If someone said to me 4 years ago, when I started this blog, that in 4 years time, you’d be sat opposite one of the worlds biggest boy bands interviewing them, and getting to meet them and speak to them (and give them multiple hugs), I’d have laughed in their face. On Monday 19th I interviewed One Direction. It was something that I knew I was going to do for a long time, but wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. I wanted to scream it from the rooftops, and my fingers were twitching over the tweet button but I remained calmed (and extremely nervous). Had I ever interviewed a celebrity before? Nope. Had I ever considered it? Nope. Then all of a sudden i’m thrown straight in the deep end. I’m in no way interview trained, or media trained, and I film videos with nobody else around me in the comfort of my own bedroom, then all of a sudden i’m surrounded by cameramen i’d never met, lot’s of management and 5 very attractive young men. I’m surprised I even managed to sit in that seat and speak words. 

All 5 of the boys were so lovely and down to earth. It’s very easy for people to forget they are just normal lads underneath all the hysteria and fame, and actually meeting them in the flesh and seeing just how polite and gentlemanly they were really proved that. The second I walked into the first interview with Harry & Niall, Harry immediately came bounding up to me asked me my name, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and asked if i’d like a drink or a chocolate bar from the fridge. Having only 8 minutes with each group, he probably knew I couldn’t sit munching on a chocolate bar, but he gave me the tour of his fridge nonetheless, and I did take a Daim bar. (who would refuse something from the 1D fridge?). Niall even asked if they could keep me after the interview was over. I took this as an extreme compliment as it meant I can’t have done too badly. I was terrified i’d mess up, or look silly or trip up on my words. The minute I met each of them, they immediately put me at ease, and the nerves just disappeared. Honestly, one of the best days ever. *sings in 1D melody* Not only do I love them as a group, their songs and their general personalities, I have a whole new level of love for them after meeting them in real life. 

The Interview was about their new film “This Is Us”, which I attended the premier for last night (there will be a vlog coming soon on my second channel). The video is up on the YouGeneration YouTube channel, and there are also some challenges going up too (hence the marshmallows…) 

It was one of those moments where I wished you were all with me, because without all your support, I would never have had that opportunity and I wanted you there to experience it with me. I thought of all of you at the time, and I hope I did well and did all the One Direction fans proud :)

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  1. Great! Kisses fromPoland :)

  2. Sarah

    Ahhhhh! I'm soo jealous but so pleased for you! You've worked hard and you deserve something like this :-) And you look as beautiful as ever!

    Sarah xx

  3. Netta

    So cool to have an opportunity like that!!

  4. i really dont know their music. even dont want to know! but the first boy look cute! )))

  5. Maja

    OMG! You meet One Direction. POLAND LOVES YOU <333

  6. This is so amazing Zoe!! I'm so jealous, look at all of their gorgeous faces, especially Harry mm:)



  7. I'm so glad you had such a good time, I'm super jealous!
    I'm so happy you are having the time of you're life and I hope
    to meet you soon.
    Becky xoxo

  8. I'm not really a fan of the boys (don't have anything against them either) but I think it's so great to see how far you've come :D YouTube really does change your life! I remember watching your videos from when you had just started. Great post and pictures! I enjoyed every single one of them :D

    X Valérie
    I'm giving away TWO custom blogger designs! :)

  9. Izzy

    I'm not a huge fan of one direction, but I'll admit I am a little jealous! It sounds like you had a great time :)xo


  10. What an amazing opportunity! Live all of your blogs and YouTube videos Zoella! <3

  11. What a great tging to do! The pictures are so nice!


  12. This looks amazingly fun!! Congrats on the opportunity Zoe! :)

  13. The video is very cool :) and you are so cute and pretty!

  14. Oh and I forgot to say that I really like the lipstick you're wearing :D it's a gorgeous colour and suits you really well :)

  15. You've done all the 1D fans proud!
    Well done zoe xx

  16. Indrė

    I love one direction and your interview was great! You're so cute and soooo lucky! :)

  17. You're such a natural in front of the camera- Wouldn't even have guessed that you were nervous! It looks like you had an amazing time and the boys seem so lovely. What a fab opportunity :)

    Frances xx


  18. abbyli

    oh my gosh i am so jealous!! you were wonderful well done love! x

  19. I'm jealous but very happy for you, Zoe! And Liam is so hot….

  20. Gabby

    You did very well, Zoe :) We are all very proud of you! More kisses from Poland xx

  21. I am so happy for you and obviousely jelous as hell but I'm glad that one of your dreams finally came true, there isn't any better feeling than that, right? ;) and gosh your head really looks so tiny next to the boy's heads, especially Harry's :D xx


  22. Jo

    So so cool Zoe! You really deserve all the success your youtube and blog give you, you put so much effort in and it really shows!xxx

  23. awkw4rd

    you have a really small head zoe! im so happy for you, you truly deserved it!

  24. Done brilliantly well! Congrats Zoe! I loved the interview ALOT! Well done love xx

  25. Conny

    wish I was them so I could have met you! i love the interview you made :) x

  26. Omg I'm so jealous but I'm very happy for you!
    I love you xx

  27. Amie H

    Wow what an amazing opportunity :) You look gorgeous in the photos! xx


  28. Honestly think Harry has a crush on you/:

  29. Robin

    How amazing is that;)

  30. Just reading about this made me excited for you. You deserve all the good that's coming to your life. We love you, Zoe. And here's to many more great opportunities!

  31. Sandra

    The video was AMAZING! It looked like you were just calm and not nervous at all! Sounds like you had a lot of fun to! :) <3

  32. I reckon they were that nice and wanted you to stick around cos they obviously fancied the hell out of you! haha

  33. I'm so happy for you but at the same time I'm so jealous.
    You look so tiny next to all of one direction, your so cute!.

