Very recently, I went to Norwich to visit my good friends Tanya and Jim. They took us to the cutest little seaside town called Southwold. Tanya is always going on about how quaint and lovely it was, and so we decided to spend the afternoon there. Being at the seaside isn’t the same unless you have some fish and chips, so obviously that is exactly what we did first. After that we strolled through the streets and we decided to go crabbing, something I did when I was very little but hadn’t done in a very long time. It was so much fun, we caught so many crabs, I was actually pretty impressed with the amount we all collected (and of course set free back into the sea). The place was so cute and we all had such a great afternoon crabbing and catching up in the sun! I love days like these. 

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  1. LOVE YOU ALL! First comment :)

  2. Love the pictures too!

  3. Farrah

    These are such cute photos, looks like so much fun!

  4. ARE YOU KIDDING THOSE CRABS LOOK LIKE NIGHTMARES oh my golly gosh Zoe!! I remember going on holiday somewhere where there was a ladder down into the sea (weird) and as we were swimming around we noticed CRABS EVERYWHERE just under the ledge and I've never got out so fast – Imagine how many were along the seabed! But then, I'm terrified of the sea and what comes with it haha!

    This does look fun (scary) though, I'm trying, honest! I love Norwich though, check out Blo Norton hall <3

    ALSO, ALSOOOOO please tell me where this top is from, its blowing up like a huge parachute in some of these pictures and naturally that makes me want it – HOW FUN! Thats where the fun is, screw the crabs :P

  5. your pictures are adorable! Southwold is definitely added to my list of places to visit :) xo

  6. I just realised that one year ago I was staying in Norwich for 2 weeks and I didn't even know who Tanya and Jim were, and now I'm so obsessed with them and all the youtubers. Oh my God I can't even :O

  7. JenTea

    Wow what a beautiful place! I recently visited the UK and went to Norwich for the first time to meet relatives (for the first time too…ahhh! can I just say they were a lot like Hyacinth and Richard from the TV show Keeping Up Appearances…but hey, they were lovely to me). Anyways, they really wanted to take us to Southwold but we ran out of time :( We ended up going to sea somewhere near Sandringham but you're right, if you're by the sea fish and chips are a must (for those who like seafood)! I hope I get to visit the UK again soon and go to Southwold, it's somewhere I've been looking at for a while since it's a quaint seaside town like you said. Next time you guys go just give me a call and I'll book a flight from NYC and meet you there ;) !! Hahaha I'm totally rambling on and on. Anyway, you all look great, I'm glad you had a good time :)

  8. So sweet place!!

  9. ah finally :) a post from you, I know you're busy and all, but I miss your regular posts so much, so every time I see a new one my heart skips a beat (lol that should not sound so wrong) they r always so jolly and uplifting =))

  10. Taylor

    Awhhh, it looks lovely! Love your shorts!xx

  11. Such a nice blogpost! :) I love days like these too! X

  12. Wow, that looks really beautiful! Lovely pictures, Zoe! I really hope to be able to visit places this lovely one day x

    leah symonne x

  13. Zoe, you and Tanya are both so adorable! I love your outfit in this post (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  14. Awh, all of you seem so lovely

  15. Awww I love it! Looks like you guys had a great time. I hope you are loving LA and VidCon :)

  16. Megan

    You guys are the best <3
    Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day.

  17. ily so much Zoe! You have helped me through a lot. When i am sad i go and watch your videos because you make me smile. I suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. I am slowly but surely recovering from depression because of you. You make me smile and laugh and forget about everything for awhile. You are such a role model to me. I will always be here for you!I dont even know if i would be here if it wasnt for you… <3
    Much love,
    from the girl you saved.

  18. this looks like such a lovely day.. i actually love seeing your friendships grow with so many other people whos videos i watch… i'm glad to see you all so happy! :)

  19. The pictures are beautiful <3

  20. Ohhh its so pretty there never been to Norwich and it look pretty amazing :)! Seem like a wonderful day you spent! Hope you are enjoying Vidcon!

  21. Your blog posts and videos always cheer me up :)
    I love fishing its so much fun! and I've you get bored just lay in the sun and read a book.

  22. Looks like a lovely place! x

  23. Truly a quaint place for a lovely vacation. Love those shorts. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Zoe

    I spy Alfred there too though!

    Looks very fun Zoe:)

  25. Anne

    It looks like everyone had an awesome time! I love that photo of you with the big ice cream cone! Cute!

