Blazer – Zara

Trousers – Topshop

Loose Silk Vest – Topshop

Lipstick – Topshop Infrared

Sandals – Carvela at Kurt Geiger 

One of the things about being on holiday is deciding what to wear out for dinner in the evenings as there is usually a much cooler breeze once the sun has gone down. I’ve had this blazer for about 3 months, and not had a clue how to wear it or style it. I found it quite intimidating and wasn’t sure I could pull it off as I am only comfortable throwing on my black blazer, which tends to go with pretty much everything. With two days of tan and a monochrome outfit I decided to put it on if the evening got chilly, and I actually quite liked it. The trousers and top were quite casual but the blazer added an edge of formality. Moral of the story: Don’t let clothes intimidate you, there will be an occasion where you’ll be able to make it work, just be brave! :)

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  1. Laura

    love that outfit ! x

  2. Ah such a beautiful blazer! I've been eyeing one up in Topshop for ages but scared I will get it dirty haha! xxx

  3. I really love this outfit, the lip colour gives it a perfect pop! Do you know if topshop still stick this colour? Thanks :) x

  4. Love your style so much, Zoe :) And glad to see you posting on the blog more often lately! xxx

  5. I love my white blazer. xx

  6. BERY

    you are look very pretty ;]

  7. you look adorable ♥

    xx Jo Betty

  8. Loving the blazer really suits you :)

  9. This outfit looks nice!
    I love the look of a white blazer but I've never purchased one as I tend to go for black all the time as well. Hope you're having a great time on holiday!
    Chanelle Jade xx
    Don't forget to enter my Soap & Glory giveaway! x

  10. I love whole outfit, but trousers are the best! I must have them :)

  11. Beautiful as always. love from Portugal!

  12. I am always doing this, not wanting to wear a certain item of clothing because I don't know how to wear it, but next time I think I'm just going to give it a go anyway. Thanks Zoe!!! :)

  13. Renate

    It's a very nice outfit! I love the pants and the way everything is styled together – suits you perfectly also, even though you might feel a little out of your comfort zone. Enjoy your holiday, gorgeous :)

    Renate from

  14. I love the outfit – you look lovely. Zara is the best, and I have a similar pair of trousers from River Island in a tribal print!
    I hope your having a lovely time away form rainy England. x

  15. Such a beautiful look and i love the lipstick to add a pop of colour! :)

  16. Hi Zoe!

    Wow I hope you're having a lovely time in Greece!

    I love this outfit! You shouldn't be afraid of the blazer because it really suits you, especially due to the glossiness and length of your hair!

    Why don't you pair the white blazer and black top with some dark blue skinny jeans and some brown ankle boots? Would be a great Autumn/Winter look topped off with your Zara City Bag!

    I love your blog and channel and hope you continue to be posting forever!

    Lots of love,

    L x
    ♥lucylovehart – ♥life♥beauty♥thoughts

  17. Noush

    You look really pretty !

  18. it's simple but have some amazing prints which made it so elegant! i love how u combine the top and bottom.
    you're so prettyyyyyy!

  19. How are you so beautiful? is it even possible? ilove you so muchh zoozeebooo<3

  20. oh and i have the same blazer in peeach/orange:')

  21. Amazing outfit. Love the trousers and the lipstick colour.

  22. I love this outfit! Smart and laid back, you look great and I love the fishtails plait. xxx

  23. Love the trourses!:D<3

  24. Merena

    your make up is A+. Very al naturale xx

  25. Holl JC

    You look lovely Zoe, that blazer is gorgeous! x

  26. Cute! I love the pants, and the blazer just makes the outfit! xx

  27. OMG you are so sweet :-) I love your Blog. New Follower ;-) One from 10000 :-D
    Have a nice weekend. Greets from Germany.


  28. LOVE the white blazer. You look simply stunning!

    Xo, Michelle

  29. cute and comfy outfit!
    xx Stephanie (

  30. I've been intimidated by clothes in the past not thinking they would suit and so forth but you've just go to give it a go! Your blazer is great, I'm currently looking for one in a burgundy.

