My First Day Of Primary School  (Aged 5)                  First Day Of Secondary School (Aged 11)

It’s that time of the year again, where some migrate from their primary schools, into the big realm of secondary school, where some leave school and go to a new college or sixth form or where people leave college to attend university. It’s daunting no matter which stage you’re at, I remember being terrified of my first day back in year 10 (New GCSE lessons with a mixture of people i’d never talked to before). So if you are moving onto a new, uncertain chapter in your school life, know that you certainly aren’t alone in feeling apprehensive and nervous and it is completely normal to feel this way.

I was quite a shy pupil, emphasis on pupil. I wasn’t a shy person, certainly not around my friends, I just decided to be the wallflower when it came to class discussion and answering questions. I was always the one that purposely didn’t look the teacher in the eye incase they asked me to answer, the one they’d ALWAYS say “what do you think Zoe?”, just itching for me to have some input. I listened well, and took everything in, but I always liked to be a spectator. It’s normal to be this way when you are surrounded by characters much bigger than yourself who you aren’t sure of yet. It’s hard to know where you fit into a class dynamic and it’s hard not to care what others may think of you when you are given the chance to speak in front of many listening peers. It doesn’t take long to feel comfortable with teachers and to find those people in the class who you can buddy up with to feel a little more confident. I always worry that people’s first impression of me will be “shy”. I think as i’ve gotten older, i’ve realised that first impressions don’t have to be this big daunting thing, and that just being yourself will get you very far, but try telling that to my teenage self. I was so quiet. I’d gone from a school of 60 and 5 other people in my year group in a tiny village school, to a huge school, with thousands of pupils. I was a little fish in a very big pond. I’d have nightmares that i’d turn up late to lessons, or forget to do homework on time and get told off. I’d even be scared to wear different coloured socks in case my tutor told me off (they were strictly supposed to be navy). I lived too much of my first year of secondary school in fear of doing anything wrong. I don’t know if that’s normal, but that slowly decreased as the years went on.

In my last year of Secondary School Aged 15/16 (such a great shot of my eyes there…)

Some people fit straight into a new learning environment, and completely relish in the new and exciting move forward in their lives, or they just don’t have a care in the world. MOST, are anxious, nervous and feel they don’t fit in. I had friends immediately when I changed schools, as my friends from my previous school joined me to the new school. Because of this, I never had any trouble making friends, just with being confident in lessons when my friends weren’t with me or there were lots of new people around. I remember in my first drama lesson, we were asked to get into a big circle and go round saying things about ourselves, and in my head was a huge mass of panic. “What if I can’t think of anything…what if what I say sounds ridiculous?, What if someone else says what i’m going to say? What if people laugh at me because my answer is rubbish?” So many ridiculous things go through your mind, and let me just assure you, it’s completely normal, but also, you do not need to worry. You will look back and laugh at how shy or scared you were. 

School life is what you make of it, some hate school, some love it. I personally loved it. There were low moments of course (Friendship groups fall outs and falling apart – Boy troubles – I HATE DOING THIS LESSON days, I HATE THIS TEACHER days, I want to go back to bed days…haha) but it’s only when you leave that you can really appreciate how school morphs you into the person you become. It tests your patience, your independence, so many things. Not only do you learn skills and vast amounts of useful information (that’s just a given) but the life skills gained are just as valuable. It’s so important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try as many things as you can. If you’re shy, tell yourself you’ll raise your hand at least once every lesson, if you’re the naughty, loud one of the group, try harder to give other people a chance to speak and sit and take things in a little more. If there is something you aren’t enjoying about school, only you can change it.

It’s only once you’ve left school, that you realise how much you either loved it or hated it. If you aren’t enjoying school at the moment, or you’re finding the new surroundings hard, turn it around and make a change. When you leave education, you feel like everything happened in the click of a finger, so make the most of every single day!

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  1. Wow! Great blogpost! Love a bit of nostalgia :).

  2. ahhh it's crazy how much you've changed over the years! The primary school one of you and Joe is so adorable! Xx

  3. when i get asked anything or just get asked to speak i think the same (What if people laugh at me because my answer is rubbish) i still find it relay hard to talk in large groups because i just don't always feel confident. this was a great post because now i know i wasn't alone.

  4. lovee it
    please go see my blog :(

  5. ohh dios mio yo no quiero que las personas vean mis foos de cuando tenia 11 era fea !!!!!!!!! jajajj

  6. I wass soo ugly before gosh !

  7. Zoe, you are the best! :')

  8. Thank you for this! I'm in my last year of high school and about to do my gcse's. I am scared, but this has made me want to work harder now more than ever…

    Meg xxx

  9. Oona

    you have always been pretty :)

  10. You looked really pretty in school. <3

  11. Valerie

    so pretty <3 ily zoe

  12. I waslike you at school, was a tad quiet in classes. But now i am going into my 3rd year at uni i have definitely "found myself" [cheeese] within a class dynamic. And there is nothing wrong with being a smaller character within a group.

    Sarah :)

  13. omg joe! haha you guys are so cute!

  14. I am exactly like you in class! Whenever a teacher asks a question, my brain will work and I'll be thinking of the answer, but I just dislike answering and leave that to my friends – such a wallflower. I'm more of a spectator (: Around my friends I'm a ball of crazy though :D

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm – a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  15. Ruby

    Zoe you have always been gorgeous! (I must admit I am glad you got rid of the "eye can't see you" hair haha!


  16. you were so cute and so was Joe. I'm exactly like you were at school, i'm very confident around friends but in a class situation i like to just 'observe' . when i was younger i used to only walk on the perimeter of the classroom so i didn't get in any ones way or into trouble. its nice to know im not the only one.

  17. you were so cute and so was Joe. I'm exactly like you were at school, i'm very confident around friends but in a class situation i like to just 'observe' . when i was younger i used to only walk on the perimeter of the classroom so i didn't get in any ones way or into trouble. its nice to know im not the only one.

  18. Marta

    I can't believe you wrote about things I did too. Not looking at the teacher just to avoid questions and being scared when we had to say something about ourselves. Ohhh I really don't miss school and hope uni will be better :)x

  19. Zoe you are so pretty in the pictures ;) Thank you for the advices, tomorrow it's my first day at university and I'm very nervous! Xx

  20. I am going into year 11 tomorrow, it's my last year so i'm nervous but this is some good advice! thankyou Zoe <3

  21. ri xx

    omg you have changed so much thats crazy! gosh i hope i change that much too ahha!xx

  22. Personally I would say the same, at first I'm so shy but once I get to know my class etc i end up being the most vocal haha, also I lived in fear for the first two years I tried following the rules and trying to do my best to keep a low profile which I know regret because I didn't make much friends due to it!

  23. This and your video are really great for me as I'm starting year 10 tomorrow

  24. Love this post, especially the bit about going into year 10, because that's what I've just done, really helps to read this and know I'm not the only one!:)

  25. Melane

    Love to read your highschool experience! And second post in two days! Go Zoe!