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  26. Mana

    This looks absolutely lovely. I've never been crabbing because I've never been anywhere where there were crabs, but it looks like such fun.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  27. Still love those shorts! So adorable. The photo's are fantastic! Love this post.


  28. Katie

    This looks so fun! And what a cute little town!!

    -Katie–Citizen Images

  29. Gorgeous photos! I love you all :D

  30. I think that because everybody bothers you with the zalfie thing, you have let Alfie out of your posts when he has been there, that's sad but I guess you have your reasons.

  31. Fern

    I love the seaside towns in Norfolk! We always used to go crabbing there when I was younger. Looks like you had a lovely day :) x

  32. That looks like so much fun! I love the beach (: And your outfit is so cute!

  33. Looking pretty and adoreable as always, and it looks like you guys had a lót of fun! ^_^

  34. Could you do the smoothie challenge with Joe ? Or if u don't want to , suggest if alfie could do it with Joe?? Ps.sorry if there's any grammar,I'm from Finland and i luv u all <3<3

  35. This looks like a lovely place, I would like to go sometime :)

  36. lovely photo's love the shorts!

  37. Laura

    Great pictures, looks so lovely !

  38. Such a lovely adventure. :) Your pictures are always so pretty. I'm so glad to see you posting more, Zoe. xx

  39. lovely photos! Its looks like such a nice place to visit. :)


  40. Sounds like a lovely day

  41. Aww, I love it there so much! Its one of my favourite places to feel 'free' :) xxx

  42. A.

    Amazing photos <3

  43. Looks like you had a great time! The crabbies look so cuteee

  44. You and Tanya looked beautiful! I adore those shorts on you Zoe!
    Looks like a beautiful place, wouldn't mind dropping in for a day!

    Emily xoxo ||

  45. sarah

    looks like you guys had an amazing time! I love the shirt you are wearing and Tanya's sunglasses are gorgeous :)

  46. Awww, looks like such a fun trip! :) And you look great Zoe! Love the shorts on you!

  47. aw looks like you had a great time! you & Tanya looked lovely (as always) and it looked like a nice place :) <3

  48. You and Tanya look good!
    xx Stephanie (

  49. awwww such adorable pics! (: you're all so pretty and/or handsome (;

  50. It looks like such fun! Great post zoe! xx

  51. The photos are just so nice, really makes me want to go to the seaside now. Just a question though why didn't you say Alfie went, when he is in one of the photos…

  52. Maddy

    I love Southwold, its such a beautiful place and I hope you had fun! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  53. That looks so fun and the place is so cute:) I love reading your blogs and I'm happy your doing them more regular so I can enjoy in my Summer(: The photos are so nice and it makes me want to go there now! I would love it if you checked out my blog –

    Maria x

  54. I did not know that Tanya and Jim lived in Norwich. I live in Norwich! Not that I'm going to go all weirdo stalker on them. I have never been to Southwold and I keep seeing it pop up in my blog feed! Must rectify this. The beaches and seaside towns in Norfolk and Suffolk are really beautiful. My favourite part of living in Norfolk.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  55. Oliwia

    Cute photos! I'm your fan, seriously. ;D

  56. Hayley

    Oh this looks really lovely. I've never actually tried crab meat before but I do really like sea food so I'd probably really like it. Looking great as always :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  57. Yay for more blogposts! Really like your short by the way!

  58. Nice pictures, it's look lovely here!!
    love you

  59. It looks so lovely. I'm glad you got some fish and chips, otherwise it would not have been a legit seaside visit :P

  60. Looks like you had a great time! Wish that I lived near the seaside, it's so relaxing and lovely there.

  61. Beautiful photos Im going to England as well end august.

  62. These pictures are so lovely! It looks like you had a wonderful time Zoe! xxx

  63. Sara

    OMG those crabs look so scary..And you always say that your legs are skinny and they aren't..:)

  64. You guys always have a great time together! And that seaside is to die for, so so pretty! xxx

  65. You all look so happy :)

  66. Erin

    Zoe how do you edit your photos!? They all look amazing!

  67. Bella

    It looks like a really lovely place to go, and sounds like you had a great time. I really love going to little places like this :)


  68. Aw this looks like such a nice day! We go crabbing in Oregon when we visit my grandparents, it's so much fun! Although you've gotta be careful what you use for bait because the seals steal it!

