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 Is there anything quite as festive as the smell of oranges? The smell takes me back to when I was younger and my Mum would do this around Christmas time and it just makes the house smell UH-mazing. While they are baking they smell absolutely wonderful, and then once they are baked and dried out, they make lovely decorations too! You can string them into a garland or hang them on the tree, but I added mine into a bowl with some cinnamon scented pinecones and cinnamon stick for some really easy potpourri that makes a beautiful decoration and centrepiece. 

They are really simple to make, I just sliced up some oranges into thin slices and laid them out on some kitchen towel to absorb any excess juice. I left them to drain there for a while, and put an extra layer of towel on top to cover both sides. Once most of the juices had drained, I put them on a baking tray and put them in the oven on a low heat, around 80c, for around 2-3 hours. When they were dried out and firm, I just took them out and left them to cool before putting them in the bowl. They make such a simple yet such a lovely decoration for your home and if anything, are the perfect way to make your house smell extremely festive if you are having guests over, so see that as your prime time to get baking your oranges. They also last really well, my mum had hers for years. As long as you store them in air tight plastic containers and not just a cardboard box, otherwise mice in the attic have a wild January and come December your oranges may have little nibbles out of them! 

  • Aimee Budge

    Awesome! I’m definitely going to have to try this out. :)

  • Ibtihal El manari

    Mum loooove oranges she always tell me how much she used to eat them and smell them when she was pregnant of me

  • Ellie

    Your videos and blog posts always get me in the festive mood, I love you so much!

  • Emily

    This looks amazing! I love the smell of oranges and cinnamon at Christmas! Will definately be trying this out :) thanks Zoë xx

  • elena marinld

    I am more on the apple-side!!!

    Apples makes me more and more festive! Don’t you think so? Maybe it’s just me!

  • xHazelGraciex

    Your house is going to smell fabulous :D

  • At first I was like ‘a blog post about oranges, really?’ Now I’m like OOOOH ORANGES.

  • AmyLRoseBeauty

    I’ve never tried this before, my mouth is watering from the first few pictures, but I need to try this!

  • felisha

    I don’t even like Oranges (weird, I know!) but those look delicious!

  • I’ve been waiting for this ever since you showed them on your vlog! I have actually never seen anyone do this from where I am. I’d love to start the tradition! :)

  • Very nice DIY….and I love oranges, one of the most typical fruits of my region!

    DOn’t miss my Xmas outfit proposal today with an asymmetrical jumpsuit.

    Kisses from

  • I love the smell of oranges sooo much! Definitely have to try this before Christmas! x

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • Ella Pinto

    Let’s not forget how healthy oranges are. Were you tempted to have a nibble when they finished baking? Because I’m pretty sure mine wouldn’t last enough for me to make ornaments out of them.

    Ella Pinto x

  • Oranges definitely remind me of Christmas, I’ll certainly be giving this a go!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • These looks so lovely and festive! I also love putting cloves in oranges and tying a ribbon around them, they smell amazing! x

    Bee La Vie

  • charlotte

    I always wondered how to do this, never thought it would be so simple! x

  • This is amazing Zoe! Thank you for sharing :)
    – Ambar x

  • Pia Hocevar Mucic
  • Nadya

    Looooooving your blog Zoe!!

  • Evie <3

    Will definitely be doing this! Thanks, Zoe! Xx

  • I love the smell of baked oranges (haha that sounds so weird), and I LOVE that cutting board c:
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • I do love a good orange!

  • Emily Lupton

    I’ve never considered drying my own oranges but it makes so much sense – thanks for sharing!

  • Omg what a great idea, I have to try this! I bet it made your house smell amazing as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • Lola BIrch

    I have always wanted to know how to do this!! Than you so much! x

    Comment on my blog (fellow bloggers!) and I will on yours!

  • Not going to lie, I clicked this post like, Oranges? Really Zoe? Of Course! I never thought of doing anything like this before, this is such good idea! I would really like to try this! xx

    • Jemma – Rose

      Me too, What? But I do love Oranges! I love you Zoe! They smell so great! Neither did I, I really want to make some now! I am going to try this! Xx Xx

    • I thought the same thing! I’ve never heard of such a thing but I LOVE the smell of oranges so I’m going to have to give this one a try!

