As a huge fan of Illamasqua since they first came on the beauty scene, I like seeing all their new and exciting collections. One thing I love about the brand, is that each collection will be so well thought out, and have so much meaning behind each product and specific “look”. I was recently invited along to see the new Illamasqua Spring Collection and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all. 

One cannot simply snap away at new products without a comedy shot of their best friend inside a blusher compact…

The collection is titled “I’mperfection” (get it… I’M PERFECTION = IMPERFECTION) Personally, I think this is one the best collection names i’ve ever heard. So simply but SO clever. The difference an apostrophe can make! It’s all about embracing the things that are typically seen as imperfections and highlighting them instead of hiding them away. 

Alex Box describes the collection as “a stand against the homogenised nature of the beauty industry today, and a celebration of freckles, scars and birthmarks – the things that make us who we are. To borrow a line from Marilyn Monroe, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”. I love that quote! 

The first thing in the collection that caught my eye was this gorgeous blusher duo in “Lover & Hussy*“, both gorgeous matte shades. The colour that stood out to me the most was the orange/peach tone, as these shades really compliment my skin in the summer once i’ve had a bit of sunlight on my face! Illamasqua blushers are my favourite thing about the brand. They are far more pigmented than plenty of others I have tried and the consistency of them is really lovely to use and blend. 

Next up is the lipstick. Lipstick was the first item of makeup I ever bought from Illamasqua as they had such a vast and interesting colour range. They have the best selection of matte lipsticks you will ever find, and the colour payoff is amazing. This shade is called “Immodest*” and it’s a gorgeous vibrant, fuchsia pink. The lipsticks are really long lasting and contain vitamin e for nourishment, which is almost a necessity when wearing matte lipsticks as many people stay well away in case of major dry lips. 

Above are swatches of the lipstick “Immodest” and both blush colours from the “Lover and Hussy” duo, as you can see, all three are extremely pigmented.

Next is a brush* which really excited me! Illamasqua have designed this brush for a more chiselled and precise blush technique when applying. This new “brush up” design has an ellipse shaped head designed to tuck directly under the cheekbone. Gone are the days of big rosy round cheeks, it’s all about creating more shape and structure to your face (hello fake cheekbones) and the best way of doing that is a more precise way of applying your blusher. I am so excited to start using this on my face, although it definitely sounds a lot easier than it probably is, and could take a few attempts in order to make it look just right. 

Besides the brush, I was also really intrigued by the new nail polishes that Illamasqua had brought out with this collection. Each nail polish is in a pretty pastel shade with a speckled finish inspired by the beauty of a bird’s egg. At first I raised an eyebrow at this bizarre concept, thinking it looked a little like sparse glitter, but the more I looked at these, and when I saw them on the nails, I was completely sold. They look SO good! The two shades I have above are “Freckle”* and “Speckle”*. Speckle being my favourite in a gorgeous pastel purple. I can’t wait to do my next manicure with this and I also think it would look great on toes!

In keeping with the campaign and collection, they had also designed a speckled effect for the eyes using the precision ink liners in black (Abyss) and white (Scribe). I would have never thought to do anything like it but it looked amazing on the girls, and sounded so easy to do. I also love the other creative ways of using other colours with your eyeliner. Who would have thought white cat-eye liner would look really good with a neutral eyeshadow? Not me, but now I really want to try it. 

The one amazing thing about Illamasqua is that their collections aren’t just “pretty” but inspiring, and the campaigns that run alongside new collections are really interesting and make you think outside the box. If there is ever a brand to open your eyes to the creative world of makeup, it’s Illamasqua. You don’t have to be daring in your makeup choices in order to indulge in any of the products, but keep an open mind and be inspired. Makeup can become a very boring chore in our every day lives, but it’s nice to keep everything a bit fresh and exciting, and I always feel like Illamasqua do that. 

Buy items from the new I’mperfection collection here on the Illamasqua website

What are your favourite items from the new collection? Anything you’d love to buy and try for yourself?

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  1. Such a gorgeous collection with such a lovely message! x

  2. That's a lovely collection, and I have just posted a blog post too – based on Louise's recent post 25 Facts About Me, but I shortened it to Ten Things About Me.

    Thank you, Tara x

  3. Wow the collection looks amazing and i love witty names! That blush duo looks stunning!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. This is such a pretty collection for spring/ summer! My faves are the nail varnishes!

  5. Those nail polishes look sooooo nice! X

  6. This collection is zoo cool! Really well thought out, like you said! The blush compact looks lovely! Did you buy them or did you get them when going to see the launch? Could you also maybe tell me the prices? The nail polishes are very unique and beautiful colours that I can imagine me wearing haha. I would literally love to buy all of the products to be honest. Great blog and review, really helpful and colourful!