  26. Lovely post Zoe, the picture of your first day of school is so cute!


  27. Amazing blogpost!

  28. Cute, Zoella.. And wow! In year 15-16 you look very pretty.. CZ. :'))

  29. We are seriously the same person and it scares me a little bit :D
    I was exactly like you in school (We even had the same hairstyle on our first year of secondary school picture) and I had a good time! I actually miss it sometimes…
    You also give a lot of good advices, thank you :)

  30. Noush

    You were so cute and pretty !

  31. I am really hating school at the minute so thanks for this! you were still so pretty when you were young aw xx

  32. Anna

    I completely agree with you Zoe! :) I miss school, if I could go back I would without a doubt…maybe change a few things along the line but who wouldn't :)
    Anna :)

  33. Ah I loved school and literally just done a post about it a few days ago! I even went back to visit my old Secondary school teachers from Sixth Form last week ( that's how much I miss it all haha).

    Amazing times! xxx

  34. Thanks for this really needed it! Just started year 10 in a new school eeek

  35. Bea

    I love how you're blogging so much at the moment Zoe! This post and accompanying video were really helpful, school starts again tomorrow so this came at just the right time!
    Lots of love, Bea xx

  36. I love the way you're back in the blogging spree zoe! We all missed you around jully when you dissapread :(


  37. This is me you're describing haha. I'm starting my last year of school tomorrow, which I'm pretty nervous about. But I'm the same as you were. I'm always that 'shy and silent' kid in the classroom. It's not that I don't know the answers or I don't know anything to say, it's just that I don't want the attention of the whole class. I'd rather stay silent and watch other people. But that works for me :)

  38. Vanessa

    I love how you try to tell people your story to make them more confident.. luckily I am not that shy but on the other hand it scares me that I will be done with school by the end of this year… FOREVER. Things scare me and others but tbh we should all just look forward and be happy little chums! :)

  39. I really hated school! Leaving was the best day of my life haha but I absolutely love college! Great post

  40. This is a great blog post! I've never been too nervous for many school changes except for when I changed cities in my younger years, but tomorrow is my first day of university and I am quite nervous, but excited at the same time! I thought of the exact same thing: everyone in first year of university are in the same place as me. Good to know that I am being reassured of this as well!!

  41. omg you look sooooooo cute in your photos zoe

  42. you've changed so much looks wise, awwww, you and Joe look so cute in the first picture awww x

  43. Tash

    I know what you mean about realising how much you loved/hated school once you've left! I couldn't wait to leave but now I'm at college I miss it so much. Love your advice :)


  44. I always secretly look forward to the first day of school… In fear of being laughed at because im a 'goody good'. I have such a weird personality i don't even understand it. On the inside i am very frightened of what people think of me and anxious about new classrooms and people. But, on the outside i seem like a very bubbly out going weird person… It makes me very conflicted when it comes to new schools and such.

  45. Aw Zoe!
    You were so cute! (still are)
    Put more Secondary School memories on!
    Awh. :)

  46. Love the post Zoe! This advice will be super helpful!

  47. Vienna


  48. This is a great blog post you advice is great!

  49. Haha joes double chin!

  50. WOWS

    Lovely! adorable and tender pics!

    Kisses from

    Today I show you my last Favourite amazing leather pieces….from MUUBA A/W 2013 Collection!!.

  51. Zoe! Thank you so much for writing this blog post, now I can understand that I am not the only one who is/was like this in school. I can completely relate to how you are feeling, as I was loud around my friends but shy in class. As I am now in 6th form the classes are a lot smaller (maybe about 6-10 people per class) and this means I am obviously encouraged to speak a lot more that I used to. I like this because it is pushing me out of my comfort zone and it means I can get my opinions and questions heard when I would have stayed quiet otherwise.

    Basically, thank you Zoe for making me understand that I am not alone!
    Hannah xxx

  52. Thank you for the advice Zoe it really helped xx :)

  53. Thank you Zoe for making that video too ! x i am always so excited when you do a blog post and you looked so cute when you we're little! :) i'm in 7 grade of Highschool in Finland so i got really good tips from you ! Thank you, loved this post !

  54. Floor

    This is a very inspirational post! I started school two weeks ago and I was TERRIFIED, because I was going to be in a class all on my own, because all my friends were in different classes. Fortunately, it all went right, I'm good at the subjects and now I've already made a few new friends!

  55. That was so nice to read. Im starting year 9 and starting GCSE'S (early, i no), and i feel scared being around people i dont socialize with but this post made me realise to just enjoy myself and make the most of it. i guess meeting new people is a good thing. Thanks for the blog Zoe. :D X

  56. Thank god someone did this! The make-up tutorial helped me a lot because we're allowed to wear make-up in our school, but it has to be very subtle and what you did was amazing! Thank you so much :)

  57. Helina

    This blog post was so nice to read. I'm back to school and it's terrifying, but if you did it, then I can too! Thanks for the post, I love you!

  58. Wow Zoe that was so inspiring thank you! I am a lot like you were at schooland sometimes it sucks you're too afraid of talking because what they might think, what they might say. But you know what? I'm going to make a change and make the best of my school experience! So thank you for being so honest and helpful with us, you're amazing Zoe(:

  59. Really helpful, thanks Zoe! Cute pictures too :)

  60. Erin

    Haha oh my gosh! I think we've all had the awkward bang phase.. basically my whole grade did.
    I absolutely love your throwback posts – they're so nice to read.

    Erin //

  61. Daria

    This is such a cute post! I'm going to Uni to start my BA course this year and I'm so scared, I'm italian and have moved to uk one year ago and even though I've already spent a year in a different country I am still so afraid but at the same time so excited about what's going to come! xx

  62. molly

    I've just gone into my final year of sixth-form; it's daunting but knowing by this time next year I'll hopefully be at uni makes the stress over exams ect more worthwhile. I used to be the shy wallflower who just sat and took notes in class, afraid to even get her highlighter out in case she was asked a question and never spoke to anyone who wasn't in her friendship group. At the beginning of my first year of sixth-form I decided to be a lot more chatty and participate in class and even talk to more people *gasp*; as a result of this I feel so much happier in school and I've had so many more opportunities as a result. I feel like I can really relate to you as your 'just say yes' mantra gave me the push to be more social and actually get my highlighter out of my pencil case. Thanks Zoe :-D xx

  63. Alice

    Lovely post! I am so like you haha x

  64. I love this blog post so much as I've just gone into year 10 and can definitely relate to being the 'shy' one in the class. I'm always so loud and confident around my friends but when I'm in the position where I have none of my close friends around I seem to shy away. I love your blog and can't wait for more posts!x

  65. Zoe you're so beautiful

  66. I can relate to being really shy in class and not giving any eye contact in hope the teacher wouldn't call on me haha, but then outside of class I'm very loud with my friends! Such a lovely post Zoe!

    Lucy | a little of lucy

  67. This post is fab! I totally agree: I miss school more than anything.

  68. Finish school at 16? Really? In Belgium 18! I'm moving tomorrow!:D

  69. I just started year 10 so the first bit was very interesting for me!(:

    Paige x

  70. Clara it used to be 16 but now its 18 leave school at 18 but have to stay at college or 6th form till 18

  71. I watched your video before I read this blog post and it has helpede so much because I am going into year 9 and I M the person that never puts thief hand up in class because the other people in my class are so confident and I am not so your advice in this post and in your video has really helped me and the make up in the video is really helpful because I am really conscious about my skin and I didnt know how I would be able to do my makeup but not so that it is noticeable (if that makes any sense!) and I have the same three first products you used in the exact same colours (the concealer, foundation and powder) I am a big fan of yours and low you blog and YouTube love this post ithaca been so helpful for me thank you!

