Last week, I was perusing the website “Etsy” which, if you aren’t familiar with, is a site where small businesses can make and sell specific items. Since I am going through a major obsession with rose gold, I searched “Rose gold bracelet” and found a shop which offered cute bracelets with words bent into them. They had words like “Love” and “Hope”(as well as other cute designs) which I toyed between for a while, and then noticed that they offered a custom service for any word of your choice. If you have read my “Just Say Yes” post, you will know that I have decided to say yes to a lot more things in order to break free of my anxiety and panic disorder and to live life to the fullest that I can. As a reminder of this, I thought it would be nice to get a bracelet that simply said “yes” so that when I look down at my wrist i’m always met with a positive vibe and a little nudge of “just do it, what’s the worse that can happen”. They offer the bracelet in many different sizes so no worries if you have a teeny wrist like me or a slightly wider one. Including postage and packaging this bracelet only cost me £18.27 which for a silver plated bracelet that will mean quite a lot to me, is really not bad at all. I really love it and have already worn it lot’s. I love that although it’s so simple, it has a lot of personal meaning and also looks so cute.

Is there anything you’d love to get written on a bracelet? A reminder of something? Or maybe something that would mean a lot to you? 

Link for the shop: CREATIVEdesignbyTHAO

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  1. yazmine

    that is such a good idea, so lovely :')

  2. Josie

    This is gorgeous Zoe, and definitely a message I need to remember x

  3. Amaris

    I think this is a lovely idea and I want to get one that maybe says hope or faith! :)

  4. That's a really sweet bracelet. I think for someone like me, who doesn't want to get a tattoo, a nice bracelet with a special meaning is just as good and makes just as much of a statement (in my opinion). I'd probably want one that says "Embrace" or something to that effect (not like a "hug", but more like a "I am accepting of life's changes" kind of thing, etc.).

  5. Thats such a pretty bracelet and motivational :')

  6. This is such a good idea! Especially if you have something you want to remind yourself of, but dont want it permanantley etched on your skin.

    I recently had major hip surgery and since then have been having huge panic attacks almost everyday. They come whenever and wherever and your 'just say yes' post has really inspired me. The pain and struggle from the surgery wont last forever. I just have to think this and breathe through it. So just a quick massive 'thank you' to you!

    Becca X

  7. Aww this is such a lovely idea! I love rose gold and I'm going to look at the shop now! I think it's great you got the word yes on it! :) xx

  8. This is so beautiful and as a sufferer myself I think I may invest in one myself x

  9. Ahh it's sooo cute , love it x

  10. You are so inspirational, Zoe! The bracelet is such a fitting idea! Xx

  11. These are so lovely, I am definitely getting one without a doubt!xx

  12. Mette

    It's so lovely and I love that it has that special meaning to you x


  13. I love your bracelet, it looks so beautiful. I would get a yes bracelet too and just embrace things when I face them xx

  14. Wow this is so cute! I really want one but i dont know what I would get possibly strength or something like that


  15. What a lovely idea for something so personal. I've really been taking on your advice over the past few months and although its been pretty scary at times its been really great as well. I really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! xx

  16. Noush

    This bracelet is so pretty !!!

  17. its so cute!
    new VDAY POST

  18. This bracelet is so cute!!

  19. I discovered your blog when I was searching on the internet more about panic attacks, because I had so many problemas this last year that I started to have them. Your blog lead me to your youtube channel and inspired me to do something that I love – start my own youtube channel. Here is the link to it: , if you want please take a look at my videos.
    To end this comment I would like to say that even if I don't know you in person I just think you are an awesome girl and a very good person, and because of the fact you helped me to not think of myself and my panic attacks like such a big problem. Thank you Zoe, I'm so grateful that I discovered your existence!

  20. wowa it looks so delicate hugged around your wrist, and i'm glad that you've found something so special and customised.
    Will be a treasure for sure!

    Ps. don't forget to just say yes ;)

    Keep warm,

  21. So so cute, and its a lovely idea to get something that has meaning and its positive. I hope it works for you :)

  22. Zoe!! this bracelet is so simple but so gorgeous!
    -as soon as i saw this post i thought omg you should get one made for louise saying 'chummy' for her birthday or something! this is so sweet!
    id love to have a friendship like yours!!!
    sarah x x x

  23. Biib.

    It's such a lovely bracelet. I think I'd really like one with the infinity symbol.
    They are all very cute anyway.

  24. I've toyed around with the idea of getting the word "breathe" tattooed on my wrist. I already have 2 tattoos so it always seemed kind of…natural I guess. But I'm also apprehensive about getting a tattoo where it will be visible all the time. THIS bracelet may just be an alternative! Do you know if she ships to the US?

