1. I used to suck my thumb from the ages of 0 – 6 and pull out the fluff from a Christmas hat which I named “wobbly hat”

2. The sun instantly makes me happy and rain instantly gets me down

3. I am a really fussy eater and stick to what I know and love

4. The last time I got properly drunk was when I was 18, since then I’ve barely touched alcohol

5. I can’t wait to have my own babies (not for at least another 6 years – hold your horses)

6. When I feel comfortable around you, you will probably think I am a complete weirdo. Weird is good though right?

7. I can appear quite shy when I first meet people, but very quickly warm up

8.  I used to do country dancing, maypole dancing and knitting in primary school

9. The Isle of Wight is one of my favourite places to be. I have so many amazing memories of being there as a child, so it’s always nice to go back.

10. I am counting down the days until bootsales (car boots) start again

11. The most North of the UK I’ve been is Leeds

12. The smell of mushrooms cooking makes me gag/want to throw up and don’t even get me started on what they taste like…

13. I’m addicted to cupcakes (Hummingbird and Lola’s to be precise)

14. I’m taking an extra empty suitcase to Florida in March so that I can stock up on American cereals (Lucky Charms mostly), pop tarts and other sweets and treats. I’m sure most girls would take an empty suitcase to bring back all their US makeup goodies..but no. haha

15. I’ve not been on an aeroplane for almost 7 years. I’ve forgotten all things “flying”

16. I sing all the time when I’m alone but would never properly sing in front of anyone. 

17. My legs always have little bruises on them. I don’t even know how or why, but they do. Apparently I bruise like a peach and have terribly clumsy pins.

18. So far this year, I’ve only cried at happy things and no sad tears at all. *fist pump*

19. Sometimes I have hot chocolate for breakfast

20. When I’m cold, I’m get really grumpy

21. I collect Disney DVDs

22. I love driving on long road trips and discovering cool new places (mostly by the beach)

23. I still eat potato “SMILES”, meant for kids (don’t judge me, they taste damn good okay)

24. Sunglasses shopping frustrates me because of my pea head. None of them fit me.

25. I have the worst selective hearing EVER. It annoys everyone so much. if you were to talk to me as I write this blog post, I just wouldn’t hear you.

Hope you liked this slightly more personal blog post this evening! I’d seen lot’s of other bloggers doing this so thought i’d do it too. I’d love to hear 25 facts about you aswell. I also apologise for the “i’m-feeling-slightly-mental-so-my-webcam-photos-have-turned-out-like-this-and-these-were-the-only-half-decent-ones” shots. We all have moments like this…right? haha

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  1. Bootsales are my fave. They often have the best items which I can get for a very low price! They also have a sausage sizzle somewhere near the bootsale, and that's my favourite part ;)

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  2. Dalia

    I can totally relate to number four and sixteen. Number fourteen makes me want to send you cereal ! I didn't know we had cereal you guys couldn't get.
    The Introverted Brunette

  3. Claudia

    You really make me laugh! Love your goofy pictures. the knitting one is so cute. and congrats on the only happy tears part! You don't deserve sad ones!!!! xxx

  4. Hope you have fun in florida! I live in America and have never gone XD so tell me what it's like when you get back ok ;) come visit NY Sometime!

    Love, Lizzie (imjustmuckingabout.blogspot.com)

  5. I really enjoyed this! More posts like these :)

  6. Number 2 is amazing BECAUSE ITS ME. So is number 17 – I have no idea where the bruises come from but my knees are always a mess, hello I'm a child! I also love cupcakes.. Such a coincidence haha!!

    Also, hurrah for the silly pictures staying – People can be silly, we LIKE the silly face Zoe! :)

    My facts video is just really embarassing – I'm not sure why I thought it'd be fun to only share WEIRD facts about myself but hey, I did!
    Here it is if you want to have a sneaky peek, you'll have to let me know what you think ;)


    Lorra love! xx

  7. Vendy

    Hahaha:D Great photo(y)

  8. great blog post, really.. insightful! hahah love your blog zoe xx

  9. haha this made me laugh so much because so many of them apply to me aswell…I order lucky charms from american candy websites for crazy money just to have them. xx

    Shannen | shann-mariee-dee.blogspot.ie

  10. Love love love you zoe my favourite youtuber and blogger xxxxx

  11. G.

    You're so adorable!!! xx

  12. Number 7 is me all over too Zoe
    Alot of people think I'm rude/hostile because I'm just so incredibly shy around people I don't know…and the majority of my best friends now who think I'm a total freak, used to think I hated them! Funny how misconceptions work :P
    Loved your post, and you deserve only happy tears because I think you are super fab :)

  13. Ahh I live in Southampton, so just across the water from The Isle of Wight! Please let us know if you ever visit! :)

    Kirsti xx

  14. Lovely post Zoe! It really allows us readers to get to know you a little more haha! The pictures are so cute and quirky and just add to the post :) I too sometimes have hot chocolate for breakfast :P xx


  15. I love these posts at the moment. I've literally just posted mine :) Despite being 22 I still love a good potato smile and even refer to them as potato smileys, swear I'm a child at heart.

  16. At first I thought you had a giant ear in the first photo. HAHA.

  17. i loved this, and love keeping up to date with your blog! I still love the potato smiles too! delicious! x


  18. You are amazing!! We have a lot of things in common! Xx

  19. OOOH this is such a cute post!!!<3
    Lots of love from

  20. Lizzie

    I can't wait for boot sales to start again too!