  34. Maria

    I'm so happy for you! I'm not a Directioner or something like that. I enjoy their songs but I'm just so proud of what you accomplished. I wish you all the best for the future! I think you can be a great interviewer or a tv presenter! You and Jim actually… I think you are really great. Love from Portugal xx

  35. Eesha

    Zoe! I'm so excited and happy for you! You did a great job!


  36. aaa so proud of you! hope you kissed guys for me;) loads of hugs and kisses from Croatia xxx

  37. Becca

    This is awesome!

  38. Haha, awesome post.♥

  39. Julie s

    Lucky Girl :)
    I love you so much thank for share part of your life with us !!!
    love love xx

  40. So proud of you Zoe! You were amazing – who wouldn't love you! Sounds like you had an amazing time and so glad that you share it all with us :) Cant wait for your 1D premier vlog – you looked amazing by the way! lOVE YOU ZOE!!

  41. I am not their fan, but I am very jealous on the behalf of my best friend who loves them! Lots of love from Slovenia! xxx

  42. so proud and jealous ! and of course harry popped up to help you, he called you fit remember? ;) love you zoe !

  43. Krista

    Nice! Greetings from Latvia!

  44. I'm so happy for you Zoe! I'm not a huge fan of them but you did an awesome job :D

    Hope you can have more opportunities like this in the future.


    Love from Spain :D


  45. Malia A

    You are so tiny compared to them! Haha, I am so jealous but so happy for you! Love you Zoe :)

  46. That's so great! It's crazy to see how far you've come over the last few months especially – keep up the good work! :-)

  47. I'm so jealous, but very happy for you!! :D

  48. Congrats Zoe! I always remembered how much you LOVE these guys ;) I bet you had loads of fun!! <3

    Have a wonderful day,

    Boonya – theartywardrobe.blogspot.com

  49. I'm so happy for you that you had the chance to do something so amazing! Out of everyone you deserve this so much! You work so hard at what you do and you always make all of your fans smile!
    keep doing what you do! We love you Zoe! :)

  50. Loved the pictures and the interview. You did a great job Zoe! Absolutely loved it!

  51. Joelle

    This is the coolest thing ever! So glad they made you feel at ease! Reminds me of when I met the Spice Girls this year and couldn't eve string a proper sentence together haaaa!

  52. Krystel

    I loved the interview and your right they are really down to earth and seem like lovely people really liked the pictures too your so lucky :') xx


  53. Louis♥

  54. We so proud! I'm so Happy for you! Love from Hungary!♥

  55. This is amazing, Zoe! So happy for you! Pretty jealous you were able to meet them. You have such a bright future ahead of you. More great opportunities like this to come! x


  56. Julia

    Oh goood Zoeee! This is so cool! I'm really happy of what you've achieved!
    Love you and your blog! <3

  57. Wow. I hope that one day my blog will achieve things yours has achieved. Such an inspiration!

  58. Omg, you're so lucky! Honestly! I'm sitting here, in my room under a blanket, drinking coffee and crying! Oh, how I wish I could meet them! I just love them sooooo much you can't even imagine :c


    lots of love from Malaysia! :**

  60. You're such an inspiration Zoe and you have achieved so much! You deserve it and I am so so happy for you! :) x

  61. This is so perfect – you've come so far!

  62. I'm so happy for you Zoe! I've watched your videos for a long time, and seen your love for them, and you 100% deserved this! You wonderful human being! xxx

  63. Daisy J

    That must have been amazing!! you're so lucky!


  64. Ania.


  65. Ahhh this is amazing Zoe! You definitely did us all proud and I'm so happy for you, you've come so far :) You're such an inspiration!

    Tania x

  66. Karla

    AHHH!!! That is so awesome!!! How fun and and what a nice memory to have with you now. :)



  67. oh my god i'm so jealous xx


  68. Wow Zoe what an amazing opportunity for you to have! I'm pretty jealous right now haha! Glad everything went smoothly for you and that you finally got to meet Harry!!

    :) Clair


  69. You're so lucky Zoe, and we so proud of you, and happy for you! You working so hard (the videos are amazing) and you deserve this a 100%. I can't wait to see your vlog, and I'm just wanted to say I love you and your channels so much! <33 Lots of love from Hungary. xx

  70. finally! So happy you were offered this wonderful opportunity. Still loving your blog <3



  71. Aw, Zoe! I'm so happy for you :) Xo

  72. Aw Zoe you did an amazing job! I'm pretty jealous of you now! xxxxx

  73. To say that I am extremely jealous will be an understatement!Love you Zoe and love One Direction too!

    Alessa from crazyme130.blogspot.gr

  74. Aw zoe! first off congrats on that dearie. I can't believe i'm sitting here and grinning because you (Who I haven't even met properly) got to meet the boys. It's astonishing that I can be so happy for you and I am, genuinely I really am. I just wanted to say, I'm so proud that you did it so wonderfully. I saw the interview and you couldn't have been any more perfect. Great job Zoe, I'm so glad I got to be a part of this even a 100 miles away from you :)- Aish

  75. Katie

    So jealous!!!
    But well done on working extremely hard to get to this point, makes me want to keep going at my own blog to see what the future could hold for me in 4 years time!
    Katie xx


  76. Hi Zoe!

    Omg! What an amazing opportunity! And interview skills can be made up along the way, I'm more impressed you were able to keep that secret for so long! That was the biggest challenge!

    No idea how you stayed so composed in these photos, I would have been a nervous, shaking wreck!!

    Congratulations Zoe!