  25. Hi. I so want one as well!

  26. I adore rose gold and these are SO cute! I must have =P tehehehe xx

  27. That's a lovely bracelet and I love the meaning behind it! x

  28. I love Etsy and I like this bracelet :)


  29. Amelia

    A beautiful reminder for a beautiful message :)

  30. Cristi

    It looks so lovely! I like the idea behind the word "yes", it's very positive. I'm having a look at the bracelets, they look so cute and a great price. Thanks for sharing! x

  31. It'so goreous!!*.*

  32. I love it Zoe, so cute and just so simple but beautiful. I think I should invest in one accept mine will probably say 'today' or 'moment' because I spend so much time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future and I need to learn to live for the day- in the moment or 'brave' for other personal reasons which would just take too long to explain! (: Anyway, yeah, I love this idea and thanks for sharing it with us(: let me know if you think I should go ahead and get one(:

  33. what a gorgeous bracelet~! Etsy is so expensive but they have lots of cool jewelry! I really want to get some cool video game themed earrings from them!

  34. Aww- thats such a sweet idea Zoe!

  35. aww it's lovely Zoe! I love the reminder you have behind it, such a lovely idea!
    I love rose gold too so this bracelet is growing on me already! Great price too:)! xxx

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  36. Taylor

    love your bracelet, it's such a good idea x

  37. Taylor

    love your bracelet, it's such a good idea x

  38. Beautiful bracelet! And what a bargain for something so pretty and personal to you.

  39. K*

    cute and perhaps a little bit "motivated" bracelet! :)


  40. This is such a pretty bracelet!

    – Keyta

  41. Bridget

    This is so simple and beautiful.
    I've been thinking of getting one for ages with the name of my favourite baseball team, haha!

    xx Bridget

  42. I love that such little things have a big meaning to you. If I could order myself one of these, I'd have it written "yes" too, because this moment in my life is all about trying new things, discovering my passions and having unique experiences. It's also time to spread my wings and fly away from all the bad memories I have and the anxiety that haunted me for many years. Thanks for sharing this with us, Zoe :)

  43. Jenny

    Cute bracelet x

  44. a lovely bracelet and inspiring idea! :)
    love it..

  45. You go girl with that attitude! YES! :)

  46. What an awesome sight! That bracelet looks rad and very inspirational. I'm definitely going to check out some of the other ones. :)
    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  47. Sarah

    I think I need one of these. I recently quit an awesome job because of my anxiety and I'm still struggling with it now. I really love that you're so open about the topic xxx

  48. I love this idea.
    The bracelet is so pretty, so it could just be something nice to go on your wrist, but the fact it means something, and is a reminder makes it all the more special :) Might have to go and have a looksie at this site! xx

  49. The blacelet is so cute and dainty, yet has such a deep meaning behind it. I love it. It has such a positive message even though it's only three little letters! So precious! This post of yours just made my day Zoe. It reminds me that it's ok to say yes once in a while, or more often!
    Elle :)

  50. So pretty! And I love the idea behind it! =)

    xx, eleonora

  51. Lizzy

    i love this, so cute and so meaningful!

  52. Beautiful! Yes is a great word. For me, it might be "yes" or I've been sensing that the word for me lately is "courage." I was going to get a tattoo but I haven't yet because it's so permanent, so the bracelet would be a great alternative for me!

  53. Such a lovely idea! i've been a little obsessed with rose gold lately as well so im so keen to check out this etsy store :)

  54. This is such a beautiful accessory and perfect as a memoir for your breakthrough. Congrats Zoe, really so proud of you from one anxiety / panic sufferer to another.

  55. Ellie

    This is so lovely :D

  56. Lovely idea. As much as I like the "Love" trend at the minute (I have a ring of a similar design), this is a lot more individual and meaningful x Becky

  57. It's really simple and cute – but because it has a personal meaning, it makes it extra special for you. I really like rose gold jewelry but I prefer silver, I don't know… I can't buy just one rose gold bracelet because it wouldn't match the rest of my jewels haha!

    Great post!


  58. Chloe

    This is such a cute bracelet Zoe :) i like owning jewellery that means something personal to you i.e your "yes" bangle, i guessed the yes bangle would have been to do with you being more positive & confident this year & so on :)
    the rose gold colour is lovely & it would look lovely with the Michael Kors watch, if you haven't already styled that with it :P

    the price isn't that bad either for a sentimental gift :)
    thanks for sharing :)

  59. It's a gorgeous bracelet, love the fact that it's rose gold too, can't get enough of it lately. It's great that it's personal to you too :)

    Denise x

  60. Caro

    Rose Gold looks amazing, honestly!
    Defo saved that seller in my fave list, might try that shop out soon :)

  61. so pretty! I'm looking at their shop now, ahah


  62. oh this is just gorgeous. i love finding designerss on etsy (that site is where i go for prints for my house.) what a bargain for something with so much meaning <3 x

  63. I saw this on Instrgram yesterday and totally fell in love with it! Its really unique but totally wearable
    Love TWB xx

  64. Jordan

    I really love this Zoe! I want to get one saying 'nana' because she died last month and it'll really mean alot to me. How do you order a personalised one though? Is it the reserve one because I'm not sure xxxx

  65. Lauren

    So cute! And great that it really means something to you too :)

  66. Jane

    Love this, might have to pop over to etsy!

  67. Zojill

    When my little sister was younger she used to read a book ''weet hoeveel ik van je hou'', it's a dutch book and it was her favourite. there was this sentence ''I love you to the moon and back''. that sentence meens a lot to the both of us. So i gave her a necklace with these words it's from etsy too. She loved it and is wearing it everyday!