    Dannielle | Chic-a-Dee

  69. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I haven't been crabbing in such a long time, this makes me want to go :)
    Becky xoxo

  70. Looks lovely! Your phtotgraphs are so well taken, I wish I could photograph like you! :D
    Alice xx

  71. Awwww, this really takes me back to my childhood, I love Southwold and really miss it. I think Latitude Festival is nearby too.

    I definitely need to make a visit soon, thank you for reminding me of it's amazingness!

    Ellis xxx

  72. Emily

    This looks like a lovely place!
    Looks like you had an amazing time.

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  73. My sister is just back from Norwich and she visited this little nice place and said it was great! seeing your pictures now, I completely understand what she meant!

    You are really inspiring lady, keep blogging, 'videoing', vlogging :)

  74. Looks like you had a great time :) Sunny greetings from Finland :)

  75. Floor

    You take beautiful pictures, Zoe!
    xxx Floor

  76. Looks quaint!!! I also see you wore your cow shorts like you said you were going to try and do more often! I have those as well and have yet to wear them. :(

  77. haha, this looks like a lot of fun! Great outfit! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  78. If you go again, you should go to the Southwold Maize Maze!! Its so much fun! Maybe you could take Darcy?

  79. Nina

    Looks like fun! (:

  80. I love the photos! looks like you had a lovely time! :)

  81. Lovely pictures Zoe look like a great place to visit!
    Sarah oxox

  82. Such lovely pictures! I really like how you're still posting every now and then on your blog – not trying to force you – but I love reading what you've been up to equally as much as I love watching vlogs. Haha I wish I could go there and catch crab fishes like a little kid :) My sister and me used to do it in France once, and I think it's so funny. I haven't been to Norwich, but the area seems amazing. I've only been to London when I was little and when I turned 18 :) it's great, but I'd like to see a different side of England aswell. London is all crowded and fussy, whilst I'm pretty sure the country side is awesome too!

    Great post :)
    X Valérie

  83. Beautiful photos, I love these kind of blog posts from you! x

  84. Karol*

    Lovely pictures :) I love your blog

  85. Eeny

    looks like a lovely day with lovley friends. perfection!
    i loved going crabbing when i was little too. haven't been in sooooo long.

  86. Tanya

    Amazing photos! Looks like a lot of fun! x

    Tanya | Cat at Heart

  87. Shell

    you guys look like you have so much fun!! this is awesome :) i live quite near norwich so I might go have an adventure to Southwold!

    I have a new blog and would really appreciate any feedback you guys can give me! thankyou!! xxx

  88. This all looks so gorgeous and it seems like a lovely day out! You're lucky to have such great friends! x

  89. Tanya's dress is beautiful<3

  90. You and Tanya look so cute :) looks like you had such a nice afternoon, the place you visited looks so peaceful and relaxed! Love spending days doing something a little different :)

    Katie xx | Katies World

  91. I've never crabbing in my life, but now I just want it so much! :D (great pictures! ;) )

  92. Looks like fun! x

  93. I love your posts with these kind of pictures :)

  94. Adorable Pictures! I love crabbing. :)


  95. Ah I was so pleased to see a new Zoella post! Just recently I've been scrolling through your older posts (all your MAC purchases make me wanna go shopping).

    Looks like you had an awesome time with Tanya and Jim – I agree that there's nothing better than days like that. Me and my brother would spend ages on holiday searching for crabs in little rock pools.

    Oh and it's probably not my place to say but if you are dating Alfie, we'd all be lovely about it and would throw pineapples at anyone who wasn't completely supportive. But if you are just friends then by all means disregard that comment :)

    Look forward to your next post! (Maybe about Vicon?)

    Kerry x

  96. Love your blogs.

    Could you please confirm where your bag is from?

    Claire x

  97. katya

    lovely!i got engaged somewhere near there- great beach!

  98. The pictures are so beautiful! I wish I could visit all the places you've been to sometime since all your photos are amazing! This just excites me more for the blog posts I'll be able to publish after my Italy and France trip <3

  99. Ash B

    You're all so adorable!

  100. Aw it looks like such a cute little place!

  101. Beautiful photographs as always :)
    Nothing better than going to the seaside, having some fish n chips and enjoying the sunshine. Have to say those crabs might have freaked me a little bit haha, I'd be a bit scared of them biting my fingers off haha! Okay maybe that wouldn't happen but a nip still seems bad.
    I recently headed off to the seaside with my mamma, was a bit busier than your trip though I think.

