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There’s nothing I love more than getting creative, mix that with wrapping presents for people I love WITH the fact it’s Christmas, I’m in my element. Scouring the isles of Hobbycraft it’s pretty hard not to be inspired in different ways to make your gifts a little more “you”. Today’s video is all about gift wrapping I and had so much fun putting these together. Plain brown paper is so cheap but makes such a lovely base for wrapping, which I then decorated with stamps, ribbon, string and lots of festive bits and pieces (including some DIY copper dip feathers…I had to sneak copper into it somewhere) Watch the video to find out how I made these!


  • Aimee Budge

    Very pretty! I wish I had gift wrapping skills but unfortunately when it comes to wrapping up presents I’m adequate at the very least. However, having these gift wrapping ideas sure helps me out! :)

  • Jemma Houkes

    Feeling so inspired!
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  • Camila

    Such cute gifts!! I have horrible skills for wrapping but after this post I will surely try harder! ahahah

  • Carina

    Zoe, this is absolutely beautiful. Honest, I might try these ideas out. Obviously, won’t be anything like yours but it’s so super cute!

  • Kyia Belle

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I am loving all of the Christmassy videos and posts you have done, and I have to say, I feel very proud! haha! xx

  • Salomé Bitoun

    Oh this is so cute, such good ideas ! Love you zoe merry christmas !

  • Summer

    These look beautiful Zoe! This is something that I definitely want to try out this year.

  • Love the minimalist wrapping ideas, super cute!!

    Check out my videos:

  • Love the minimalist wrapping ideas, super cute!!

    Check out my website / videos:

  • These are amazing, if i didn’t know you; I would’ve thought you were an artist!
    You’re doing so well in your #24DaysOfZoella and I hope you’re proud of yourself!
    Enjoy the Holidays

  • i love the copper spray! And the gifts look gorgeous xx

  • Life Lights

    These are the cutest things ever, Im in love 😍 Zoë always has the best ideas 🙈😍👌🏼😩

  • Jessica

    I’m sure friends and relatives who will be receiving the presents with such a creative wrapping would be more than delighted. Would definitely be handy for me! Thanks so much for sharing Zoe.

  • These are soo cute! Love the photos!

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • Zoel

    These wrapping ideas are SO nice! They’re lovely, thanks for sharing Zoe!

    Zoel Hernández |

  • These are all so pretty! I love how versatile brown wrapping paper is too :)

  • That is the cutest wrapping ever, I need to try the stencil idea with copper spray!! :)

  • Aurelija

    Wow, these look incredibly professional!

  • felisha

    Gift wrapping is my absolute favorite! I think I’ll make a blog post about this too.

  • Zoe

    These Products Are Gorgeous!

  • These are so pretty, I wish I could wrap like this x

    Zoe Mountford x

  • Diestelle Covault

    the first zoella diy!!

  • Saskia

    Such a good idea! They look lovely :) xx

  • So glad I read this as I’m just about to sit down and start my wrapping! x

  • Dear Zoe,
    You are my life saver!
    All of this week, I have been trying to think of cute ways to wrap up presents for my friends and family and this blogpost and video are exactly what I needed, thank you! xx

    • JoJo Zepka

      Yes me too :)

  • I love the different decorations that you put on the wrapping paper!x

  • Kati

    These are soooo creative, festive and cute! Love them all! Also, the photos are amazing as always! <3

  • Anika styles

    ahh it looks so nice, I’ve put a little candycane on all of the presents for my besties ;3. great inspo!!! love it!♥♥♥

  • Pia Hocevar Mucic

    wow these ideas are amazing!
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  • Doga Ekinci

    This is the cutest thing ever! Tysm for the perfect ideas :) I’ve already wrapped up my presents for my fmaily but I’m deffo going to do these for my friends! <3 Love you lots, Merry Christmas <3

  • Claire

    Zoe these are literally Christmas goals You’re so cute, beuatiful, and funny. And you’ve literally been such a big inspiration for me since day 1. I love you sosososo much. Thanks for everything that you do!!

  • Marta Manzano
  • Love this!! Definitely going to be using this!!!

  • Zoe, these look absolutely amazing ♥ I definitely need to try these out!

  • Brown paper has been my staple wrapping this year! I love it!!