  21. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, please more post like these! :)

  22. Amanda

    I did maypole dancing at primary school too haha! Think it might be a West Country thing xx

  23. amazing :)

  24. Excellent! :D I did one of these the other day and it was much easier than I expected.
    I am also SO excited about boot sales starting up…although I don't have any money to spend at them.


  25. As a Scottish person now living in Aberdeen I can't believe Leeds is the furthest north of the UK you have been! You should definitely visit Scotland sometime:)x

  26. some bootsales have all ready started but the weather isn't quite great yet. I'm sure my Dad went to the ones in Southwick and Frome last sunday? :) loving the post x

  27. Aimée

    Darn it! I REALLY want a cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery now! They're amazing. Also, loving the crazy webcam photos! :)

    Aimée Xx

  28. Yet another great post, love #17 and #25 I'm exactly the same aha :) x

  29. Kelly

    Fab post I might do this :) x

  30. hehe i have looked at the top photo twice and cracked up the gap in your hair looks like you have a large ear! lovely post :) xx

  31. I also did knitting when I was in primary school! Country dancing is kind of hilarious hahaha I'm picturing it right now. Rain also gets me down so bad. Maybe I was born in the wrong country! I love your shirt by the way :) Haha hot chocolate for breakfast! I can imagine because when I drink hot chocolate, my stomach is full for so long. I don't need to eat till 1pm.

    Great post!


  32. Literally do the same thing on pretty much all of these! I love you Zoe. I am jealous of…everything! x

  33. Chloe

    i did my own version of this post yesterday! I think its really fun and a great way to find out things about someone :) I LOVE the potato smiles! havent had them in years! Also yay for no sad tears!

    Chloe xx


  34. I loved reading this !!


  35. Sarah

    I don't know if this is just a shop near me. But have you ever heard of Yankee Doddles? It's like a american candy shop they sell drinks and cereals as well xxx

  36. Heva

    I thought you had travelled allot ! Guess you travel between london and other places allot and not to other countries x


  37. Hi! :)
    when you come to Florida to get cereal, take them out of the box! I actually never get Lucky Charms, they seem a bit too sugary! :P
    If I were to come to the UK, I would probably stock up on Sleek palletes, collection 2000 concealers, and Barry M nail polishes. :)

  38. I can relate to number 5 so much. Please do more posts like these if possible, I love reading them :)

  39. Ahhhh Love you Zoe! Come to America and show me your makeup tips xx


  40. I always sing like beyonce when I'm on my own but just take the piss sing when I'm with anyone haha and hot chocolate for breakfast is the best! x

  41. Potato smileys are amazing! One of the best comfort foods. Im 25 and still buy potato alaphabet letters and spell out rude words. Far too cool! Xx

  42. I really want to do a blog post like this but i decided to do different one today, I love cupcakes and i would happily have one for breakfast, *pushes aside the hot chocolate*
    I have alot of beaches where i live, and i cant get enough of them. especially for photo opportunities, They can be amazing sunset time. Lovely post zoe!

    Pipp xx

  43. Fab Post – I swear we are actually the same person!!! I love ice lollies, and those potato faces, I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety, I love sprite, my handbag is totally minty like yours, I have 2 guinea pigs, I haven't flown for 12 years, I also HATE the sound of people eating like cattle to the extent that it makes me angry (did you know it's called 'Sound Sensitivity Syndrome'??), I am a total selective hearing person, I have size 3 troll feet, I can never wear swanky sunglasses because of my equally small head, I also haven't drunk alcohol since I was about 16, the list could go on FOREVER!

    You have inspired me to make my own blog: http://missvanillalime.blogspot.co.uk and I'm on youtube too! Your vids are my fave.

    I think I'll make my own 25 facts post!

    Thanks again! xxx

  44. Monica

    7 is definitely me too. I'm so shy around people I first meet, but eventually I'll act like a weirdo too hahaa.
    13 made me want a cupcake! Red velvet, please. With some hot chocolate, ahhh divine.
    Sunglasses don't fit me because of my small nose :( waah.


  45. Maria

    Zoe, do they have an Amerikandy store in England? They have them in Scotland and they sell pop tarts, lucky charms and stuff like that!

  46. AGREED! With the smiley potatoes! They taste delicious even though i'm nearly an adult now :) recently did a favourites video on my blog if anyone wants to hop over and read

  47. we have a sweet shop in my local town that's an american sweet shop and you can buy so many different american foods! including cereals like lucky charms! nerds! so much stuff that makes me just so happy! next time i go by i'll take a picture and post it! it's amazing:D stay happy Zoe, stay beautiful, be fearless! xo


  48. Alissa

    ahah you are awesome!! HI from Italy! I hope one day we can meet in London u are so funny =)

  49. Kay

    If you like the beach I suggest bournemouth,if you haven't already I live here could show you around :) I'm with you on the love of driving! Can't beat it

  50. I said the same thing! Too funny!! :D

  51. Mana

    I meant to add I love these sorts of posts but my iPad cut me off.

  52. perfect post :)


  53. melissa

    I love seeing a personal side of you! Watching your vlog videos or any videos in general with Louise they are always goofy and personal but I feel like the blog doesn't get it as much. I may have to do this next weekend!

  54. claude

    so fun to read:)

    xx claude//imaginetheswallows.blogspot.com

  55. I loved this post! Feels like I know you so much better. You're the best, and such an inspiration! x

  56. Such a nice post <3


  57. Noush

    I love this post !


