to check this out!!! love you xx

  6. Sounds good – I've got quite flat hair and also have a bit of an obsession with sea salt spray. Might have to give this a go! It will probably cause me some pain to part with so much money, but like my husband says "Buy cheap, buy twice"!!


  7. Love this! Your hair looks amazing! Big hair is the best hair!

    Sarah Sarah-warnes.blogspot.co.ul

  8. I love your hair & I want to know if you have split ends or do you constantly trim the ends? I use leave in conditioners on a daily basis, a thick conditioner in the shower and do weekly treatments of hair masks. I use wide tooth combs with wet hair and regular tooth combs with dry hair. I never backtease & i always use heat protectant with straight irons or hair dryers. And yet I get split ends ALL THE TIME. Do you? Also, I usually leave me hair elbow length and notice that it goes flat and lifeless. I have really thick and heavy hair & hate the feel of products. I usually get bored & feel I need a change so I chop it all off to my chin level and start the growing process again.

  9. Daria

    Way too expensive for a hair product, but I never use spray so ;) xx

  10. oooh i'm so tempted to try this now, it's a pity about the price tag!

  11. Sounds really great and you'd hair looks gorgeous! I don't think I could part with the money to try it though haha!


  12. Renate

    Thanks for the heads up – I'm actually looking for volumizing products and if I get over the price, I'll definitely give it a try! :)

    Renate from http://thecuriousklutz.blogspot.dk/

  13. Your hair looks amazing! And so do you:) I've got the same problem like Karina above me.. I get split ends always! An I use heat protection spray, hair oil, conditioner, everything but it never gets better:( Please give us some adive, I love your blog!



  14. Such a nice style! Love! :)


  15. gorgeous hair, as always! I am a space NK addict so i may have to pop in there on my lunch and purchase this!

    she goes wear


  16. Wahh so jealous of your hair! This looks amazing, maybe for a birthday or Christmas present ;)


  17. Your hair is so awesome!! XD

  18. Claudia

    Your hair looks amazing, I really want to try this!! xx

  19. Your hair is so beautiful, makes me wish I had never bleached mine :( Oh Space NK very nice, well who could resist x

  20. WOWS

    I should test it too…in fact I adore to check hair products as I take a lot (more than a lot) of care of my long hair.

    Kisses from

    Today I show you a Casual look including Tribal pattern Top and amazing sandals that I wore to visit a protected natural area…don't miss the pics!.

  21. Now I want to try it too :O
    Please do an updated hair care routine if you`re not
    using the TIGI S Factor anymore! xx

  22. Your hair is seriously beautiful <3

    jesselynnn.blogspot.com //FANCYTHEE

  23. That last photo, just wow! You are so beautiful! And it looks like that hairspray really works…my bank account says no, but my hair screams yes ^^

  24. I keep seeing other bloggers raving about this! I almost snatched up their "Shine Light Reflecting Spray" while I was in Neiman Marcus last week, but I just couldn't do it! I think at some point, I'll take the plunge and get one of these products, but I think I just saw the price and panicked a little!


  25. You look absolutely stunning in that last photo – really lovely smile.

    This product also looks and sounds amazing. I need to get some!! Thanks for the great review x


  26. I have the toni and guy sea salt texturing spray but I'm still not too sure
    how to get texture/ volume from it.

    but your hair look AMAZING!!!


  27. I think I may have to try this now. Long thick hair, so hard to style!

  28. Blasphemy! LOL Just kidding. Ive read similar things on other blogs. Ill take your word for it. Stay solid! your pal.
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  30. Thank you Zoe, I really need something like this for my hair! :D

  31. You look amazing ad usual, haha id love to buy that but waaayyy over my price range! Think I'll try toni and guy sea salt spray instead! It only 15 bucks so. Looks great though love it, have a nice day xx :)

  32. me too :(

  33. Noush

    Your hair are amazing !