  • So lovely ideas!



    Kisses from



  • Arya Elsa Jose

    I love all the ideas, especially the candy can , dried orange and chalk one!

  • fairydust

    You are really talented! I also love to give my best when it comes to wrapping presents, however they never end up with such cute little details like yours have got. xx

  • ella Smith

    I needed this video so badly!

  • Rebecca

    Lovely pictures!! Love them :)


  • Siobhan

    These look so cute defiantly going to try them :)

  • I love the simplistic rustic look that brown paper gives, add that with your decorations, and the present looks more or less professionally wrapped! You’re so creative, Zoe; I love it!
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Madalena Dantas

    This is such a lovely post!! I just love wrapping presents and you gave some great ideas – thank you Zoe!

    Have a lovely day,


  • Oh MY! You go all out Zoe! I bought my very first roll of wrapping paper this year! Haha Now I have a gold theme! :) These are great ideas! I’m so glad you shared them! :) xx

  • Amy

    Loved these ideas Zoe, so creative!!

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    Love these ideas Zoe! I never thought of using dried oranges and mini pinecones on a gift, it looks so pretty! This year I’ve used pretty brown paper with a paper label and a red bow to wrap my gifts. X

  • Lucie Herail

    so prettyyyy, you’re so creative x

  • I love using brown paper to wrap because it’s so versatile!

  • Shannon Sage

    These are adorable! All such great ideas! I love the idea of chalk. I think it looks sooo nice and I know I would love to receive a gift that looks that great!
    Shannon Sage

  • Aburstofbeauty

    This is such a cute idea!

  • I’ve always loved the look of brown paper as wrapping paper and always you’ve taken it a step further and made it look even more amazing!

  • Jacob

    Absolutely love all of these ideas, so creative and pretty

  • The mini bunting is amazballs! One of my faves and will be using it this year! :) Xx

  • Amelia B

    Lovely post Again Zoe! x

  • You are so talented at this!! They all look gorgeous!! I envy the ones who will receive those!!

  • Hailey

    omg living for those chalk pens!! Had no idea those even existed, I think those are gonna be my new obsession <3

  • AmyLRoseBeauty

    I always use brown paper to wrap presents! They sell it in my local post office (so they might sell it in yours) and Rymans if anyone was looking :) x I’ve never thought about using chalk, that’s super creative! Will have to give that a try! xx

  • Eleanor

    I love the idea of using candy canes it looks so cute! I did a post quite similar to this recently if anyone wants to check it out

  • Simply awesome.

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  • Really like the ink stamp paper and the homemade mini bunting idea! Thanks for sharing Zoe

  • Kayla

    These are such good ideas! Sometimes I wonder how you come up with such creative ideas, I have never been that type of child.

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  • I love how crafty you are! These are so gorgeous. I also have a blog and youtube channel if you want to check it out. &

  • I loved this post & the video! I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I love seeing the creative ways you did your gift-wrapping! I especially love the buntings one & the stamped brown wrapping paper with ribbon!

    Much love, Iween. xo. ♡ |

  • I love these! Watched the video for it before I went out to breakfast with my family and mum and I talked about them when we were waiting for our food! Especially love the chalk one and the one with the mini bunting, that looks so cute! Em xx

  • Ashley Christabelle

    I wish I was as enthusiastic as you when it comes to gift wrapping!

  • Amazing ideas, I love the feather idea! x

  • My favourite is the bauble stamped brown paper gift wrap!! Such a personal touch on a staple gift wrapping item, Bo xo

  • JoJo Zepka

    Love it so much!! I am going to try the brown paper and candy cane one for my siblings!! <3

  • Enn

    great ideas !

  • Love all the ideas for gift wrapping, I normally hate wrapping presents, but I think I’ll try some of these this year. I love the simplicity of it, but how beautiful they look.

  • Wow, it looks so pretty! I love it! x

  • Ah these ideas are so lovely! X

  • I suck at wrapping so bad ^_^ These ideas are good especially the one with the lace pattern ^_^

  • I think one of the best parts about your gift wrapping idea is that you totally personalized all the wrapping for the people!
    I mean those oranges & cinnamon sticks suit Poppy while little garlands suit Joe! xx

  • Love the ideas!

