T-Shirt – American Apparel

Skirt – American Apparel

Wedges – Primark

Bracelet – Lola & Grace

Watch – Michael Kors Rose Gold

Belt – American Apparel

Nail Polish – Essie “Bikini So Teeny”

Lipstick – Rimmel “Kate Moss – 107”

Hello Everyone!

Not being an ACTUAL glasses wearer does make me a little jealous, as I LOVE wearing frames to add a little extra to an outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact I can still see perfectly (for now – both parents need glasses..my turn soon I am imagining) I just love how glasses can really complete a look and be an added accessory.

When specsavers contacted me and asked if i’d like to be a part of the new Osiris campaign I was excited to see how I could style some glasses (since I don’t own any of my own) and incorporate them into a look. I opted for some quite round frames which I would never normally put anywhere near my very round pea-head, but I actually really like this style and have been converted from my typical rectangular geek chic fake specs. I kept my outfit quite girly but also a little more casual with my rolled up sleeves t shirt and also added a bit of glam with my wedges (you know i’m not one to be out of my comfy trainers on the regular).

There is a head-to-head going on for this campaign, if you vote for me, you can win my look.

Search for #Osiris to vote for my look as the best! And don’t forget, you can win the whole look including the glasses on
the Specsavers Facebook page 

The 2013 Osiris eyewear collection by Jørgen Simonsen is only
available at Specsavers and is included in their 2 for 1 offer where
two complete pairs are available for £125.

  1. “Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Specsavers via Glam Media. The
    opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of
    the opinions or positions of

  1. Karol*

    You are very beautiful. :)

  2. Ahhhh I absolutely loves them! They suit you so much Zoe, I've always wanted to wear them too because I think they do just add something to an outfit like you said! Now I really am tempted to buy some :) xx

  3. i know if i didn't have to wear glasses i would love to wear them like you, however because i do i hate wearing them!

  4. I was about to upload my own 'Picking a Pair Of Glasses' blog and then noticed you and Louise both posted one! Good to see people are feeling good in their specs :)

  5. Aaaw :3 You r so cute. :D And I love that outfit. ♥

  6. You look so good in glasses! I wish I could look that good.
    Oh and, I spotted your top a little while ago from American Apparel, I treated myself to one! and I love it.
    Becky xoxo

  7. You are VERY beautiful ;) i love your blog!

  8. Looks a lot like the Rayban ones! Lovely outfit :) x

  9. You look amazing <3
    Greetings from Poland.

  10. your perfect xx

  11. Gorgeous! And love the outfit! :)

  12. you are just the definition of beautiful and i am so jealous that you got to meet One Direction cause I'm a massive fan. Anyways, i love you blog posts, videos and vlogs and congratulations on all you achievements. You inspire me! <3

  13. I know what you mean! Glasses are a nice accessory! :)


  14. Conny

    they suit you so well! :) i loooove your outfit btw xx

  15. You are so gorgeous Zoe! xxx

  16. Great look! Love your hair too, and congrats on the Specsavers campaign!!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  17. You are such an inspiration Zoe! xxx

  18. That's such a lovely outfit and look, love the lipstick as well went out and bought it the other day and now its my go to red lip colour, haha! xx much love jess!


  19. your so pretty zoe!!! :)

  20. I love being able to wear glasses, I just loove my Gok Wan ones with the bigger frames! Also love your outfit and you really suit glasses :)

    Beyond Bally.

  21. Petush

    I absolutely love it! I wear contacts, but love to add the typical nerd glasses to my outfit once in a while.

  22. Maisie

    You look stunning as per usual and those glasses really suit you! I would like to wear some glasses but I don't need them either so I really want to see if I can pick up a pair


  23. so cute! love the look!

  24. Mortha

    I have these ones big glasses for my own, even I do not need them. But obviously I love just complete my look with them :)

  25. OMG ZOE :(((((( you're like the cutest bunny ever :c and i hope you don't take it the wrong way.
    you are amazing zoe, an inspiration, and I hope nothing will stop you from doing what you love to do.
    as life goes on, I want you to be happy, and healthy. Kudos to your blog and channel.
    forever a fan, Ena <3


  26. Riya...

    Love the glasses. I like the feature on glasses that everyone is doing. Louise and Tanya have done one too! I think all of the glasses look adorable and I love the lip colour Zoe! Absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Kate C.

    i'd buy these glasses! i have been a glasses wearer for almost 15 years and started contacts as soon as i was able to. even though i usually wear contacts, putting on my glasses every now and then can change up a look. xo


  28. so gorg! love them xxx

  29. Melanie

    Love this look! I have to get glasses and I am digging the ones you have!

    I Pink i Love You

  30. I love this outfit xxx

  31. super cute

  32. Love the outfit and the glasses suit you very well, really complete the whole look! xx


  33. Sasha

    For the exact same reason I wish I could wear glasses as well! You look beautiful as always.

