Who can you spot?

As most of you might be aware, I am a little obsessed with Instagram. Being a lover of photography this little iphone app is something I am always using and loving and I have now clocked up a rather large amount of photos on there. It’s a shame to have all those memories and pretty photos trapped in your phone, so to rectify this problem, I used a site called Printstagr.am to print out my favourite images. I’m not too sure where i’ll put them yet, but i’m pleased with how they came out, and all in such good quality. You can buy them in stacks of 12 in 2 different sizes. You can choose between mini prints or slightly larger more “polaroid” style, which is what I opted for. The website also allows you to create calendars, stickers, posters, mini books and memory boxes with your prints, which I think is such a nice idea either for yourself or for a present for someone else. Now I just need to decide where i’m going to put them. I think they’d look great on a wall or a pin board. If like me you are a bit obsessed with Instagram, or you have a selection of photos you think would look brilliant printed out, I’d definitely take a peek on their website. 

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  1. I love the idea of a memory box, I have a little notice board in my room where I stick all of my favourite photos on :) xx

  2. Oliwia

    Such a great idea! I'm your big fan ;*

  3. Bethany

    The pictures look gorgeous and the quality looks fab! I would love to have instagram but unfortunately my ipod doesn't have a camera :(

  4. Love your memory box! xx


  5. Wow I might print some of myn up and have all my memories on a collage or something xx

  6. I've been toying with the idea of using Printstagr.am for ages and judging by your photo, it looks like the prints come out quite nice so I think you've helped me make up my mind!
    Lovely pictures too!


  7. Jane

    Instagram pictures always look amazing, so these little beauties would be great to pin up on my wall at uni! Will have to take a few more pictures and purchase some! x

  8. I think I will have to have some printed!!


  9. Oh wow, the pictures look beautiful! :)


  10. Josie

    The pictures look great, tempted to get mine done now :) xxx


    Maybe you could make a photo line by pegging each photo onto a line of string or ribbon. I think I saw this done on pinterest and it looks so nice hanging along a wall! The photos look great though and I think i'll be getting some of mine done now! :) Xxx

  12. These are gorgeous! Xx

  13. Amy

    I love the idea of this, I think they're a great way of documenting memories! Especially if you're having a bad day, they'll be amazing at making you feel that little bit happier. Plus they'd look amazing on a wall (all spaced apart equally). :)


  14. Nina

    great idea!

  15. I can see some lovely photos in that bunch. I will certainly be checking out this site x

  16. I've been debating over getting some of these for literally weeks, yours look so lovely I think i'm finally convinced!

    Sophs xx

  17. I love instagram – and I love yours!! <3
    Lots of love from

  18. Minnie

    that is such a cute idea! if I have alot pics on instagram i am definitely going to do this :)
    have a nice day ♥

  19. Jordan

    You should put them in this photoframe I saw ikea which looked like a movie roll it was so cute :)x

  20. these are awesome, is this an international thing?


  21. Annabel

    Damn Zoe! I have my printstagrams to post about this week and now everyone will think I'm being a copy cat!! ;)
    They're amazing quality aren't they! xo

  22. Noush

    I love it !

  23. love it, picture look amazing! xo

  24. Do let us know where you put them!! I would love to hang up some of my instagrams, but I havent come up with a cleer idea yet…For now, I will use them as little cards to give to people

  25. This is such a good idea!!! I love Instagram, and it would be so good to be able to make a wall made up of nothing but Instagram pics.. or a scrapbook :)
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  26. I don't have a smart phone, so I don't have instagram, but seriously, you're making me so jealous! I've always liked instagram because it's so interesting to see what other people have been doing and the pictures are fun to watch. I'm seriously tempted to buy a new phone but on the other hand I don't really need one so I'll just wait till this one dies haha.

    I love the prints! You can make so much things with these pictures.
    Great post!