    Lots of love,

    L x
    ♥lucylovehart – ♥life♥beauty♥thoughts

  77. Schmuu

    i am sooooo jealous! hope that i'm gonna meet them one day even if just for a couple of seconds :)

  78. Really amazing Zoe! You're such an inspiration!

    That's why I started my own blog.. Please fellow bloggers, be sure to check it out :)


  79. Wow Zoe! You were so calm and collected!! I am only a casual fan of One Direction's singles but I once met Josh Groban and a four second shot zoomed in on us chatting ended up on Entertainment Tonight the next night and I ran around the house screaming and fell on the floor and cried when I saw it. I imagine that was how your inner fangirl was feeling while meeting 1D :)haha

    This is seriously so cool! I am happy for you!

  80. I'm so proud of you!
    Laura x

  81. I'm sooooo jealous but sooo happy for you!! you deserved it :) Congrats on meeting the biggest boyband aka the sexiest (that word even exists?) 5 guys in the world!

    The photos look amazing! I have the feeling that Harry has a little crush on you ;) haha

    love you Zoe, I'm so happy for you!


  82. I'm so happy for you Zoe! Dream come true! xx

  83. Maddi

    Well done Zoe! You did an amazing job and didn't seem nervous at all. What an amazing opportunity! xx

  84. I'm so you happy you got to meet them!!! And can't wait for the vlog!! :) :)


  85. As cute as a button every single one of these photos :3

  86. I'm so happy that you got to meet them, it must of been amazing as i have watched you're videos from the start and just seeing you loving them all through out the years then meeting them is just amazing! xx

  87. Im so happy you met them Zoe! You look lovely and you were so calm when you interviewed them:) X

  88. ~Katie~

    Love this! It's one of my favourite interviews ever.
    Katie x


  89. This is amazing!!! it must have been so crazy x


  90. i'm so happy for you but also extremely jealous!

    also, i'm hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog at the moment with a mac lipstick of your choice up for grabs so be sure to check it out! UK only though!

    katy x


  91. Sasha

    I am really really happy for you Zoe! It feels like you did it for all of us. Thank you for that.

    I honestly hope I will meet you one day.


  92. Demmy

    OMG!!! Lucky you. Congrats on this feat. Nice pictures. xx

  93. This is really cool, Zoe! You did so well! I would've been so nervous x

  94. You've come so far in the space of 4 years you should be very proud of yourself!

    You are an inspiration :)

    I'm sure you are the envy of all teenagers (okay and a few cougars!) right now!!!

    she goes wear
    Follow me on Bloglovin xxx


  95. Rebecca

    Oh wow that is absolutely amazing, must have been so much fun!!

  96. I am SO happy that you had the opportunity to meet and interview them! You truly deserve it :) It's also wonderful to see how truly grateful and humble you are. And, you are a GREAT interviewer!!

    xx Mavis

  97. You are soooo lucky!! :) That is very impressing that you could stay so calm, I would've been freaking out :D


  98. you were amazing!! so happy for you and hope you get to do it again because you looked like you were having the best time ever (also sings it…)

  99. Erin

    Ahhh so cool! I'm torn between jealously and feeling happy for you :P


  100. Awwh your so lucky and you deserve it so much !! :)


  101. you hava a very cute blog, i really like it!
    kisses from Portugal

  102. Ahhhhhh! I'm so jealous of you, but also so happy for you! The boys clearly liked you a lot, from what I've seen and what I've heard :) I really hope you get to do it again as you were so good at it! :)

  103. thats amazing, i'm so happy for you! The boys seem so nice. you made 5 new friends! congrats!
    A very big kiss from Holland :)


  104. thats amazing, i'm so happy for you! The boys seem so nice. you made 5 new friends! congrats!
    A very big kiss from Holland :)


  105. that is truly amazing! oh my word! I'm so so jealous.
    such a lucky girl :')

    lots of love from south africa :) xxx

  106. You're so lucky!!
    Frankie xx

  107. Pilar G

    Zoe I don't know whay am I so happy for you, I feel like it was me who met them hahah They seem to be a really nice guys. Greetings from Spain :D xx

  108. oh my god! I'm not even really a fan of 1D but this is so huge for you, well done! x

    The Little Things

  109. Greetings from Slovakia.

    Love every single video from you!

  110. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet Alfie was well jel!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU <3

  111. u lok adorable and grea tinterview!! totally love your blog

  112. That's amazing, I'm very jealous but so glad you got to interview them and you did great :) xx

  113. You really did deserve to meet them Zoe. You are such an amazing and genuine person (and so are all of your other YouTube friends) and no one should say anything horrible to you because you don't deserve that at all. You inspire me and everyone else who read your blogs and watch your video's and you are such a role model. I am so happy I started reading your blog and watching your video's. Best. Decision. Ever. <3

  114. I am so so jealous of youuu!

  115. Whoaaa Zoe, you're so incredibly lucky. I'm so jealous right now… You looked a bit nervous in the video but you're doing a great job.

  116. Lee

    That's amazing! I am amazingly excited for you! What did Louise think?

  117. I am so glad you had an amazing time :)

    Have a lovely day!

