Very recently, I went to Norwich to visit my good friends Tanya and Jim. They took us to the cutest little seaside town called Southwold. Tanya is always going on about how quaint and lovely it was, and so we decided to spend the afternoon there. Being at the seaside isn’t the same unless you have some fish and chips, so obviously that is exactly what we did first. After that we strolled through the streets and we decided to go crabbing, something I did when I was very little but hadn’t done in a very long time. It was so much fun, we caught so many crabs, I was actually pretty impressed with the amount we all collected (and of course set free back into the sea). The place was so cute and we all had such a great afternoon crabbing and catching up in the sun! I love days like these. 

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  • Lucy Keefe

    Your So pretty Zoe

  • Izzy

    Sounds Amazingggg!!!
    2 reasons I luv block posts on Zoella Blog about your travels zoe, is I get to read them and you get to have fun.It’s a win win! Who agrees with me?
    You are an inspiration to all Zoe! I would love to be able to meet you some day!

  • Cara Curtis

    Sounds amazing! Love this, maybe check out my blog?

  • sara mcavoy

    This looks like such a lovely place, great photos!


  • Amy Bush

    I go here every year. I remember I saw this post a couple of years ago after we had just arrived in southwold. We arrived two days after they had left. :( Its so lovely though x

  • River Strong

    It looks like such a perfect town really small and by the sea.

  • julia peter

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  • Mayumi

    I love reading through your blog posts! So much positive energy and happiness :) I am trying to do the same! You inspired me loads! ;)

  • Lisha Lingesh

    Omg! I absolutely love crabbing. A great place for crabbing is Mersea and they have the best seafood restaurant there as well!!!