  27. Lauren

    Awh they look so lovely! Lovely keep-sakes :)

  28. Diya K

    Your photos are always great! :) xxx

    Love from zozeebo.blogspot.co.uk

  29. This is such a good idea!!! :)


  30. sarahxo

    This is such a good idea! I think the pinboard idea is great and you could include ticket stubbs or other little bits from days out you have enjoyed and make it like a memory collage :) Or put them all together in a scrap book with little comments about each one so you can look back on it in the future! and you could just put your favourites in a collage frame! :)


  31. I love instagram! I just need to get into the habit of using it more often :)


  32. I like how they turned out :)

  33. Thats soo cute and I love all the pictures! Id be in love with instagram to if I had but I dont have anything that it can download to :'( You could make a giant collage! :D
    Sofia x

  34. It's such a good idea! Now you'll be able to see all the lovely memories whenever you want as these pohtos will be always in your room (depending where you decide to place them) and I'm sure they will cheer you up when you're a bit down!:)

    Sandra xoxo


  35. aw I didn't know you could do this! I'm going to print mine off:)

    Sophie x

  36. Oh my gosh, this is great. I'll have to get some of my own pictures printed as well.
    Just like you, I am in LOVE with instagram.


  37. Deenie

    I don't even use instagram but I'm tempted to now I've seen these, they look adorable!
    Deenie x

  38. They look awesome Zoe!


  39. Thats so cute! I can't believe I've only just come across your blog, love it! x

  40. I haven't used instagram yet as I don't really tend to take many photo's!
    These look great though :) They look such good quality!

  41. Oh this is amazing! :)

  42. These are so cute! I've seen Jack Harries' printed pictures too. There such a great idea xx

  43. Heather

    i think you should create a heart on your wall with the photos

  44. this is such a lovely thing, when i get more photos i will definatly do the same!
    follow me if ur reading this i will follow back -instagram: emi_wbu

    PLEASEE check out my blog! I do similar things to zoe and louise, and i really need more people to hop on over!
    sorry for sort of being annoying

  45. Chloe

    I am definitely going to order some! Such a good idea :)

    ps love the pictures! you are so beautiful <3

  46. what do you use to edit your photos on your blog? X

  47. Elise

    Really nice photos Zoe!
    They also seem of very good quality!

  48. That is such a good idea – would be a cute present as well :) The quality of them looks great, thanks for sharing this with us. I think I may start using instagram more and then order some pics!

    Sophie x


  49. Amanda

    The quality looks amazing, now I want to take a load more photos so I can order some!

  50. It's great to know there are lots of instagram addicts out there! :D I just love it too.
    Thinking about printing them … :)

    x Vanessa | houseinthesand.blogspot.com

  51. Melissa

    omg that seems like such a lovely idea, I may do that myself!!

    would love it if you could check out my blog :)

  52. I'm also obsessed with instagram.. I love editing photos and playing around with the filters to my my pictures pretty;) I really wanna get mine printed now too, hmmmm… <3

    http://eabhaelliott.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  53. These are fab, absolutely perfect for my scrapbooking!

  54. Janine

    What a great idea! These would look great in a homemade photo album, or all popped into a bit multi photo frame. Very cute prints!

    Janine xx
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  55. definitely going to do this! lovely idea! x


  56. Melanie

    I've seen so many people who printed their IG pictures :) I think it is a good idea!

    Love xx
    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com

  57. This is the best idea ever! Would be such a lovely present! xx

  58. ABI

    Its such a great idea!!! I havent got instagram but all my friend do and they love it as well!!

  59. Karla

    Oh how fun!! They would make a great collage. I am going to have to look them up in the future when I've racked up enough decent pictures. I'm fairly new to Instagram but I am loving it. :)


  60. I had seen where this lady took hers and make an instabook with the photos. To bad I don't like it more.

  61. Such a great idea- definitely going to take a look!

    N x


  62. molly

    this is such a good idea, they will all look so nice on a pinboard xxx

  63. They look great! Such a cute idea xxx


  64. Aw they look amazing! I think they would look great on a pin board :) x

  65. i love instagram and this is such a good idea! thank you for the post Zoe!


