1. I used to suck my thumb from the ages of 0 – 6 and pull out the fluff from a Christmas hat which I named “wobbly hat”

2. The sun instantly makes me happy and rain instantly gets me down

3. I am a really fussy eater and stick to what I know and love

4. The last time I got properly drunk was when I was 18, since then I’ve barely touched alcohol

5. I can’t wait to have my own babies (not for at least another 6 years – hold your horses)

6. When I feel comfortable around you, you will probably think I am a complete weirdo. Weird is good though right?

7. I can appear quite shy when I first meet people, but very quickly warm up

8.  I used to do country dancing, maypole dancing and knitting in primary school

9. The Isle of Wight is one of my favourite places to be. I have so many amazing memories of being there as a child, so it’s always nice to go back.

10. I am counting down the days until bootsales (car boots) start again

11. The most North of the UK I’ve been is Leeds

12. The smell of mushrooms cooking makes me gag/want to throw up and don’t even get me started on what they taste like…

13. I’m addicted to cupcakes (Hummingbird and Lola’s to be precise)

14. I’m taking an extra empty suitcase to Florida in March so that I can stock up on American cereals (Lucky Charms mostly), pop tarts and other sweets and treats. I’m sure most girls would take an empty suitcase to bring back all their US makeup goodies..but no. haha

15. I’ve not been on an aeroplane for almost 7 years. I’ve forgotten all things “flying”

16. I sing all the time when I’m alone but would never properly sing in front of anyone. 

17. My legs always have little bruises on them. I don’t even know how or why, but they do. Apparently I bruise like a peach and have terribly clumsy pins.

18. So far this year, I’ve only cried at happy things and no sad tears at all. *fist pump*

19. Sometimes I have hot chocolate for breakfast

20. When I’m cold, I’m get really grumpy

21. I collect Disney DVDs

22. I love driving on long road trips and discovering cool new places (mostly by the beach)

23. I still eat potato “SMILES”, meant for kids (don’t judge me, they taste damn good okay)

24. Sunglasses shopping frustrates me because of my pea head. None of them fit me.

25. I have the worst selective hearing EVER. It annoys everyone so much. if you were to talk to me as I write this blog post, I just wouldn’t hear you.

Hope you liked this slightly more personal blog post this evening! I’d seen lot’s of other bloggers doing this so thought i’d do it too. I’d love to hear 25 facts about you aswell. I also apologise for the “i’m-feeling-slightly-mental-so-my-webcam-photos-have-turned-out-like-this-and-these-were-the-only-half-decent-ones” shots. We all have moments like this…right? haha

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  • tara moyes

    1st coment yass

  • CuteSalad

    26. You are a beautiful, outgoing, inspirational young lady. CuteSalad x

  • Bianca

    One fact about me is, that after I’ve read all three ‘Girl online’ books I just want to move to Brighton. I wish I could go there in summer and visit all the cool places from Penny and Wiki xxxx