  72. Farrah

    I'm graduating from university in 2014 and honest to God I didn't like college so much. It was hard and extremely stressful. It's a shame because I used to love school, now I dread going =\

  73. I definitely regret not opening up to people in high school. I was also SO shy and anxious about everything and everyone around me. I just wanted it to be DONE and now that it's done… I look back and want to change so many things about it. I hope others can have that enjoyable experience! I did make some amazing friends from high school of course, but I would have loved to have been more outgoing and adventurous.


  74. Sasha

    ˝When you leave education, you feel like everything happened in the click of a finger, so make the most of every single day!˝

    True that, I can't believe I started primary school back in 1997 and I'm in my last year of law school now! It's ridiculous how fast the time flies!

  75. Such an inspirational blog post, Zoe! I love the pictures also.
    It made me realize, that I don't need to be scared of showing off what I can do, and putting myself out there. It doesn't matter that I am freakishly tall, or have really large feet. I am going to embrace it, while I can, and live in the moment!

  76. I used to just sit there and listen and not talk to the teacher or answer questions too! I found it too scary to talk to half of my teachers and to talk in front of the people in my class! And now i am in college training to be a beautician, even though i find it difficult to talk to strangers! But i have always wanted to be a beautician so i will hopefully get over it!!! x

  77. looking back at my school photos is so embarassing!! I can not believe I wore make up and had hair like I did haha, L xxx

  78. sabi07

    You're my inspiration in life! Smart, optimistic, pretty and you have talent in this what you do! Thank you for everythink, blogs and youtube channel!

    Please, visite to my webside! :)

  79. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Cute eyes on pic 4, hahahaahah.
    but god you looked so beautiful at age 11, wow.

    //Camilla Christine


  80. I totally regret not making the most of school best days :p loved this zoe xx

    I've also done a back to school post on my blog, I'd love it if you checked it out! xx

  81. First you have always been gorgeous zoe!!! <3 And also secondary school is alot harder than primary i live in Scotland and our school just got a new curriculum. now its my 3rd year in high school i have alot of pressure onto me all my teachers want me to do national 5 exam (which is the highest exam you can do in 4th year) by the end of next year which i am proud of some people struggle of getting national 3. but all this pressure is horrible and some subjects like music expect me to know things like the instruments of the orchestra. which i dont have a clue on :/ and have a national 4 exam in october on it. do you have any advice on how to handle this pressure. Also i have anxiety and occasionly take panic attacks so any advice????

  82. You were a cute kid, Zoe and an even more beautiful adult!

  83. omg you even had the nest skin as a teenager!

  84. You're so motivational, Zoe. I love reading your blog!

  85. Lolly

    Just tell me HOW could you see with that haircut? :D
    Well, i'm going through my last schoolyear… next year i'll be travelling round Ireland with my family, and then i'lljoin the university of my choice!
    Well. I ended up in a classroom with people i don't really know. Quite scary. But a lot better than last year! So i guess i just have to.. try. It is going well right now, so there's hope!
    Thanks for this post, it makes me feel WAY BETTER! :D Love from Belgiuuuum♥

  86. I always look so silly in my school pictures haha

  87. Justme

    1000% agree zoe. left school last year and at college now. these are wise words which i will remember when I transition to uni.
    but I hated school and the people in it, but I agree that is has shaped me into a better, stronger person.

    I wish anxiety didn't get int he way low!

  88. this reminds me so much of me at school, i have always been quiet, but louder around friends, never answered questions even if i knew the answer and i am just going into college and i'm going to miss going to normal school, the routine of things, the people i was with etc

  89. This is too funny! You have changed sooo much!
    I have just started uni and I am so happy! My first semester is all about blogging ( creative writing, photoshop, blogging as an subject itself, etc.) so I am really excited!!


  90. im starting year 10 tomorrow.. and im really nervous.. I only have 2 classes with my friends and anjgnadjvdn I don't..

  91. Thanks for the advice. You've changed so much!
    Eden xxx

  92. Aww you haven't changed at all! :) x

  93. This post is great! It has always felt daunting for me to speak in front of my class, especially since I'm going into my second year of college tomorrow and none of my friends are in my lessons! I'm so scared to meet new people but it's comforting knowing a lot of people feel the same :)

    Katrina xx

  94. Aw my favourite part is the pictures!! You look really pretty in the one where you are starting secondary school! Obviously you look gorgeous in the others as well:) Thankyou for writing this, it really helped me and Im sure Ill enjoy school more now xxx

  95. I love seeing old photos of bloggers! Great post and advice that can apply to everyone no matter what age! You get the same feeling starting a new job aswell
    Amy & Rachael xx

  96. I love your picture with Joe, you're both so cute!!! You're really inspiring thanks for sharing your experiences with us!!!
    xoxo Sophia

  97. I am very much like you, personality wise, and have just currently started my GCSE year which is scary and very tiring! I am in a friendship group of 8, and although I have been lucky to make such close friends quickly (if you count a year as quick) but I have to rely on myself and trust what I'm doing as we've all got different lessons and teachers which is what I hate the most.
    I don't trust myself to answer a question, I've always had a problem with people being bitchy if I did well in something just because I tried hard in exams, so I don't answer questions to stop people being like 'I got higher than her in *a subject* HA!'

    Sorry about that ramble, just wanted to let that out!
    The pictures were super cute by the way, Joe's double chin was the hottest;)


  98. Kelly G

    I love this post! Thanks for reflecting and sharing. I wish my school outfit had a tie!! Such an adorable uniform :D xo Kelly

  99. I Love You Zoe❤ Thanks For The Post xxxx

  100. School is different for everyone I guess; I think it's a massive achievement just surviving it, never mind all the grades and prospects you get! Thanks for sharing your experience though – it's good to know other people feel the same way :) (also a BIG thank you for sharing the photos – my school pics will NEVER see the light of day on the internet!!!) X


  102. I love you soo much zoeeyy!! You're youtube videos makes my days just a little bit better and you always manage to put a smile on my face. It would have been a dream come true to be your friend and to know you. I hope you have an awsome, fantastic and splendid day zoeey ! ooh and a big happy birthday to joe!! :) / from your biggest fan from sweden <3

  103. My school uniform was awful, hated it! So glad we don't have a uniform at sixth form! School is one of the best times of your life though, kind of wish I could go back and start again!x

  104. Zoé


  105. Conny

    Aw you have always been so pretty!
    I now have one year of school left till I can finally go to Uni (If I get accepted), but I kind of hate school already, in Austria we study about 14 subjects, not just 4 like in Sixth Form, and it's just soo annoying, because you do so many subjects you just don't care about.

