I thought I would do a little post about the makeup I currently use on a daily basis. I always get into a little routine with the same products then once I get bored, I’ll switch it up a bit and change the colour products around like lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. I’ve been rocking a dark or bright lip for so long, that I wanted to dull it down a bit and go a bit more natural. I’m enjoying it a lot. I feel like my face looks a bit more fresh. These are the current products i’m using!

Nars Sheer Glow in “Mont Blanc”

Maybelline FitMe Concealer in “Light”

Erase Paste Concealer in “No.1”

Sleek Blush Face Contour Kit in “Light”

Sleek Blush in “Mirrored Pink”

HD Brows Kit in “Vamp” 

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Duo in “Raisins”

Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara

Stila Smudge Stick in “Damsel”

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in “13 – Peach Passion”

I hope you enjoyed this little update. I love having a nosey into everyone’s makeup bags and I also find it useful to see what others are loving so I thought you’d like to see mine too. I want to review a few of the products mentioned separately as they deserve an individual rave, but for now I thought it’d keep it sweet and simple.

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  1. I love all of your blogposts – They’re so inspiring for make-up looks :)


  2. Claudia

    Your make up looks lovely. I really want one of those YSL lipsticks. so pretty. Love your hair too xxx

  3. great post! you always look so beautiful and your make up always looks flawless so thanks for sharing :) xx


  4. Ooh, that lipstick's immediately been put on my coveting list x Becky


  5. Libby R

    I litterallu just posted a comment on your new video asking if you could do an everyday makeup look! YAY! Thanks! :)

    I will check out some of these products and see if I like them too :) I cant wait to go to NY soon so I can get these products a little cheaper :)


  6. Oh i love your make up :) Such a lovely photos :)

  7. I absolutely adore Erase Paste and the Sleek Contour Kit, I've been desperate to try the Estee Lauder duo and NARS Sheer Glow after seeing Tanya Burr feature both products on her YouTube channel :) x

  8. Just Me

    Can you do a youtube video maybe on how you apply your make-up? Your make-up looks so flawless and I always struggle with foundation and concealer to make it look "natural". You look beautiful Zoe!

  9. Becca

    All high end products really :/

  10. Amy

    I'm desperate to try NARS Sheer Glow, I'm a little scared to buy some at the minute though as my skin is ridiculously dry and flaky foundation isn't my favourite look, haha. Definitely going to have to give that Erase Paste a go – I love trying out different concealers!


  11. aynur A

    You look lovely, love the lipstick shade!


  12. Jenny

    Gorgeous make-up, Zoe x

  13. Monica

    I love peeking into other people's makeup bags because you can always find something different!
    Benefit products are my favorite, especially the Erase Paste and mascaras!


  14. CarlyB

    This is such lovely everyday make up and the Sleek Face Contour Kit is one of my favourites!x

  15. Louisa

    This is so pretty Zoe! I love more natural looking makeup at the moment so it's nice to see you doing it too!

    Louisa's Notebook

  16. you look georgeous as always, i'm so jelous ;) x

  17. maya.

    you are sooo cute! I need to get that YSL lipstick it look great :)

  18. I missed you in the blogging world! Seriously your pictures are always so amazing and your blog is cosy. I love the makeup you're wearing, love how the YSL lipstick looks!

    Love this post!

    Valérie x

  19. Love for ever:3

  20. I love this look! And your eyes! They stand out like crazy!
    I've got an addiction to YSL lipsticks at the moment. :)


  21. cardiac

    Nice products which you use!
    Your look is goreous!

  22. Perfect, you're naturally beautiful. I love your post and vlogs too :) Ter

    terbrouckova.blogspot.cz from Czech republic *

  23. Your Make up always looks gorgeous so this post is absolutely great! Thinking of investing in a HD Brows Kit, it looks totally worth it, and I love the shade of this YSL lipstick! Lovely post Zoe Xx

  24. I love that lip colour! Have to have :P You look absolutely beautiful :) xxx

  25. Maria

    You look gorgeous! and the lipstick is so pretty.

    Maria xx


  26. You look gorgeous!! Love this look x


  27. Yay! can't wait to see your reviews on said products!
    Love the look Zoe. :)
    Sending love from Texas,

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  28. Divine

    look cute

  29. Kate

    So stunning! x

  30. oooh lots of fancy makeup!
    You always look so beautiful! Even on days that you say you don't look good! I wish I looked like that on my off days!


  31. Xenia

    Beautiful! I adore your lipstick


  32. You are truly stunning Zoe. Your such an inspirational person, and your upbeat and hilarious personality is so contagious; I love it. This make up looks beautiful, and I shall be trying my hand at recreating this look, but on the much less beautiful canvas that is my own face! I just wanted to say thank you for being the lovely kind hearted person you, and for letting this side shine though on your blog and YouTube channel. I <3 Zoe:)


  33. your so pretty zoe, i love you seriously share your looks ahah:')
    -Beth x

  34. Juliee

    awesome! ♥ Everyday you look fabulous

  35. Loved this post! :)
    You should film a video too.

  36. Enjoyed that little update. I'm yet to try anything Nars and Sleek! They're on my list. You look beautiful as always too :)

    Ellie x


  37. Shelby

    I'm on the search for a new foundation. I want something with a fair amount of coverage, due to break-outs and redness, but everything I find makes my face look cakey come the end of the day. I've been using Mary Kay's cream-to-powder for about a year now, and I just find myself going through it more quickly than I'd like. I really want to start using the Bare Mineral's, but I'm worried it won't last long enough. How long does it take you to go through the powder?

  38. Suesue

    You look very pretty! xx

  39. Esh

    You're so beautiful and i love your blog posts :) xxx

  40. Everything is soo amazing! Your look so pretty in that photo and I love all the products you have on! Id loveeee to buy some of these products but cant afford half of them! I love the colour of the YSL lipstick and the "they're real" mascara look a-m-a-z-i-n-g! :o
    Fantastic post as always! :D
    Sofia x

  41. Tara

    wow awesome post, thanks for sharing


  42. Lucy

    You look really pretty Zoe. I am super glad you made this post because I always love the make-up you wear. I really love the lipstick you are wearing – YSL lipsticks have always been on my wishlist so I will definitely have to take a look at this one. The Nars foundation looks really flawless. I would love to see a review on the Estee Lauder eye-shadow duo because it looks like the perfect natural shades for school. xox

  43. You look amazing.

  44. Loving this look on you! xx

  45. I don't want to creep you out, but you have the most stunning eyes I have ever seen!
    As a nosey person who loves seeing what products others use, I really enjoyed this post, and may have to give some of the products a try!

