I’ve been meaning to do this post ever since I slipped the final eyeshadow into my palette to make it complete. I’ve been buying Mac eyeshadows since I was 17 years old. Saved up for them, received them as gifts, had depotting nightmares and even gone through many an ebay fake (and getting rid of them…) before finally completing two palettes full of colours I absolutely love and use regularly. As you can see, I’m a neutrals girl. I don’t go for crazy wild colours, and I stay very clear of brights and mainly blues, as they don’t look great against my blue eyes (I look like a creepy china doll).

 Ahh, that satisfaction of having two full palettes

A few of my most used are:

 Blanc Type (great for a red lip neutral cat eye look)

Nylon (amazing for inner corner of the eye and for highlighting the brow bone


All That Glitters

Bronze (Great for blue eyes)

Amber Lights (Ditto)

Charcoal Brown (The best contour colour but also use this to fill in my brows)

Carbon (for super smokey effect)

I wanted to give one of you the chance to have your own 4 pan palette and 4 eyeshadows that I am sure you will all love, so I went out and bought a little something. It took me ages to decide which shades to pick. I went for Blanc Type which is a creamy matte shade, great for a neutral eye. I then picked Down Brown which is a matte brown. I figured this would look amazing in the crease or if you wanted a smokey brown look (would also be great for eyebrows). I then went for two of my favourite shimmer shades which go really well with the matte shades. All That Glitters is a gorgeous peachy beige shimmer & Woodwinked is probably my most worn shadow. It’s a really warm shimmery brown with a golden hint. 

The Giveaway is International

It will be open for 14 days

You MUST follow me on Bloglovin to enter


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For extra entries, you can tweet once per day (information below)


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  1. Amazing giveaway and blogpost as usual!


  2. Conny

    Ahhh love this, the colours look so good! :) xx

  3. Reaaaally hope I win this looks ammaaazing I love you soooo much Zoe <3 xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I really want to win this, great post and I love the way how you stated what you used the eyeshadows for, like which look :-) x

  5. Wow amazing give away

  6. I wanna win this!! it'll be the first time if ever! :)
    thanks zoe for this! :)

  7. I've entered! Thank you so much Zoe, whoever wins this will get a nice treat! Good luck everybody!
    Becky xoxo

  8. Aby

    oh! Thank you Zoe for this beautiful giveaway!I love your MAC pallets and I hope one day I'll have a full one myself!
    Hugs from Romania :*

  9. I just created this account just now so I could read our blog!!! Love you Zoe I hope you notice me xxx

  10. The pallets are gorgeous! What a great foundation of shadows! :)

  11. OMG so excited for you new giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!! I love MAC eyeshadows:)::):) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Ash

    Lovely giveaway (: I have wanted to try a Mac eyeshadow for so long, they seem amazing especially all that glitters (:

    Ash xoxo

  13. Love love love those colors that you chose :)

  14. :D this is so exciting Zoe thank you sooooo much:)xx
    – From Annie ToadRoad

  15. Such a generous giveaway Zoe, I would love to enter please :)
    This is a pretty good idea as I wouldn't have known what eye-shadows to pick, I would still be in store with the staff looking at their watches for closing if it was left to me haha!

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  16. Ana GL

    Really nice giveaway. Thanks Zoe.

  17. Thank you for an amazing giveaway I'll definitely be entering (:


  18. so good love you

  19. Love this giveaway!
    Looks beautiful :)


  20. Gorgeous palettes! I desperately want to add some Mac shadows to my makeup bag, but every time I go look at them, I just get too overwhelmed. Maybe I'll find some inspiration from the colors in your palettes :)

  21. Theese look so nice,hope to win them :) goodluck to everybody

  22. Oh Zoe that's really sweet, i love MAC but here a MAC shop is not really near where i live so i should take the car to get there, but i dont have one. Anyway love your blog and this new post.
    Lots of love Fabi

  23. Always intrigued to have a nosey at other bloggers' MAC palettes as I'm in the process of building my own 15 palette! I like to think of it as my little project for the next few months or so. Fabulous giveaway, very generous of you!



  24. Amazing Giveaway, Zoe! xx

  25. This is an amazing MAC palette for giveaway! I am excited to win :D

  26. Mia

    Thanks so much for the giveawaaaaaaaay <3 you're awesome and we love you! :)

  27. Rachel

    I have to say, I am one of these girls that just does not know where to start with eyeshadow, I often leave it out. But trying to get into it a bit more now so this is very helpful! Thanks Zoe :)
    Rachel xx

  28. OH MY GOD I'm really reeeeeally REEEEEEEEALLY hoping to win! I love you Zoe, thanks for this <3

  29. gorgeous giveaway Zoe, just entered!
    sara x

  30. Ahhh, i'd be so excited if i won, they'd be my first ever mac products! You know what else would be cool, you could sign the palette ;)

    Merilinzz xx

  31. I have always wanted a Mac make up! But it is just so expensive! I love the colours you have picked too!!x

  32. The palette is soooo beautiful wow!!

  33. Amazing pallet, I'm also definitely a natural-colours person so I think your compilation is fabulous, zoey :) thanks for the giveaway xxx


  34. Sarah

    Such beautiful palettes with lots of colours I have been eyeing recently! I absolutely adore All That Glitters its one of my faves! If you start another palette your should definitely get Mythology, its amazing, my favourite MAC shadow I've tried so far! :) xxx


  35. Entered!! Thank you so much for this giveaway! it's amazing, you're so good to everyone who follows your blog/ youtube etc(:

    Hope i win!! MAC is hella expensive in oz

  36. Thank you so much for this giveaway, Zoe!

  37. Such an amazing giveaway, always want to buy MAC too!x


  38. Amazing Giveaway :)

    Greetings from Germany :)

    Alex I peach-daiquiris-world.blogspot.de

  39. I love the colors you picked! I think the natural colors are gorgerous! :)

    A quistion: Can people from other contries attend in the giveaway?