  7. *soo … not zoo haha

  8. sarahxo

    Everything looks amazing but I am particularly loving the look of the lipstick and the blush brush! it looks really interesting, definitely gonna have to pick one of those up and give it a go! :) not really into the egg shell nail varnishes though, not really my cup of tea :\ they do have very cute names though! :) xxx

  9. Samya

    Love love love those blushes! And that brush does sound interesting :)

    Samya Samya Says..


  10. Lipstick is gorgeous !

    xx liyana

  11. Omg those are all so beautifulllll!!!!
    AHHH i wanna get them!! <3

    I actually just did a blog posts about some important information that I think you guys should look at, it's pretty interesting!!

    Andrea xo

  12. I'm definitely getting my paws on the nail varnish! I just have to decide on a colour! And I also want to try their lipsticks!
    I always get so excited when you blog or post a video Zoe! Keep up the good work! :D

  13. Wow it all looks so amazing!!!

  14. This collection looks lovely, may have to invest…! Please have a look at my little blog, xx

  15. I am a right sucker for nail varnishes and cant get enough of them and when i saw that they were bring out these i could not wait for them to hit the shops!
    The brush looks interesting too, Sometimes i find it hard to guide and know where is right to stoke my blush brush but this mite make it a doddle!
    Really excited to hit the shops and pick up a few things from Illamasqua, I dont own anyrhing of theirs YET! but shall be defiantly be going over board when i do :) Lovely post Zoe!

    Pipp xx

  16. that brush looks interesting and there arnt really many brushes like that, love to try it x

  17. kat

    Definitely would love to try the 'Speckle' lilac nail polish! Such a pretty colour and I adore the concept!

  18. Loving the texture nail polishes! x

  19. I love the idea of the white eyeliner with a neutral colour on the lid! I might try it sometime. :)


  20. Claudia

    These look lovely. That blusher looks so so pretty! I want to try it. I've never tried anything by Illamasqua before


  21. I didn't even notice Louise until I read your caption ahaha! all these products look so good! <3

  22. Janine

    I love those nail polishes, especially the speckle colour, what a great concept! Something actually original for once when a lot of things have been redone and overdone. Lovely post, thanks for sharing these :)

    Janine xx
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  23. Sarah

    Those nail polishes look awesome! Lol at the shot of Louise in the mirror, love it :P Might have to have a look into these nail polishes.. thanks Zoe :)x

  24. Rebecca

    I'm completely in love with the idea behind this collection. Why should we cover up with make-up when we can just embrace our natural beauty?

  25. Such a genius collection, I have illamasqua's foundation and I love it but I haven't got around to trying anything else, The blushers look great though I might pick them up next time i'm in town x

  26. All the colours are really beautiful :)


  27. Zoe

    The nail varnishes look amazing! It's an amazing concept, can't wait to get my hands on them!

  28. Noush

    Amazing colors !

  29. I want that brush! I'm getting a bit over the excitement of new colours these days but the idea of a new brush has me quite titilated :L

  30. Love the concept behind this collection, I think is very important now days to love who you are, flaws and all.

  31. Eleanor

    the blushers look so cute… such great shades! i've never used any illamasqua products before – maybe now i should start?! :)

  32. I love everything, but I think the nail varnishes are what i'm most excited for. I love the concept of the new collection


  33. I, too, love the name of the collection!
    I'd be very interested in trying the matte lipsticks as I'm always on the hunt for a great matte lipstick and have yet to find one that doesn't make my lips look weirdly weird. My only hope is that this brand is available in the states as well…

  34. The brush looks amaze!!! + The nail polishes look amaze!!!

    Gah . . . Totally in love!


  35. This collection looks absolutely gorgeous! I really need to try out some of Illamasquas goodies!! xx

  36. Aimée

    All the products look so gorgeous! And the comedy shot of Louise really made me laugh!!

    Aimée Xx

  37. The Nail Polishes look SO amazing! I laughed when I saw Louise's reflection.
    Typical Louella

  38. Lovely Collection and photographs! Love your blog Zoe x

  39. Gorgeous spring collection! I'll have to try a few Illamasqua products!

  40. Oh my gosh all the products look/sound amazing! I really want to try one of the nail polishes :) x

  41. Monica

    Louise in the blusher compact almost made me fall off my chair laughing.
    The blusher duo in "Lover & Hussy" sounds like a product I would love on my skin, especially in the summertime.
    I've been looking for a vibrant, fuchsia pink and Immodest sounds like a great pick.
    Great post, Zoe! I love watching you on youtube (and all of your British friends for that matter), but you need to blog more :)

    xx, M.