  66. ah i got this idea of louise (sprinkleofglitter) and i made my parents anniversary present from printstagram pics. they loved it, its such a cute idea! <3

  67. This i such a good idea! I hate printing instagram photos in normal size because obviously they dont suit the usual 8×6, so this is great! xx

  68. Tara

    times like these when i defo need to get a new phone…. really want instagram so bad


  69. That's such a great idea! Your pictures look so pretty :)


  70. Helen

    such a great idea! love your blog :D


  71. cardiac

    Thank you for that hint! I will definitly try it! Love my pics too :)

  72. xClk

    Love it. I'm currently doing an insta-wall too ! Will try your website for future pictures.


  73. Is that page, over all, safe? You could'nt choose your payment method, billing is probably the safest? Is´nt it? I so want to buy it thogh..
    Would be nice to get an answer! ♥

  74. Really nice idea, you could make a heart-shaped-collage on your wall! :)

  75. .

    amazing, I was looking for sth like that !

  76. Emmy

    Def doing this i always print photos, love having them wherever poss x

  77. Lou

    This is such a great idea, and it looks like they turned out really well. I'l be bookmarking the site to use in the future.


  78. Mia

    I love your blog:) You must be the best bff ever!
    Great idea!
    xoxo, Mia

  79. I love your blog ! :D

  80. Alice

    These look so good, really need to do that with all my instagrams! xx


  81. Abby

    I love this idea! I would love to do it with pictures other than my Instagram ones though, as my Instagram ones don't have that many memories in them haha!

  82. hello everyone to self advertise but if i dont know one else will for me so..
    anyway please check out my blog, i'm just starting and it would be amazing if you could thank you!

    Love the post Zoe!

  83. Marta

    These are beautiful! I really want to develop some of my Instagram photos. I'm also loving how ofen you blog these days :)x

  84. I love this idea, I'm so starting an Instagram hashtag for my wedding <3 xx

  85. wow looks awesome im definitely going to order some !

  86. B.

    I'm obsessed with photos too, and I love having them in hard copy!
    Lovely post.

    Breathe Me

  87. Oh that looks amazing! I don't have an iPhone or anything so I don't have instagram on my phone (boo!) but I would really like to have it! It sounds like so much fun and getting my favies printed wouldn't be bad either! x


  88. Ruth

    My sister already has an instagram wall which looks fab, and is having more instagram photos printed to take to university. I know everything's done digitally now, but nothing compares to good old-fashioned glossy printed photos!


  89. I was dying to find this website! Thanks for the post :) Definitely thinking of printing some out for my dorm room x


  90. Tania

    This is so cool! I love taking photo's and I too am I bit of an Instagram addict. May have to look in to getting this done!! xx

  91. definitely going to order some!!!

  92. I lpve the idea of this! I love old-fashioned style 'polariod' prints :-)



  93. I saw this a little while ago and completely forgot the name of the site (not that is hard haha) love these prints so so much x

  94. This is such a great idea, I'm thinking of doing it myself. Just hoping they're not too expensive! Would be great to fill a photo album with them though :)



  95. Ahh I love this idea – may have to check it out and get myself some of these lovelies!

  96. Caro

    Didn't know that was possible in such a cute way…might try to print some too!

  97. Pavlina

    I love instagram.
    Good idea :)

  98. These look so good Zoe! I have been meaning to print off small square photos for a memory wall for years. I even have a polaroid camera and started to collect them, but it works out so expensive! Definitely just placed an order :-)
    Ashleigh x

  99. I have mine on my wall in the shape of a heart :) you should do something like that! Xxxx

  100. this is so awesome!! thanks so much for sharing :D


  101. These are so cute! and such a great idea :) I may just have to order some myself! Thanks for posting about this Zoe :)

  102. Sarah

    This is so cool! I might get some to decorate my room xxx

  103. Tamsin

    I have been looking for ways to decorate my room for uni and this is a perfect way to do it, thanks for the idea! xx

  104. Louisa

    This is a great idea because I always love the photos I put on Instagram because of the filters! Louise had a great idea of putting on a washing line so I might do that :)

    Louisa's Notebook

  105. I've only just gotten into instagram but when I've accumulated lots of lovely pictures this looks like a lovely idea :D

  106. Mette

    Really do love this idea!
    I'm obsessed with instagram as well! x

  107. I love this. I want to print some photos off and make a heart shape with them and put it over my bed.

    I have only just discovered your blog and vblogs and LOVE THEM. Especially the primark hauls.