  40. Holy crap that is some serious collection of nudes and taupes and that. I'll take them all thanks! I have erm, none! haha

  41. Entered! Gorgeous palettes! So generous of you to do this giveaway :D <3

  42. Hi Zoe, I'm a french fan of your videos! What a beautiful gift with gorgeous eye shadows colour! I've participated to your Big giveaway ! I hope to be the winner, we do not have that luck every day! :) More over this Mac palette is adorable! Thank you for having time for us, and good luck every one! Thanks Zoe! xoxo

  43. sooo exited for the give away :D xx

  44. Awesome pallette & amazing give away! i'm also a very natural kind of girl!

    x leah symonne x


  45. yay!! I would love to have one but it's a little hard for my budget, but someday… Lovely selection Zoe :)

  46. I love this blog post, its great to see what you use. personally I have no mac eye shadows but I do love mac products because I really want to be a makeup artist! I got my first mac products this month I got studio fix and morange which can i just say is truly the best lipstick I've ever had! The formulation and the colour! xxx

  47. I adore this giveaway its so exciting!
    I adore you and you really inspire me xxxxx

  48. Sarah C

    I don't own a single mac eyeshadow because there's just so many to choose from. But this post was really helpful so thaaaaaanks:D

  49. Hi Zoe,
    please could you or anyone reply, but I got a bit confused with the tweet bit (for the more entries) because it doesn't show I tweeted on my twitter and do you have to tweet every day for a chance to win?
    But apart from that the prize is amazing, you have chosen amazing colours!

  50. This is such an amazing giveaway, wooww zoe you have picked four gorgoues eye shadow colours that will look lovely together or alone! You are soo lucky to have two eyeshadow palettes full of mac eyeshadow how lucky are youuuu!! Entered in all three ways and will be everyday thank you! x

  51. How lovely! xx OMG i've been waiting for this for ages, thank u Zoe, i just entered!:-)

  52. Petush

    I do not usually participate in giveaways, but this one is a must!! ♥ And I have to admit, I am pretty jealous about your mac palettes, don't own any of my own, unfortunately ..

  53. Great giveaway. I love your palettes I have such a habit of going for bright crazy colour, I think I'm just a big kid when it comes to makeup x

  54. elanna

    Thanks for sharing your favorite MAC eyesshadows it really helped my to decide on some colors I want to get, FINALLY! I am often overwhelmed by the amount of colors in the store and don't know which ones to choose. So thank you :)

  55. Oh gosh, "Beauty Masked" is such a gorgeous color.

  56. Thanks for such a generous giveaway Zoe! :) I have been wanting to start a MAC Eyeshadow collection for a while, but I guess money really doesn't grow on trees! :) x

    Side Note, your photography is to die for, I am in love!

    Lauren, from http://www.thebeaubow.blogspot.com

  57. Love this beautiful colours in so glad you have made a giveaway as it gives everyone a chance to own there own mac palate which is very nice thankyou much love xxx

  58. Amazing palettes!
    I am making my way through my first one now.

  59. Love this giveaway am trying to build up my own palette only have to shadows at the moment and have not yet got the actual palette so would be amazing love your blog and videoes Zoe have always looked on your blog to check for any new posts but never had a account so made one now so will be told when you have new post :D <3 xxxxx

  60. This is amazing! I follow you on like everything I can follow you, I'm feeling like some crazy fan girl, but I just love you so much !
    Love from the Netherlands

  61. Love the giveaway gorgeous! Surprisingly I don't actually own any mac products which is crazy since I love shopping and buying make up! You definitely chose some amazing mac shades for the giveaway :)xx Love from Monte Carlo! <3


  62. I've never really been this excited for a giveaway, I haven't even really entered one but I just had to! Thanks for doing this Zoe:)

  63. Maky


  64. ByKarin

    Wow this is an amazing giveaway :D Thank you x

  65. Such a good giveaway, good luck to everybody! I love posts like this where people share their palettes because there's not as many as in a huge fat collection where its hard to remember what eyeshadows were even mentioned!x

    Jessica | Just Say Jess

  66. Wow thank you so much for this giveaway Zoe. I've never had mac eyeshadows and these are some gorgeous colours :D

  67. You did a really great choice for the MAC´­s products :)
    You are so dynamic and you make your videos really joyful and colored.
    Follow your viedos they inspired so many people :)

  68. This is such an amazing giveaway :)

  69. How lovely! If I don't win, I might have to head over to the mac website…
    *bank account cries*

  70. Kate C.

    My favourites are all that glitters, romp, and naked lunch – use these three daily! Love all MAC products, but their eyeshadows and blushes are my faves. Thanks for having this giveaway! xo


  71. Jen B

    Really nice palettes. The colours are beautiful.
    And the little quad is really well thought out. Great picking.

    Thanks for the give away.
    jen. x.