  59. I love all these fact posts that people seem to be doing :) I eat potato smiles too, definitely taste better than chips and god help anyone who talks to me when I'm cold and wet.
    Rosalie x

  60. Im counting down the days until booy sales too. since knowing about your Liz Earle 50p cleanse and polish miracle im dying to get bargain hunting. you should go to the Mad Mile in Ntown wiyh Louise its brilliant x

  61. This damn phone! Boot sales* with*

  62. Smiley fries are the BEST. Very much agreed.

  63. Paigely

    It was great seeing a personal side! Number 6 & 7 are sooo ME! Shy at first but i'll warm up and you'll think i'm a weirdo too!

    <3 http://paigely.blogspot.ca

  64. lovely post Zoe! aaa I can't wait for boot sales either! I love rummaging around and finding goodies :D I did this post on my blog too! woop woop! Love, Jo xxx


  65. I used to suck my thumb as well! And bite my nails, neither were very good on my hands I think :( x

  66. Joelle

    I've did the same tag last week and it will be up in a few days. Good to know you still eat potato smiles too. They make the world a better place!

  67. I'm the opposite, the rain instantly gives me this undescribable happiness, like nothing I've ever felt before, but the sun is hot and makes me sunburnt haha :) but it's ok if it's not too hot

  68. I collect Disney DVDs toooo! :)

  69. 2,3,6,7, 8,12,13,16,17,19,20,21,22,24,25 are all that applies to me too :D

  70. Jackie

    haha you're so cute (:

  71. Loved this post ! And you are so pretty and cute at the same time :)
    here are 3 facts about myself :

    – I used to be severely overweight, i weight 110 kg and today I'm down to 60 kg. ( Lost my weight doing the Dukan diet/Protein diet in only 7months time)

    – I don't smoke

    – I never touched alcohol and never will

    xx Liyana

  72. Livi P

    ou wow i looove it!!! and we have so many things in common…and i have the same problem about sunglasses, i've never found one which would suit me…):

  73. Mona

    i love these kind of personal post so much! Have a beautiful night gorgeous <3

  74. haha, jestem taka sama jak ty! :D you're very pretty :*

  75. Klar

    i love your blog!! :D you are amazing!

  76. Hannah

    I love reading these kinds of posts, they're so fun and interesting! I've done one on my blog and it was nice to be a bit more personal! I also love potato smiles, takes me back to being at primary school!



  77. Niamh

    aw Zoe, I feel like we'd get on so well – we're really similar!
    I'm so jealous of your lifestyle and what you get to do for a living and all your amazing friends from youtube too!
    I just created my very own blog, taking inspiration from yours!
    <3 much love
    – Niamh

  78. I love these type of posts probably because I'm really nosey lol. You should do them more often Zoe :) I love Car boots proably from the age of 6-16 me and my family went to one every Sunday throughout carboot season. Maybe its west country thing lol xoxo


  79. where exactly are you going in Florida? I live here, close to Miami.

  80. Daria

    I love the fact that you're blogging more often <3 keep doing it! XX

  81. You're soo cute! You're seriously one of my biggest inspiration :)

  82. You're so similar to me omg wow.

  83. You're adorable Zoe!

  84. I miss UK's car boot sale as well!

  85. Thanks for sharing :) 3, 16 and 22 we have in common! I am soo picky about what I eat, has to be very precise haha. I find it funny that you plan to bring an extra suitcase for food, I've definitely stocked up on treats when I've visited Europe! I've done one of these as well, check it out :)

    Sarah Bella xx

  86. Emilia

    You little perfect human. I LOVE CUPCAKES TOO, JUST YUM.

  87. I recently did a post of 10 things about myself, I thought 25 would be too much for me to come up with, glad you're feeling happy and positive this year!

    Tara, x


  88. Daina K

    Gorgeous post Zoe (especially you're wacky photos). Glad to read that you haven't had any sad tears, don't let anyone make them come out! Disney movies & cupcakes are pretty much the essentials to life :)

  89. I'd totally bring an empty suitcase to stock up on pop tarts too!!! so delicious. I love the smores and apple strudel ones :D

  90. "bootsales" are my favorites too :) I can't wait!

    xo Ashley

  91. I COLLECT DISNEY DVDS TOOOOOOOOO !!! Sorry to freak out a little but no one i know collects them !!! ( Very Excited Face !!! )

    Have fun in Florida with Louise !!! You two are going to have an amazing time :)

    Check My Blog out that i started after following you for years ( Not in a stalker way of course :/ ) !!!


  92. I love reading these posts, plus I LOVE potato smileys too.. yum! X

  93. I saw this on Louise's page and did one myseslf (http://brittneybits.blogspot.ca/)! I especially love the collectiong Disney DVDs, as I do that as well. I am not ashamed to say I watch them regularily! Especially when I'm sick lol. xx

  94. Love your YouTube! Great post – I've done a similar one on my blog! Hope you'll check it out at storybookapothecary.com ! Have a nice weekend <3

  95. My mom will occasionally make "SMILES" for me when I go home and visit, and we call them smilies and say it in a slightly childlike voice — I totally understand.
    grey et al

  96. Ahhhh personal post! maybe I should do some (I'm a bit new here)
    I can tell we are pretty similar in the number 6 and 7. Werid it's always good, specially with friends around!
    loving your blog Zoella! <3
    Love from Chile!!!!!