    Megan x

  46. Great blog, you look stunning in this picture (like always) The products look great, I really want to try some sleek products out especially the contour kit as everyone raves about it! That lipstick is AMAZING! Really girly and elegant. I love reading your blog posts and your camera quality has to be one of the best I have ever seen! Hope you are having a nice day!


  47. Love the look! ^^

  48. You look so pretty. The make up is beautiful, very English rose.x

  49. So pretty! I use benefits erase paste too, I love it! x

  50. Gorgeous as always! :)


  51. I was looking for some reccomendations on bronzers so this Sleek one may be purchased by me!

    Nicole xx

  52. Jordan

    You look super pretty in the picture Zoe, I really want to try out the Sleek blushes, in there new collection or upcoming collection they let out a bright orange lipstick which is supposed to be a great dupe for morange (which I lurrrvveee but I'm running out. I love the peach lipstick, shame peach shades don't seem to suit me :(

  53. You look beautiful as always! I would love to try the eye shadows, that palette looks gorgeous and they colours really compliment you! xxx

  54. Your make-up is always so flawless Zoe! x


  55. Stevie

    You look gorgeous! I really want to try that foundation! x

  56. Unknown

    I was wondering about that lipstick. Imagine my surprise when I read it was YSL #13…I have that in my purse! It looks different on me but I still love it. It's the perfect everyday color.

  57. Great post! You're so pretty, & your make up is so so nice too! :) <3

    love, rachelsgonevintage.blogspot.co.uk x

  58. Please Please – do a tutorial of this on YouTube ? I'm sure everyone would love it :) We don't care what you look like without makeup on :) x

  59. Noush

    I really love your makeup !

  60. Chloe

    This is a gorgeous look Zoe! :D very pretty – natural suits you at the moment & i do love the bold looks you go for too! :D
    Benefit They're Real i have too :) a mini one & i love the results it gives to my eyelashes :D
    can't wait to hear about the other reviews of the products :)

  61. you look so so so gorgeous zoe!! I've seen lots of people enjoying the Raisins Estee Lauder eyeshadow duo I must have a look at it next time I'm shopping especially because people of all sorts of colour and face shape and pull it off really well just like you :)

  62. You look gorgeous! You have a real talent for doing make-up. OX

  63. You always have beautiful makeup on. Looks so natural! I love it! xx

  64. Zoe you are stunning! The YSL lipsticks are my absolute favourites! At the moment I am quite enjoying the YSL Rouge Volupté Perle "Beige Caresse"- it looks more nude than it really is and the texture is uh-mazing! Try it out- you won't regret it:) xx


  65. katya

    what a lovely face!

  66. Nice your make-up, and I find your pictures by the way very nice and esthetic.

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


  67. Love this! Super pretty, I'll have to check all these out x

    Isabel Rose

  68. I love your natural look, Zo. It's so fresh and light, I love looks like that. Makes me SO ready for warmer weather! :)
    I'm just like you- I get stuck into a certain look and use it until I get bored and then try something new. I tend to stick to a look for a long time though….ha


  69. Love love LOVE the lipstick, its amazing! Lovely post as usual :)

  70. Anusha

    You look gorgeus! I love the make up look.

  71. Hupu z

    You look gorgeous!

  72. EDYTA

    I am literally staring at the picture of you Zoe, you perfect being <3

  73. You are sooo pretty! I love your eyes.
    Love it when bloggers do these sorts of posts


  74. Wonderful post!!!!


  75. Kelly

    I'm loving the much more natural lip color on you! Do you not use anything to set your foundation? No powder or anything? If I don't, my face always seems sticky!

  76. Sarah

    Argh! Why must you always look so purdy? :P I love more natural looks like this, yet they are still very pretty and look like you are wearing just the right amount of make up :)

  77. Which concealer do you like better? The fit me or the rimmel wake me up? I am trying to get one but I'm not sure which one. I really want to try the YSL one, but I cannot find the courage to spend that kind of money on it! :P
    Btw, since you are going to playlist live and vidcon, I was wondering, are you going to IMATS New York? 'Cause I just saw fleur's video and she is going!
    It would be lovely to meet you sice I'll be in New York that week, as well.
    Lovely look, btw!
    Elle :)

  78. Lauren

    It looks really nice! Your skin looks perfect. I love Nars Sheer Glow. That is my current go to foundation


  79. Lexiaa

    This is such a pretty makeup look. I really want to try the Nars Sheer Glow foundation, your face looks flawless! The Benefit They're Real mascara is amazing, I love how thick and full my lashes look! The packaging on YSL Lipstick is enough to make me want one, but that colour is subtle but still makes an impact. I love it!



  80. I have been hoping you would write about this for a very long time! I looove how you do your makeup, it's so flawless! You are absolutely gorgeous Zoe! xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  81. ur beautiful! i love u blog and u ♥


  82. Love Sleek products – your skin looks perfect!

  83. Doro

    so lovely! I really do like the lipstick

  84. B.

    Love the natural look!

    Breathe Me

  85. I love that lipstick, you look fab Zoe :D

  86. Megan G

    Love this look it looks flawless without looking too made up :)


  87. Please tell me where you got your top from? I LOVE it!! xx

  88. You look gorgeous and so fresh. Will be having to deek out the nars foundation x

  89. Aggie

    I love this make-up look, you look so fresh and pretty! Love the YSL lipstick, gorgeous colour and packaging too :) xx

  90. tanya

    Definitely looking to try this look, it is so simple but beautiful!


  91. Nabilah

    YES! I love it zoe. It does look really fresh and elegant! xx

  92. Such a great selection of make -up! Love the Estee Lauder eyeshadow. I'm the same as you; love checking out my friends make up collections

    Lou x


  93. Love it :) I'm currently doing the opposite of you as far as makeup – I'm wearing more bright lip colors as opposed to the neutral lips I did for so long. It's a nice change!

  94. Memosne

    That Estee Lauder duo looks divine! Haha, peering into other peoples makeup bags and purses is one of my great internet hobbies. ><

  95. You're so gorgeous Zoe! I love this post :) Could you maybe do an update on your skincare routine soon? I'd love to see what products you're enjoying as I'm updating my skincare routine and you have a similar skin type to me! xxx


  96. You look so lovely in this Zoe, I agree with the whole fresh faced thing, I think I might lay of the red lippie a bit :) I've seen so much of that eye duo on other blogs, you mentioning it to has definitely made me want to purchase it, oh the enabler! haha! :) Love Jo xxx


  97. You look amazing, as per! :)
    I seriously need to try some sleek products! xx


  98. awesome post
    i had been wondering what make up you use for a while now !
    i love your blog an youtube channels !