  • LOVE the packing!!! So creative :) x

  • These ideas make gifts look so beautiful, it’s a shame I’ve already wrapped up the gifts! Will definitely be doing more inventive stuff next year!

    Amy • Blog | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  • Tamara

    I love all the ideas! There were some fantastic one!! I also love wrapping presents so I am going to take a lot of ideas from this post!

  • Woah, I am completely blown away by this. I have never seen gifts wrapped this beautifully or creatively… you spray your own feathers?! That is seriously next level! You have well and truly opened my mind with this post :)
    Steph | Misc. Bliss

  • love these ideas, all so very pretty and personal :-)

  • This makes me feel like I should put more effort into gift wrapping!! It all looks so beautiful x

  • I wish I was this creative! And even if I could come up with fun ideas like this I’d still have to learn how to execute them, haha. Seriously, my gifts are always horribly wrapped :-S

  • BraeShea

    I love these present wrapping ideas! Gift wrapping isn’t exactly my favorite part about Christmas, seeing as I am the world’s worst gift wrapper ever, but I put in the effort. With this post, this year I am going to really try to make my wrapping look really nice! Despite the fact they will never look this good :) xoxo

  • You go to town with present wrapping! Love it!

    Nourishing Amelia | Food, Health & Lifestyle Blogger

  • How gorgeous do these all look! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  • Sarah Farber

    I LOOOOVE this!!!!! I will definitely be trying it out! thx zoe!

  • Jenny

    I love those cute wrapping ideas! Tbh they are almost too pretty to unwrap :) they make good christmas decoration for under a christmas tree, what more do you need? :D besides lovely smelling candles?

  • Caz

    These are such good ideas, I’m not the best at wrapping presents but some of these ideas are really simple and look so much nicer than traditional wrapping paper!

    Caz | thisiscaz

  • Zuzana Janošková

    I´m in love with your post and photos too! It´s amazing!♥

    Passion of Life

  • Lauren B

    These all look great, the doily one is my favouite!

  • Molly Pennick

    lovely post zoë xxxx

  • Imaan Shamsi

    Nice ideas and they look so pretty! Love the pics as always xxx

  • They all look amazing! I love how “rustic” they look, very good ideas!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  • Lola BIrch

    All of these are so beautiful and imaginative! Probably on of my favourite posts/videos. I cant wait to try it out! x

    I would really appreciate it if people would check out my blog! Thanks! x

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      They are so beautisul and cute. Yes aI love this post so much/Very much. Neither can I! Xx

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  • Pareen

    Gift wrapping is one of my favorite parts about giving presents to my friends and family. These are really great ideas!

  • Quest for Calm

    So beautiful! Taking the time to really decorate a gift is so worth it.
    Samantha |

  • lucy prosser

    I love the stamp and bunting ones most! They’re so cute, my presents definitely don’t look like this, amazing!

    Lucy xoxo

  • Hannah Schofield

    Wish I had enough time and patience to be this creative, although it would break my heart when they got around to opening the present I think!

  • you have so pretty ideas. it’s crazy what you can do with just plain brown paper!

  • Cait – neurogenicbeaty

    I’m terrible at wrapping presents full stop, let along making them all pretty! If someone could just teach me to fold wrapping paper without crumpling or ripping it then that would be great! Haha



  • Brynn King

    I love how simple these are !! I must try some of these on my Christmas present this year!!

  • nicole ellis

    i must try these zoe

  • Loved all of these ideas xx

  • Brown paper is always a winner! It can be dressed up so nicely, as Zoe so wonderfully demonstrates 😍

  • I definitely want to try these out when I come around to wrapping presents!

    Aleksanna |

  • Jemma – Rose

    These are such great gift wrapping ideas! Xx

  • I love how you did this! Those feathers are so beautiful and I love how easy all of this is to do!