  34. Jen27

    Ah, I'm dying to try this! Gives such beautiful volume. Your hair is stunning! I've been using Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish spray (which I think is similar) and I've been loving it :)



  35. Julie s

    Thanks for share this with us :)
    Your hair are so beautiful ! i have long hair and they don't have any texture or volume and i was looking for a product like this now i'm gonna test oribe!!!
    love u <3

  36. Becky

    You should give the new Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Spray a go it's pretty much the same as the Oribe but a tenner cheaper :) x

  37. I love colour your hair !!

  38. Your hair does look amazing and I would love to try this myself, although I just feel like nothing but hairspray will make my hair stay in place. I have really long hair too and even with hairspray in, it still gets weighed down and loses its shape – I dont think it helps that my hair is really thin too. Damn this English windy weather!

    – Sarah


  39. This will be going on my hair care wishlist. I hate that my hair goes flat so easily so when I've saved some pennies I'll be getting this. Your hair looks amazing as always :)


  40. Your hair looks amazing, and I definitely want to try this not sure if I'll ever be able to convince myself the £38 is an okay price to pay though! Maybe one day!!


  41. your hair is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! you look stunningly gorgeous :)

    could you tell us how exactly you use it (e.g. do you spray it in after brushing your hair over your head, do you only use it at your roots…) or even better show it in a video? and do you do some extra styling afterwards or just leave it like it is?

  42. Layla D

    This looks amazing…I'm definitely going to check it out as I love having volume in my hair especially when I blow dry it!!

    Layla xx


  43. I've heard so many good things about oribe and it sounds amazing, I'd love to have that kind of volume in my long hair! Don't think I could justify the price tag just yet though x


  44. Your hair looks amazing! And that texturising spray sounds incredible! Shame about the price tag! I've never heard of the brand and if we do have it in Australia, the price will be even steeper! EEK!!



  45. This looks amazing on your hair, very jealous! :) xxx


  46. I am always after a hair product to give me volume, and I don't mind spending the money if I know its going to work. Think on payday I'll have to treat myself!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  47. Kate

    Your hair looks gorgeous here :) x

  48. Your hair looks beautiful (:

  49. I wish more than anything I had your hair, Its so amazing.

  50. your hair looks great and it really makes me want to try it!! But for nearly 40 quid that is a real put off!! L xxx


  51. Bumble and Bumble have just brought out the volumising and thickening dryspun finish spray. It sounds like the same thing and it's absolutely amazing! It's £21.50 x

  52. Maky

    I love your hair♥♥

  53. Aileen

    I want! You're hair looks amazing as always :)

  54. Your hair looks always fab, but indeed this time it's just amazing. My next visit to the UK will be marked by many (, many, many, many) shoppingbags from Space NK, Superdrug, etc… ^^

  55. zoe, this might sound odd, but I miss the "non high quality photos", and the more natural way of writing seen in previous blog posts (around a year or so ago) You're blog is still one of my favorites, and you still inspire me for my blog, but yea I just wondered if anyone agreed with me?? x


  56. Sarah

    Wow this looks amazing, shame about the price tag… :( x

  57. Zoe, your hair is to die for! Okay, that might sound a bit dramatic, lets put it this way: I love it! I have very thick hair that already has texture and sometimes a bit too much for my taste! xx


  58. So expensive but it looks so good and I've never really had anything do much of a good job at putting volume in my hair… might have to splurge for it! Xx

  59. Your hair is incredible!xx


  60. love this!


  61. Oooo, if I had the money! thegirlinthemoonlight.blogpost.co.uk

  62. Martina

    your hair looks sooooo good!

  63. Beautiful ♥ love your hair

  64. Shawsy

    Zoe, you are so beautiful! i love your amazing smile <3
    I'm a begininng blogger, please look at my page and say what you think!
    :* kisses

  65. My hair is always flat, it's long as well and I usually tease it or curl it to give it more volume, but I will look out for this, or sea salt spray as I've never seen it in a store (I haven't been religiously looking though) nice post, you're so awesome Zoe :-)


  66. I love your photos <3

  67. Never ever been so jealous of someones hair!

  68. Amie H

    Your hair is beautiful Zoe! I would love to try this product out because my hair can be very flat too :) xx


  69. Hayley

    I absolutely love your hair so I'm definitely going to give this a go.