  68. Merena

    That's the sweetest Zoella! :) Especially love the rose gold.

    About a year ago, I went on a holiday to Hawaii and a man was making rings, bracelets and necklaces like yours in his own stall. It took him about 5 minutes just to make a necklace of my name wired & chained! He was so kind and humble. I love how the technique is so intricate yet simple.


  69. That is such a nice bracelet! I love how it has such a big meaning to you and is practically designed for you. Rose gold is absolutely lovely and it is sad for me to say but I don't yet have a rose gold fashion piece! Zoella I love your blog and I have also entered into your topshop giveaway which is soo exciting haha. You are a fellow topshop lover like myself! Hope you are having a great day and getting past your anxiety and panic attacks. All my love..

  70. aw that's such a nice bracelet zoe!
    i also need to say yes to more things, your "Just Say Yes" post inspired me but i'm still yet to bite the bullet and make a change, i just think way to much about the pros and cons! there could be a billion pros but if there's even just one con it will put me off.
    Thankyou for being so open about your anxiety and panic disorder,
    stay beautiful, be fearless. much love! xo

  71. this is so cute! it is really simple and classy i like it a lot :)

    Also I was wondering as you seem to like Etsy a lot, could you share with us some of your favorite shops? that'd be pretty cool!

    have a nice day x

  72. Hi Zoe :D
    The bracelet is very cute!!! I would love to get one with " Dream" because I´m the only one of my friends beliving in my dreams, everybody tells me that I´m a stupid dreamer but I´ll belive anyway..
    Hope your "yes-saying-plan" works well :D
    I love your blog and read every single post <3
    XOXO Abby

  73. This is lovely! And the idea behind it is too :)

  74. Sarah

    Wow I really like that bracelet. The idea behind the word is great because I too have anxiety and am trying to say yes to more things. Which as you know is very difficult because of fear. I wanted to start making youtube videos like 3 years ago but was too scared. Now I finally have (like how I was sneakily leading up to this :) here's my link: It would be great to have a chance to be seen :3

  75. Your bracelet is so precious! I also like how you combined two things together: your obsession for rose gold and a note-to-self :)
    Laura xx

  76. Xeana

    Lovely bracelet! I like bracelet with the word "hope".

    Please, check out my blog! Giveaway necklace!!!

  77. Paola

    I love this bracelet! It's really pretty and I have to say you couldn't have picked a better word for it.
    It's worth the price tag :)

  78. Eleanor

    this is so cute – and even better that it has such a great meaning behind it. you're amazing zoe, and an inspiration to so many of us, i dont think you realise it!! yes, i followed and subscribed for the makeup and fashion inspiration but i stayed for the person, because you're beautiful and just lovely!!

  79. Hi Zoe, I really want the gold "love" bracelet but my mum won't let me buy it unless she knows its good quality and how long it takes to be delivered. Please reply, love your blog

  80. The person who makes them is based in the US and yer they deliver to the US for $2 xxxxxx

  81. Oh wow this is amazing :) I think, if I could get one, I would go for one that says "hope" or "love" x

  82. Oh i love it! I would love to have one too :)
    And off the subject: I was wondering is you could show us you lipstick collection :)
    I would love to see it!

  83. so pretty :) and such a lovely idea. the bracelet itself is really cool :)
    did they do any sign ones? Id love to have one with the eternity sign.

    I love your blogs and your videos xx

  84. JoAnn

    So pretty! :) This bracelet is beautiful, great idea!


  85. I would love to have the word fly either tattooed on me or on a piece of jewelry that I would wear a lot :D cause it means so much to me and inspires me to just go for stuff!

  86. That's such a good motivation behind buying something! Usually I don't like those word bracelets because they seem so meaningless/standard but this one is special! Just discovered Etsy myself haha!

    The Beauty Suitcase

  87. I love it! I would like to get one with yes aswell as your blog post about saying yes to more things and taking some risks really inspired me.

    x Annie /

  88. Maria

    What a pretty bracelet! I've decided to say "Yes" a whole lot more too. ^_^ x

  89. Louisa

    This is so pretty! I love more quirky jewellery like this :)

    Louisa's Notebook

  90. Lauren

    Gorgeous bracelet! I need to say yes more, thanks for the motivation, you've been a big help so far with my anxiety


  91. Hupu z

    I love that bracelet!

  92. Holl JC

    Oh wow! This is flipping gorgeous! Love it! xxx

  93. Elena

    such a cute bracelet. very unique.

  94. Such a pretty bracelet with a beautiful concept. I hope it helps to inspire and pick up the spirts of you and many others when they feel down :)


  95. annie

    this reminds me of Elle Fowler's "live" tattoo.. but her reminder is a little more permanent I think :))

  96. lovely bracelet! it is a really nice idea!