  • Erin

    Love those feathers! I’ve already wrapped all my presents for this year, but I’ll need to keep that in mind when it comes to wrapping presents next year! x

  • Gemma

    These gift wrapping ideas are amazing and so creative. I’m defiantly giving them a go . xx

  • Girlie Ocaba

    Cool ideas! I should think like you. Love xoxo

  • Danielle

    Such good ideas, defiantly going to try out some of these!!
    Danielle |

  • Joe Reed

    i made the bunting one it was so fun to make. my dad will love it :)

  • Gorgeous wrapping Zoe! I love the candy cane idea!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • I envy your wrapping skills! I’ll try to make pretty presents this year, because usually I don’t put much effort into wrapping and use gift bags for most things. This needs to change! I love the present for Joe with the bunting, it looks so cute :D

    Julia x
    Come and see the Christmas lights in Paris with me ♥

  • All of these are so gorgeous! I love the addition of the ombre metallic feathers!

  • Becca Mae

    Love these ideas! The chalkboard and candy cane ones are my favourite!

    I would love for people to check out my blog xx

  • Whitney Paige

    These are so beautiful! I can’t wait to try out some of these ideas on my own wrapping this year! :)

  • These all look amazing! I love how they look original and won’t look like any other gifts under the tree. I’ll come back and post a comment with a picture if I end up wrapping some gifts like this!

  • Please help me start out my beauty and advice blog by checking me out and maybe giving me a follow and i’ll return the favour x

  • Sophie W

    Very creative ideas, I think my favourite one is the one with baubles printed over the paper, looove it! x

    I would really love it if you checked my blog out: Thank you! :) x

  • These look absolutely gorgeous!

  • Jess Ferguson

    Oh my gosh thank you, you’ve just made my life a lot easier with my christmas wrapping x

  • Hetal Bhagat

    You just solved my problem of gift rapping !!

  • Martyna

    Zoe, I saw the video yesterday evening andfell completely in love with your ideas! Might toss the wrapping paper I’ve already bought and go with the plain brown paper instead…

  • I always go in with the best intentions to do this every single year but in the end I always just want to wrap everything as quickly as possible XD I have some more time than most years so I will definitely give it a try~ These cute little things that are used as add-ons are sold at Target and I think it would be a really cute idea to do!

  • Demi Doodle

    Al these are really pretty

  • Demi Doodle

    I ❤️Zalfie

  • Awww these ideas are insane!

    Love every single one gift wrapped by you! ♥

    Have a Happy Tuesday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


  • Lorna

    Wow Zoe they look amazing ;) definitely given me some inspiration! x

  • Jen

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who absolutely loves wrapping gifts. These are all great ideas, my favourite one is the stamps!

  • Megan Forbes Hickland

    They are all so gorgeous! I LOVE wrapping presents, it’s like a proper event in our house! – check out my christmas traditions post <3

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    When you think you’ve done pretty well with your own wrapping… and then you stumble upon this. These are so beautiful! And i’m half tempted to go and rip all of the paper off of my own! :)

  • Maya

    zoella, omg.. this is all so christmassy and wonderful <3

  • AnibaeAsh

    Zoe, these are gorgeous and I can totally see your personality in every single one. Great job!

  • aasiyah1

    There were all AMAZING Zoe! U should deffo do more DIY videos!

  • So much inspiration in one place…

  • Y Magro

    They look so beautiful. I wouldn’t want to rip open the wrapping because they are really amazing!

    Happy holidays x

  • Priya

    The wrapping decorations look so nice

  • Alifya Plumber

    Beautiful as always !!!

  • Danielle

    These wee Ideas are Pretty Amazing have tried out most of them :) We just Done our tree we have gone for the woodland them this year i really like it Not being Bias or anything :P but this time of the year really is my favorite. I love the lights,snow,warm clothes, and all round the festive cheer most people have << we all know one or two Humbugs!. But i have to say this year i look forward to getting in my xmas pjs and some hot chocolate and sitting down to watch YouTube and seeing everyone's Vlogmas. I hope everyone Has a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year Love Danielle <3 xx

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    I’ve loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

  • Leah

    These are well cute, plain brown paper really lets you get creative without clashing too many colours or patterns. Love it! x

  • So pretty!! I’d love to do more personal and unique gift wrappings like these, but to be honest I can’t even handle the most basic ones, it’s something to do with tape and I, it just doesn’t work! But these look amazing, that’s why we call you the Christmas expert, haha! ;) (really even my mum called you the Christmas expert after only watching your Christmas Q&A and playlist, haha)

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

  • Ayre

    I wish I had your creativity!!! Everything you make is beautiful!