    Oh and I still can't get over the fact that you met Harry. #dead


  34. You're so perfect!

  35. Olka.

    You've got amazing hair, love them.
    Gorgeous outfit and you should do more posts like this! :)

  36. Love this look! wish they had american apparel over here!

  37. beautiful outfit :)


  38. you're so pretty :)))

  39. you are so beautiful! and gosh, i love that t-shirt :)

    xx chris

  40. I love wearing glasses, though I don't actually need them! I think they're the perfect accessory, especially the ones you're wearing.
    Your Friend, Jess

  41. Barbara

    Amazing outfit ! :-))

  42. Those glasses really suit you! Your outfit is lovely. Zoe your an inspiration to me and a great role model ♥♥♥

  43. Gorgeous look

    voted you :)

  44. how so u have so much style

  45. Karla

    Those look very cute on you!! I love that outfit!!!

    Karla @ http://www.MySerendipitousLife.com

    Join "That's My Style" Link Party ladies! Share your beauty/fashion posts!!

  46. OMG you should date Harry Styles. So beautiful! I love you!

  47. Jørgen Simonsen is norwegian, yaay! thumbs up for norway xx loveya

  48. Omg! My mum is a manager of specsavers! And she might become part owner!!

  49. Emily

    These glasses look fab, really suit you! Love your whole look, the t-shirt is definitely something I need to purchase!
    Any tips on how to grow my hair longer? I have been trying for ages and it just seems to have stopped at the length it is now. Would love hair a similar length to yours.

  50. I love wearing my glasses (I have to wear them) I don't wear makeup so the frame covers my dark circles (I get a lot of sleep so no clue how I got them).
    They also make my eyes bigger, normally they would sink into my face.
    I love my glasses, and I love how people don;t make fun of people with them today.

  51. You really suit the glasses Zoe! They're a lovely little touch to your outfit :) Xo

  52. so beautiful, as always!

    Kejmy ♥.

  53. A.

    amazing outfit Zoe :)

  54. Where is her watch from ? can anyone tell me ?
    great look zoella! :D

  55. ~Katie~

    Great post Zoe! I love how you put that outfit together.
    Katie x

    This is my fashion/beauty/opinion blog theworldaccordingtokatieblossom.blogspot.com

  56. Holl JC

    You always look gorgeous Zoe! Those glasses look amazing on you! xxx


  57. Gorgeous!
    Loving the glasses.


  58. You're beautiful!


  59. Love the glasses on you,
    Think i also need new ones soon haha!

  60. This outfit is gorgeous and i wish i had more than one pair of glasses haha! x


  61. Roxiee

    Zoe, you're freaking gorgeous.

  62. Rachel

    I'm the same I wish I could wear glasses sometimes just because they look so cute!! I absolutely love the shirt too :)

  63. I am also really jealous of glasses wearers it is good being able to see perfectly though :p these specs really suit you zoe wish I could rock a pair like you do xx Emmi


  64. You look amazing! The outfit is so nice too!!x


  65. They suit you so much! And I love your outfit:)


  66. You are so amazing and you inspired me to start blogging! im not coping your exact moves don't worry im not freaky like that you are just my idol! please check out my blog I've only just started but I hope you like it! maybe you could give me some tips? anyway love you zoe! have a good day!:)

  67. Souki

    Beautiful as always ;) <3

  68. wow you look amazing! i just love your blog its fab!:) ive been trying to start a blog but it never works!:(

  69. I love your wedges! Haha, you always look good in everything ! xxx

  70. you're so pretty!xxx


  71. I LOVE your skirt. You look lovely! thegirlinthemoonlight.blogpost.co.uk

  72. What a cute little outfit post! Love it

    Emma | masqueradebelle09.blogspot.co.uk

  73. Hiya Zoe, how do you get all of these different jobs?x

  74. You're so pretty.. and i just love you. that wasn't supposed to sound creepy

  75. I know I shouldn't say this but I love needing glasses, it's a bit crappy when you don't have them on though! You look stunning as ever :)
    Frankie xx

  76. These are amazing on you. I'm very jealous!!

    Cat x


  77. Love your outfit and them glasses are soo nice – I also sometimes wish I needed glasses just so I could have them as an accessory – they look so cute!

    Millie x

  78. Love the outfit :) You look gorgeous! xx

  79. Love the outfit and glasses. I wear glasses and I love my Gok Wan pair alot but next time I need new glasses I might try some of these, cute!



  80. So cute!


  81. Love this outfit, very well put together!

  82. Beth

    i love the outfit!
    and the wedges are amazing <3


  83. I adore how your hair looks!

  84. Zara

    Hiiii, I really hope you see this cause I have a little problem: where I have to go to vote your look? Sorry I'm from Italy and my English is not that good
    Anyway, you're beautiful as always and your outfit is so nice and girly and casual at the same time. I wear glasses because I can't see :( but I never thought that they would be that nice with an outfit. But actually they complete it and they are a beautiful accessory, aren't they?
    I wish I was a little bit gorgeous as you :)
    I really hope you see this!