    Zoe x

  118. ahhh Zoe, when i watched the video i was so excited for you as i know how much that must have meant to you! I'm so glad that you got to meet them as you really deserved it! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and the video was amazing <3


  119. Jessie

    Aww Zoe! You did a very good job xx


  120. AWWWWW ZOE!! i am so jealous. yet so happy for you. it's like a dream come true! i can't imagine how you done it without freaking out and wanting to just never let them go. well done :)

  121. I'm so happy for you that you were given such an oppurtunity! You did really well whilst interviewing them and looked as gorgeous as always! I'm surprised you stayed so calm and collected, we all know Louise wouldn't have been able to haha!! Well Done Zoe! X

  122. Lara

    WOW! That's awesome, Zoe :) So happy for you and so jealous at the same time lol That must've been such an amazing experience. Lucky! :P


  124. You are so lucky I would Freak out if they were Standing next to me and give me kisses seriously I'm Kind of jealous but you really deserve it you're one of the nicest persons in the world and I'm really proud of you you did a great Job!!! :D <3

  125. These pictures make me love you even more Zoe!! You're such a bubbly person even though you suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. I suffer with these too however I'm not as bubbly as you I'd like to be but something inside of me just stops me. I'm bubbly around close friends and family but that's it. I also find it hard to interact with new people especially if they're around my age.

    I love reading your blog posts they always put a smile on my face.

  126. So awesome! Glad you had fun. :)



  127. anna

    Pretty pictures and I really love you lipstick colour :)

    xoxo, Anna.

  128. Kasia M

    Awesome! I am so happy for you! :D I would have probably pooped my pants if I had to interview them, good job! :)

  129. I am so proud of you! You are slowly growing to a real tv star I think!
    And I am also rewally jalous! haha I wish the best for you and I hope I see you on the live TV someday! That would be awsome because I can say: I already knew her before she was a TV star!

    Love you! x

    ~Roy Assink

  130. Oh my Gosh, I'm trembling. I'm so glad you did us all proud. I saw your dress to the premiere and you looked so beautiful. what lipstick where you wearing to meet 1D?

  131. That's amazing! I'm glad you had such an amazing time with them!

  132. Agnes

    I'm so jelous of you! But still, really happy for you. Can't believe you actually met them! :)

  133. Rachel

    so jealous but so happy for you! you've worked hard to get where you are :)

    Rachel xx

    Style Soup

  134. Sounds like Harry had a little crush on Zoe, hahaha

    So happy you got to meet them!! xx

  135. AHHHHH I'm super jealous but happy for you Zoe !!

  136. Oh my goodness Zoe I am so so happy for you! I actually squealed watching the video from excitement! I'm so proud of how far you've come & that even though I'm just one individual in your crowd that I had anything to do with it :')
    Can't wait until your interview with Obama, haha!

    x Leah Symonne x


  137. OMG Zoe I'm so jealous haha. Love your channel and blog so much =D

    Please check out my new blog post.


    Thank you – xx Anreea

  138. Whoop whoop :D
    So amazing how you got to meet them. Like what makes it even cooler was that they were your first celebrity interview. It's lovely knowing that you didn't expect this at all, like 5 years ago. It kinda gives us all hope that *Ellie Goulding* Anything can happen…
    I wonder where you'll be and what you'll be doing in another 5 years time… exciting :)
    Luv you Lots Zoe,
    Michaela xxx

  139. So happy and so proud of you, Zoe! You deserve to have all the success and it inspires us as readers/subscribers to keep reaching for our dreams. I'm even a tad bit jealous that you got a kiss from Harry, I might have a tiny crush on him. You looked great and did so well! xx


  140. YOU are so beautiful <3 I love you :)

  141. I'm so happy for you! You deserve this more than anyone with all that you've accomplished and overcome in the past year! I watched the interview and you were so lovely and did such a good job! Love you Zoe! xx

  142. Your dream was my dream. You made it true, I feel like I did too.
    I'm so happy for you Zoe! :D

  143. You deserved every single moment of that day. Honestly, you have worked so hard and have kept true to yourself even after all of the success you've had and it's so comforting to know that at the end of the day you manage to thank us when really you do all the work, we just support you haha. I hope that one day I'm able to meet you cause you look so nice and seem so sweet and genuine and hilarious and you've inspired me in so many ways. You put a smile on my face and many other people's faces and that is a true talent in itself. Cherish these moments because your grandkids are going to have bed time stories that just might put old story rhymes to shame haha. Love ya Zoe!


    -Kay xoxo

  144. This is so amazing, Zoe! I'm so happy for you that you got to meet One Direction, they are such an incredible group of young men and I'm glad the interview went so well! You totally deserve such an opportunity! I definitely love reading your blog as well as One Direction . . . GREAT post!!!

    Hugs and Kisses

  145. It's so awesome to see what you've achieved and it's exciting to know there's more to come! thegirlinthemoonlight.blogpost.co.uk

  146. Hello,
    You are such an amazing and beautiful girl. I love watching your videos and reading your blog :). I am so jealous (but in a good way of meaning of that word) that you have an opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people that now most of them are your best friends and also to travel to different places in the word. That is amazing. Wish you good luck in your life and with all the things that your are going.

    Love Angelika from Poland xxxx

    Please reply

  147. That's so amazing that you got to see them and interview them!! Everyone knows how much you love One Direction and it really must have been a wonderful experience for you <3!! Congratulations!


  148. God, Harry fancies you.

  149. Chantel

    Congrats, this is awesome!

  150. Lindsm

    So amazing zoe! we are all so proud of you (and mega jealous ;) ) x

  151. you are so so lucky!!! congrats
    Sophie xx

  152. Monica

    Zoe, this is so amazing for you! I'm so happy you got to do this :) Thank god you are kicking your anxiety away.. surely and slowly :) you're so amazing and inspirational.

    "Niall even asked if they could keep me after the interview was over." How cute is he?!


