Hello Everyone!

Although some may click this in the hope of discovering some very juicy sex gossip, that’s not actually what this is. My chummy Louise made this video tag about all her “Firsts” of things. (i.e. First crush, First Kiss etc) and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and fill you in on my many embarrassing stories surrounding boys from my childhood and disasters on the motorway!

Although I know a lot of you like to watch videos about beauty, but I also know that some of you prefer the more “lifey/vloggy” type of videos, so grab yourself a cuppa (or a cool beverage if you prefer), a few cheeky biscuits and enjoy!

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  1. Zoe, I love this video- it made me smile a lot!! <33

  2. Great video, love your background! x


  3. Loved watching this video, put a huge smile on my face :) please check out my blog http://www.totallylola2013.blogspot.com and its twitter @TotallyLOLA13 trying to get it noticed as much as possiblbe as id love to be as big as Zoe, Tanya and Louise etc, thanks guys xx

  4. I love watch all you video, when I watch them you always make me smile so thank you!!
    Love you xx

  5. Loved this video – it's such a brilliant tag! :) x

  6. I love this video, but my mum walked past and must of seen the title and then she questioned what i was watching with a suspicious tone in her voice… hahaha

  7. I love this video, I especially liked the fact you discussed your teddy bears, I have one sat on the end of my bed that's well loved like yours, it made me smile! :)

  8. Anne

    Yay! I love this Zoe. I'm all smiles now thanks to you! And you've been posting more lately. Hooray! By the way, your hair and make-up looks as good as ever. I hope you try to do more tutorials. :)

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  9. Louise is a genius for making this tag! i love watching them!

  10. I really love watching your videos! I think it's nice to know a bit about the person behind the blog :)



  11. what was the point of this post? more money from ads? cant wait for a proper post soon :)

  12. This different was so fun and different to your other videos, thanks Zoe your still and probably always be my role model:)xxx
    – From Annie ToadRoad

  13. great video! :D
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  14. Such a fun video to watch!

  15. This video was so fun to watch! I love learning more about my favourite youtubers! I love the fact Louise started this as now loads of my fave youtubers are doing this tag :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  16. I loved this video! I really want to start youtube and it looks like you have a lot of fun making the videos!
    Alice xx

  17. Loves this video :) made me giggle a few times haha


  18. I love it when you do these type of videos! Makes me feel like I'm your friend! xx


  19. Anusha

    ahhh I wish I had your hair! so long and perfect!

  20. I think maybe a first time vlog could be positive for young girls since it's coming from a source they trust out of daily life. Maybe? Good post :)

  21. Sheen

    my favourite from this video was about your first kiss and grabbed him in the girl's toilets! you are so funny!


  22. Love this video !! love all your vlogs and videos and well everything really !! xx

  23. Zoella i love your videos x Check out my Blog for more fashion & Beauty x

  24. Love the video Zoe! I actually had pretty much the same experience with my first car – it was horrendous haha!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  25. Jayne

    I really loved the video, love it when you film videos like this!x
    – Jayne
    Electra Violet

  26. Enita

    I loved this video ;) Part when you were telling a story about what happend in the party in the toilet made me laugh! ;)

  27. astrid

    I loved the video! Your so pretty. :)

    Astrid. x


  28. Maddy

    Loved the video, so funny to watch! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  29. Loved watching this, she is such a gorgeous and amazing person! We would love for you to check out our new blog and tell us what you think:-)

    Rona and Laura xox


  30. Jane

    Haha, lovely !!!! You look too cute on video <3

  31. I love this video, Zoe! You seem like you had a lot of fun recalling old memories and some of them made me laugh out loud! Lovely video!


  32. I love the life vlogs you post and would love to see more of them <3 And actually would love to see more blogposts if you don't mind <:3c I like reading your blogposts so much, I get so excited when I see that you put up something new <3


  33. I loved this video! You're adorable as usual <3

  34. I love this video! I just found your blog all the way over here in Canada and I adore everything about it :)

  35. Monica

    Haha, the title is so misleading but I've seen many youtubers do this tag and it's actually a quite funny video. I might try it myself!