    Tere Victoria

  97. god, mushrooms are disgusting.
    can't stand them either!
    don't they smell like dirty old coins? :P
    no offense to those odd peeps that love them.



  98. potato taste really good for me too…
    bruises, I have them all the times, major cause, hubby said I'm too clumsy that's why litle bruises love me… hahahah

  99. ZOE YOU ARE PERFECT I SWEAR. And okay for some reason I was being dumb and I thought that the space in your ponytail (on the first photo) where you can see the wall was a giant ear or something and I stared at for a good ten seconds, no joke. Hahaha. :)

  100. Yayy! Something to know you a little better! :D We're quite different although I too can't wait to have my own babies but I was hoping to have them a lot earlier. But considering I'm still enjoying my single life, I think it might take a while. Haha! Have a great day lovely!

  101. Zoe, all the best people are weird!x haha

  102. Kitteh

    AHA! I love the sunglasses comment.
    My head is super small as well which makes shopping for Sunglasses and Hats an impossible task.
    I find better luck with Guess Sunglasses although I wish I could just buy cheap ones.

  103. I love this!!! I feel we are so similar :) I'm tiny too! (4'11 at age 21! *blush). Anyway, I always look forward to your posts! You're awesome :P <3 xx

  104. After reading this post, I found out that we're a little similar to each other! :)

  105. Hi Zoe! I've been watching your videos for so long and I've been wanting to make a blog similar to yours for so long and I've finally done it so please check it out maddiemrowan.blogspot.co.nz/ I've only done one post but if you have any advice please help me out thank you so much, youre an inspiration!

  106. We have quite a bit in common! I'm SUCH a picky eater and my head is tiny too! Love this though!


  107. Lou

    What a great insight. I am he same when it comes to meeting new people. I like to work them out first before I show my true colours. :)


  108. I absolutely adore you love and your videos your just amazing! would mean so much if you could checkout my blog? thankyou poppet xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  109. I found myself in many of your facts! oh my:)
    And love your blog and youtube videos!!<3

  110. Pip ♥

    This is the only one of these type of posts – you're such an inspiration! I'm sure you've probably got loads of comments like this, but I just kept reading it and thinking, "I'm exactly like that!". I love your webcam faces too :)

    Pip x

  111. these post are my fave! I love you zoe, haha. I've never thought about bringing an extra suitcase on holiday for all my purchases, I usually just attempt to shove it all in to my carry on! In the first photo it kind of looks like you have a giant ear, random I know but it made me laugh :')



  112. Elena

    whenever i go back to the us i bring soooooo many food.like all the american goodness i can't pick up where live and lucky charms are always something i go for…but nothing will ever be as good as cocoa pebbles. i would die for them.
    but hopefully i will be back in arizona in summer. eventhough it will be bloody hot.
    the facts your mentioned were so much fun to read. i adore your blog and your channel. you're awesome, zoe.

  113. sometimes i feel like we're the same person

  114. This is so cute, and pop tarts are all must, they taste so goood haha
    Ellie xx

  115. Amy

    Loved reading this, I can totally relate to most of them. And the pictures made me giggle so much!


  116. nawww thanks for sharing :)
    I get to know more from my favorite Youtuber! <3


  117. Laura

    I get those little bruises on my legs too! It's so weird, I never remember knocking them! :S

    I've just posted a 25 Facts About Me as well, I'd love it if you could all take a look on Black & Gold

    Laura xx – Black & Gold

  118. Emmy

    Boot sales! Feel like i need to do a charity shop session soon too.. x

  119. Loved reading this! Well done on number 18! And potatoe smileys are so yummy :)

  120. I really loved to read this! Some of them sound similar, haha!

  121. Even thou I live In Australia, The Isle of Wight is my favourite place in the world.
    So I totally agree with you, it's always nice to go back there.

    By the way, this is the first time I've left a comment on your blog. So, I just wanted to say hi and say that I really enjoy reading your posts.



  122. Haha love this ! No judgment on the cereal thing, I spend £8 on lucky charms in TKmaxx :/ xxx

  123. I looove the way you decribe yourself !!! It ins´t self-loving-like as much people would describe themselfs. One stupid fact about me is that I can open my eyes so much that they get huge as a golfball O.O XD
    XOXO Abby

  124. I used to suck my finger, this left a indentation on my hand (now gone) x

  125. Nataly

    It was great and interesting find out something new about you ;) LIKE it :)
    love u xoxo

  126. Great post Zoe, really interesting. I have selective hearing too ;)

  127. Alix M

    I can relate to SOOO many of your points!! Hahaha especially the being a weirdo and the selective hearing ones… it can be a problemo. Hehe I will definitely do one of these in the near future, seems like fun :) Maybe in 2 posts time! Nice post Zoe :D


  128. hello everyone, please could you all check out my blog? its about helping people deal with personal issues, such as, depression, anxiety, anorexia ect… Zoe, please tweet it out the link as i want to help as many people as possible! http://katiecanhelp.blogspot.co.uk/

  129. Lara

    I'm so curious about those bootsales, I wish I could witness one of them! We have fact 25 in common, how many times I have to say "Sorry, what did you just say?" is unreal.