    Arianne | Ayre

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  • The brown paper and candy cane looks fab x

  • So many beautiful ideas here! I’m so rubbish with wrapping but these are fab ideas.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


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    I Really want to try them out now

  • izzy
  • Zoella

    It’s so beautiful. I love the brown wrapper it’s definitely a bit unique than the christmas wrappers! xx

  • Rhia Styles

    Love this post so much! I’ve done a Christmas Gift Wrapping blog post over on my blog if anyone wishes to check out another! :)

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    These are all stunning! So inspired by your wrapping, and love the creativity!!!

    It would mean the world to me if you checked out my blog! xoxo

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    Wow these are all amazing! Thanks Zoe

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    I love your blog zoe! I’ve been rading for 4 years and i still really enjoy it!

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    How!?! My wrapping always looks awful! I would like to thank you zoe for giving me the confidence to start my own blog. You are an amazing inspiration to girls everywhere. Xx

  • Hello Zoe! These are beautiful and seeing these photos really make me in the mood to wrap presents!
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    I just really love all these ideas, wrapping is beautiful. I’ll definitely try it out. :)

  • These are altogether adorable – as are you!

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    These ideas look so festive and brown paper definitely makes a great go-to. I also made a post of gift wrapping ideas:

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    These are so so so cute! I mentioned the video on my website, please check it out Xo

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    I would have never thought of using brown paper to decorate. They look amazing and I love how all the presents are similar but so different. Good job!

    girl C

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    each and everyone one of these looked STUNNING!!

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    These are lovely! Definitely inspired me for next year.

    Leanne |

  • These are so good! I would 100% love to receive a gift looking this good! Next Christmas this is on my to do list. Thanks Zoe.

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    I would love it if anyone could check out my blog! Thanks! x

  • Lyssa

    Loved the video so much!! It got me to do the similar design for my gift wrapping! Thank you so much for the lovely ideas!! Mine didn’t turn out as good as yours but was still quite decent! 😊 What do you recommend would be the best way to clean out those stamps afterwards? I didn’t want to soak them in water as the base is made of wood and didn’t want it to get ruined for being wet…I tried using a wet paper towel but it didn’t quite clean it very well…loving your blogs as always and same goes for your vlogs and videos! Thank you for making the 24 Days of Zoella! It’s was quite amazing! Love you lots and hope you had a lovely Christmas! 💙😊😊

  • Mathilde Brisset

    This is sick, I love it! :D always the best Zoe!!

    if anyone is interested here the link of my blog:


  • Absolutely love the gift wrap design with the dried oranges x

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    These are so cute, if only I was good at wrapping.

    Mi x

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    People are unique or sometimes they do things other people’s way. Sometimes they have great ideas or sometimes they copy. But you, Zoe, you are unique, you do things your own way. You’re one of my favourite you tubers because of your unique videos and because of you especially, you’re not afraid to hide the weird and wonderful inside of you. I just wish, I had a chance. I’d really appreciate it if you would look at my blog, if other people would look at my blog, then that would mean the world to me. The world. Just leaving a comment and following my blog to get email notifications would make me so happy. If anybody does look at my blog, I promise to have a look at theirs because I know I’m not the only one who has a dream out there. But the truth is, I love to blog, I want to make it part of my career when I get older. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? But nobody can change my dream. Nobody. Here is my blog address:
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    These gift wrapping ideas are so imaginative! I wish I had the patience to wrap gifts like that…😪
    Ashley_ xoxo

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    I used to wrap my gift with newspaper……. xD

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    These are so gorgeous! I love wrapping and buying presents for other people.
    It would be amazing if I could get some feedback on my blog!
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  • I love all the ideas, especially the candy can , dried orange and chalk one!

  • LOVE this! I think I may use this as inspiration for my gift wrapping this year!

  • TIA

    Wow I love these ideas even though it is not even halaweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen MOHAHAHA

  • skarloey13

    I know it’s October and Halloween is coming up but I’m new to this blog and I love zoella and I just wanted to say these present wrapping ideas are amazing I hope she makes one again this year

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    Love them all

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  • Im Always looking for new ideas! these look lovely and you have such an eye for design!

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