    I'm glad that you had a good time at school, even though you were nervous in lessons etc., but I think that is kind of normal anyway :) Have a lovely day x

  106. Awh you looked well cute in first year! 6th form were lit the best years ever, I loved school, so much fun seeing your friends everyday!
    Beyond Bally.

  107. This is such a good idea for a post. My school days were pretty crazy because my dad was in the USAF and we moved a lot. I actually started school in England and then moved back to the US after year 2.

  108. I relate to this in so many ways, throughout high school I was so shy especially in lessons and never dared to put my hand up and answer a question in fear of being judged. Now i'm in Sixth Form and pushing myself to get more involved in lessons an not care what people think, and it's really working! I already feel much happier and more confident and it's lovely to read about your experiences at school and see how you were then and the person you are today :)


  109. This blog post was just what I needed. I went back to school recently and was not looking forward to it, but this post has made me realise that it doesn't last forever and I need to make the most out of what I have xx <3 Thank you xx

  110. You had the same primary school uniform as me!

  111. Love your blog so much :) Really makes me so much happier reading through your posts. You are so down to earth!<3

  112. You looked so pretty with your hair like that Zoe! XoXo♥♥♥

  113. Amy

    OMG! You was so cute!

  114. Wow you've changed so much!! I realised after leaving school that I hated it, I'm so glad those days are over!! University is far better x

  115. That is sooooo true you only realize how good school is when you're done with it.

  116. i just started sixth form, but luckily I stayed at my school so I know most people really well. It's weird though because I lost some close friends to other schools, and there are so many new people! Loving it so far, aside finding it super hard to decide what to wear every day haha :)


  117. I've just left school and I'm starting college tomorrow (eek!). I hated it the whole way through, but my advice to anyone still in school (I'm going to sound like a teacher now) is to take all the opportunities that school gives you. School hands you so many things on a platter that are difficult to get in real life: work placements, sports activities, qualifications, which, depending on when you live, are FREE. You really may as well just get on it and experience things before it's too late!

  118. I was exactly the same, But now i'm in year 10, I'm not so quiet anymore…… unless you count quiet as very loud.
    Thanks for the awesome advice Zoe

  119. Everything in this post is so true! I obviously can't get enough of school because I'm now training to be a teacher! haha xxx

  120. So true.
    I guess i will never, ever get out of school as i plan to be a teacher! :)

  121. Maky

    Soo cute and sweet!

  122. Aw I love you Zoe!

  123. Love it! Thing is though, I love being around my friends and being in school it self, but it's the stress of thinking that if I miss one thing in a lesson it will impact my results. I'm not good with pressure but no one really knows that. xx

  124. I completely agree! I'm Italian but I'm about to start college here in the UK and I'm so nervous!
    You looke lovely in the pictures, though! :)

  125. Lovely post Zoe :). I've just finished my Secondary School and now I'm in High School in different city, where I don't know anyone in my class. Fortunately, I made 2 friends for this week and I feel way better having them here for me :). I'm not that kind of "woah, I'm afraid to go to new school" person. Principal of my high school called me and asked, if I wanted to be in class with girls I had known, or in other class with higher English level (I'm from Poland) where I hadn't known anyone. I said YES (fortunately I don't have many problems with saying YES to things) and I went to 'higher English level' class, which I'm in now. I am really happy about that choice, my classmates are great.
    Although I also wanna say, that I cried a lot when I was finishing my Secondary School. Great friends, amazing memories. Time that I'll never forget.
    But I think you are thoroughly right saying, that school teach us "life skills". When I was in primary school, I and all the others girls from my class were being bullied by one girl from our class. I even tried to cut myself once (If anyone of you reads this – please, never try it! Horrible memory). This nightmare lasted for 3 years and although this was certainly the time I'd never get back to, I know there's no such an experience in my life, which has changed me so much. Now I'm 16 years old and I feel like in the age of 12 I was as grown up as I'm now. Incidents like this make us more resistant, tough, independent. And I know, that probably beacuse of the bullying I became the person I am now: open for new friendships, confident (I'm working on being confident about how I look) tolerant, kind for strangers and people I meet. I'm this person now, because I promised myself back there in Primary School that I'll never be mean to anyone and that people will never, in any way, be afraid of me.

    I'm sorry, I know that's kinda long and probably no one has read all of this, but I had to write it :D. I know my English isn't perfect, but I'm still learning ;).

    If you're a teenager (or not :D) and want to check out my blog I'd really aprecciate it! xxx Alice

  126. I was the exact same as you in school, I was confident around my friends, but hated speaking up in class. It was my worst nightmare, but other than that I loved school, and kind of miss it.

    Have a beautiful day


  127. Loved this! You were so adorable on your first day of high school :) I watched your back to school video aswell, you have wonderful advice :) Thank you :) xxxx

  128. A great post Zoe <3 I've just started year 11, Can't believe I only have this year (not looking forward to gcse's though haha) and then college scary! x

  129. Nice post, I've just joined sixth form, it's attached to my high school so 98% of my friends are still with me but none of us are in the same form so it's daunting having all of these new faces, but this post has helped me to remember not to over think it. I have my friends in my classes so it's not such a big deal I suppose but it's still weird.

  130. Maddy

    It's amazing how much you have changed! This was so well written and thank you for the encouraging messages! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  131. Saloca

    Great post! makes me think of my school days, they weren't the best I'll admit, but I got through them and I'm probably a better person for them. School is definatly what you make of it and I wish I could have done some things differently!

  132. Amy

    Wow Zoe! Great blogpost! (I always look forward to reading them!) I am starting my first day of year 10 tomorrow and I am so scared haha! But this post and your video has made me feel much better and realise that everyone goes through this at one point! :) xxx
    Amy |

  133. I love reading about people's school experiences because it's a big part of any person's life! I completely agree that once you've left you realise whether you loved it or hated it.
    Frankie xx

  134. you are so pretty zoe:) this helped alot, thanksxxx

  135. ''I remember being terrified of my first day back in year 10 (New GCSE lessons with a mixture of people i'd never talked to before)''

  136. such a great post Zoe!

    I'm starting university next week and am quite nervous about meeting new people. I've always been very shy and scared to speak up around new people, but I need to fake that confidence until I actually gain it :)


  137. oh the fringe!! i used to have my hair the exact same! xx

  138. oh Joe :D

  139. I loved your post and can relate too very well.

  140. Hi Zoe! I am just like this, almost exactly. But, I get really bad anxiety about gym class. Is there anything you suggest that could help me? Or anyone else that has suggestions. Thanks :)Oh and lovely post by the way. Those pictures of you and Joe, how cute!

  141. Sofie

    I've always been a shy girl and making friends was the hardest thing to do. Answering questions in class was so scary. I think you've helped many young girls by writing this post – I just needed it 10 years ago :) – you are really someone I and many many others look up to, a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing your school days, Zoe. And you looked so cute!

    Sofie x

  142. I actually love the half eye-rest hair shot haha, it looks good on you. Your hair looks so silky. It still does though haha.