  97. What a coincidence! A bracelet with words "Be the best version of you" just came to me :) I was inspired by you of course :) (
    I've also bought a necklace with words "Life is simple" to remember that life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.
    I bought it on polish site

  98. That is such a cute bracelet, and such a lovely meaning behind it too! Hahah a very stylish was to stay positive;) xx

  99. i would get a bracelet that said 'energy' because to me if you are surrounded with people that have a lot of energy, you are more likely to feel better and good about yourself because thats what energy does. Although i think there are a lot of things that could mean a lot to me, that would be top of my list :P

    Mind you i do really like 'yes' because as you say, saying yes to more things would help me overcome my slight anxiety.


  100. That's so lovely!
    What a fab idea for a bracelet :)

    Rosie x

  101. Megan G

    Love really simple bracelets like this :)

  102. Oh my gosh I love it!

  103. The braclet looks so awesome and I really like the rose gold colour :)

  104. I love this!

    I post fashion and cool blogs.
    follow me, you won't regret it.
    cause if you follow me, i love you :)

  105. Olivia

    It's so lovely & has such a nice idea behind it too x

  106. Louise

    Wonderful bracelet! I'm actually hopefully going to commission a custom one ^_^ I can't wait, yours turned out brilliantly!

  107. love love love LOVE this! rose gold is one of my favorites! really a beautiful piece.

  108. Rosie

    So cute and delicate! I love it.

  109. How much of a mare is it finding bracelets for minuscule wrists? Lovely idea though :)

  110. This is such a lovely bracelet! I'm definitely going to take a look at the shop! xxx


  111. Léa

    wow! it's beatiful!

  112. Oh my gosh I must get one! Your video helped me a lot. Thank you so much!

  113. That is gorgeous Zoe! :D <3
    Lovely post!! :D <3

  114. I love how classic and understated this looks, it would make a lovely birthday present! :) xx

  115. Beautiful! How do you do so well on your blog?! If anyone wants to visit my blog and comments on what you think it's amazing stuff Zoe:)

  116. beatiful, love your style of fashion :)

  117. I absolutely love your blog Zoe! I loved your just say yes post, I thought it was great advice. If anybody needs any advice of their own just go to my blog!

  118. Aww such an adorable bracelet! Rose gold is one of my favorites as well :) xx

  119. Pieces like this mean so much more when they're person, words like love and hope are so over sold and commonly worn they hardly mean much these days, i have a bead bracelet i created for myself saying 'honesty' and that's what i would get n any personalized bracelet, it highlights a journey for me, as much as i get asked about it and may not want to share the story behind it i know that its there and it means the world to have that positive and personal message t remind me everyday.

  120. Love this! Already had a look and picked one I want. The rings they do are so cute too! x

  121. I saw your photo of this bracelet in instagram, I think it's such a good idea for everyone to have a reminder to be a little more spontaneous and break out of our day to day lives :) I think rose gold is having a bit of a moment I've seen loads of it around

  122. This is pretty inspirational because I also suffer from anxiety! You've inspired me to try new things! :) I just starting putting videos on youtube and have picked my blog back up! Thank you Zoeee xx

  123. This is the cutest bracelet, such a nice idea too it's really positive! x

  124. That is an adorable bracelet! <3 Please Check out my blog!

  125. So cuteee! xx

  126. Love this!!

    If any of you guys have the time please check out my blog, I make record art and textiles products also I revamp my old furniture on the cheap! Leave comments or email will be sure to get back

  127. this is so cute! i love etsy for dainty little jewellery bits.

    I have my own store, selling handmade ornaments. check it out if you like :)

  128. There is nothing more dear to girls than jewelery.They just love to wear all kind of jewellery but now they prefer light weight and colorful articles.
    earrings gold

  129. Thought id comment again:)
    this bracelet is so simple but yet so gorgeous!
    as soon as i saw it i thought oo you could get one made for louise with the word chummy that would be such a sweet present for her birthday or something! id love to have a friendship like yours!!!

    please check out my blog, ive only justs started:)
    x x x

  130. ehs

    Beautiful! I'm definitely putting this on my wishlist :)

  131. That's really sweet Zoe. I really want to get one! ❤❤❤❤

  132. Oh wow… I LOVE Rose Gold too! This is such a gorgeous bracelet with amazing sentiment! That is such a clever way to make a bracelet.. I'd love WISH on mine :D thank you for sharing with us Zoe! xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  133. Okay, I love love this! And the idea you created for it, is absoutly inspiring! I need something similar to this, to encourage me to do what I wish and face my fears that are stopping me from doing what I dream.
    So thank you!
    And also a another thanks, as I am now creating an account and will be one step further to creating my own blog, that I have been thinking about doing for months!

  134. n'aww that's such a cute little idea, might have to buy one myself :)

  135. The bracelet is so pretty. I love your photography!


  136. this is such a cute idea! i might just have to purchase a 'love' one!