  36. Nina

    Love the video like always(:

  37. You're so adorable Zoe.
    Enjoy vidcon!

    Katie x

  38. Love this Zoe! Enjoy L.A <3

  39. Love this video, Zoe! I really like your fashionstyle ♥.

  40. Just watched the video!! Too cute :) I loved it, as always you bring forward something I always love to watch and read :)

    I first found you on google when i was hunting down a cake for my birthday. I saw that chocolate berry cake of yours and instantly fell in love with your blog! Been addicted ever since <3


  41. lizzo

    I love this video, probably because i'm a nosey person haha!

    Lizzie Xo


  42. This was such a fun video to watch, haha! You're too adorable, Zoe

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  43. I love this video! You seem like such a lovely person x


  44. This video is brilliant! You absolutely have the knack! We can't get enough of your blog over at Sunday Best HQ.

    Here is our new fashion home, if you'd like to have a quick look!


    SB HQ X

  45. Ariana

    You're so gorgeous! I think I'm obsessed with your blog, now! ;))

    embracethebest.com: beauty, fashion, singing, dancing, magic, languages, and other tips and tricks!

  46. I love watching your more "lifey" videos as well as your beauty ones! You make each video super fun to watch! Haha your first kiss story is hilarious! I was dying from laughter.


  47. Madi

    So cute! thanks for another great video!


  48. Lovely video!


  49. Meg N

    Hi Zoe, I just want to say that I absolutely adore you and your little (well not so little now) blog and Youtube channel.
    I remember reading your blog waaaay back when I was only 14, and watching your first youtube video, and I must say I've idolised you from the very start. I have anxiety myself, and watching you blossom and grow into someone as fabulous and confident as you are now really makes me feel great inside, because I feel like I can achieve that too. Whenever I'm down I just watch your Youtube videos and they always cheer me right up. You may not realise it, but you've taught me (and many others) so much. I feel like I can open up a bit more, and travel a bit more, and be more happier and free – because I've noticed you try to conquer your own demons in that way. Yes, anxiety doesn't just disappear like that but you're so darn strong for challenging yourself and I am so proud!!! You probably won't read this because I know you get absolutely inundated with comments and messages, but I hope you do see this and I hope it makes you smile, because you are a lovely lovely person Zoe. You've worked so hard to make your blog and channel what it is now, and you deserve every minute of happiness you get because of it.
    Thank you so so much Zoe (or schoee hehe). All the best, Meg xxx

  50. love this video Zoe, so nice finding out more about you


  51. This video was absolutely adorable! I love hearing about everyone when they were younger- best tag so far!

  52. Ashley

    Love watching these kind of videos! So cute! x


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  54. trish

    i feel like casper was most people's first crushes! how could one not love him?! devon sawa nowadays…that's a different story

  55. One of the videos i have enjoyed the most out of zoe, she never fails to impress. I really enjoy the lifestyle standpoint.


  56. I don't know what my first word was either but I do still have my first teddy-bear. My mum kept her first teddies too. I like your beauty blogging but this video about your firsts is interesting and fun too. We both did our first blog posts in the same year! I think most people's first cars aren't very dependable.I liked the story about your first kiss. I love the dress you're wearing in this video – It's very pretty. Your hair looks lovely too.


  57. I got really upset when i throw my first Teddy Bear or puffa lump as i called it. It fell off the bed during the night and my hamster pulled it through the bars and ate its face off, i had it 14 years and slept with it every night boohoo

    Carrieanne x

  58. Love you zoe :) can you tell me what do you use to edit your photos and videos ? I'm dying to know XD

  59. Ginny

    Ah I really liked this video! You're very funny :)

  60. Anna

    I loved this one! <3

  61. Another great video, don't stop zoe xxx

  62. Love the video Zoe!! Love that you always have honesty when it comes to your subscribers…I admire that!!! Keep it up! Can't wait for the next post:)

    -Alexis x


  63. I like when you post your videos via your blog! I use Bloglovin' for my daily reads so then I know you have a video up! Your videos are the only ones I watch. (:

  64. Ah I love these videos! And oh my god the amount of people I know that have had corsas and the car seems to have died on them!I still think they look cute though haha.