  130. Mia

    First moment – first photo – a large ear :DD
    I love this post. You are amazing, girl.
    And I have selective hearing too. :)
    xoxo, Mia

  131. I love it when you write more personal posts, they're the best ones in my opinion:')
    I also have absolutely THE WORST selective hearing ever, which annoys my parents especially haha:D Keep up the great posts, I love your blog<3


  132. 1. Only reply girls to this post?
    2. According to fact #2, you were born in the wrong country. You should be born in Spain.
    3. The use the term “properly drunk” was really funny.
    4. I disagree with fact #7. You do not seem shy in your videos.

  133. I love the #6.. that's awesome now i know its not just me like that lol.
    you are really have inspired me. I hope someday i could be like you (on the blog side of things like people reading your blogs) I would never think i could be big like you.
    Your truely inspiring to people.. you should be very proud of yourself.
    Well done for getting where you are now. (I hope i could follow my dreams but too scared to.)

    I would love it if you could go and check out my blog and tell me what you think of it..

  134. Amy

    I love the Isle of Wight too, I also have tons of happy childhood memories there, and have now dragged my boyfriend there for a holiday haha :)


  135. Megan G

    Love reading these sort of posts its nice to get to know the blogger behind the blog :)


  136. Potato smiles aren't fir kids, they're for adults ;) xxx

  137. I love your fact about bringing back loads of American sweet treats back when you go to Florida! Can't say I wouldn't like to do the same. I actually did the same post over on my blog & I'm holding a MAC giveaway xx

  138. Trys

    I really enjoy that "random facts about me" TAG :). And yours was as enjoyable as the rest of the ones I've seen :)

  139. Lucky Charms, delicious choice. You may want to consider some Fruit Loops as well? Hehe I love all kinds of cereal, I could eat it for any meal hahaha. I guess that's a little weird maybe but you agree that the best people are weird so I suppose… win!
    Your "25 facts" post inspired me to make my own if you want to see!

    Jenna (http://www.jennasmusings.com)

  140. Tara

    every time i go abroad i HAVE to go to the local grocery / supermarket go straight down the sweet/chocolate aisle and stock up you wouldn't believe the stuff we are missing out on…


  141. Émer

    Frigin love your blog Zoe. Nice of you to do abit more of a personal post, quite funny facts lol. I love disney and I can safely say The Lion King is my favourite film hahaha. I hope to have the disney classic collection like you too..


  142. Very cute, enjoyed the post! I guess I never gave a thought to other countries not having the same cereals we do here- so I found that very funny and interesting that the cereal is the thing you would bring an extra suitcase for!! – don't blame you though, they are quite addicting:)

  143. Lauren

    Hehe, great facts! I feel better around people I'm comfortable with. I'm a bit crazy then. I hate getting to know people, because I'm so shy


  144. Hahah numbers six and seven are exactly like me! Zoe you are my inspiration and because of you I've decided to write a blog dealing with confidence and self discovery! I just wrote my first post and it would make me so happy if you could check it out!http://livefearless01.blogspot.com/?m=0

  145. Oh my gosh, I luuurve potato smiles :D Your awesome x

  146. We are so similar it's scary! Loved this post Zoe xxx


  147. Jenni

    I'm probably ruining this lovely number 222 but I really like this post!
    It's so personal and fresh and kind of light-hearted, really inspiring!!
    I might be doing a list soon ;)

    xx Jenni

    PS: I'm quite jealous because you've only cried at happy things this year – great start, girl!!

  148. Haa we really like your blog! check ours out if you like! :-)

  149. hello zoe, first of all i am in love with your blog! everything is so pretty around here! and after reading your blog for a while its nice to see something like this, your very brave for doing stuff like this, plus the fact that your quite shy, according to your post! Any who i hope you do this all forever! every blog post that you do is perfect and pretty so i hope you do come and say hi over at my blog, if you have any spare time it will all be very much appreciated! zoe xxxxx (p.s. my name is zoe too) x

  150. Love this! It's nice to find out random things about bloggers :-) Well done with no crying about sad things so far in 2013, wish I could say the same!! Les Mis was too sad for me :-') x

  151. I love post like this! Hah, my dad is exacly the same like you on #25, it annoys me when he does it, hah! <3xo


    I'm holding a 'giveaway' for new blogs to be discovered more!

  152. Great post! I would probably bring an extra suitcase for makeup, haha, you caught me!x


  153. Zoe, you've inspired my to create my own blog; it's so much fun and you're like my idol haha, thank you for just being you :-)
    I've been doing it for a couple of months now and I've got fifteen followers; not much compared to your 32,997 but it's a start ;-)

  154. Hi Zoe i love this blog post some how i feel like i know you better! :D i am always trying to remodel my wardrobe and room to be like yours , you are an amazing person and i always dream of knowing you personally like a bestfriend if only if only :D I especially love your vlogs and videos with Joe because they are so funny and i can imagine myself being like that with my brother when we are older. i also love your primark hauls soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much as soon as one is posted the next day i beg my mum to take me to primark and i begin my scavenger hunt to find anything you bought!!!