  99. Katie

    Lovely post. Benefit They're Real is possibly my all time favourite mascara, it's so good!

    And Katie xo

  100. Hey Zoe! :] i love your blog so much! it is so exciting to read your posts and your thoughts! I only want to say thank you! You are a adorable person!
    nice greets from cold germany
    ekiem ♥♥♥

  101. such a pretty face xx

  102. Amie H

    You look gorgeous Zoe :) Looking forward to the reviews on some of these products! xx


  103. You are so gorgeous!

    I just recently started using NARS makeup and it's amazing!

  104. Emmy

    You are so pretty!! x

  105. Marie

    great post! I especially love the colour of that lipstick, really suits you x


  106. Aw Zoe you're so pretty!
    I've been looking into getting the Nars Sheer Glow and knowing that you're liking this product makes me want to get it even more now haha! Also that lipstick is such a lovely pretty colour:)
    Sophia xx


  107. This is the second blogpost I've read today that mentions Nars Sheer Glow foundation… Now I definitely want to try it.
    The blush looks perfect on you. I wish they sold Sleek here in the states, maybe they do? Maybe I just can't find it? I don't know?!
    Love your blog!


  108. I love Benefit's They're Real! I wasn't sure if I should believe all the hype, but decided to try it out with a gift card and am so glad I did! I love sticking with a natural look sometimes for a change. You look gorgeous!
    grey et al

  109. Arghhh you're so, so pretty! Love these posts, I'm so nosy! X

  110. Going to pick a couple of these things up!
    Your make-up looks gorgeous!

  111. great makeup picks, love the pink lip

  112. Jem

    The natural look really suits you, Zoe. :) Although who are we kidding here, you look good in everything!


  113. Natural look is so pretty Zoe!! Thumbs up!!


  114. Veliees

    Love this makeup look, and the color of your eyes! They're beautiful !

  115. I love everything about your blog! I love the colors you have chosen, and I always find your blog informative, never drivel. I also watch your youtube videos, your so funny :) I recently started blogging and am trying to get followers. Do you have any tips?

    I would love if you sent them my way :)



  116. I love when the people share their everyday looks. They always give such great ideas for my own looks. Thanks for sharing. =]


  117. So lovely and fresh! Love it :) xo

  118. Benefit's erase paste is definitely on my everyday makeup routine as well! Best concealer/corrector in my opinion. xo

  119. Caitlin

    That YSL lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

  120. i use the same concealer its amazing!

  121. My gosh I do love that lipstick colour and I love that you've switched to a more toned down shade for your lips! Either way Zoe, you still look amazingly gorgeous I'm so envious :-)

    Check out my blog for my review on what I think is the best concealer for its value? http://www.think-beautiful-thoughts.blogspot.com

    Hugs and loads of kisses,

  122. Lexie

    You look amazing! The YSL lipstick is such a nice colour, it looks great on! xx

    Oh Pink Candyfloss <3

  123. Jane

    Love this look on you, its so fresh and simple :) x


  124. your make-up looks great!
    Now im interested in the Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Duo in "Raisins" since you and Tanya Burr seem to like it so much!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniestsyleblog.blogspot.com)

  125. You look absolutely gorgeous!
    Laura xx

  126. lovely products

  127. your post always look so effort less i love it!
    i really need to get around to doing an everyday make up bit, haha this has really encouraged me to hurry it up!


  128. Your skin looks flawless! Lots of bloggers rave about Nars sheer glow! Where do you purchase yours from?


  129. Mandy

    I need to invest in a new foundation, contemplating whether I should try NARS sheer glow?
    May have to do one of these blog post!


  130. rosie-

    great post, you look lovely as always :)

  131. Love your makeup Zoe, it's so flawless !!
    Please can you do a step by step, I never know if im doing it right, or do you have any tips !!
    Thankyou xxx

  132. Natalie

    Zoe, you are so BEAUTIFUL! And your make up is amazing, just amazing.


  133. I'm absolutely dying to try some sleek products, unfortunately they don't seem to sell sleek anywhere near where I live! I've also heard so many positive reviews about both the nars sheer glow and benefits they're real mascara, so they're both on my wishlist. In all honesty, most of your make up bag is on my wishlist! Lovely post zoe xx


  134. You look stunning as always. How did you get your hair like that at the ends? Did you just dye over your blonde ombre? I dyed mine but it all came out the one colour! X

  135. Megzy B

    Zoella your actually my idol in the least creepiest way possible, i look up to you like my older sister :P I really take on all your advice in your videos and blogs and its actually inspired to start up my own blog !!! :)

    Thankyou x

  136. So desperate to try the palette Raisins, have heard so many great things about it!



  137. Martine

    Let me just say how much I love your blog! It is amazing and so inspiring! And as for this post, you look absolutely gorgeous! I love your makeup and how natural and feminine it looks!

    Martine :)


  138. I really love your blog! Given me a few makeup wants now! x

  139. You look absolutely gorgeous, Zoe! The lip colour really suits you :)
    Are YSL lipsticks the most beautifully packaged item ever? I have envy!


  140. Lúcia

    Your make up look so pretty here! So so beautiful!

  141. Great selection of products! The Sleek contour set looks fab :)

  142. Yay! Love these lists! Thanks for sharing :)

  143. Lou

    I have just purchased Benefit They are Real, and I'm loving it!


  144. JoAnn

    I love your blog! You are so pretty! Your posts are amazing! :)



  145. You look so nice, definitely going to have to purchase some of these products; lovely!xx


  146. I wish I could have healthy face skin like you… I love your make-up so much, very natural and nice :)

  147. Fatzee

    Lovely lovely….I love the YSL lipsticks!!


  148. ahh i really want the ysl lipstick! :(

    and thank you, you have made me start my own blog check it out! :)


  149. Lauren

    Gorgeous look! I love the YSL lipstick, you look stunning and flawless


  150. Those products are definitely worth a review, Zoe. :)
    I might try some of them out since I'm looking for a little change in my daily make-up.

    x Vanessa | houseinthesand.blogspot.com

  151. Fatzee

    Lovely lovely….love the YSL lipsticks

    Illamasqua blush review up on blog


  152. Oh,I can´t get over how cute you are!:)

  153. Amaris

    You always look very pretty :) Gonna go out and try some of these now …

  154. I love that sleek blush! One of my go too blushes :D
    You look really beautiful by the way, your skin is flawless :)

  155. Zoey you are so beautiful, you inspired me to start my new blog I love nars sheer glow as well xx

  156. I have the 'They're Real' mascara as well and I just CAN'T get enough of it :P
    Great blog post :)


  157. Great post girl, I love all of these products!
    I want to let you know that we have an online beauty store with new products being uploaded daily. We have been up for a month and just processed our 100th order and receive emails daily thanking us for the convenient online shopping.