  85. You are perfection Zoe, I wish i looked half as pretty as you do!

    Clair xx

  86. Katie

    you look gorgeous lovely, hair looks stunning :)

    Katie <3

  87. Katie

    These frames look amazing. I desperately need glasses but I have been putting off getting an exam because I don't know what frames to get – I may try something like this. You've just made me excited to schedule an eye exam!


  88. These photos are amazing and your hair is always perfect! How do you do that?? I also wish I would have glasses :D Nerd classes forever :P:P


  89. Looking really cute in those glasses, think you should join the glasses crew :-) <33

  90. Howwww so cute, love the outfit, simple, cute and nice for an everyday outfit :) xx hope you win! Gonna vote for you!

  91. You look suuuper fabulous!! xxxx

  92. Juliana

    Your outfit is so beautiful! I love how you played up the quirky school-aspect of the glasses with the graphic AA top. And your red lips look perfect as usual. :) You're awesome, Schoee! :)

    – Juliana

  93. Zoe you are so perfect, i look up to you so much

  94. You're so cute Zoe :'DDD love your hair! ♥

    – bloomingflowersinjuly.blogspot.pt

  95. Hi Zoe! I've always admired you. You are such a great role model and watching your videos always makes me happy. I loved how in your posts and vlogs about one direction that you always said you wished your fans could be there to experience it with you. not many people think of others during such exciting moments, and the fact that you did shows how nice a person you are. xx

  96. Erin

    Cute! At least you now know that when/if you do need glasses you'll look adorable in them :)


  97. Ashley

    These glasses look so rad on you!!!!! I think the round shape is really fun, I enjoy it a lot more than the classic square frames. Can I also say that you convinced me to run out last night and purchase Essie polish in Bikini So Teeny and paint my nails right away because you've been wearing the color lately?! I always love being inspired by you, Zoe!

  98. love your outfit! ❤

  99. the glasses totally and completely suit you!
    and I know what you mean about being jealous of people who wear glasses, I think it looks so good!


  100. those glasses look great on you :)
    i also have no problems with my eyes, but now I may go out and get the same glasses as you
    just to add that smart and sophisticated and cute look to my outfit

  101. Martina

    love this!! beauty!!!

  102. Aneta

    love your ombre hair!!:)

  103. You are so gorgeous! I just love everything about these pictures; your hair (I actually want to dye my hair that colour haha), your clothes, your glasses! I own a pair of glasses myself, just for reading, I love wearing them!


  104. I don't mind wearing glasses at all. I'm still growing and changing so I get new glasses every two years. I've had them since I was 6 or 7 and I've never been embarrassed for it. But I am really glad to be born in the age of nice looking glasses because if I see pictures of 20 years ago… :p

    I love reading your posts because you always make everyone feel happy with their own body, no matter how we look or what we wear c:

    (I really love the ombre in your hair. I've asked my parents but they won't let me do it)



  105. im your opinion. glasses sometimes make an outfit special. but well ya im also happy to have good eyes ;D


    i am back with a new blog:

  106. you look gorgeous! I too am in envy of people needing to wear frames, so have a few plain lens when I feel in the mood to wear specs. these glasses are lush though. Maybe i should go get my eyes tested… ;)


  107. I wish I didn't have to wear glasses and have perfect eyesight D: but yes I do agree that glasses can spice up a look :))

    xx Mandy

  108. Lauren

    These glasses really suit you Zoe! You look lovely as always!


  109. Love your hair and outfit, etc. Those glasses suit you really well!

  110. I just love that last outfit! Those heels are so gorgeoouuusss. And the glasses look great on you.

    Ada | thespianxx

  111. I love the glasses on you! I think it is funny how people who don't wear glasses love them and people who wear glasses hate them! :) LOL! You outfit is so sweet!


  112. Your blog is amazing!! I chose to start blogging myself after seeing your blogs. Thank you x

  113. Those glasses really look amazing on you! It just makes the outfit complete. Sometimes i'm also like: 'wouldn't it be great to have glasses? Because they can make an outfit look so much better.' But then i realize that having glasses is not that great. Because my mum, sister and that wear glasses i think i might need them soon. Even though you can make stunning outfits with them it is a fact that glasses aren't always fun. But i really have to say that i think this post is great, because it gives people with glasses confidence because it shows them that even when you have glasses you can look stunning! So once again you make people feel better about themself, and i think that is a very special talent you have.

  114. ohh wow! you're so beautiful! and your smile is amazing! :)

  115. I have to agree with you Zoe and say I've always liked the look of some sophisticated frames on people! Makes me feel motivated or something when I put mine on! Haha.


    Sorry about the self promotion here, but I'd love for even just one person to check out my blog!


  117. you have the best hair! and i really love this outfit, i only ever wear glasses occasionally in lectures, but you're right, maybe i should invest in new frames to start making them part of my outfit when i do wear them – never really thought of that!

  118. Your outfits gorgeous along with your figure!

    Harian x.