  137. love it! especially how simple it is :)
    I would love it if you could check out my blog? I would really appreciate it :)
    Congratulations on how well you're doing Zoe!
    Love yas xx

  138. Lovely bracelet! I love how dainty it is :) Sentimental jewellery is always the best kind imo. Thanks for sharing it!…I'd possibly go with the word 'strong', to symbolise my fitness ambitions- strong, not skinny and also in terms of strength in getting through tough times :)

    Ellie x


  139. Alba

    I love this idea! So original and cute :)
    I like your actittude, Zoe, you inspire me to not be afraid of trying new things. I was scared before of going to night clubs because I don't feel comfortable with loads of people, but, I tried it and I was with my friends, so I wasn't scared at all and I had a great time.
    Thanks for inspiring me! Love your videos, too x

  140. I love how unique it is!

  141. That's so beautiful. I am also saying yes to more things because my anxiety has been holding me back too! We can be New Years Resolution twins(: haha I should get something like that to remind me to just let go and let things happen and not overthink things.

  142. I think that's such a great idea, it's like having a tattoo or putting a reminder on your phone. I love how it's a personal message to yourself and not something for others to appreciate, I think I would go for 'smile' because despite how fun life can be I take things too seriously sometimes! xx

  143. RCagz

    This is gorgeous, nice little reminder to keep positive :) xoxo

  144. YESSS!!! I should get a customized one as well.

  145. lotte k

    heii! i"m in love with your blog <3
    lovely photography:)
    i started a new blog too plz take a look and tell me if you like it so far:)

    xoxo lotte

  146. Such a pretty simple piece, i love it! It's really nice that it means so much.

  147. Tara

    its such a simple and cute bracelet


  148. Tabitha

    This is lovely, and less than £20 for a beautiful custom bracelet is great value!

    – Tabitha at x

  149. I simply must have one, I need to learn to say Yes more this year too!

  150. I absolutely love this! So glad you posted about this I've just gone to the website and am about to create my own personal one.

  151. I find that bracelet beautiful and so inspirational I love things that inspire me to keep dreaming!

  152. love that bracelet so much, might have to buy one myself!

  153. Melanie

    That's a cute bracelet Zoe :) If I have to buy one, I would write "Laugh" on it because I think that people don't laugh enough nowadays and it's bad because we need that to be a little more happy and a smile/a laugh hasn't killed anyone, as far as I know :)

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

  154. this is so so beautifully perfect! not only is rose gold my favourite metal for jewellery at the moment, but i think that "yes" is the perfect word. i'd also like one with the word "smile", since one of the phrases i like to live my life by is "just keep smiling". thanks for another perfect post Zoella!

  155. Ah this is so pretty! I'm considering getting a customised one for my friend's birthday, thanks for the idea, wouldn't have thought of it otherwise :) x

  156. Wonderful! Now I know what sentimental thing I can get my best buddaaay for her Birfday. Thanks! :)

  157. Thats so pretty(:
    I'd have the word Ohana on a bracelet which is hawaiian (spelt wrong probably sorry) for family as my family means everything to me I love the saying from the disney film lilo and stitch which I used to watch when I was younger. "Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten"(:

  158. Angel

    This is awesome!!!!

  159. i luuurve this!! I have anxiety myself and my whole life i just found that i always says to myself "Just Breathe" so i want to get one with breathe on it if they do a word that long :)

  160. Hello Zoe!
    I'm not here to promote any sort of blog, because I don't really have one. I'm just here so I could tell you how much I adore you. I can literally spend ALL day re-watching all your videos-I say re-watching because I've seen them all, multiple times. I'm from Canada, and I've loved your videos SO much. Thanks for making me laugh almost every Sunday. On Sundays, I always look forward to your weekly uploads [btw, thanks for not uploading one this week, but I'll let you off because you uploaded one yesterday!].

    I absolutely adore your friendship with Louise, and all the other youtubers. I LOVE Joe, Jim, John, Jack, Finn, Tanya, Ruth and of course Baby Glitter. All of you make my life that much more wonderful, but this also means that I constantly watch the videos rather than studying for my uni.

    All I want to say is that you're amazing and I love you. You're awesome, and stay awesome!

    LOADS of love from Canada, xx

    Narmeen Saiyed

  161. city

    thanks for share...

  162. I love your blog!!

  163. Katiee

    That is so beautiful! It would make an amazing present for someone as well :)

  164. Simple but awesome! I love it!!!

  165. How do you get your hair to be so healthy & voluminous? Maybe you could do a vid on it :D

  166. Sarah

    That bracelet is so cute! I will definitely check out the site and try to make one myself :)

  167. Had never heard of this website until I read this post, its amazing! Thank you for doing this post, I could sit and look at stuff on Etsy for hours. Lovely bracelet too :) xx

  168. I love the bracelet!! It's so slim and simple- it looks gorgeous on you!
    Lots of love xxx

  169. This is random but did you know in the galleries in bristol they now have a American food shop which sale the cereal you love! Thought this might make you happy if you never new lol! Xx

  170. love the bracelet !

  171. Such a good idea! love this, makes me want one too!

  172. Thank you Zoe for this post, I think the bracelet is adorable. What a great and insparational idea, I love the message and think it's really going to help you say 'yes'. You're a real insparation to me, so thanks again. I love reading all you posts <3.
    Love Ella x

  173. Deenie

    That really is an adorable idea for a bracelet, like a little confidence boost on your wrist! Might have to have a browse through etsy for something as lovely.
    Deenie x

  174. Oh my God this is so adorable <3
    I want one now <3

  175. Really a stunning bracelet, love this so much on you, and YES i'd love one too! lol

    xx The Provoker

  176. elinemz

    I was inspired by you and sprinkleofglitter to start my own blog, not really sure what im doing but i thought id give it a go, it would mean a lot if some of you could take a look at it :) Thanks

  177. love love love

  178. Tweet

    This is so cute, I've wanted a little written jewellery piece for ages, will definitely check this shop out!