  31. I love your blazer so much! You look so nice!

  32. Amy

    Know what you mean! Whenever I buy a piece that's a little more edgy than my everyday it can be a bit intimidating trying to find a way to style it!
    Love your look :)

  33. Very cute Zoe, I don't think the pants would suit me though,
    my body type would make that look like PJs (:
    You make it look really good though! envy! x


  34. Gorgeous outfit! <3

  35. Mia

    You've got such a pretty face and body :) x Wish you all the best and have fun in Greece!!! Britain's cold and rainy right now :/

    Love you lots! :)

  36. I love the trousers! Keeping with the bravery bit, I would probably never imagine myself wearing loose pants out as I would be too scared it would make me look bigger than I am…


  37. wow i love the trousers! so gorgeous! x

  38. Amie H

    You look gorgeous Zoe :) Hope you're having a lovely holiday! xx

  39. I love your outfit! I love how you have subtly matched your lipstick and nail polish! You look so tanned I am extremely jealous!

  40. Rachel

    what a lovely blazer to dress up the casual outfit :)

    Rachel xx
    Style Soup

  41. WOWS

    MArvellous blazer! love it!

    Kisses from

    Today I show you an awesome Sporty Chic look with Leopard print pants and amazing accessories….don't miss the pics!.
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  42. Love the entire outfit :-) I'll definitely be taking inspiration from this!! :-D

  43. Silke

    You look great, a little tan! ;) I love the outfit!

  44. Omg so gorgeous! xxx


  45. I love how you have a colourful lipstick and nail polish pops out against the monochrome outfit! :) xx

  46. Wow! Really cool combination and what a pretty blazer

  47. it's definitely an amazing blazer. looking adorable, as always zoe. :3 xx

  48. Getting ready for an evening out has to be one of my favourite things to do whilst on holiday. The white blazer looks lovely with your choice of lipstick colour :) Xx

  49. I love this outfit, totally something I would wear on holiday :)

  50. You look fabulous, as ever! <3

  51. Thanks for making this outfit seem so…accessible! I can actually buy all of this, LOL.

    Your Friend, Jess

  52. Mona

    wow you look gorgeous dear! Your sense of style is just amazing
    Wish you nice holidays and enjoy your time <3

  53. I like the whole outfit :) and your make-up looks great. What foundation did you use? :)

  54. This is completely unrelated but I think your hair looks fab in a fishtail braid with the ombre :)

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday

    Zoe x

  55. Clair N

    You look amazing Zoe! So jealous

    Clair xx

  56. Oliwia

    Like your hair! ;*

  57. Zoe

    Lovely outfit, the blazer looks great! x

  58. Kate B

    I've been nursing the idea of getting a white blazer but have been too afraid to take the plunge, (not because I don't think I could pull it off, but mostly because I'm a 5-year-old and spill everything on myself). Seeing this picture though makes me want to get one real bad now. Gorgeous!

  59. love the outfit you are the best zoella <3

  60. Zoé

    Love, love, love, love ! <3

  61. You looks beautiful as always Zoe!

  62. San Dra

    You look absolutely amazing… Greetings from Polish <3 :*

  63. Emily

    such a cute outfit!

    ✿ Emily | Honey Loaf xx

  64. what a lovely outfit! I'm obsessed with the blazer, looking for such a blazer for so long now and can't find it although it's just a simple white blazer… whyyy haha

  65. Blazer-overload in my comment ;D

  66. Looks so gorgeous Zoe, dayum that tan! I love how the orange lipstick really completes it all too :) Xx

  67. What a great outfit! I really cannot wait for my hair to grow longer so I can do pretty styles like loose fish tails!!

    Beauty Baggage

  68. This looks awesome! I love it. Dressing up for evenings on holiday is one of my favourite things.

  69. I absolutely love those trousers :) such a great combination of on trend fashion!

    Oh and i bloody love your blog :)

  70. Such stunning pictures! Love it

    Emma |

  71. Eeeek! Such a gorgeous outfit on a gorgeous girl! I love the trousers as well, looks beautiful on you :)

    Tilly xoxo

  72. I also have some trousers, but I never wear them! I don't know it just not the right time I guess, but I find it very cool on other people! Usually I'm very brave but I'm not feeling old enough for the blazer, like I'll be 30 instead of 20! But I always think it's cute when I see someone rocking these kind of outfits! xxx you're beautiful as always Zoe :)

  73. As an American, can I say it's just so lovely how you guys call vacation a holiday. I think America needs to copy you all with that trend. It has such a nicer ring to it than "vacation". Have a wonderful time on holiday <3 Love the jacket…and the fishtail braid!!


  74. Love love love that blazer!! You look so stunning

  75. Woah in that second picture you look exactly like Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones!


  76. Wooww!! I just love it! You look so amazing! =D

  77. A Rose

    I love your outfit! The blazer works so well with it! So happy you're writing blog posts more often <3 Love you Zoe!