  72. I love your eyeshadows! I do also have blue eyes, and totaly understand why you don't like to use wild colours! It looks so fake on me
    much love xx

  73. Absolutely adore those palettes. The neutral eyeshadows look beautiful.
    Love your blog, btw :D


  74. pompom

    I follow you on twitter and blog lovin :) thank you for the giveaway

  75. I just like to say I really really love your blog posts zoey! They brighten my day so much! Thank you so much for taking the time to write these! I admire you so much! Love you zoe! xxx

  76. Such a lovely giveaway! xo :)

  77. Congrats on finally finishing your palettes! I love your eyeshadows, even though I have brown eyes I feel like they would work for any eye color. :)


  78. I'm actuelly looking for some new eyeshadows, and i want to order a 4-pot eyeshadow! SO IT'S PERFECT

  79. lovely blogpost Zoe, so interesting to see your mac palettes and chosen colours along with useful info too!

    amazing giveaway too <3

    thanks for being so amazing..<3

  80. This is such a great idea for a giveaway! Nice to see you are happy with your palettes, beautiful colours!

  81. This is a very nice giveaway!! would love to try Mac <3….Zoe you are just the sweetest,love your calm voice!!

  82. Wish I had the money to buy MAC products and other high end make up brands. Yay for minimum wage&student life!

    I love your blog, it's amazing. Since I found your blog/youtube I have not stopped watching videos. WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZING, xx

  83. Wendy

    you should do a video about them! :) with swatches hehe xx

  84. So jealous of your palettes! I just got my first two MAC palettes for my birthday, 2 little duo palettes. I'd love to win more, great giveaway!! x


  85. Oh how exciting! I've been wanting to get a shadow palette so bad, they're coming out everywhere :) hope I win! You should write more Zoe, I woke up today and saw your post and was excited. Thanks for being so genuine and awesome!



  86. I've been wanting All That Glitters for ages! Thank you Zoe! :D x

  87. Blanc Type is my favourite out of the 4, I love experimenting and trying out different neutral eye looks. The other shades are so pretty though and definitely colours that I would use. I really want to expand my MAC eyeshadow collection, seeing as I've only been able to afford one! Great giveaway:)


  88. Elena

    Unfortunately I don't have Twitter but it was a really nice post, thank you!!

  89. Oh my, Zoe! These colours are gorgeous, perfect! Honestly been debating whether getting Mac eye shadows or seeing if there are other alternatives that are slightly cheaper out there?
    Love your posts, always enjoy reading them :)


  90. Maja

    Wow! Such an amazing giveaway, thank you!

    Maja, Pink Mascara

  91. I am sooo excited! Im a big fan Zoe:) Would love it if you check out my blog and give me some feedback? I truly love writing and making youtube videos with my one and only sister:)www.floralstud1216.blogspot.com

    love ya!

  92. I wish I could've entered this giveaway, but sadly I don't have twitter :(
    Good luck, every one!

  93. Niamh S

    I'm dying to get my hands on a MAC pallet! I'd get one very similar to yours. Love all the colours you have. Thanks for this blog post.

  94. Your MAC palette looks so nice, I shall have to note down some of the colours to get in the future :)

  95. Mana

    I love this, I'm still trying to decide on my first Mac Shadows, and seeing which ones people love are really great.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  96. Maddy

    Such a generous give-away and a really good idea, I want to win this so much! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  97. Love your colour selections in your palettes. Thanks for such a great giveaway.
    Boo xx

  98. Sarah

    I've never tried mac eye shadows – would love this!!


  99. I want it so badly! Ahh!


  100. Amazing giveawy Zoe, i adore your palettes too :)



  101. Amazing I too have blue eyes and I entered. You are truly an inspiration! love you Zoe!!!!!!

  102. Marta

    They are all so gorgeous! I'm working on my Inglot palletes as I can't get MAC in Croatia :)x

  103. Rebecca

    Oh wow this is super super exciting!! :)

  104. This is such a cool competition, it would be absolutely amazing to win those Mac eye shadows!!! :) x

  105. Beautiful palettes, Zoe, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to win these gorgeous shadows! xx


  106. Alice P

    These colours look absolutely amazing and very wearable too! :D

  107. Writer

    OMG SO CRAZY! I have never won anything! this is mah chance, haha

  108. thats not really fair to make us follow you on twitter for an entry ive never had a twitter nor do I want one it should be if we follow you on bloglovin because everyone commenting on here would have one and not everyone has a twitter

  109. Crossing my fingers for this one. My fave giveaway ever!
    You're amazing Zoe!!!

    Love from Denmark! :-)

  110. Bea

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway! xxx

  111. Bea

    Well then you're missing out! Zoe's tweets are bloomin' amazing! :)

  112. Litsa

    I love the colors in those palettes. Great neutrals!


  113. I love this giveaway, what a great possibility! The colors you have picked for us are fantastic!

    Just one question: When I went through the process to enter at the end of this post and did the "Tweet about the Giveaway" part, the tweet didn't show up on my twitter. I then went back directly to Twitter and just tweeted a link to your blog. Will that work, or does it have to be from the method you provided?

  114. i love all the shades, its so exciting! thankyou xx

  115. Floor

    It would be such an honour to win this, i join the giveaway!

  116. I love both of your palettes. They're all colours I tend to gravitate towards too!


  117. Just gorgeous picks, love all of them, definitely a neutral girl as well!


  118. I loooove this giveaway so much :)

  119. I love mac eyeshadows! I wish they weren't so expensive though


  120. Thank you for this lovely giveaway <3

  121. I'm such a neutrals person myself as i'm not brave enough for wild eye colours! I have to admit i've don't own any Mac eyeshadows (beauty sin right there)!

    Great giveaway :)

  122. Ahhhh im in love with the neutral colours!! I would love this so much!

  123. I'm so glad to see you're back into blogging! You're fab!
    How do you remember the names of all your colours?!
    Kathryn XX

  124. Woodwinked looks great! Coll name also. It is so nice of you to do this giveaway!

  125. chrisi

    really sad you can only enter when you have twitter, bloglovin or Facebook! i don't want to let facebook have a lot of my data! it's sad that you can't enter just by commenting here and leave your email adress… NOT everybody does have all this shit of social networks!!!