    I have also just discovered a sprinkle of glitter – I LOVE this blog too!



  108. Krystel

    WOW !! This is simply amazing such a fantastic idea I love the whole concept around it and having good sized photos for memories to make a photo wall or place in a pretty binder photo book :) x


  109. They look amazing! I can't wait to try this for myself, such a fab idea X

  110. Aimée

    Love this idea! Might just have to print out a few favourites :)

    Aimée xx

  111. Sami

    A wall of Instagram photos is such a lovely idea. An album or even a box of the photos would be great as well. I miss thumbing through old photo albums and polaroids.


  112. Rubiiee

    They look nice, a calendar would be fun!

  113. Golly that is an awesome idea! You should do like an instergram scrapbook type thing.

  114. Those are very interesting pictures :) By the way, I really like your blog and maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!


  115. This is so cool!

    I'm definitely going to try it.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  116. Hey, Im new to blogger and I'm just learning how to use everything. It would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog. I love yours too :) enjoy the rest of your day


  117. ive been thinking about doing that too but im still not sure well i
    wasnt sure because i didnt know if they would look any good but i think i shall
    order them now as well[:

  118. Molly

    I think these would be so fun to use in a scrapbook. They are the perfect size. I'm absolutely going to be ordering some prints. They are so cute!

  119. Vanessa

    Hey Zoe!

    I'm addicted to Instagram too ever since I got the iphone5. Totally understand your lil obsession! ^^

    Followed your instagram and absolutely love your pictures! Keep up the amazing photos Zoe!

    Love you, stay beautiful and keep smiling ^^


  120. This blog made me want to take loads of pictures via instagram and print them out and hang them on my wall! :D

  121. Such an amazing idea! Will definetly have a look, perfect present for valentines day I think!

  122. Laura

    What a lovely idea! I've seen them made into magnets before which is a great idea too! Shame most of my instagram pics are of foos though haha, hardly sentimental! :P

    My latest posts are a 25 Facts About Me and OOTD – Black & Gold

    Laura xx

  123. Lauren

    Love the photos! I didn't know that Instagram printed your photos, can't wait to try it out


  124. Ah thank you for this post, just what i was looking for :) I've put my first order in today and cannot wait to receive my memory box!


  125. daisy

    does anyone know if you can do this with pinterest pictures x

  126. This is such a fab idea, photos are there to be seen, not kept away in your iphone memory :)! xxx

  127. I got some too but from a company called inkfi. They were quite expensive for their size but they had a Polaroid style boarder so I could write captions. Such a cute idea though! Everyone always mentions them when they see them! Love it Zoella!

  128. larzall

    I want to print out my instagram photos too and put these up on my wall, so everytime see this i'll rememember all these good times i've taken the pictures. It might me sooo used idea but still. I find it very cool.:)


  129. Lauren

    it is such a good idea to create this app xx


  130. Arina S

    uh that's a fabulous idea! i would probably take one side of a wall and pin all of them on it! ♥ x

  131. Instamemories? :-D It's so good that printing photos can be easily accessed through all avenues now. Still love polaroid pics, though.


  132. Chelsea

    these prints look awesome.. definitely going to be printing some of mine very soon.

  133. Zoe I saw you in the times well done! I've been looking for a way to print instagram for ages so this really helped, thank you!


    If anyone is looking for beauty blogging friends, come and leave a comment. I am too!