  143. Such a great post! haha don't think I would post pictures of high school on my blog! It's them kind of funny pictures you don't want no one to see because you've changed so much?! But it's defiantly so funny to look back on! Love it :P :*

  144. Aww you are so cute!! <3 I'm in high school.

  145. Zoe, you were so cute!

  146. I just started High School/Seconary School this week… and I've been so nervous!!! I don't know anyone in any of my classes and I'm having ahard time making friends :/ Thank You for this post Zoe you have really reassured me!!! I'm going to wakl in to school tomorrow alot more confident knowing I'm not the only one who's this nervous :)

  147. I agree with everything you said. I've just finished 6th form and am at the gap year/limbo stage and trying to work out where I want to go next. But as you said, 'school is what you make of it', I was always shy and very timid, only 3 people from my school went to my secondary, we weren't in the same classes and I've always been one of those people who needs time to settle in. This only really happened in year 9, I met some lovely friends who I'm sure will still be besties in years to come. I just needed people who would allow me that extra time to show that I'm actually a lively bubbly character. So if there are other people who feel like I did, don't worry, it does get better (mega cheeseball, but true):) x

  148. I remember when i went into secondary school and looking back at the pictures now all i can say is "omg did i really look like that" hahaha!lovely blog Zoe, i've just started creating my own as you and louise have really inspired me! xx

  149. Great advice! I have a big group of friends so when I was starting my GCSE options I wasn't as scared because I was hoping I would have at least one friend in each subject which did happen but I didn't have an close friends in my media class so I got along with my old primary friend which also didn't have anyone to hang around with in media! <3

  150. Such a lovely idea for a blog post! I bet that you have put so many people at ease now about starting a new school or going into secondary :) I love your blog and always look forward to reading your posts.
    Daisy xx

  151. This is such a great post; I'm exactly the same way! I am really shy when it comes to class discussions, but it's better when my friends are here. That's great advice, though, to try to raise your hand at least once a lesson. Haha, it's definitely a way to start slow with being more involved during discussions!

    It's a Bug's Life

  152. If anyone's interested in reading a new-be blog, give mine a go! I've just put up my second blogpost and I'd love to actually have a follower as I'm getting a little lonely over here haha! I love Zoe and her blog, and I'm a religious watcher of her YouTube videos! So please have a wee look at my blog and leave a comment if you want :) xo

  153. Hi Zoe!♥ I just wanted to tell you how much I love all your videos, vlogs, and blogspots, especially this one ! Because I moved, it was a bit hard about all the ingrations stuffs, but now it's better!❀ I also wanted to say that you are so nice, pretty, and you look very nice, I would probably kill to meet you (or maybe not) ;) But unfortunatly, I can't because I do live in France.. By the way hi from your french viewers! I love you so much!! ♥♥
    Sorry if there are some misspellings ☺

    My Twitter (please follow, hat would be sooooo nice of you) :

    My Facebook :

  154. Emily B

    This is the beginning of my final year of school and I really get the enjoying everyday thing. Soon, my life is going to be so different as I have big plans moving on. This chapter of my life is quickly closing before my eyes and it's both scary and exciting!

  155. Gema

    Great blog post. Totally incredible advice as well. I'm usually the shy one who stays quiet all the time in class, I always feel like i'm going to answer wrong or I will just say something ridiculous. After reading this I might actually try my best! Btw you were adorable as kid, cutest pics!

  156. I had some of the same problems going from a small school of less than 100 with 10 kids in my class to a high school with hundreds of kids in my class. I also didn't know anyone at my high school but I was able to make friends within the first few days.

  157. I think you're a great example to young girls who are unsure of their place in the world when they're labelled as the 'quiet ones' or the shy ones in class – you've shown that you don't necessarily have to be loud to be successful..That you can express yourself in your own way through your own passions. I had a love hate relationship with school but definitely learned a lot about myself during my time there.. hindsight is a wonderful teacher!

  158. Srsly Zoe, you're just too adorable :)

  159. hau_bau

    I guess everyone goes through that emo stage!

  160. Everything you said is so true! We think we're the only one who's shy or think like that but in fact there's a lot of people that don't feel comfortable in class! Absolutely love that post, I feel related to it!

    Sandrine xx

  161. This is a lovely post, I think the best advice is be yourself. Love the pictures.


  162. Anusha

    I hated school..and couldn't wait to get out…. but once you get out in the real really start appreciate high school. ohh I would kill to go back to those days now.


  163. Joe was so chubby ! and you are so cute ! Aww I wish I was as pretty as you.

  164. I love this post loads! I just completed secondary school last year and I couldn't agree more with what you said. "It's only once you've left school, that you realise how much you either loved it or hated it." Personally like you, I loved school and I find myself missing it every single day.

  165. I loved school but was happy to leave and go to uni. You're right though it's not until you get a bit older and appreciate how good it you really had it! Definitely the best days :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  166. lol your face hasn't change much! always so pretty! I always look so bad in my school photo lol maybe is because of the photographer, the photo is just so lame lol

  167. Omg thank you Zoe I'm exactly the same! And now because I never put my hand up I'm scared to because I think that everyone will be like "ooooh she's answering a question she never does!" which I know is completely ridiculous but I can't help it :( plus i come across really shy to everyone ESPECIALLY older people which a lot of my friends are friends with and I feel like to them I seem so small and vulnerable because i just don't know what to say or do!

  168. very cute pics there, yeah I was a shy one throughout primary school and half of high school, then I met my true friends, and I have started to use my confidence to speak up in class and be myself. I'm still that shy girl but I do have a voice hahaha

  169. I'm currently in high school and although it is such a stressful and tiring routine, I know it'll be worth it in the end, and the friends and memories I make will prove it. This is a great post, Zoe! You're absolutely adorable! :)

  170. Hi Zoe! can I just first say how gorgeous you are? anyways, i wanted to thank you and Louise for inspiring me lately to just go for what makes me happy and do them for myself and not anybody else… I recently made a blogpost about this and I hope you find time to read it :) thank you again :)

  171. Such cute photos of you, you're lucky that you can see a development of your looks through the years, I've looked the exact same since I was 12 years old XD

  172. ahahahha little joe <3

  173. I have just started university in London and it's such a big change, I think it's really important to think of change as a positive thing. I think its how we all grow as people and gain experience for life!

    Your video has also encouraged me to start a blog and share my new experiences with everyone! :)

  174. Laura

    Aren't they cute? Loving Joe's style haha

    Laura Eliza x

  175. Everything you said is just so true. I´ve been feeling like you for a lot of years. I was shy when it came to the lessons, but with my friends I was totally confident. Luckily, I got over this phase somehow. Now I really, really like school and most of my teachers and I´m always speaking in class.

    xx Lisa

  176. Dani

    Amazing post Zoe :)

  177. Sarai

    Thank you for posting this :)

  178. You've changed so much! I've just started a blog and it would mean a lot for everyone to check it out. I Have just posted 3 back to school looks. xox

  179. Ookaze

    Aw you were so sweet when you were younger. Though you still are a darling, of course! ;)
    I actually hated school. Our school wasn't that big and I never really found people, excepting only a very few, that I could fit in with. That only really changed when I started blogging but you're right, no matter if we love or hate it, our time in school makes us who we are today.