    Love Tweet xx

  179. I looove etsy. You can always find so many amazing pieces and things that you'd never find in a shop. And it's always, just a click away :)

  180. Such a pretty bracelet. I adore rose gold!! <3

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    Love that bracelet!!
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  183. India

    that is so cool and it is really classy as well – I love your blog!! :) xx

  184. Love this bracelet, rose gold really is very pretty. It's a really good idea because it'll remind you of your goal all the time. Good luck in the future, I know it's hard :)


  185. Oh my god! I LOVE this! It's soo cute :) I think "yes" is simple but strong at the same time, also a bracelet with "smile" would be great :) Love your blog by the way zoe! Love from Italy XO

  186. Lou

    I love Etsy and I buy a lot of my jewelry bits from there.

    I really like this bracelet and it looks solid too.


  187. Zoe

    This is so cute, I just checked out the Etsy store and I want everything!!

  188. So pretty and dainty looking! X

  189. em

    absolutely adore this! i love dainty jewellery and will definitely be purchasing thank you xxx

  190. This is so delicate and feminine! I love it. I hope one day my blog can be as popular as yours!

  191. Katie

    Hi Zoe, I know you probably won't see this among all the other comments but I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to start a blog of my own. I also suffer from anxiety and watching your videos/ reading your about me I feel like I can really relate to you. I hope to someday be as successful as you. Good luck with defeating anxiety – we can all beat our inner demons with a little bit of support (:

  192. Hi lovely people :)
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    much love!

  193. Hi lovely people :)
    Just wondering if you could have a quick look at my first blog i am starting. Its about beauty (the usual), skincare, health, wellness,travel and just genreal things i find beautiful. i just posted little about skincare :)
    i would really appreciate it, and it would truly make my day! i will be posting once a day :)
    Thankyou, and if you leave a comment i would love to check out your blog :)
    much love!

  194. Very pretty bracelet – and such a positive thought behind it. I'm now very tempted to buy one myself, just to remember to stay positive. Any ways it's just a good thing to remember to try and stay positive. :)

  195. Getting something written on a bracelet is such a cute reminder– I love it! My best friend and I decided to get the lover's bracelet as a friendship bracelet. Can't wait till it arrives! Thanks for the idea~

    Melody @

  196. Love this! May have to purchase one myself!

  197. I have just bought one of these. I have an interview for a professional makeup artistry degree this week, I am going to wear this bracelet for courage and luck :)

    Anxiety holds me back on an everyday basis. I have decided to take inspiration from your posts and just say yes!

    I am blogging my whole interview process on my blog, again for added inspiration and courage.

    Thank you so much Zoe!

  198. This is soo cute! i want one with my parents initials :)

  199. check out my blog :)

  200. I followed your site :)
    can you maybe check out mine?

  201. I love this bracelet, I'm going to get my own one now!

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  203. Gorgeous bracelet Zoe, and perfect for you! I admire how open you are about your anxiety – it's something I've battled with myself for years and it's so comforting to know I'm not a complete freak.

    Your blog (and videos) are brilliant Zoe – keep it up! :)

    Eve x

  204. Emmie

    This is the cutest bracelet I've seen and I'm definitely in love with the colour!
    Might have a little look myself and buy one! X

  205. Dee

    I have the same type of bracelet! (and it's rose gold also) Except mine says "oui"… I got it for almost the same reason. It resembles me saying "yes, things will better" and to say yes more as well. I suffer from anxiety and slight depression; your video helped me a lot, and reminded me that I need to stop worrying so much and just live a little. I hope things are going great for you, and I wish you the best!

  206. Aww this is so so cute!!

  207. Niamh

    gorgeous! I have a current obsession with rose gold jewellery at the moment too! may have to check these out a little further….. thanks zoe ;)


  208. Milja

    Oh that's just so wonderful idea – and a bracelet :)
    I'll go check out that shop too immediately and see if they had some bracelet for me too, but I wouldn't probably have as nice story behind it.

  209. Beautiful!

    I just bought the 'love' bracelet in gold. I'm studying buddhism at the moment and thought it would be a good reminder to act with love.

    I love your blog!

    Genevieve x

  210. Hi Zoe, I only found you on YouTube about a month ago as I watched a video with you and Tanya Burr, and then I came across to your channel. What I liked the most, even though I DO love all the beauty things, was your honesty about your anxiety and panic attacks. I think it was lovely to see how upfront you were and so many people are ashamed of things like that and they shouldnt be, and you put it out there in the public, which means so many people especially teens won't feel alone – and thats fab!

    I love Etsy, as I make things myself (Although I dont actually sell on etsy as I am too lazy to run that AND the website shop!) and I think having a personal message on something is a great way to boost confidence!