  134. Sofia

    This is on my to do list hun! Thank you for the reminder :) Can't wait to receive mine!

    Sofia xo
    (Sofia's Journal)

  135. great idea!!
    want to try this!

    xoxo milla

  136. I think that is an amazing idea! I really love instagram!
    Take a look at my blog jobeautylife.blogspot.com.ar

  137. I have heard of this before and I want to get some of these! So cool!

    Kristina Wilde

  138. Hannn

    I have just ordered mine! how long do they roughly take to come? thanks kitten xx

  139. These look fantastic, such a great idea :D I really need to organise my photos :) xx

  140. Everyone has been printing off their instagram photos recently and I think its such a good idea, especially because I'm a massive fan of polaroid stlye photos, but I feel like my account is a bit too new at the minute to print my photos off – I'm thinking in a couple of months i'll be there though :)


  141. aw this is such a great idea!!!

  142. This is soooo amazing!!!! In our flat we want a wall of photos, like a memory wall. And most of the things we get up too end up on instagram as we are obsessed too, so this would be a perfect start! Going to have to get some ordered!
    Melissa x

  143. I've never used instagram but you are an excellent photographer! so much visual candy!


  144. Monica

    How was I not following you on Instagram already? Crazy talk.
    I love this idea. It would be great on a bedroom wall, or in a walk in closet, perhaps?

  145. I love this. You can make a little old fashioned photo album with them.


  146. Amber T

    awh, thats such a good idea! instagram is the coolest app aside from whatsapp. haha :)
    lovely blog x

  147. This is so cute I am definitely going to this!:)

  148. This is a grate idea!

  149. Love this idea so much! I'm thinking, pasting some b&w all over a wall, making a collage! Imagine waking up to faces and pictures of those you love and reliving all those wonderful memories as a start to your day!


  150. This is a great idea! I have just started following your Instagram, can't wait to see what photographs you take/have. xxx

  151. Ohhh your pictures look amazing! I wanna find some place that do this kind of thing here in Brazil! Also its crazy to look at Darcy in all of this pictures and see how she grew up so fast! Amazing! Hope you are well, lots of love Zoe xxx

  152. Really great idea and why not to put all these memories on your wall for everybody to see

  153. Zoe, I just wanted to let you know I have dedicated a blogpost to you. I would love it if you read it. xx – Millie

  154. Jadey

    They would be brilliant to put in a scrap book and write little captions with them to remind you of a memory with that pic :) love your blogs and Youtube videos xx

  155. Such a great/cute idea! :-) xx


  156. I love this, I will definatly get some!!!! I just wanted to say you have inspired me a lot and I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while, you have made me want to get on with getting one, please can you go and look at it- http://lotsablushes.blogspot.co.uk/
    Its definatly not as proffesional as yours but I hope I can do that one day <3 L x

  157. Such a good idea for a present for somebody, I'm a total instagram addict!

  158. Instagram does change our way to approach photos these days. Browsing nice pics and share our own one have never been this easy.

    Those printed photos came in a box is very nice. Definitely look great on a pin board.

  159. I do a similar thing where I got an old jar and my goal is to fill it up with memories on little bits of paper, so I just write the memory on a bit of paper date it and just pop them inside the jar!

  160. Girl! I have been wanting to do this for the longest time! Thank you for the resource!

  161. Aaah they are such a fab idea, I have been looking into getting these myself – just waiting to rack up a few more pictures though!

    Thanks for the post :) And enjoy your new snaps :D xx




  163. Franggm

    I love you so much

  164. I'm an instagram wh**e too! I can't go a day without taking a photo seriously :l it's bad haha! But this post is super cute and helpful, I didn't even realise you could print them off! Awesome. And lovely photos too, Zo :)

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  165. Emma

    I love this idea! Photos are my absolute favourite things!