  119. You are so Beautiful Zoe :-)
    Love your Outfits and your Style!
    We love you <3

  120. You look gorgeous.. and I love your blog ( I have done for years) I do sometimes miss the old way you used to write your blog posts though x


  121. Great post, Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  122. I have the same Kate Moss lipstick I love it although it's a lot darker when I apply it on my lips.



  123. I think the idea is fun but for those of us who actually wear glasses its much less practical to own several pairs to go with different outfits. Sadly I'm blind as a bat which means pricey eyewear. I wish I could afford to have more than just regular and sunglasses. I suppose I could do the whole wear contacts and buy different frames but then I'm paying for twice as much. Lol I guess I've just gotten to the point where I say oh well and move on.

  124. Love your outfit, I only have to wear my glasses for looking at lit up screens (tv, laptop, till at work etc.) but I end up wearing them more than that because they add a little something to my look :)
    Rosalie x

  125. I don't understand how Zoe can be so perfect! <3 She always looks absolutely amazing!

  126. marah

    You're so pretty Zoe. Love the outfit!

  127. Sabko95

    Zoe, Ur amazing! I luv ur style:)

  128. Really cute look! I also don't need glasses, but sometimes find myself wanting a pair! It's not the bad eyesight I wish for, but the cute pair of glasses.

    It's a Bug's Life

  129. Hanna

    You suit glasses so much!

  130. Talie

    Gorgeous as always, don't even have anything else constructive to add apart from I think I've just found my new frames for my glasses!!

    Talie xo


  131. You look amazing!

  132. Since I myself need to wear glasses (without them I seriously can't see anything) I was quite exited for this blog post! I wouldn't normally wear my glasses, because I really cannot seem to find any that I think suits my head, but I will definitely check out specsavers now! zoe you look absolutely gorgeous with those glasses, and the outfit you put together is just amazing. Love your blog and youtube channel!

  133. Siburn

    It's very lovely <3

  134. Hi Zoe just wanted to say how all your videos inspire me so much your soo beautiful x you've inspired me to make my own blog it's no where near as good as yours and tbf it's quite boring atm but all your posts inspire me so never stop and carry on being you!x

  135. You are just so cute! Love the energy in your photos and your outfit is amazing too.

  136. Hi zoe! You probably have never even noticed me before but I like and comment on all of your instagram and twitter photos and tweets! Your such an inspiration to me, and I know a lot of people only tell you things like this to get you to look at their blog but i'm not doing it for that. I honestly think you have helped me with a lot and I really want you to know that. your such a nice and pretty person. your videos always make me smile whenever you put new ones on and I even rewatch old videos to cheer me up. your hair is just amazing and I wish I had hair like you. you are the lovliest person I have ever come across on youtube and I wish you a lot of success. :)

  137. also if you could check out my blog that would be amazing. I look up to you a lot and really aspire to be someone like you. lulla-belles.blogspot.com thank you so much zoe!

  138. Those look fab on you! I have a round face too and tend to avoid round glasses, but tempted to give them a go now!

  139. Haha I have to wear glasses but ive never really thought about using them to style an outfit! Thanks for writing this because now I can use them not just to see, but to add a touch to my outfit! xxxxx

  140. Omg you're super cute! I love your style soo much!



  141. Your hair is so amazing, I'm really jealous :)

  142. Looking beautiful as ever Zoe!

  143. Amy Tu

    Aww Zoe, you're gorgeous and so cute! :D

  144. wish i had hair like you, its amazing :)

    holly xxx


  145. kelsey

    I LOVE these glasses! I've been looking for a pair like those. You are so cute!

  146. Hey zoella and her viewers, i dont know if you will read this but PLEASE take a moment to read this comment! Me and my friend just started this new youtube channel called "omgitsindiella" it would mean the world to us if you take a minute to check our video and click the like button and subscribe to us. We were both inspired by zoella and I hope you guys can help us to reach our dream. Thank you and I hope you read this.

  147. Siburn

    Zoe, you look so stunning! I need to wear glasses so i chose the "geek" ones as well haha. :)



  148. Deenie

    I'm supposed to wear glasses but I don't (unless in the cinema) because mine just make me look awful. Next time I go to the opticians I'm going to opt for something more like this :)

  149. Kayla

    This is such a great outfit! Loving those wedges by the way :)

    Style Vancity

  150. Those shoes are fab! Love the glasses! :)

    Ashleigh: allthingscosmeticandbeauty x

  151. Zoe, you just made me want to wear and style my glasses, you look beautiful with glasses, they really suit you.

  152. you are so beautiful zoe! :)

  153. your so beautiful and photogenic!<3 it would be great if you did a post on how to take a good picture of yourself? ( not meaning that in a vain way at all!), don't know if that's a good idea or not?

  154. Loving the specs!


    Charlotte Christmas x

  155. Mery Em

    Zoe those glasses look beautiful on you girl :)

  156. I love your blog so much! I look awful with glasses haha x

  157. Hi Zoe! Your such an inspiration to young people and those glasses look great on you. Being a full time glasses wearer I hate wearing glasses but each to their own I suppose. I wear contact lenses all the time now! Can you have a look at my blog, I started it because of you and it would make my day if you were to actually look at it

  158. your outfit looks SUPER cute… and your hair looks pretty too!!