  153. Shannon

    Great photos :) shows how far you've come Zoe :)


  154. This is so amazing!!! cant wait for the vlog haha ;)


  155. Lilie S

    For a split second I was so jealous, then I remembered you're just Zoe, lil' old Zoe from YouTube :) Then I became SO proud of you. I've watched your videos before all the 'fame' and even before you met Louise :) I've watched you grow as a person and a YouTuber at the same time and it's been so lovely. I'm so (weirdly) proud of you :D i'm glad I was around as a 'fan' to witness probably the ultimate highlight of your life. Well done Zoe!! x


  156. Floor

    I'm so happy for you! I love you and the boys :)

  157. Peach.

    I had the hugest smile on my face while watching this video. I can't even be jealous cause it's just so cool that you met them!

  158. Zayn really didn't say much :p but hey, looks good and congrats on being able to do this! x


  159. Aww Zoe I'm so so so happy for you! (and extremely jealous) ;)
    Harry gave you a kiss on the cheek?! WhaaaaAAAaat!
    Really hope you get more opportunities like this in the future :) Xx

  160. Irsa x

    Aw Zoe I'm so happy for you I know how you would probably feel being a fellow Directioner myself and you really deserve it! You're such an inspiring and beautiful person :'D did you get any phone numbers hahah??x
    Love you x
    Twitter – @irsa_x
    Insta- @irsadaisy

  161. Oh my goodness, I am so happy for you. Such an amazing opportunity! It's great news to hear that they are such lovely people. Can't wait to watch these challenges!

    Gem. x

  162. I wish I were you! Meeting 1D would be sooo amazing, although I would possibly not be able to speak a single word in front of them, haha. Instead I would be hysterically fangirling over them :D

    So, congrats on the interview, very proud of you that you had the chance to meet them.
    I really enjoyed watching it, you did a really great job and stayed calm and lovely as always.

    Laura xx

  163. Sofie

    This is amazing, Zoe, I'm so happy for you! It is so incredible, everything you have achieved by youtube. In some way, I'm very proud of you, for all you have accomplished. Well done!
    Really enjoyed this post!

    Sofie x

  164. Sofie

    Oh, I forgot to congratulate you on the interview, you did a great job! Like a pro :)

  165. Ookaze

    I'm so happy for you Zoe, the fact that you got to meet one of your favourite bands and get invited to premiers just shows how successful and loved you are! You deserve this so much, you are just downright amazing!



  166. omg zoe, i hope that this has made you even more confident in yourself! Your so lucky, the pictures are amazing xx

  167. Very jealous!you are so lucky and have worked so hard to get such an opportunity like this!!
    Harry and Niall cute as a button ;)



  168. I smiled so much while reading and watching this. So happy for you Zoe and u did it so well! So glad to hear that the boys actually is normal lads! I'm sure Harry wanted to ask u out on a date. xx

  169. How exciting!! You did an absolutely wonderful job, Zoe, and the boys were very nice (: I am so happy that you got to meet them :)

  170. Glad you got the chance to do this! i loved the videos and i'm excited for the chubby bunny challenge to come out tomorrow! <3

  171. I was so happy for you that I screamed when I saw this post. Haha! Seriously, Zoe, I'm so happy for you and proud of you. :)


  172. Oh my goodness you did so well! Amazing.

  173. Zoe, you are just the most darling thing ever! This was the cutest post. "Niall even asked if they could keep me after the interview was over." I died. Lucky you! They're such handsome guys! I'm glad that such a great opportunity came your way! You deserve it!

  174. You did great Zoe! Awwwwwwww sounds like you had an amazing time and I hope you get more of these opportunities in then future – you're a natural! :)

    The 1D boys are lovely and you are all an inspiration :D

    And a Daim bar from the 1D fridge :O how can you resist! I would have done the same :) I bet it tastes 100 times better :D

    Aarti xoxo

  175. I don't like one direction but I'm glad you had so much fun, and what an amazing opportunity. Did you fluff Harry's hair? You're very inspirational for me, especially when you spoke about your anxiety and panic attacks because I feel like no one I know understands what it's like to experience it. I made a blog because of the inspiration that you and Sprinkleofglitter have given me and I love when you guys make videos together, and baby glitter :D
    Keep making videos/blog posts :-)


  176. Ayemee

    Really happy you got this experience! You did so well to keep it secret :D

    – Ayemee


  177. I am so jealous of you right now, I love One Direction so freaking month. I want Niall to want to keep me! You are so lucky and you're such an inspiration. You were definitely one of the reasons that I started blogging. You deserve all these exciting opportunities even though they make your readers incredibly jealous! I WISH I WAS IN THERE WITH YOU!


  178. i am sooooooo unbelievably happy for you, its jut so unreal im just like asjdghjgfhjgd :DDDDD

  179. So happy for you! You deserve the best :) And it's so good to hear that they are still so down to earth. You really did great in the interview xxxx

  180. Tilda

    You did amazing Zoe. You really seemed professional but still personal, which I like. Sometimes I feel like interviewers don't even care about being there or what is being said but you was funny and super good!

  181. Fay

    You did incredibly well and I'm so happy for you and proud of you!


  182. I was freakinggggg out when i saw you and Harry on instagram. I am so incredibly happy for you and a bit jelly. HAhaa…I am just so in love with Harry ;)

    Xenia xx

  183. I'm not a 1D Fan at all but I have to say as a fellow blogger that I'm so happy that you were asked to do this and that you got the opportunity to interview and meet them. They seem very down to earth and just regular guys which I think people forget that celebs are human too! I enjoyed your vlog and the interview video.
    Here's to hoping you get more amazing opportunities like this one!
    x Priya x

  184. Grace

    You lucky lucky girl!
    Wish the interview video could be longer!