  166. I've always appreciated pictures. ever since I was little my room has been cluttered with frames and such. I even have a collection of prints on my closet from an old project I had in my old room. I'll have to blog about it soon. I basically took the pictures and placed them in the shape of a heart :)

  167. please go and follow my blog, eyelinerobsessed.wordpress. com/
    (without the space before the dot com)

  168. These look beautiful! I've been looking for a way to get my own photos on to my bedroom walls and this looks perfect! I'm a massive fan of film photography, this really reminds me of prints I used to make at college :)


  169. Such a good idea! Anyway lovelovelove your blog! Great inspiration and your so cute! I just have 2 questions.
    – When did you start blogging. -And how old are you?
    XX :)

  170. Gaja

    Love it :)
    READ MY BLOG yolomeow.blogspot.com :)

  171. Sheen

    going to sound really really cheesy but can any of you who follow zoella or even zoella check out my blog? it is literally brand new and everyone one needs a bit of cheese in their lives:) http://www.sheenpenks.blogspot.co.uk

  172. This is such a great idea! so so so tempted to do it. hopefully the shipping isnt too much to Australia. I'll make a post about it if and when i do order some for sure. Love your blog Zoe, and your youtube channel. one of my favourites :)



  173. Is there a way to print photos from Instagram that aren't min? Thanks for any help

  174. Ordered some last night after reading this post. Can't wait for them to arrive!


  175. This is such a cute idea. I'm thinking of doing this for all my favorite pictures and putting them all up on my bedroom wall in a heart shape. :) x

  176. I really love this idea! Can't wait until I've taken more pictures on instagram to do this.

    I'm new on blogger and I'd really appreciate if you would check out my blog! :)


  177. Jenni

    I looooooove your new video, you're so cute!
    my favourite moments are the bloopers actually haha :D
    have a nice weekend ;)

    xx Jenni

  178. Sally

    Absolutely love this idea! And I absolutely love your blog!

  179. this is just a good idea! all those polaroids look great! maybe you can hang them up on a clothes line in your room! ahh i can't wait til summer so i can have enough time to sort though all of mine as well and hang it up to decorate. thanks for sharing!


  180. amazing!!! I am going to order my prints right away!!!

  181. Great idea, they look so good :)

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  183. great post, enjoyed it a lot

  184. Sofie

    OMG! How cool is this! :D

  185. JoAnn

    Amazing idea! I love how the photos look.



  186. I dread doing this because I am sooooo ridiculously indecisive.I don't think I'd be able to choose a select few.Ha! Great idea, though! :-)



  187. Amaris

    I think this is a great way to have cute keepsakes :)

  188. This is too cute! I love this idea! They all look so good :) x

  189. kristin

    Hello Zoella, first I would like to tell you how much I just love your personality and your videos! You and Louis always make me so happy when I watch you guys!
    But, since you shop a lot, you probably have things that you do not wear and do not need? If that is right, could you not sell them here on the blog or something? Do not know what you call it but in Sweden we call it a Bloppis when you sell your clothes on the blog :) Would be very fun if you did.
    Anyway, keep on doing what you are doing, you are fantastic!

  190. Wow these are amazing, really want to order some:) x


  191. Such a good idea, will definitely be ordering some!

    Amy x


  192. Maria

    Gorgeous idea. Polaroid-style pictures are so cool! Making a whole wall of pictures would be awesome!

    thesuckerforfashion.blogspot.com x

  193. Wow, that is such a good idea. I always think its better to physically have photos, and that way you can keep them forever, whereas if they're on a phone/memory card I always seem to end up losing them!


  194. This is such a good idea! So glad I read this, I have sooooo many pictures on instagram that I love and I'd love to get them printed :)


  195. This is such a good idea! thank you for sharing!:) xxxx

  196. this is such a great idea! i was hoping i would hear this idea sooner or later <3

  197. Veer

    wow this is such a cool idea! I think im going to do this and then make a picture wall or something like that! :)

  198. This is a lovely idea, such a shame there isn't a company that do this in the UK! :)

  199. robyn,x

    I love this idea, it is amazing.
    Zoe has inspired me to start my own blog…yet I don't know what people will be interested in.