    Lots of love

  155. I love these posts! I also love potatoes smiley faces – they are amazing!
    I did my own '25 facts about me' a couple of days ago :)
    Check it out – amberlee6309.blogspot.co.uk
    Amber xoxo

  156. I love these posts! I also love smiley faces – they are so scrummy!
    I did my own '25 facts about me' a few days ago :)
    Check it out – amberlee6309.blogspot.co.uk

  157. I'm looking forward to boot sales starting again too! OX

  158. You can buy PopTarts in the UK, You can buy them in Asda:D

  159. Sarah

    Being weird is FIIIINE :) Otherwise I don't think I would be accepted in social situations :(
    I like you doing posts like this, great to know more about you. Cause I'm reallly nosey like. :) xx

  160. I know you get hundreds and thousands of comments daily, so I'm not sure if you'll even check this. Anyway, I've been following your blog and video channel for years now. You've inspired me a lot. I've even started my own blog. We've got very much in common, as well as being the same age! I've got family in the UK as well! :) I was just wondering if you'd take some time to check out my blog and maybe give me some advice on starting out. I want to get my name out there!

    Xo Amy

  161. Aldo.

    Hey there girl! I absolutely love your blog and YTchannel!
    I can so relate to you and Louise in sooo many ways haha x
    I might do a post of 25 facts about my friend and me(we've got a duoblog)
    one funny fact about me is that I used to think the light in the fridge was the main thing keeping all the food cool……. My three yr younger brother just recently told me I was wrong… I feel SO DUMB NOW! hahah xoxo

  162. I loved this post! It brought a smile to my face :D I think we are quite similar judging from this reading :) always good to get to know more about the blogs you love to read! xx

  163. Ali

    ZOE!!! You are the absolute best! I just came across your channel and I'm so glad I did. You're so adorbs and I love watching your vids!


  164. joleisa

    Good luck in Florida!!!
    I enjoyed reading all your facts :))

  165. If all of you are fans of zoes blog aswell, you might like mine? i have done a blog post about staying happy, and you might like it! I will check out any ones blog who visits mine, as we should help eachother,:)

  166. I can relate to the one about bruises.
    I am literally always walking into tables.
    My friends call me Miranda Hart because i'm always falling over too ;D
    Aw, your blog is fab. ♥

  167. Amelia

    Love that, made me smile a lot :)
    I just did this on my blog :) x

  168. I agree with you on number 12- mushrooms are disgusting in any way, shape or form. My legs always have bruises on them too. The joys of being a clumsy girl :)

  169. We should work out a system of trading American sweets for UK goodies! haha


  170. thank you for the lovely idea , beautiful Zoe! I am an absolute fan of yours, you are such an inspiration :)
    here are my 30 facts about me http://tiny.cc/7rwxrw


  171. Potato Smiles are my favourite food for when I'm sad.
    How can you be sad with their little Potatoey faces beaming up at you.

  172. Car boot sales are awesome! I used to go until my local one closed down a couple of years ago. I used to find all sorts of awesome things there.

  173. My blog's only just kickstarted as i'm quite new to blogger, but I LOVE your blog! And especially this post, and your youtube videos :)

    I'd really appreciate it if you could check me out and give me some tips?


    xo Liv

  174. Thanks for showing us more about yourself ;) lots of love xx

  175. Cool Photos!
    and I enjoyed reading this a lot :)

  176. I go to the Isle of Wight every summer as my grandparents live down there. Always brings happy memories :) I'm glad you approved.
    would love it if you could check out my blog. I have been following you for some time now and you inspired me to start my own blog so thank you



  177. I love this post! :) It was really cute! I mentioned you on my blog recently. You are truly inspiring.

    Love Lex <3

  178. Love this post and I concur with #24. I have such a hard time buying sunglasses, I almost cry in the stores.

  179. what are boot sales?? im from sa i dono what that is

  180. i love that i now know things about you zoe that i didnt with bloggs its nice to feel conected to the person you are reading about!! you sounnd like such an awsome person to know i also have selective hearing hahaha

  181. LOL. I am with you on the 25th fact. It annoys the hell out of everyone. haha.l Good to know I am not the only one. Love ya.

  182. I love smileys too! They are so yummy!

    Great idea taking the spare suitcase for bringing back lucky charms, they are so expensive in Selfridges over here! Make sure you get some fruit loops too!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  183. I live on the isle of wight hehe :) <3

  184. Lauren

    is it unusual to still eat potatoes xx


  185. Hiya Zoe! Just like to say your blog and countless hilarious vlogs and youtube videos have inspired me to create my very own blog:-)
    I practically 'stalk' both your youtube and blog and I have found them to be incredibly useful and relatable. so, thankyou!

    x x x

    http://paigebaitey.blogspot.co.uk/ Just a beginner so i'm properly starting it up this weekend when i find the time to put my editorial skills to the test;-)

  186. im also really bad at selective hearing :(

  187. This is so cute. I LOVE you Zoella.
    and what is a 'Lola' cupcake? Im from Sydney, so I have no idea! Haha
    LC xxxx

  188. Diana

    you're the definition of awesomeness hehe I <3 you

  189. I love the part about you being a weirdo when you're comfortable around someone, that's me too. That's how I make real friends probably…I guess the ones who can't handle my weirdness drift away and the nice ones just share in it.

  190. I do loads of those things too!!! I sing when nobody's listening, have hot chocolate for breakfast, sunny weather will make my day!! You are the inspiration to my blog, don't laugh, I'm still a beginner:P

  191. Hiiii, I loved everything about this 25 facts =) I have bad hearing but because an accident I had when I was younger and I used to play soccer, someone pushed me and my ear went onto one of the poles on the porter where the goalkeeper is supossed to be, well dang it, I hate that sometimes I dont hear people talking to me haha.