  159. Ginny

    Your hair is só pretty and I really like the outfit!

  160. You look amazing as always, Your hair and outfit is just lush!

  161. i'm a blondie but i'd looooove hair like yours, ombre i mean. do you think ombre would suit a dark blondie or do you reckon that's something only brunettes can rock? :) lots of love x

  162. These glasses are amazing. I am in need of new specs!
    You look gorgeous, as usual! <3

    Xo, Michelle

  163. Hello, Zoella.
    I love your posts in your blogs and also your videos, I really like watching/reading them.
    I have a slight problem and I would like some advice. Almost everyone in my school has ask ( it is like twitter, but people ask you questions), and one day I decided to check some of my classmates' ask. I discovered that they were saying marks to some girls' body ( Including me), which made me feel pretty uncomfortable, and since then I'm not as confident.
    Could you please give me some tips or advice to feel good with my self again?
    Xoxo. A Spanish girl.

  164. Hello, Zoella.
    I love your posts in your blogs and also your videos, I really like watching/reading them.
    I have a slight problem and I would like some advice. Almost everyone in my school has ask ( it is like twitter, but people ask you questions), and one day I decided to check some of my classmates' ask. I discovered that they were saying marks to some girls' body ( Including me), which made me feel pretty uncomfortable, and since then I'm not as confident.
    Could you please give me some tips or advice to feel good with my self again?
    Xoxo. A Spanish girl.

  165. I wish I could find a top with a "J" on it ha.


  166. You suite those glasses so much, you're gorgeous Zoe! Love your blog posts and you're hair is so amazing could you do an updated video on your ombre and hair care routine! Thanks xx


  167. Just started following your blog :)
    Better late than never, I guess. I love you on YouTube, so why not see more of you! :)

  168. I have major hair envy right now!!!

    Oh and loving the specs ;) they suit you.

    she goes wear xxx

  169. I love your blog posts and youtube videos :)


  170. Even if you put on the ugliest face ever Zoe, you would still look perfect. You manage to rock every look whatever the season, and I am very jealous of that. Would you be able to do a video/post on blogging? Even though you did one with Louise it may help even more if you do an extra one, like more of a Q and A one so that you will be answer everything.
    And can anyone give me some posts/videos that you know on the same subject? Thanks x


  171. this is exactly how i feel with glasses! but i just get taken the mick out of if i try ;) oh well! you still look great in them!

  172. Tomaika

    I definitely have to look for my own glasses, it's the perfect addition to an outfit, especially for fall <3

  173. I love your hair aha :)
    Your outfit is mazing, i love it !

  174. Hey guys can you check out my blog justanothergirlwho.blogspot.com thank you so much <3

  175. you look so lovely in here :)
    these glasses look really good on you. oh, and your hair.. i looovve your hair.
    and more about glasses, i own a pair. i have a small vision problem, but i till wear my glasses almost all the time. i feel myself more comfy with these..

    oh, and i just started my blog. it is just in the beginning.. but yea.. maybe you could check it out..?

    thanks :)

  176. Your hair looks soooo pretty in these pictures, and I love your shirt! xoxo

  177. I love that outfit! It's look so easy but unique. :)

    Kisses from Poland


  178. You totally suit on glasses and also you are so amazing you inspired me to start blogging.

  179. Great post I love everything about you amazing post.

  180. hello zoe i am so inspired by you! ive just started my blog and id love it if it could just be as amazing as yours! x

  181. I love you Zoey! You're my inspiration!

  182. I love your videos and blogs so much! You get me into a very positive mood!

  183. I can't believe Australia isn't the only country who has Specsavers. I thought it was purely Australian. I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE!
    You look so gorgeous though Zoe, as aways.

  184. Mira

    I just LOVE your style, it's so cute and girly! :)

  185. Really cute Pictures!

    –> hiensart.blogspot.com

  186. I've just started wearing a "real" glasses and I have to say, it completes my look and I'm loving it. You look amazing with them, really…and I love your hair!!!

    Dash xx

  187. Gema

    Love it! I'm an actual glasses wearer and I really don't feel so confident, but I think this post kind of changed my mind! Love how many people wear the usual fake geek glasses, makes me feel less alone!

  188. Hi Zoella, i love your photographs and blog! Really inspiring, please follow me! I am just starting and have lots to learn :)

    Greta x x

  189. Ivette

    Zoe!!!!!!!!!! You've hit two million subs on YouTube! :D Congratulations!<3 You are amazing! Keep doin' you gurl! ;D <3333333

    -Ivette xx

  190. You look amazing!! Glasses are always awesome to complete an outfit.. good luck with the competition!!

    PS your hair is soooo gorgeous and its getting longer and longer!!! Envious of your gorgeous locks!!! xx


  191. Congratulations to 2 Million Subscribers on YOUTUBE <3 You are so beautiful Zoe I love your Videos :)

  192. Awesome outfit- love black and white with wedges !

  193. Donsens

    I wish I discovered your blog earlier. I've been watching your videos for all past month. Haha you're amazing!


