Last week, I was perusing the website “Etsy” which, if you aren’t familiar with, is a site where small businesses can make and sell specific items. Since I am going through a major obsession with rose gold, I searched “Rose gold bracelet” and found a shop which offered cute bracelets with words bent into them. They had words like “Love” and “Hope”(as well as other cute designs) which I toyed between for a while, and then noticed that they offered a custom service for any word of your choice. If you have read my “Just Say Yes” post, you will know that I have decided to say yes to a lot more things in order to break free of my anxiety and panic disorder and to live life to the fullest that I can. As a reminder of this, I thought it would be nice to get a bracelet that simply said “yes” so that when I look down at my wrist i’m always met with a positive vibe and a little nudge of “just do it, what’s the worse that can happen”. They offer the bracelet in many different sizes so no worries if you have a teeny wrist like me or a slightly wider one. Including postage and packaging this bracelet only cost me £18.27 which for a silver plated bracelet that will mean quite a lot to me, is really not bad at all. I really love it and have already worn it lot’s. I love that although it’s so simple, it has a lot of personal meaning and also looks so cute.

Is there anything you’d love to get written on a bracelet? A reminder of something? Or maybe something that would mean a lot to you? 

Link for the shop: CREATIVEdesignbyTHAO

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  • xo Laashi

    I absolutely loved your video on this! It helped me a lot, and always reminds me to go for things more often!
    I’ve wanted this bracelet since then, I’m sure one day I’ll just buy it, the Australian dollar makes things a little more pricey 😪

  • Ana

    I don’t want to be mean I love u but I think the link is wrong or at least it dint have the bracelet but I found the shop that has the exact one the brand on etsy it’s called isle of agape xoxo

    • Amy

      Same here I think it was on there before as I’ve seen it, but I think it’s gone now x

      • becky mills

        go into google or chrome (something like that) and type in Etsy trust me it works xx :)

  • Victória Goulart

    this was long ago, but i’m in love with this bracelet, i swear

  • A U D R E Y !

    Zoee can you donate me just your cute layla headphone ? It’s so cute i really like it ALOT

  • Jessica WIND

    I really want this!!

  • Meghanne

    It’s beautiful just like u

  • Lush Lover

    check my new blog out check my new blog out

  • Lea Grünenfelder


  • sydney

    you are truly an incredible person. i enjoy watching your videos whenever there is one because they just make me happy and they make me want to be a better person. you are beautiful! omg you are goals and i cant even begin to describe how much i envy you. youve inspired me to follow my dreams of becoming a teacher because you followed your dreams. in every single video that ive seen you in, your smiling. and i want to be able to have people say that they like me because im always happy! please never stop inspiring! i love you zoe!!! thank you for making my life a better place!

  • Naya Almo

    If I got one it would have to say “SMILE”
    love u lots + am amazed that I came soo far back on your blog

  • Niya Georgieva


  • Thenewclem

    So perfect ! Thanks. France love you <3

  • Evie O’Hern

    luv it luv u xx

  • Maia Domo

    I love that bracelet, it is so cute

    my blog is

  • Maia Domo

    They don’t have it anymore though which is really annoying

  • Maia Domo

    I would have one that said Yes or Smile

  • very beautiful <3

  • gh0stblondie

    such a lovely bracelet ! x

  • just like you

    Pretty good


  • Hannah Smart

    Amazing xoxox

  • Roshni

    this is lovely, anything rose gold is just so elegant , cheers

  • Eugene Vaughan

    Super cute! Congratulations. Here a super easy way to clean jewelry!

  • I love this bracelet, it’s so cute <3 ;)

  • Thật hoàn hảo, cảm ơn vì đã chia sẻ
    truy kich trung quoc full vang

  • Lisha Lingesh

    Awww, that bracelet is so cute!