  42. Julia

    I don't think they have this company in the US but I'm really in love with so much of their line, so I may just have to bite the bullet and pay for the extra shipping and expensiveness just to try it all out. You brits are really costing me a lot of money haha

  43. Love Louise in the blusher!! haha and I really love that orange lipstick :) x

  44. xx Tam

    Wow the Immodest lipstick looks amazinggg! Definitely something I'd try.

    Please feel free to see my blog at as I recently did a review of a Covergirl lipstick of the same kind :)


  45. Julia

    wait does anyone on here talk to each other or do they all just publish comments on here and then never look back like hey guys we should be friends you know like order a pizza and gossip or something golly

  46. i loved the lipstick color an the nail polish so much !
    im usually not very much into makeup but i think i need to try these
    products now !
    btw i ALMOST didnt notice louise in the first picture :3

  47. Oh, that colors!

  48. Those colours are all so stunning. I love your make-up reviews Zoe, especially as a make-up artist. But my favourite is watching your youtube channel! Brilliant and light and funny.

  49. It's probably a shame to tell you that I've never tried anything from Illamasqua?! :D Hahaha, but I love watching these products on the internet. I love all the colours, but I wouldn't wear them, especially not the lipsticks because it just wouldn't suit me.

    Great post! :)


  50. oh my gosh Louise is in the mirror! XD
    Illamasqua has beautiful packaging and products~
    I definitely want to try their stuff some day!

  51. Your pictures are amazing! Definitely love the blusher colors there and gosh I am so tempted to try them out! Ah, Zoe! Every time you rave about something I feel like I fall in love with the product immediately even though I haven't used it!

  52. I love this nail varnishes and lipsticks look so good and pigmented.

  53. The nail varnishes look georgeous!
    And I love the idea behind the blush brush :)
    What a great collection!

  54. Stasja

    I love Illamasqua, I wish all beauty brands were this creative. And those nail polishes and the speckled eyeliner is just beyond gorgeous! Really want to try out a white winged liner now.

  55. joleisa

    Nailpolishes look soooo good!)

  56. such a gorgeous collection, I'm so intrigued by the nail polishes, they look so beautiful and interesting! A bit like freckly nails! :)
    Such a great post, I really enjoyed reading it :)
    Eleanor x

  57. i love the brush and it shows you how to use it thats amazing zoe and those nail polishes look soooo nice i only where pastels and reds soooo lucky can you buy then by internet?? dont think you get them in south africa

  58. Nika

    All the products look great :)

  59. Nicola

    Good ;>

  60. Alix M

    I absolutely love the idea behind this collection, they really do put a lot of meaning behind their products which I adore! I'm loving the look of that vibrant fuchsia lipstick, and the brush looks pretty neat as well! Will definitely have to check this collection out :)

  61. The brush sounds absolutely perfect for me!!


  62. I am loving that blush duo! Would be perfect for travelling. You get your pink and your peachy to go with whatever makeup you're wearing. I have never tried Illamasqua–perhaps because I have a hard time finding it?! I will have to look further into this one though (since I am a confessed blush addict).

  63. amazing cosmetics! i ♥ u blog ;*

  64. These products seem so amazing! need to get some too! :)
    Lana :)

  65. I need that lipstick in my life!!! :)

  66. all the colours look absolutely stunning xx

    Shannen |

  67. Jane

    Love the nail polish and the blushes!! Must have :)

  68. This is lovely! I'm not sure I'll be celebrating my pesky spots any time soon though, they're my biggest imperfection and they sure ain't perfection, ever! haha! :) Would love to see how the polish comes out though :D xx

  69. Mia

    Great post hun :*
    xoxo, Mia

  70. mary

    love the lipstick and the nail polishes! so pretty!xx

  71. larzall

    The collection is so lovely. I love everything tbh. I would LOVE to try out the nailpolishes. Im obsessed with these. :) Great post.

  72. Lou

    I have seen this brand but I have never used any of the products, but I think I'll have to try them out. Thanks for sharing.


  73. Wow I loved how you wrote your review! I was really personal, meaning you actually wrote what you thought about it, unlike other bloggers who would just write "I love this" and not explain why!!

    I also loved the idea of the name I'mperfection!!! It's really inspiring and every woman should think that about themselves =D

    The Austrian Rose

  74. I love that lipstick, the color pigment is beautiful :D

  75. Everything looks so great! I'm really excited to give that brush go, I love the concept of it! xxx


  76. wanna to try them :)

  77. Melanie

    It is an interested post on Illamasqua Zoe because I wanted to try this brand but never push myself through… :)

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

  78. Faria

    I live in Myanmar so can't get illamaqua. The blush looks amazing so I'll try to get it when I go back to England. I would really apreciate it if you took a look at my blog

  79. nice post;)

  80. This is a gorgeous collection! I absolutely love the look of the nail polishes! They look so unique.. and innovative. That Lipstick is insanely pigmented too :) xxx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  81. tornow

    I am in love with those nail polishes.. (even though I never wear nail polish.) Though they will probably be the most expensive nail polish I have ever bought.