    I have a necklace that I made which says "Moon River, wider than a mile, I'm crossing you in style, someday" from Breakfast at Tiffanys. :) xx

  211. This bracelet looks pretty. I love pink and it gives pleasant fell for me always. Your Yes wording is giving a positive look.

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  213. Such a cute bracelet and I'm absolutely in love with rose gold at the moment! Thanks for sharing :) x

  214. Pooja

    Wow awesome bracelet… obsessed with rose gold too……currently looking for a nice rose gold nail polish ….it positively makes your skin glow

  215. LuLa

    Wow that is such a cute, elegant and delicate bracelet. I absolutely love it!

  216. I love the idea of this Zoe! it's so cute and inspiring. I took your advice on 'just say yes' and recently went to a job interview that I never would of had the courage to go to had I not read your blog post about not being afraid to say yes. I got the job!!! I've been watching your youtube videos for so long and also love your blog. You've inspired me to start my own beauty blog and I am so grateful to you for all your advice whether it is beauty based or lifestyle based! xxxxx

  217. Wow I love it, it's gorgeous Zoe! I'm loving rose gold atm, think I might get one of these.. or two!
    I actually have a bracelet that my friend got for me this Christmas, (I think it was River Island) that quotes "Love like you've never been hurt" I love it and wear it every day.

    Everyone please have a look at my blog I would love if you followed I'm just starting off.

  218. It is great that something that can bring so much fun and memories can help get ride of your anxiety. I started doing the "say yes" thing mid-last year because I have been feeling I wanting a little more excitement but is afraid of looking silly or failing so I told myself, I will say yes to new and adventurous-fun things and so far; They scarier it seems, the more I have to do it! So far this has gotten me to go paintballing and gone to a dance workshop! I was also lucky enough to make new friends from this!

    Good luck with your many adventures!

  219. Gina

    so simple and so lovely, may be tempted to buy one of these…

  220. I love the whole concept of this because it's like a special message just for you . I would also love to get a bracelet just like yours, because I want to be a person who is able to say yes more often than I do now ! this inspires me to say yes more :)

  221. Ellie

    AAAHHH!! I love it, so inspiring!

    I have just started a blog..

  222. It's funny because I actually have a tattoo that says "Oui" which means yes in french as you probably know(I'm french); and I did in order to remind me always, to fight my anxiety.
    And when I first saw the picture of that bracelet, that's also what I thought about immediatly!

  223. Love it!

  224. I love it and i want one !

  225. that bracelet is adorable! and the fact that it has such a pretty message behind it makes it even better!

  226. I LOVE this bracelet.
    I'm getting me and my sister matching ones saying 'forever' for her birthday, thanks Zoe for introducing me to this ♥
    I also have a fashion, beauty and life blog


  227. I'm normally a very shy person and i dont like doing things out of my comfort zone and after reading your post i have decided to say yes to thing that i wouldnt normally say yes too! Thankyou so much for writing this as i have said yes to a few things such as school trips where i had an amazing tijme so thankyou so much zoe, you are a real inspiration to me!<3

  228. this has really inspired me to get one, my new years resolution is to say yes, because i went through a similar experience to you – panic attacks etc, and so far saying yes has helped alot! i think i might have to get myself one.

    if you could check out my new blog it would be great, trying to start up a textiles business, but it has lots of inspiration & tutorials

    thanks & good luck with saying yes! xx

  229. The bracelet looks amazing!
    I think you are a really inspiring person, and i have only read 3 of your blog post and watched some of your youtube videos.
    You inspired me to start my own blog, and to start reading blogs.
    From what i have read at your blog and seen in your video you seems like a happe, nice, and funny girl :)

  230. mzigs

    This is adorable! I love the personal meaning behind yours too.

  231. Love the idea of a 'yes' bracelet! Just found your blog after stumbling across you on youtube and love your blog!!! Have a great day :)

  232. Hi Zoe,
    I absolutely love your blog and your youtube videos. You helped me realize that the horrible waves of ick that was experiencing for 2 years were panic attacks. You've inspired me to not let my anxiety and panic attacks get the best of me. You're very inspiring and I will hopefully meet you at Vidcon this summer. I think if I were to get a bracelet like this I would get fearless bent into the bracelet because my fears and anxieties control my life. I just want to say thanks for the inspiration and the confidence to be more open.

  233. city

    thanks for share.....

  234. this bracelet is a definite WANT. just have no idea what word to choose.
    the more i think about it, the more it changes from a WANT to a NEED.
    must save a few pennies asap!