    Jen x

  102. Julie

    i love these pictures and your shorts are awesome! :)

  103. What editing programme is used to edit these pictures? Their beautiful! X

  104. Wow Zoe, it looked gorgeous and luckily you had good weather for it too! :)
    I would love to go to the seaside this Summer, it looks absolutely gorgeous.
    Beautiful photography too, I hope you had a lovely time.

    Would you also mind checking out my blog?

  105. i went to southwold last year and its so pretty!
    i'd love to see some beauty related posts? (:

    and if you would like, please have a look at our blog


  106. I spot an Alfie xD

    very cute photos!

  107. Hi I love you ive been watching and reading your stuff for what seems like for ever and ive plucked up the courage to write my own blog
    Its Bits, but id lve for you to follow but what I really wan to no is how do I add all the fancy buttons that take you to twitter and Bloglovin and your FAQs page? xxx

  108. i love southworld!!
    i would love for some of you to read my blog and tell me what you think
    im also on bloglovin beth-stocker blog

  109. Zoe

    This looks like a lovely little place! im aways looking for places like this for days out, great post! x

  110. hi zoe! i was just wondering…i want to live in england on the coast somewhere (i now live in america) and i was wondering where you think would b the best place for me. i want something with cute little shops and parks and lots of old buildings. i dont want anything too built up something more cute and cozy. if you could tell me what you think that would be much appreaciated!! <3

  111. Bekka

    Looks lovely. I'm glad I live in the North East of England with the coast right by me, means I get to see similar views to this all of the time. Well, I say all, it's not that sunny usually is it! x

  112. sounds like a great time! lovely pictures as always! X

  113. Maud

    Very cool photos, you manage to make crabs look chic. They still give me the heeby jeebys though!

  114. in love with all your pictures on this post ;)

  115. Your pictures always make me smile and brighten my day :)
    Thanks for sharing awesome pictures!

  116. I love the places u visit they all look so beautiful

  117. Erin

    These pictures & the colouring are so beautiful! Glad you had a lovely day :)


  118. Aww you guys are absolutely adorable, you guys always look like you're having so much fun together!

  119. It looks like you all had such a lovely time! I'm so happy for you, Zoe!
    <3 Carolyn

  120. SMM

    I was just about to write the same thing !! Even the mykonos post…alfie was not mentioned but he was there because he posted a picture on his instagram

  121. Conny

    Lovely pictures, I would have been so scared of those crabs though haha :) xx

  122. Anna

    Lovely pictures and outfit! Wow, all those crabs… Scary!

  123. Sofie

    Crabbing? What a weird thing to do in your free time, but it sounds like so much fun. I think I would scream with every crab I catch, haha!
    You look so happy! Days like these are the best indeed!

    Sofie x

  124. I used to live near Norwich and I have to admit, Southwold wasn't somewhere I went. One of my favourite places though was Wells-on-the-sea. As was Winterton beach, both worth visiting!

    Lydia x

  125. Jessie

    I just love your photography, Zoe. And you look so pretty! I'm glad you had fun xx :D


  126. These pictures make me love you even more Zoe!! You're such a bubbly person even though you suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. I suffer with these too however I'm not as bubbly as you I'd like to be but something inside of me just stops me. I'm bubbly around close friends and family but that's it. I also find it hard to interact with new people especially if they're around my age.

    I love reading your blog posts they always put a smile on my face.

    Asia xx

  127. Very nice photos. I love to have that huge ice cream =D

  128. Looks like you had a fab time! Great post! xo

  129. Zoella You have inspired me to make my own blog and i hope to turn out like you some day :)

  130. Amazing!

  131. just wanted to let you know Zoe that i have been watching your youtube videos for well over a year now and i love every single one! I have been aware of your blogposts, but only now have i decided to push myself to also become a member of the blogger community. Great posts filled with beautiful photography love Xx:)

  132. Looks like you had a really nice day out!! Love all your outfits by the way!

  133. Aw it looks like such a fun day! I hope you got to visit the pier, it's really lovely! If you like quaint little villages there's a tiny place called Thorpeness that's just a short drive from Southwold and is super cute and tiny :)

  134. Laura

    That looks absolutely amazing!

  135. Has anyone else noticed how she doesn't mention Alfie but you can see him in one of the pictures? Why would she do that? (and no guys I'm not some kind of ZALFIE freak, i more a ZACK :)
    Just wondering!