    Water Painted Dreams

  70. Siburn

    I wish there was a spray to reduce volume because mine is enormous. You look wonderful btw and a volume suits you :)


  71. Ombre look so good on you! It really suits you, and I think it's a cool way of adding colour without going fully blonde! I never really seen how well it suits you!

  72. Maddy

    I need to try it too, it looks absolutely amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  73. .......

    have never tried anything from the range but you can imagine that I now want to. love the packaging and yes I noticed how great your hair looked in that video! xx. gigi. http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  74. Can you make an updated haircare routine video x

  75. Bella

    Your hair looks so lovely and the product sounds amazing! I am going to start saving for it x

    Pretty Miss by Bella

  76. i absolutely looove your hair. i'm so jealous.. in a good way! :) i want ombr hair, but i think my hair is a bit short. :(
    i adore you, you blog and videos.
    i started my blog, too..
    i love what i am doing, but i get a lot of hate:( i have only 3 posts but some of my friend find out.. that was bad..
    but maybe you could check it out :)

  77. Love this post your hair is perfect!!!
    I got my zoella badges in the post today too they're amazing I'm such a fan (see photos on my instagram @meghanbryony) if anyone wants their own they still have them on ebay just type in youtuber fan badges I think they have Louise ones too!!!
    Meg xxx


  78. Nita

    Your hair looks lovely! I need to try the Oribe hairspray out since sooo many people are raving about it. Adding it to my wishlist!


  79. Your hair is so pretty! You inspired me to grow my hair back out, but I'm nowhere near as good as you at styling it! haha

  80. It looks amazing! :D

    ~ Hannelore

  81. Amazing, love your hair ♥

  82. Ookaze

    Oh no, I do want this now so badly! I'm not sure I've ever spent so much for a hair product, I'm sometimes quite neglecting my hair, but you really really tempt me!



  83. Bhavna

    You look amazing Zoe :) x

  84. You have such wonderful hair, I am really jealous!

  85. Ahh, something else to add to my ever lengthening wish list haha!!!

  86. Morgan

    Beautiful Zoe! I love the volume! You should put your hair in a ponytail and use it on your bangs, it would look so lovely!

  87. You're beaut!

    Emma | masqueradebelle.co.uk

  88. I am sooo jealous of your hair! :)


  89. Your hair looks amazing! :) xx


  90. Crystal

    Gorgeous as always!


  91. Well this definitely beats the "There's something about Mary" method.

  92. Zoe

    Ive been wanting to try this for a while now but always put it back as its sooo expensive!
    zozeze.com x

  93. How Stunning,
    I've got a bit too much volume on my hair that I need to take it down a notch,
    Looks like a great product though!

    x, nessiejudge.blogspot.com

  94. Seen this on Vivianna Does Makeup and now you've made me want it! But it's so freaking expensive!! :(

    alicekatex ♥

  95. Sidney

    Wow so much volume!


  96. Your hair looks great. A similar root lifting product is root pump by big sexy hair. I love it and want to try this one too.


  97. Dear Zoe,
    I love your blog. I'm constantly viewing it, and you are truly an inspiration. I'm glad you are successful in the blogging community and one day I ope to be as successful as you. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Kelsey (the Dig)


  98. Dang girl u look great ! I might have to check this baby out. You got some serious big hair there girl I love it !!!

  99. As a fellow girl with super long hair itching for volume, this sounds amazing. But I'm not so sure it's quite in my budget. I've heard the new bumble and bumble spray is pretty comparable and much cheaper so I think I'll be giving that a go. Thanks so much for your review, if I ever decide to check it out I'll refer back to this post!
    Lovely Notions

  100. Be e

    do i spy orange lipstick? the hair looks great Zoe :)


  101. Rebecca

    Adding that to the list to try! Thanks Zoe xx

  102. Kelly

    Your hair looks amazing!