  126. Love love love this post! Helped me so much with what Mac eyeshadows I want as I really want to start my own little collection! :) Also awesome giveaway, I'll be entering everyday! So generous Zoe, thank you! :)


  127. This is my favorite blog! My brain gives me an extra dopamine squirt whenever you post (:

  128. Melanie

    Hmmm, I would love to own some MAC eyshadows!!! I also do try to stay away from coloured eyeshadows I just feel like they do not suit me no matter how hard I try to blend them out!!! I will definitely be entering. Take Care
    Melanie xox


  129. It would be really nice to win this. Thanks Zoe!

  130. This is such an amazing giveaway! Beautiful palette, thanks for the opportunity and being so generous Zoe! :)


  131. I've never owned a MAC palette before and I think they are absolutely gorgeous!! I've always wanted one for a long time, but never got one. This is an awesome giveaway! I love your blog as well! It's so great to get some beauty ideas!

  132. WOWS

    Love MAC products! Amazing Giveaway!

    Kisses from

    Today I show you a Comfy outfit wearing for first time a pair of embellished shorts with flowers and beads. Very especial ones….and don't miss my New Blog's design!!.

  133. I think that's majority of us! So many amazing colours to choose from! x

  134. Agree with Bea! Plus it costs nothing and lots and lots of people make you follow them on a lot more platforms and get you to jump through hoops to be in with a chance :)



  135. Lisette

    I wish I had a twitter :( that's okay! I love all you and all your posts and am super happy for whoever wins! I'm new to blogging but if anyone could check out my page that'd be great!


  136. entered! would love this palette :D



  137. Aw, they look so nice! :) Would really really REALLY love to win this :3

    My blog's – memoirsofateenageblogger.blogpsot.com :)


  138. Great blog post! x

  139. i dont have a twitter. :( but i did enter!!!

  140. I really want to win! I dont have enought eyeshadow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Stevie

    Such a generous giveaway Zoe!

  142. Cristi

    I remember the first time a bought a MAC eyeshadow…thanks to my mom for my now obsession. haha I really like your palette and Woodwinked is a great color! My favorite for everyday look. x

  143. I only own a few MAC colors and I can't wait to expand my collection. Their limited edition ones are always amazing. Neutrals all the way! xx


  144. Erin

    All That Glitters is probably the only colour that I don't understand the love for. Maybe because it just looks weird on my grey eyes. This is a great post though, love seeing peoples mac palettes!

    Erin // http://www.erinoxnam.com/

  145. Natasha

    I agree! Good choice of colours, would love to try out some Mac eyeshadows!

  146. Not on Twitter :/ but was already following on bloglovin'!

  147. Agreed! Really nice colors!!


  148. Katie

    Thank you zoe! I've never owned anything mac but have always wanted something! and yay for making it international, I have just recently moved from the UK to the US so I can still join in! :)


  149. I've only really just started to get into make-up thanks to you, Tan, Louise and Fleur…. And I'd love to add some Mac to my collection. :)



  150. Iona

    ooh, these colours are so nice. I'm definitely going to check out (and maybe buy) Jest! also… how do you enter this giveaway? is it by commenting?

  151. Amazing giveaway, Zoe! I love mac shadows and have been looking to purchase a few more. I am definitely taking some of your recommendations, great post!

    Xo, Ellen


  152. Joyce

    Thanks zoe, this is such an amazingly generous giveaway !

  153. ahhh it makes me want to get all the eyeshadows you've already owned!


  154. Oh no! just realised I'm not going to be able to enter every day… Since I'm going on a trip in a few days… –'
    Well, good luck to the others then! :) Already jealous of whoever wins! x

  155. Eva

    Really nice giveaway!I don't have a twitter account but i do follow you on bloglovin'!Hope my entry still counts!Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  156. Fatima

    Lovely giveaway

  157. I don't have twitter :(

  158. I used to wear brights in my early makeup days, but now I stick to the neutrals. I am inspired to buy some new ones… <3

  159. I entered. Wish I win. Sending love from the Philippines. :)

  160. I would love to have some Mac colours! I've always wanted some but just haven't been able to buy them! This would be great,thanks for this Zoella!x

  161. Aww I've always wanted a mac palette since I started watching beauty videos in about 2009! I'd love to be entered into the giveaway :D – Lily xxx

  162. YAY! :D Zoe i love the colors you chose! you make me want to try them on, they are so pretty! thank you! <3

    xoxo -Helen

  163. Zoo many colours! I hope we get to see lots of looks from you now

  164. Zoo many colours! I hope we get to see lots of looks from you now

  165. Daria

    What a greta giveaway Zoe! :) I already follow you on everything :) xx

  166. I just started my Mac eyeshadow collection, would love to win them:)

  167. I would love a Mac palette like yours! I just never know what to get when I am standing in the Mac store.


  168. Love the post and the giveaway Zoe! x

  169. Love all of your eyeshaows zoe! so pretty x

  170. Good blogpost Zoe! I have a mac palette and I have been wanting to know what shades you put in yours, so thank you!
    Also, that's such a good giveaway, I would love to win it because there is some really nice shades in there. I really like 'all that glitters', it's really nice with my blue eyes x

  171. This giveaway looks amazing! Thanks for sharing these amazing products with us and making this worldwide!

  172. The shades are lovely! Keeping my fingers crossed! Xx

  173. What gorgeous colours I've been eyeing up All That Glitters and Woodwinked xxxx I would love to have my own Mac palette thank you for doing this giveaway xxx
    Lot of love Emily xxx


  174. Kristen

    Entered! Brilliant giveaway and gorgeous shades :) xx

  175. i love neutral colours as well, i tend to use them more than the bright shades but i guess need the bright shades as well to brighten up those dull days. Loving your colour selection and it is so nice of you to include so much in the giveaway.