  158. Jolie

    Beautiful makeup, I desperately want to try NARS sheer glow but not sure how it'll fare on my cursed oily skin! Might just bite the bullet and go for it!

    I've reviewed the Rimmel Wake Me Up range if anyone fancies checking it out :)


  159. Lauren

    Your skin looks incredible!!

    I've just started my blog, so if you check it out please leave a comment:) xoxo

  160. Your make-up is always amazing! I love posts like these xx


  161. Zoe

    You look super pretty, I really want to try the Erase Paste!


  162. i think everyone is a little bit nosey :) or, a LOT!

    You look lovely and fresh, and i do envy your collection! i get bored so quickly too though.
    But i have to say, the erase paste gives a very strange tint to my undereyes, yikes!


  163. You always look amazing zoe, so jealous :( x

  164. franchellaxo.blogspot(.)co(.)uk/ Please take a second to check out my beauty/fashion blog. I really want to get into the fashion industry and this is just my start, the more people I get to read this & comment the more likely I am to be recognized and be able to pursue my dream! Just give it a chance? Thank you so much <3

  165. Lovely! I've been looking everywhere for the perfect lipstick and that one definitely looks nice. I'll check it out next time I'm at a Yves-Saint Laurent (i'm assuming that's what YSL stands for :P).
    Gorgeous as always.

  166. love it!! x

  167. thank you so much for the tips on starting a blog video, it really helped a lot. your page looks amazing.

  168. Beautiful! Love the makeup, subtle and stunning.

  169. yyou're soooo prettyyyy!!!:)))

    xoxo nele


  170. zoe you are so so pretty omg

  171. Really Gorgeous Look! :)

  172. I loved this post, it's classic Zoella :) I have that foundation, love it. xx

  173. This was a really nice post! I love seeing how others do their make up and borrowing some sneaky tips! I've used the Nars foundation before and found it very good and have heard how incredible the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara is so perhaps I shall add these things to my wish list! Happy Blogging Zoe xoxo

  174. Your makeup looks flawless! I really should try out the maybelline concealer.
    My collection 2000 one has tried up.


  175. Chottsy

    Would you mind much if I stole your eyes??? No? Good! :) hehe. Love this your make up looks awesome as always!:)So natural and just very pretty!

  176. Melanie

    Thanks for sharing your make-up routine Zoe because when I watch your videos, I am stuck in your make-up. You always look amazing!
    Maybe one day you will do a make-up tutorial in your YT channel… ;)

    Love xx
    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com

  177. I absolutely love that YSL peach lipstick, I think it perfectly sums up February and the beginning of spring.
    Not to keen on the 'erase paste' benefit concealer, I found it too 'wet' and much prefer the 'boing' version which is more creamy for my liking.
    However your make is gorgeous!


  178. Grace

    Your eyes look gorgeous! Love your makeup <3

    btw, I am having my first small giveaway:-)
    It will be so easy to win since I don't have many readers or followers yet!


  179. Ariel

    gorgeous look! never tried the nars foundations but it looks gorgeous on you!

    -ariel* xoxo

  180. I love the Estee Lauder eyeshadow! It's so expensive in Australia though.
    Beautiful look!


  181. Leica

    I love love benefit! Your everyday make-up looks great on you. x


  182. you're so gorgeous, Zoella! love all of the products! xoxo


  183. Might need to go out and have a splurge with some of these items!
    Heard so many good things, your makeup always looks lovely!


  184. this look looks beautiful on you!!

    Youtube – abbeylovesbeauty1
    Blogger: abbeylovesbeauty1.blogspot.com

  185. Going to have to get some of these products!! you're so pretty!

  186. I'm definitely going to have to get some of these products! you're so pretty Zoe!!

  187. Iona

    You look Stunning <3 Love the posts so sweet and amazing! :)

  188. Wow, your make-up looks gorgeous!
    Love your posts x

  189. Sooooo pretty Zoe!


  190. Martina

    I love it!

  191. love this look..your skin looks so fresh and dewy..always love your posts :) I picked up the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer because of you and I love it :)xx

    Shannen | shann-mariee-daveyy@hotmail.com

  192. That lipstick is a gorgeous colour!


  193. Erase paste is my favourite under eye concealer! it was my first ever high-end beauty buy when I was about fifteen. On my fifth pot now I'm sure!
    Just bought the Sleek blush trio in 'Lace' and I can definitely see what all the fuss is about!
    And you are gorgeous by the way :3


  194. you seem to suit any colour/style, too jealous!

  195. could you please do a review on the ysl lipstick? i'm thinking about buying one and that colour is one of choices:)

  196. Cerayon

    Where is your top from, it's really nice xx

  197. Zoe you're such an inspiration to me, you're my favourite youtuber and blogger! You're such a genuine person and you are so funny,gorgeous and give the best advice whether it's beauty/fashion related or not! Seeing that you've made a new post or uploaded a new video always makes me smile, keep up the great work!
    (I'm not trying to promote myself to anyone it's just there if anyone wants to check it out, I'm new to the blogging thing so please don't expect much if anyone clicks the link)

  198. zoe what about your liquid eyeliner??what brand do you use??

  199. Absolutely love YSL lipstick.. seems to stay on for ages!
    Love your blog :)

  200. Ohh, amazing natural makeup! Simple but really pretty! Also LOVED your latest video about pamper evening essentials! Super cool!
    Also, i hope you do a post about the One Direction concert last night! I was super escited about you and Louise! Did you have fun? Hope you're ok babe, lots of love!
    xxx Gabi Ricci

  201. Beautiful natural makeup! Simple but really pretty!
    Also, i loved your latest video about pamper evening essentials! Wish i could do regularly like you!
    Oh, and i hope you do a post about the One Direction concert last night! I was super excited for you and Louise! Hope you had a great time! Lots os love babe!
    xxx Gabi Ricci

  202. That lipstick is stunning, the packaging is amazing I just can't make myself pay the price but after seeing this colour, I must say I am tempted!