  82. Emmy

    'speckle' is a brilliant name. This entire collection looks so fresh and fun, I feel like I am heading toward the summer already! Love x

  83. Vikkii

    so so pretty! i love the style and photos on your blog :)

  84. Elena

    such a lovely collection. love the bright and springy looking colors.

  85. The lilac nail varnish looks AMAZING!

  86. Lauren

    Love the bright colours


  87. Diya K

    Thats SUCH a lovely collection! :) I really like it! xx


  88. That blusher duo looks gorgeous, I love the look of the shades xx

  89. OOOhHHH I am beyond excited about these!! <3
    Great post Zoe!! <3
    Lots of love from

  90. aly7

    Wow the brush looks really interesting! Such a cute collection name, too! ♥

  91. That Speckle nail polish is SO cute!!!! I've had my eye on it since i saw Louise Instagram it. xx

  92. Katie x

    I'm all for a play on words.
    I also love each product name, it makes me want to buy it that little bit more.
    The brush looks revolutional – one to add to the wish list!


  93. A great post. I will definitely be popping along to my nearest store to check out those blushers! I love the concept as well, it's an inspiration to someone like myself who is not that confident with make up to experiment with new things and embrace what makes me stand out!

  94. Joannee

    Oooh! This collection looks so cute. The lipsticks are my favourites!


  95. This has to be their most gorgeous collection ever! I love the look of those nail varnishes, so so pretty :) Great post, really enjoyed reading x

  96. I want those nail colours so, so bad. May have to consider an online order and hope for the best…

  97. all look so gorgeous!! absolutely LOVE the name too :)
    such a great message, embrace your imperfections and start to love them :)
    great post

  98. Megan G

    Love the lipstick shade :)

  99. Hannah

    The nails polish's are so unusual, I'd love to see them in a manicure because I love the concept! I also love the look of the brush and the lipstick!


  100. NOT to sound rude but that is a fake marilyn quote. I have a blog about her myself and I read lots and lots of books and I come across all those quotes all the time.
    The thing is just that she never said it! Marilyn was known as a perfectionist who always wanted to do everything over and over because she thought she wasn't good enough. So why would she say imperfection is beauty? It may be a good quote, but it's not a marilyn one!
    Again, not to be mean.

    The colours of this collection do look great to me! x

  101. I've never bought anything from Illamasqua before, but I've heard excellent reviews – this post has COMLETELY inspired me to invest! I have never really considered the story behind collections before, but I absolutely love the name I'mperfection, its really inspiring and so clever. I am a huge fan of nail varnish and I have an obscene amount of it, I love the new speckled types that are coming out at the minute and it really looks like Illamasqua have a really pretty range of colour! I'm also liking the idea of speckled eyes! I've never considered that before but its definitely something I'll try next time I go out!

  102. Haven't heard of this brand before, but the nail polishes seem so cool!
    I can't really guess the result on the nails, though. Those dots seem weird!!

    xx, A!

  103. i love the look of the nail poshes!!

  104. Deenie

    Ooh those nail varnishes look lovely!

  105. Tara

    the nail varnish's look like a good idea, i luuuv mini eggs


  106. Love the nail polishes best :) such a nice post with great pictures x

  107. Becky

    Aside from the gorgeousness of this new collection that pic with Louise in the mirror is just hilarious! 10 points for the perfect blog pic!

    beckys makeup

  108. I really love the message behind it!! Too many people these days use makeup to hide everything instead of enhancing their features but embracing their flaws. What beautiful idea!! Beautiful photos Zoe, as always :)

  109. Love this so much, why hide when you can highlight!

  110. Lauren

    such a beautiful collection xx

  111. The nail polish looks so interesting! I really want to try it out.

  112. Love the nail polishes:)x

  113. That blusher looks soooooo pretty i would love to buy that xx really prettyxx

  114. Imperfection is quite an interesting name for a makeup collection. It makes sense though, great review…

    Cheap Cosmetics

  115. The blusher looks rather nice&the orange shade is pretty!:D

  116. Oh wow, I absolutely love those nail polishes!

  117. Absolutely love Illamasqua products! I'm excitedly awaiting the arrival of Mottle and Scarce nail polishes (:

  118. Those nail varnishes look amazing!!! I think it may be time to make my first ever Illamasqua order… Thanks for sharing!!
    Lu ♥

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  120. I love the thought and meaning behind the name I think its really sweet, additionally the products you have shown look amazing !!!!!xx lov u Zoe :{)

  121. amazinggg! :)

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