  78. I love your outfit! I tend to add a formal piece of clothing to a casual outfit if I don't want to spend a lot of time looking for formal clothes and still want to feel comfy.

  79. I enjoy dressing for the evening on holiday too!!!
    Love the silk vest


  80. I love your outfit! I tend to add a formal piece of clothing to a casual outfit if I don't want to spend a lot of time looking for formal clothes and still want to feel comfy.

  81. It looks so great on you! Well styled!

  82. Coralii

    Pięknie !! <3

  83. Kelly

    Any pants always look so good on you. Haha

  84. looks gorgeous zoe xx


  86. Bekka

    You look great Zoe, I think you style it well. I can't get away with wearing blazers, but I might try it this Autumn.

  87. I really adore this outfit and you look stunning!

  88. Orangey lips suit you SOOO well!
    Laura x

  89. Crystal

    Super cute and I especially love that lip color!


  90. Very very cute blazer! Love it!

    x leah symonne x

  91. Lucy

    Looooove your trousers! You really pull them off.


  92. You look sooo beautiful hun!! xxx

  93. You look beautiful!

  94. Marisa

    Such cute pictures! Loved the hair style <3

  95. such a cute blazer, need this in black xx

  96. So adorable! I love your lipstick too!


  97. Sara

    You look amazing!!!


  98. Maddy

    Such a beautiful combination! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  99. Maky

    Sooo nice! I love your style!:)

  100. such a lovely holiday outfit! The blazer is so nice. L xxx

  101. Zoe your style is so perfect! I'm always really scared to wear a blazer in fear of looking to dressed up than I need to be! Your hair is so cute in this post, loved the outfit!

    Stacie xo

  102. Great outfit, casual with a formal touch! Loving the bold lips with a monochrome outfit! xx

  103. Pareasa

    I love the blazer! I never would have thought to pair it with those bottoms, but it is a perfect look!

    xo, Pareasa
    The FAB Journal

  104. love the black and white finished with a nice bold lips so beautiful Zoe

  105. I love this outfit Ms. Zoe! You looks so adorable! ^^

  106. Naffy

    Beautiful, classy and chic! xxx

  107. You always look amazing, Zoe! This outfit is really lovely, hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday! xo

  108. This does look amazing. I love how smart it looks even though the clothes are not that intimidating. And your beautiful hair adds something extra :)

  109. eeeeek i want your hair :O i LOVE the blazer <3 i also adore that lipstick, i look at it every single time i go into topshop but put it back because im not sure how confident i feel with brighter lip colours, next time i might just force myself haha :) xxxxx

    Heather xx

  110. you look so beautiful ♥

  111. Love this outfit!

  112. Melane

    I think the blazer would also go very well with some nice coloured skinny jeans and high heels. Very sophisticated and with your legs you will look like a freaking Victoria Secret model. ;)

    Xo Mel

  113. You look gorgeous! As always!

  114. really lovely Outfit!:)
    I absolutely love your lipstick!

    -Lilly Xx

    (Check out my blog you cuties!)

  115. I recently purchased a plaid blazer ! and it is my favourite thing. Having those few crazy pieces in your wardrobe is an essential! for me at least.

  116. Sandra

    love the blazer!!

    ¡Check out my morning routine ^^ : here!, you will love it!!


  117. Neza

    You precious, precious human being. You look absolutely stunning :)

  118. Julia K

    I want to know more about what you wear :)your style is so awesome and perfect and i want to copy it(hahaa)!! :D WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE AWESOME CLOTHERS? <3
    you are a beauty queen <3
    (sorry my bad english)

  119. sabi07

    Beauty outfit!

    Look to my webside, please:

  120. I totally can relate some clothes are rather daunting for me, wearing the colour green I feel it never suits me so I hardly ever by any green. The white blazer is great especially as it really adds a subtle touch to a casual outfit.

  121. You are gorgeous!
    I love your pants :) xx


  122. Jess

    The blazer looks great as does the whole look. Those pants look so comfortable.


  123. I own a white blazer from Forever 21, but I never wear it because I just don't know what to wear it with, however, the idea of a printed trouser with a monochrome outfit looks really appealing! I love the Topshop trouser print.