  203. heyania

    you are so pretty! xx
    i love the colour of the lipstick!

  204. I would love you to do my everyday make-up ;) this looks so natural and still gorgeaus! xx

  205. where did u get all your makeup from xxxx

  206. Ooh love all these products in particular the highlight in the sleek palette :)


  207. Ishara

    love your make-up looks so natural and you have the most amazing eyes ever
    love your blog and your youtube following you now
    xxx ish

  208. Sarah

    These products look lovely! Everyone is talking about nars sheer glow foundation at the mo! I just did a similar post over on my blog it is my first ever post! so exciting!



  209. Your makeup looks flawless!! :)
    Love the colour of the YSL lipstick

    tc xxxxxxx

  210. I love your make-up! Very subtle with nice soft shades. Beautiful!

    x cashmereandivory.com

  211. Gem

    You are RIDICULOUSLY pretty! I really want to give all this stuff a go now, it's a neat little collection. I have a YSL lipstick but it's a little gothy so I might have to invest in this one, it's really lovely.


  212. I think your posts rock!! Basically i read all of them!! Cheers Zoe..

  213. they're real mascara is the best! always makes my lashes touch my eyebrows x)
    gorgeous(: xx

  214. Lovely products <3 I'm probably going to get the erase paste


  215. I really want the Estee Lauder Raisins Eyeshadows, now I know what to put on my birthday wish list :) Love your post Zoella!

  216. Please so a tutorial of this look! I love your eyes- they look so beautiful(: Or please post a photo of closed eyes so we can figure out how to do your eyeshadow(: Thanks so much for posting this, lovely!

  217. nice picture, you look very beautiful.

    Check out my blog and followback: antwerpstreetfashion.blogspot.com

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  219. Sinema ile ilgili dizi, film, sinema ve fragmanlarını burada bulabilirsiniz.

  220. Please do a Q&A video

  221. abbie

    might have to purchase a few of these products!
    That lip colour is lovely!
    You're so pretty!
    luckfashion.blogspot.com xx

  222. Thanks a lot for the little update, lovely lipstick!! :)

  223. Such a pretty everyday look and gorgeous hair :)


  224. I really like this look, the pink lipstick gives a nice warm tone and really suits your skin tone and really stands out with your eyes! I think i will be trying this look soon, really nice! X


  225. This has confirmed that I need to try NARS sheer glow as my next foundation!! I've sent you a quick question on Twitter regarding the coverage of it. Hope you don't mind – loved this post! You look flawless :) xx

  226. Love the natural look.


  227. The rouge lipstick looks so amazing! Especially the package :P

  228. Zoe, I love your blog – you have inspired me to start my own blog. I know you like the Maybelline "Fit Me" concealer. I actually like their liquid foundation – but my very pale shade "110" is so hard to find. The Sleek blushes are fantastic too!

  229. Great post. I always love reading your blog :) I have wanted to try out the benefit erase paste for a while now, is it worth the cost? xoxo If you have a spare moment (which you probably don't) check out my blog :)

  230. Gemma T

    Wow… you're so gorgeous Zoe! I am dying to own a YSL lipstick :) this one looks lovely, and summery xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  231. Anna

    Such a stunning post! I love your make up style :)
    You inspired me to start blogging and now I am passing it on, I just did a BLOGGING TIPS AND TRICKS post. Hopefully it will help out some newbies in the way you helped me!
    Anna xx

  232. Love this post! I love seeing what other people are using in their makeup bags! It would be great to see a video of how you apply it all!


  234. Love the lipstick!

    H & E x



  236. Whitney

    I love that you keep it natural and don't wear to much makeup. It shows your real beauty and it helps girls like me to feel that if you can be that beautiful with little makeup maybe I can too.
    Thank you Zoe xxx

  237. Oh my gosh! I love this look, so simple, but gorgeous! And I have been wanting the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in "13 – Peach Passion" for absolutely ages and have been planning to get it, this has definitely made me know that i need it in my lipstick collection!!!
    Love your blog!!!

    Sophie xoxo


  238. .......

    great roundup so cool to see what people are really enjoying in their every day routines which makes this one of my fav types of posts! I am obsessed with the fit me concealer and I love how you look here will have to try some of these pieces! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  239. your eyes are amazing! and i'm really loving this more natural look :)


  240. Oh! This is so good! You amazing!!!


  241. I think the neutral lipstick on you definitely makes you look more fresh and dewy, I love all your blog posts and youtube videos.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your makeup tutorial, and btw you look great without makeup so don't worry :)

    I also have a blog and make youtube videos… I write about beauty, fashion, life and weddings (I recently got engaged, eee!!!)

    If you fancy it, check me out – http://www.ashleighailsa.blogspot.com

    Tell me what you think, I always reply to comment :)


  242. hi, it is the first time thath i post one comment to you, but i follow you from some mounths…..Very compliments for your Blog, and the nice pics..! Follow me …
    Kisses from Rome

  243. How adorable are you?!?! Not gonna lie, a little jealous of your make-up collection (although I did a make-up store raid Monday and bought way more than I needed too…woospy!) Absolutely love your blog! Found ya on Jade Wright's Page. Will def be back!


  244. The Kid

    I love that lipstick colour! I have a YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick on my wish list.

  245. wooowww.. your eyes is so beautifull… so prety! and i love your hair

  246. These products look amazing, I must try some of these things because they make you look so pretty!
    Great Post!
    tips kesehatan

  247. Hey Zoe :)
    I just wanted to let u know that I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your video. I bet its a lot of fun to hang out with you !!

    It would make my day if you checked out my blog

  248. I love that you have such a great, natural look. I'm anxious to try some of those products!


  249. i love all the producs ! especially the lipstick ! totidots.blogspot.com :D xxx

  250. It would be interesting to see what brushes you use x

  251. It would be interesting to know which brushes you use. x

  252. There are lots of useful information in these comment. I am so glad I have come to it and i will track back for updates.
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  253. you are so pretty! these products seem to be amazing!
    i will definitely order some of these!
    Lana :)

  254. Great post. The foundation just looks so flawless on you, I love it! I must go try it out someday because I've been hearing really good things about Nars sheerglow


  255. i love your blog i watched all you youtube videos im new follower here feel free to check my blog out and comment or follow back if you like anythng you see :)


  256. Really love this post and the 'natural beauty' look you achieve for everyday. I have been watching your youtube videos and reading your blog for a few months now and have really benefited from the advice you give, beauty and general. Although, my make-up and skincare collection has considerably grown since then so I now have limited room for it all!
    You are definitely an inspiration to the rest of us girlies that watch and I applaud you.