  103. Kelly

    I agree, I loved her posts from years before. But it definitely is more appealing now, with high quality pictures.

  104. Your hair is stunning Zoe Looks like the product really works well :)

    Xo, Michelle


  105. Have been looking for so,ething to give my hair a little boost, think i will try the bumble & bumble as someone above said first but this looks fab!

  106. Wow, your hair looks incredible! I've never heard of Oribe before but I'm definitely going to go check out their range now! Batiste does work ok for me (it's definitely easier to hide it, being a blonde!) but I'd really like to see what else they do as they clearly seem to be a quality hair brand.

    Thanks for the post!

    Hannah's Beauty Sweet

  107. Can youu please checkk my blog : it's not amazing, but i'm working onn itt, i really love what you're doing, so it would mean the world to me if you see it ! <3

  108. Your hair looks amazing, this is definitely something I want to try but I think i'll be waiting until my birthday for it with that price tag! haha!

  109. I have always wanted to try everything in the Oribe range. So many people just say such amazing things about every product that the Oribe has ever made. Love love love. Thanks for this review.

  110. This looks like an absolutely fabulous product! I will definitely be giving it a whirl in the future. Lovely post and you look absolutely beautiful!


  111. I am not a fan of these kind of product for my haircare, my hair is so thin, and they're not super long, above my boobs, but, when I use something on my hair, the next day, they're so oily and gross :( yet, I wash my hair every 2 days! So, maybe it only works with thick and long hair like yours Zoe, :( I wish I had thick hair though!


  112. eimziee

    I love your hair Zoe. I used to have long hair but I chopped it! It was such a hassle to wash, brush, dry and style! And with my "fine" (thin) hair alot of the time it lay flat on my hair, and it took alot of effort to get some sort of volume in, which, no matter how hard I tried always fell out after awhile. :( haha
    -Eimear xoxo

  113. completely adore the effect this product has had on your hair. Definitely might treat myself to it!

    Keep up the blog posts x

  114. i definatly need to try this please check out my blog beth-stocker.blogspot.com and follow me on bloglovin also enter the competition on my blog


  115. ~Katie~

    Your hair is amazing! I really think I'll give this product a try.
    Katie x


  116. Beth B

    does the volume last all day? because I just use batiste and I find it only lasts for an hour or so :/ x

  117. I always try to go for volume ! But my hair is so heavy nothing ever stays, Maybe if i come across this i will try this


  118. Amy

    Wow! Your hair looks amazing in those pictures! I would so love to try it but I don't think I could spend that much on a hair product! Maybe when I'm older though… x
    Amy | http://amysbeautyjournal.blogspot.co.uk/

  119. Wow it really gives your hair a lot of volume! I have super long hair as well, and struggle with getting volume. I'll have to check and see if we have that product in the states! Thanks for sharing!

    It's a Bug's life


  120. Oh my word! That looks absolutely incredible. I think I might add this to my Christmas wishlist (no it's not too early, and yes it is a *small* gift so it does qualify under my boyfriend's terms and conditions for this Christmas!) :) xxx


  121. There are so many brands of shampoo available on the market. This brand I have seen for the first time. Actually my hair is very thin will it work or please tell me any other brand of best shampoo for thinning hair.

  122. your hair looks absolutely amazing and i when i used to have long hair, i would have killed for this volume! unfortunately now i have short hair, a texturising/voluminising spray wouldn't be that useful as my hair is quite voluminous anyway. however, there are some days when my hair needs that something extra (i.e. when it needs a wash…) and most of the time i make do with bastite but the XXL volume bastite is a product i just did not get along with. i put up with it but it was not a favourite of mine. this, on the other hand, seems like a perfect alternative! i'm a little uncertain of the price tag but i'm sure it'll worm it's way into my collection ;) X


  123. I love your hair Zoe, i'm attempting to grow my hair the same length as yours but I've noticed as it's getting longer it's loosing a lot of it's volume. I really want to try this product now!