  136. So great to see some of the gang altogether enjoying a day together! And I just saw you and Tanya on a Shaytards vlog, it was amazing, so great to see some of my favourite youtubers altogether in one video.

  137. I live in New York City and although I love it and all the adventures I can have within it, after falling in love with you and your friends I would love to live in England! Everything seems to quaint and pretty, there is an air of perfection that we lack hear in gritty New York. It is like there is an adventure in every village just waiting to happen….you've definitely sold me Zoe :)

  138. The pic with the giant ice cream has to be my favorite!
    Great post!

  139. Aww I would really love to go to the UK one day. It's really beautiful! Seems like you really had fun with Jim, Tanya and Alfie =)

  140. By the seaside crabbing is very popular. Btw isn't that Alfie in the 8th picture down?

  141. So tranquil and pretty! I'm getting images of sipping afternoon tea under mild sun here. Glad you had fun! :)

  142. I've spent most of my childhood visiting places like this so this blogpost made me want to go back so badly! The pictures look lovely as I love the way they've been edited!xx X

  143. Zoella, can you and Tanya do a meet up when you next come to Norwich? xxx

  144. This is such a good post zoe! you were one of the inspirations for me to start a blog so i would be gratefull if you could check mine out, I am new to the idea of blogging so i would really appreciate if you could take the time to give any feedback or views.


  145. always keep up, gorgeous! I love the way you speaking or writing, it helps me to use english well and develops my ability! ;)
    From Southeast Asia, Indoensia ^^

  146. Zoe, you are such a inspiration to so many people with your blog and your YouTube channel. I loved watching your videos and ready your blog posts so much I decided to start doing my one!
    Thank you for being so inspiring, I know you're just doing something you like but you really are!
    Hope you're/you have had fun in LA!

    Evie Maire

  147. This all looks gorgeous!
    Katie x

  148. Looks like a perfect summer day :) x

  149. I always used to crabbing I used to love it!!!

  150. same!! i really want a pair aha!

  151. The expression on your face when you catched those crabs, priceless!!

    Love the shorts you are wearing

    Naaj xx

  152. Zoe, Your Photographs look quite vintage I love it! or that's probably just me lol Love your blog and YouTube you're an inspiration to me:) <3

  153. Where did you get those shorts? They r so cute :)

  154. Love your photos and seeing you having fun withe your friends

  155. livv

    nothing like a day at the beach with friends, hope the summer lasts so their can be more of these xxxxxxx

  156. I love days like these where you can just relax and be with friends. My fave :) Love the shorts btw!

  157. Zoe, pls do a video showing us how you blow dry your hair. I just say your video on how you do your top hair bun and I remember seeing your "hair q&a" video from a while back saying that you weren't a pro at blow drying your hair. I suck at it so I don't do it at all, I would love to see how you do it since your hair always looks so smooth. Pretty please? :)

  158. I love your blog! You should blog more often, because its so funny to read and look at all the pictures.
    I'd love to be your friend, you just seem so nice and funny!

  159. I read this and could hear exactly as you would say it! You make my day just that little bit better which has been so amazing lately because I've been extremely unwell and have been going through alot! Thank you so much Zoe for always making me laugh or smile or just feel a little bit better <3 It would mean the world to me if you could visit my blog and leave me a comment :) Love you Zoe xxx

  160. Lee

    Aww I love Tanya and Jim, and I'm so glad you're friends with them! I love Tanya's dress and your shoes!

  161. Looks like you had a really nice day out!!
    Great photographs!
    Emma xx

  162. This is the cutest post ever!!
    Frankie xx

  163. looks like such a fun day out and the crabs!!! I hope you can check out my beauty and lifestyle blog too :)

    UK Beauty Blog

  164. Great pictures !! Love your bloposts zoe <3

  165. I love seeing posts that include Tanya and Jim. I just feel like you are all the most lovely people!

  166. These photos make me really want some sunshine! lovely :)

    B, xx

  167. I think I have that same crab net! I love fishing/crabbing, it's actually extremely fun

  168. Ookaze

    Those pictures are so nice! Having a great afternoon with your best friends is the best there is I guess :) Glad you started posting regularly!


  169. Super cool and great photos Ms. Zoe! Looks like you had so much fun with Ms. Tanya & Mr. Jim! ^^

  170. Awesome blog, love the colours you've chosen for it they're really pretty.
    Lovely post too, I love days in the sunshine with friends.