    Thanks! Peace out!



  257. Love the maybelline concealer it amazing! x

  258. Laura

    I love having a peek at everyday makeu

  259. this is such a beautiful look! you look flawless :)

  260. Teral

    Found your blog on your youtube channel and i had to subscribe and follow straight away.
    Love all your posts.
    Keep at it x

  261. Is Zoella your name or is it just Zoe? hehe lol…
    I'm in love with your blog and you (not in that way haha)
    You're just so amazing and have such a nice personality, even though I don't know you, I feel it. Maybe you can't understand this, I'm from Iceland…
    I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and your Youtube, my favorite! :)
    You will probably not read this, oh well..

    ~ Þórhildur ~ (Hilda is maybe better in English)

  262. The Sleek blush is ahhhmazing Zoe, I love it too :) I love to be a little nosy aswell, thinking I might do a post similar to this one!



  263. absolutely stunning!

  264. Katie

    I just find your blog so helpful! I was reading everyone's comments and they obviously agree too – it's good to find someone like you so thank you xx

  265. I have just recently found your blog&WOW! I love it so much, you give me a lot of inspiration for my blog&I would really appriciate it if you could look at my blog.
    I am deffinately going to pick up some of these products next time Im out because they make your makeup look gorgeous, your so pretty!
    Sophie xo

  266. Noura

    I love this look so much! You look so adorable, makes me want to go out and buy everything! Considering the eyeshadow duo .. hmm. x

  267. Holly

    Love love loving that lipstick! :)


  268. Wow you look sooo gorgeous!! I love to watch your blog and videos!!

    Greatings from Munich

    xx Marina

  269. I really want to try the contour kit and lipstick! Your makeup always looks so good. :)x

  270. Zoe you're actually my idol!!

    Please check out my beauty fashion blog, I'm new to blogging :)


  271. I like how it looks spring-like :) Bright and light.

  272. your makeup is flawless and you're such an inspiring blogger!


  273. i Love all your post and your Videos! :)


  274. I soooooooo want that lipstick… what an absolute babe of a lipstick xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  275. Such a gorgeous makeup look, very glowy and natural looking! I own most of those, so shall be trying it out myself!

  276. Im dying for one of these YSL mascaras! Keep seeing them everywhere, I really must invest soon….

    Great post! I'm really nosy so I love ones like this!!


  277. I was going to buy the erase paste concealer but i thought it looked bit thick for under the eyes, is it thin enough and buildable? x

  278. You look so pretty, I love how your eyebrows look I may have to try out the kit. Also your skin looks really good!



    Would really appreciate it if any of you could take a look. I'm new to this bloggings shenanigans :)xxx

  279. Love all the products! So gorgeous! <3


  280. Love, love, love this look on you!


  281. Lucy

    i love your style Zoe! i really like your lipstick colour, it looks so good on you :)


  282. Thank you so much for sharing this all :)
    You look gorgeous too with all that make-up!
    I will have to go and find some of these!
    Your blog is so lovely to read! and its great watching your youtube channel! You always make me laugh! :)
    gemma xxx

  283. You are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your makeup tips! I love seeing what everyone wears! Have a fabulous day!


  284. Chloe

    I love your posts Zoe! That foundation has been red about so much I'm going to have to buy it! I already have that eye palette thanks to your videos!

    Chloe – chloehasafreakingblog.blogspot.co.uk

  285. Hi Zoella (Zoe) I have watched every single one of your videos on youtube. I also love Pointless Blog (Alfie), Marcus Butler, Sam Pepper, Jack Harries, Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise) Baby Glitter (Darcy) and everyone else. I think you are all amazing.
    Please could you look at my blog and comment on one of my posts it would make my day.



  286. Zoe I love your stuff!
    Please come & help me through it!
    700 views in 2 days of launching
    Thanks a bunch

  287. Benefit They're Real is the best high end mascara i could possible suggest in anyone using it!


  288. Hi Zoe o know you didn't use a mac foundation in this post but i was contemplating buying a mac foundation but as they are quite pricy and i wouldn't like to pay that much for it not to last a while. How lomg do the Mac foundations last ? x

  289. hi zoe!
    i'm a huge fan of yours :) i love how your so honest to us and express your bubbly personality. you inspired me to become a great beauty guru and so i just started a blog. i would mean so much if you checked it out! eymbeauty.blogspot.com

  290. I love the fit me concealer I used to used it all the time but now I use the maybelline dream lumi concealer because it highlights really well it also has great coverage!

  291. I really love that Benefit mascara! It is my absolute favorite now! <3

  292. Amazing post!!

    I really like your blog so I follow you now with Google friend connect, Bloglovin and Facebook! Hope you'll do the same!
    I wait for you in my blog!



  293. Vikkii

    I love the sleek blusher! such a pretty flattering colour. Also so jealous of the raisins palette D: haha!

  294. Hi I just started a blog and wondered if you knew how to get samples as I'm unshore

  295. KUWL X

    you've inspired me to make my own blog. your videos are insane, i love them and I can never ever get off your blog :)

  296. Need. More. Pocket Money! :D

  297. This is literally my favorite blog ever, you inspired me to make my own blog:) thank you! :*

  298. Love this natural look! Can't wait for your next blog post!(:

  299. Your makeup always looks so flawless and pretty!
    I REALLY NEED the raisns eyeshadow duo, it looks soso great!

    Beth-Lou's Beauty Blog


  300. I wanted to tell you that you and Louise inspired me to start my own blog and I am finding it so amazing to be able to share my experiences and thoughts and feelings with others. I can't wait to write a new blog each day :-) so thankyou xx

  301. sometimes you get what you pay for the one thing i wouldn't cheapen out on is foundation and lipstick.

  302. I love what you've chosen!
    I've been waiting to try out the 'Raisins' palette for ages now and you've just given me even more reason to buy it! You've even reminded me to pull out the 'They're Real' mascara and give that a go!

  303. LOVE IT! Take care.


  304. the YSL lipstick is gorgeous!

  305. Gorge as always Zoe! I love you with a dark lip too…I'm one of those who puts it on and takes it off before I leave the house…not quite daring enough!



  306. I don't know if you've tried it, but there is a very similar maybelline fitme blush (medium pink) that I have been using and I absolutely love it! It is so pigmented and I can use it by itself or with a bronzer to give my skin a more natural look! The only problem I have with it, is it has a bit of a shimmer to it, so I have found that you have to select your foundation specifically or you can look a bit 'glittery'. I find bronzer and blush can work really well together to give your skin a real natural summer glowing look!