  200. Anusha

    I want to get my instagram pictures printed too.. Love these!

    ♥ Anusha

  201. Layla

    Definitely and idea I'm going to try! Thanks Zoe :)

  202. Esmee

    When I have enough interesting pictures in my Instagram I am SO doing this! You are amazing Zoe! x

  203. love the idea! I'm def going to order some prints! :)

  204. Giorgia

    Very nice blog and photos;) Great Idea!
    I invite you on my blog

    Giorgia Di Giorgio

  205. Fleur

    i have one of these aswell!:)

  206. this is really irrelevant, but where did you get your goldish watch from? I really like it :)x

  207. Haha thats such a good idea, I'm quite obsessed too, its amazing how many photos you end up with on instagram :D x

  208. Inez

    Sounds great :)

  209. How adorable are these!! you should make your own photo board (just wrap some ribbon around a notice board and it will look like a really lovely collage xxx
    p.s. love your video with Alfie about lurrve ;)

  210. Wow they actually look really good!! I might get some of these!i like making collages on my bedroom walls!!

    Please check out my blog? I'm new, I do reviews on beauty products and other little bits and bobs!

  211. heyclo

    I would love it if you checked out my blog! My most recent post is amount you and Louise!


    You and Louise are my fav people,

    Cheerio X

  212. JJ

    Coolest idea ever! Thanks for sharing! ^^

  213. I love my Instagram pictures, I love taking pictures of my OOTD and stuff haha
    Please follow or view my blog, I just started :) literally just yesterday. please pretty pleasee, I'm not boring or anything sad. :)
    Thank you love you…


  214. that is so cool

  215. CLEVER!! I have also linked and posted a tiny bit about your blog on my blog, feel free to have a little look! :) http://qnina.blogg.no

  216. Wow, such a great idea. Cuteeee! xxx

  217. i envy everyone with an i-phone who can have Instagram!! :) All i want to do is take pictures of my food, all day.


  218. Sarah

    This is such a great idea! I have my pictures pinned up on a thread with clothespins! :)

  219. Such a great idea!! MUST DO THIS!!! xxx

  220. what a fantastic idea! love how the website has so many different options that you can do! Now in case anything ever happens to Instagram we have have permanent prints!

    just started a new blog! would love if anyone could check it out:)x

  221. Aimee

    I love this idea! I'm heading over to that website right now! =)

  222. Maaike

    Loving your blog. I totally stole your idea :P I only copied the photo's on my laptop and used another website that was way cheaper ^^

  223. That is such a cool idea!:O x


  224. Mahaaaa

    I totally have the same obsession as you! As soon as i made instagram i was trapd!I was into it and still am :D

  225. HePa

    having photos in computer or phone just isn't the same :) <3

  226. They look great! I can't say that I use instagram because I prefer to take photos with my collection of lomo cameras, but I recently did something similar and printed off a rather larger collection of photos that I've taken, my dad has taken, and photos from the old family albums. The photos now cover my boring white wardrobes that I've always hated, and it's the best decorating choice I have ever made! I think your idea of a wall or pin-up board is fantastic! It really livens up a room :)

  227. Hiya, just wanted to let you know that I'm obessesed with your videos, have been right from when you started. Even to the extent where my fiancé will say "oh is that zoella" when I, watching you! I've just discovered blogger and obviously your blog and love it :)
    I started my own blog a couple of days ago that I'm going to be updating really regularly with product reviews as I'm a makeup artist and have worked on counters too. And I also have a youtube channel.