  176. Omg those colors are gorgeous!! i would love to win them i really want to start getting into beauty and these would help a lot :)you have inspired me to start making videos as well and i cannot wait until i get a camera:) love you Zoe xo

  177. Such a great giveaway I'd absolutely love this, you've picked some gorgeous colours!Xxx

  178. Martina

    I sooooooooooooooooo love this !!!

  179. Aww, I'm in love with Mac! It's really nice of you to give other people the opportunity to win these things! Thank you.

  180. This is seriously the coolest giveaway EVER! Thank you so much Zoe!
    Hopefully I win… You Blog is amazing by the way and I also love your videos!!! Never stop doing one of them please!!!
    xo Karoline

  181. An amazing giveaway Zoe =D Thank You xo

  182. Zara

    oh wow it's super nice this giveaway. I use neutral colours too because I don't like bright colours on my skin.
    Also you're super nice as always
    my twitter account is @Benni__
    bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/zbenni
    email: benni_human@hotmail.it

    let's hope for the best, my fingers are crossed :)

  183. Your photo's are always so amazing! Thanks for the tips of what colours look good in different places!

  184. Rosie

    lovely giveaway xx

  185. Lovely palettes. I want to buy some new MAC eyeshadows and i saw some in your palettes that i really liked.
    I find it very that u dont own Naked Lunch, since it is my go-to color :) LOL
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  186. This is great! I've been reading your blog and watching our channel for over a year and a half now, and I'm not the make-up kind of girl but I never found any motivation to start. Just this past week I had been skeptical about getting my first set of products when this jumped up, I guess this will decide it. I respect your choice in make-up a lot, so I look forward to this.

  187. sannni

    entered!! :) this is so amazing, would be so coool to win!

  188. Maya

    Thanks sooo much for the giveaway Zoe <3, I really want to own some mac products as I don't have any :( Great blog keep it going Zoe!! xxx

  189. Sarah

    Entered! Thanks for doing this giveaway :) you're my fave beauty guru Zoe! xx

  190. So amazing! I love the quad palettes, so handy xxx

  191. Oh my god. I'm from Czech Republic and here we have MAC cosmetics only in Prague and Prague is far from me. I like your blog, twitter and youtube videooos! Great giveaway. Mary.

  192. loved the blog,the give away is just every girls dream!!

    thanks zoella xoxo!! ^_^

  193. i have yet to buy my own mac eyeshadows but i might do as you said, save up for them and slowly build them up!

  194. The colours you have picked are perfect! I am in love haha x

  195. Beautiful giveaway :) The eyeshadows looks amazing <3

  196. Emily G

    such a nice giveaway zoe!xx

  197. entered! Great choice of eyeshadows too



  198. This is such an amazing giveaway Zoe! :)
    I've had a MAC refill palette on my wishlist for so long!
    Thank you for being so open about your panic attacks/anxiety it made me open up about mine and how much I've suffered from it in the last few years.
    You're such a good role model to others and especially the younger girls out there. You should be really proud of yourself.

    Twitter: @jadeeplant
    Bloglovin: chanellejade

    http://www.chanellejade.blogspot.com || chanelle jade xx
    don't forget to enter my Soap & Glory giveaway!

  199. I've got 4 Mac eyeshadows and I love them… I think this giveaway is an amazing gift for the winner!! #fingerscrossed

  200. Saskia

    Really awesome giveaway Zoe! Obviously I entered :D!

  201. Entered :)Fingers and toes crossed I win :) x

  202. Such beautiful shades! I should probably start saving up and start my own MAC collection (I am currently 17)! I ran out of my only MAC product a few months ago and I was too lazy to go to the MAC counter because honestly, there are too many things being displayed and most of the time, I just want them all and I can't decide which one to choose! Lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, ALL SO PRETTY (AND EXPENSIVE)!!!


  203. its really great blog post, i want get this for my girlfriend XD


  204. Wow Zoe thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I never used eyeshadow that much simply because I don't really know how to apply it but since Mac eyeshadows are like one of the best I'd love to try these! xx evavanoverbeek.blogspot.com

  205. really nice, i would love to win especially that I am just starting to use and enjoy make up and beauty products… you are so adorable… definitely entering :)

  206. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!
    I crodd my fingers!
    Have a great weeked!

  207. Amazing giveaway. These are some absolutely stunning palettes especially loving the more neutral palette! This is literally the most generous giveaway ever, thank you!


  208. Beautiful colours! If I had the money I would purchase these, but the Naked Palette will have to do for the moment aha (:



  209. Lovely post & yaaay thank you for doing a give away! The palettes look amazing, I've always wanted to try them :)

    Charlotte xx


  210. I really hope to win, especially when Woodwinked is in the prize :)

  211. I do not own any MAC products, cause theu aren't so popular in my country and they are pretty expensive, but I'm very excited because of the giveaway :)

    Love your blog, especially your vlogs ! They always make me so happy :3

    Greets from Poland Zoella! xx

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  213. Really excited about this its amazing! I am just starting out with makeup nd this cool be a good starter. Good luck everyonE! Love you Zoe x x x

  214. I absolutely love those colours! I used to own woodwinked so I know how amazing it really is. I miss being able to wear it but if I won I would wear it daily, no question! X

  215. I would love to own enough mac shadows to fill a palette!! x

  216. Immy

    I've never owned a Mac palette before but I have the gorgeous smut eyeshadow! Would really love to win this xx

  217. Thanks Zoe! Love You!!

  218. Heh, something finally pushed me to do a twitter account. This giveaway is so amazing, thanks Zoe! Mac is very rare in our country, we have -I think- only 3 shops and it is also super expensive :D

  219. Amazing eyeshadow selection! Love the neutrals myself :) Thanks for doing this giveaway!


  220. Gorgeous! I would LOVE to win. Great choices! :) xxx

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  222. Amazing achievement Zoe!! Love your blog and Youtube (Best female vlogger on the internet, only an inch in front of Louise!!)