  185. OH MY GOSH! ZOE! You were so normal I would've been jumbling up my words. I'm so happy you got to meet them(: I love your videos and posts so much! You remind me of a pretty, British, bubbly more-fun version of myself haha(:

  186. Is it weird that I could see her with Liam…

  187. Hahaha, NOW I get the marshmallows! I think Harry wanted you to stuff your mouth with them after making him and Niall do it, haha :)

  188. so lucky! you're amazing zoe! xx

  189. That's so amazing! Congrats!


  190. I am 100% glad and relieved that someone like you interviewed them :)
    Congratulations :D

  191. Natalie

    so happy you got to meet them, zoe! (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  192. I was so excited for you when I heard this Zoe! Eeeeeeep!

  193. Wish I had the chance to meet them! I'm so so soooo happy for you Zoe!
    Love from Holland, Isabel

  194. Holy cow, you're the luckiest! You're so cool Zoe :) Wish I could meet you all! xx

  195. That is so great Zoe! Congratulations on such a great opportunity (: I'm glad you had fun! You really deserved it (:

    It's a Bug's Life


  196. Zoe I'm so glad that you met One Direction.I could totally understand how big this means to you.The interview went smoothly and I really appreciate that especially it was your first time to be an interviewer.Hopefully you will meet and interview more celebrities soon.:) Love from Hong Kong<3

  197. you're so lucky :)
    I'm so excited, cause you meet my favorite boyband
    I love you so much

  198. ewp

    OMG you are so lucky, but you really deserve it!

    You still look as pretty as you always do!

  199. Wow what a great experience!
    ;) Who did you like best?
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  200. What a great opportunity! All the hardwork has paid off.



  201. How did this not cause a panic attack??

  202. Shyana

    this was on my birthday yayayay! so happy you got to do this – you deserve it xxx

  203. You are so lucky, and you did great!! :) x

  204. I'm so happy for you! Not only are you showing people who have anxiety that they can do anything they put their mind to, but also for being such a great interviewer and role model. :) x

  205. Aw I'm so jealous!


  206. Wow. Not the biggest 1D fan myself I must admit, but they are incredibly famous and they do seem like decent enough guys. Happy for you :)


  207. Anya J

    aw, happy & excited for you!


  208. OMG soo soo jealous!! You're a really lucky gal!!!

  209. So happy for you Zoe!


  210. omg what an amazing opportunity – you're so lucky!x

  211. please take a look at my blog, zoe is my inspiration


  212. ellkate.blogspot.com
    please take a look :-))))

  213. Aw Zoe, congratulations, bet you were magnificent! Looks like Harry really took a shine to you! Someone even said he called you fit quietly.. <3

    Very, very happy for you xox

  214. So happy for you!! The interview was amazing, I loved it a lot xox

  215. Iqra

    You lucky girl!!!!

    they all look amazing as do you!
    and gaaaaah ZAYN (ok yes so he's engaged but doesn't mean a girl can't appreciate the eyecandy right?! hehe)
    The Blushing Giraffe | A New UK Beauty Blog

  216. I am so happy for you!!! :') I love you, Zoe!! By the way everyone, I am a sixteen year old blogger from New Zealand and it would be lovely if you could check my blog out!!xxx

  217. Congrats Zoe! This was such a great interview, I think this opportunity suited you down to the ground and you did such a stunner job! I think you look so cute next to Lou by the way c: I really hope we get to see more things like this (:

  218. Zoe I have been watching your You Tube videos since the beginning and I have to say I am amazed how far you have come. Well Done!!! I love watching you and seeing what you have been up to.


  219. Yara

    Love the fact you had the chance to meet them! (and it has to been said that you and harry look very cute together haha :-) )

  220. You are so lucky to meet them, I would love to meet them they seriously seem generally nice blokes to talk and hang out with. All I can do is dream that one day I will meet them :) xxx

  221. I'm so happy for you and how big you have become on YouTube and on here.


  222. Wow Zoe this is so amazing! You have no idea how much you inspire me, with your blog and your coping with anxiety (I suffer from the same problem). It is crazy you have gone as far as to meet One Direction…I mean, after this, I wonder what on earth will happen next?

    A x


  223. I'm not even a big fan of one direction but after your interview with them I think I might (just a little) like them. Sound like you had the time of your life, so happy for you!
    P.S. I'm listening to the radio while i write this and 1D song come son, creepy… Hah!


  224. Hello Zoe! Your blog is always amazing and you have really inspired me to start my own blog soon! Your videos are amazing, your blog is truly inspiring and you always prove that you can achieve whatever if you put your mind to it!

    Thank you again for just being you and you have given me the courage to be myself and not worry about what others think!

    Thank you!

    Alice Louise x

  225. So happy for you, Zoe. Congrats :))

  226. Wow, You meet them. You are soo lucky! Kisses from Poland. :*

  227. Yeah, kisses and hugs from Poland. :*

  228. wooow, that's so amazing! Wish it were meeee, you are so lucky!

  229. Annie

    I was SO excited for you when I found out… I feel like it's my friend interviewing them. But you did a really good job! I'm serious! I've seen a LOT of bad interviewers and you were way way better. No wonder they loved you. :)

  230. Souki

    I'm so happy for you Zoe !!! <3

  231. Congratulations Zoe! It's amazing how your blog and youtube have gone so far!


  232. Lucky Zoe! And Niall's my fave ;-)


  233. Girl, there was a time when i thought that i am kinda cute. But few weeks ago, i found your blog and.. i am not cute anymore. haha. Because you became my biggest girl crush i've ever had ! (OK.. you're THE ONLY ONE i've ever had.) You deserve this and muuuuch more. You're such a nice, modest & talented person! (: Carry on.