  124. Siburn

    lovely outfit, great makeup, enjoy your holiday :)


  125. Lovely outfit :) x

  126. Stunning as usual! I've wanted to try another color blazer and white seems like such a great option; thanks for sharing this outfit!
    Lovely Notions

  127. Just beautiful! Love the hole look, it´s perfect! :D
    You´re looking so tanned and gorgeous as always!

    Lots of Love
    Nini & Hannah

    Please check out our blog

  128. Could you be cuter if you tried?! Lush have a very similar lipstick called Strong if you were ever looking for something else :)

    Dee x

  129. Ah Zoe these trousers are amazing! That is the perfect holiday outfit. Xx

  130. Follow me! I am starting a new beauty, lifestyle, etc. blog.

    Zoe, if you had a lazy day where you were staying at home and working on your blog/videos, what would you wear and how would you do your hair and makeup?

  131. You're absolutly stunning! The blazer looks amazing on you. The whole outfit looks soooooooo good!


  132. OMG! absolutely lovely <3

  133. Love the look! Will definitely have to give this a try :)

  134. You look amazing x

  135. LeeLee

    Great outfit Zoe!!

  136. I forgot to leave my URL!

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    Follow and I will return the favor!

    Zoe, you are my inspiration for starting my own blog. Please check it out!

  137. Hi Zoe, you have been talking about this lipstick/lipgloss on your youtube channel a couple times called bourjois colour boost lip. I have been searching for it everywhere but am unable. So i was wondering where you got it and how much it was?


  138. very stylish colours for this season, loving the monochrome!

  139. Love the blazer and pants together!

    Sarah x

  140. i have everything in this outfit and have never thought of paring my white blazer with those trousers but it looks so lovely on you zoe i might have to try it when its sunny again x

  141. Zoe you are gorgeous! I love reading your blog posts and watching you on YouTube! You have inspired me to make my own blog haha! I only created it this morning but I am hoping that one day, it will be as good as yours!!

  142. sorry, what was your blog address again? I didn't quite catch that …

  143. You look VERY tanned here!! Love the look, I don't always feel very brave to wear patterned trousers as I feel it might bring a little bit of attention to myself! I hate being in the spotlight, but you make them look amazing and like they're a part of your skin!
    Lots of hugs and kisses, Acorn

  144. very nice outfit, very Smart-Cas :) Hope you're having/had a lovely holiday! ♥

  145. ~Katie~

    Love this look! Hope you're enjoying your holiday.
    Katie x

  146. I think that you are just amazing zoey!,I admire how much work you put into making youtube videos & blogposts. I'm so happy that I accidentally stumpled across on your first 'my brother does my make up'' video. Since then I have always been a zoella fan. Hope you have an amazing and joyfull time in greece, xo :)).

  147. I love this post&your outfit!

    Charlotte x

  148. lolly

    A white blazer – daring item to wear! (not something to wear when eating anyway!) as usual you've styled it so well and the outfit looks lovely :)

  149. You are very beautiful and I like your hair! ((:

  150. I really like it Zoe! I want a white blazer now !

  151. I love your style! That outfit really suits you:)

  152. Alex

    Super cute blazer! I have one really similar in a light, pastel-y pink :] I'm so excited to wear it!

  153. this is such a lovely outfit – it's the perfect mixture between casual and formal! i really love the whole top with printed trousers trend that's really popular at the moment as i think it's such an easy outfit and one that you can wear on pretty much any occasion. and i like that your white blazer just adds something more to the overall look. i agree though, that a white blazer is pretty hard to style and i'd be super worried about getting it dirty, aha! X

  154. chlay

    Your plait is so nicely done! And I love how dewy your skin looks(: your blazer is super super lovely and really goes with your skin colour, have a great day, Chlay x

  155. Ookaze

    Beautiful! That outfit is downright amazing but I think that blazer wouldn't work as well without your tan. But like that, just fab! I especially like the picture with you looking down btw, no idea why :)


  156. check you my beauty/fashion and general chit chat blog and pretty please follow it will make my world im doing a giveaway soon

  157. Nadine

    Love that outfit so much, which I had a figure like you!! Amazing contrasting trousers!!

  158. Hi Zoe! I've been an avid reader and subscriber of yours for a few months now after only having recently discovered you. I've got to say, I love your personality, your posts and your videos! Something I came across recently was your 'why are you so skinny' post, I think you wrote this back in 2011. Reading this was a real eye opener -I mean, having watched you on youtube, I always thought you looked gorgeous and held yourself well and reading that post was so relatable! I've been in the same boat my whole life, I've tried adding weight a number of times and succeeded but unfortunately would lose all the hard work.