  171. lovely blog post, you take amazing pictures xxx

  172. this was so lovely! awwwww

    please check out my blog if you have any spare time!

    thanks you so much!


  173. Tas

    Sure does look gorgeous! Love these little snippets of a summery day. The chips look yum and the veg as well haha :)


  174. Ellen

    Looks so lovely! :)

  175. Amazing pics! the place looks really pretty and the editing of the pics is flawless
    I love your outfit, and also Tan's. It looks like you guys had so much fun.


  176. Reminds me of the crabbing here in Louisiana.
    Looks like you had tons of fun!

    Lots of love,

  177. I love love love your outfit Zoe! Where did you get those shorts and shoes? That place looks lovely <3 you forgot to mention Alfie came along! I saw three people in a photo but only Jim and Tanya's names I had to go back to see! haha :)

  178. Mája

    Beautiful photos Zoe!!! You are so beautiful and slim ! :)
    I'm loking forward to new videos from you !
    Mája xo

  179. Cat

    Hi Zoe!! So i just started a blog and i feel awkward about it :S i don't really know what to write about and wanted to know some tips on how to become a more noticeable blogger. If you were to see this comment please give me some advice. Btw you look beautiful like always in your blogs and videos :)

  180. New blogger right here, come say hello :)
    I love your blog posts Zoe! X

  181. Zoe,don't eat so much ice cream..;):D Nice photos love yoooou!
    //a Swedish fan<3

  182. Steph

    This place looks so cute! Love the pictures too!


  183. Erica

    Looks like you all had an amazing time! Wish I could have a perfect group of friends like that and go on trips and stuff :)

    PS: please check out my blog! I've only just started but I promise I'll keep posting :) xxx

  184. Hi everyone!

    First of all, I really love you Zoe! You're my inspiration and I just LOVE you!
    Well, since July this year, I started a blog too. It's called isabelstyled and i write about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc. It would be FREAKING awesome if you take a look and maybe you want to follow me too?

    Love, Isabel

  185. Ah it looks so quaint and like such a lovely day out!


  186. This place look so nice, thank you for those beautiful pictures. And I don't know how you do it, but you stay pretty even when you are crabbing (I'm so jealous ;))!!

  187. Melly

    Excellent photography!

  188. I love this! You take such good photos!

  189. Your blog has inspired me to start my own blog.Today I did my first post a mini Boots haul.It was hard work but I was so pleased with the end result ! :) Thank you for your blog posts Zoe x

  190. what a beautiful post zoe, so many pretty pictures :D
    Im in love haha

    visit my blog!

  191. Way too adorbs <3

  192. awesome pics :) is that guacamole with your fries? I absolutely need to try this out seems to be delicious :)

  193. I ❤ your outfit :) I was also in Southwold on Friday, it's almost annoying that I didn't know until afterwards that you were here (I'm still in Southwold) though :'(

  194. Follow my college lifestyle blogs

  195. Lovely post Zoe!

    You always look like you have a blast wherever you go!

    Xo, Michelle

  196. such gorgeous photos, I'm defiantly interested in getting your camera. your blog is such an inspiration for me, I really love reading what you have to say and your different opinions on products!

  197. She's amazing. Lovely pics and stunning. I really enjoyed it. Nice
    Indian Hair

  198. Your photos are so beautiful <3 I love how vibrant they are and how all of them are filled with so much love. Like, you can really see it through the photos. Your posts are such a wonderful treat <3 It looks like you had a fun time, that's wonderful!

  199. Hi Zoe! I just wanted to to tell you that I love what you are doing. I have been watching your youtube-videos for a while now and I really enjoy them. You seem to be such a nice and fun person to be around. So I decided to give more attention to your blog. And it´s just as wonderful as your youtube channel.
    I also love this post! The pictures are so beautiful. I love the one of Jim and Tanya.^^ It looks like that town is a really nice place to spend time at. Especially in summer. I would love to go there as well! But I´m from Germany so that probably won´t happen too soon. (Also, excuse me if my english isn´t perfect.:))
    I hope you had a good time at vidcon and I´m really looking forward to your vlogs from there! I hope to meet you someday.:)
    Have a wonderful day! Marie<3

  200. omg i go camping there every year its such nice place!

  201. Paula

    That looks really fun! And I can tell you had a great time!
    Btw. love those shorts <3

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