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  224. Carolyn

    Gorgeous color choices! I'm a neutral gal myself. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    <3 Carolyn

  225. ida

    I've always wanted a MAC palette, but have never got one, because they are not selling mac products in my home town (In Northern Norway)
    Love your blog <3 -Ida

  226. :( i dont have twitter :'(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. amazing give away though!! x

  227. i really want to win! fingers X!


  228. Such gorgeous eyeshadows! I've been trying to fill up my mac palette for the past year

  229. Lisette

    I'm with Katie, as much as I love Zoe I don't want to make a twitter to follow one person. Really disappointed by this requirement as well

  230. What gorgeous colours and palettes! Colours that suit every face and skintone :) Not to mention how sweet of you, Zoe!

    Lots of love,

    An Untitled Adventure's Maddie in Canada



  231. Imogen

    Those colours look beautiful and so wearable! I've never used Mac eyeshadows before but I've heard people rave about them. Such a great giveaway, thank you Zoe! x

  232. dinak

    Wow this would be great to win, I've never delved into the world of MAC eyeshadows before!

    Beauty for the Beauty

  233. Thanks Zoe for letting us participate in such a wonderful giveaway! Hope you have a nice day/night :')

  234. Katie K

    The pictures you took are beautiful, I'm excited for the results of this give away x

  235. such a lovelly give away! :) Hope i can get my hands on it :) x

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    you have the mac eyeshadow palette of my dreams :3

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  238. Daisy

    They are so beautiful, waaay nicer than the colours I planned to buy!xx

  239. I love this giveaway! I've been reading your blog and watching your videos for a long time now and you are a huge inspiration to me. I live in the Netherlands and almost everytime an english blogger/youtuber does a giveaway it's not internationally so the fact that this one is make me really happy! Fingers crossed! (:

  240. I never used Mac eyeshadows before. I wonder what they`re like :)

  241. Amazing giveaway. I really want to start a mac eyeshadow collection but never know what colours o match blue eyes!

    Lucy O'Keeffe

  242. I've always wanted to try some great natural eyeshaddows and now I know which to try. Thanks!


  243. Looks awesome loved this would be nice if I won, haha :) xx

  244. eimziee

    Absolutely amazing colours Zoe! I would love to see a youtube tutorial on the four colours you're giving away if possible please! x


  245. I can't get Mac products where I live, so this would be amazing to win!!
    Thank you so muuuuch Zoe!!
    Please check out my blog, I post every week and it would mean the world to me if you did it :)

  246. Loved seeing your palettes to give me ideas!




  247. geeeboo

    Its so nice of you to do giveaways! Id love to win, but im so unlucky literally:( haha if anyone has the time check out my blog please! http://geeeboo.blogspot.co.uk/.

  248. Love love love this!!:) xx

  249. Great Giveaway!! I have always used drugstore products, and although they are quite good, I have wanted to get some better quality makeup. But being the ditz I am, I didn't want to buy from a terrible brand! This has really helped me in my choice as I am a neutrals gal as well!! Thank You for your help in my journey!
    Acorn xx

  250. Anya J

    Great giveaway, thanks!:)


  251. WOW, this is amazing, I'm a begginer beauty bloger and have no MAC products since they are crazy expensive in my country and hard to find… I would LOOOOOVE this :)


  252. Such nice eye shadows, if only I had a palette like that :-(. Especially the colours you chose for the giveaway, they are all gorgeous. Like everyone else here I would love to win.


  253. Amy, i really love your blog!:)

  254. I absolutely love you Zoe, you are such an ispiration, and you are the one who got me interested in makeup, and I have gained friends because of you. I would love this mac palette. amazing giveaway <3

  255. Rệp

    amazing giveaway, I would love to have these beautiful shades :)
    Thank you Zoella for doing this x

  256. I have never tried MAC eyeshadows but I really would love too! I just haven't found any great colours I think would look good on me since I also have blue eyes, but your palettes have helped me so much! thank you for posting this blog post! Also for doing this giveaway! xo

  257. it looks amazing i realy want to win this stuff
    love you zoe

    xo dutch girl

  258. I've been wanting one of these for a long time now, I was thinking about buying one the other day. I love yours btw, lovely colours!


  259. Unknown

    Thanks Zoe for the giveaway! Good Luck everyone!

  260. lovely blog :)
    and great post ^^

  261. Such a generous giveaway Zoe! Would love to win this so much! Thank youu!:)xxx

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  263. Amazing giveaway,thank you!

  264. Love you and your videos soo much Zoe !
    I get soo thrilled when I you upload a video and always anticipate the next one .
    You are truly an inspiration . Just read your recent blog post on School .
    This giveaway is amazing and so generous of you to do it .
    It's great that you're doing an international one as many Youtubers dont do it .
    Woodwinkled looks soo pretty ! :D
    Would love to win those as MAC products here are way too expensive .