    I've just set up my own blog on adding weight and how to live a healthy and balanced life in order to look and feel our best. I just had to comment and say I loved that post of yours and hopefully you can relate to what I've written!

  159. we love your blogs and you inspired us to start our own :) you're so beautiful >.<

  160. i love the trousers! x

  161. this outfit suits you really well zoe! I looooove the lipstick on you as well. x

  162. Saw photo's of Mykonos, wow, super jealous, I wish I was back on holiday! Instead I've got stressful gcses and one day weekends until November :( Have a great time with Alfie! xoxo

  163. I was very iffy about following your blog simply because you alreadyhave so many followers, but then I remembered I saw you in a Youtube video once. You are very humble and normal which made me like you. Thanks for sharing this ootd. It's super cute.

  164. I love the monochrome look! & the blazer is a really good way to dress up a casual outfit.


  165. you look adorable like always !

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  166. she is just amazing isn't she :D ?

    I have a gossip blog about the youtube gurus, check it out :D
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  167. Kayla

    Ooh I love this outfit, especially the blazer! You're amazing :)

    Style Vancity

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  169. amazing outfit! Really suits you! You will not enjoy the weather when you come back home – so enjoy your last days of the sun :)


  170. SPG

    Love that look, gorgeous trousers,
    Dentist India

  171. Great look dear! I love the white blazer!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  172. Blair

    Beautiful as always! The white jacket is absolutely gorgeous. I'm also insanely jealous of your perfect fishtail!

    Blair |

  173. I love the white blazer, it really suits you!xx

  174. RÜGA

    This look fits you perfectly!

    Give a look to RügaBlog and meet Rüga's Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. We are sure you gonna love it!

  175. I love that you're doing more posts. Your posts weren't so frequent so I stopped visiting your website so often but then one day I cam back and there were like 4 new posts! Smashing! Love your blog so much <3

  176. Love the style!! You look amazing, I'm so, so jealous of you being on holiday!! So simple yet so stylish :) xx

  177. Oooerr I want those trousers <3

  178. Love the white blazer, very brave! Must say I love it on other people, but I'm just far too clumsy to pull it off, I'll end up with bright pink lipgloss on it and food stains in no time! :)

  179. Tazmin

    Love this outfit, Zoe! You look gorgeous xxx

  180. Be e

    whenever i see your closed lips smile, i cant help but think of Daily Grace's video where she reviewed british youtubers hahaha
    absolutely love your blog and videos :)

  181. You are so pretty, I love your videos :)

    Hi i'm StyleByLiyah, i'm new new fashion blogger and I would love it if you could look at my blog and give me some feed back.

  182. LovizaB

    Ohw god, u are sooo pretty!


  183. Hayley

    You really suit this outfit Zoe, wish I had the ability to pull things that bold off.

    Water Painted Dreams

  184. jillbee

    Absolutely stunning! Adore it all.

  185. Zoe you look amazing as usual!<3 Just to let you know you are an inspiration and I read your blogs and watch your youtube videos every week!

    xo eleanor

  186. I love how your lipstick added a bit of color to the outfit. I love a white blazer for summer, but I also like to pair it with a autumn colored dress with tights and heels in fall!

    xxx Floor

  187. Lollie*

    So cute 💕💕

  188. absolutely love this outfit!

  189. you're sooo sweeet! and you have very beautiful big eyes! <3
    xoxo chelsea <3

  190. I love your style! Love the pants! Such a pretty outfit :)

  191. Zoe I love your blog and YouTube channel!

  192. Wow your waist is so tiny, I'm super jealous! Such a great figure, anything would suit you :)

  193. Really great outfit idea, looks very comfy but put together somehow.

  194. Such a beautiful, well balanced between black and white and the pop of orange on your lips that contrast your beautiful blue eyes. Your hair is really beautifully simple and elegant and complements this look and shows off the beautiful white blazer and its cut.
    Amazing as always!
    Aspen, xxx

  195. Hello, I am an image consultant in France and I love your style, I put you in my favorites ^ ^

  196. that outfit is amazing omg!! :)

  197. I love your youtube channel and I watch it every day.
    I think you look so beautiful in you vids. Please can I have your email!!

  198. That blazer is gorgeous! Love it! I want one now!

  199. Hi I'm new to blogging and I'd love it if you'd help me out. I have only posted an "introduction" but I plan on posting beauty relating things. If that interests you then please check out my blog :)

  200. O my gosh, Zoe can wear and pull off any outfit.

  201. Em

    The blazer is amazing I love it <3 :)