    I really don't like asking people to check out my channel and blog. But if you would like to, my youtube is abbiebmakeup, and blog is AbbieEvansMakeup@blogspot.com

    It's definitely a work in progress though :)
    Abbie xx

  228. This is such an amazing find! i have already started printing off my instagram photos and theyr're on my wall, but the quality isn't great. i shall have to try that out. excited now yayy :) xxxx

  229. I love this! I've had my Instagram for over a year or so now, and I've always wanted a way to print them out. I feel like a good idea would be to either buy like a cork board and pin them all onto it, or either tape the photos onto a piece of cardboard and then put it on the wall, that way if you ever want to move them to a different spot in the room, or if you move into a new house or something you won't have to take all the photo's down individually and then put them back up. :)

  230. Hi lovely people :)
    Just wondering if you could have a quick look at my first blog i am starting. Its about beauty (the usual), skincare, health, wellness,travel and just genreal things i find beautiful. i just posted little about skincare :)
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    Thankyou, and if you leave a comment i would love to check out your blog :)
    much love!

  231. June

    These look amazing! And they're not expensive at all! These would be good birthday presents :)

  232. Amazing Idea, I'm definitely going to start this tomorrow!


  233. If like me you are a bit top instagram followers obsessed with Instagram, or you have a selection of photos you think would look brilliant printed out,

  234. I'm definitely going to try this out, it looks super cool! <3

  235. such a great idea, sorry for bothering you I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS, which kind of mobile do you use?

  236. such a great idea, sorry for bothering you I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS, which kind of mobile do you use?

  237. Katie

    Awh it's so lucky that I read your blog or I wouldn't have known about this! I think I might use it as a birthday gift idea xx


  238. Mandy

    I saw Jacksgap video on this Prinstagram. I think it is such a lovely idea. I cannot wait till my instagram is full of snaps so I can create me wall! ~

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  240. Joanna

    I really love this idea. Definitely inspired to go do this now x

  241. I find it really fun to take the printed photos, grab old wooden clothes pins & some twine and string your photos along the line as if they were clothing… I have about 100 photos hung up in my room like this. It's easy, looks lovely, and I can continue adding photos! Xoxo

  242. Exactly what I was looking for :) Thank your wow

  243. Amazing idea. For my wedding I took pics from my guests' phones and instagram accounts and printed them using There were so many amazing photos that my photographers didn't get, def worth the effort.

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  245. Katie

    I am sooooo in love with instagram as well. This is a brillaint idea to get them printed i have a wire heart photo holder which some of my favs would look beautiful in! You have gained a new follower :)

    ~Katie xx

    Instagram: Kspeed90

    Little Miss Speeds World

  246. I came across your videos on youtube like a week ago and loved them then today I was on bloglovin and up popped your blog…so now I can follow your blog too :)

    Justina @ http://justinawho.blogspot.com/

  247. Such a beautiful idea! I often think the same: It's sad that most of our memories like photos are only on phones and computers as it is so nice to actually hold them in your hands :)

  248. Wow I was thinking of getting these for my bestfriends birthday present this year we have been bestfriends for 3 years now and have taken lots of photos so I thought this would be a really lovely idea!! :) Thanks for posting this otherwise I would not of ever known about this xx

  249. Pipi

    Such a great idea.
    I tried to use this for my instagram photos but it wouldn't let me :(
    has anyone else had this problem?

  250. hey im a new blogger as well. i have no idea how to do anything! please would you check out my blog? xxx i would be so happy xx <3

  251. They are amazing I am thinking of doing that


  252. Hope you don't mind me posting? I liked the idea so much I created my own Instagram printing App on both Android and Iphone, and it's UK based. Just search for Metroprint in your App store. Early days and version 1, but hope you like it? Martin

  253. Really good idea! Pictures really should be printed and put somewhere, so either you can see it or anyone can see it.
    If you'd like to take a look at my brand new blog( http://eyemouthear.blogspot.co.at/) I just started a couple weeks ago, it'd be really cool! Kinda got the idea from you!
    See ya!

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  264. this is such a neat idea! im checking out their website now, hopefully they ship internationally!

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  266. I'm thinking about doing this as well….and than maybe glue them in an Album *-* that would be awesome! <33


  267. Well done Zoe :) such a great post. x

  268. Yobi

    Definitely cute. I love the new website design. It’s beautiful and classic.

  269. just like you

    Zoe how are u so cute?😆😆