    Charlotte x


  124. Oooh I'd love to try this! I have mega long hair too so I know what you mean about hair being weighed down! Alas, the price tag is a little hefty for my bank balance :( Gorgeous as ever, Zoe :) xx

  125. Gorgeous hair

  126. Lyly

    I love your hair!
    You look so peeeerf!

  127. Meribo

    Zoe :) Hiiii I'm from Spain, i dont know if u have many followers from my country but I discovered you a few moths ago and I realized that you are amazing. today I've created a blog and you have been my inspiration to do it :) I dont know if you are going to read my message but I just wanted you to know how important have u been for my new blog, and for me really. You are the kind of person that I want to be when i grow up and you have inspired me so much in so many ways. I'm so excited about writing to you, I'm 16 and please if you could answer me or have a look at my blog I would be the happiest person in the world!!! love u so much Zoeeeee :)) x

  128. Steffy

    Deffinetly in love with Oribe's products too! I havn't tried their dry shampoo yet though, but after reading your post it will probably be on my xmas list x3


  129. The more people talk about this particular product the more I want it! I do feel £38 is a little pricey, however after seeing the size of the bottle in your recent Vlog I do think its justified. Would be interesting to know how long it lasts until you finish it though! See if its worth the money! I dont want to spend that much and find I use it up fairly quickly!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  130. Well I definitely need this!

    My hairs as long as yours and always looks so flat and stringy looking;(

  131. So much volume, it's amazing!
    Going to purchase it soon!


  132. Meribo

    Hola hola :) yo también hablo español!! de donde eres? yo tambien empecé con un blog hace un par de díaaaas!
    me paso por tu blog, pásate tu también por el mio porfi :) Te leeeeo de cerca! muchas gracias, muaaac

  133. You are so beautiful, can I just be you?:(((

  134. I'm so in love with your hair! Mine used to be as long as yours, until i ruined it with dye:( x

  135. That does look amazing! I think it's a bit too expensive for my student budget though :(


  136. Your hair looks truly amazing in these pictures, I want some of this spray now! Thanks for sharing :)


  137. Your hair looks truly amazing in these pictures, I want some of this spray now! Thanks for sharing :)


  138. Love your haaiirrrr!!!! :*

    khanombeautyblog.blogspot.com xxx

  139. Thankyou so much! This is now my favorite hair spray :) You are so beautiful why can't I be you?

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  142. You are absolutely beautiful! Love the hair <3


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  144. i looove her hair!
    xoxo chelsea

  145. Your hair looks so lovely in this!!! I have long hair and this product sounds amazing!! Might have to go out and purchase this! For texture in my roots I use Bed Head Sugar Dust to give me a bit of 'omph'.


  146. And I thought my hair was long! Zoe your hair is so gorgeous; have you ever thought about being a hair model? :D
    Lots of admiration xx


  147. Danica

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  155. You have amazing hair! It always looks so perfect! Getting a bit jealous here, hahaha.

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  157. Have you or anyone else tried the Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo? It's only $5 and I think it works much better than Batiste–there is less white residue:)

  158. Alibi

    Try Lee Stafford split ends serum, it worked wonders for me!


  159. omg why do you look so damb pretty and beautiful xx <3

    reply x

  160. Hey Zoella! Your hair looks amazing! I will totally have to try this product out! (:

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    S xx

  171. I just love your hair like this ♥

  172. Sarah

    You have inspired me to have Obre hair but my hair isn't as long as yours (just past my shoulders), I wonder if it will still look as cool though? I hope so :)
    Love your blog and youtube channel, how did I not discover you sooner? xx

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    • Hannah

      Must agree with you on that one !!

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