    Jen x

  65. I absolutely had to comment, because all the way through this video, your experiences were so similar to mine.. (thank god i'm not the only young girl that terrorised boys!) and towards the first concert.. you said you your age and I was sat thinking "my god if she says hearsay right now this will be too weird" and then you DID!! so I'm commenting. :)

  66. I loved this video so much! I always look forward to Sundays because I know that you'll come out with a new video! Watching your videos and reading your blog posts have even inspired me to start my own blog this summer! Love youu xx


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    Wonderfull blog and great style!

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  68. aww! your car!! bless x

  69. Oh god first dates haha love this! pieceofmindbeauty.blogspot.co.uk x

  70. i love your blog<3


  71. Loveeeeed it, my dad join me to watch this lol he was laughing sorry. you were great zoe!

  72. I adore you! Please come to Australia!

    Give my blog a peak..

  73. I'm glad you do these kinds of posts as well. It's interesting getting to learn more about you! loved this, Zoe!

    xLeah Symonnex


  74. This video was so good and made me smile/laugh a lot. I loved how we could get to know more about you and your childhood since we don't often get the chance to see that stuff about you. I'm veryyyy excited for your vidcon vlogs as well, I love it when all the youtubers are together!


  75. Beauty Online – Hehe, yes, she is very inspirational. Good job with your site and keeping us uplifted…

  76. loved this video so much! and love the kinds of videos where we get to know more about your life – it's so interesting! xxx


  77. Don't really do this sort of thing but I've just started blogging and I would love if you could check out my first post, and if you'd like to see more, feel free to follow !xo

  78. I love your videos! They always make me laugh and smile! Keep up the great work!

  79. This is an amazing video Zoe. It's so hilarious and I like that you do chatty videos once in a while. :)


  80. Zoe, you are absolutely amazing. Everything about you makes me really happy
    You've inspired me to start up a blog too, and I'm just really excited about it, so thank you Xx

  81. Great video, really made me smile as it reminded me of all the silly things as a kid you believe are so important at the time. The kissing story reminded me of a game we had at first school called Kiss chase (pretty much tag but with a kiss on the cheek)the days when things were innocent :)


  82. I really enjoyed watching that video:) I just started a blog as well, funny enough I have the same title for my first post (My First Time). A little bit of support would be LOVELY if you don't mind. Keep on writing blog posts and doing videos zoe! xx

  83. your dress it so pretty zoe!

    you have become such an inspiration to me so much so that i have started my own blog recently. i love your blog and youtube, and would love it if you could check out my blog.

    thank you, Emilyx


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  85. Really enjoy your videos :) the make up really suits you as well – we're avid fans of your recommendations.

    R x

  86. love your videos and your blog! was wondering where you watch is from that you wear in loads of your videos, such as the february favorites? its really nice and am looking for one just like it! x x keepcalmlookpretty.blogspot.com

  87. First I watched Louise's video, and then yours :). They were both fab. I would just like to ask if the cushions behind you are from Five and Five (the vintage shop). If so, i think i have exactly the same ones !! Here is my blog: http://www.robinship.blogspot.com
    I have just started it so it is not very good :)It is also not like everyone elses, so you might not find it interesting.Right now it is more of my own personal slice of the internet :) x

  88. such a funny video haha:-) your whole blog is a real inspiration for me, and how bubbly you are. I really love reading your blog and product opinions, thank you for keeping us entertained!

  89. I love every your video Zoe. funny, funny, funny <3

  90. Ania.

    Great! :)

  91. I love all of your videos, this was one is hilarious and you don't even try to make people laugh, it is natural. Which is amazing! You are such an inspiration to so many people! Just watching your videos, automatically turns my mood into a positive, cheerful mood! x

  92. Paula

    In every single one of your videos I've been admiring your hair… I love your ombre!


  93. This was such a cute video! :)

  94. where can u find t questions; what website?

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  96. Hello))I'm your russian fan XD
    I just want to say that you are awesome!!! :*

  97. this video was great zoe. Good idea, Louise!;) I really do enjoy watching all of your videos whether its a sit-down talky video or a haul. I love having a run through of your vids!
    feel free to check out my blog..http://notthatamazinggrace.blogspot.co.uk/ im not the biggest pro but you know im just starting out.

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  99. I completely shared your Casper crush!

    Watched it again the other week and it felt like I was looking back on an ex and thinking 'why?'

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