    Love you loads ,
    Your fan from Singapore ♥

  265. I hope to one day have my own MAC palette (:
    All the color are gorgeous Zoe! x

    x, nessiejudge.blogspot.com

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  267. iJulia

    Dear Zoe :)

    thank you for this amazing giveaway! :)
    Those colours are beautiful :) Actually I never had any MAC eyeshadows, only tried them. But I am planning to start to collect some, because I love their quality :)

    It would be so great to win those colours, to start collecting and to have a good reason to buy more :D

    Sunny greets from Germany! ♥

    Bye the way: I hope my english was not sooo bad and you could understand what I was writing :)

  268. Love all colours i am a neutrals girl too x

  269. Melanie

    Hope this time my comment will be posted… I think there might be a problem with my account…
    Anyway, thanks for this giveaway Zoe and I am finger crossed because I have always wanted to try Mac eyeshadows but never do because of the price… ^^"

    Melanie ~ http://www.iheartsharingthing.blogspot.fr

  270. Sheen

    the colours so pretty! i noticed the oranges one too;P

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  272. This would be so nice to win – I've never had absolutely any Mac eyeshadows! Good luck everyone :) xxx

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    Entered! I'd love to win this, I'm a neutrals girl too. Really like to try out a few of your faves! x

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  280. Good luck to everybody and me! ;) xx

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    Great giveaway Zoe! :))

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  286. What if you dont have twitter?!

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  288. I'm only entering this because there's a colour called smut (✿◠‿◠)
    haha, would love to win it! xxx

  289. I don't get how to enter…

  290. THIS IS GORGEOUS! They look like they belong on a fashion model for vouge or guess! :) so cute colours, it's imMACulate! ;) from the blue to the black every colour is as amazing as the last one, truly is the best pallet i've seen in a LONG time!

  291. goha.

    your palettes looks lovely! i would love to win but i know that all of the girls here wants that precious thing :) Anyway thanks for the opportunity..I like your videos.. i bought few cosmetics you recomended and are really great so THANK YOU :D greattings from Poland. take care. xx Gosia

  292. Molly

    Wow! What a great giveaway!


    xo Molly

  293. I've really been wanting to try MAC for a long time!!! Thank you so much for the giveaway :)

  294. I entered! you're amazing , thnk you Zoe :))

  295. Elise T

    Such an amazing giveaway!!! :D love your blog! x

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    i wish i can win this , mac is around triple its price here in egypttt … thxx for the giveaway .. even if i didnt win <3 <3

  297. oh zoe, this giveaway is lovely and i honestly can feel the passion you put in it. you're perfect zoe!

  298. Amazing giveaway. Would love to enter and win haha ;) xxx


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  300. natalie

    You convinced me to buy woodwinked from your videos! Love it so much! xx

  301. would absolutely love love love to win this Zoe! All the shades are perfect!

  302. I don't know if there's something wrong with my computer, but I simply can't enter the giveaway! :(

  303. I really wanna win because it's my birthday this month :D

  304. They are such amazing eyeshadows, i actually have none proper ones except a freebie that ive been using for years hahah, would be amazing to have at least one of these! xx such a good giveaway, thanks Zoe! good luck guys xox

  305. I want this so much! Thank you Zoe! <3

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  307. This is amazing giveaway ever!!
    I realized it now this is a daily mission XD

  308. Diane J

    What a lovely and generous giveaway Zoe. Winning your giveaway would mean a lot. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the amazing opportunity. :)

  309. Such a gorgeous give away, In love with the eyeshadow shades as well however this is such good timing as I was just about to invest in buying on of the mac eyeshadow pallets myself x

  310. Great giveaway!! Thanks zoe! hope i win

  311. I already want a mac eyeshadow for so long, cause the're so beautiful.
    But pretty expecive also :(
    I love your videos and blogposts so much! xx

  312. I love the mac eyeshadows so much, they're so beautiful,
    but expecive also.
    I Always love your videos and blogposts Zoe! xx

  313. Tara

    Wow this giveaway is amazing!xx

  314. Julia

    Those eyeshadows look so pretty! I love Mac, but it's a bit expensive for me, so I'd love to win this ^_^

  315. I would love to win. Very nice palette :) xxx

  316. I don't have any MAC product as being a student it's quite expensive for me. Thank you for this opportunity I have never won any giveaway hope I get lucky this time.

  317. I Will love to win this palet and received it in Mexico!!

  318. s

    Have I entered when the 3 things have gone "DONE" in that box thingy?
    And if I tweet about it everyday, do I have to use a hashtag or do I have to do it again in the "box thingy" here?
    Sorry for the questions, hope someone can give man an answer :)
    Lovely give-away, really want some MAC shadows! Zoe is the best x

  319. Annie.H

    This is so nice from you! We love you, Zoe!

  320. really want to win! i've been a fan of zoella since FOREVER!

  321. I could really use the eye shadows :P entered!

  322. Omg I'm in need of a good palette like this in my life, would be an amazing item to start of my make up collection. Love your blog and you! xoxo

  323. its an amazing giveaway i really love it and so excited to join it and i followed u on twitter tumblr bloglovin and instgram :D love u <3

  324. btw its my first time to enter a giveaway and am really happy cuz u r my fav youtuber =D

  325. wowza great give away xxx who ever wins will be amazed

  326. I wish I had twitter so I could enter but anyways good luck to whoever wins this amazing prize! :D

  327. Love your blogs Zoe :D

  328. Melissa

    Awww❤ I really really looove this colors!!I would looove to win this❤
    Hope you have an amazing time in my beautiful Greece!!:) Θα είναι μεγάλη!Σου αρέσει❤

  329. this was such a lovely idea to do, I think the colours that are on the palettes are amazing!! <3 love your blogs and videos zoe.

  330. Jiji

    thanks for the giveaway ! i"m so excited :D

  331. Following already, because you´re awsome and gorgeous!!! and this is a great giveaway :D

  332. Freja

    Awesome giveaway, so excited!

  333. I'm so excited for this Giveaway. I never won anything so i hope i'll have a little bit of luck :D but if i won't never mind, it's amazing!
    i love you Zoe ^^

  334. dimis

    i want to win this palette..good luck to all!!