  194. Very beautiful zoey! And congrats on 2 million subscribers gurlllll X


  195. I love your outfit and hair! Your style inspires my own a lot! & your makeup tips are very helpful!

  196. I need glasses… The first time I thought glasses doesn´t look very good and it wouldn´t be easy to combinate them, but now I love wearing my glasses and I found many appropriate outfits to combinate. xx

  197. beaut!!



  198. I love that glasses are now trendy. No more "four eyes" jokes! They're so cute and can really add a lot to an outfit!


  199. Lynn

    You inspired me to start my own blog and I created it today.
    Would love if you could check it out even though I know you are very busy.

    Lots of love

  200. Love the glasses look! Always wished I could wear glasses, although I am happy with my vision!Loved the post sooo great as always! xxx

  201. Aw these pictures are so cute! Love you Zoe <3


  202. Lou

    Why can't I just have her hair!

    Would mean a lot if any one could take a look at my blog, I was inspired by Zoe and Louise to start :)


  203. Joelle

    Not sure where my comment went! You look great!

  204. Morgane

    I really love your blog :)

  205. Morgane

    I also have glasses ! so pretty Zoe as always !

  206. hey guys, i'm a newbie to the blogging world and it would mean so much if you guys would check out my blog… thatsamore05.blogspot.co.uk

  207. Kristel

    Hi Zoe. I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. And I also love your videos on youtube. I love watching them. You are simply the best <3

  208. Kristel

    I <3 your hair :-)

  209. I doubt you will read this but ifyou do I am was wondering if you could do a video or a bog post on back to school advice , I know you struggle with panic attacks and as 14 year old girl that has recently discovered what it is I struggle with I am scared about going back to school and starting my gcse's and having a stupid panic attack in the middle of one. Sorry to bother you . Thank you! Love you btw! You are one of the you tubers I really look up and admire! You blogpost on panic attacks really helped me and got me to go to the doctor about my problems! Xxxxxxxxxxx

  210. Actually love your glasses, you look so lovely! wish i had your hair, boo hoo…

    keep smiling :)

    love jess


  211. <3 P.S. I obsessively check youtube/ twitter/ bloglovin' waiting for your next post! I hope you're well. Much love, Becca. xx

  212. I love your Blog & Youtube channel Zoe xox

  213. Zoe you are absolutely gorgeous! Those glasses look amazing on u!! xoxo

  214. You are just beautiful! Inspired me to blog too!

    ~ journalofcathy.blogspot.co.uk

  215. It is so refreshing to see glasses being viewed and worn as a fashion accessory when they have been previously used as a tool for bullying. Whether you need them or not, you've probably just made many young people feel a lot more confident about wearing theirs :)

  216. Sorry if this annoys anyone, I don't mean to! I absolutely love Zoe and her blogposts, but I don't know how else to go about it! But I have recently started a blog and maybe my first post isn't very good.. but if anyone wants to have a read, go to http://www.bbeauty93.blogspot.co.uk Also if you have any suggestions, leave a comment :) thanks! xo

  217. Sorry if this annoys anyone, I don't mean to! I absolutely love Zoe and her blogposts, but I don't know how else to go about it! But I have recently started a blog and maybe my first post isn't very good.. but if anyone wants to have a read, go to http://www.bbeauty93.blogspot.co.uk Also if you have any suggestions, leave a comment :) thanks! xo

  218. how did you put the links to instagram ect.?

  219. Anna

    Really pretty!!!


  220. you inspire me so much that I made my own blog, your life seems amazing your like my idol XXX

  221. Love this! zoe on a different note you have to try ecotools brushes and the real technique duo fiber brushes, i got mine at iherb.com really cheap, and i found a code for upto $10 off!: HWT011 : use it at the checkout and its only $4/ £2.50 worldwide delivery!!! Hope this helps, they end up being like super cheap! :) .

  222. love them so much! how do you get away with wearing anything?! you always look amazing in every single thing you wear.
    You really do suit the glasses, haha!
    Much love,
    Grace x
    (congrats on 2 million subscribers!!:D)

  223. eimziee

    First of all I love the glasses and they suit you! Next your outfit is gorgous and your hair is even better!! Lastly your lipstick is absolutely amazing! :O Your my role model Zoe! xx


  224. I recently saw one of your older posts on fake glasses and I totally agree.
    I love how they complete someone's look and add a bit of a "cute" touch to a very sophisticated/sexy look!
    you also inspired me a bit to start wearing little heals since I myself always stick to converse and comfortable shoe wear. Maybe ill post something on that next week when I attend a wedding >.<

    I am new to blogger and recently started blogging. Anyone interested in finding out more about me just go to my blog page
    at melizabeth7.blogpost.com :)
    i also have a
    twitter: minervaparamo
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    I would definitely appreciate feedback and support! <3

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  226. You look beautiful, i have the same problem that my eye-sight is actually a-ok, but i like how glasses look on me aha!