  180. I love this post, Zoe, it's so inspirational and true :) I have just started year 11 so my years are nearly over :(
    By the way, I'm loving the way your tie changes through secondary school years, ie- nicely done, tight top buttoned tie in year 7, and by year 11, you dont have your top button on, and the tie is a lot shorter- same goes for me really, haha x

  181. What an amazing post zoe! I recognize myself in the things you said about being in class. I used to have those things too, and i still have some.. This blogpost will really help me, and I'm sure it'll help others too!

  182. Crystal

    I definitely am like that and I can totally relate to the whole not knowing how to describe myself in those icebreaker like situations. I even started planning out what to say just in case they asked over the summer! It's so silly but I'm definitely working on being more outspoken and not letting my shyness get the best of me. Thanks for sharing your experience :)


  183. You're so cute and adorable Ms. Zoe! ^^

  184. Lisette

    Just started my second year of college this week and am so excited! The last part about it all happening so fast and before I know it i'll be done is really sticking with me…love you Zoe! :)

  185. gee, you were a cuteee kid xoxo

  186. Hahaha I have school photo's exactly the same, can barely see my eyes with my little emo fringe I used to sport! ;)

    Good times and great memories ;)

    You were still pretty back then! You always have been!

  187. Hi everybody! Please can you check out my blog! And subscribe it would mean alot! Thankss!:-) xxx

  188. Roosa

    Wow I love how you shared your experience with us :) I just finished secondary school this year and looking back on it now it wasn't all that bad. I might even miss it a tiny bit..

  189. Zoe,
    Just to let you know I have mentioned you in one of my posts on my blog, hope that is ok? It is just to say that I aspire to get my blog to like what yours is's my dream, but I know with hardwork and dedication like what you have shown then maybe someday I will get somewhere near. You are an inspiration to many, well done!
    Becka! :) xx

  190. i finished school this year and am off to university in a couple of weeks but i really wish i'd had something like this when i started secondary school. school turned out to be the best years of my life but there were some tough times that some friendly advice like this would have been a help! such a lovely advice zoe and i hope it helps a whole handful of people about to go into secondary school! :) X

  191. I can relate to everything in this!<3 I'm in my final year of secondary school (year 11) and finally I am completely happy with school. This was a great post Zoe xo

  192. Meli sa

    Zoe you're such an inspiration to me and the main reason I started a blog. Thank you for giving me the confidence to finally create a blog.

  193. ~Katie~

    Great post! So cute to see how much you've changed.
    Katie x

  194. Hi guys,

    I just started my own blog. It would mean the world if you could go check it and give me your opinion.

    Thank you so much


  195. Such a lovely post! :-) I've just moved to France from Ireland to attend university for a year and am feeling so home sick, even at 21 haha! But you're right, only I can change that and it will be for the better! :-)

  196. I have left school this year and am taking a gap year. I have realized how important school was now, that everything was planned and you didnt really need to think about careers or life after school. Now I am having to do all of this! Back into the real world.

    I really enjoyed reading your post and totally agree that you get out of what you put in, as with most things in life.

  197. Tomorrow gonna be the last first day of my school life. I was in one of those moods 'idontreallycareijustwantthistobeover' but then i read your post and i decided to make the most of this year, to make memories, to laugh a lot, to give more hugs and smiles, to give a second chance to some people and generally to live my senior year to the fullest. Just say yes. That's the attitude:) Thanks Zoe. Lots of love. Xxx

  198. High School was great ! So laid back. If you are to be nervous for anything it would be university , even then it's not much to be nervous over :)

  199. This is such a lovely post that I can absolutely relate to. I was really shy at school but around my friends and family I was quite loud at times. I think the most important part is finding a part of school that makes you comfortable or happy and sticking to it. At least that's what worked for me. :)

    Debra Bros Blog

  200. vi vaz

    ohhh so cute pics :)i loved to see what you looked like as a child and your thougts about School are so true :) love, Christina

  201. Amazing how we grow so fast, this is an interesting post and I've never really thought of it. Most people are ashamed of how they looked while they were still in school comparing to how they look now. Great post once again Zoella :)

  202. I loved this post! I finished high school a few years ago and miss it soo much! Now I am almost done with university which is so scary!

  203. Giggles

    I just stumbled upon your blog and saw this post. First thing that popped out to me was your primary school uniform. Did you happen to go to Heathland College? Cos thats a small school which has a similar uniform! Such a coincidence if you did! :D

  204. School times :')

  205. Dearest Zoe,
    I have just moved from a small village primary school which had 70 people in the whole school, to a large city secondary school in which there are 70+ people in my year. This alone is intimidating, let alone allthe older girls who think they are better than me. Using the tips from your blog post is sure to help. Its never failed me before, in all the years I have been reading and watching you. Oh and Zoe? Your perfect and my idol. I love you xxxx

  206. I get really nervous and shy in classes too, but now i'm in year 13 I've started to feel more confident within myself and started to realise you just need to be yourself <3 Lovely blog post zoe! xxx

  207. It isn't that easy to turn a negative school experience into a positive one. I hated every day of high school and I was more than relieved when it was over with! I had some very bad experiences with bullying and in my day, you couldn't talk to the teachers about it, as you just got bullied more! I left school 23 years ago and am still affected by some of the issues today! I understand, after reading some of the above comments, that some people loved it and miss it when they have left, but for a few of us, we will always have that negative feeling when we look back. I DO NOT miss my school days! Good riddance! I only began learning properly when I had left and gone to college.

    Vee x

  208. I can completely relate! Thanks for sharing this :)

  209. this was a lovely post. you never really appreciate school until you've left, but it's so nice to look back on the memories.

  210. Hanna

    I love seeing your older photos, it shows how much you have developed as a person! x

  211. Tazmin

    Joe in the first picture! Ahh so cute haha.

  212. Loved your post zoe keep up the good work! xx

  213. I would love to go back to school! The easiest, carefree, most fun years of our lives! Now it's all uni choices and student loans and work… :(

  214. You were so adorable in primary school!

  215. You looked so super adorable in school Zoe!! (: I cant follow you because you already have 50000, how else can i keep up to date with your blog? x

  216. wow you lookes so pretty when you were at highschool ur such an insparation to me and i look up yo you

  217. whoa!! it seems shes been pretty her entire life !! my self esteem goes lower by the day -__- she looks so fashionista and I'm just like a ugly pug in my school years… which I still am in.
    love you zoe…… GORGEOUS *__*

  218. Oh my gosh. You and Joe were so cute.

  219. Aaahhh so nice and cute :)

  220. I've just started year 10 and I'm finding it very daunting. I have just read your blog post and I'm going to make each day count! and make the most of each day. Thanks Zoe <3

  221. I know I've read this post quite late, but it's so nice reading something you can relate to so easily! I've recently entered first year of Uni, and have struggled numerous time already. Haha. But, thanks Zoe! This was very encouraging.