      Shannon Sage

  • The photos are beautiful and this sounds like a really love Christmas experience and decoration!

  • Kati

    So awesome! Such a good idea!

  • Amazing idea! Check out my blog?!

  • Lou’s Corner

    Never thought you could do it on your own like that, really cool Blog! I’m surely once gonna try this!

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    My mum has done this before. I love the smell of oranges but I hate the taste! Lol X

  • Only you could make a blogpost about oranges so great, haha.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

  • Is it weird that I want to eat the dried oranges? I swear at this time of year, all I think about is food.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • Zoel

    OMG I though you were going to talk about the actual fruit hahaha It would’ve been weird! Really nice post though, I love the smell of oranges x

    Zoel Hernández |

  • Amina Chambers

    Yeh same Abby

  • Haylee Baumgartner

    I love this SO MUCH!! I want to go home and do this right now. They have some amazing cinnamon scented pine cones at a store near me and I think that is a brilliant idea. You’re the cutest, thank you for the idea! Your pictures are beautiful too. ♥ Love you Zoe!

  • They smell lovely, you’re right!

    [My Blog]

  • That sounds really good, I’m intrigued :) I’ll definitely try it out this Christmas season!x

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  • I’d never have thought of doing the oranges myself to make those cute lil bowl decorations, I always just get them from the shops. Least I know how to do it now!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  • ana

    like i thought oranges what could be so good about oranges??? but they look so nice and i don’t even like oranges by the way zoe i have been subed for a while and i love u poppy tanya joe alfie jim and every one else but i have never read or seen your blog love it!!!

  • I don’t think the orange tradition is as common in the US as the UK, but I LOVE IT!!!!

  • When you make oranges look fantastic, I agree. Hoping to try this out soon. Xx

  • Kena

    Wow im definetly going to try this out!! Looks amazing

  • I didn’t know what to expect with these, but they look so cute! I love how they look with pinecones and cinnamon sticks – I’d add some cranberries in too, because it would add a nice pop of color!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Brooklyn

    Those oranges looked so fresh and delicious, now I wish I could smell what they smell like dried out. Awesome idea!

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Didn’t know this was a thing! Will try this out maybe x

  • This is such a cute idea! I’ve never done it before (growing up in Australia, our festive season is a bit more summery and involves fewer toasty, oven-based dishes) but it sounds delicious. Really love the photos in this post too! Just too cute :)
    Steph | Misc. Bliss

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      • I have a wordpress blog too! And youtube lol, but I’m really loving your blog it’s so festive and you’ve got some really nice DIYs! Definitely giving it a follow :)

      • Glitterygalaxyfirefly

        I just started a blog today and would love for you to check it out!!

      • Maryam Jumani

        Nice blog! Would love it if you could check my blog and follow back

        So jealous of your kylie lip kits btw ;) xx

  • They look pretty cool!! Thanks for sharing Zoë! x

  • Zoe! That’s brilliant idea!
    Am I the only one who thought of putting some dried oranges in hot chocolate? It would add more spices to it like cinnamon :D

    • Thats such a good idea! Xx

    • Quinnzee

      That is a brilliant idea!!! Xx
      Im a new blogger and I was wondering if you had any good tips for me??
      Thanks! Xx

      • Thanks! Well, I’m not a pro at blogging but I think it’s important to post frequently!
        Never leave your blog lonely :) And takemany pictures, they can inspire you to write more posts xx

        • emmbbey

          Omg Yes! Well no I have not tried the Hot Chocolate idea, but I mean yes as in this is a brilliant idea! Have you done it? How does it taste? Does it remind you of those Option Hot Chocolates you can get? You know like the orange flavored ones? I’ve had one of those and it reminded me of a Terry’s Chocolate! But with your idea would be more healthier! Hehe! How do you think you would make a White Hot Chocolate healthy? There my fav!!

          • Well I’ve tried it and i looooved it! It tastes like orange chocolate flavored biscuits/cookies to me haha :)
            I think you can make healthier version of white hot chocolate by alternating milk to almond milk and adding some cinnamon instead of whipped cream! (but whipped cream makes everything perfect!!)