  227. You are so freaking pretty Zoe :) I love your attitude! Thanks for blogging and vlogging, keeps me happy!

  228. Livla

    Your photography is always lovely! Loving the look x

  229. The glasses are so nice and the title is so clever, I would of never thought of that and I love your outfit and I was wondering when you had time could you check my new blog out at:
    Thank you and Zoe you are my inspiration!

  230. The glasses are so nice and the title is so clever, I would of never thought of that and I love your outfit and I was wondering when you had time could you check my new blog out at:
    Thank you and Zoe you are my inspiration!

  231. Maren

    I don't know but i just feel the need to tell you that i'm so proud of you although i've never met you in person. I have my own blog and i know only too well how hard it is to grow your little blogger-world.. in your case it's a HUGE one but anyway, i admire you for all the patience and love you put into all of this! :)
    Lots of love from Germany ♥ Xx

    my blog (genitive.blogspot.de)

  232. I think I just found my new pair of specs ! Just in time too :) Your hair is so lovely, recently had an ombre and followed your tips on keeping it healthy , worked like a charm . if you have time , pop onto my blog http://www.morningmissadolph.com , would really appreciate it !

  233. you look amazing! love love love the outfit and if you ever need glasses you don't have to worry they look amazing on you ♥

    If I ever need them…oh well I will not look good with them :D

    xx Jo Betty

  234. Hey Zoe,
    I'd just like to say thank you. I really do love your blog&youtube which have both inspired me to start writing my own blog (dun dun dunnn). I found you through the Cosmo Beauty Vlog awards about 2 days ago (and have not stopped watching your videos since). I think you're such a nice person and I find what you have to say really interesting. Plus you've helped me (the clueless) understand a little about makeup and inspired me to try and experiment more.
    Keep doing what you do because it makes me smile (& is very helpful!!!).

  235. Hi Zoe I think you are an amazing blogger and I hope in a few years time, like 10 or something I hope I will be as half as good as you are <3 You have inspired me to start my blog and just one more thing I think that Kate Moss Lipstick looks beautiful of you <3<3

  236. Hello! I love everything about your blog, and I must admit I've taken so much of your advice.

    I kind of started a blog, which is so miniscule compared to yours, but I would love for you or anybody who's reading this to check it out. I will be writing more. I have all but two posts. Haha.

  237. aw I love those glasses!

  238. I love your outfit and you look really nice with glasses.


  239. Kind of wish I could go glasses shopping now, haha!
    But I do already have kind of a hipster shaped pair that's brown on the lens and like a pale yellow on the sides. Matches my hair perfectly!

  240. I love the outfit! The whole t-shirt and circle skirt this is so cute! You're hair is also gorgeous in this!

  241. Zoe, your blog and you tube videos are amazing and so inspiring! Gosh you are so pretty as well and have great taste in fashion! I can barely put an outfit together!! X

    Random Shizzle – http://hannahlouisa16.blogspot.co.uk/

  242. Lily

    you're so talented with photography,videos and blogging. I aspire to be more like you and you are the one who has inspired me to start by own blog so thankyou(: and one day, once i have gained followers and more confidence, i hope to start my own youtube channel

  243. Haha I really do think your t-shirt/skirt combo is sooo cute :) (I'm also loving the chain to punk things up!!!) X


  244. Gorgeous look, and I've voted. Just a question, what size did you buy your American Apparel tee in?

  245. I don't where glasses but them frames are just soo beaut I want some x

  246. Love those! Maybe ill do a post over at ktlovelyxoxo.blogspot.com :)

  247. such a great outfit post, I love it :D xx

  248. Ahh Zoe you are such a button! :)


  249. Layla

    Love that shirt! I think I'm finally gonna budge and buy my letter :)

  250. Layla

    The glasses are also quite cute.

  251. Hey Zoe or anyone else on this page :)
    I doubt you'll see this, but what's the exact model of your glasses in the Osiris range, because I have searched through the whole website and I cannot find them anywhere!

    Please help by responding or maybe updating the post? And I love your look :)

  252. I have spent nearly the whole of my Summer holidays reading your blog and watching your videos! Thankyou so much for keeping me entertained;)

  253. Hi Zoe, I am loving the glasses and I am loving the top and was wondering when you had time could you look at my new blog at:
    Thank you!

  254. I really like your hair, it's so pretty!

  255. Zoe, you do really suit glasses! – I wear them all the day everyday and I used to really hate them but your right, it does just add something to your outfit! :) I love reading your blog and it really inspired me to right my own, once I'd decided the sort of thing I was putting on there I was off, I love taking photos , I love writing , and I love capturing moments and writing about them or just writing about what I think (which is what I'm doing now hehe) ! Your blog has really helped me and has inspired me and I hopefully will carrry on enjoying it and documenting more and more :) I'm so glad you started your blog, you've been given so many oppurtunities that you really do deserve and you are an inspiration to lots and lots of people, such a bubbly , kind , positive person! I think I speak on everyone's behalf when I say , thankyou Zoe! For being such a strong role model! I love you, thankyou
    xox, Ellen

  256. Love this post! I do wear glasses and nice ones are just SO expensive!!

    Check out my blog for tips on how to live on a student budget… Im new, be gentle!