  307. You looks so beautiful!!!

  308. You look amazing Zoe! Well I guess you look good In any makeup really! I love seeing what peoples daily makeup routines are and yours looks fab! You have definitely given me some good ideas for a some new makeup! Keep up the good work! xx


  309. Jules

    I just wanted to say that you inspired me to actually make my own sort of blog (i'm up to two posts!)insteado of just thinking about doing it. I was actually ing the middle of watching one of your YouTube videos when I paused it to make one. You're very pretty and you don't just reach for the expensive cosmetics blindly. :) I don't have much money so I like to see pretty people who can buy those expensive things who still like products that are actually in my price range…. but anyway thanks <3

  310. Hi there! I'd like to invite you to my blog connected with fight against eating disorders, cause i think we shouldn't be silent about that. Of course you can find here also mode, make-up, opinions, advices, photos, daily stories, healthy recipes etc. You can trust me you will find something you will like.If you'll like it really much, you can become my new follower. Hope to visit me soon. Have a very nice time. Andie :)*

  311. kmmyp

    Mad pretty

  312. I literally want to be you.
    I want your hair, eyes, all of that makeup and OMG I NEED YOUR TOP! give it to me :)



  313. Lydia

    I loved this post!! I got this amazing sample estee lauder eyeshadow palette from a magazine and the colours are amazing but i can't find the actual ones anywhere! Think they've stopped doing them, makes me so sad :( p.s. love the lip colour! <3

  314. Such a stunning lip colour!
    Love this look on you. :)

  315. Lisa

    I've been wanting to try a ysl lipstick for ages but couldn't decide on which colour. This colour looks amazing I may have to try it

  316. Lisa

    I've been wanting to try a ysl lipstick for ages but couldn't decide on which colour. Think I may have to try this one, it looks amazing! x

  317. Zoe, nice selection! You need to get your hands on some Bobbi Brown though.. most amazing makeup! The blush/illuminator they do is flawless. xx

  318. Zoe! Your products are amazing, but you need to try some Bobbi Brown… their makeup is immaculate.. i love it! xx

  319. I am biting at the bit to try the Estee lauder raisins palette, love red/pink eye shadows at the moment, breaking out of my neutral comfort zone! :)

    Already love the Nars sheer glow foundation it is such a must have!



  320. I LOVE your blogs! I find your blogs and videos so inspiring! I hope you read this as that would mean soo much! You are so inspiring for me and I'm kind of obsessed with watching your videos and reading your blogs… oh well! haha I live in England aswell and I wish I could meet you! Please come to Manchester or Stockport and do a meet up! That would be amazing! Please check out my blog as I wrote a post about my inspirations on youtube and your the main inspiration I talk about! And if you like it please let me know what you think, that would mean so much! Please follow me on twitter @AmzMacFarlane love you<3

  321. I love your blog posts Zoe (and of course your YouTube videos). I am new to blogging and have no idea what I am doing. I have recently done a blog post about my favourite make-up products atm and would love some feedback and tips from a pro blogger :)



    Steph xx

  322. I Love this look because it has the perfect mix of casual chic and the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in peach passion is to die for !



  323. Ahh I actually love this girl,
    She's my inspiration, encouragement; and without even knowing me
    she has managed to get rid of the fear in me to start my own blog.
    I love her writing as well its like she talking too us face to face!
    <3 Love ZOE!

  324. Katja

    I saw your blog and loved it! Check mine out too:)


  325. Beauty

    Nice work done… You have shared very good information… I enjoyed your post.
    You can visit my blog for more related beauty information.

  326. defiantly going to be trying nars sheer glow foundation now:-)
    check out my blog please? ive only just started

  327. yay love this post! so pretty :)
    don't stop blogging!



  328. El

    Love it!
    I'm wondering whether or not to buy Benefit's They're Real mascara and seeing it in your everyday routine has assured me that it can be worn in the daytime as well! (I find that it is marketed as quite a full on fake lash effect mascara, and unless your getting your money's worth there's no point in buying it just for nights out!)X
    Check out my blog- http://elsvintageblog-el.blogspot.co.uk/

  329. Your make up is always so perfect! loove your vids and blogs <3


  330. sladja

    very nice!

  331. Wow. I love this look!
    Hey if anyone reads this I would be so happy if you checked out my blog!

  332. I just discovered your blog and YouTube channel (someone made a .gif set of you on Tumblr!) and I'm already addicted. I also LOVED your YouTube video about Panic Attacks. The first time I had one I was 18, and had just arrived at University a few weeks before (I'm 25 now). They stuck around for a bit but with proper medication disappeared for a few years. Then two years ago they came back strong & effectively ruined my life until I took control and got a LOT of professional help. You explained it all so well in your post, and I think it's so, so important for people to be open and honest about anxiety.

    Keep up the GREAT work – you've definitely got yourself a new, loyal, follower.

  333. you're so gorgeous !

  334. Megg

    You are so beautiful, I love your look its so fresh and natural. Need to get my hands on YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick, looks gorgeous. Big fan of simple makeup with bright lips :)

  335. I love your blog Zoella, I would looove if you could check out my new blog that I just started :) it's purple–flamingo.blogspot.com
    Thank you so much xoxo

  336. Love that make up, I would loove if you could check out my new blog it's purple–flamingo.blogspot.com
    Thank you so much xoxo

  337. ania

    love that look on you!

  338. ania

    i love nars sheer glow too <3 <3 <3

  339. Great post Zoe.
    I would love to know what you think of Erase Paste and other concealers you've used.

  340. You always look so effortlessly gorgeous!
    Love the make up <3

  341. Very pretty! Love the peachy lip! :)

  342. beautiful look on you! <3

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  344. I'm desperate to try Nars Sheer Glow after you and Tanya Burr both wear it. It looks soo good. I also want to try a nude YSL lipstick, the packaging is gorgeous… oooo :)


    Em Sheldon x


  345. Ryan

    Your hair is truly remarkably good! it seems to be not only stylish but also nourished from the roots.Even, your make up essentials are also just perfect which enhances your beauty and outshine others in the crowd.

    Noosa Wilson

  346. I really love this look on you, it looks really light and fresh for spring :) I love nars sheer glow and I'm thinking a might have to pick that YSL lipstick up as it looks beautiful :) xx

  347. I've heard so many good things about Nars Sheer Glow foundation and now I see why! Definitely gonna give it a try now! Love your blog!

  348. Elly

    Erase Paste is beyond wonderful.