  222. I LOVE you Zoe you have no idea of how much i love you, i wish one day i can thank you in person how much you have inspired me and how much you mean to me

  223. I LOVE you Zoe you have no idea of how much i love you, i wish one day i can thank you in person how much you have inspired me and how much you mean to me

  224. You're like really pretty – Regina George

  225. I didn'tt like school at first, most of it because I was in a class there nobody were nice.. That was 2 years ago and now I'm in a class with really nice people and i've gotten new friends so I like school more and more : )

  226. Would you be able to write more blogs like this, as in relating to your past:3

  227. There is still hope for me!

  228. Hi Zoella Im Ur Biggest fan plz fllow me on instagram @charliepie1234567

  229. Zoe, kudos to you for having the courage to step out of your comfort zone. I really need to learn how to do this more often! I can completely relate to your post.. coming from a person who almost never speaks up in class, who finds it exceptionally hard to talk to strangers at times. Anyway just wanted to say that you absolutely made my day today! I was watching your Youtube videos and they really made me laugh. I love your accent and your sense of humour:) Much love from Singapore! – Angeline

  230. I love to see you as a child, you look so sweet <3.

  231. i have the same tie as u had lol sorry kinda random but oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. Oh my gosh she looks like Amy from the Secret Life of the American teenager

  233. Hahahahhqhahahahahhahahha Joe…..

  234. I recognise where you are standing in the 3rd picture, it is just outside my tutor room, you went to the Corsham School? We watched your draw my life in tutor and everyone loved it! It would be awesome if you could come to our school and talk in an assembly about your experiences!
    Thankyou for being so inspirational!
    Melissa Story, Corsham<3

  235. Twinkle

    Your so amazing

  236. So this is the first blog i've ever read! decided i would finally start my own..still a little lost at times but i'm starting to get it all and i'm going to read through yours while i get the hang of it because i think you're a fantastic blogger, thanks for the inspiration :)

  237. love you're blog so much! such an inspiriting person. Please check out my blog! many thanks if you do<3

  238. Omg I am so well Jel u are so pretty

  239. Chiara

    i still hate school and i only have 2 years left to make the most of it, im just extremely shy and i dont think i can change it that much, its just the way i am

  240. Izzelle

    Joe is so sweet :)

  241. Ah good old Corsham.. literally hasn't changed, except the uniform!

  242. Did you go North Town, if so, so did I (: xx

  243. Izzelle

    It's funny we have spent the last 4 years hoping that school would finish and now we are year 11 we want to start again haha xxx

  244. Sim sav

    this is so cute!

  245. You were so cute when you were little!

  246. Just going into high school! :/

  247. Recently started reading your post and I'm already in love with it!

  248. wow amazing I don't thing u have changed amy xx

  249. I love you Zoe, you've helped me in so many ways last year I never raised my hand in class because I was bullied for something I didn't do and was scared of what they'd think of my opinion but now Im staring to raise my hand slowly in each class and its becoming better; you've also inspired me to take a look at broadcast journalism as journalism is something I've always wanted to do and become obsessed with 1D ;) Thank you Zoe!

  250. very true! school goes in a blink of an eye ;) life is short! relax and don't worry, enjoy it and push yourself to keep living :-D

  251. Im going to try putting my hand up in lessons i am shy around the pupils in my class thinkin that i am going to say something i will regret and everyone will start laughing at me i feel confident with my best friends zoella i love you so much u r so beautiful and perfect u seem so nice

  252. I'm glade i'm not the only person who was a shy pupil at school and i was not very confident as well especially in front of class mates and teachers i'm weird as i use to be scared of some teachers as i found them extremely intimidating. If you don't mind one time if you have time or you would like to have a look at my blog i would appreciate it so much it untrue. So if you would like to the web address is

  253. I love you so much Zoe you have always been so pretty xx

  254. I love you so much Zoe, you have always been so pretty!!xx

  255. Wow Zoe, this is brilliant ;) xxxx

  256. Well, I think maybe I'm a little bit late but I like this blogpost a lot! I can identify me with you because I was just as you. Comfortable around people I know but I didn't speak a word around unknown people. When I was 3-4 years old I didn't even speak to anyone except of my family!
    With 12 I went to an drama school and it helped a lot! I'm now open to new people and I have much more confidence.

    I just didn't expected to find a blogpost like this and that's why I like it. Only two more years to go in school :)

  257. Tash x

    Thank you Zoe for this blog post, you've inspired me to keep going x

  258. your hair pretty uch coverd yourwhole face!

  259. This is an amazing article. I however love to experience new things and meet new people – I'm also not a shy student… but a lazy one, haha! xxx

  260. I will miss my school days! will make the most of it!

  261. I am a bit late, but this post was too good to pass up. Your one-eyed picture made me laugh – mainly because I pulled the same thing during that era. Luckily for you, you have straight hair. straight bangs + curly hair = no.

  262. I will be going to a new school soon, and I'm feeling really nervous and anxious about it. to be honest this blog post kinda help me, thank you so much Zoe. I love you so much!! <3

  263. I can definitely relate to the whole shy thing and being a wallflower. I was also never the one to engage a conversation first but if you start talking to me then I will gladly respond to you. Awesome post as always! Take care! :)

  264. I enjoyed reading this blogpost. It's so relatable to quite a lot of people. I graduated high school end of last year and while reading this post, I could agree with everything you said and wish I followed this advice if it was granted to me.

  265. Exactly what I'm passing though at school, at this last year I'm noticing more all these points you said, I feel that I'm shy at school, but more free with my friends
    Gonna follow your tips at this rest of school year.
    Thanks Zoe, xo from Brazil :D

  266. Omg Zoella! You were so cute when you were 5! Haha so was joe
    .And you were soooo pretty when you were 15/6 and 11!!!!!!!

  267. A huuuuuuugee THANK YOU to you Zoe.
    This is exactly the way i'm feeling at the moment. I'm a shy girl as well and now everything is new on my school. New teachers, new people and i just care fucking too much about what other people think of me, thats my problem. So every time the teacher asks questions or something like that i have a perfect answer in my head but then i'm the little girl, quiet and shy and i don't raise my hand because i'm afraid that maybe the answer is ridiculous or that the other people laugh about me. I know that this is bullshit and i really want to change it but somehow i can't. But since i read this about you i don't feel alone and that gives me strength. Your such a lovely woman and i admire you in every way. I just wanted to say thank you for motivating me. Somehow i have the feeling that i can do it now so i will try to get my ass up. Thank you and I love you:* kisses

  268. I know you wrote this blog a while ago, but I have just found it while looking for another blog but this has helped me so much because I am in Year 9 right now but I am still worried about what people are going to think of me. I am also the shy one in my group of friends but I am definitely not shy with them, in lessons my friends aren't really with me, which makes me worried because it means I have to talk to people, which I find really hard; I am a bit better if they took to me first- some of these people I have known since Nursery !
    This blog has shown me that I am not the only one that felt like I do and are like me .
    Thank you so much Zoe!!