  235. This is a really cute idea. Might buy one myself actually, because just like you I've decided to say yes to so many more things. I try to live by the words 'What's the worst that can happen' and I've found out that sometimes you have to do something otherwise you wouldn't know if it's right for you or not, or if the dream you would like to make real, actually can happen! So I love the idea of a 'yes'-bracelet, and I really can't thank you enough for the idea, that's really inspiring! <3

  236. Hey,

    Great post!!! I love this post. I am pleased to read this post. I like gold roses

    Again thanks

  237. Love the blog! I also love the bracelet, so much that i decided to have a look on the website for myself. I found a bracelet that was for me and had so much meaning which i will be writing an inspired blog (inspired by zoe!) about when it arrives. x

  238. Love this, rose gold is such a great colour!

  239. I love the message behind the bracelet! looking into getting one myself!

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  243. Hi Zoella
    I want to thank you for giving me the push I needed to start something new and say YES! After months of wondering about making a blog of my own and also starting up YouTube this post along with your YouTube video gave me the push to say yes. I had never even made a Google+ account before now! After a long week of trying to work my way round blogger I have managed to start my very own blog. I love the concept of being able to look back in years’ time and see what I was getting up to! Thank you Zoella for giving me that extra push I needed! I haven’t started YouTube yet and still unsure if I will but I hope to say yes to that in the near future!

    Now that I have finished my little novel I better get going! Have a wonderful day/night!

    If you would like to check out my new creation here it is:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  244. The informations are so lovely and so usefull so thank you very much. Be sure i will use all of them keeping in my mind.Have a goog luck.

  245. This is such a cute bracelet, I've recently made a few of my own with motivational words on! My family and friends love them! Your blog is so fab! I've just started mine and still tweeking and changing bits! Trying to get better at the photos thanks to your other post! Thanks for all your fab advice and tips :) xoxo

  246. Soph G

    That's such a lovely little bracelet & I love the meaning behind it as I also suffer a bit of anxiety. If I was to get a bracelet which I probably will do in the near future I'd get the word 'never' as in never look back and never give up. Always aspire to be the best you can and don't look back on the bad times in the past because they're in the past for a reason.

  247. I'm going to get a bracelet that has the word "le" on it. It's the Swedish word for smile. I picked Swedish because that is where my mom is from.

  248. Sarah

    This bracelet is soo beautiful<3… I'm just going to tinker myself such a bracelet. it is not so difficult as I would have thought:)but of course does not look quite so beautiful as the original;)

  249. After seeing the accessories can't stop from buying…
    Nice to wear and looks pretty after that…
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  250. Bodlin

    This is so cute, I have one too, but mine says 'smile'

    A close friend bought it for me, to cheer me when times were tough!

    Please follow my blog guys,

    Love, Cat xxx

  251. Jasmine

    Love it!!! You are amazing and so inspiring! if anyone has a spare moment it would keen the world to me if you could check out my blog and comment and I would on yours!

  252. I've been wanting to get one of these since you first posted this! I was just looking on etsy now for the millionth time but couldn't seem to find the place where I can customize my own one :( but no worries, I will keep looking.

    Did you find the quality of the bracelet good? Seeing that it's been over a year now.
    Would really love it if you could answer :)
    ps. love your blog and your videos! massive fan xo

  253. Thank you! I feel the same way about my ring. It’s my gift for me, and no matter what happens, it will be on my hand. I also think it’s therapeutic to take something that used to symbolize hope (until it didn’t) and trade it in for something that will always symbolize hope.
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  259. I'm also obsessed with rose gold. It is an absolutely beautiful colour metal and can set off some coloured gemstones beautifully. This is such a cute bracelet.

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  262. xo Laashi

    I absolutely loved your video on this! It helped me a lot, and always reminds me to go for things more often!
    I’ve wanted this bracelet since then, I’m sure one day I’ll just buy it, the Australian dollar makes things a little more pricey 😪

  263. Ana

    I don’t want to be mean I love u but I think the link is wrong or at least it dint have the bracelet but I found the shop that has the exact one the brand on etsy it’s called isle of agape xoxo

    • Amy

      Same here I think it was on there before as I’ve seen it, but I think it’s gone now x

      • becky mills

        go into google or chrome (something like that) and type in Etsy trust me it works xx :)

  264. Victória Goulart

    this was long ago, but i’m in love with this bracelet, i swear

  265. A U D R E Y !

    Zoee can you donate me just your cute layla headphone ? It’s so cute i really like it ALOT

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    I really want this!!

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    It’s beautiful just like u

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  270. sydney

    you are truly an incredible person. i enjoy watching your videos whenever there is one because they just make me happy and they make me want to be a better person. you are beautiful! omg you are goals and i cant even begin to describe how much i envy you. youve inspired me to follow my dreams of becoming a teacher because you followed your dreams. in every single video that ive seen you in, your smiling. and i want to be able to have people say that they like me because im always happy! please never stop inspiring! i love you zoe!!! thank you for making my life a better place!

  271. Naya Almo

    If I got one it would have to say “SMILE”
    love u lots + am amazed that I came soo far back on your blog

  272. Niya Georgieva


  273. Thenewclem

    So perfect ! Thanks. France love you <3

  274. Evie O'Hern

    luv it luv u xx

  275. Maia Domo

    They don’t have it anymore though which is really annoying

  276. Maia Domo

    I would have one that said Yes or Smile

  277. very beautiful <3

  278. gh0stblondie

    such a lovely bracelet ! x

  279. just like you

    Pretty good


  280. Hannah Smart

    Amazing xoxox

  281. Roshni

    this is lovely, anything rose gold is just so elegant , cheers

  282. I love this bracelet, it’s so cute <3 ;)

  283. Lisha Lingesh

    Awww, that bracelet is so cute!

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