  192. I'm from the isle of wight :D x

  193. Zoe, if you're going away soon and have forgotten all things flying then you MUST remember that moisture is the key! The plane will dry out your skin something terrible, so bring lots of moisturiser, hand cream and eye cream, and drink loads of water. I'm probably preaching to the choir here but hey, just in case you didn't know :)

  194. i love reading all your post[:
    they are always so interesting lol
    i like how you havent cried all year well not out of sadness !i feel the same way about that, after reading your blog about your relationship an stuff it really got me thinking an it made me reevaluate how i go around life.
    also when it rain i get sleepy an i honestly cannot an will not go out ahah

  195. Debi

    Here in Torquay,Devon there is a shop that sells lucky charms:)))

  196. Zoe I hate sunglasses shopping too! It's so annoying-_- The bit about going to America and stocking up on American cereal and stuff just reminded me that there are two shops near me in Manchester that sell american sweets and things, so yeahhh, if you're ever in manchester, they're in Afflecks Palace and in piccadilly gardens;) Love watching your videos, I'm hoping to start my own channel after I've finished my GCSEs this summer (you've inspired me!) :') XO

  197. Sarah

    Hey Zoe! I've lived on the Isle of Wight my whole life and I love living in such a quiet and beautiful place! You're welcome down here anytime! :) xx

  198. Its basically when people get stuff that they don't use anymore and put it in there car and sell it :)

  199. i LOVE smiles! :) they are delicious. i feel like half of my groceries are for little kids (of which i have none, ha).

  200. Zojill

    I love these types of post, even though I don't know the person who wrote it.
    haha i have selective hearing too, actually i've got a great hearing, but i just don't hear things i don't want to hear.. and i love you blog it's so inspirational!

    xx Jilldau


  201. Saša

    20 out of 25 facts describe me aswell. I need to meet you!

  202. #6 and #7 are exactly like me :) haha I really like this post, maybe I'll do one too hehe sounds like fun! :) x

  203. Ecostal

    I am always getting mysterious bruises on my legs! Aha;)x

  204. be careful withe those American sweets, I wanted to order some online until I saw that most of them are genetically altered :/

  205. I love reading your blog posts and look forward to your videos every week. They just brighten my day each time! Can't wait for more! Xxx


  206. 1-i am from new jersey and contrary to popular belief, I love it and it's beautiful.
    2-i have written a novel.
    3-i am deathly afraid of balloons and ostriches.
    4-my favorite color ever is orange, JUST LIKE YOU ZOEEEEEE.

    Here are four facts about me, hope you enjoyed! :)


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  208. your photos are hilarious and your facts are so interesting, I love your blogs xx

  209. Dannii

    I loved this it was so interesting! It's nice when we can get to know you :-)

  210. JJ

    OMG this is so cute and funny at the same time! You're so lovely! <3

  211. Hi if anyone wants to check out my very first blog post on heatless curls its:
    Thank you :) xxx

  212. I'm not sure if you know this or not so I thought I would let you know! Dana over at Wonder Forest has an e-book out about blogging and you're layout pictures are in it as examples!!
    I thought it was pretty cool :)


  213. blueeyedd.blogspot.co.uk

  214. Zoe, I love your blog (and your YouTube channel) you are such an amazing girl. I loved spending my time reading this post and the other ones you wrote. You're adorable and extremely creative, I wish one day I could meet you and your YouTube family (Alfie, Jack, Finn, Caspar, Marcus, Jim, Louise…); I enjoy myself everyday when I watch you're videos. I just wan't to thank you for inspiring me to create my own blog, where I can express myself without worrying what the others will think. Love you so much <3 and I wish you the best. :)

  215. im the same with mushrooms , the smell , the taste and the texture of mushrooms make me physically gag. haha

  216. Zoe it is so weird how me and you are alike, from sucking your thumb to smiley potatoes to selective hearing. Its so nice knowing I'm not the only one who experiences things like this. You're so perfect in every way. Please never change, I know its weird to love someone you've never met but …. I LOVE YOU. Please don't think I'm strange because I think that you're quite lovely! xx

  217. Zoe, you're the cutest! You're my inspiration in making my blog and my first post is 25 facts about me :)

    ♡, Arianne

  218. Alice

    I love this! I also constantly have bruised legs. NO IDEA how I get all of these injuries. I also don't tend to drink much alcohol- but then again, the odd glass of wine is bloody brilliant sometimes. x

  219. Cute post, you should try coming to Newcastle since you haven't been very far north haha

  220. I so understand your pea head and peach leg worries! I have the same issues!


  221. What's a boot sale? Haha I loved this post. You bring such happy vibes! :)
    I'm with you on 6, 17, and 24 LOl :)

  222. I agree so much with number 2 i love the sun!

  223. HA! I totally thought about your comment about the sun coming out making you instantly happy yesterday. We were having a cloudy day, and suddenly, the sun appeared – and my mood instantly improved. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog!

  224. Potato smiles are so good, I don't blame you at all, hah! :) xx

  225. You are insanely lucky to be able to pull off a bright red lip but still have fair skin! (:

  226. High five for pea-heads! I got one too, I have a child's bike helmet…thats how pea I am.

  227. It's so refreshing to see someone who blogs AND is a writer – too many blogs are just pictures! It's also nice to be following someone's musings my own age for once!If you fancy wetting your appetite for the travelling you plan on doing soon, check out my revamped blog following all my travels and move to Hong Kong in the summer…


  228. OMG i hate the smell of mushrooms as well!! btw ive never had lucky charms as well there like 10 quid in tesco!! are they even that nice?? do you get a cute little pixie as well as i love myself a good pixie <3 xo

  229. I don't know if any one has posted this yet, but there are over 300 comments and me and reading don't go hand in hand, but I have heard that if you tighten the screws on the sides of sunglasses, like the part that goes over your ears, the "arms?", will get tighter so they might fit you better. I have never tried it though.