      • Ruby May

        well if u have read girl online or girl online on tour I bet u could get some tips from them

  • This is such a cute idea! I’d love to try it, but it’d mean I’d have to not eat the oranges beforehand hahaha Em xx

  • Cute idea <3

  • This is so cute! I am loving your blogmas and vlogmas – trying to keep up as much as I can. Also the snow on your blog is amazing haha

    Lauren Rose

  • These sound amazing, I’ve never thought of making my own. Always got oranges in the house for smoothies and thing. Must steal a few and make the house as Christmassy as possible!

  • Jessica

    This is awesome and environment-friendly. Love it! Frankly speaking, I will try this out on when my inertia isn’t that large but for the time being, lemmi just sit back, relax and enjoy your blog posts and YouTube videos ;)

  • Sophie Manheimer

    I was so confused on how you would dry the oranges, I assumed like dry pressing flowers (so wrong lol). I’m going to try this next week before my Christmas dinner!

  • I definitely have to try that out, since they look incredible and I love oranges.

    My mum and I used to make pomander balls out of oranges, by piercing cloves into their skin and placing them on the heater and I absolutely loved the smell.


    Lu Ann | the girl from afar

  • Ellie Whitcombe

    Definitely going to try this!

  • Lauren B
  • I saw this on your vlog and wondered if you had done it yourself! Such a good idea for this time of year

  • I can just imagine the smell as i’m reading this – certainly need to try this out!

    Liv xx

  • Lucy Doyle

    Check out my new blog and ill check out yours :) x

  • Madalena Dantas

    This is such an amazing idea!! I do this every year at my house and the smell is just great!!!

    Have an amazing day,


  • So great :D

    My christmassy blog:

  • This sounds like it smells amazing!!

  • Oh my goodness I always thought these orange things were made out of paper mache or something for decoration, what a fool I am haha! Thanks for clearing up that misconception for me Zoe lol :) xx

  • Arya Elsa Jose

    I have always wandered how to make these thanks for sharing!!!


      Lovely blog post :)

  • Zoella is#1

    this is so cool and I’m going to try it. I always wanted to have a popular blog just like this it had 756 visitors in just one month then I lost the password somehow :( I’m not starting over either until I’m older

  • Amina Ayub

    i love the idea you are so creative

  • Molly Pennick

    Loved the post! Totally doing this! xxxx

  • Jess ❤

    I may do this soon for christmas. It looks amazing!

  • I’ve never thought about doing this before but this is such a cute idea :)

  • Jessica Rose Bridle

    What a great idea zoë, cant wait to try them mysELF, haha love doing CHRISTMAS and FESTive things in my writing during the SEASONs

  • Nadja Shone

    I knew straight away that this was something I was going to try. Amazing how something so simple can be so affective! mine are in the over now, just hoping they’ll turn out okay. Thanks Zoe!!Xx

  • Love this idea! I’ve been wanting to do this, they smell amazing. Thanks for sharing, Zoe!

  • Chantal

    I love the idea of this, I’m so going to do this some time x

  • Amy

    Like you say, I believe the smell must be so festive, but it looks so adorable either!!

  • Aburstofbeauty

    Thats a really cool idea!!

  • Lily-Ann <3

    omg oranges are my new chummy

  • Zoe Adams

    Think i might give this a try Xx

  • Sofia Urbina

    Lovely idea, love you Zoe, Mery Christmas 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼
    Love from Venezuela 🇻🇪

  • George Alexiou

    This is amazing! The smell of an orange candle burning is yummy, but imagine these in a bowl on a coffee table in the living room! Literally, wow! x

  • Kayla

    This looks so beautiful. Too bad it isnt orange season where I live, I would totally buy some! They look delicious, until they are dried, haha!

    [my blog]

  • Sophiey Phillips
  • Ruby Cadence

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  • I actually never thought of drying oranges yourself! Totally going to try this :) Bobo xoxo

  • I must try this!

  • Rosy Flynn

    I have done this with Lemons too, try it, they add another level to the traditional pot pourri :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  • I really want to do this! Since I have plenty of oranges stolen from my neighbours tree (hehe). Also I keep getting distracted by the falling snow on your blog! x

  • BraeShea

    Lovely! I have a scented candle that smells of dried oranges and cinnamon (which is lit ALL the time during Christmas) but I love the idea of making your own scented potpourri! I’ll have to try it out before the holidays end! :) xoxo

  • Tea Time With Ciara

    This is such a simple idea that is so beautiful!