  335. Rora

    They look gorgeous :3 Love them <3

  336. Mai Mai

    Great giveaway soo hope I win it ahah good luck to everyone enjoy! Keeping my fingers crossed right until the announcement of whos won x

  337. Mai Mai

    I love this this is officially the best giveaway ever whoever wins well done and good luck to everyone I've never won a giveaway before but not seen one as good as this prize I had been dreaming about one of them forever and to receive it from you is just amazing everyone I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all right until the winner is announced i found out ago this on twitter by my friends and in the video links and on your blog i haven't stopped talking about it ever since enjoy whoever wins and also I would like to say I love reading all your blogs and watching your videos also I hope your enjoying your holiday Zoe and Alfie. I keep checking this to countdown the hours can't wait to find out who will have there hands on the prize I have dreamed about it forever so this could be my chance its like christmas if I win but just with an amazing present not a embarrassing one from your family haha best wishes everyone

  338. Great competition! Check out the one currently running on thefashionfictionary.com for a chacne to win :) xx

  339. These palettes are amazing!
    Really pretty neutral colors, I would love to wear these in the fall <3

  340. Natali

    Thanks for this giveaway Zoe! You're incredible! :) x

  341. Dear Zoe I am from Austria. I am 15 years old and I love your Videos and Blog. Becouse I'm so young I can't afford to buy myself expenssive products. I really really wan't a Mac Palette with these beautiful eyeshadows! I would be so happy if I could win this Giveaway xxx Greetings from Austria xxx Mery

  342. I hope I win, they're gorgeous!

  343. Such an amazing giveaway! Only 3 days to go ahh, good luck everyone!

    Charlwilletts.blogspot.co.uk x

  344. Amazing giveaway! enetring for the first time.. fingers crossed!

  345. linn h

    lovely giveaway zoe!

  346. I'll be happy if I won this. Never owned any MAC products before! :(


  347. I've got a small collection of MAC eyeshadows but don't have any of the ones you've included in your giveaway, so it'd be perfect if I won! (: especially as All That Glitters is next on my list!

    L x


  348. LOVE it so much!! And love your blog

  349. Agata

    I don`t have twitter :( But either way, the MAC shadows look gorgeous! Can`t go wrong with neutral shades!

  350. I would really like to win this palette :D xxx

  351. I would really like to win these palettes its because of you and Sprinkle of Glitter that i have discovered my love for beauty products like this. It gives me an outlet that i can't get anywhere else :)

  352. These are amazing as u little Zoe!
    Sending u some love from Italy <3

  353. Emmi

    I don't know why but I'm always very curious when it comes to other people's MAC palettes. I've got plenty of my own but it's so interesting to see which shades someone else has.

  354. Jessica

    I love the colors !
    I wish I had those :)

  355. Zoe, this giveaway is perfect! I cant belive your giving away MAC eyeshadows! There so expensive it just shows how much you love your suscribers and followers! X

  356. lovely giveaway Zoe, love it!

  357. Such an awesome giveaway!! :-)

  358. Tazmin

    The colours are soo gorgeous! xx

  359. Amazing giveaway, like always! The collors look so nice! xx :)

  360. Such an amazing giveaway :) Great blog post.. Loving the eyeshadow colours, MAC is awesome <3 x

  361. I've Always wanted a MAC palette, it is so so beautiful!
    I love your videos and posts!
    You're the best youtuber I know,
    i've Always wanted to look like you, cause you're beautiful Zoe! xxxx

  362. I did everything!

  363. Oh my dear. These colors are amazing! I really really hope to win. :)

    p.s. cannot wait till your next video comes out:)

  364. Great giveaway, Ive always wanted a mac pallet :D xx

  365. aaaa so excited! i love all the colours! xx

  366. Hi Zoe! I'd adore to win this it looks amazing- so jealous of whoever gets it!

    Lots of love XXX

  367. I remember when I thought I'd won the Dollybowbow give away… But it was a scam :'(

  368. Wish i could win my officaly first Mac pallete:D

  369. omfg I love this, they all look so good!

  370. i love you i hope to win i really want does

  371. i love you i hope to win because i always wanted those

  372. Hope I'm not too late to enter!! Only just discovered you and already think you're fab. I look forward to seeing more of you :) xx

  373. Hope I'm not too late to enter!! Only just discovered you and already think you're fab. I look forward to seeing more of you :) xx

  374. I need this pallet in my life <3

  375. who won?

  376. hey zoella. i have a question and it is: where do you got your chain of lights (or whatever the name is) from? i've been wondering about that a long time because it is so beautiful <3 by the way i love you and your videos! all my friends are annoyed because i am talking all the time about you and things you got and things i wanna have from you and so on.. :D
    i would be very happy if you could answer my question. <3
    greetings from germany
    xoxo knötti

  377. I really want some MAC makeup! If I get money for christmas, I know EXACTLY where I'm going and what I'm buying!


  378. She spent about £375 on 30 eyeshadow a your so lucky girl x

  379. She spent about £375 on 30 eyeshadow a your so lucky girl x

  380. i love mac eye shadow so much

  381. Zoe you are such an inspiration to me, I read and love every single one of your blogs!xxxx
    I would love it if some of you guys could check out my blog http://teenytinygee.blogspot.co.uk

  382. Oh my goodness, i know exactly how you feel, especially when it comes to mac eyeshadows there are just so many, and i don't know which ones will go together initially for a starter palette … xx

  383. Nice Blog and nice give away.

  384. I'm giving away Chanel Lipstick on my blog Risajade.com

  385. Ooppss didn't see the date lol 😂😂

  386. I want to start collecting Mac Shadows. I love Woodwinked! Think I should start with that :)