  269. This post was so relatable! :)

  270. Inga

    I didn't really like school but you're right, it does pass you by much quicker than you think.
    Most of the time I didn't answer in class either because I didn't often know the answer…

  271. Now if you were me and i was you.Nothing would happen because you're to perfect

  272. Grace Mackie

    Zoe did you ever get homesick as i do and can find it hard to tell others and I make it worse by bottling it up and leaving them wonder why I’m always unable to sleepover? I just started secordary so friendships are just beginning to blossom so I’m not at sleepover stage yet. I have stated my journey of recovery as after 2 years of never staying a night away I want to my grandas its was bad but when my cousin who lives with him saw me crying she made me feel a lot better and I had a sleepover at a little big older friends house but she’s like a sister and I was fine🎉 I still fine the thought hard though and hoped for some supporting works thanks Zoe💗 Love Ya😹🍰

    • amy

      I get what your school life is and I think it’s pretty cool!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx#I 1s had a school life like that but I got I trouble every hour!!!!!!!!!xxx

  273. ella soady

    in the first pic you and Joe look so cute!

  274. Lucy Elizabeth

    I am 11 at the minute but you are soooo much prettier than me ZOEEEE! Everyone says I look like you but I don’t see it but I wish I did. Love you so much Zoe 😍 I feel like I go through a lot you go through like panic attacks etc and I love you so much your my inspiration and at the minute my grandad is ill after having 7 strokes and 1 heart attack and we think he may have just had another 😔 But no matter what you make me smile 😊 Love you Zoe, lots of love Lucy x

    • Grace Mackie

      sorry to hear about your worries I can understand my grandma is the same hit hard when this happened on my BIRTHDAY?! But its okay just chin up and sped the joy and love the last thing your granda wants is a sad and upset granddaughter. Try writing a worries diary so this problem doesnt turn into anxiety like me I wouldnt want anyone to every be in my place. Just write every emotion down good or bad and after a while youll see how much youve grown. To support others Ive started my own small site just to give the support I didnt have. Youve done the great thing of finding what makes you happy. Good Luck in the future :):):):):) SMILE?!?!?!?!!?

  275. Melissa Goksel

    this helped me so so so much! thanks Zoe! I just started High School this year and I totally HATE it. I don’t hate it because of the lessons or the school mainly, its just that I STILL haven’t settled in properly. You know when you feel like you don’t belong?? I feel like that. I also feel like I’m ruining everything. ruining my friends lives, ruining my parent’s, ruining mine….. I don’t know what this is, but its taking over me. I hardly even WANT to go out of the house anymore just because i think i might do something wrong. And to be honest, the school I go to at the moment, isn’t the BEST school and it actually wasn’t my first choice either. I only wanted to go to the school i go to now because nearly all of my friends were going (who turned out to be fake af). i want to move schools, but there’s that one thing that’s stopping me, but i don’t even know what it is!! that’s probably what has been stressing me out. i don’t know what to do anymore…..and you don’t have to answer me but i just wanted to let this out. Thanks for your inspiring posts, they really helped me. lots of love Melissa Xx

    • Grace Mackie

      Large choices can be supper hard but if the list the good things thing anod bad things about one school and the same for the other it will really just lay your thoughts right in front of you. I left a comment a while ago and it is really helpful just letting it all out. You can never ruin something as it always has a brighter side or happens later but in a different way without you knowing it so go on forward and if you think you’ve ruined something have fun ruining it and make it better. If your school isn’t the best who cares as long as you try hard in it and shine through it. My school is the only one for miles so everyone goes to high school or academy to me there and it’s cool it just means you’ll be possibly a bit more thicker skinned than others and that can come in handy. BE STRONG AND PUSH THROUGH WITH A SMILE💛💚❤️💙💗 Have An Amazing Day Hope This Made It Better XXX

  276. lilimae

    Zoe this is so true! I’m very shy and have just started high school! I had no friends and came from a very small school! But soon enough I’ve started to fit it and make friends! Thankyou so much for this post and you are truly an inspiration to me and many others in this scary but wonderful world.

  277. Rebecca

    Hi Zoë it Rebecca I am year 10 in high school I suffer from depression and self harm and epilepsy and lot of other problems like lack of confidence. I find it hard to talk to mine friend in school and people in school because I think there will judge and there laughter at mine epilepsy. I people talk about me all the time. I been told to go kill my self but I try but don’t want to hurt mine parents feeling

    • Grace Mackie

      School is a hard and painful place if you let it but just remember that they dont know you and picking on you wont get them anywhere and while their busy annoying and bullying you, you could be working hard getting good grades and making a better start into the grown up world then them. Epilepsy isnt your name youre name it’s Rebecca and Rebecca is the king iof your mind not the bullies or the illness’. :) :)

    • Reagan McGrory

      Hello Rebecca, I am deeply saddened after reading your comment, please check out my latest post on my blog, I went threw what you’re going threw and I hope it will make you feel better after reading my post xxxxx

  278. Anonymous

    School is so hard for me, I hate my lessons and I’m not aloud to move school either! I think I’m really shy but everyone else dosnt. They always say ‘you r the chatter box or the class” or “the bubbly one🙄.
    But this is the reason I think i am:
    I always go red if I have to read a book infront of class.
    If I have to go and speak to a intimidating teacher my voice ALWAYS mumbles because I feel intimidated by them.
    I can never look a teacher straight in the eye without going red.
    I really don’t know.
    I’ve never had any problems with the way I look. But secondary school really does change that.
    I am literally counting down till the summer hols.
    I suffer with panic attacks but only recently I have been having them.
    They always call me ‘the panick’ because I have them in school ALLL the time. They are usually quite severe ones and I hate it soo much.
    Any tips on How to Deal with them Would be really appreciated,
    Thanks xoxox

  279. PerlaLovesTheSuggs

    This is really weird but i am just like you were i’m currently 12 and i am moving to a new school were there are A LOT of more people just like you said i’m the fish in the pond all of my friends are moving to this school but i’m the quiet one of our friend group… really quite and shy and i’m really self-conscious.Last year in my school i was really shy and quiet but somehow everybody knew me…and also last year my hair was really long, it was very pretty to be honest with you but i had cut this summer and its really short compared to last year.I love it really do but i’m really scared and nervous that someone is going to laugh at me or something i know my friends will be there but people can say really bad and mean things without thinking.But now that i read this even if it wasn’t written in 2016 it makes me feel a lot better that i now you were the same and now in 2016 you have short hair too!!My hair now is the same size as yours now it really does make me feel better that you were the same and that you now have short hair too.Zoe if your reading this….(your probably not)but if you are i just want to tell you that ever since i found your channel and seen all that you have accomplished i’m very proud of all you have done and congratulations on 10 million subscribers girl!!!!Keep going with the good work i love you so much and i love your Vlogs very much as well:):):):)(The picture below is me now… hair is in a ponytail there but it goes up to my elbows:):))

  280. Makeala

    Hi zoella I’m a really big fan and I just wanted to say hi

  281. Ivy Green

    Same here I’m moving to high school. Wow it’s scary

  282. i was JUST LIKE YOU …. and hope a bloom more like u in my coming years of life <3 wih lots of love :-)

  283. Bianca

    I’m so afraid of school and I don’t even know exactly why. All the time I think of going in class and sitting there, surrounded by all those people I hardly know, panic fills my body. I’m so afraid of talking to others, especially in front of the whole class. There are only five girls and 23 boys in my class, which doesn’t make things easier. I just don’t want people to think I’m weird.The boys always ignore me and I have no idea how to start a not so embarassing conversation with them. It seems like every other girl can talk to them and hang out with them. Everyone expect me.

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