    Best wishes! Pat

  234. You are so lucky meeting One Direction! :)
    Funny fact: My class number in school is 1D :D And I LOVE your style in this video!
    I am coming from Finland to London on Dicember 3rd. I hope I could meet you and other youtubers there :)

    Lots of love <3

  235. You are so lucky meeting One Direction! :)
    Funny fact: My class number in school is 1D :D And I LOVE your style in this video!
    I am coming from Finland to London on Dicember 3rd. I hope I could meet you and other youtubers there :)

    Lots of love <3

  236. Awe I'm so happy for you Zoe! <3
    First thought that crossed my mind after seeing your pic with Harry was "they'd make a GREAT couple"! (and I'm a Directioner) I'm hoping to see some more of you with Mr. Styles, that'd be lovely!!
    Love you pretty lady! <3

  237. wow it's so lovely ! :)
    dream come true :)

  238. you are soo luckyy! ❤

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  240. Siburn

    We're SO happy for you, our lovely Zoe! :) We knew this was one of your dreams and seeing your dreams come true is absolutely amazing! We wish you all the best and even more and more beautiful moments like these. :))

    Lots of love and positive energy

    Michelle & Pavla

  241. Jodie

    so happy for you!!!
    seeing you talking to them face-to-face feels like I am the one who met one direction
    I guess I can never be so happy without a bit of jealousy when I saw other girls hugging the boys ;)

  242. Wow, you are my inspiration zoella!! mo-komoko.blogspot.com x x

  243. Tanya

    Wow that's amazing. Such a great experience. I would be nervous too!


  244. Congrats on such a great opportunity Zoe! And you totally nailed it! I can't help but notice Zayn didn't actually answer any of your questions or speak.. I hope you had fun!

  245. Zoe and Harry's what I ship.

  246. Sarah

    You're such an inspiration to lots of people, many people will want to follow in your footsteps x
    To have accomplished a lot of your dreams already is truly amazing :)

    Sarah x


  247. JemJem

    Congratulations Zoe! What an amazing opportunity (saying yes to more things is working out well for you :-D). I'm so pleased for you as you really deserve it. You are such a warm, bubbly person. I look forward to seeing what other adventures come your way.



  248. Your so lucky to have gotten to meet them, you seem so calm I would have been freaking out!

  249. Oh Zoe, you're such an inspiration to so many of us! I'm so happy you got to go out and do this. I can't believe how famous you've gotten, all because of that one 'boring afternoon' that you'd decided to make your blog..

    Love, http://misslatif.blogspot.co.uk/

  250. That is so cool that you met and interviewed one direction

  251. Tanya

    To be honest i'm so happy for you!! You've gone really far!:))
    Btw, you looked gorgeous at the premiere of This is Us Movie!)


  252. aww so proud of how far youve come!

    I think i got a soft spot for niall haha!

    X Lonneke


  253. I'm SO happy for you Zoe! Honestly, when I found out that you were going to interview One Direction, I screamed my lungs out and felt as if MY dream came true!

    It would mean A LOT if you could check out my blog? I'm pretty new, and I blog whatever I like, from my life, to reviews and to fashion and celebrities :)



  254. What a brilliant experience that must have been :) you're an inspiration Zoe :) x

  255. Miki

    omg Niall and you look sooooooooooooo cute together (just cuz I am like obsessed with both you and Niall xD ) hehe
    I wish i can meet Niall one day… Thats one of my dreams you know ;)

    Zoe, you are sooooo pretty, adorable, fashionable, and everything all the girls want!

    My true inspiration, and I will always support you!

  256. Miki

    omg Niall and you look sooooooooooooo cute together (just cuz I am like obsessed with both you and Niall xD ) hehe
    I wish i can meet Niall one day… Thats one of my dreams you know ;)

    Zoe, you are sooooo pretty, adorable, fashionable, and everything all the girls want!

    My true inspiration, and I will always support you!

  257. Hey Zoe!

    Amazing you got to meet them, but they are also very Lucky they got to meet you!
    I would want to stand in their shoes.


  258. Blogging can definitely lead to amazing things!! What a great opportunity and experience that you had! :)

  259. AAAH I'm so insanely jealous but I'm incredibly happy for you at the same time!

  260. Oh wow that is so cool! I would have been freaking out too as I am such a huge fan of theirs!! You were amazing – you didn't stuff up and if you were nervous it didn't show!! Its so sad but I actually feel like a friend of yours even though I have never met you – and I was so excited for you when the video went up the other day, proud even!! haha anywho you deserve to meet them and get more exposure for the wonderful things that you do!
    Oh and I would have taken Niall up on that offer!!!

  261. aww you guys were amazing at the interview and they are down to earth and funny . well, I was on tour a week before vidcon but didn't make it there to meet you :( and I was in england which I am sad not to look for you :( well it was because I'm only 14 XD lol well I guess I can meet you in person someday :) well bye and have a good life :) I can't say day because it will only last one day :P lol well peace out everyone and love y'all :)

  262. Angela

    omg it's dream come true!!!!!! i want to meet them so bad!!! but won't be this calm tho … xD

  263. another kisses from Poland! :)

  264. Oh Zoe! You have no idea how I am happy for you! I wish I could meet them someday…*hoping for better future* As I'm writing this I'm still in my aunt in Rep. of Ireland. So yeah..Also (almost) congratz for 2 M subscribers! (im one of them..obviously x) keep being amazing and beautiful person. Much Love ..
    Adrienne xoxo

  265. Zoe,you are so lucky and amazing.Kisses from Czech Republic.(It's sad that I will never meet you..)

  266. Hi Zoe!
    I just wanted to say that you're one of my biggest inspirations. You having anxiety and everything and still flying across the world to meet your subscribers is just amazing and really shows how awesome you are. I wish that I one day get to meet you and say this in person.
    And also, I WISH I HAD YOUR LIFE! You get to meet your favorite band and walk the red carpet, and you're BFF with Tyler Oakley, the man is a genius!
    I hope you'd want to follow me on twitter (@awesomejulia96), because that in it self would be AMAZING!
    Have a wonderful day
    Love from Denmark
    – Julia