  349. Elly



  350. I was hoping if you would like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect and other social sites.- Chic Out of Town Blog

  351. Please could you show us how you did your hair in this picture? It looks so full of body at the roots! xxx

  352. I love your blog, it recently inspired me to start my own! and especially your post 'just say yes' was a real eye opener for m!:-) xx

  353. I love the They're Real mascara, but I am a huge fan of the clump crusher! and I used to use fit me concealer, but now I use covergirl fresh complexion. can you please look at my blog and give me pointers???? http://glamour-indulgence.blogspot.com/

  354. love this lip colour!!

    sara x


  355. Zoe you are incredibly cute and funny and you are sooo gorgeous! Your make-up always looks fantastic!!!

    You are the best!

  356. Defiantly want to purchase the YSL lipstick now!x

  357. Hello there! I'm Ellie and I've just set up a blog- http://www.someoneoriginalhere.blogspot.com and I really want to try and gain some followers and readers! Could you give me a shout out or even just give the blog a quick read? It would mean so much and I'm sure you appreciated how much a helping hand was needed when you first set up! Much love Ellie xox

  358. Benefit mascaras are literally the best!! xx

  359. I wish there were more Nars shops in the UK, I always want to try their stuff out but can't, because ordering things online is a bit risky as you can never really see the real colours! x

  360. i love it! your make looks gorgeous:)

  361. your makeup always looks so flawless! you should definitely film a foundation routine on youtube. i have the same foundation as you but i can never get it to look as smooth!

    advantagesofbeingellie.blogspot.com xxxx

  362. I really love all your videos on youtube and your blog is just as amazing. BTW love your challenge Jim vids. Your make up is really pretty, love the YSL lipstick

  363. great photos!

  364. Hey Zoe,
    you're so beautiful! I'm from Germany and I hope you'll understand me, because my english isn't the best :D But I try it and I would say this to you. I watch your Videos in Youtube and I read your blog. Now I have a blog too. You're so a nice person (:

  365. this is beautiful! i definatly need to pick some of these bits up! that palette looks amazing!

  366. I really love the YSL lipstick but im not sure on which shade to go for can anyone recommend?? Thanks xxx


  367. I love your style, so pretty.
    Just started a beauty/ fashion blog hannahstuffandthat.blogspot.com

  368. I wish they had more 'Nars' stores in the UK, I really want to try out Sheer glow!

  369. you are so so pretty!!

  370. Orla

    I really want to buy the benefit mascara but I'm still really sceptical about it could you possibly do a review?
    If not I think I might just go head, take the blunge and get it! Because you know YOLO, you obviously love oreo! ;)

  371. I love the YSL lipstick, but I always seem to have to add like vaseline underneath it otherwise it drys out my lips.. does this happen to any of you guys as well?

  372. I love all your videos
    Have a look at my blog please

  373. Her eyebrows look fab :) Wouldn't mind getting my hands on the HD Brows Kit.

  374. Lolli

    Hi Zoe:) I love your videos and your blog so much, they're amazing!:)&I love your hair, I think your so brave ombe-ing (I know.) because I was to scraed to because of the bleach. Somehow yours looks skiny and bleached though.
    Anyway:) Sorry for the fangirly comment, I just wanted to let you know how nice your videos and stuff areee<3
    Loll X

  375. Your skin and makeup always looks amazing!
    I have quite pale sometimes hate when I don't use false tan, particularly on my face , but I hate wearing it. My skin just looks dull and as if I look ill yours always looks amazing, have you got any products that you'd recommend for this?


    in the process of changing to beautypea.com

    having a nightmare!

  376. Caty

    So fresh and clean! Love your recommendations; thank you!

  377. love this!!

  378. Absolutely loving the hair!! I am totally showing this to my hair dresser I need to darken my ends for winter!!
    The make up is stunning as per-usual, I seriously need to learn how to do my eyebrows as well as yours!

  379. I just love love love your blog and youtube as well.
    Your such a lovely and inspiring person.
    keep it up

    Gesa xx

  380. This encouraged me to do a spluuurge I really shouldn't have!!!

  381. you should try and do a video version of this with application aswell. Also your products are quickly getting more expensive and harder for me to source.

  382. You look so pretty Zoe, i love Estee Lauder Eyeshadow in Raisins xo

  383. Mazi

    you are so pretty. I love your hair and I want these make up set of yours..:)
    Grow Eyelashes

  384. hey, i love your vids zoe, was wondering if anyone reading this with a few seconds to spare, i would love you to look at the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog i just started called 'The Paris Powder' thanks in advancexxx :)

  385. this looks lovely, I fancy trying out the brow kit now!

  386. Defiantly need to get that mascara! never really liked benefit mascaras before but your eyelashes always look so nice! xxx


  387. viv c

    I always love your makeup, your lashes look so full and long! :)

  388. Emily

    Great post. I think the make up works really well together. I really like the look of that YSL lipstick I was wondering if you know of Any cheaper alturnative? Or is it just best to invest for the quality ? Xx

  389. Conny

    Everytime I see a picture of you I'm close to crying just because you are so insanely gorgeous!


  390. Zoe you're so glamorous and such a role model for young girls!!!

  391. OKay Zoe, why are you so pretty it seriously isnt fair! But i love all of your blog posts and your blog is what i hope mine will be one day, your so amazing <3

  392. Sarah

    I really want to try the Nars sheer glow it looks so good and so many people have recommended it! I have just done a post on what's inside my make up bag at the moment and have realised I have far too many Bobbi Brown products so I think a change to nars would be good hahaaa



  393. you are so amazing its unreal! love all your videos and you really inspired me to wear different types of make up and also help me with dealing with anxiety attacks. thank you zoe!xx

  394. You look gorgeous no matter what look your wearing!


  395. this lip colour looks amazing on you! I love it so much<3

  396. I have that lipstick! Absolutely love it x

  397. my skin never seems to achieve such a flawless look but i'm sure a purchase or two of a few of these goodies will be a close step in the right direction. might have to review them myself at some stage.
    thankyou zoella for some new products to take a squiz at, x

  398. I love Makeup Forever HD foundation and I've heard that Nars is similar! I've been meaning to try it and I guess now I'm convinced! Love your blog Zoe!

  399. Loveeee your make up look and your fashion style, if you don't mind checking out my blog i'm very new at this. Thank you so much :) xx

  400. definitely inspiring!! thank you for sharing your tips! i hope my blog is as inspiring as yours is!

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    Cole xxxx

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    <3, Megan.

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