  230. I like the point about eating potato SMILES :D You're so right: They taste amazing ;)

  231. city

    thanks for share...

  232. city

    thanks for share...

  233. you always make me smile, zoe :)
    I can related to you so good, not just by these fact.
    #2,5,7,16,20,22,23 are just like me, and i used to be like number 3,but somehow not anymore, which is good for my mom, I guess.
    love your blog and videos.
    Gesa xx


  234. Hi Zoe!!!
    These facts are awesome!!! You're such a big inspiration to me! I wish I could be as pretty and successful as you are! I just found your channel like a month ago and I adored you from the moment I watched the first video! You're one of my biggest idols! Love u so much!! xx
    Lots of love from Czech Republic … xoxo

  235. I collect Disney DVDs and eat potato smileys too nom nom nom !

    Faye xxxx

  236. I still eat potato smileys, I have selective hearing, I'm going to the Isle of Wight in August. Yay! If someone tells me: "Go wash up" I'll be like "Hmmm what?" Selective hearing or hmmm what?!

  237. I absolutely love this, me and you are so much alike!
    We even have the same birthday! *fist pump*

  238. i love reading things like this, zoe you inspried me to start blogging haha, i love your youtube videos too and i just love reading what you get up to because i'm a nosey creature:-)

    would love and appreciate it if you started reading mine.. don't mean to beg but im new to this 'blogging business' x


  239. i love all your photos!!! hahaha xx

  240. Wow i love how you can be yourself. I have just recently gone through a ton of difficulties. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and on top of that I have panic attacks regularly. My blog is about reality. Currently, I am trying to look at the bright side of things. I go to doctors appointments every week but i Love watching your you tube videos, they make me very happy. I am a teenager and don't really know what to make out of my life. You have changed that. I know I want to be happy. And that's all. I hope that if you read this it brought a smile to your face like I do when I watch you. You're beautiful and have inspired me to keep trying and love everyone.

  241. It was so weird reading that list because you ended up sounding quite a bit like me! With your "just say yes" stuff I've found it so amazing because although I still haven't got the courage to do big stuff, I am now really trying on the little things, i'll work up to the big stuff some day :P

    P.S Only crying happy tears! That's pretty impressive! wish I was like that!!

  242. You're so pretty and I want some potato smiles now :( haha you've made me hungry mentioning food and snacks like pop tarts and lucky charms

    beauty-bakes.blogspot.co.uk xx

  243. #23.. i thought i was the only one that still does this!
    i love you zoella!

  244. The embarrassing thing for me is that I'm 18 and still suck my thumb when I'm not thinking of anything and relaxed. I only start to realise when my brother walks past me and hit's me to make me stop. He think the negative association between thumb sucking and the hitting will make me stop!! :L

  245. I so love everything about your blog, I found a lot of cool stuffs here. I'm glad I found your web blog. Alma Mott blog review

  246. We're almost the same person. Even though you sound much more sophisticated when bubbling all that weirdness out.

  247. I love car boot sales! It's just a pity the weather's been so rubbish lately!

  248. we can now get lucky cahrms but i dont know about the pop tarts

  249. we can now get lucky charms but i dont know about the pop tarts

  250. I like reading this blog. It has many useful and helpful information. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.


  251. I really loved this, mainly because these facts about you formidably related to me.
    I agree with most of them, substantially, mainly number 16! It gets me.

  252. Zoella you inspire me so much and at the moment, I'm actually doing my homework about you! I always love your style and fashion and wish I could meet you! Ive actually been planning to ombre my hair because It just looks so cool! Theres so much more i could say, but I have to get back to doing my homework :] xx

  253. potato smilies are life

  254. Each time I used to always check blog posts within the first hours in the break of day, because I like to get information increasingly more. Advice by Hold Tight Films

  255. I really enjoyed this you are so inspiring <3

  256. prof

    hahha amazing zoella

  257. I'm not even joking most of those I can relate to. AKA I'm so like you!

    Love all your blog posts and videos on youtube. I even have my own blog (http://anniebs-blog.blogspot.co.uk) and in November I'm starting my own youtube channel (can't wait). Thanks for inspiring me! xxxx

    From Annie, 14 (from England)

  258. erm…EVERYONE can eats potatoes :| she is confusing me!

  259. I love all your comments…….big fan xxxxx

  260. Monika,Saturday, January 17, 2015
    First of all I AHTE MUSHROOMS, I've tasted one when I was 2 and never put one in my mouth again
    second of all your book is AMAZING, I have read it 4 times now and im reading it again
    and third of all, I have a BIG problem, I cant get out of the habit of sucking my thumb, no matter how much I try, can you please give me some ideas on how I could stop, im desperate, everybody laughs and mocks me in school, I really need your help

  261. tara moyes

    1st coment yass

  262. CuteSalad

    26. You are a beautiful, outgoing, inspirational young lady. CuteSalad x

  263. Bianca

    One fact about me is, that after I’ve read all three ‘Girl online’ books I just want to move to Brighton. I wish I could go there in summer and visit all the cool places from Penny and Wiki xxxx