  • I was wanting to try this out but not sure how to!! Of course then you post a blog about it, thanks Zoe, you’ve always got me covered!

  • Pareen

    I really want to try this!

  • Katy Bennett

    Definitely need to try this! Oranges are so festive, it’s just what I need :)

  • Hanne

    i am so going to try this tomorrow!

  • Quinnzee

    I clicked on this post thinking Oranges….waaaa?? But this is a really good and creative idea and would look great as part of a center piece or as a decoration on a wrapped Christmas present, like in your video! Xx

  • Jemma – Rose

    This is such a great idea Zoë Xx

  • Beth

    This is a great idea! I got a spiced orange Yankee candle the other day and it smelt amazing! Will have to try this for sure x

  • Jaimie

    This looks like such a lovely, simple idea! xx

  • Jes Cohen

    I actually never really thought about how to do this… and now i know lol. Thanks Zoe!

  • This is such a great idea, I definitely want to try this!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Love this idea Zoe! I was just looking for some nice Christmassy decorations, I’ll surely try to make dry oranges! :)


  • Whitney Paige

    You have no idea how hungry those photos made me!! I am officially craving oranges lol

  • SamanthaSeries

    Mmm that must smell amazing. Maybe I’ll do that before christmas dinner.

    Samantha Series | bloglovin

  • DancingGuruAnees

    This is an amazing Idea! A really cool looking thing that smells good and decorates your home! THE BEST IDEA EVA xxxx

  • Emily Rose X

    I love your blog posts :) X

  • This is so sweet!!! It must add to the environment of your home so much. Your home must smell so good, geez ;0;

  • Korie Krake

    I am so excited to try this! Just bought my oranges!

  • AnibaeAsh

    I love the way you write out your posts, such a cute idea to throw in the bit about the nibbling mice!

  • Sarah Murgatroyd

    I won’t lie I got really excited at the thought of a post about oranges! Love this post, ingenious and such an easy way to do DIY home decor according to the season!

    Would love it if you would check out my YouTube channel <3

  • aasiyah1

    I looove the smell of oranges, so I can totally c myself making these!

  • Savhonna Marie

    Oh my gosh I remember doing something similar to this when I was growing up, I would stick whole cloves into an orange (not cutting them up) okay well I guess it’s kinda different but the orange element is still there!

  • I love this idea! Can’t believe how easy it is; I’ll definitely be giving this a whirl before I have people over for Christmas drinks to get the house smelling and looking festive! X

  • Gabrielle Alderson

    This is such a good idea at first I was like really? But it does make your house smell lovely just like Christmas!!🎅 🎄

  • Lauren


  • Nienke

    I don’t like the smell of oranges very much, but I do find that they look absolutely amazing.

  • Ayre

    what a creative idea! you are honestly the most festive person I know!!

    Arianne | Ayre

  • Ooo! Love the idea! I’m sure they smell so good!

  • Alexandra Knaus

    They look so lovely!

    But i would eat them all :OOOO

    Love you ♥♥♥♥♥

  • They look so FESTIVE!!! I have never had orange for Christmas so it was really fresh idea!!

  • Is it just me or did my room suddenly smell like oranges while reading this post? HAHA xx

  • Love the idea of this and hate to say that I’ve never even thought about doing my own dried oranges! Normally I buy them dried to place on the tree and around the house but keeping this in mind for next year! xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture – Wishing you an amazing Christmas and all the best for 2016!! ♥

  • This is such a good idea, definitely going to try this!! seems like such a fun and easy thing to do xx

  • Tracy

    I’ve always wanted to do this, had no idea it was so simple. Thank you for sharing!

  • River Strong

    So good to decorate with! They are amazing I love the smell of oranges!

  • This is genius, definitely trying this out ASAP. Who doesn’t love the smell of oranges wafting through the house? This may eve become a new tradition!

    ISA Professional

  • Winnie Farrow

    My oven uses gas mark does anyone know what timing and temperature to use? xxx

  • Anna Bruno

    this isn’t really related to oranges, even though it is a great idea, but I love the snow on the blog.

  • Rramita skandakumar

    I think we shouldn’t judge Zoe’s posts. They always end up being a HUGE success. So proud of you Zoe😻😘🎁🎄🎅🏼

  • unknown girl

    ZOEY! Thank you so much!!! I did this and now my house does smell UH-MAZING xx

  • Cutiepatootieme Love

    Great idea Zoe!