  257. I think I will check out these glasses now :) My old ones are getting very battered looking, aha, and I need new one's :)

    You look great in these pics (as always)by the way :)

  258. zoe, you look absolutley stunning in glasses! i have to wear them everday and i used to hate them, but your right- they do add to an outfit! i love your blog so much and it really inspired me to start my own, so i did, hopefully i will enjoy and carry it on :) Writing your blog has given you so many amazing oppertunities, that you truly deserve. it has inspired lots and lots of people, your such an inspiration zoe! you're beautiful beyond words and so so so strong! i think i speak on behalf of everyone when i say, tahnkyou zoe :) thanks for being such a great role model to me and everyone else! i really hope you carry on you blog as i love love love love love reading it0 and your youtube channel!
    thankyou zoe:)
    xox, Ellen

  259. Lily

    I love your blog. You have inspired me to start my own blog so thankyou


  260. Hi Zoella – I love glasses like these and am so attracted to the idea of wearing them when I don't really need them… I am thirteen and I write about fashion and beauty on my teen blog/website, Chatterbox, and would love you all to read it! The address is http://www.thechatterboxblog.com xx

  261. please check out my blog itsthemakeupreviewer.blogspot.com

  262. I love your whole outfit and hair and just everything! You are my favourite youtuber (besides Tyler Oakley :P ) and I'm so happy I found your blog, so inspiring and makes my day every time! Have a great day!

  263. Hello!!
    I love your blog and youtube-chanel.
    I just started "this weeks blog" on my blog and it would be fun if you wanted to be this weeks blog. If you do: click in to my blog and comment "I'm in" on my post called "Veckans blogg". Good luck <3
    My blog: http://evelinativehag.devote.se/

  264. hi zoe :) my name is bethany and i have started writing a blog! its not much but its a really fun way of getting all my thoughts and feelings out without talking to someone , which is nice :) I would really love it if you would check it out, it would mean the world to me :D xx its betniimay.blogspot.co.uk xx

  265. Hi everybody! Ive recently started a blog and I would love it if you went and showed it some love! Thanks:-) xx

  266. Rebecca

    I love your hair it is absolutely beautiful :)

    Rebecca Coco

  267. I love you so so so so so south Zoe you are beautiful and you hair is amazing and I wish I looked like you!!!

  268. I sadly have to wear glasses, saying that Im use to them now. These are so cute, love the outfit xx

  269. I find this very interesting! I personally am short-sighted and despise my glasses, as I feel like a total loser with them :( I wear contacts because of that. I do find it very intriguing that some celebs and bloggers like you like the look of glasses! I admire that but also, once again, find it interesting. People who need glasses don't really like them and people who don't need glasses like them. Haha

  270. such a cute outfit, and that hair! yummy :)
    check out http://www.lovefromsimmie.blogspot.com for a beauty fashion & lifestyle blog just like this one! my most recent blog post is a crazy colour hair review and the one before that, a lipstick review! look now before its too late! ill follow you if you follow me :) leave some love.

    thank you mwah xxxxx

  271. Wow, love you Zoe! I'm super interested in all things beauty too! x

  272. You have a gorgeous hair.. I want to dye my hair like that but my mom doesn't allow me -_-

  273. You are so freaking adorable!! If I was a single guy, I would totally want to date you. But I am a girl, and married, haha! Adorable outfit, you can totally rock the glasses. Love it! :-)

  274. Tazmin

    Glasses suit you so much! Love your top xxx

  275. I absolutely love what your wearing you look fab!<3 Keep up with the good work zoella you are truly inspirational and it would be my ultimate DREAM to meet you, love you xxxiii

  276. Lizbeth

    I love how every time you try something new it always turns out great, you look faboo xx

  277. We love you so so much, you are so pretty and insperering. Me and my best friend are from Denmark, and we watch your youtube videos and read your blog posts every day.

    XOXO Signe and Shilan.

  278. Izzelle

    We love your lipstick choice in this! Reds and coals are perfect for your skin tone.

    We have taken inspiration from you and reviewed some good quality inexpensive lipsticks. Lots of love


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  280. I just need to comment (like everyone else, apparently… :P) that your hair looks so good ombre'd and curled at the ends. I successfully grew out my hair for 4.5 years (just above the shoulders to bust) and then got so bored that I chopped off about 14". Lesson? I probably should have been reading this blog! You and your long hair (sometime woes) really give inspiration that I'll have to keep until my hair is long again.

  281. I think Zoella looks love in what ever she wairs

  282. Amazing photos and beautiful pictures!