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  268. Liesl

    wow!! zoe you are soo lucky! you can be really proud of yourself! I am definitely proud of you! :) I don't think that I would have been able to stay as calm as you did hahaha
    love your blog! :)

  269. Julia

    You are so lucky! I never meet 1D:(
    Poland love you! <3

  270. zoe your my inspiration iloveyou, your soo pretty and i really want to meet you soon :) im so happy your getting to do all these things with your life :) i enjoy your blogs so much
    neesha x

  271. Jenni

    You and Harry would actually make quite a cute couple ;) x

  272. Im extremely happy for you! I really love your videos, and i think you're one of the most beautiful and lovely women i've ever seen :D

    Lots of love from Portugal and i would like too see u coming here someday :3

    Love, Me xx

  273. Marta

    Poland loves you ♥

  274. You look gorgeous and OMIGOD you are so so lucky and I hope you had fun.


  275. Crystal

    I'm so happy for you! You were a great interviewer, congratulations!

  276. Zoe you are so so so so so so so so so lucky!!! but you really deserve it because your amazing, beautiful and funny! They picked the right person to go!!!!
    also I love your blog it looks so pretty and lovely! I don't even know how to work mine or right on it haha!

  277. Ellyse

    What an incredible experience! Congrats to you, you've worked hard for it and deserve every bit of it :)

  278. Wow! that must've been a big day for you! Congrats and I loved the video!

  279. Rachel

    Aww so cute <3 If you like beauty and lifestyle blogs like this come check out mine at

  280. i'm unbelievably jealous of you as i'm sure most teenage girls are right now. Glad you had a lovely time though, the first picture of you and harry is adorable, i love it <3


  281. Ah beyond jealous but congratulations nevertheless!!
    P.s beautiful blog ♥

  282. Congratulation Zoe!!!

    WE are all really proud of you!

  283. Jenny G

    harry thought you were so hot hahaha

    even before meeting you, your question video came up in a backstage interview and he was like "she was fit!"

  284. Nie jestem sama ! :)

  285. You're so lucky! Congratulations!

    littlemissfashionx.blogspot.co­m xx

  286. They are so funny, and it looks like you had tonnes of fun, I'm so happy for you! :)

  287. Aisha.

    you're amazing and you deserve all the best.

  288. great post and video :) well done! xx

  289. Lily

    if i really loved one direction i would find it hard to keep it together in te interview!! you did well! and i love your blog!

  290. Lily

    hey zoe. i love your blog and all your youtube videos so i would love for you to do a blog post(or video) about bogging tips and making it look nice I know you did a video a while ago with louise but would you be able to do an updated one with new tip and tricks please? xxx

  291. Ellen

    Hey zoe, this is just amazing, you deserve this so much, im 12 and I have started a blog because you inspired me too! Your so beautiful! It would mean the world to me if you had a look at my blog.
    from ellen x

  292. can you guys check out my beauty/fashion blog please thanks

  293. I'm so happy for you Zoe, from the beginning up until now, you've lifted so many hearts and made so many people happy, i respect you and love you (in a non creepy way) and PLEASE don't ever stop blogging!

    Ana xx

  294. well done!

  295. Agness

    Komentarz z Polski, yaay :D Zamiast do Ameryki powinni przyjechać do nas ;_;

  296. you are good dear,
    i like your blog very much, let me know what do you say about leather fashion ?

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  298. I love your blog posts and youtube videos. One of my fav's. Hope to have a successful blog like you xox

  299. You are so lucky! You deserved to meet them :) I love one direction. It's so nice to hear they are so nice on real life.
    Thanks so much Zoe

  300. Hi Zoe,
    you are like my idol I cant believe how lucky you are I wish one day i could be as amazing as you but im only 13 now aha I love you and 1D I dont care what you do in the future cause i no it will be amazing mabye the chili challenge or hot chocolate challage aha love you

  301. Stara

    i am soooooo jealous! i love 1D!! unfortunately i live in australia so i have to wait for them to come down under to see them live….. asdfghjkl i cant wait!!

  302. You made us extremely proud – promise! You did an amazing job, really <3
    And I'm positive Harry fancies you! ;)

  303. łał, nie spodziewałam się tutaj komentarza po polsku i to jako pierwszego :))

    lots of love Zoe from Poland!

  304. Wow what an opportunity. Happy for you! But I was wondering, didn't zayn talk that much or did you edit it out. He didn't say a thing lol.

    Love from the netherlands

  305. So amazing Zoe! Must of been exciting and rather nerve-racking sitting in-front of those five gorgeous fellas.

    To keep up-to-date with your favourite celebs check out: http://artists.popshack.com/blog/

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  308. You should really retread your posts before publishing. The beginning of the paragraph is a hot mess.

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  310. Ola O.

    Lucky you !! :)

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  312. you are such an inspiration Zoe <3

  313. What a cool experience!! I have to be honest, I was a bit of a closet 1D fan for a little while … felt like as a post grad 20 something year old girl my boy band crazed days should be a thing of the past … but oh my gosh, they are so lovable and talented!!! I can't hide it ;) You're a lucky girl.



  314. I have a feeling you may have gotten some major hate for getting to meet the boys but I just think it is lovely that you have built up your channel and following to the level it has grown to. This opportunity was so wonderful and I can tell from all the videos I have seen on Youtube you are a completely gracious and grounded person who deserves these things! :)


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  316. Amazing! I love One Direction and of course, you, Zoe! <3