  • Rramita skandakumar
  • From Girl C

    When I saw this post I thought ‘what the heck?’. I have never seen dried oranges beofre. Is dried orange a UK thing? Or a Zoella thing? They look wonderful though. Can’t wait to try this out and have my house smelling like oranges.

    girl C

  • D.xateq13

    wow this is actually so COOL

  • Dominos Expert

    Did you do a tutorial anywhere with those orange garlands you have in your home?
    Love to know how to do those!

  • teenage girl

    I tried this and they smell AMAZING thanks so much Zoe! xoxox

  • Ocean

    Loved trying this out Zoe! Smelled amazing and looked amazing too!!

  • These look amazing – will be trying! :)
    Aimee X

  • Emma Gordon

    I love this idea of making dried oranges, i have seen dried oranges in the shops many times but had never thought of making them!!
    great idea Zoe!

  • jada

    i dont know if anyone will answer but im really confused is girl online based on zoe’s life please answer

  • Absolutely love this post! I have been wondering how to do these for some time now! XOXO

  • Kristine Beve

    So christmasy and decorative!

  • Such a great ideia Zoe! I decided to give it a try and wrote a blog post too!
    I would really love it if you could take a look at my blog:

    Blog post [in English & Portuguese] :

    Thank you so much, I love everything about you! *

  • Lizzie Cook


  • SavBanav

    This sounds like such a good idea! I think I may have seen this before, but nonetheless, it’s pretty ingenious :)
    You never fail to constantly impress me with your blog, Zoe!

    Savannah xx

  • Cara Curtis

    I would love to try this!! xx

  • Lillie Langford

    So so christmasy
    I know I am already really missing it however I do think it is a great way to get a lovely scent In the house

  • Antonio Garcia

    Tienen una pinta estupenda
    Estetica Granada

  • Eloise

    Hi there xx
    It is my dream to be a famous blogger/vlogger when I’m older, like Zoe, so maybe check out my blog?
    PS. If you are reading this Zoe, you are my inspiration and I would probably DIE if you replied (in a GOOD WAY!!!) So maybe reply? XxxxXxxxXxxxXxxxXxxxXxxxXxxxX

  • Alice

    Oranges are BAE,that’s why she did it…

  • Charlotte

    I was looking through your posts and I saw the most unusual thing : Oranges. I clicked on it and I was saying to myself, ‘Only Zoe, Only Zoe’ They are really beautiful decorations! I must remember for next year as it is maybe a bit too late! xD

  • TubeBoss

    Great post Zoella!! I have also post about Zoella on my own blog.

    Put your blog in the comment and i will go watch it as well :)

  • Molly

    This is an amazing idea! Your house must smell beautiful! btw sorry I posted this a bit far from xmas:)

  • Ivy Green

    I ❤ dried oranges!

  • Noor Hanosh

    I’m doing this now!!! to put on Christmas gifts :) 2016 Christmas woo

  • Milena Trifonova

    Your video about giftwraping ideas send me here. Thanks for the great idea, I can’t wait to make some presents! <3 x.o.

  • Omg Yes! Well no I have not tried the Hot Chocolate idea, but I mean yes as in this is a brilliant idea! Have you done it? How does it taste? Does it remind you of those Option Hot Chocolates you can get? You know like the orange flavored ones? I’ve had one of those and it reminded me of a Terry’s Chocolate! But with your idea would be more healthier! Hehe! How do you think you would make a White Hot Chocolate healthy? There my fav!!

  • I didn’t know what to expect with these, but they look so cute! I love how they look with pinecones and cinnamon sticks – I’d add some cranberries in too, because it would add a nice pop of color!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Felicia Kort

    i am so going to try this!!! i already got the pine cones and even some red leaces and a small pumpkin to add on a tablet! i love this idea! thank you for the idea! It always looks so easy you doing it.
    Maybe i will do a similar blogpost..
    Could you do a blogpost about autumn decorations?

  • Ellie White

    omggggggggggggggggg I fucking love oranges they are sooooooooo juicyyyyy in my mouth I love peeling each segment off each other it makes me sooooo hornyyyy and I love how they smell so strongly it makes me squirt all over omd I’m so happy I found someone who loves oranges as much as me oooooo we can rub them on each other